Production On ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Season 3 Has Wrapped(ish)

After over five months back on board the USS Enterprise (via Toronto), filming for the third season of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is wrapping up. The news of the milestone was confirmed today by Captain Pike himself.

That’s (almost) a wrap on S3

On Thursday afternoon Strange New Worlds star Anson Mount posted an Instagram story with a shot of his space boots and the message “Hanging these big boys up for the season. Thanks, y’all. Looking forward to you seeing what we’re cooked up for Season 3.

After a report about his post, Mount took to Twitter/X to clarify the show had “Wrapped-ish” and that he still had some work on Friday…

While Anson has some work left to do, it does appear today is the last day for others. Christine Chapel actress Jess Bush used her Instagram story to share a strange new image of a wig being aired out behind the scenes with the message “Last day vibes.”

While not specifically about completing shooting, just yesterday Erica Ortegas actress Melissa Navia posted a photo on her Instagram of a mug featuring the #Moretegas hashtag, another clue that season 3 will deliver an Ortegas-focused episode. Navia hinted at this during her panel at the ST-SF convention in March.


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The finale of the ten-episode season was directed by Maja Vrvilo, a Paramount+ Trek veteran who has directed episodes of Discovery, Picard, and both the Strange New Worlds series premiere and season 2 finale. She began her prep for her episode over a month ago. It appears that work on the finale may been completed earlier this month and the production had moved on to do some pickup-up shots over the last week. In a new interview with Screenrant, Jonathan Frakes revealed he returned to Toronto last week “and shot a little more” of the episode he directed earlier this year.

Filming on season 3 started on December 11, 2023, about a month after the SAG-AFTRA strike ended. The season was set to start filming in early May of 2023, but the WGA strike put the production on a pause that lasted for seven months. Recently Paramount+ confirmed that season 3 will debut in 2025 and they also ordered a fourth season of the series.

First official photo from the start of production on season 3 (Paramount+)

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Interesting. Could this mean Christine grows her hair long and we’ll see if like it was in TOS?

Sincere congrats to all involved.
Maybe I missed it somewhere, but how long is the hiatus before season four starts production? Might we see season three and four in 2025? Thank you.

Season 3 was delayed due to the strikes (obviously) … hopefully the cast/crew/creatives are open to getting a quicker start on the already-approved fourth season.

Can’t wait to see it! Strange New Worlds is my favorite of the modern Trek shows, for both the acting and the writing. Anson Mount is perfect as Pike, and all of the other actors are fabulous, too. S1 E1 and S2 E2 are both such classically Trekkian episodes!

I wonder what Pike will be cooking in his kitchen this season…

Blue meth.

Wait, no, that’s Walter White.

I’ve very very very very much looking forward to season 3. It also feels good knowing season 4 is happening and that this won’t be a surprise final season.

SNW is so damn fun, despite a few minor missteps along the way. I hope this one runs for years to come.

Hopefully everyone caught the Star Trek reference a few weeks ago on Doctor Who when the Doctor proposed they visit the Star Trek gang. It’ll probably never happen, but Russell T. Davies DID try to pitch a crossover with Trek back in 2004 before the show was relaunched and ENT was on the air.

Davies also said he’s a huge Discovery and Picard fan, but his dream would be for Ncuti Gatwa’s 15th Doctor to materialize on Pike’s Enterprise on SNW, and I for one would LOVE to see that happen as a Christmas special or something.

Alex Kurtzman, Henry Alonso, Terry Matalas, whoever — make this happen! I’ll even settle for a Lower Decks crossover in animation.