Watch: It’s The Last Dance Of ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ In New Season 5 Trailer And Photos

The fifth and final season of Star Trek: Discovery arrives on April 4 and we now have a brand new trailer and first-look photos.

“Everything ends someday”

The first trailer for season 5 was released over a year ago, at NYCC 2022. Today Paramount released a new trailer as part of IGN’s Fan Fest. Check it out…

Season 5 will premiere with 2 episodes on Thursday, April 4, exclusively on Pramount+ in the U.S., the UK, Switzerland, South Korea, Latin America, Germany, France, Italy, Australia and Austria. Discovery also will premiere on April 4 on Paramount+ in Canada. New episodes of the 10-episode final season will drop weekly on Thursdays.

And here again, is the official synopsis:

The fifth and final season will find Captain Burnham and the crew of the U.S.S. Discovery uncovering a mystery that will send them on an epic adventure across the galaxy to find an ancient power whose very existence has been deliberately hidden for centuries. But there are others on the hunt as well…dangerous foes who are desperate to claim the prize for themselves and will stop at nothing to get it.

New photos

Returning for season 5 are Sonequa Martin-Green (Captain Michael Burnham), Doug Jones (Saru), Anthony Rapp (Paul Stamets), Mary Wiseman (Sylvia Tilly), Wilson Cruz (Dr. Hugh Culber), David Ajala (Cleveland “Book” Booker), and Blu del Barrio (Adira). Callum Keith Rennie joins the cast as Captain Rayner. Season five also features recurring guest stars Elias Toufexis (L’ak) and Eve Harlow (Moll).

Paramount+ released some new first-look photos for season 5…

L-R Doug Jones as Saru and Sonequa Martin-Green as Burnham in Star Trek: Discovery, season 5, streaming on Paramount+, 2023. Photo Credit: Michael Gibson/Paramount+

Sonequa Martin-Green as Burnham in Star Trek: Discovery, season 5, streaming on Paramount+, 2023. Photo Credit: Marni Grossman/Paramount+

Anthony Rapp as Stamets in Star Trek: Discovery, season 5, streaming on Paramount+, 2023. Photo Credit: Michael Gibson/Paramount+

Sonequa Martin-Green as Burnham in Star Trek: Discovery, season 5, streaming on Paramount+, 2023. Photo Credit: Marni Grossman/Paramount+

L-R Wilson Cruz as Culber and Mary Wiseman as Tilly in Star Trek: Discovery, season 5, streaming on Paramount+, 2023. Photo Credit: John Medland/Paramount+

L-R David Ajala as Book, Sonequa Martin-Green as Burnham and Wilson Cruz as Culber in Star Trek: Discovery, season 5, streaming on Paramount+, 2023. Photo Credit: Marni Grossman /Paramount+

Mary Wiseman as Tilly in Star Trek: Discovery, season 5, streaming on Paramount+, 2023. Photo Credit: Marni Grossman /Paramount+

Blu del Barrio as Adira in Star Trek: Discovery, season 5, streaming on Paramount+, 2023. Photo Credit: John Medland /Paramount+

L-R Sonequa Martin-Green as Burnham and Doug Jones as Saru in Star Trek: Discovery, season 5, streaming on Paramount+, 2023. Photo Credit: Marni Grossman /Paramount+

Discovery seasons one through four are currently streaming exclusively on Paramount+ in the U.S., the UK, Switzerland, South Korea, Latin America, Germany, France, Italy, Australia and Austria. Seasons two and three also are available on the Pluto TV “Star Trek” channel in Switzerland, Germany and Austria. In Canada, the series airs on Bell Media’s CTV Sci-Fi Channel. STAR TREK: DISCOVERY is distributed by Paramount Global Content Distribution.

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Ricky thinks it’s high time to put Disco to pasture. Discuss!

Christopher believes that Discovery would of gone on for more seasons.
But because Discovery is the most expensive Trek show made and Paramount having money troubles are the only reasons Discovery is ending early than it should.

The second most expensive. And true, this is reason is ending early…Picard was way more expensive, and this is why the agony and hesitance to approve Legacy.

I predicted a year ago the first show that would be cancelled was Discovery due to costs and being the oldest.

Yes, I remember. It is very unfortunate. This show has been struggling since Day 1. The creative/production team revolving door, show runner’s mistreating the actors, poor executives decisions, on top of that…the pandemic. I guess this is why they are pulling the plug. Sad. Even though I have my opinion about their stories, writing quality issues and serialized execution, I was always raving for them, to succeed.

I admit, I have been upset about few of their season finales. The screaming Kelpian boy story destroying the whole fleet for sure will surpass Code of honor, Move along home, and Threshold.

Reviews and struggles were not on their side, but I was optimistic for Season 5, the post pandemic era. Feel so bad for them, for this crew, for not being able to continue their journey. Is not my favorite show, but still has great characters, stories, and really good episodes.

The show is a beacon of light for diversity and representation. Not only the visual aspect of Discovery has been outstanding, but we have to give them credit for restarting the whole franchise on the TV/Streaming side.

Besides the Klingon new look, by far they have exceeded all previous shows in regards to quality. It is very cinematic, the previous 4 seasons have been visual feast. Because of Discovery, SNW, Section 31, Academy are now cost effective productions.

They started from scratch in Toronto. They invested for the new sets, new ships, the bridge, starting from zero.

Season 2 and 3, all the filming locations were impressive. For these episodes, for me, these were the highlights of Discovery. These new locations were very cool and added a positive vibe to the story and each of these seasons. The first thing that comes to mind is Terralysium, Spock and Michael childhood home, the Klingon world/Monastery, Talos IV, the Kelpien village, Kwejian. So many beautiful scenes and stories. They even went as far as Iceland to give us the first view of the of the 31st Century.

Not know but I bet for sure in the near future, Discovery will be much appreciated, like DS9 and Enterprise. Hope they have a great Season 5. As I always say, every Star Trek show has really good characters and all of them have their fans. I want to see these characters again, as much as I want to see my favorites from previous ALL shows who are still are waiting for their chance. :D

That’s a very positive attitude Jay!

I don’t really disagree with any of that, especially how rough the first two years were with the production. TNG was probably the last show to have such a rough start before Discovery in it’s first two seasons too.

Like you I have had a lot of problems with this show (the less said about the crying Kelpian kid causing the Burn the better… still such a ridiculous reveal), but I can’t deny all the money and effort they poured into it. I will say all the money was on the screen in every episode. I did love a lot of the filming locations too. And AFAIK it’s the only modern Star Trek show that filmed in other countries, twice. In Iceland as you mentioned in season 3 but also in Jordan for the opening scene in the first episode.

Discovery has been the most up and down Trek show IMO. I’ve always wanted to like it and with the exception of the first season of Picard, it was seasons 2 and 3 I was the most excited for a Star Trek show since DS9s final seasons. I couldn’t tell you how excited I was when we learned they were going to the 32nd century. That’s the kind of thing I had wanted since Voyager ended and we finally got it. A totally new setting where you can start completely over with new characters.

But sadly the show is still my least favorite today. But I’m really hoping season 5 becomes the next Picard season 3 and just excites the base, especially us doubters. So far I haven’t felt that but it hasn’t started yet.

But I do have faith the show will become more popular in the future as new fans find it and people can take a step back with fresh eyes. I want ALL these shows to be loved even I don’t love them all myself. And when it comes to Star Trek, time seems to be a positive attribute for it looking at how popular all the classic shows are today. So fingers crossed.

Yea, it’s been a struggle all along. That is why there were never any additional shows funded, why we never got any spinoffs, why Alex Kurtzman left in disgrace, why they never offered Stewart and TNG cast a new show, and why P+ folded 3 years ago.

Oh, wait?

:-)) LMFAO

I can see this being true, but I just don’t think they’re going to green light anything new with Paramount in flux amidst money troubles. Academy was already in the queue.

Agreed. I’m still hoping for a Legacy show SOME DAY but I’m also a realist and it’s obvious Paramount is just not in the best place these days. So I don’t expect any new shows for a long while after SFA premieres.

Maybe things will change if Paramount does find a buyer and one who really appreciates the Star Trek IP.

Yeah, and I think Legacy will be inherently cheaper because they won’t have the TNG cast to pay for as they did there. They really don’t need any of them, but the occasional dip in and dip out of some of those, and others from Trek lore would be fine. Which is why I think it could be figured out, if they weren’t in the midst of cost cutting. Which is because of the studio being on the market, as well as throwing in the towel on the streaming wars. Right now, they’re doing what they can to cut costs without losing subscribers.

If this was 2020 the Legacy show would at least be on the table right now considering we had Picard obviously.

But this isn’t rocket science, Kurtzman said as far back as 2019 the plan was to have 5 Trek shows on a year on Paramount+. Now it’s currently down to three with Section 31 being a cheap steaming movie. Clearly the mandate has changed.

But three shows are still pretty good lol. But I do wonder if they will keep to that many in the next few years?

I know others will bring up Prodigy but since that’s now under Netflix it doesn’t really count in this discussion.

But Prodigy could also be the experiment and if that show does well enough to get another season there then maybe others may join it there eventually. Everything, per usual, feels up in the air right now.

I think it’s complicated by the fact that Picard was a separate production from Discovery/SNW based in California rather than Toronto and so Legacy likely would be too. My imression is that they’ve basically built a set-up in Toronto for making Star Trek where Discovery, SNW and now Starfleet Academy can share and reuse equipment and assets. They also bought in a lot of TNG-era staff and resources.

I think Legacy happens in the next two or three years or not at all (and probably not at all). The buzz will die down in favour of other new content.

It seems this new merge talks are holding their decision making.

Picard season 3 was probably more successful and watched than all 4 seasons of Discovery and the first two seasons of Picard together quite a few of my friends rewatched Picard s3, but newer rewatched any of Discovery. I think at the end of the day, the cost/success ratio determines the fate of a show.

i hate that excuse….its a valid one, but i hate it because its a function of lazy writing. some of my favorite ST episodes were ‘bottle shows’ you can write a good story without needing huge amount of CGI. thats a problem across the board with genre tv and movies now, they’re financially unsustainable, they cost too much end up being dull and then bomb in ratings or the box office

That plus most people hate it.

No. I am not Ricky’s monkey.

I’m glad I’m not the only one with this reaction to this post. Ricky go outside, find the nearest intersection and start directing traffic if you have a need to tell people what to do.

I try not to ever criticize other people’s posts but yeah this is a bit eye rolling.

Yes yours is a better approach… Trying to tone it down but sometimes it’s not easy…

I didn’t even get the implication.

Well, I didn’t think there was absolute that you had to participate in his statement.

Of course, but the tone was off-putting and the usage of the 3rd person was the cherry on top. He was probably joking though…

Yeah it was mainly the tone I was referring to as well. I think the question itself is a valid one and especially since it is ending lol. But maybe he was just joking.

He didn’t “tell people what to do”; he gave his opinion and said “discuss,” which is the opposite of telling people what to do.

When you’re so used to being told what to do, you don’t even realize when it’s happening.

Temarc gets it! :D

Not much to discuss. You’re correct.

Well, Ricky, this is Disco’s last rodeo. Are you suggesting that season 5 be scrapped?

Little Ricky getting to talk with the big kids today!

What a sad comment …

We hear you’re leaving, that’s okay…I guess you kind of scared yourself, you turn and run…But you don’t even know your mind

Hahaha. I can’t believe so many people went along with that.

They should’ve put it to pasture much sooner than this. It’s been nothing but a tedious slog with bad storytelling.

Looks amazing. It will be a sad day for the fandom when the last episode airs.

Is the show perfect? No but then no Trek show is perfect as they all have their faults but Discovery has ushered in a new era of Trek that not only gives old Trekkie’s new stories but brings in newer fans to the franchise.

Discovery has been a major success for the franchise and for the fandom and while some yes there is some fans that say the show is a failure. They are wrong as it’s a proven fact that the show is watched by millions of fans worldwide.

Discovery has also allowed members of the LGBTQIA+ to have better representation in Star Trek that older shows did. After all no Trekkie can deny that Star Trek at it’s core is all about exploring the diversity of life and embracing that which makes us different from one another.

It’s LGBTQ representation has been very good. That I fully agree with. I don’t like this show at all but that’s my opinion only and don’t expect others to share it. I’m happy others such as yourself enjoys it. We’re all Star Trek fans end of the day.

This. Very well said.


I mean, it’s hard to disagree that the show does LGBT representation. I don’t like any of the characters, but at least they ticked that box, many, many times.


I have to take umbrage saying it’s a ‘major success’. I’d say it’s been a success in that it’s basically kept Trek going, but I wouldn’t argue it’s thriving very well. Paramount+ is one of the consistently worse streamers out there. They dumped a ton of money into it and gotten very little return. Its subscriber roll is lower than most, and they’re trying to figure out what to do with it (merger / unload it). Could Disco have done more on network TV? Hard to say. I think it would have been a different show if it had. But what is clear is it has not been the show to grow a streaming service around, and that was its intention. They planned year round content for Trek, and now they’re cutting back. Was it a fair epectation that Trek could do that? I don’t think so. It’s a niche IP these days, and unfortunately has not done what they hoped it would. I’m is not fair to blame Trek for CBS All ACCESS / Paramount+’s lack of growth, but it certainly hasn’t done much to help it, and it was supposed to. Sure, it grew early on… all streamers did. But as the market got flooded, it fell behind. Trek has given some consistency to the platform, but I’d argue it’s been Taylor Sheridan’s shows that are driving what little growth it’s getting.

Actually I don’t think ANY Star Trek show would do very well on network TV these days, not just Discovery. I don’t think Picard or SNW would’ve lasted more than 1 or 2 seasons either.

That’s because most space opera shows seem to struggle on traditional TV and they all been related to streaming. The only two space shows that even premiered in the last decade were The Orville and The Expanse and they both ended up being moved to streaming services in their final years. These shows are just too costly but don’t seem to pull in enough viewers to justify the costs on linear TV.

I don’t know the reason for that but they seem to at least thrive more on streamers. And the reality is Star Trek is just not as popular as it was back in the TNG era. There are probably a lot of factors why, the biggest it’s now behind a pay wall, it has a mostly aging fanbase, etc

I don’t think Star Trek will ever go anywhere and it’s popular enough on Paramount+ to keep it going, but I don’t think it’s really growing a ton of new fans either, just sustaining mostly the oldies.

And we’ll have to see what ultimately happens with Paramount+ but I agree with you it’s not Star Trek driving new subscriptions. Maybe at the beginning when that’s all there was but the Taylor Sheridan shows are really the shiney new toy that are bringing in both the subscriptions and hype to the service.

Maybe space opera shows are just becoming old hat in general and not attracting enough new fans. I don’t know.

I would say that Foundation on Apple has been a successful space opera science fiction series. It is also much more expensive to make than any Star Trek series and season 2 was just fantastic and really well written TV.
It is also the most visually impressive sci fi series I have seen, large budget and it really shows.

I think you misunderstood my point. I’m not saying space opera shows can’t be successful, but very few of them are on traditional TV or seem to excel there these days, probably due to the cost.

Yeah Foundation is on Apple, another streaming service (and one with deep pockets). But it’s no way that show could exist on a traditional TV or cable network. Maybe on a premium channel like HBO but I don’t think it would’ve appeared on FOX or SyFy unless the budget is reduced to a ridiculous level.

Foundation is also in the throes of BTS turmoil largely because of its budget. Even though it’s on Apple TV+ and costs less than any of the live action Trek shows per episode ($45 million for season 1 – even with increases it is surely less than Disco or Picard), it’s still feeling the pinch. this sort of sci-fi ain’t cheap, and now even a company that can actually afford it is scrutinizing the invoices.

It’s a wonder we have as much glossy Trek as we do on a less affluent streamer, that’s a testament to the IP’s popularity and value. And even then, you’re absolutely right it wouldn’t last on network or normal cable – not without an unworkable budget cut. New Trek is always going to be behind paywalls from now on, and that’s for it’s own good.

Also For All Mankind, but Apple is a streaming service, not broadcast/cable.

Lol, it started a whole new franchise and a streaming network. Give me an effing break.

And both of P’s last two live action Trek series cracked the Top 10 for viewers, so that comment of yours is intellectually bankrupt as well.


Hit it in the head bro! 👍

If Trek was doing better there they probably wouldn’t be cutting the shows now and Discovery could’ve done a few more seasons along with getting the Legacy show. They certainly aren’t cutting down the Sheridan shows lol.

I’ll defiantly miss the show. And yes the representation on Discovery has moved me to tears on a few occasions. As a lil gay Trekie in the 80’s and 90’s I would have never imagined a show like this. Though wonky at times when it clicked it clicked.

No matter how people feel about this show, I really do think it will be remembered for it’s representation above all else. It really was the first Trek show to truly embrace Queer characters and that sticks to what Star Trek has always been about and that is it’s diversity. It’s still the strongest when compared to the other new shows.

I’m glad others could see themselves in it.

Discovery has/had it faults, but it was no where near as bad as Voyager and Enterprise. At least it attempted to to be more than a retread.

It looks nice at least but that’s never been the show’s problem. Sorry but this trailer did nothing for me but I’ll remain open minded.

…was about to say, it’s always been a good *looking* show. From day one I was impressed with the production values, it seemed no expense was spared.

Very true Danpaine. It’s visuals were never the issue but so many other things. But I’m really hoping to love this season. We’ll see I guess. But I suspect you won’t be watching this season either.

Looks good, true. But shallow as a paddling pool. (whispered emotively).

You suspect correctly, Tiger. But I’ll be looking forward to Anthony’s reviews and everyone’s reactions here. It’s just a show I cannot sit through.

I know you so well lol.

I was originally thinking to not watch the season as it aired and was just going to wait until it was over and binge it. But that was probably highly unrealistic for me lol

But the fact I ever CONSIDERED it should still tell you everything. I even considered it for Picard season 3 until Iwe got news the TNG cast was coming back.

Same. I’ll be watching, but the bigger test is rewatchability. I’ve done very little, if any of that, for these. Picard season 3 is the only one.

Same here. I have not rewatched any of season 3 or 4 yet. I just have no desire to do so.

It’s sad when I’m still watching the same 20+ old shows constantly but Discovery, the first new show and with the most amount of episodes doesn’t pull me to watch it beyond a few choice episodes.

Oops actually I did watch season 3 again back when I did a grand rewatch of the entire franchise. My mistake but no desire to watch it again at the moment.

Not getting excited! Four times I have been greatly disappointed (OK, season 2 was just ok). Never again! The line must be drawn here! This far, no further!

Season 2 is easily my favorite, and it’s still a mixed bag. I kind of dug some of the nostalgia it went in to (going back to talos iv totally worked for me) as it relates to Pike, but I did not like how they used Section 31, don’t like giving Spock a learning disability, and the continued use of the mystery box that really gave us an uninteresting conclusion (as it has every season).

Season 2 is also my favourite season. Pike and the Enterprise added an interesting dynamic to the show and while I had hopes for the the trip to the far future, it’s never quite clicked for me.


Feels like the same ole same ole. I suspect a lot of crying and whispering along the way with nonsensical storylines.

This show hasn’t been good after four seasons, I don’t expect any difference in its final one.

Agreed. SNW took the budget and interest right out of Disco’s hands.

I’m really really hoping there is less crying this season at least.

pew pew pew.. mystery box. Pew pew pew… Hugs.

Sounds about right.

I always try to give DIS the benefit of the doubt, but the very first lines of the trailer are Burham being breathlessly melodramatic and Tilly awkwardly amateurishly gushing about Starfleet. And it ends with more crying.

I miss when Trek was about professionals doing their jobs solving moral/scientific/political dilemmas.

Well said, I agree completely.

Exciting trailer! It defiantly sparks the imagination. I can’t wait for this site to do the breakdown and analysis. It looks pretty fun.

Yeah I always love their breakdowns lol.

There has never been a better Star Trek era than the Discovery era. I’m looking forward to the final season of this series, that has reinvigorated the franchise, brought many new fans to it (not visible on websites for grumpy old people like this one) and launched a brand-new streaming service. Thank you, Discovery, for your service.

Please suggest some of these websites for non-grumpy old people.

Sounds similar to the premise of Orci’s ST3, could the ancient power be the ‘doohickey’ to alter the timeline? And the dangerous foes be the Anunnaki?

Where did you learn these details about Orci’s movie?

From his tweets few years ago :

Chase for doohickey against Annunaki to reset back to prime timeline. Theme: The Last temptation of Kirk And Spock.

It’s the temptation. Restore Vulcan, Kirks Father, and Spock’s mother? Or play the hand they are dealt?

Only with help of Prime Kirk, who they meet on the adventure, can they solve the dilemma.

over / under how many times michael cries during the finale? 12.5…..i take the over

I sense a new drinking game!

Prediction: 10 years from now, fandom in general will reexamine this show and have a complete turnaround on it. I see videos on whatever platform will exist then, completely dedicated to the brilliance of Discovery.

I remember the Voyager hate in the forums of the time and while most still acknowledge the shows flaws, it’s a beloved entry in the franchise that still scores big in streaming rewatches.

This is all true. I remember the hate for DS9 and especially Voyager and Enterprise got back in the day. Today they are all loved. Not by everyone obviously and VOY and ENT is still not at the level DS9 is today but the point is those shows all have very avid fans today where they were more divided 20 years ago. I think Voyager is probably the most watched Trek show for a lot of new fans as well.

I have been saying this since 2017. I do think Discovery can be a more loved and popular show in the future as new fans find it and old ones see it in a different light. I don’t think any of these shows will ever be forgotten some just have more growing pains than others and Discovery has plenty of it lol.

We’re living in idiocratic times. So if audience IQs continue to drop, they might indeed view Discovery as some kind of a masterpiece. If, however, for some reason we return to the times of DS9 et al., when filmmakers and audiences were more intelligent, sophisticated, sane and virtuous, there wouldn’t be any interest in this piece of Trek garbage whatsoever.

That’s a bizarre theory, given that THE SOPRANOS, which ushered in the new golden age of television, appeared later in DS9’s run.

The West Wing also started the same year, and actually defeated The Sopranos at the Emmys.

You just proved what you always tell us: “I know nothing…nothing.”

90s trek shows had more episodes than newer trek shows do. I think that helps when re-evaluating them decades later. If you don’t like an episode or a character there are 20 other episodes to find something that does actually click for you. Where’s with the newer ones it’s about 10 and then you’re done. Also I think Discovery fell into the Star Trek problem of only focusing on 3 main characters for development. If you relate to one of those 3 you’re in luck otherwise it’s a tough sell! The shows that have stood the test of time the best tend to focus on lots of characters or at least have less serialized storytelling making it easier to watch. Then again who knows what the future will ultimately hold. Discovery may indeed find a more favorable audience for its message as time passes.

I don’t remotely believe Discovery is going to be some super popular show in the next ten years because what you said and it’s too serialized with bad conclusions every season. With only 10-13 episodes doesn’t draw the same interest the way 20+ seasons with more varied story telling like TOS to ENT did where you can just pick and choose your favorite episodes from every season.

Discovery has good episodes for sure but when it’s only a few every season (and only 2 or 3 are above average per season) and attached to a pretty bad story it’s rewatch level falls low.

What little interest I had in Discovery evaporated back in season 2, but I gotta say I think this was a well made trailer.

The executives are getting signals all over to produce Legacy. The best live action season of Kurtzman Trek. Why holding this show if this is what many fans are waiting for!? They are getting excellent ratings, reviews, awards. Many want this show to move forward. Why the hassle? Simple. The ROI. They want Picard success investing in the Academy budget.

It makes no sense. Fans are so excited for the Legacy show. Matalas brought back the Star Trek many of us been missing since 2005.

Every place I go to talk about Star Trek this is the one most fans wants.

Take that money from SFA and put it in on Legacy. It would easily get much more interest and views. They are betting teenagers will watch that other show but teenagers don’t care about Star Trek. Not anymore.

Agreed. Hardly anyone cares about SFA and most fans are begging for the Legacy show. But the Academy show is probably cheaper and someone said that’s also Kurtzman’s per project. Just proof how tone deaf that studio still is.

“Being a part of a crew, being where you need to be, when you need to be… that’s Starfleet.” God, please, just make it stop.

Lol! You made my day better.

Haha! It’s so aggravating.

Please repeat again what you frequently say about yourself, which rings true: “I know nothing…nothing”. Lol

This looks pretty bad and as usual there’s a mcguffin. God forbid we just explore strange new worlds and see out new life and new civilizations. Don’t turn SNW into Discovery, the musical episode made me question my fandom. More Trek like Picard Season 3. Less Trek with motorcycles, please and thank you!

You stated it perfectly.

Agreed. I miss the days of smart and quality writing that we saw in TNG and DS9.

I’ve never been a fan of musicals from any show and/or franchise. They totally take me out of the story in their ridiculousness.

DS9 didn’t explore strange new worlds, and it was pretty darn good. Please. No more of that or Legacy. Let’s discover new concepts, series and stories within this fictional STAR TREK universe. It’s pretty expansive with endless possibilities.

If Photoshop were used to replace the faces in this trailer with TNG geriatric cast, with Jack Crusher saying, “Let’s Fly,” and the trailer said, “from the mind of Terry Matalas,” tons of fans would right now be saying here how fantastic this trailer looks…lol

You still seem to think a potential Legacy series is going to be a geriatric cast. Why? The only regular “legacy” actor from the Berman-era would likely be Jeri Ryan, and if she’s geriatric then I hope we all get to be that geriatric! The rest of the cast would probably be Raffi, Jack Crusher, Geordi’s daughter, and two or three new young actors.

Maybe, but you are making a lot of assumptions there. And even so, I worry that Matalas and the weak writing team will find it too irresistible to restrain from having Jack use those Force-Like powers to get the crew out of jams…despite what may be said, I have no doubt that Matalas would go that route given the influence of Star Wars on Pic S3, and also now seeing that he has chosen “Witch Mountain” for his next project — the dude just loves the metaphysical, special powers BS stuff too much.

If they tell me it’s going to be Seven, Worf, Raffi and some new cast — with Jack not involved — then I will become more interested.

IMHO my assumption is Seven and Jack will def be there. Prob Raffi too. I highly doubt Worf.

I happily agree with your last sentence.

Would love to see all those characters again on the Legacy show, especially Sydney. She is doing Geordie proud!

I fully admit I did like the trailer as is and I will be watching this season. but I don’t have high hopes it will change my mind about the show over all.

It’s definitely one of the Star Trek series of all time…

You missed the operative word… Best? Worst?

No, I didn’t ;)

Yes, that was the other possibility…


I really wish Anthony Rapp had been in a better Trek series.

I wish all of them had. The cast isn’t the problem, IMO. It’s the utter lack of imagination and likeable characters.

Looks awesome 👏. Can’t wait. Any news about Star Trek Academy coming soon?

Green! on Discovery! wow

The epilogue is going to even cringier than usual.

Even more hugging.
Even more crying.
Even more declaration of love.
Even more smiling at each other.

The usual telling us that these people ADORE each other, with all the subtlety of a sledgehammer to the face.

I love DSC, but nevertheless I agree with you…lol

I was expecting you to say something to negate her post, which would have been nonsensical since she’s 100% right, but once again you surprise me.

:-) Thanks

You forgot whispering. There is so much whispering in the future

Yes the whispering makes it even more annoying.

Even more trauma.

As beautiful as some of the visuals are in this show, I must say that I have never liked any of the costume choices going back all the way to season 1. Those black “away team” suits with the chrome armor plating and LED lights might be up there for the worst Starfleet uniforms in the history of the franchise.

I’m in the camp of this trailer doing nothing for me. It just feels like more of the same, and I’ve never connected with it where I cared for the characters or felt the story was a compelling addition to the franchise.

But for the people that have liked the first four seasons of Discovery, I won’t begrudge your enjoyment of this and more power to you. I hope it gives its fans a good ending.

So. Much. Hugging.

To paraphrase Mr. Rogers, some people like Discovery and some people don’t, and that’s okay…

I absolutely love and hate Discovery at the same time, and I’m both sad and super happy it’s ending. Does that make sense?

I understand how you feel. I feel a similar way to SNW i enjoy the show but i also don’t enjoy it lol.

I think that’s also how Discovery feels about Discovery.

Will Tilly lose any weight? Will they finally cast a heterosexual male?

Saru is a white heterosexual male. Isn’t that enough for you?

I think she’s actually getting bigger!
Just casting one good character would be a start.

Was that really necessary?

“Will they finally cast a heterosexual male?”

Are Doug Jones, David Ajala, Oded Fehr, and CKR not straight?

Because heterosexual men are so underrepresented, when you look at the entire history of science fiction drama. Or the majority of action shows. Or actual astronauts. Or CEOs. Or politicians.

Thank you for being so brave and speaking your truth. And for reminding us that women on screen only exist for the benefit of male viewers!


I hope they close the loop on the Calypso Short Trek mystery in a satisfactory way. I feel like it’s 50/50 as to whether the writers even care, or have the ability to write their way out of the mystery box they put themselves in.

But more importantly—will there be extreme closeups of the actors crying and emoting without a trace of subtlety? The trailer says, “You betcha!”

This bunch has always been far more interested in the crew feeling their strong feelings at each other, at the expense of it being a coherent and smartly written show.

SNW has shown this current crop of writers can do a decent job of Trek storytelling, at times. I wouldn’t be mad if they brought some of that sensibility into the final season of Disco.

Actually a video from Trekculture discussing the trailer said that its been confirmed Calypso will be addressed this season.

Oh that will be interesting to see!

Finally! I had given up on seeing anything more about Calypso.

If I had a dime for each insufferable instance where they’ve told us they’re “FaMiLY” instead of showing us, I’d be a millionaire.

Easy there Vin Diesel

Crying, hugging, gazing… boring.

Monologuing, smiling, loving

I sang that in my head to the tune of “Wishin’ and Hopin’.”

I can’t wait to hear The Critical Drinker’s analysis of this trailer and season.

Never liked The Critical Drinker. His videos remind me of Midnight Edge, Mecharandom42 and Nerdrotic etc. Nothing but a youtuber who self appointment them-self’s as ‘warriors’ against woke shows/movies.

I mean what is wrong about woke shows/movies anyway? We are human beings and we come in different shapes/sizes/colors and many different genders.

Shows/movies who embrace our diversity should be applauded for it not attacked. Being woke means you stand up against Racism/Bigotry and standing up against Racism/Bigotry is the core message of Star Trek.

What’s wrong is there mostly awful…mostly

It’s not enough anymore to just show up and be diverse with some superficial broad platitudes. What really makes a difference is backing it up with good characterization, thought-provoking dialogue and storylines that scratch beneath the surface.

Too many people here are quick to circle the wagons and declare, “You WILL NOT criticize these shows nor these characters, FOR THEY ARE DIVERSE!” That is borderline insulting to me, and it’s certainly not what I want as a minority nor a lover of film and television. Strike a blow for representation by giving diverse characters and social/political commentary the depth they deserve.

Agreed. I have lauded Discovery’s diversity many times including on this very thread. That still doesn’t take away from the main issue I think it’s still a mostly bad show.

I’m guessing another awful season of bad acting and writing, with probably lots of hugging and crying in between to make it more cringe worthy..

This show can’t end fast enough.

Ya know it’s funny. Kirk and Spock are closer than any other two characters in all of Trek IMHO and I only recall them hugging once in TOS.

That’s because past Trek shows had professional crews. Discovery are all touchy feely and soft.

I think you’d prefer a series about emotionless robots.

This is really a weirdly American Calvinist thing, this idea that strength = mashing down your emotions and being stoic to the point of getting stress-induced cancer, and people only find out your true feelings about them after you die.

Otherwise you’re weak. And if people see you as weak, oh no! (We are not strong.)

The crew faces unimaginable threats, meets mind-bending alien species, and they still don’t have meltdowns that prevent them from doing their jobs. They’re scared, but they do the thing!


They don’t pretend that they’re not traumatized afterwards, or that they don’t love their friends and colleagues. They’re fighting FOR them, supporting them, and being supported in turn.

The point of Starfleet “professionalism” is doing the job to the best of your abilities, NOT pretending you’re unemotional. The why of Starfleet is, essentially, extending a general sense of love to the universe.

Otherwise, Why save people? Why help? Why learn? Why explore?

I’m not asking for stoic emotionless robots, none of the original Trek shows featured these. I’m asking for professional crew behaviour. No need to go to such an extreme view to make a point.

Please no more stuff like Detmer turning to Owo and saying
“You got this! *smile*”
cut to Owo

… urgh. Just do your job.

I dunno. When it’s insincere, I get what you’re saying, but I think it’s modelling positive behaviour. There’s nothing wrong with showing competency AND care for your teammates in a tough situation.

If you’ve ever worked at a place, or grew up in a family where you never got any praise, but only criticism, you know how soul-crushing that is. Being kind is *also* a discipline, it strengthens and encourages people to do their best, vs. doing so out of fear of punishment (or the usual life-threatening stakes).

Completely agree . Discovery is just awful. The show is so cringe a lot of the times with bad characters and being way too touchy feely for its own good.

of course she had to cry at the end of the trailer lmao

This looks fun, but I’d really love it if someone could let the producers know that Michael Burnham saying “Let’s fly!” is not nearly as cool or inspiring as they seem to think it is.

(The whole “warp phrase” thing is stupid and a bit cringey. “Engage” wasn’t a Picard-only thing. “Make it so” was, but that was just a turn of phrase he used in a lot of different situations. I’m all for adding new things and am supportive of most NuTrek, but “warp phrases” being a thing is just dumb.)

TV shows are subjective and more so with modern Star Trek.
I love Picard because it is a continuation of TNG and DS9 for me, I find that timeline entertaining, they built up so many interesting alien cultures, politics, wars etc in those series and I want more 25th century because it is way more interesting than prequal Trek or Discovery’s current timeline which is just really poorly implemented.
Though I don’t mind Discovery there are some good sci fi subjects explored and I just don’t get the hate for it and the love for the inferior SNW. Why is SNW so much better, to me it’s probably the worse of the new trek shows. We have an Academy and S31 show to come, jeez it is not really exciting times for old skool ST fans right now, I don’t think Star Trek is in a great place ATM when a cartoon series for kids that was cancelled and snapped up by another streamer is the best Star Trek series out there right now.

I find a lot to agree with here. You encapsulated the state of Trek now pretty well. While I find DSC to be the bottom of the barrel of Trek shows, you’re right – a lot of (imo) misguided praise has been directed SNW’s way, I think mainly because compared to DSC it IS better, but anything would be. Though I do ‘like’ SNW, I wish they’d gone another way with it – less TOS characters, or none, no fiddling with established villains (Gorn). There was so much material to mine without messing with canon, but the writer’s room was either too novice or directed to ignore it. And I do like Prodigy best off all, except for PIC s3.

Yes exactly. I don’t get the praise for SNW either? Is it better than Discovery, yes but everything is better than Discovery so that’s not hard.

But the show comes off very superficial to me and turned the characters into comic relief, the biggest victim being Spock. They have turned him into a joke. They don’t come off as real professionals, the same problem with the JJ Abrams movies. Everyone act far too young and there is a lot of silly melodrama.

The show also just copies it’s stories from better Star Trek episodes. And the canon issues are abysmal. Kirk hanging around the Enterprise this soon is ridiculous. T’Pring being with Spock and also being on the Enterprise when no one even heard of her on TOS is even more ridiculous. And don’t get me started on the Gorn. Now Khan isn’t even born until the the 21st century??? WTF??

How is this show supposed to be a ‘prequel’ to TOS when it is just completely over writing it?

It’s just doing a complete disservice to TOS and the golden era of Star Trek. I really wish they never bothered and just kept going forward.

I really like SNW and think it’s a mostly fun and light show that doesn’t (always) take itself so seriously which to me anyway is a plus.

But I don’t really disagree with your issues over the show either. We already discussed the canon issues in the past which is my biggest issue with the show. But yes I do wish the characters came off a bit more professional/serious as well.

I haven’t watched the last season finale since it originally aired but I think that episode had the crew feel much more mature dealing with a big crisis. Of course it still dealt with the Gorn…sigh.

At this point the show doesn’t feel like it’s connected to TIS outside of the of the peripheral. Baby Khan has made that especially clear. The show is basically in another timeline even if they don’t officially say it is.

I just don’t understand, you want these prequels to take place before TOS but then you completely ignore everything on TOS minus a few things. What’s the point???

Just call it a reboot and then you can have Kirk hanging out with Pike while dating one of Khan’s descendants on the Enterprise and it wouldn’t feel completely out of whack. They could even go on a double date with Spock and Chapel. Sigh

Per usual I agree Danpaine. As you know I like SNW but the show’s really bad canon issues can’t be ignored either. So much of it just doesn’t make any sense.

And they stuffed it with so many legacy characters to the point several of them makes no sense being there, Kirk being the biggest culprit. It all feels a little too much too fast.

I wish the show was treated more as a Pike show, at least the first few seasons. And then maybe start to add more TOS characters by the third or fourth season but P+ needs subs and advertising characters like Kirk and Scotty brings more interest.

Spot on. While I enjoy SNW, there have been a lot of unnecessarily annoying missteps — “fiddling” with the Gorn, rather than simply identifying them as a new (and wonderfully scary) species, being one of them.

I agree with you dear. I want more shows in the 25th century to follow those stories and species. I don’t care about prequels, especially since I think Discovery and SNW has been pretty awful.

The only reason why SNW is more popular than Discovery is because people really love Pike and the show looks like a Star Trek show again. Discovery came off very generic and not really a Star Trek show. It’s better now but they had to put it a thousand years into the future over the backlash it got.

SNW is not perfect. I am over prequels and this one leans so heavily on established characters, even Khan of all people. I’m not invested in every character yet, the stories of week are often intriguing in concept and bold but rarely as deep as they could be. The characters are often too chill and casual to me – this is still a workplace! And messing with the Gorn is only okay if they do something more than indulge Akiva Goldsman’s desire that Star Trek of all shows have a cruel terrifying monster with no redeeming qualities.

But I do like the cast, and how they’ve handled Pike, Spock, Uhura and Una. Story of the week is a welcome approach as it allows for more variety and less rides on a longterm storyline nailing its closing, but the characters still get arcs. The humor is broader but hits the mark more than it misses.

The jump to the 32nd Century where they still use ships that guzzle dilithium gas really took me out of this one. What the “burn” was made that BS ten times worse. Season 4 was some other stuff that happened in this silly place and Stacey Abrams showed up. I’ll put on my “completist” hat and slog through this one as well.

I will say that I don’t think the pre-pro time between seasons was enough time to properly map out a new vision of the Even Farther Future. It’s not just a design ethos to work out, it’s delving into the technology and the geopolitics and really taking time to extrapolate what’s happened to the galaxy since we last saw it. That’s the kind of stuff that’s a tall order to do when making a brand new Trek show, let alone doing on the fly after a chaotic first couple of seasons. Voyager and Enterprise barely attempted this sort of thing a few times and wisely kept the story settings pretty contained. Even with more money this isn’t the sort of thing you just wing.

But the 32nd century we got is a product of that process. It’s got a sort of generic clean look to it for Starfleet, and the technology side of things hasn’t been thought through beyond some magic programmable matter, suspended warp nacelles and silly (telepathic?) personal transporters. The Burn was smart in that it allowed them to develop the rest of the galaxy slowly a piece at a time, but at this point now it’s feeling odd how there’s not much scale to this universe yet. Things still feel claustrophobic to me and this setting doesn’t strike me as being particularly well-thought out yet.

The Burn was lazy and nonsensical.

Yup. Sorry Ian, while I enjoyed pretty well all of your observations, I agree with Trellium that The Burn was a total bust.