Watch: Full ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 5 SXSW Panel Video

Last week the cast and showrunners for Star Trek: Discovery journeyed to Austin, TX for the world premiere of the fifth and final season. They also held a panel discussion which is available now as well as a bonus discussion from SXSW.

SXSW Panel

First up is the full video from the panel titled “Star Trek Discovery: The Trailblazing Journey to the Fifth and Final Season” held on Monday, March 12. On hand were series co-showrunners/EPs Alex Kurtzman and Michelle Paradise along with cast members Sonequa Martin-Green (Micahel Burnham), Doug Jones (Saru), Wilson Cruz (Dr. Hugh Culber), David Ajala (Cleveland “Book” Booker), Mary Wiseman (Sylvia Tilly), and Blu del Barrio (Adira). The panel moderated by Scott Mantz discusses the journey to the final season, behind-the-scenes moments, and some of the highlights from season 5 (without spoilers).

Bonus video

SXSW also had the same group in for a discussion with host Juju Green inside the SXSW Studio, and that full video is also available now.

More from SXSW

Check out TrekMovie’s SXSW red carpet interviews (with more to come):

The fifth and final season of Discovery debuts with two episodes on Thursday, April 4 exclusively on Paramount+ in the U.S., the UK, Switzerland, South Korea, Latin America, Germany, France, Italy, Australia, and Austria. Discovery will also premiere on April 4 on Paramount+ in Canada and is also expected to be broadcast on Bell Media’s CTV Sci-Fi Channel in Canada. The rest of the 10-episode final season will be available to stream weekly on Thursdays. Season 5 debuts on SkyShowtime in select European countries on April 5.

Keep up with news about the Star Trek Universe at

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Queue up that five dude cabal to cut and paste their negative comments on the last five DSC articles on Trekmovie into this article. Lol

I’m especially looking forward to another one of Legacy’s intellectually disposable two sentence comments that say it sucks and nobody watches it. ;-)

You change your handle every six months but the same childish behavior never changes.

Instead of constantly attacking and calling out others for their opinions about a TV show why don’t you just focus on your own?

Bro nobody cares about your opinion on anything here, so stop being so triggered over what other people think. You come off like an offended teenager. And then you wonder why you have reputation you do here?

You just can’t help yourself wanting to have silly arguments with people. Get help already, my God.🙄

Nah, I just think it’s funny. BTW, I changed my handle because someone told me that they were offended that my handle was ridiculing LDS — because I do care what most people think, just not you so much. ;-)

PS: And of course after whining about my post, there you go in your response to amirami below with your first two negative comments on DSC — exactly as I suggested here would happen — and less than 1 hour after you complained about me predicting you/others would do exactly this. Whoops! LOL :-))

Yeah people giving their thoughts on a TV show, that’s why we are here genius.

You’re the only one who constantly attacks others over it because you don’t like their opinions. You literally started another call out thread instead of just giving your thoughts on the topic. Didn’t you say you were going to stop this childish nonsense? 🙄

I’m just having a little fun. Now go do your thing and make some more negative comments on DSC in the other threads here…move along now.

No you’re trolling per usual. 🙄

You called someone out directly who doesn’t even know who you are lol. And she doesn’t even care. Maybe try to follow her lead and just act like an adult for a change?

Stop trying to get into silly fights with people because they think Discovery sucks. Is anyone calling you out because you like it??This is why you were called out MULTIPLE times in that other thread. Grow up.

Oh, poor baby, my preemptive comment exposed your DSC belittling fun. :-))

No you’re a stalker and a creep. I ASKED YOU TO LEAVE ME ALONE!

You’ called me out because I don’t like a TV show? Have you never said anything negative about a show before??? WTF is wrong with you?

Do you own this site? Are there rules stating we can’t give negative thoughts about this show?

Why do you care so much?? No one else seems to. We’re stating our opinion just like you do.

Bring up my name again and I’m going to report it for harassment.

Sorry I ruined your fun.

BTW, I never addressed you here initially and have only been responding to you and addressing you AFTER you responded to me. So that’s BS as well, and you know it. If you had never responded to me then none of all this back and forth, and none of my other responses would be here for anyone to read — so that’s all on you, and you are the one who simply can’t help but respond to me.

I mean, look at all your unhinged, freakout responses from you here — just because I am premptively making light of the expected onslaught of DSC negativity, which we all know is coming from you and others (which we can all see you’ve done elsewhere here — exactly as I predicted).

Lol, get a grip, man — I am have just having some fun and it’s all really going to be OK if you just control your urge where you have to respond to my comedic observations.

“I’m especially looking forward to another one of Legacy’s intellectually disposable two sentence comments that say it sucks and nobody watches it. ;-)”

How could I respond to you ‘first’ when this was made before I even clicked on this thread?

This is literally the first post

I respectfully asked you to ignore me several times in the past. I have never wanted to have a single conversation with you because you are creepy and obsessive. This proves it.

And now I feel like you’re harassing me. So I going to report you to the mods. I want you to LEAVE ME ALONE!!

You’re a serious disgusting creep.

This guy can’t even keep his own lies straight lol. He accused you of responding to him first when he was the one who started this damn thread and included your name in it.

And I love how he does the same thing and keep saying ‘we can all see you giving your opinions about Discovery and being mean about it’s as if ANYONE ELSE CARES! 😂

Oh you mean giving your opinion about a TV show on a message board?? I hope people see it, that’s why we write it lol.

I don’t understand what is wrong with this guy??? There is something beyond being some awkward antisocial Star Trek nerd who never kissed a girl. They are just the most bizarre rants I have ever read.

He clearly has some kind of personality or behavior compulsion. If he can just do it and not include me in his silliness we’ll get along just fine.

And I don’t have an issue with his opinions and if he likes Discovery good for him. I hope he loves this season.

Ok it’s time to move on now.

And last time I’m a woman not a man. 🙄

He’s a 60 year old man child who has serious impulse controls and deep personality issues. He was literally warned about this a week ago by multiple people after he posted multiple quotes from people, attacked them and then said people were being unfair to him for calling him out on it.

You can’t make this up.

He said he would stop being this childish and learned his lesson.

A week later he’s back at it. Toddlers have better impulse controls.

If he’s anything over 25 this is just sad. I AM in my sixties as well but I don’t act out like a feeble child because some loser can’t be mature enough to handle opinions about a TV show.

And what is really scary is he seems to be completely unaware that his ‘joke’ comes off like harassment. This should be against the rules and it probably is.

I’m not upset that he called me out, I’m upset that this person thinks about me this much for someone whose made a few dozen posts and been here a short time like maybe a month and a half. I was so creeped out by him I asked after just a few days to leave me alone.

Because he’s obviously one of these obsessed controlling type creeps. I feel sorry for his family. I can’t imagine living with someone like this.

It’s so creepy to me he thinks about me this much. Keep me out of his thoughts and leave me alone.

Trust me sadly many of us have been in your place. You’re not the first, nor will be the last.

You been banned here before according to others…this is probably why.

And nice job now someone is threatening to go to the mods because you can’t just leave her alone when she asked you several times already. But once again let’s blame everyone else for not being in on the ‘joke’

Grow the hell up already.

Why is it every time you say something really dumb you justify it by saying it’s a joke or you’re just having fun, like a 12 year old does?

Because apparently he IS a 12 year old. 🙄


So are you not entertained?

I mean, seriously, how boring is it just reading the same negative comments on DSC from the same group of people on every article — and we both know that TG and company are going to repeat themselves over and over and over with the same BS, am I wrong?

So I am providing a comedic public service — kind of like LDS if you think about it…lol What’s crazy is how one dude here goes on and on about it and just can’t let it go when I try to have a little fun and interrupt his planned, repetitive negativity on DSC — he flips out when he’s called on it.

Again you will NEVER get it.

Legacy asked you to ignore her. You could’ve posted that without calling out anyone but you SPECIFICALLY called her out when she asked you weeks ago to just be adults and ignore each other. Question, has she once responded to you over anything? According to her she hasn’t so why are you so obsessed with her?

Bro who else does this here??? Will you EVER learn your lesson?

Why are you still responding and dragging it on and on and on? When will you get it?

And here we are yet again. You made the very first post here. Instead of just being an adult and responding to the topic at hand, instead you called people out including someone who asked you to ignore them who has kept her distance from you.

Instead of taking responsibility for your actions yet again you’re back to the ‘hey, what did I do wrong’ routine.

You’re never going to get it. And you wonder why so many people hate you here?

At this point, knowing that it’s going to be like a 12-week gauntlet of DSC belittling from you two and a couple others here, I’d rather make a stand and get kicked off the site versus having to read 12 weeks of your negative, repetitive crap with no one including the mods having the balls to police that nonsense — during what should be the triumphant, final run of DSC.

No apologies. Let the chips fall where they may.

It’s a M-E-S-S-A-G-E board. Does this have to be explained to you over and over and over again??

You’ are the one disrupting it. It’s a TV show. Calm down. Seriously man, if you are this worked up for SEVEN YEARS NOW at some point maybe just find a more suitable place to post where people like this show man?

TM is not the only place you can talk about Star Trek. Seriously.

Go outside or something.Tell yourself it’s just a TV show and move on with your life. Jesus.

I think he’s been kicked off of boards everywhere else and this one is his last refuge. 😉

It’s would be hilarious if it wasn’t so sad.

And I find it once again hypothetical. The same guy who can’t go one post reminding everyone he thinks the Picard finale relied too much on ROTJ or he thinks LDS sucks is getting on other people’s case about Discovery.

As Riker would say does he even hear himself????

And how many times have I gotten on his case about it? Zero times. Because unlike him I believe everyone should be allowed to say what they want. He wants to be the censor police here. He tried that A LOT on TrekCre and he failed badly. Now he’s trying it here…and still failing. 😂

This guy needs to get a dog or something. He is way too obsessed over a tiny message board that not even the owner cares much about lol.

“At this point, knowing that it’s going to be like a 12-week gauntlet of DSC belittling from you two and a couple others here, I’d rather make a stand and get kicked off the site versus having to read 12 weeks of your negative, repetitive crap with no one including the mods having the balls to police that nonsense — during what should be the triumphant, final run of DSC.

No apologies. Let the chips fall where they may.”

Wow. Someone seriously needs to get a girlfriend or a cat. Maybe several cats.. This is pretty sad.

He can simply make an adult decision and not READ the boards if he is so bothered. I don’t think it’s a law stating anyone has to check in here every week.

But good luck going somewhere else not expecting people to give their honest opinions about this show.

Because if there are only 5 people here who really hates Discovery and being HONEST about it why is he whining about it here then? Go somewhere else to the hundreds of other places where apparently Discovery is truly loved and no one is criticizing it…ever?

Apparently it must only exists in the Nexus since I never heard of this place.

The rest of us will be here actually discussing the show and not each other.

So I am providing a comedic public service”

That’s not what’s happening if no one thinks it’s funny.

I have never seen anyone this delusional. He can’t stand to hear people say bad things about Discovery and expects the moderators to censor people because he doesn’t like it lol

He’s nothing but a loser who is way too obsessed with a small message board a few dozen people post on

And people have been saying negative things about the show because it sucks. That’s usually how it works lol.

Exactly. My God I clicked on this thread thinking ‘wow this must be a great discussion to see so many posts so quickly’ only to realize it’s this nonsense YET AGAIN!!

 because I do care what most people think”

I mean, wanting people to think you’re a clown is certainly a choice.

Actually I don’t even know who this person is or that we ever had a conversation here so I don’t know why I would be called out in a thread I haven’t even posted in by someone I never even talked to here? It’s very bizarre behavior.

But I’m assuming they are talking about another poster with that handle they interact here frequently? Are there other people with this name here? I’m not trying to be insulting I really don’t know who this person is?

I can’t recall a single conversation with them anywhere and why it’s probably someone else they are referring to. And I only started posting here recently and everyone here has been very kind to me. 🙂

Maybe I should change my handle if someone else already has it here to avoid any confusion? I actually had that problem before when I used my real name on another site once but two other people had the same name as well lol.

He could be calling out someone else out but he’s a weirdo so trust me it’s probably you. But if he is or isn’t don’t worry about it. He’s just a man child because people don’t like the same show he does.

And you would recognize him by his other handle but I won’t repeat it because he’s not worth your time.

Thank you dear.

And no I don’t care to know it then. And if they constantly change handles then that tells me all I need to know. And I avoid getting into silly arguments with people online. I haven’t been 14 years old in a very long time. And I don’t know really anyone here since I barely post here. That’s why I question if it was even me lol.

But I do like talking to you. You’re very funny and fun to talk to. I haven’t had a bad conversation with anyone here other than that Emily girl. She’s not bad or anything but she keeps responding to me over the same topic over something I explained to her several times already. It gets annoying to keep repeating yourself.

Yeah Emily is a pain. 😂🙄

She just says the exact same thing to everybody. But we actually agree more than we disagree, especially over Discovery lol.

And I find this exchange hilarious. He is so triggered over your opinions over Discovery he called you out on it and you don’t even know who he is or care to know lol.

This is exactly the point, this weirdo thinks about everyone else’s and their opinions to a very unhealthy way and far more than anyone thinks about him. This is exactly why so many people don’t like him or choose to ignore him.

But he’ll never get it. He just can’t help himself.

As I said I didn’t know if he was referring to me or someone else and it’s strange anyone here even remembers me lol. This must be a very small board I guess. But that’s why I think it’s someone else he’s referring to here. It’s a very common handle and I seen it in other places too.

But of course if I ever attacked someone directly or they feel like I attacked them then I would apologize. But I never do that. I just give my own opinions on things. And I don’t remember any exchanges with this person before so it is strange if he’s referring to me.

I been here like a month and I can only recall 2 or 3 names so I’m not even sure I would recognize his other handle. But let’s not test that theory lol. I’m very happy to just move on now.

As for Emily I shouldn’t have used her name here because I’m basically doing what this person did. I actually respect her and her opinions even when we disagree. Her points about legacy characters isn’t wrong and NuTrek does over use them, especially on SNW. There is no reason for Kirk to even be in that show yet but they throw in unnecessary fan service to please old TOS fans like me.

And it’s not remotely needed. 🙄

I understand the frustration, but probably a good idea not to resort to talking about posters behind their back like this. If they come here to comment that’s different.

Maybe it’s just because I saw Mean Girls the other day.

I love the fact that I am just having a little fun at the expense of several of you go negative all the time on this show and that you are both freaking out like it’s some federal case. LOL Lighten up.

And sorry dude, but your typical post on DSC is in fact two sentences that basically says DSC sucks and no one watches it, and that’s about all you say typically. Come on now, OWN IT! :-)

Are you the owner of this site?

If not I don’t have to answer to you. 🙄

Thank you. Take care.


Ok now I’m getting the picture of what you mean.. This is just creepy and obnoxious. As if I have to answer to some random stranger on a message board. Like WTF?

For him to even care is someone who spends too much time on message boards and not enough time in the real world.

I’m not worrying about what other people say here so I would like the same courtesy please.

This is just strange behavior from some nobody I don’t even know. We never had a conversation before. Who does this??!

And since my posts are apparently that short it should be easy for him to simply keep scrolling then.

Actually now I think I know who he is. If it’s the same person I have asked numerous times to just ignore me. I have never responded to this person before.but he has become obsessed with me for some reason. I don’t even remember his other handle but he’s very creepy and fights with everyone here

I’m thinking to get the mods involved now. He has been very obsessed with me from the start and I don’t know why? I have kindly asked him to leave me alone and I have never attacked him over anything he says. I have never tried to have a conversation with him and now he’s bringing up my name on other threads????

I’m feeling very uncomfortable with this person as if I have to explain my opinions to him.

This is NOT healthy behavior on a message board.

I don’t know if it’s the same person I’m thinking about but if so how do I contact a moderator over someone who keeps hounding me?

I just want him to leave me alone.. He is very weird and obsessive.

If you bring my name up again I’m going to get the mods involved. I asked you to leave me alone in the past. This isn’t ‘having a little fun’ it’s creepy and stalkish behavior and you know I have asked you in the past to ignore me and I know you remember that.

Why don’t you at least wait for people to post something negative on the current article before you whine about them posting something negative? And then instead of posting get a clue and let people be negative if they don’t like something you like. Are you actually an adult?

This person should be banned. I’m sorry but I’m a little upset now.

Because he knows I have ASKED him to ignore me and up until now he respected that. But judging by the way others are responding to him he has pulled these stunts many times.

I have asked him to LEAVE ME ALONE! But he’s such an obsessed creeper obviously he’s losing sleep over my thoughts on a silly TV show.

And then he told me to ‘own it’ as if I just committed a crime. I don’t owe this person anything.

I have seen weird people like this at conventions. But I can just ignore them. I’m seriously thinking of contacting the mods now. I have never interacted with this person but he is very obsessed with me since I got here.

It’s just creepy and unhealthy.

Ok maybe I’m overreacting and confusing him with someone else?

If so I apologize. The person I’m thinking of is called upper decks or upper necks? I don’t remember exactly but I asked this individual to ignore me because he was overly defensive and tried to argue with me over tedious things I said. He came off bilgerent and I don’t respond well to people like this.

If that’s not him then OK I overreacted and apologize for saying he should be banned. But I still don’t even know who this person is?? I don’t remember a single post he’s made and I certainly never attacked him over anything. So why am I being called out?

Same poster. Mistook me for another poster a few articles ago when he congratulated himself for calling out what he thought was inappropriate behavior, so I sympathize with what it’s like to be on someone’s brain. I think you had the right idea to just ignore it unless it escalates, because it’s not a you problem.

I thought so. 🙄

I have never said anything to this person before. Why doesn’t he just leave me alone????

What I have done to him?

Quick question:

So you haven’t rather frequently posted two-sentence comments on DSC where you basically say the show sucks and hardly anyone is watching it?

You haven’t done this several times?

PS: And I love how you both whine about me to stop talking about either of you, but out of nowhere you both spend multiple posts tearing down Emily, who hasn’t even commented yet on this article?

Who the hell do you think you are???

Are you my mother you obsessed creep. I don’t owe you any explanations about what I say here and my posts have nothing to do with YOU!!!

I’ve asked you several times to leave me alone did I not??? But you keep harassing me.


No you DON’T owe him any explanations. And once again since he’s the only guy obsessed with something so lame should really tell him something about himself and not you.

I don’t understand what is wrong with him. Obviously no one does.

I have him on ignore for this kind of nonsense. Everyone and I mean EVERYONE is sick of it

No one is forcing him to be on a message board that is saying bad things about a TV show he likes. He’s been here 7 years now and he’s heard every negative thing about this show but still acts like a toddler over it.

He can’t seem to understand that people can say what they want here and HOW the want without him trying to challenge everyone on it.

I’m getting really really sick of these tedious arguments that HE starts and then wants to tell everyone else they have the problem and he doesn’t.

Stop fighting with people who has the gall to give their opinion on what they consider a BAD show.

Someone else said it, grow up already. Once again the fact NO ONE is on your side should give this guy a clue..

“So you haven’t rather frequently posted two-sentence comments on DSC where you basically say the show sucks and hardly anyone is watching it?

You haven’t done this several times?”

Do you seriously not get everyone else reading this quote make you sound like a crazy psychopath and control freak?

Is this for real?

This is what you’re getting on her case about? This is probably what is keeping you up at night or why you’re constantly late for work?

Bro, step back, take a breath and just for a moment realize this is the time to reevaluate your priorities in life.

This is just bizarre.

I am 100% fine. The total freakout from these two dudes says it all. I poke a little fun at what we all know is coming and they each write an effing novel about it. That’s unhinged.

I’m not a ‘dide’. 🙄

Oops… I’m not a dude.

And I have asked you to LEAVE ME ALONE! You are creepy. Stop harassing me.

At this point, knowing that it’s going to be like a 12-week gauntlet of DSC belittling from those two and a couple others here, I’d rather make a stand and get kicked off the site versus having to read 12 weeks of that negative, repetitive crap with no one including the mods having the balls to police that nonsense — during what should be the triumphant, final run of DSC.

No apologies. Let the chips fall where they may.

The only policing that needs to be done is on your posts. There’s no need to censor people expressing negative views on a show they happen not to like. If you don’t like it get off the board.

You keep doing the same things. Now you blame people here for reacting in a very logical and emotionally mature way to your puerile posts. You’re trying to justify yourself saying you’re joking and putting the blame on them overreacting. That’s just one of your many tactics. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but people are smart here and see through all your BS.

And the irony of it all, you’re whining (again) at people being negative and starting a row, when you’re the one who started it all with the first post of the comments, before anyone posted anything.

For God’s sake get a dog!

Thanks for the response.


You’re the one whining. You’re the one attacking people. Stop acting like you’re doing some noble deed. This board is meant for people to say what they want. If you don’t like it GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!

You’re being a dick and to someone who has done NOTHING to you. She has only expressed her opinion. Has she attacked you for anything you ever said here? No? So stop harassing her over it.

Thank you for your response.

Thank you dear

I didn’t realize giving two sentence posts on a message board went against the Geneva Conventions.

But I’m ready to move on.

I have typed more in this bizarre thread than I think my entire time here so far haha.

Calling out posters on this board because you can’t handle people not liking your precious Discovery is a major loser move.

Nobody has posted yet, you’re the first one here because you obviously have no life, yet you even call out a poster by name for something they posted days ago in another article.

This is your second post where you preemptively call out people before they even post anything. Good for you if you like DSC but a lot of people don’t and they have a right to so go back to your sandbox and pacifier.

I don’t even understand why was I called out??? I have never attacked this person or have said anything about his opinions about anything. He told me he thinks Enterprise sucks and I respect that. I understand on message boards people may not like something you do. I guess this is a new concept for some people here. And I’m not following him around giving him a hard time about it so why does he keep doing it to me???

Because I don’t like Discovery? Are we not allowed to express that here? Am I the first person here with that opinion? I find that very hard to believe.

And he is the ONLY one that keeps doing this odd behavior. Everyone else here has been lovely even when we disagree.

But he seems to think I’m attacking him personally when I don’t even know who he is. It’s so strange. I have never elicted a single conversation with him but he’s very obsessed with me.

It’s very creepy behavior and I’m thinking of getting the mods involved.

I asked him weeks ago to just leave me alone and now he’s making calls out threads about me on a board I didn’t even post on yet.


I don’t know who he is and yet he seems to think we are in some type of debate. It’s bizarre and very creepy.

Everyone else here has been lovely even when we disagree.

I haven’t had a bad conversation with anyone here other than that Emily girl. She’s not bad or anything but she keeps responding to me over the same topic over something I explained to her several times already. It gets annoying to keep repeating yourself.

Riiiiiight! Whoops! ;-)

There is a reason why I asked you to leave me alone and not her l don’t have a problem with her opinion, but she’s told me the same thing three times already. But I actually like talking to her.

But you are a bully, a harasser and a creep. And the fact that so many others have made this clear is exactly why I wanted to ignore you.

I asked you to leave me alone. You won’t. So I’m going to report you to the mods. I found their email address.

TO THE MODS: While you are reviewing my posts related to this person’s complaint, please also review this person’s incessant and consistent, two sentence, trolling posts where he basically says DSC sucks and no one is watching it — please review his posts like this from the past month, because there have been many instances of this trolling.

And I get it if you decide to kick me off the site. But please note the cancerous, incessant, belittling of DSC by this person and TG1701. If my removal from this site at least helps for you to notice more of that behavior, then that’s a win for many, many people on this board who are so fatigued with all that — please help the majority of fans to enjoy DSC’s final season without all that belittlement!

Thank You!

Making two line posts doesn’t go against the rules.

They didn’t attack anyone. THEY EXPRESSED THEIR OPINION.. It’s not your job do dictate how they express it. 🙄

Dude get some help seriously.

And you never learn..All it will do is to motivate them to do it more. You haven’t stopped ANYONE from saying what they want.

Seriously get over yourself.

TO THE MODS” I figured would be self-explanatory to anyone else here???

Don’t worry, it’s nothing you did. He’s been banned at least two times before, so don’t expect rational behaviour from him. I try to talk some sense into him but he doesn’t seem to understand that what he’s doing is not normal. He always tries to justify with more BS.

Just saying you don’t like Discovery will get him started. And it’s pointless to respond to him he’ll never stop… Always trying to show how right he is and everyone else is wrong. He goes bonkers when people don’t like Discovery or when people like Lower Decks. In other words when we disagree with him.

I’m fine with people not liking discovery. But I’ve had enough of the incessant belittling of DSC though . If you can’t tell the difference, that’s your fault, not mine.

And I’d frankly rather be kicked off the site than have to read more of the same negative, belittling and repetitive BS from those two over the next 12 weeks.

Let the chips fall where they may. I’m fine with what I’ve said, And if the mods want me gone, I’ll be gone.

Your skin is as thick as gold leaf.

Thank you for your response.

No it’s YOUR fault, not anyone elses. You don’t get to decide what people can and can not say here just because YOU deem it so. You are a participant ONLY like the rest of us.That’s it. You don’t get to police the boards because you don’t like the conversation.

And plenty of people talk negatively about Discovery here lol. Me and Silvereyes included because we think the show sucks. Get over it. Why you picked two people out for your diatribe is just bizarre.

Thank you for your response.

I gotta be honest.. We’ve never had an issue here that I can recall.. but I don’t understand what you mean by ‘belittling’ DSC. I am not kind to it at all.. but I don’t aim that at anyone who does like it. I don’t see a lot of that going on here. I’m probably guilty of putting the show down, but it’s honestly because I believe it is not well written. Is that belittling?

Which is why I asked him to ignore me and to be fair he was doing fine until today.

I can spot his issues a mile away from the few times he responded to me. I don’t know or care about his opinions. All he has shown me is he is nothing but a bilgerent control freak with a severe personality disorder who is too thin skinned to discuss a TV show with with civil minded people.

And if he’s been banned twice now why do they keep letting him back?

I agree with Silvereyes, you did NOTHING wrong. Hell you didn’t even make any posts here until he went after you.

Look a lot of us has been dealing with this guy for a long time now. He’s been here easily over a decade now. He has been warned many times by the mods against his actions and constantly getting into fights with people.

I don’t hate the guy but this is why we need an ignore button. He’s overbearing. He’s been told to calm down by more people I can count at this point.

So don’t take it personally, sadly he does with other people all the time.

And yes it needs to be called out. As for why he was allowed to return you see how well this board is moderated which means not very much lol.

Just my advice just chalk this up to a bizarre tangent and just move on.

I’m sure after this he will ignore you for sure again. But it’s up to you.

I see. Both of you have given me some good insight. I don’t have the time to deal with a toddler but I won’t report him either. He seems way to obsessed with a message board and a TV show but I have seen worse.

I simply don’t want to be harassed by this person anymore. As long as he leaves me alone after this then I don’t care. Just stop harassing me.

Good to hear. Then maybe he will show you the same courtesy by IGNORING YOU and everyone can just move on. No harm no foul.

That’s very noble of you. I give it about four days before he finds a way to harass you again unfortunately.

Yes. He doesn’t own TM. If he wants to tell other people what theu can or cannot write on a public message board then he should make his own already.

The rest of us just want to talk about Star Trek and just be honest about our opinions as long as everyone is civil about it.

I don’t understand why it’s so hard for this guy to get? And the same guy who has no problems stating what he hates day in and day out.

If no one is getting on his case for HIS opinions then he has to do the same for others. How many times does this have to be said already???

Dude just fcking stop already. This is the exact same crap from two weeks ago.

Why do you constantly do this? If you can’t handle people having a difference of opinion then just go somewhere else man.

These boards keep getting detailed by these silly calls out threads YOU keep making.

People just want to talk about Star Trek, good and bad. You keep wanting to talk about THEM.

When are you going to get it???

I’ve said all of what I have to say with my last few posts, including one directed at the mods. If the mods want me gone, then I’ll be gone.

But I’d rather be gone than to have to read another 12 weeks of those two’s trolling posts on DSC during what should be it’s triumphant final season. And if nothing else, having the mods review this and boot me will also highlight to them the constant belittling posts of DSC from those two — so they can then be aware of that.

Let the chips fall where they may. No apologies this time. Thank you though for your advice.

Live long and prosper.

Get some help already. Stop making this about you. Nobody cares.This post is embarrassing.

Thank you for your response.

It is embarrassing but it’s just another Wednesday for the resident lunatic and his weird diatribes lol.

Triumphant final season? You gotta be effing kidding me. And this is the fourth time you say this about 12 weeks of trolling posts… get over it! And no one ever asked you for an apology. That’s not what this is about. You did apologize anyway but you continue doing the exact same thing. That’s what a hypocrite is!

Thanks for your response.

Wait 12 weeks??? I thought Discovery is only 10 weeks this season??? YOU MEAN WE HAVE TWO MORE EXCRUCIATING WEEKS OF THIS SHOW???



It’s just too easy man. But I know he’s going into cardiac arrest reading this and I don’t need another lawsuit on my hands so I’ll stop now.

Now you’re just being cruel. And you know it’s going to be a triumphant 12 weeks, or 10 whatever, with lots of hugs, teary eyes, whispers, togetherness, family, random nonsensical plot devices, not so subtly hidden political messages, lessons on how and what to think, characters who don’t know what their roles are in the ship, heart-to-heart talks about feelings at the most inopportune moments, people congratulating each other and constant prop-ups… but that’s only the first week!

SEE? — LOL^2

This is what kills me about you guys — after like 30+ posts with all the FAKE RAGE on me, with the other two dudes practically writing a novel about how awful I am, and that same other cat predictably showing up late as a piling on “reinforcement” clean-up hitter acting so uber-offended, here we go with the belittling DSC posts again…


Cha-Ching !!!


Genius you are the one who pulls the ‘fake outrage ‘ over anybody who disagree with you over this show. Or is that REAL outrage? Either answer is sad.

You got issues. Seriously. Stop attacking people. That’s all everyone one here is saying to you.

How hard is that to grasp?

You two just gave me the WIN on this with that inane fat and slow softball right over the plate.

S C O R E B O A R D ! ! ! ! ! !

Again, thank you both!

Yeah and you still got caught looking.

This is why you will never get it. You’re the only one here saying you’re ‘right’. It’s pathetic. You been banned here for a reason. People don’t like you for a reason.

Again forever the victim. Take responsibility. You keep attacking people who isn’t out to attack you. 🙄

Maybe you should stop referring to Legacy as a dude, and she even told you so directly. You also utterly misunderstood the tone and intent of TG’s post and my reply to it.

Reading that makes me want to rewatch the entire show from the beginning to relive the joys of this triumphant show!

Maybe I’ll have some fun and make it a drinking game and every time Burnham starts tearing up I take a shot. I’ll should be dead drunk by third season but it’s probably the only way I can get through the whole thing.

At this point, knowing that it’s going to be like a 12-week gauntlet of DSC belittling from you two and a couple others here, I’d rather make a stand and get kicked off the site versus having to read 12 weeks of your negative, repetitive crap with no one including the mods having the balls to police that nonsense — during what should be the triumphant, final run of DSC.

No apologies. Let the chips fall where they may.”


It’s a little like watching a popular show from a parallel universe.

In a way that’s what it is since SNW confirmed DISCO and that show live in an altered timeline due to the Temporal Cold War.

It was literally confirmed SNW takes place in an alternate timeline from TOS after they changed Khan’s birth.

To me it’s a good thing because they don’t have to worry about following TOS canon and can just do what they want which they already are anyway lol. But for fans who have issues with the changes can just look at the show just doing it’s own thing.

If they just just said Discovery took place in another universe or timeline from the start fans probably wouldn’t hate that show so much either.

Exactly. I had issues with SNW using Gorn but if this is an alternate reality then rock out!

It would make sense it’s a alternate timeline because SNW has completely railroaded over TOS. 🙄

Ya exactly how I felt too.

Same bro same. I admit I’m not as bothered as some of you are but wouldn’t it just make their jobs easier?

Ya I think it would.

I gotta admit it does bother me more than most ppl but you know me I’m a stickler for canon hahaha.

But SNW gave me the out I needed so unless they reverse the reversal I’m good!

Yes, exactly. Let them throw caution to the wind in the writer’s room! (they already have). :)

I’m on the same boat as you guys. Just officially call SNW an alternate timeline and just do what they want.

I don’t understand what’s the point of trying to not to cross a line when you crossed long ago already.

Imagine if this show ran for 7 years like the classic shows did, I don’t think anyone would recognize it anymore in relation to TOS canon.

Just stop pretending it connects to TOS. It clearly doesn’t.

I wish they would stop spawning new timelines left and right, just because the writers don’t have the skills to write stories relevant to the STAR TREK timeline. I still live in the timeline where Vulcan and Romulus still exists (and Klingons don’t do K-Pop).

Yup, exactly. Who needs actual creativity when you can just branch off to another side-timeline and re-tell classic stories written by actual sci-fi writers?

This is my feelings as well.

If you don’t want to follow canon on the prime timeline take out advice and stop making shows there.

I also wish the reboot movies didn’t destroy Romulus and now the prime universe has to stick to this annoying story line.

I wish they just made a completely separate timeline for those movies and keep TOS-ENT alone.

All these timelines have me so confused… Like, if Picard is in the Prime timeline, then why is Romulus destroyed since it was destroyed in the Kelvin timeline? What am I missing?

And to destroy Vulcan was an abomination. Completely unnecessary. Incompetent writers who didn’t know what else to do to make the plot interesting.

So it’s a little convoluted to be sure but here is how ST 2009 went. Spock Prime, as the name suggests, is the real Spock from the Prime universe (TOS – TNG – ST 2009 Flashback)

When in the Kelvin timeline, he informs Kirk of how he can be an elderly Spock when the Spock Kirk knows is acting Captain of the Enterprise and young.

Spock recalls that, in the Prime Timeline a supernova was going to go off and destroy Romulus. Again in the Prime timeline.

Spock attempted to use Red Matter to create an artificial black hole and swallow up the shockwave from the Nova, hence temporarily saving Romulus (before it froze to death) and being about to save the population.

Spock failed (UUGGHHHHHHH) and he couldn’t save Romulus. But the black hole created an alternate reality (Kelvin) and Spock/Nero were sucked into it, ending up in 23rd century Kelvin universe on the other side.

So while ST 2009 does take place int he Kelvin universe, Spock’s flashback was from the Prime universe where he was still serving as Ambassador to Romulus and fighting for reunification.

I do too but I prefer the alt timeline to the straight up canon violations. In any case, it’s where we are now so….

Besides IMO this is not a new timeline but one that has existed since Enterprise Season 1. My head canon says we are simply seeing the events of Starfleet unfold had Archer not reversed everything in Season 4 of ENT.

So here is the way my head canon sees things as they are now.

* Temporal incursions as far back as WWII/Nazis (uugghh)

* Timeline is hugely altered and so is the birth of Khan

* DISCO and later SNW happen in this altered timeline.

* DISCO goes to the 32nd century, but it is the 32nd century of the altered timeline.

* Disco and SNW run their course (IRL 5 seasons of DISCO and whatever SNW will be)

* ENT Season 4 Storm front happens thanks to Daniel’s. The Temporal Cold War never happens. Alternate time of DISCO and SNW (even though we are seeing them IRL decades later) are reversed and never happen as we are seeing them.

I really like this idea! :)

Thanks Tiger!

Of course dude! 🙂

I like this idea too. I wish they just went this direction instead of the convoluted mess that have made into the timeline with all these prequels.

Yep. It def requires some facepalms sometimes lol

What I like about this theory (if it is to be true) is that it solves all of my canon problems.

Where is Daniels? Original timeline

Where is all the tech the Federation is supposed to have but doesn’t? Never invented in this reality.

I HATE the Burn! Who cares, different reality, Archer/Daniels will fix it!

I think of it this way. remember Yesterday’s Enterprise from TNG? Real timeline Picard and Worf bookended the ep in the beginning and end but the majority took place in the alternate timeline where the Federation is at war with the Klingons and Tasha never died and Worf obv is not in Starfleet.

Now, switch it up. This episode is bookended with Daniel’s first arrival on the NX-01 and ends we SDeason 4 of ENT “storm front. But the middle and majority of the episode is DISCO and SNW.

I just don’t care to even try to decipher it anymore. It’s a new timeline is the only way I can accept it.

Which of course is perfectly fine for anyone. I personally am kinda harsh when it comes to canon and I just need things to fit lol

I am too, and the thing that angers me is that they’re claiming to honor it. I still rail against because of that. I’ve neb[ver seen such a writing staff pander so hard to core fans, and yet treat the source material with such disdain.

Ya that drives me nuts too. That’s why I keep trying to do these things and define my own head canon lol

Still dying to know the mystery from EP 1. Soon I guess.

What mystery from episode one?

The big mystery of the season that is a secret power or something from the 24th century that everyone is racing to get at.

Lol right. But bro this is Discovery, they are going to milk that until probably episode 8 or something.

Actually they did reveal the big mystery in season 4 pretty early with Species 10c but then proceeded to stretch out getting to them for like 8 episodes or something. 🙄

LOL ya I would think the same but I *think* I read somewhere that we will find out early on. The Ep is called Red Directive so I am thinking maybe Red Matter.

Yeah I think the mystery is revealed a little sooner.

I don’t know if you ever heard of the Podcast guys but I brought them up during Picard season 3 because they saw the season early and saw these episodes. They didn’t spoil anything but they did say episode four has a major reveal.

They also said the season has a very direct connection to TNG and it sounds like the first episode title is tied to show.

I keep trying to remember what times TNG showed a Romulan Science vessel or any kind of Romulan science for that matter.

Obv first I keep coming back to red matter because that was a Romulan Story of Romulus blowing up AND had direct ties to Burnham through Spock. Oh and of course Kurtzman has a direct hand in ST 2009

But I also remember the cloaking device ep where Geordi and Ro were “phased” out of normal dimensions and could pass through anything, essentially making all physical based weapons, energy or otherwise useless.

Still racking my brain trying to come up with more lol.

Dude you came up with more than I did lol.. I only remembered when Geordie and Ro were phased out.

I personally would like it to be connected to The Chase.

That would be huge because the implications of that episode were so vast that the one scene with Salome Jens as the elder person pretty much redefined Trek canon as we know it. I mean the only other thing that comes even close is the Preservers from TOS (which I hope are one and the same).

I mean if they are a race that is billions of years old and had such advanced tech who knows what the Romulans might have discovered from their race that could once again alter the course of history??

I have no idea of the context of the image at top, but it looks like SMG just told a dirty joke and everyone is trying to figure out how to look offended and smile politely at the same time.