Watch: Sonequa Martin-Green And Tawny Newsome Talk Representation And Star Trek Celebrating Black Women

To celebrate Black History Month, Paramount+ has released a new video chat featuring the leads of two of its series: Sonequa Martin-Green of Star Trek: Discovery and Tawny Newsome of Star Trek: Lower Decks.

Stargaze with Newsome and Martin-Green

For the first episode of their new “Stargaze” web series of “conversations between the underrepresented stars on screen who bring diverse characters to life,” Paramount+ paired up Tawny Newsome and Sonequa Martin-Green. After a bit of mutual admiration, the two dug into what it meant to them to have the opportunity to lead Star Trek shows, the challenges they have faced in their careers as Black women, and how they take their learned experiences to their work, which includes Newsome’s approach to being a writer on Star Trek: Starfleet Academy. They show fun chemistry while they dig into some serious issues from their unique perspectives, resulting in a video well worth watching for fans of Star Trek.



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Modern Trek is anything but not “representative”.

you ok bud?

You alright?

Awww. Who hurt you?

Black captain. LGBTQ crew members. Yep, no representation there /s. I swear some fan boys really piss me off. One moment someone complains that Trek has become too “woke”. The next minute Trek has no representation. 🤦‍♀️

Did you mean to say “nothing if not?”

Tawny Newsom is a gem. I wouldn’t say no to more live-action Mariner, but how many times can there be a portal?

how about an old fashioned anomaly just to mix things up a bit?

Yeah, if they actually placed a “Live”-Trek show in the Lower Decks time period, it would be one thing. However, having to create a time warp every time to do it is too awkward.

Here is a crazy idea: When Lower Decks finishes its animated run I think they should turn it into a live action show and continue like that for several more seasons.

A Live-action Lower Decks series would never happen because it makes too much sense.

Well, to look at things in reverse, there was never a portal from TOS and TAS but we got the TOS crew (minus Chekov) in animation. Sometimes we just need some suspension of disbelief.

A fantastic actor and Sonequa Martin-Green


I got a chuckle out of this, nice. I did like her in The Walking Dead, don’t know what happened with DSC.

Oh, I was so glad they killed her on TWD. I couldn’t stand her character.

…great episode, the one they took her out in. When that show was hitting on all cylinders it was fantastic.

Same here. The writing didn’t do her any favors on DSC, but I think she was also miscast. In a way that is a good thing, because a better and more appropriate actor probably wound up doing a different and better project instead of being stuck like Mulgrew was on VOYAGER.

Indeed, that was a miscast. But the writing was off-kilter from the second episode, imo, so she didn’t have much to work with.. I’ll be interested to see what she picks up next.

Grow up.


She voices a loudmouth cartoon character? And her character on Space Force was basically her playing herself?


Well played!

Sonequa Martin-Green And Tawny Newsome are both fantastic actress’s who bring to life characters that have added so much to the Trek franchise. I hope we will continue to see them in the Star Trek franchise for years to come.

Actresses (or actors). No apostrophe.

English is not my main language so sorry for not spelling Actresses for you correctly.

Shoot, I’m the one who’s sorry, I shouldn’t have said anything. I live in a development called “The Sierra’s of Inglewood” because somebody got the apostrophe (a native English speaker) wrong on the giant marble and brass sign and it drives me crazy.

So there is a quaint alpine resort in Ingelwood, California.

Who knew? :-)


I find that Sonequa can sometimes come off a little rehearsed or sound-bitey when she speaks, but here I felt she was very connected to Tawny. They have great rapport and speak to the truths and experiences they’ve had, and continue to have. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Sonequa and Tawny together, certainly in a focused way. I think it’s great that they were featured in a one-on-one.

I think more than anything else IRL she is genuine for her love of Trek.

That was the First time I thought SMG was likeable.
Tawny is as cool as ever.

Discovery and Lower Decks are the worst ST shows ever made. Just plain out bad…

Well, you’re 50% right…

I LOVE both of these talented women. Fun to see them talking together. SMG is a treasure.

This web series episode featuring Sonequa and Tawny was delightful! They’re both incredibly likable and enjoyable to listen to. Definitely worth watching, and I’m excited for more episodes!

Huh, just looked them up, and Newsome is two years older. For some reason I’m having a problem wrapping my head around that.