The Cast Of ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ To Receive Special Lifetime Achievement Saturn Award

This is going to be a big weekend for Star Trek at the Saturn Awards, with a total of 15 nominations, a franchise record. And the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror has announced the cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation will also be honored with an additional special award.

TNG cast awarded with special Saturn

The cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation will receive The Lifetime Achievement Award at the 51st Annual Saturn Awards, being held in Los Angeles this Sunday. For 2024 the Academy is doing something different for the TNG cast with this award. A statement from the Academy to TrekMovie explains:

“The Lifetime Achievement Award is usually presented to an individual for their contributions to genre entertainment. Top luminaries like Stan Lee and Leonard Nimoy, Mr. Spock himself, have received this top honor. It’s not new, but we extended this award to cover the entire cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation, due to its continued influence on the face of general television. It was originally doomed to failure since it was following in the footsteps of the original Star Trek, yet it carved its own identity, and its diverse cast was light years ahead of its time!”

Star Trek: The Next Generation launched as a syndicated drama series in 1987, running for seven seasons. TNG was nominated six times by the Saturn Awards for Best Genre Series, winning twice. Stewart also won for Best Actor in 1990. The series was also nominated for 58 Emmys during its run, with 18 wins. The Next Generation helped launch a new era of Star Trek, ushering in two additional TV series in the 1990s (Deep Space Nine and Voyager), along with 4 feature films.

Season 3 publicity photo for Star Trek: The Next Generation (Paramount)

The Saturn Lifetime Achievement Award will be presented to the TNG cast by producer and Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige, who is an avowed Star Trek fan. On hand to accept the award will be Sir Patrick Stewart, Brent Spiner, Marina Sirtis, Gates McFadden, Michael Dorn, and Wil Wheaton. While not present, TNG cast members LeVar Burton and Jonathan Frakes are also being bestowed with this honor. Both actors had to send their regrets due to scheduling conflicts.

In 2023 Spiner, Sirtis, Dorn, Burton, McFadden, and Frakes joined Stewart for the third and final season of Star Trek: Picard, which picked up a total of 7 nominations (see full list below).

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Shatner to present MacFarlane with special award

There will be other special awards handed out during the event including The Robert Forster Artists Award going to Seth MacFarlane, the actor and producer behind The Orville, Family Guy, Ted, and much more. Presenting the award will be Star Trek icon William Shatner.

This year’s show is dedicated to the memory of Saturn Awards winner (and onetime host) Lance Reddick. The Academy is also introducing the Lance Reddick Legacy Award with the inaugural award going to actor Keannu Reaves, presented by actor Titus Welliver. Christopher Nolan will receive The Visionary Award, presented by Emily Blunt. The George Pal Memorial Award will go to Dave Filoni (Lucasfilm’s CCO), presented by Ming-Na Wen. The Walking Dead Franchise is being presented with the Dan Curtis Legacy Award. And finally, actress and director Jodie Foster will receive the Life Career Award, presented by writer/producer Issa López.

Shatner is no stranger to the Saturn Awards, including winning the Life Career Award (along with Gene Roddenberry) in 1980. He has been nominated six times, with two wins. His first win was for Star Trek II and his latest was in 2016 for a guest role in the Syfy series Haven.

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15 Saturn nominations for Star Trek

In addition to the special award, Star Trek is set to take home more gold at this weekend’s Saturn Awards. Here is a complete list of the 7 categories where Star Trek is nominated…

Best Science Fiction Television Series:

Andor (Lucasfilm/Disney+)
Foundation (Apple TV+)
The Mandalorian (Lucasfilm/Disney+)
The Peripheral (Amazon)
Silo  (Apple TV+)
Star Trek: Picard (Paramount+/CBS)
Star Trek: Strange New Worlds  (Paramount+/CBS)

Best Animated Television Series or Special:

Chainsaw Man  (Crunchyroll)
Gremlins: Secrets of Mogwai (HBO/Max)
Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio (Netflix)
Harley Quinn (HBO/Max)
My Adventures with Superman (Cartoon Network/Adult Swim)
Star Trek: Lower Decks (Paramount+)
Star Wars: The Bad Batch (Lucasfilm/Disney+)

Lower Decks’ “Old Friends, New Planets” (Paramount+)

Best Actor in a Television Series:

Tyler Hoechlin , Superman & Lois (Warner Bros. Television)
Sam Heughan, Outlander (Starz)
Diego Luna, Andor (Lucasfilm/Disney+)
Anson Mount, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (Paramount+/CBS)
Pedro Pascal, The Last of Us (HBO/Max)
Harold Perrineau, From (MGM+)
Patrick Stewart, Star Trek: Picard (Paramount+/CBS)

Best Supporting Actor in a Television Series:

Jonathan Frakes, Star Trek: Picard (Paramount+/CBS)
Harvey Guillen, What We Do in the Shadows  (FX/Hulu)
Ernie Hudson, Quantum Leap (NBC/Universal)
Ethan Peck, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds  (Paramount+/CBS)
Ed Speleers, Star Trek: Picard  (Paramount+/CBS)
Matt Smit, House of the Dragon  (HBO/Max)
Todd Stashwick, Star Trek: Picard (Paramount+/CBS)

 Best Supporting Actress in a Television Series:

Jess Bush, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds  (Paramount+/CBS)
Celia Rose Gooding, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds  (Paramount+/CBS)
Genevieve O’Reilly, Andor  (Lucasfilm/Disney+)
Jeri Ryan, Star Trek: Picard  (Paramount+/CBS)
Katee Sackhoff, The Mandalorian (Lucasfilm/Disney+)
Sophie Skelton, Outlander (Starz)
Rebecca Wisocky, Ghosts  (CBS)

Best Guest Star in a Television Series:

Gael Garcia Bernal, Marvel’s Werewolf by Night (Marvel/Disney+)
Giancarlo Esposito,  The Mandalorian (Lucasfilm/Disney+)
Nick Offerman, The Last of Us (HBO/Max)
Amanda Plummer, Star Trek: Picard (Paramount+/CBS)
Andy Serkis, Andor  (Lucasfilm/Disney+)
Paul Wesley, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds  (Paramount+/CBS)
Catherine Zeta-Jones, Wednesday (Netflix)

Anson Mount as Capt. Pike and Ethan Peck as Spock in “Charades” from Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (Paramount+)

Best 4K Home Media Release:

The Adventures of Baron Munchausen 4K (Criterion)
The Exorcist 50th Anniversary Edition 4K (Warner Bros. Home Entertainment)
Cujo 4K (Kino Lorber)
John Wick, Chapter 4 – 4K (Lionsgate Home Entertainment)
Needful Things 4K (Kino Lorber)
To Live and Die in L.A. 4K (Kino Lorber)
Star Trek: The Motion Picture – The Director’s Edition 4K (Paramount Home Entertainment)

Star Trek: The Motion Picture 4K Blu-ray 

This year the Saturns Awards is hosted by actor and comedian Joel McHale. The show will be held on Sunday, February 4, 2024, at the L.A. Marriott Burbank Airport Hotel. The ceremony will be livestreamed on ElectricNOW.

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This warms my heart so much. My favorite cast from my favorite show to be recognized like this is amazing. The TNG cast certainly deserves it. And Kevin Feige will be presenting to them as well. Pretty cool. I read All Good Things is his favorite TV episode, period.

If Picard season 3 is truly the last time we see all those characters together again like that, then they went out with a bang.

Also great to see so many nominations for both PIC and SNW! Hope we get a few winners. Well done team! 😀🖖

Yup, IIRC All Good Things inspired the time traveling escapades of Avengers: Endgame

Yeah when I heard that I was very excited to see the movie at the time. It’s nice to see when Trek influences other things out there.

Other fans believe the signatures at the end of that movie was inspired by The Undiscovered Country as well.

Don’t know how true that one is but I’ll take it! 🙂🖖

The signatures in Endgame being inspired by TUC is 100% true, read it in an interview. Same with the time traveling as mentioned by amirami. Also the destruction of Asgard in Thor Ragnarok was inspired by the destruction of the Enterprise in Search for Spock – the writers felt that for the third movie, the heroes had to lose something in a big way, like in SFS. Also there was a recent interview where Final Frontier’s campfire scenes inspired a lot of the “plainclothes” scenes of the superheroes across the Avengers movies, because it was like seeing your heroes out of costume just being regular people that you like and want to hang out with, and enjoy hanging out with each other. So yeah, Trek’s DNA is all throughout Marvel, in all the best ways.

Wow thank you! 🙂

If I could give you a like for this post I would give you several. I didn’t know that about Ragnarok or the plain clothes scenes either.

Well said. This is fantastic news.

Wow, that’s really something. Congrats, gang. Well deserved.

This is so damn cool. This whole cast deserves this.


That is great! Congratulations to the cast!


Wow congratulations to the whole crew!!!!!

Way to go and soooooo good! My favourite ensemble cast of all time finally, collectively being acknowledge for all their hard work and for being so much a part of of our lives!
Living long and prospering… making it so!


Nearly 40 years later and TNG is still receiving major accolades decades later! It’s still an amazing show with a great cast and well deserved!

Sweet. So deserved.

That award looks like that game/virus that the D crew got addicted to.

LOL true

Well deserved. Picard s3 = Best Trek since 1996 First Contact!!

Well, I would say best Trek season since 1997-1998 DS9 Season 6. But close enough!

I agree with this too. Picard season 3 was on par with the last seasons of DS9. Just great television and the Star Trek I been sorely missing.

Whole cast? WHOLE CAST???

Polaski or GTFO!!!

AAAActually, Diana Muldaur was never a main cast member. Like Whoopi Goldberg, John de Lancie, and Colm Meaney, she was just a guest star (granted, her credit read “special appearance by” but still not a main cast member).

Yeah I think she was in every episode in season 2, but only as a guest star role. Now THAT said, she and Whoopi Goldberg were in all the cast photos in season 2 as well. So while technically neither were considered main cast members they were promoted as such back then. You never saw Garek or Gul Dukat in any main cast photos for DS9 as an example.

This is so cool. Ok, I will watch Picard Season 3 again. Twist my arm.


I love these people so much. Also really cool that Shatner will be there as well. Star Trek has so many amazing fans that are really talented. I’m hoping that since 2024 is the 60th anniversary of Star Trek (The Cage being from 1964), Shatner and Stewart will team up for an event or something while they still can, given that it’s also the 30th anniversary of Generations, and we’re blessed that they’re both still around to do something. I’ve been in talks with people at the TOS set in Ticonderoga to see if we can do an event, hopefully with the blessing of CBS as well. If anyone knows how we can make this happen, I would love to somehow get in touch!