Five (Unscheduled) Star Trek: The Cruise Activities You Might Miss

The daily ritual of Star Trek: The Cruise includes returning to your cabin each evening to find the next day’s schedule waiting for you, telling you what day it is (it’s easy to lose track so far away from spacedock), where the ship will be, the dress theme, and the full day’s itinerary, including any last-minute additions. If you plan to join the next cruise it will be tempting to grab a pen and start circling all the events you don’t want to miss, but consider making time for some of the fun activities that don’t show up on the schedule.

Board games

If you love playing Star Trek board games but have trouble getting a game together on land, this may be your golden opportunity. Not only are you spending a week on a ship with 2,800 people who love Trek as much as you do, but way up on Deck 12 is a wide range of games sitting in the box, ready to play. All styles of tabletop games have been provided: card-based trivia games, collectible card games, tabletop strategy games, and even lighthearted flicking games and jigsaw puzzles. Of course, no Star Trek board game room is complete without a 3D chess set. Checking out a game is as simple as picking up a box and heading to a nearby table.

STTC7 Board Games

Allamaraine, count to four, Allamaraine, then three more…


While making new friends across the ship, you’re likely to get some solid recommendations for what Star Trek books you should be reading. After all, everyone has their favorites out of the thousands of Trek novels published over the decades. If you’d like to sit back and read a good book (hey, it was good enough for Picard on Risa!) head up to the library area and find dozens of Star Trek novels waiting to take you on a non-canon adventure. You’re only a three-minute walk away from a deck chair to curl up on, and a server will be by any minute to offer you a cocktail to go with that book.

STTC7 Library

Mr. Atoz just asks that you bring it back when you’re done.

Door decor

Decorating cabin doors is one of the most fun traditions aboard Star Trek: The Cruise. Passengers plan their door décor for months prior to departure. These bits of Star Trek door flair are constructed from anything from magnets to fabric to 3D-printed Horga’hns. At the end of the cruise, a prize is awarded to the best cabin decoration. Don’t deprive yourself of the simple fun of wandering the hallways, admiring everyone’s handiwork. Enjoy every door on every deck. Some people will even ask you to leave a note in a mailbox or on a markerboard. On a previous cruise, I decorated my door to look like a Cetacean Ops lab, only to later find some kind person left a plush dolphin on my door handle. Gift swaps are very popular.

horga'hn magnets on door

You never know what you’ll be offered while wandering the corridors


Each evening brings a new cosplay theme, and after going to such pains to make your costume the best it can be, consider taking advantage of one of the many ship photographers eager to help you capture your best Trek look. Royal Caribbean photographers tend to wait patiently on the Promenade, outside the main dining hall, and by the elevators and are happy to help you pose in order to snap an epic photo. You’re under no obligation to pay for the photos taken, but if you do like one enough to purchase it, you’ll have the choice of a print copy, digital, or both. The fee can simply be added to your shipboard account.

STTC7 Photographer

Never underestimate the value of a good cosplay photo


Above all, don’t forget you’re still on a giant luxury ship in the middle of the ocean, and this is the best time and place to just relax. If dancing and partying on the pool deck isn’t your idea of chill, a short walk away you can find the solarium, which is a quiet pool area with large padded beds to lie on. A three-minute walk up the stairs will take you to the spa area, where you can schedule a massage, manicure, or hair styling. Don’t be surprised if your nail tech offers you a Klingon decal to match your newly-painted nails.

deck chairs

A warm chair under the tropical sun is just the beginning

No matter what your idea of “fun” is, you’ll have more than enough to do on Star Trek: The Cruise. You might find that the best times you had happened because of the great people you met on board, some of whom might have been on the show and some were fans like yourself. Take those memories home for the other 51 weeks of the year, when STTC isn’t happening.

In the last week of February 2025, Star Trek: The Cruise VIII heads to new locations: Costa Maya, Belize City, and Cozumel. Cabins went on sale and many have already sold out but there are still some available at

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I’d love to see pictures of all the door decorations. Do you know of a good source, say on Instagram or something?

Try #startrekthecruise

You forgot stuffing your face constantly and gaining 10 lbs, lol. That would be me — eating, drinking and sitting non-stop for a week. Notice the photos – a lot of weight challenged people. That’s why I won’t go on a cruise…and yes I know they have a gym, but yeah, like I’m going to go to the gym everyday in that sort of environment? Lol

I’ll stick to conventions where I can get a ton of walking in every everyday at least

Worth it! Lol. See ya at Quarks!

Are you going to do the next one?

I’m gonna try. It is far enough away that I can save up. Unless I have to buy the tickets now or something.

I go to Japan every year in late Fall for 10 days — maybe one of these years I will do the cruise instead.

I’m particularly fond of cruises in general and this just seems like a win/win to me. The only problem is they most likely won’t be leaving from the port I am at so I’ll have to fly there to hop on board.

When is the deadline to buy 2025 tickets?