‘Star Trek: Resurgence’ Now Available To Download On Steam And We Are Giving Away Free Codes

The narrative adventure game Star Trek: Resurgence, originally released last year to wide acclaim, was just made available to download on Steam. There is a limited-time launch discount, a special edition, and a tie-in with Star Trek: Online.  There is also a new video interview with Jonathan Frakes talking about reprising the role of Captain Riker for the game. And finally, we are also giving away some free Steam codes.

Resurgence on Steam

Star Trek: Resurgence is set in the Star Trek: The Next Generation era and it puts players at the center of a narrative that TrekMovie praised last year as as an immersive experience with enough writing and content to qualify as a full season of Star Trek TV. In the game, you take on the role of two members of the crew of the USS Resolute as you explore a mission tied into a TNG lore. The game features new characters and familiar ones including Ambassador Spock (voiced by Piotr Michael) and Captain William Riker (voiced by Jonathan Frakes).

From Star Trek: Resurgence (Dramatic Labs)

Celebrating the new launch, the game receives a 20% discount on Steam for both the standard edition (regularly priced at $24.99) and the Captain’s Edition (regularly priced at $29.99), which includes an exclusive digital artbook and remastered soundtrack, until May 30th. And, all PC versions now include the fan-requested virtual tour of the USS Resolute.

Resurgence was the first game from new developer Dramatic Labs, an independent game studio made up of former Telltale Games writers, developers, artists, and producers. The game garnered positive reviews from both the Trek press and the gaming press. Here is the accolade trailer…

Steam Giveaway

TrekMovie is giving away three steam codes. To qualify just make a comment below naming your favorite episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Comments should be made by Tuesday, May 28th at midnight (PT). Winners will be chosen at random and notified using the provided email address.

Entering to win a free Steam code is only logical

Frakes on Resurgence

Here is a new video interview (in 2 parts) from Dramatic Labs with Jonathan Frakes talking about the game (including some spoilers) with lead writer Dan Martin…

Resurgence and Star Trek Online

Dramatic Labs has also joined forces with their friends, the Star Trek Online team! Purchase Star Trek: Resurgence on Steam, register your game using the in-game QR code, and claim the free Federation Elite Starter Pack for Star Trek Online, including a Reliant-class ship and more! More details can be found at https://www.startrek-resurgence.com/sto-pc-offer

And, from May 23rd to June 6th, take command of the USS Resolute in Star Trek Online for free! This Centaur-class science vessel unlocks as a visual option for your Federation Light Cruiser variants. Visit https://www.playstartrekonline.com/en/news/article/11569097 for more details.

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Oh, I think my favorite episode is Parallels, mainly because I like seeing all the different variations of the Enterprise and the crew.

Parallels might be my favorite too, or if not in the top 5 for me.

The Royale ;)

I love that someone has it as their favourite. I love the episode too.

It’s two episodes I guess, but Redemption parts 1 and 2 are my favorite.

My favorite episode is “Yesterday’s Enterprise”

It’s nice to see Trek come out with a decent story based game instead of just ship simulators and third person shooters.

Yesterday’s Enterprise!

The Neutral Zone
It’s flawed but I still love it

The Inner Light, of course.

I see it’s already been said several times, but Yesterday’s Enterprise

Parallels or All Good Things 🤔

Best of Both Worlds.

The Drumhead

Reunification for sure!

My favorite episode is hard to say, because I enjoyed a great deal of them. But Ship in A Bottle is a good 1st place in my book.

Mine as well. It used to be Cause And Effect

The Measure of a Man. Season 2 isn’t TNG’s best, but getting Picard to go up against Riker in a court over Data’s rights was wonderful.

Yesterday’s Enterprise, like Balance of Terror, is one of those near perfect pieces of television.

Parallels is one of those episodes that sticks out to me because it shows how there can be so many possible outcomes that could happen based on what happened prior, like the quantum reality where Riker couldn’t save Picard from the Borg as a slight worse case scenario to the reality that became the worst case that the Borg almost completely decimated the Federation.

Parallels is such a close second for me. It was one of the first multiverse type stories I’d ever seen, and is done in such a clever way.

You could actually say that Trek originated the idea of multiverse when the crew first beamed to the Mirror universe in TOS.

The concept of alternate universes predates Star Trek. DC Comics’ Flash of Two Worlds, Sept 1961. But I would not be surprised if there was something earlier than that.

Favorite episode: “The Chase”

I’ll have to go for The Best of Both Worlds Part 1, not just because I thought it was a fantastic episode but because it left an incredible clif hanger that has yet to be beaten in 30 + years. Back before we could just look at spoilers it was agonising, better and simpler days. LLAP.🖖

My favorite stand alone next gen episode is the inner light, but if we’re considering two parters then I’d have to say definitely the best of both worlds!

My favorite episode is The First Duty. Always felt it was a Sorkkin courtroom drama episode, and it always felt like an episode encapsulating starfleet at its best!

Relics”: the Dyson sphere and, well, “NCC-1701; no bloody A, B, C or D”. (I could easily pick from… I don’t know, a dozen others.)

(Incidentally, does this game work well via Proton?)

I can’t count how many times I watched and rewatched All Good Things… as a kid. TNG knew how to land a finish.

Favorite episode has to be Ship in a bottle. I always loved watching that episode as a kid.

I am looking through the comments, and now that makes at least 3 of us :)

The Best of Both Worlds, Part I. That was the first episode that truly had me wondering how they were going to get out of it. Shelby’s foil to Riker was excellent and the story was great.

Best Of Both Worlds is the one I’d recommend to someone if I had to choose one.

First Contact, S3E15

That is a good one. I wrote a whole season of a new Trek series in my head revisiting that planet.

Favorite episode would be Datalore I love how they gave some back story to Data and introduced Lore a total opposite of Data.

If I had to pick just one episode of TNG I’d have to say Relics. I loved seeing Scotty in the 24th Century and found it to be a really fitting send off for the character.

My favourite episodes would have to be Best of Both Worlds & Yesterday’s Enterprise!


The Defector, baby! James Sloyan is incredible, it’s a complete self contained story and pays off beautifully.

All the timetables! All the records!

Such a tough call, but I’m going to say All Good Things.

All Good Things!

As a child my favorite episode was Disaster but my go to classic now had to be The Measure of a Man

Big fan of “I, Borg” here.

If anyone happens to be consider snagging this on Xbox Series X, I have one of… uh… 14 total reviews for it up on Metacritic.


tl;dr it’s pretty good. 7/10. I’d say go for it.

I think it’s hard to beat The Best of Both Worlds. So much tension and action going on throughout…though I will also say, Sins of the Father and Yesterday’s Enterprise are also favorites.

Offspring, with Lal… Heartbreaker of an episode

Lets stop acting like Best of Both Worlds wasn’t the best episode/s.

My favorite episode would have to be the chase. Seeing different races on a race to find out a mystery about their origins was just cool to see.

My favorite is probably Darmok. Best thing about it is that the lines don’t make sense until the end of the episode, which makes it better once you rewatch it.

The Defector.

Love all the Shakespeare references and we get Picard v Tomalak!

My favorite episode is probably “The Inner Light”

I really don’t think I one favorite TNG show. Perhaps five favorites, maybe even as many as ten. Most of which have been mentioned here. It’s a good problem to have! Been wondering if I should pick this up on PS5 or not, any input is appreciated.

Agreed. Too many favorites so I trimmed it down and went with my favorite Riker episode.

The PC version has some additions the console versions do not (in particular, a tour of the Resolute which sounds awesome!) so if you have a good gaming PC, the Steam version may be the better option.

If you do not have a gaming PC, then definitely pick it up for the PS5. If you have played Tell Tale games in the past you will not be disappointed.

Q Who – such a great episode showing Q, introduction of the Borg, and a great example that Picard wouldn’t let pride get in the way of saving his crew.

Yesterday’s Enterprise!

It’s super hard to pick just one, so I’ll pick a two-parter–Chain of Command (parts 1 and 2).

Riker vs Jellico: Awesome! THERE…ARE…FOUR…LIGHTS!


Even before Disco picked the plot up again The Chase was probably my favorite episode of TNG. The ramifications of it stayed in my mind for years after first seeing the episode and inform a lot of my fiction writing today.

My favourite episode is Inner Light