‘Discovery’ Panel Hints “Something Special” In Season 5, Gorn Gong Show, And More Star Trek Cruise Day 7

The Mariner of the Seas spent the last day of Star Trek: The Cruise speeding toward Port Canaveral on Wednesday. While passengers and celebrity guests were busy packing and settling their bar tabs, they also had a chance to spend their last day in the most extraordinary way on the un-conventional voyage. The big panel of the day was for Star Trek: Discovery, but there were also more fun activities across the ship.

Discovery panel gives thanks for five great seasons

For the final big panel of the week, the cast of Star Trek: Discovery gathered in the Royal Theater to reflect on the upcoming fifth and final season. Longtime cast members Sonequa Martin-Green, David Ajala, Doug Jones, Anthony Rapp, and Mary Chieffo welcomed season 5 newcomer Eve Harlow into the fold in a panel moderated by Dr. Erin Macdonald. The panel was made more special by Eve Harlow’s perspective as a performer who hasn’t done numerous cons and panels before. It was a rare chance to look at what the fandom is like from someone new to it. As Eve phrased it:

Eve Harlow: I’ll be totally honest, I never watched any Star Trek before I got the job. But having said that, I also think that Star Trek is just this thing that’s in the culture always. Everyone has heard of Star Trek. Everyone knows what it is. It’s always there.

Eve Harlow at STTC7

Eve Harlow has started her Star Trek journey

Sonequa Martin-Green and Doug Jones shared stories about starting out on the series and how they got some key advice from TNG veterans.

Sonequa Martin-Green: Remember y’all in the beginning when we had a lot of criticism, and people was coming for us for a lot of reasons. It made sense. We always said we understood where they were coming from. And we had so much respect because those criticisms were coming from a place of love and loyalty and intelligence and intellect and all of that… but we were like [makes pained expression] “We’ve got so many people to prove and to ourselves too.” So Jonathan Frakes – one of our favorite directors – really shepherded us and took us under his wing. He welcomed us as a proxy for the rest of the franchise. And he was like, “No, no, no. Welcome. This is how it goes. They hated us too.” They used to get letters was like, “We don’t need you… why are you trying to get in the way of our Kirk and Spock. He said it took us like three seasons for them to finally take hold of us. I remember how we were so comforted by that. I’m still grateful for him to this day because he was really kind of like a Papa Big Brother for us in the beginning.

Doug Jones: For me, I think Sir Patrick Stewart said it best when I met him at the Oscars, I don’t want to boast or anything. It was the Oscars early 2018 and we had just finished filming Season 1 of Discovery. And he’s right behind me in the in the red carpet line… So I was standing in line with Miss Laurie and she’s like [whispers] “That’s Patrick Stewart!” So I turn to him, “Sir, mister Patrick, mister Stewart, uh, I’m Doug Jones and I’m in The Shape of Water, that’s why I am here, but we have a connection. I’m actually also in the new Star Trek series Discovery.” All he said to me was [does Stewart voice], “Oh. I hope you know what you’re in for.” Yes, now I do and I love every minute of it.

Sonequa Martin-Green and Doug Jones share stories about TNG legends

With the new season of Star Trek: Discovery set to begin on April 4, audience members were eager to hear how the remainder of the season would play out. Every cast member was extremely tight-lipped on specific plot points, but there was a little bit of hype for season 5, like this from David Ajala:

David Ajala: It’s I’m so humbled and inspired to be part of this franchise. And I’m so excited for you guys to see season 5. It is an abundance of joy.

Ajala also hinted at something special in the fifth season while being very careful to avoid spoilers:

David Ajala: A moment I wanted to share is something that happens in season 5. I remember speaking to Alex Kurtzman about this at the end of shooting season 4 and it was an idea that he shared with me and I think Michelle Paradise was the only other person that knew about this thing at the time. Then cut to season 5… we get to come back to Toronto and create something so very special. [Sonequa interjects “We did”] I’m so proud and happy that we got to do that because you know how amazing that was to do. And I can’t wait for you guys to experience the very secretive thing which I can’t talk about which we got to do.

STTC7 Disco panel

David Ajala knows that season 5 of Discovery is going to be something special

As the panel ended, and the audience gave a standing ovation, instead of walking off stage, the Discovery panel members shared a group hug. Likely, they realized this was their last STTC prior to the end of the series.

Disco group hug

The cast of Discovery exchanges group and individual hugs

Physics vs. biology battle to see who does it worst

After spending a week hosting various science seminars talking about how Star Trek (mostly) gets real science right, Dr. Erin Macdonald and Dr. Mohamed Noor teamed up to showcase the times when Star Trek got it wrong. The two science advisors looked at clips where Trek science was particularly bad and tried to form a consensus on whether Trek was harder on physics or biology. In the end, it seems as if little mistakes happen on the biology side all the time, but when mistakes happen on the physics side, they are BIG mistakes. (Did anyone ever figure out what Red Matter was?)

Biology Vs. Physics Lecture

Dr. Erin Macdonald and Dr. Mohamed Noor compare notes on Star Trek science gaffes

Gorn Gong Show puts passengers on stage

After a week of enjoying top-tier stage entertainment by the Star Trek celebrities, it was time for the passengers to take the spotlight for the final evening. Like the vintage variety show, the “Gorn’s Gong Show” opened up the stage to to anyone the chance to sing, dance, or joke as they’d like. The only rule is that they have to be good. If a contestant disappoints the audience, the Gorn steps out to ring the giant gong and boot them off stage. The Gorn’s judgment is silent, but three human judges eagerly dispensed constructive criticism: Gabrielle Ruiz, Garrett Wang, and Anthony Montgomery.

Gorn Gong Show

The Gorn prepares to boot a failing singer

Goodbye Auction

Several of the Trek cast members, including Robert Picardo, John Billingsley, Kitty Swink, and Armin Shimmerman gathered in the Royal Theater to host a charity auction benefiting a group of worthy causes: The Planetary Society, The Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, and The Hollywood Food Coalition. A wide assortment of Star Trek collectibles had been donated for the auction, including original art, headshots, and signed call sheets, but the most popular and fought-over items by far were the flags and banners pulled from previous Star Trek: The Cruise events. Those banners hold some of the most unique Star Trek art a fan could ever find, and if they’ve been on the cruise, that art has a personal connection to them. Most of the items were signed, and when bidding slowed, Robert Picardo would offer to throw in a signature from himself or other cast members if someone else could raise another $50 or so.

A single item was also auctioned off to benefit The Children’s Craniofacial Association in memory of beloved longtime cruise member Dr. Francis J. Smith, who passed away in October of 2023 and was an expert and advocate for craniofacial medicine.

STTC7 Auction

A banner for Mariner’s Retreat, a bar onboard Star Trek: The Cruise, is auctioned off. The banner was signed by Tawny Newsome.

Cruise VII is over… on to Cruise VIII

The Mariner of the Seas docked at Port Canaveral in the early morning hours of Thursday, February 29 and disembarkation for Star Trek: The Cruise VII began in the early morning. Star Trek: The Cruise VIII is scheduled to leave from Miami on February 23, 2025, bound for Costa Maya, Cozumel, and Belize City. Cabins will go on sale to the general public on March 12 and will be available from the official Star Trek: The Cruise website.

More cruisin’ with TrekMovie

Check out cruise logs for Day 1 Day 2Day 3Day 4, Day 5, and Day 6. And check back later for one final look back at the highlights from Star Trek: The Cruise VII.

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Given the above comments, I think they came back to shoot a coda connected to “Calypso.”

Really REALLY hope they do bring this up for the finale.


Actually it was confirmed they will tie the season into Calypso. So I’m really looking forward to that. Maybe they all end up in the 42nd century. It’s Discovery you can’t take anything for granted lol.

SMG: And we had so much respect because those criticisms were coming from a place of love and loyalty and intelligence and intellect and all of that

You mean like this stuff I’ve read here:

  • I suspect a lot of crying and whispering along the way with nonsensical storylines
  • I’m guessing another awful season of bad acting and writing, with probably lots of hugging and crying in between to make it more cringe worthy..
  • This show can’t end fast enough.
  • Discovery is not a popular show. 
  • It’s not enough anymore to just show up and be diverse with some superficial broad platitudes
  • Will Tilly lose any weight? 
  • Crying, hugging, gazing… boring.
  • Discovery is just awful. The show is so cringe…

SMG is being way too nice to fans who make these type of borderline trolling comments…my opinion!

No one hates Star Trek as much as Trek fans. Most keep hate watching it anyway

I think Star Wars fans actually has us beat these days lol.

Yeah it doesn’t make it right but the vitriol directed at the cast and crew of tv shows isn’t just a Star Trek fandom thing! It’s unfortunately way more widespread than that. Hiding behind a computer tends to allow people the ability to say things to people they would never say in person. That’s why it’s important to have good moderation on websites and for individuals to practice some personal responsibility. Be mindful of what you put out there. If you wouldn’t want to see that criticism directed at you don’t direct it at others!

Well said. When I’m at conventions, and when I’ve talked in person to some of the actors, producers and writers over the years, and back in the day, even GR himself, I’ve always been direct and sometimes hard-hitting. I find though if you do it with a smile on your face and you preface it by telling them something like, “hey, feel free to tell me I’m full of shit,” they actually appreciate a fan who wants to have a real conversation versus the “worshipful nerd” types that approach them all day long.

Funny because when i read what you say here you come across as a bittet obsessed troll.

True! It’s unfortunate too because there is such a thing as genuine criticism being directed at all of the Star Trek shows. Some of those aren’t it though. It’s important to remember to try keep the comments respectful. I do appreciate that the producers listened to the valid points and made changes to discovery. The first season did indeed have some problematic elements.

The key here is don’t say something that you would not say in person/in public, say, at a Star Trek convention.

Also, I think it’s just not right to direct these criticisms at the actors. The actors don’t write the script, don’t direct the episode, don’t design the production, don’t create the effects, don’t determine the wardrobe… If anything, actors try to protect the integrity of their characters against sometimes ridiculous situations created by the producers.


Also no personal comments! Weight, hairstyles, etc should be off limits. Yet Mary Wiseman was subjected to such nastiness and she didn’t even design those costumes worn in the first couple of seasons.

The statement was probably directed more to individuals bothered by the continuity and conceptual issues that were especially rife in the first season, repeatedly contradicting TOS canon. Or those that simply find issue with the concept of a ‘visual reboot’ in the first place, blatantly contradicting 50 years of consistent Trek precedent.

As a member of all the above… I personally found that statement quite impressive, and it honestly does more to reconcile me to the cast and show that I have henceforth boycotted than any amount of retcons or message-board arguments ever have. Because it doesn’t dismiss the opposing point of view, but instead expresses understanding for it (a very Trek concept in and of itself).

It is a very generous and integrity-filled statement, acknowledging opposing perspectives and offering an olive branch, and as the prospective target demographic of such statements, it leaves me wanting to reciprocate.

… I personally found that statement quite impressive, and it honestly does more to reconcile me to the cast and show that I have henceforth boycotted than any amount of retcons or message-board arguments ever have… It is a very generous and integrity-filled statement, acknowledging opposing perspectives and offering an olive branch, and as the prospective target demographic of such statements, it leaves me wanting to reciprocate

What an awesome statement! There are several regulars here who could really learn something from this.

And I gotta say this, if I had heard from Mike McMahan some similar noting of the many fan criticisms of LDS early on, with him then making corresponding changes to the show that should have been made, but were not, I’d have been willing to reciprocate as well. But unfortunately, he just doubled down on the middle-school sitcom humor, loudmouth characters, nepotism and awkward shoehorning of past characters as gimmicks. But, as they say, you reap what you sow — this is why LDS has never won not one single award on any of the major and even not so major award programs — unlike every single Star Trek series that has completed more that one season.


You praised a kind response to SMG being diplomatic to Disco’s critics, then managed to say you would do the same thing in kind to a LDS creative… if only they complied with your list of demands to make the show better. You then listed off what one might call “borderline trolling” criticisms and dropped in your trademark mean-spirited taunt about the show’s awards history. Not only is that not remotely in keeping with the tenor of the post you are replying to which listed no such qualifiers, but it’s exactly the kind of behavior you hate about Disco naysayers.

It’s a glass house you throw stones from. You either know it and just want to get a rise out of people, or you are not very self-aware.

This place is overrun with engagement trolls.

So just how is my opinion here trolling? I agree with the person’s post and I pointed out another show where the Star Trek creative team did not listen to fans early on and did not make changes in the show, unlike Discovery.

Not only did I not troll, but I would challenge you to disprove what I said? Tell me where McMahan graciously listened to criticisms of fans who did not like the show early on and then made changes to it? I look forward to your response

I don’t care about any of that. Nobody has to address your demands.

So you can name-call me a troll and then ignore my question to explain how my opinion is trolling?

So which one of us is the troll here?

Bro you are the troll. You literally put up people’s quotes here for more troll bait. You need help. Get it already.

More personal attacks!

Don’t think that even people I have issues with and who usually agree with you on stuff can’t see your obvious agenda to obsess on me and personally attack me

Bro you say this all the time. Has one person ever agreed with you lol.

Your psycho ass made a thread to call out people and the first two quotes are mine. But keep saying I’m the obsessed one. 🙄

Lol thank you.

And what’s funny is he once again tries to inflate because HE has a problem with LDS then surely most people do.

I guess that’s why LDS has a 75% audience rating on RT while Discovery has a 35% audience score lol.

And keep in mind both shows have released the same amount of seasons. Seems like Mike McMahan has the support for most of the fanbase..

Discovery… not so much.

I simply stated that I agreed with the person’s opinion and I wish that we’d had the same situation with LDS. Mike M did not have that same graciousness, and he and his team did not change LDS based on many fans critiques early on — that’s as close to a fact as an opinion can get. This is my opinion, and I’m sharing it here, and people are of course free to disagree with me.

Speaking of trolling, you seem to harass me every chance you get these days based on your continued hypersensitivity to my opinions. Dude, I don’t mind it, but let’s not pretend that you’re doing otherwise, and let’s also not pretend that you are living on some moral high ground.

His hypersensitivity? You’re crying that Mike hasn’t addressed your gatekeeping demands. He has no idea who you are. He has no reason to believe you speak for the fans.

Dude, once you disagreed with me and instead of just letting it go, you harassed me about secretly being Wil Wheaton. When I said I wasn’t responding to such trolling nonsense you flipped out and told me never to reply to you again. It’s so unnecessary.

You’re in no position to lecture anyone on proper diplomatic response or hypersensitivity . Even your screen name is a dig at a show you can just not watch. You’re an engagement troll. Own it. You seem to enjoy it.

Who’s Mike? Huh?

BTW, I nicely asked you if you might be Wil Wheaton, and you totally freaked out. Weird?

Mike McMahon…. the guy you brought into the conversation and complaining about this whole time…..

Man, log off.

Dude, you need to let the grudge go. OK, I am sorry I brought up the Wil Wheaton thing, but as you yourself said, none of us know who any of us are here, and you really, really got weirdly defensive and uber-emotional on the Wheaton Today Show thing — it felt like I might actually be talking to Wheaton given that was his response?

Can you at least see how that might make one wonder given we are all anonymous here — like you just pointed out? Come on, it seemed possible at least? Like I said though, I am sorry I suggested it.

No, I cannot see that at all. That’s just you stirring things up because you have a mean streak in you. It’s just dumb.

Maybe you see uber-sensitivety and uber-emotioanal people everywhere because that’s the soup you swim in. Maybe… it’s you.

Preach! 👍

Not accepting an apology says it all. Unimpressive as my comment that I apologized for may be — you get to swim in the bitter soup of not accepting someone’s apology and doubling down on it.

Exactly! All he does here is bait people because he just wants to fight with people. He created a thread literally going out of his way to find negative things people said about Discovery and now wants to act insulted people are pushing back.

He could’ve just agreed with SMG and left it there. Instead he just wanted to troll bait as many people as he could just to have an excuse to have another useless fight over it.

This is someone who has issues beyond talking about a TV show on a message board.

Isn’t that all we want to do? Talk a little Trek? Is that so much to ask. There’s a picture of a Gorn with a gong in this thead lol. How do we let these guys ruin all the fun?

I love talking to everyone here. Most people are good spirited. Some of their views are on the harsher side but so what?

I love Lower Decks. Absolutely adore it. I can’t think of a single time I chastise anyone here or other boards that thinks it’s stupid or sucks. I understand people just don’t like it. I’m not calling people out like this weirdo because I’m not a man child. This is a guy who goes on a tangent any time someone says something bad about Discovery but then wants to argue with anyone who has anything nice to say about Enterprise.

It’s just toxic behavior of the worst kind. We just want to talk about Star Trek, say what we like or hate, have a debate about it but then move on. This guy can’t do that. He wants to constantly fight over things with everyone and keep the same battles going on forever.

None of this is healthy.

You forgot: “100%, Thank you The New Kid, I am so grateful that I want to have your baby, Tiger Blood, Winning!”

Tiger blood? Huh?

Charlie Sheen reference.

Ok I remember that now lol.

I Miss Enterprise.

I do too Gary…I do too.

Well I don’t miss it… because I’ve been rewatching it off and on since the pandemic. I love that show.

Oh yeah I do as well. Enterprise has become one of my most rewatched shows in fact. It is crazy the turnaround it has with the fandom these days and it’s well deserved IMO.

And you take digs at me. It’s quid pro quo. You did it upthread, you did it the other day when you just had to reference when I called you out for things no polite person would say to another at a convention or in public to their face, to use your definition of what’s inappropriate. Your reply where you brought up LDS was a false equivalence, and it’s the sort of thing you do all the time. If I let it go, you just keep doing it. If I bring it up I’m “hypersensitive” and “uptight.”

Your having opinions is not the issue, it’s always how you express them. It’s tiresome to see people say the same negative things over and over about Discovery, I get it. It’s not all fair criticism either, and it’s only right to point that out when it happens. I probably don’t do that nearly enough.

But the way you come in hot on every other topic to stubbornly say the same things over and over in a way designed to twist the knife is rarely constructive either. Since you are wont to prop up your opinions with any time someone agrees with you, I’ll just point out how many posters have made agreements that you not talk to each other here. Is it everyone else who’s the problem despite you being the common denominator? It’s not because you aren’t subscribing to groupthink, it’s because you don’t consider how your words could be construed poorly, for whatever reason. I mean, Aaron Waltke once posted here with some basic info about Prodigy and your first instinct was to try to bait him into giving a response you could lord over him later. You’re always playing the victim about being bullied, or twisting what should be a simple conversation into a convoluted justification for one of your favorite opinions, usually with a tenuous connection. And you belittle people involved in Trek in ways that belong on an elementary school playground. It’s not right when others do it, like the jabs at Mary Wiseman, and they get called out for it too. But thank you for clarifying the stance on Bryan Fuller. Yes, he’s clearly a difficult creative to work with.

You also frequently try to derail a discussion by making it about you with some version of, “This proves I was right and none of you listened to me!” And then you’ll go digging for the receipts you think prove your point, which comes across as more obsessive and petty than I think I’m being – I just remember the sh*t you pull because it makes me clutch my hypersensitive uptight pearls. You’re not the victim of a witch hunt, we’re not being mean girls or passing sentence on you unless you shame us with evidence. And yes, there’s a lot of negativity about Discovery which should be more constructive at times, but rubbing people’s noses in what you construe as their shame and acting superior from inside a glass house is rich af. We just want to have some civil conversations about something fun. That inevitably leads to debate about things we don’t like, but there are better ways to approach them.

You may well think this is all hilarious and appropriate and that you are fully in the right to act as you do, I am under no illusions about that. This thread you’ve even said you’re enjoying. While I appreciate the posts bucking me up, I happen to think discussions like this are exhausting. Frankly, conversing with you brings out the worst in me more times than not, and that’s an absolute waste of my free time and yours. This is time which I would think we want to spend just chatting about Star Trek in a way I certainly don’t get to do very much away from a keyboard. It’s a shame, and as much as I need to let it go, I think you need to think harder before you write a lot of the things you say. This is my last treatise on the subject though, so take from it what you will.

I’m going to close my eyes and randomly scroll to an episode of a Trek show. With my luck this week it will be something like “Up the Long Ladder” but if so, I’ll find the silver lining.

Ian…thank you!

Seriously, THANK YOU!!!!!

You said everything that needed to be said and 100% on point.

I appreciate the feedback. As I told Silvereyes and Tiger2, I am going to try to lighten up a bit in terms of how I respond to you guys.

To that piling on, attack dog — who here again could not resist his little, “of you are so right about this, THANK you Ian, 100%,” obsessive attack on me — he will get no such promise from me. That dude is here to shoot me down every chance he gets — it’s obsessive, and it’s personal for him to attack me.

Can you tell me please what Ian got wrong? I agree 100% because he’s 100% correct. 😉

And crazy person you attacked me first lol. One of those quotes you put up was mine. Did you really not notice AGAIN when you took all that time to posts those quotes you didn’t know it was mine?

This is why so many called you out here. Always want to play the victim and you were the one who started this silly thread literally calling people out. Not me, not Ian, Not Silvereyes, YOU did. 🙄

Everyone can see your “piling on me” by responding to everyone here who is addressing me today.

I dare you to admit that you are not engaging in “piling on” me here today? At least have the balls to admit that please?

Come on, admit it?

You mean agreeing that you’re a troll with some deep issues? Yeah that’s kinda the point.

Crazy person, I’m going to say it again, if you didn’t include my quotes in your troll thread I wouldn’t be here. NONE OF US WOULD.

Can you admit you were trying to get a rise of people? Usually you just vaguely call people out. But I guess you need more attention?

Let us all know when you are done attacking me please?

He’s not. You complain he’s attacking you personally, yet you call him an attack dog. Ian pointed out how you always play the victim about being bullied, and you reply by saying you’ll lighten up, yet you play the victim again against TG1701.

You’re whining again. Don’t lighten up in the way you reply to specific posters. Just lighten up, period.

It’s just really eye rolling. Always wants to play the victim when he starts all the nonsense and clearly no one is buying it. Yes stop whining please and arguing with everyone like a third grader; that’s all most of us are asking for.

If I am the third grader, you’re the preschooler.

No, he is. You may be right right that I can slide into playing the victim card at times, but when somebody has multiple posts name calling me all kinds of shit and making negative personal comments about me, that’s “attack dog” tactics.

I will agree that two wrongs don’t make a right, but his constant personal attacks on me is still “a wrong” no matter how much you may agree with his overall criticism of me.

His bad, personal attack behavior is not something that should be brushed aside because you think I deserve it… and I will go as for to say that I do deserve some criticism from my behavior. You see that’s the difference between me and him, I can admit my faults, and this is evidenced here in that you will notice I made some apologies and promised some changes in my behavior here to others.

He won’t get that apology or any explanation for me though — I don’t owe him a damn thing given all of his personal BS pot shots at me. No, he is most definitely an attack dog.

Everyone here is sick of your crap. Your ‘apologies’ are worthless, hence why no one accepted them lol

OK, so is that the last insult so that we can all move on now?

You’re still whining. I don’t think you deserve criticism. None of this is personal. I’m just calling things as I see them. Your apologies would be more credible if you didn’t start up the very same rhetoric at the first post afterward. What’s the point in apologizing to a few posters when you keep doing the same thing with TG?

No, I’m not apologizing to him under any circumstances. Look at what he’s doing here — every time anyone else responds critically to me he”s piling on with his same personal BS and criticism of me — He’s doing it on everyone else’s post who addressed me every freaking chance he gets.

I’m fine apologizing to everyone else and I said I’m going to make some improvements but it’ll be a cold day in hell before I apologize to that personal attack dog.

Feel free to waste your time trying to convince me otherwise, but it ain’t going anywhere — and I say that to you as someone who I respect here.

LOL yeah you’re clearly winning hearts and minds here. No one cares about your apology. Everyone has made that clear to you. You want to know why?

Because we all know you’re going to eventually do the same thing again because you do it all the time.

You have some deep psychology issues that goes beyond just posting your thoughts about a TV show.

I laugh how you’re so desperately trying to make this about me and no one is buying that either lol. STOP WHINING AND CALLING OUT OTHERS BECAUSE YOU DON’T LIKE THEIR OPINIONS!

And then you want to play the victim when you were the one who started this troll bait in the first place. 🙄

I think one was also mine too lol.

Maybe not, but everything in that post minus the Tilly one I probably said in one variation or another over the years lol.

I’m just going to leave it alone. Everyone has said it at this point.

Dude the first two quotes in that post are mine. 🙄.

Definitely the second one but the first one sounds like something I said lol.

This guy is such a piece of work. He threw up a post that was literally meant to get a rise out of people. He knows MANY of these people including you don’t like him and is he surprised why? And he obviously knows I don’t but YET took several quotes of mine and posted them anyway.

And now here he is once again playing the ‘ why you keep picking on me?’ act. Fool if you kept me out of it I wouldn’t be here. 🙄

And last thing I have him on IGNORE at Trkcore. I don’t know what he says there and haven’t bothered him for years because I don’t see any of his nonsense there. Unfortunately here all he does is troll baits everyone and people can’t help to respond. If I could block him here too I would’ve done it two seconds in.

And people think Discovery simply sucks. Get the hell over it already.

I’m going to say I wish the guy just acted more normal. I don’t understand how someone can be on the Internet this much but still very sensitive and argues over every little thing? These constant call out threads are made by the same person over and over again.

I’m sorry but Ian is right, he’s just too exhausting to deal with. Most of us just want to have normal but HONEST conversations about Star Trek. Not a bad guy, but this thread has made it clear. People are just tired of this. But there will be another one. There always is always another one. Okay I said way too much lol.

He always wants to play the victim. The ONLY reason me and others called him out because he made the damn thread. It boggles the mind. He pulls this silliness all the time.

Yes the day he just acts like a normal person who isn’t always trying to pick fights like a third grader and just have normal conversations without coming off triggered maybe just maybe he will get into less fights with everyone. Maybe even be friends with you again. Maybe even with me but I think I’m too far past that point.

But you don’t have to respond to this bro. I know you’re a good guy and you’re trying to stay out of the fray. I wish I had your will power. 😁🤬

OK, have your wrapped up the personal attacks now?

You had to know when you posted that post and literally included my quotes I would respond right?

Wasn’t that the point chief or why do it? Did you honestly scroll through countless posts, saw one of mine and say to yourself, ‘Oh there’s that annoying I hate Adolf guy and going off on Discovery again. I really want him to know how sick of his digs are even though we are ignoring each other. But if I post this then he might get on my case about it. But maybe he won’t remember these quotes from like five days ago so maybe I’ll be in the clear. Hmm, maybe I really shoul…nah let’s do it anyway!!!”

What exactly did you think would happen? Stop playing the victim. You knew EXACTLY what you were doing man. Everyone can clearly see through that.

OK, does that wrap things up for you on the topic of me?

So I’m right then? You did it because you knew it would get a rise out of me? How else could anyone interpret that? Put up or shut up time.

So you admit you dragged me into your trolling but now you want to move on. You got real issues. 🙄

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, so does that wrap up the insults now?


Answer the question! Why did you bring in my quotes knowing we were ignoring each other and that you knew I would respond???????

So what did you expect would happen?? They were the first two quotes. Did you literally just think I wouldn’t remember if I made them or not?

Sadly Star Trek fandom does have a lot of awkward and/or socially inept fans. You see it online all the time. It doesn’t come across here too much but yeah I do think in this case it’s one of those when you do the same things over again because you simply can’t help yourself.

This is why we need an ignore button. As said most of us here like to have normal conversations and certainly give our hot take on things (although I don’t think saying Discovery sucks is really a hot take anymore lol) but not be overly beligerant about it either. But then we have to deal with these types of personalities and it gets frustrating when they hijack the conversation.

And I fully agree with everything you been saying here The fact that it constantly needs to be said is sad.

Thanks bro! 😊

He comes off like an old awkward fanboy who has been watching this show far too long and don’t have a clue how to interact with real people. I’m not trying to insult the guy but when you keep pulling the same behavior for years you know is detrimental to the point MULTIPLE people are literally asking you to stop interacting with them on a message board no less, that really says it all.

OK does this wrap things up now with your comments on me?

It’s funny, because The New Kid was just calling me out for saying I’m dragging this discussion on — but you are the primary person here who is continuing to respond to everybody’s comments with your “piling on” attack dog stuff stuff.

So if you could please let us all know when you’re done with the piling on attacks on me by responding to everybody’s posts, then we can all move past this? Thanks for your understanding!

Then answer the question please and I’ll leave this alone! Why did you even bring in my quotes knowing we were ignoring each other and that you knew I would respond?????

You didn’t have to drag me in this (well you didn’t have to drag anyone in this lol) and yet you did.

So what did you expect would happen?? Did you really think I would ignore that? Or did you just think I wouldn’t notice it? If you can give me a REAL answer then I’ll back off.

But do you at least get what everyone is saying to you here?

Sadly agree.

I get that I need to tone things down and I am committing myself to doing that here. I’ll be ready to start doing that as soon as TG stops “piling on” to every single post of every person here who has ADDRESSED ME (not him) over the past 24 hours. And his claim to you that he has not insulted me in ludicrous, as you can see for yourself in those 27 posts he has talked about me on in the past 24 hours.

You don’t need to do any of that when you could just go away.

And you have ‘piled on’ many times over the years yourself here. You literally did that with me several times when Alpha Predator were on these boards and used him as an excuse to attack me and call me all kinds of things when I was ignoring you. So please stop playing the victim. You have done this yourself more times than I can count, including against me. But I understood you were just upset with me at the time. So no biggie, everyone has moved on.

But this goes to the same heart of the problem with you time and time again. Others have said this, you just can’t let things go and you always want to call out others when NO ONE is calling you out over anything and this thread is what happens.

Upper decks I’m going to be real with you for a moment since we have responded to each other here.

No one else here is the problem, you are. You seem to keep doing these things over and over again and no one seems to understand why? As for TG1701, he has asked you several times now if you didn’t want him to attack you then why include him in this conversation when you blatantly used his quotes?

It’s a legitimate question is it not? This is the entire problem. You want to play a victim to something you started. Everyone is on his side for a reason… he’s not the one who was looking for a fight, you were! And now that you got one you want to tap out. Again something on your own doing. Everyone here clearly sees that but you apparently.

Now I know you are sincere and believe you that you regret making this. I don’t doubt that at all. But everyone is on your case for a reason because you constantly seem to want to have tedious fights about everything and they are just sick of it man.

The New Kid is right, we just want to discuss Star Trek. That means have frank but civil conversations but when it’s all been said we just move on. All these call outs, one ups, “I WAS RIGHT’ proclamations you constantly do here is not needed or wanted. We just want to talk about Star Trek. That’s it.

But I completely accept your apology but it’s not needed. I was never offended over it lol. I don’t think anyone is looking for an apology, we simply hope you mean what you said here and just tone it down.

“And you have ‘piled on’ many times over the years yourself here. You literally did that with me several times when Alpha Predator were on these boards and used him as an excuse to attack me and call me all kinds of things when I was ignoring you. So please stop playing the victim. You have done this yourself more times than I can count, including against me.”

E-X-A-C-T-L-Y!! 👍

The nerve this guy has. He’s done it COUNTLESS times to others including you. I remember all of that like it was yesterday. Any time Alpha Predator said something about you the guy would jump in just to give you a dig. And then when you were arguing with AP he would jump in and call you names saying you were bullying him when it was clearly the other way around.

But I guess he has the memory of a goldfish.

And that’s the difference he was ‘piling on’ when it had nothing to do with him at all. He just wanted to be spiteful and mean because he was just lashing out. In this case it has EVERYTHING to do with us lol.

“As for TG1701, he has asked you several times now if you didn’t want him to attack you then why include him in this conversation when you blatantly used his quotes?”

Once again, yep! The fact he’s avoiding the question says it all. He knew what he was doing. He wanted to get a rise of me or why do it at all. You mean to tell me out of the thousand posts here of people slagging off Discovery for sic years now he couldn’t just avoided mine? And he used several of them at that. I haven’t even been here that long.

This guy knew exactly what he was doing. And then want to be a crybaby over it when I’m simply agreeing with others lol.

And it’s hilarious how he thinks I’m the first person on this board who has insulted him. The guy who goes around insulting people on a constant basis. You can’t make this up. And I’m clearly not the only one doing it here either. People are simply sick of his crap.

You said it, he’s ultimately the problem. If this was his first time no one would be on his case like this. It’s hysterical he now wants to change the conversation or try to make it about me now. It’s not working. He’s being called out by everyone because he simply deserves to be.

I’ll give the guy a small olive branch and says he’s sincere as well when he says he regrets posting this in the first place. Looking at all the comments I would too lol. Maybe this will be a learning experience for him and he will truly cut down on the vitriol and toxicity. I guess we’ll see. But the guy can’t seem to help himself no matter what. But I would happily love to be proven wrong.

No one cares about his apology lol. Just cut it out already. 🙄

I wasn’t trying to bring up the issues with AP to bring up old wounds or anything and I certainly didn’t hold back on Upper decks when he did jump in lol. I was lashing out too at the time. But that was then

And I’m not trying to use this as an excuse to ‘pike on’ upper decks either. He clearly knows that. But you can’t call out other people’s habits when you have done it yourself multiple times.

I’m not ignoring the guy because I think he’s a bad guy. I’m ignoring him because I am sick of having these very conversations like this again and again and again.

I come here to discuss Star Trek with other like minded people. I was really trying to bite my tongue here because I want to stay out of it and not go back on my word of ignoring each other. But what he said to Ian was so crazy to me when he’s clearly being the over sensitive one here. This thread only exists because of it lol.

And I have to be honest the past 8 months has been a joy here to write because for the first time in years I’m just having conversations about Star Trek again. I have my off days like everyone else but I’m not in any ridiculous feuds with anybody. I’m not defending myself that I’m somehow trying to make people’s life miserable here on these boards. All that drama has FINALLY gone away. Because either those people have been barred or they just left me alone altogether.

No one is perfect, certainly not me lol. I have certainly lashed out at times as well obviously. But most of us don’t come here for silly feuds or keeping score. We just want to talk about Star Trek, agree, disagree, debate, have a few laughs, respect we may see things differently, etc and then happily move on to the next topic.

I don’t know why it’s so hard for some people to do that here?

But he says he’s going to try harder and I will take him at his word. But he can’t be surprised over the responses either? This is how the Internet works. He knows this, he has deployed it himself many times.

All that said maybe things can simmer down now and hopefully everyone has said their peace over it including you . But yes he should still answer your question. I mean it is a very legitimate one and he knows it.

Lol that should’ve been pile on and not Pike on. 😂

Just a long line of examples of him being a hypocrite. I know he’s reading this somehow SHOCKED that no one has called me out on something he does multiple times himself. What’s wrong with people, am I right? 😂🙄

It literally goes to how unselfaware he is to his own behavior all the things he does here. It’s comical the kettle is calling the pot black when does it so much.

I’m not trying to make the guy feel bad. And I wanted to ignore him for the same reasons basically. It gets tiring having the same useless fights with one guy and life has been better on the other board at least.

And here is something else he should chew on but when I originally saw this post I didn’t attack him or responded to the topic at all. And I wasn’t planning on it because I didn’t want to get in this latest troll thread.

I originally only responded to you over something you said about Trump and that was all I was going to say because AT THE TIME I didn’t realize any of those were my quotes. I was more than happy to let others roast him but not get involved myself. Just grab popcorn and read the ensuring beating that was coming lol.

It wasn’t until I came back later and realized this guy did used them and that’s when I got involved. 🙄

Which is what he wanted anyway obviously. People like this are just exhausting to deal with. They start the fight but then want to act offended when you give them a piece of your mind over it.

But all that said if the guy keeps to his word and stopping acting like a child over everything then everybody will lighten up including me.

If he doesn’t understand how important it is to answer your question honestly and truthfully, then no he’s not sincere and his apologies don’t mean anything. I just don’t think he’s getting it. The fact that he thinks apologies are needed or even appropriate and that he’s still on your case is not an indication of someone who is aware of what the underlying issues are. I’ve read all your posts to him here and you’ve done nothing, as in 0%, of the things he whines about. He just takes everything as personal attacks. Like everybody says, that’s all him. We can’t keep having these interventions with him!

Thank you! I appreciate this so much Silvereyes.

And if he can just be honest and just answer why he included me then I will leave it alone after that. If it really was to get a rise out of me then I will respect that. It will at least show integrity and proof that he is willing to be better in the future as he keeps saying here.

If that’s not the answer, then explain why. Is that really asking for a lot?

If not then you’re probably right, he’s just never going to get it.

Tiger it takes a lot of maturity to write that, especially when you just want to avoid him. That’s Big Brother wisdom right there. UpperDecks, pay attention.

I remember that you’ve been warned about your behaviour before and it hasn’t changed. Have a month off.

The New Kid is right. Get help troll.

Oh yeah there it is. Troll.

Yeah she is always very diplomatic even with all the harsh criticisms against the show (and MANY I personally share). Donald Trump should take notes. 😉

Can you imagine if Trump was ever on Discovery? If people already hated that show now, they would be setting their Michael Burnham dolls on fire in protest. 😂

Unless he showed up as the new Emperor of the MU. That could work I guess.

Lol don’t give them any ideas.

But to keep it on topic it’s great to hear how Frakes gave them so much support at the beginning when criticism of the show started…and he was once in their shoes, so of he understood.

Frakes is truly a natural treasure for all things Star Trek! :⁠-⁠)

As Scotty would say, aye! 😊🖖

Frakes has always seemed to me one of the nicest Trek stars but the most genuine to boot.

I met him at the IMAX screening of the Picard finale and he’s just as cool and gracious as he is in interviews and conventions.

I can tell!!!

The difference between the “you’re usurping Kirk and Spock” criticism of TNG back in 1987 and today’s criticism of DISCO is this: TNG actually respected its predecessor. The writers learned from the mistakes of its first season, iterated, and produced much better work later on, work that surpassed the original.

Roddenberry, despite all the interference and drama with his lawyer, was still alive, and they also surely felt some informal pressure to observe the broad contours of the Star Trek universe, as opposed to meandering into gimmickry like sitcoms, pointless crossovers, musicals, and kiddie fare. His military experience also lent an air of realism to the bridge that NuTrek lacks.

So: while I’ve no doubt that Frakes is a bang-up, affable guy, his Pollyannaish “we’re all in this together, fellow Trill initiate!” rhetoric rings hollow. He’s latched his career to Star Trek and is not going to undermine the franchise with hard truths at this point.

That’s the way it turned out, sure. But that was not always the plan. Remember for example the episode with Admiral Mark Jameson who was guilty of providing armaments to a pre-warp civilization? That ep was written to be Kirk but Shatner didn’t want to do it IIRC. TNG would have smeared Kirk’s rep in its first few seasons.

Highly unlikely Jameson was Kirk in any draft. Would love evidence. TNG was trying to keep the TOS references to a minimum. Not that Kirk didn’t do a similar thing to supply weapons to a primitive people to balance the weapons Klingons were giving a different primitive people.

Yeah I never heard this either. And I don’t know why Roddenberry would want to turn his biggest iconic hero into a villain because that’s how Jameson came off in the end.

I tried to find evidence and I could not so with apologies I retract my statement.

Lol not a big deal my friend.There are crazy rumors and wrong information written about this show all over the Internet. It’s hard to know what information is truthful at times.

Agreed. I wrote about Zoe Saldana being in a Star Trek cruise to you guys because I thought I read it somewhere but now I can’t find that either lol.

We’re all human, people can either just misremember things or read it something off hand somewhere that was never true.

It happens.

I have to apologize. I swear I heard this somewhere but Memory Alpha has no record of this so I retract my statement.

I personally think Discovery is a really really bad show. Unlike TNG and others where there was a huge improvement in the writing and basic direction Discovery has only gotten worse IMO. A big part of that is having a show runner who one hand does try to follow Trek ideas and concepts but the other hand has turned the show into an overwrought, emotional and tedious bore with some awful plotting and plot twists. It’s just not a good show.

As for your basic complaints about the modern era of shows, I don’t disagree that much but Star Trek just exist in a different time today and yes run by different people obviously. I know you have not been a fan of a lot of it but most fans do seem to enjoy it than not. All you have to do is look at the early ratings of Discovery and Picard vs the ratings for all the shows today… except minus Discovery lol. But most of them rate close to closer to what the Roddenberry/Berman era rated, especially SNW.

So on hand yes there are things about them that goes off the beaten path for sure, but fans seem to accept them overall. But of course not everyone.

As for Frakes, obviously the guy is just partly being diplomatic because yeah he likes having a job lol. But I also think he’s open minded enough about Star Trek he really does want to see all these shows and movies thrive. I don’t think he expects these shows to be more TNG and just be their own thing (even if the shows feel more like TNG these days). Of course we will probably never know his personal opinion about any of these shows but we’ll probably never know that from anyone who works on these shows today until long after they are off the air.

But everyone just smiles and pretends they are just one big happy franchise and they all try to support one another which is how everything usually works in these huge franchises and IPs.

…they also surely felt some informal pressure to observe the broad contours of the Star Trek universe, as opposed to meandering into gimmickry like sitcoms, pointless crossovers, musicals, and kiddie fare.

Well said!

So: while I’ve no doubt that Frakes is a bang-up, affable guy, his Pollyannaish “we’re all in this together, fellow Trill initiate!” rhetoric rings hollow. He’s latched his career to Star Trek and is not going to undermine the franchise with hard truths at this point.

Yeah, I love the dude. But like most of us who have an income stream, we are not going to publicly say stuff against the hand that is feeding us. I totally get why he needs to say what he says, but we need to take it with a grain of salt, obviously.

Well it’s still NuTrek bro…you can’t ask for too much lol.

Do I think Frakes secretly thinks Discovery sucks? Probably. But I’m sure that could be the case for everyone working on it including SMG herself. But they are all getting paid so you just focus on what you were hired to do and let others worry about the rest.

Yeah, I ran to fix at a convention about a decade ago in the elevator lobby late night and he talked to me for like 10 minutes about all things Star Trek

Geat guy!

correction: “ran into Frakes”

That’s amazing! Jealous!

Don’t give him any ideas, he’s liable to act them out here!


Don’t worry about it. I don’t think he can read.

OMg there aren’t enough spoons in the world to gouge out my eyes if I ever saw Trump on Trek.

Try a dull knife.

Why dull lol

It’s a Harlan Ellison story title.

Oh… Oops.

I didn’t vote for Trump and don’t support him. But it’s worth remembering that he won (at least from an Electoral College standpoint) an election, and Stacy Abrams didn’t. There is much to like about Abrams, but I think that overt cameos by politicians on Star Trek are probably best avoided. They end up being polarizing.

There’s a reason why we never saw a Starfleet “USS Bill Clinton” back in spring 1992, except in fan fiction.

That brings up the bigger issue of the electoral college IMHO. It is outdated and pointless in this day in age. It was created to give citizens equal voting rights from a population perspective since there was such a huge disparity of population in the northern states vs the southern. Today that is not a problem. In fact, today the electoral college does nothing but to diminish the votes of citizens who have to live in populated states because their vote doesn’t mean as much as someone from, say, Iowa.

Republicans has only one popular vote for President since Clinton was elected back in 1992 and that was Bush in 2004.

The electoral college is the only way Republicans even have a chance these days but it proves, no matter how you want to spin it, the country overall does lean more liberal. And Trump wouldn’t be anywhere close to being President without it.

I agree but the country is the country no matter which way they lean. The fact that our votes’ matter only depending on where you live is just wrong IMHO. Take for example that I live in Silicon Valley CA. I pay an OUTRAGEOUS amount of CA taxes but because I am from a densely populated area my vote counts less than someone from Iowa who can pay 1/2 or even less of what I do and still live the same lifestyle.

100% It’s a joke.

I like how For All Mankind has handled political figures reasonably fairly on both sides, while still being a very progressive show.

But I agree with you on Star Trek — having real politicians on the show is not a great practice.

For All Mankind has an LGBTQ female President. DEF progressive!!!

Abrams was always a huge Trek fan and the producers probably got word of it and wanted to put her on it because of it. Of course anytime you put a politician in anything it’s divisive lol. And they obviously knew that.

But as much as conservatives want to say Star Trek somehow doesn’t lean left, the show where there is no money on Earth and lives in a globalist society it makes way more sense for Abrams to be on it than someone like Trump any day of the week.

IMHO if anything Star Trek leans more socialist than anything else. While the left is more socialist, neither side comes even close to what Trek portrays.


Trump plays a corrupt admiral in Conspiracy, and his last scene is the admiral’s head exploding


Of course that would never happen but the crazy thing is at one point it could have, back in the 90s. Once he got old and just came off like a radical right wing loon he just became too toxic. When even other Republicans are saying you are a disgrace to Democracy that would be the time to look in a mirror but Trump has zero self awareness or self reflection on anything and why someone like that should’ve never been President.

Exactly! Trump wasn’t always THIS bad. He’s always been an arrogant corrupt d-bag who lied and exaggerated his wealth (which finally came back to bite him in the ass) but his descent into right wing lunacy didn’t truly start until he thought about running for office.

And then once he became President it got even worse because then he carved the power on a level no other President ever has.

Trump is the first President that really does want to lock up his enemies and would stay in office forever if he could get away with it. He literally tried to stay in office. It boggles the mind how much damage this man has done to this country and would be twice as worse if he ever got in again

Agreed! Trump was always an a-hole but once he became adored by the MAGA people and loved all that attention and power he became obsessed with it I don’t even think Trump is even that conservative he just said what ever would get him elected and sadly it worked.


Well ha I suppose if he could have a cameo in Home Alone 2 then Trek could have happened too.

Unfortunately, he’s a MU character in real life.

Yeah, and he’s make’s Ego look like a benign nice guy. But Thanos is much smarter than Trump.

Yep! 👍

The Tilly comment is WAYYYY out of line!

Sadly when you’re anonymous people can just be awful. I don’t care what people say about a TV show, that’s how Trek fans roll; but attacking an actor over their appearance is crossing the line IMO.

Completely agree. That’s just hate for the sake of hate and cruelty.

Yeah those comments should always be censored but TM is the least moderated board I ever been on lol. I actually like Anthony has such a hands free approach and let people just say what they want. He does step in when things generally go off the rails but it shouldn’t have to get that far either.

But this is his site but I wish the more toxic stuff could get blocked.

It seems like he used to catch the folks who were just here to throw a rock and laugh at the chaos.

He’s probably just busy.

Please see my other post. My apologies for the Wil Wheaton thing — I was out of line.

Yeah you’re right.

And with this board it’s always been enter at your risk type of thing lol.

Yep agreed.

It’s pathetic and sad.

It SOOOO is!

Maybe. But, thats why SMG is one of my favorite Trek Ambassadors. She knows when not to go for the jugular.

To be honest most actors try to be diplomatic and knows going after their audience, even the more toxic ones rarely works out. You just end up getting flanked more if you ever try to argue against these people.

Now some certainly do it and fight back online but it rarely puts them in a good light when they try to defend their show or movie against the bigger haters. A great example of that is happening right now with the latest True Detective season, Night Country. Like Discovery, the show seems to have more naysayers these days than true believers and both the show runner and one of the main actors (not Jodie Foster) have been online both defending the show and calling out the fans who hated it. It’s so bad even legitimate entertainment sites have picked it up.

They have every right to defend their show of course but the discourse over it hasn’t improved in the slightest. All it’s done is fortify the people who hated the season and just become more vocal about it making endless YouTube videos and blogs over how bad they think it was.

The social media age is just brutal. It makes things easier to promote and become closer to your fans but once the Internet decides something sucks it’s just harder to get out of that hole now. So the majority of creatives and actors out there probably just takes a hands off approach, just smile and nod, say they heard the complaints and just happy to be working at all.

I just finished the latest season of True Detective last week, and enjoyed it quite a bit. The reviews and comments online have been pretty scathing about it, indeed. Social media is a disease, imo, which I utilize sparingly, and only for positive and/or humorous things.

As to this thread, WOW 😄 – did this devolve into quite the mess today. It made for some ‘fun’ reading! Cheers!

Yeah I didn’t think it was that bad. It definitely had a A LOT of problems for me but overall I thought it was a good season. I probably will agree with some the characters were pretty unlikable but that seems to be a common thread in these types of shows. They usually deal with a lot of flawed and bitter people who has been through a tragedy. Not everyone is going to be Captain Pike lol. And I don’t blame that on the actors, they all did a good job IMO.

As for this thread, yeah lol. I did try to keep it a little positive but I knew that wasn’t going to last.

Okay I did start the whole Trump thing but I was just making an offhand joke. Fortunately everyone hates him here, so we all agree on that lol.

I haven’t seen it yet. I don’t know if I will hearing all the complaints. But the fact you guys like it make me want to give it a chance at least.

I think the original creator of True Blood, Nic Pizzolato kind of paved way for some of those criticisms by harshly criticizing the season that he wasn’t involved with in any capacity. His behavior came out a bit like his ego couldn’t handle it.

Thanks for including me in your obsessive little quest. You could dredge up your comment about Bryan Fuller being a moron for good measure! And while I stand by my comment as I don’t think Discovery does enough work to give depth to its characters and service diversity properly, some of these comments aren’t even borderline trolling and unconstructive, they are just plain awful. SMG has a lot of grace.

Some are, most are just being truthful about what they think is a really bad show. There isn’t a single remark I have ever said about it that I regret. One because I’m just discussing a TV show lol and two I have said way worse things about other shows, Star Trek or not.

And it’s a message board people will just be honest on how they feel. That’s just how it is. And these boards are pretty tame compared to a lot other places that talks about Discovery, especially YouTube. Even I gave up trying to just have a rational conversation there lol.

I know people don’t want to hear mean things said about their favorite shows or characters they like, but my response to that is too bad. No one is being forced to type on a message board that frankly only has a few dozen regulars anyway. And there are plenty of Tek shows, both old and new I love but I understand others see them in a different light. I like hearing those veiws and I don’t care if their rhetoric is harsh as long as they are not attacking the people who like them (which btw I don’t see a single comment of that happening). That’s all you can ask for frankly.

Got Hypersensitivity?

Dude this is why people like me are ignoring you. You put up a post trying to shane people about having an opinion about what they think is a bad TV show and now want to have a silly fight about it.

Ian isn’t being sensitive, but you clearly are. Stop making everything so personal. People think the show is bad. That’s life. It’s not the first Trek show people think sucks and it won’t be the last.

Oops that should be shame.

You make some good points here that I certainly need to consider, but Ian has been “on me” nearly every time I’ve said anything provocative here recently. You can go back and check this if you don’t believe me.

And I would argue that this thread that I started has been one of the best and most interesting fan discussions we’ve all had in weeks here.

I will try to lighten up though — I appreciate your constructive criticism.

All I will say is I get along with Ian 100% of the time even when we disagree. Most people do..There is so much I want to say but I will just leave it there. But at some point you have to tell yourself maybe it’s not them, maybe it’s just you? This thread being the perfect example

But OK I said my peace.

Fair enough — I can certainly accept my part of the responsibility in Ian’s and my recent interactions — I realize the Bryan Fuller comment was too harsh — OK, I apologize for that remark!

But he is hypersensitive to my comments and seems to feel to need to constantly respond in a negative way — that’s his issue for him to consider.

PS: And in the meantime that other dude makes trolling cracks about the group hug with his little emoticons, but no one seems to care. Maybe that’s it — I need to stop coming across so serious and move to the class clown schtick? ;-)

No one cares because I’m just stating my own opinions. Everyone understands that If they disagree then we have a conversation about it and everyone moves on. Can you tell me one person I’m in a ‘feud’ with?

You on the other hand is just a toxic a-hole half this board probably hates putting up with. 🙄

It’s so funny how much you hate Trump but deploy the same tactics and clearly not self aware of the same toxic behavior people constantly call you out on.

Or maybe you are but like Trump just doesn’t care?

You on the other hand is just a toxic a-hole half this board probably hates putting up with. 

The personal attack — right on schedule!

That’s how you roll. That’s who you are here.

No it pisses YOU off. That’s your problem. You can’t tolerate other opinions when you disagree with it. But then you keep saying ‘we’ as if it’s some big consensus lol. No bro it isn’t. No one is telling me I’m toxic. Not a single moderator has ever told me to cool it. How many times can you say that bro? 🙄😉

Dude I don’t have a problem with a single person here. If someone had a problem with me then I would talk to them as I do all the time.

But you CAN’T do that lol. That’s your problem. You try to act like we’re the same. Tell me ONE person I have got on someone’s case about for hating Lower Decks? Just one.

Am I wrong?

Dude you HARASS people all the time. You are obsessed with being right! Am I wrong or not? You can’t handle other people’s opinions and you low key insult people ALL THE TIME!

Bro this ENTIRE thread makes that clear lol.

It’s true though. That’s you.

You on the other hand is just a toxic a-hole half this board probably hates putting up with.”

This is a wild underestimation.

Lol tell me about it. I was just trying to be kind. 😉

And it’s hysterical how you’re trying to be so nice to Tiger2 again, the same guy you harassed for MONTHS after he once again decided to ignore you and then you accused him of being a bully to others and insulted the guy every chance you can get because he decided to ignore you. Gee, I wonder why?

This is the toxic behavior I’m talking about. Get help already.

Now you take three posts to respond to me because I called you out on the personal attack BS once again. Have I ever used a swear word to personally attack ANYONE here like you just did to me today?

Dude I have never resorted to a swearing personal attack at a single person here. If someone had a disagreement me, I keep the discussion above board, even if my Star Trek comments irritate them. But you CAN’T do that lol. That’s your problem. You are right — we are not the same.

Tell me ONE person I have personally attacked and cussed at for hating Discovery? Just one.

You can’t control your emotions regarding me — I mean, did you really need three posts to respond to me? That’s obsessive behavior, and it’s kind of uncomfortably awkward and embarrassing for both of us.

What’s next — you going to steal my pudding at lunch? Lol, you have more growing up to do that I do.

You attacked me first when you included one of my quotes moron. You wanted a rise out of people and now you’re upset that you got it? 🙄

But keep playing the victim.


Tell me ONE person I have personally attacked and cussed at for hating Discovery? Just one?

Not counting you genius. You know that lol.

Bro you obviously know why I have my issues with you. I’m not trying to relive the past but you know it didn’t start with me either. And if I knew you were on this board I would’ve never joined it. You’re just too toxic.

Bro you have used swear words all the time lol. What are you talking about???

And it’s usually when people say mean things about Discovery lol.

So I have attacked no one here, just you? The same fool who used several of my posts in your silly troll thread? Were any of those aimed at you or a TV show?

Gee I wonder why I think you’re a toxic a-hole?

OK, is that the last personal attack? Can you wrap this up soon please?

My friendly advice, and I’ve said this to you before, is you have to stop whining.

Yeah, I realize that.

Just from me to you and Tiger2 (not the personal attack dog — I don’t owe him any explanation):

I appreciate the feedback today, and I am going to try to tone it down a bit here.


Then stop whining. Actually do it.

Right? People just want to talk Star Trek, not get into silly feuds. Folks can like or dislike any show they like. I push back on some of the low key bigotry and subtle double standards Disco gets, but aside from that, the end of the day, it makes no difference to me whether people like or dislike the shows I like.

Ian isn’t the problem lol. It’s the resident lunatic who can’t stand that people hate Discovery. So much whining over it. I would feel more bad for him if he wasn’t such a hypocrite and goes out of his ways to hate on shows he doesn’t like as he did with Enterprise recently but then gets triggered because people are just being honest about Discovery.

I have never seen such odd behavior from someone until this guy. Tiger2 is right, everyone here gets along with Ian just fine. Everyone gets along with you just fine.Everyone gets along with me just fine. We don’t always disagree but we act like adults and move on.

This guy is the only one who gets into silly feuds with everyone but wants to pretend everyone else has the problem. Why is he the only one her MULTIPLE people have said to him they don’t even want to have anymore conversations with him?

Look in a mirror already and seek some help. This thread says it all lol. It’s sad.

You were on quite a roll there until you said:

TG1701: “We don’t always disagree but WE ACT LIKE ADULTS and move on.”

Seriously, bro? WTF, you sure about that? Well, certainly other’s do, but you acting like an adult? Really? LMFAO You mean like all this which you’ve said just in the last couple days:

The Discovery cast doing a group hug? Yeah that sounds about right lol.

…they would be setting their Michael Burnham dolls on fire in protest

Meanwhile back in delusional land, Discovery is the most beloved show since TNG!

 The socalled ‘science fiction ‘ writers….This is what happens when you replace real writers with amateurs.

They should’ve put it to pasture much sooner than this. 

I’m guessing another awful season of bad acting and writing, with probably lots of hugging and crying in between to make it more cringe worthy.. This show can’t end fast enough.

If I was an AI, I could easily scrub everything you have posted on this site and publish in 15 min a novel-length of all your childish BS here over the years, much of directed at DSC — which would illustrate how you have been hell bent on childishly trolling DSC rans with these types of middle school-class clown types of comments.

Lol, you claiming you are the adult in the room — now there is hypocrisy at its best! :-))

Again other than YOU tell me who else have I offended lol.

Oh wow you found posts of me calling a crappy TV show crap. Looks like I’m busted boys lol.

You do understand that what we do on message boards? The fact you found that as some kind of PROOF just shows how triggered you are lol.

I also say a lot of bad things about Nemesis. How come you never use those comments against me. Because you hate the movie too hypocrite and so you ignore those. 🙄

And bro you have crossed so many people here you literally change your handles so you can start over lol. And then fall into the same toxic behavior time and time again.

What’s hilarious is you were so desperate to shut me up for stating my opinion tell me one person I have ever done that to?

People used to hassle me all the time here just for being opinated over Discovery.

Thankfully all those people are gone, well most.

Look if people are upset others are giving their brute honesty on a STAR TREK board then they are in the WRONG place.

And your point is the correct one. It’s fine to give it to the things you hate just as long as that applies to things you like as well. That’s how message boards functions.

I think Discovery is an awful show and say so. I been hearing people say that about Voyager for nearly 30 years now lol. I don’t get upset about it, it’s their opinion and therefore valid criticism and I respect their issues with the show. I have never insulted or attacked anyone for not liking it. Some of my favorite posters right here like Michael Hall and Amirami hates it and I respect them completely because I respect people can just have different opinions.

Some people simply can’t do that. Not everyone has thick skin. I get it but again it’s THEIR problem, not ours.

And I been here longer than I like to admit but Anthony has never once told anyone they are being too negative about anything and he’s the biggest Star Trek gusher around. Even he likes Discovery lol. But he doesn’t act like a child over it because so many others don’t. He defends the show at times but has never told anyone else to stop complaining or go somewhere else.

I wish people just lived by his example instead of trying to shame others fo having negative opinions. And it’s HIS board. If he doesn’t have an issue with it then nothing you can do about it. It’s his freaking website.

Not only that he has relations with both the makers and actors on these show, including Discovery obviously. He knows they all read these boards and sees what people are saying. But he never tries to censor anyone to make the CBS overlords happy. He understands fans come here to be critical and that has even led to changes because they can honestly see how people feel. That’s all positive IMO. And BTW those criticisms not only got us SNW but how it was made as well.

So Anthony gets it. He could shut off the boards tomorrow and just post news articles and get the same tiny revenue he makes off of it. He doesn’t do that because he believes in a free exchange of ideas and criticism.

Again follow by example people.

Well stated as usual

It would be different if people who are mouthing off about Discovery were also whining anytime people said mean things about SNW, LDS, VOY or DS9, easily some of my favorite shows. I don’t do that. I always give the story the guy who got me into Star Trek loathe Voyager lol. But A. I don’t care enough either way and B. I respect him for his difference of opinion.

That’s how ADULTS act. Which is funny because the upper decks per usual missed my point completely.

B. Wow you’re completely right about the owner of this site. He has relationships with these people and he has no problem with people like me calling Discovery the worst show to hit the airwaves since Baywatch Nights.

And it’s nice no one is writing me and telling me to cool it even though as you said he knows people from the show reads these boards. And I’ll go one farther and say even though they probably hate us slagging off the show for being terrible no one seems to be threatening him less access to the actors or producers over it. So they get it too. This is how it works, ESPECIALLY when we are PAYING FOR IT!

Ironically it’s the whiners here who doesn’t get it. They are trying to censor others because they don’t like the message. Yeah too bad..

The only way you can put that genie back in the bottle is by shutting off the Internet lol.

I wish people like this upper decks guy would follow by example as well and stop all the whining over it

Good luck. 🙄

A HUGE reason I love these boards so much is because Anthony has such a hands off approach. He let’s the conversation flows in every direction. He only steps in when the personal attacks start or people are spamming the boards. Now the boards can be a little more moderated but it’s a tiny site and they probably don’t pay much attention to it in general due to it.

But I understand some people are bothered by the negativity. In fact I remember having this very argument with TG47 and he was going on about how much negativity people were having about SNW and how it might be pushing away newbies who discovered the show.

And that was my response, if the owner of the site is clearly not losing any sleep over it why should we? There are more places to count if you want to discuss Star Trek these days. Unfortunately there aren’t as many dedicated sites like this as it used to be but that’s probably due to social media taking hold and not as many younger fans being into the franchise like during the 90s.

But speaking of TG47, I think sadly the negativity over SNW bothered him because I think he stopped posting here at the beginning of season 2 and just disappeared altogether. I have not seen a post of his for months now. Now maybe life just happened and he just moved on to other things. I just bring him up because he was a very active (and well respected) poster for years and didn’t seemed bothered by any of the criticisms of any of the new stuff.

But I think he truly loved SNW and it seem to really bother him how critical people were. But IF he left because of that I feel a little bad but that’s also what you do, just move on to somewhere new if you don’t enjoy where the conversation is going. Message boards are transitory. We’re all anonymous and you can literally post thousands of posts for 10 years. The second you leave that’s it and the conversation simply keeps going.

But yes maybe this site has had many casualties over the years. I have been blamed personally for people leaving lol. I have no idea how I do that since I just state my own opinions. But as shown too much negativity can drive others away. It’s happened to me but for things that matter not TV shows.

And as I said I obviously love other shows people are critical of. SNW is a perfect example, I think overall it’s a great show. But I don’t think it’s perfect either and say so. I don’t have a single issue with anyone who criticizes it. Same with Lower Decks. Same with Picard season 3.

I love all three but I get the issues others have with them too. Again not everything is binary either/or. I can love a show and admit it’s flawed and happily TALK about those flaws without feeling I’m being personally attacked over it or think that people are just looking to hate it.

Others simply have a harder time with this concept.

Wow I completely forgot about TG47!

Yeah whatever happened to that guy? I think you’re right he did seem pretty bothered by how critical people were being about SNW which was weird because most people here still liked it. With Discovery most people do seem to hate it or at least not love it. That’s not the case with SNW, people mostly do love it. But even then people still whined about people being negative over it. 😂

I love the show too but it’s OK if others hate it. Are people even that critical about it?

I just don’t understand it? There is one side who hates everything and then there is the other side who wants to pretend like everything is perfect or don’t want to talk about the problems.

If you like something I get it. Defend it. Don’t be like the resident lunatic and thinks everyone is secretly attacking him over it though. That’s someone with bigger issues as everyone here has been pointing out. People like this needs to get off the Internet and go outside sometimes.

That’s the thing, it isn’t. SNW overall is beloved here. I would say for any given reviews for it it’s generally 70% love it and 30% are critical.

Now I don’t want to keep bringing up TG47 because he’s not here anymore sadly to give his side and I could be over thinking it. I don’t think he hated criticism so much as he thought people were being harder on that show than others.

But others actually attacked me for having ANY criticism against the show lol. It’s so odd. A former posted, currently banned one and I think you know who I’m talking about lol got on my case over an episode and saying I was being too negative even though I had to remind this guy I gave the episode a 9/10. This is the problem when you have certain personalities here. You just want to have a well rounded discussion with others and some people will just find a way to be offended if they really really like something. It’s frustrating and annoying.

But SNW is a very popular show with a split of 70-30 IMO. Discovery would LOVE to have that kind of split lol. And I don’t think Discovery is that hated. It’s probably closer to 60-40 where 60% are least critical of it (NOT HATE IT JUST MORE CRITICAL) and 40% consider themselves big fans. That’s really no different than how people looked at Voyager and Enterprise back in the day as well. Well the first two seasons Enterprise was probably 70-30 (people really hated that show lol) but the last two seasons that tide started to change. Now it appears that split has flipped for both shows but it didn’t happen overnight either.

And I’ll be more fair and maybe I don’t have a problem that people don’t love SNW, LDS or PIC season 3 because the majority of fans DO seem to at least like them. If they were piling on their hate on those shows as they do Discovery maybe it would different for me.

But even Picard season 3 is not as loved here like so many other places. Some it’s higher than SNW easily. But here the split really does feel closer to 60-40 with 60% really liking it. I think at the beginning of the season it was high like 80-20 but it fell as it kept going which happens with a lot of shows obviously.

But that’s still way higher than Picard season 2 which I feel is at an 80-20 split. And I don’t have to tell you which side is which lol.

And this is just assessment only. Others could have a wildly different view.

It is amazing how different people see things. And you’re probably right, it easier not to be so upset about a show you like but others hate when the people who hate it are in the minority like LDS and SNW.

But there are plenty of shows and movies I like that I’m in the far minority and I still don’t care. They just don’t happen to be Star Trek shows or movies. Actually I think TFF is more fun than I think people give it credit for. But I think saying I like it is also a stretch. 😂

Oh yeah me too lol. And I definitely felt I was in the minority with Voyager back in the day. As I said I don’t think that many people really hated it but it was nowhere near the love of TOS and TNG either. But it was certainly more a divisive show back then.

But there are plenty of things I love that people think is downright awful. I loved La Brea but people loathe that show lol. It was cheesy in parts, plot holes big enough for a Mammoth to walk through but it was very creative and fun. And I’m a sucker for all time travel stories.

I would agree with all those. I don’t think everyone hates Discovery or anything. It has it’s fans (certainly one lol). It’s rated decently on IMDB. I think around 7.0 last time I checked. That’s not bad at all but it is still the lowest rated show. I’m shocked it’s that high. 😂

But Discovery is just bad to a lot of people. What can be said at this point? It’s been on four seasons and it’s one of the few shows thinks got worse over time.

I’m not very positive about its last season but I’m staying open minded. I’ve stayed open minded for every season so far. And it keeps letting me down after every season.

No one should be attacking you for legit criticism. Like if you dont like aspect of the show, so be it. If you have an issue with LGBTQ in Trek, that’s totally NOT. (I’m not saying that is you BTW)

Exactly. Discovery has a lot of criticism for a reason. It doesn’t mean everyone has to agree but the show just did a lot of stumbling out the gate for a large segment of the fan base and they been trying to correct it ever since to mixed results.

As for your point about no one from Paramount calling him to tell him to control the message boards or else, that’s another good point. But I don’t think a few dozen people on one site that gets probably a thousand clicks a month at best when a show is running is really worth their time to be upset about. Especially when it’s still nothing to the THOUSANDS of posts that happens on YouTube, Reddit, Twitter etc gets and hundreds of thousands of views a month. That’s where all the real Discovery hate lives lol.

This is a really tiny board. I’m guessing AT MOST there are between 30-40 active posters who post here at least once or twice a month not counting the dozens of newbies who shows up when a new show premieres but disappear just as quickly.

Back in the day there were hundreds of active posters when the first two Kelvin movies came out. By the time Beyond had arrived it shrunk a lot which kind of parallels where the popularity of Trek is at the moment.

In other words this site isn’t going to make or break a show lol. They know that of course. And they know even if people who post here are divisive on things, Trek movie itself is the biggest supporter to everything NuTrek. It’s NOT a shill for it, but it’s always been more on the positive/neutral side and the studio see it’s trying to be fair so they seem happy with anyone who comes on to promote their projects.

Every bit helps I guess. It was another reason why Bob Orci was always here because many posters at the time loved him… until they didn’t. Now you want to see someone who got flamed, there’s your guy lol. And he got it in real time by dozens of people here, some still around today and this was ten years ago already.

So yeah pretending this is some new thing of fans slinging off shows or movies is nonsense. It’s always been here and more tense and bitter at that.

You had one of the writers and producers getting pot shots taken at him and movies daily for years .

BTW did Anthony ever tell those people to cool it with Orci? Nope! 😂

I know people hate when I bring up basic facts or history but there it is.

Just from me to you and Silvereyes (not the personal attack dog — I don’t owe him any explanation):

I appreciate the feedback today, and I am going to try to tone it down a bit here.


You do understand that what we do on message boards?

Dude, that’s what I do here too. My point is that you have no problem using your sarcasm and negativity to take potshots at shows you don’t like, but when I do it, it’s all of a sudden a freaking federal case, and you start personally attacking me — usually through others, but today you directly personally attacked me — FACT.

No you don’t understand. I’m only expressing my opinion. Yeah I’m very direct but it’s MY OPINION ONLY. Everyone gets this lol. You’re constantly trying to refute other opinions all the time. You spam the boards everywhere. No one there does it BUT you.

This is why it’s useless to have a conversation with you. You don’t seem to get it even when people tell you over and over again.

Bro this entire thread has called you out. GET.A.CLUE.

I commend your for not even trying to argue my criticism of you not exhibiting adult behavior here.

At least we agree on that — you do not act like an adult at all here.


Bro I have always said I just like to mess around lol. I told you this on the other site years ago. I don’t take TV shows and message boards that seriously. It’s supposed to be F.U.N. But I’m not here to make people sad. Everyone seems to get this BUT you.

I have literally said here if someone is taking me too seriously then I’m doing something wrong. Go find it, you’re obviously pretty good at that. 🙄

This is why you need help. You seem to think fans trash talking shows and movies are only regulated to the boards you post on. I hate to tell you this people trash talk stuff they hate all over the Internet. It’s true. Others can back me up on that. So what is what is your point exactly? Am I wrong?

It’s so weird.

Please stop the obsession with me and the personal attacks. It’s getting uncomfortably awkward and it’s embarrassing for both of us.

Did someone who just posted multiple quotes from people, several that were mine, and had NOTHING to do with you, just tell someone else to stop obsessing?!!😂🙄



Do you not have any self awareness at all?

You should’ve been embarrassed long ago.

No one else here has spend the entire day using other peoples messages to me to score grudge points against me.

Look at the board today — at every single instance today of Ian, Silvereyes, Tiger2 and The New Kid ADDRESSING ME — you show up to “pile on” with your personal attacks on me through their comments which are directed at me, not you.

Don’t kid yourself — everyone here can see you are obsessed with me.

I called you out to your face bro. I was just agreeing with them that you’re a troll with issues. But I also said the same directly to you.

So you’re upset because I agreed with them? Boo hoo no one cares.

This is your tactic. Everyone has only pointed out your bizarre behavior but you seem to think I was the one who wrote the silly bait thread. 🙄

No it was you bro. And let this sink in, if I didn’t respond to this thread at all people still called you out. You can make ‘apologies’ until you’re blue in the face but everyone knows you will be doing this again in no time at all.

Time to wrap this up. Is that the last personal attack now?

And as awful Discovery is I too push back on the bigots too, in fact someone on another board a day ago because they have issues with the gay characters.

I don’t understand why people like this even watch Star Trek? But that still doesn’t excuse the real problems of the show and there plenty.

I’ve said this more times I count, this board needs an ignore button. And I mean that for everyone. So if people don’t want to hear others say negative things about movies and shows people don’t like they can just ignore them and just talk to like minded people.

But I honestly think the majority of us just want to be civil and talk about all things Trek for both better or for worse.

I think most of us understands a lot of these shows and movies are divisive but still want to discuss them regardless what side of the line we are on.

And people are just going to hate stuff. There used to be a contingent of people here who loathed TNG and Berman era Trek in general. They were VERY outspoken about it here when the first movie was in production. And these are shows that were literally 10-20 years old at the time. Discovery is just four seasons old.

So I don’t really understand it? This has always been the case since day one and people have been very vocal to their dislikes. Not a new thing kids and nothing ever gets erased here. You can read all the sheer hate and vitriol. There are literally thousands of these pots here on any given show or film that you can read for hours on end. People were just as brutally honest about what they thought of TNG, DS9, ENT etc just like people are honest about Discovery, Lower Decks, Picard etc today.

The difference is the tide has somewhat turned because nostalgia has set in for the older shows and the newer stuff still has to prove itself for some. But that will eventually change as well.

But if you don’t want to engage well OK you don’t have to engage. But this is how it’s always been. Nothing that has been said about Discovery hasn’t been said a hundred times over about the other shows here.

I will say that my Bryan Fuller comment was too strong — what I should have said was that his actions on DSC and since strike me as moronic.

But you’ve never said anything disparaging about LDS. Do you think before you write your posts?

And this the difference between us and him. NO ONE has ever got in his case for not liking it. He spams his hate for that show everywhere. He tries to make a dig about it everywhere he can. He’s obviously just lashing out due to how much he hates it but no one seems to be losing sleep over it.

He wants to pretend he isn’t doing anything differently than other people and yet the owner of this site has called him out for spamming his hatred of LDS. He literally told him he was getting closed to being banned over it.

Me and you have been critical over Discovery but not a single time we been warned for trolling over it either.

This guy will NEVER get it. He wants to criticize everyone’s behavior but his own which is ironic because he’s the only one going around trying to criticize everyone else. You can’t make this up.

Yes so true. He seems to be obsessed about LDS and bashes it at every opportunity even when the article has nothing to do with it. Again in this thread he has to mention about the show not winning any award. Does he think he’s making a point? So what about awards? Award shows are dumb anyway. It’s who you know BS. His post about SMG being graceful about criticisms (she always is) was just an excuse to bring up dirt on LDS. He gets people irritated because he keeps calling people out on things he himself does all the time, then whines when people call him out…

That’s why he’s such a hypocrite. I can not BEGIN to tell you how many times this guy would harass me on another site anytime I said anything negative about Discovery?

And it was when I would compare it to other shows. No one did this BUT him. 🙄

Then LDS shows up and this guy spams his hatred everywhere. He would find any excuse in a thread just to trash it. I thought at some point once the show starts he’ll either like the show and calm down or he’ll just move on if it doesn’t interest him.

Four years on this crazy person is still going on about it as if McMahan shows up to his house every week and forces him to watch it at gun point. BTW this is the same hypocrite who also said he would never watch the show once it aired. He’ll deny it but he said it over and over for months.

I think what grinds his gears the most is that not only do people like it but they also like it more than Discovery and he can’t live with that lol. That’s why he brings up the awards because the man child needs something to wail on.

This is a guy who has been watching this show waaay too long to be so bothered by any of it.

It’s a legitimate point to bring up as to why this is the single Trek show ever with more than one season that can’t win one single award. Why is that my fault? Lol

It’s your fault because YOU always bring it up, even when it’s not relevant.
its your fault because awards are irrelevant, meaningless, given by industry insiders for ulterior motives, to pat people on the back for future favours. No one cares what Hollywood narcissists think about shows. They don’t get to decide if a show is good or bad. Only the gullible weak mind use awards as proof that a show is good or bad. It’s your fault because you keep using this awards thing, thinking you’re making a point when you’re not, and a lot of people keep reminding you of it, and it’s your fault because you can’t accept that you’re misguided, and it’s your fault because you’re constantly trying to justify your mistake by repeating it.

I think you’re hitting on something. No one likes a broken record. How many times do we need to be told about Lower Decks’s lack of awards. It doesn’t affect my enjoyment of the show and no one thinks its that interesting.

Yeah, but zero awards, including even the secondary awards, year after year after year? Zilch?

I hear you and The New Kid though — yes I bring this up too often and I’m going to take a break from it at least until the awards season next year.

Who gives a fuck? Is that all you’ve got?

When did I ever make that claim? Your comment is out of context — I was contrasting SMG’s comment about how they realized fans were critical and graciously tried to change the show, but showed that some fans today are still as negative as ever.

If Mike M had said/done that with LDS, then by all means, you’d be correct to list some of my LDS criticisms here, and yeah, I would feel a bit bad about those comments given Mike M would have tried his best to modify the show a bit…but he never did that.

The Discovery cast doing a group hug? Yeah that sounds about right lol.

Overall though the cruise sounded like it was a great time and pretty cool basically all the casts were represented except JJ verse I guess.

Maybe one day I’ll be able to go in 20 years or so. 😂😥

I could be wrong but I think a few of the Kelvin actors did a cruise in the past. Don’t quote me on this but I think I remembered hearing Zachary Quinto, Karl Urban and Zoe Saldana all doing one at different times but I could be confusing that with regular convention appearances.

Nice to know if true. As you know not big on JJ verse but really do like most of the actors. Especially love Urban and he comes off like true Trekkie when he speaks at conventions.

Wow, Zoe Saldana? I’m surprised her schedule would even allow for that.

Now I could be wrong lol, but I do remember hearing it.

Well if true thats just awesome. Regardless, I totally plan on going on that cruise next year!

The cast did a group hug.

Of course they did.

Whats wrong with the cast doing a group hug?

Miserable people resent seeing others experience joy.

If you look at my quotes that started this thread (and some of those cats are posting here), many of the detractors of the show think the emotion is all fake. Heck, Emily even suggested that the cast is faking it and they won’t get along years down the road.

The cast is very close, and I think that’s wonderful. Very TNG.

I think the writing of Disco has struggled to dramatize some of that closeness onscreen – they take some shortcuts to portray it that don’t always feel earned or natural IMO. But criticizing their offscreen relationships is pointless and even unkind.

Saying that the onscreen shortcuts the producers take to show the crew being close is “unearned” is the understatement of the century.

My comment was more poking fun at the on-screen crew rather than the offscreen relationships anyway. But I’d be surprised if in 30 years any of those people are still speaking to each other like the TNG cast do. It all seems a little forced, much like Discovery itself.

Who talks like this?

You answered your own question in your post above, in response to Gary 8.5

Thanks. That dude would not even accept my apology.

Why are you thanking me? My post had nothing to do with you. And instead of apologizing to people (you’ve done it at least 3 times in this thread), just think about your own behaviour before you post. If you need to apologize then it’s because you shouldn’t have posted in the first place. And if you do post, then stand by your words.

It seems his apologies got lost in all his insults. I can see how they can be overlooked.

Wow, I never would’ve thought that apologizing to people meant that I realized I was behaving bad?

Who knew? (-;

Yes, I’m going to try to make a real effort. In fact in the next article I’m going to change my name to one that is not obviously critical of LDS — It will be a name that looks forward to Treks near future.

I would do this right now, but I don’t want to see TG-AttackDog run his little victory lap over it— because he has nothing to do with it. This will be in response to the valid criticisms of you, Ian and Tiger2.

Yah, great. Change your name for, what is it, the third time now? But we’ll still recognize you. You have a signature way of expressing yourself. And why would you do that anyway? You have a right to think what you want about LDS. It’s how and the multitudes of times you express it that are the issue. Besides, A rose by any other name… get it?

A couple other folks have brought up that my name is asinine so that’s why I’m going to change it. It just is one way I can show that I’m going to try to tone things down

Apologising and then continuing to troll makes the apology worthless.

That is a lie. “That dude” neither accepted nor rejected it. I didn’t notice it and went to bed and then work, thinking this was all over with. Apparently I’m not allowed to do that.

Nope, you’ve apparently missed me and decided to write me back into your mythology. You lie about us because you feel you need to draw us back in.

Look, there’s no point in me accepting the apology if you’re just going to keep obsessing and harassing me and other people anyway. You’ve made the entire comment section about you. Read the room. People just want to talk Trek. You’ve pushed it passed trolling to terrorism at this point.

Let me make this perfectly clear — I owe you an apology and I’m offering it, and I’m going to be much more positive and nice going forward,

If your response though is to compare me with terrorists, we’ll that’s your own cross to bear in terms of how do you personally decide to respond to people who are trying to provide you some contrition and an apology.

Yes, I suppose I did.

This isn’t just somebody who doesn’t like Disco because they didn’t like the way the Burn arc ended or some other thing that can just be brushed off. That would be fine. No…. This is a person who seems to have an issue with this cast’s very identity and how they express themselves. A person who needs to police other people’s joy. It’s rather dark and unhealthy.

But I’d be surprised if in 30 years any of those people are still speaking to each other like the TNG cast do. 

LOL, that seems really out there.

Well the TNG cast is so close because they did work together on screen for 15 years when you count the show and movies. And obviously all came back together again recently for Picard. That’s a very rare thing, especially in television when majority of shows don’t make it 5 seasons.

With Discovery, AFAIK the cast seems to all like and care about each other. Sure maybe they will go their separate ways as they find other jobs and directions, but that’s life.

It doesn’t mean they won’t care about each other later or that they are very close today. And their show is now cancelled so there is just a sense of loss they are all going through like most casts.

The Gorn Gong Show had to be hilarious! I enjoyed watching the Gong Show when it was on TV.