Articles by Rosario T. Calabria

SciFi Sunday: Transformers 2, Harry Potter & Lots ‘O Comic Book Movies + Virtuality, Heroes, Terminator TV + more

The two biggest movies are Iron Man and The Dark Knight, so it should be no surprise that both Marvel and DC are thinking about even more comic book movies. Plus we have some new images and video for 2009 movies (some are even not based on comic books!). In TV news there is an in-depth report on Ron Moore’s Virtuality, plus lots of images and videos from upcoming fall shows, including Sarah Connor and Heroes.  

Sci-Fi Saturday: Indy 5, Terminator 4, Batman 3, Transformers 2, Avatar 1 + Heroes, BSG, Fringe + more

All Trekkies eyes may be on Las Vegas, but the rest of the world of sci-fi continues to move on and this week we have lots of news on Cameron’s Avatar, the Governator on Terminator 4, Star Wars in 3D, and more, including new trailers and pics. With the fall TV season looming we have lots of news on new and returning genre including some previews, so lets get started.

Sci-Fi Saturday: Transformers, Evil Dead, Wolfman, Venom, Indy, Robocop, BSG, Dr. Who, Heroes + more

The Summer movie season is winding down and it is now time to think about future blockbusters. We got news on Transformers 2, the new Robocop, Venom spin-off, a possible Indy 5 and much more. Plus photos and vids from tons of movies including Friday 13th, the new Harry Potter, and Terminator 4. Plus TV news from Dollhouse, Heroes, Knight Rider, Doctor Who, Battlestar and many more.

Sci-Fi Saturday: Dark Knight, Iron Man 2, Green Hornet, Max Payne, Heroes, Fringe, Prisoner, Caprica + more

This Sci-Fi Saturday is just bursting at the seems with tons of stuff on the soon to be released Dark Knight, plus status updates on the Green Hornet, Iron Man 2, Heavy Metal, Fanboys and more. Plus tons of new videos and clips including Max Payne. In TV news we have details on The Prisoner remake, the BSG prequel Caprica, Heroes, Fringe and so much more.

Sci-Fi Saturday: Batman, Superman, Terminator, Hornet, Hobbit, Lost, BSG, Prisoner, Altantis + more

Lots of new stuff in the world of sci-fi this week, including a debate on a future Robin for the Batman franchise, a possible (non Singer) Supes sequel, news on the 300 follow-up, Terminator 4, the Hobbit and more. Plus more trailers and images than you can handle. In TV news we got a Battlestar TV movie, Prisoner casting, Atlantis Season 5 details, Star Wars live action news and much more. so read on

Sci-Fi Saturday: Cloverfield 2, 300 2, Transformers 2, Batman 2 + Heroes, Atlantis, Jericho & more

This week we have good news on the follow-up to to 300 and bad news on the follow up to Cloverfield. Plus details on the Transformers and Dark Knight sequels along with more new trailers, images and movie posters than you can handle. In TV Land Jericho is still making news, plus we got Heroes details, Atlantis photos and more. Also the Saturn awards were this week and JJ Abrams Lost was the big winner. All that and more below.

Sci-Fi Saturday Sunday: Hulk, Iron Man 2, Last Airbender, Transformers 2, Robocop, Jericho, Fringe + more

June has kicked off with big returns for both the Hulk and M. Night Shyamalan. Plus will we get an Iron Man sequel in 22 months? Plus this week’s Sci-Fi news brings lots of new images, videos and posters, including one for the 2010 Robocop remake. Plus details on the TV remake of the Prisoner, Jericho fans having trouble letting go, JJ Abrams talking Fringe and much more. 

Sci-Fi Saturday: Transformers, Terminator, Spidey, Walle-E, Torchwood, Fringe + more

This week in Sci-Fi news the Transformers sequel got a name, The fourth Terminator film may have been spoiled, Raimi and Maguire are still mulling over Spidey-4, plus there is cool new images and vids from GI Joe, Dark Knight, X-Files, Twilight, Wall-E and more. For TV there is some Torchwood and Fringe and a few more bits so check it all out below.

Sci-Fi Saturday: Hobbit, Transformers 2, Watchmen, GI Joe, Clone Wars, Lost, Sarah Connor, Dr. Who + more

This week in week sci-fi news we have rumors on who is the new Bilbo and who isn’t the new Spider-man. Plus Details on the Fraggle Rock musical and Watchmen as well as images and videos Hellboy, Star Wars Clone Wars and more. In TV news there is a Garbage cast member to join Sarah Connor, Neil Gaiman being courted to help Doctor Who, alternative endings for the Lost finale and more.

Sci-Fi Saturday: Transformers 2, Hellboy 2, Terminator 4, Spidey 4, Heroes, Stargate + more

This weekend may be the biggest movie weekend of the year, but there are still things to look forward to. We have Orci talking Transformers 2’s appeal to the hardcore, casting rumors and debunkings for Captain America, Lots of Terminator 4 news. Plus images and vids from Hellboy, Hulk and much more…even Space Chimps. In the world of TV we have details on Whedon’s Dollhouse, Stargate Atlantis Season 5, Heroes and more.  

Sci-Fi Saturday: Marvel Movies, Indy, Dark Knight, Buck Rogers, GI Joe, Lost, Smallville + more

Sci Fi Saturday is here for a late night entry of news on a whole bunch of new movies from Marvel (Iron Man has gone to their heads), details on the Dark Knight’s two-faced Harvey Dent, the return of Buck Rogers and tons of images and vids from the upcoming summer movies. In TV news we have details on the Lost finale and future seasons, plus another possible cast defection from Smallville, and more.

TNG Headed To Sci-Fi Channel [UPDATED]

After being recently pulled from both the Spike TV and G4 schedules, reruns of the Star Trek The Next Generation were off the air for the first time in years, but that is about to change. The SCI FI Channel, which currently airs Star Trek Enterprise, is now the new cable home for Star Trek: The Next Generation . TNG is as part of a newly announced package deal between SCI FI and CBS, but is the only Trek series named.

Sci-Fi Saturday: Hobbit, Iron Man, Indy, Terminator 4, Wall-E, Star Wars TV, Lost, Sarah Connor,

This week of Sci-Fi has lot of returns and come-backs from Ferrigno, to Schwarzenegger to Tony Stark and Sarah Connor and more. Also  Del Toro finally makes it official, the Lost producers start spilling some beans, Sansweet talks Star Wars TV.  Plus we got pics and vids from Iron Man, Indy, Speed Racer, Spirit, Wall-E and so much more.

Star Trek Movie On ‘Big Bang Theory’

If you haven’t seen it, the CBS sitcom “Big Bang Theory” is a show about four nerdy scientists that is rife with references to comic books, sci-fi and especially “Star Trek.” The official show synopsis on even refers to ‘Klingon Boggle.’ This week’s episode opened with a discussion of the new Star Trek movie. See video of that and more below.

Sci-Fi Saturday: Indy, X-Files, Iron Man, Hobbit, Lost, Stargate, Terminator, Lost, + more

Summer movie season is soon upon us and this week’s SciFi Saturday has lots to talk about, even if Steven Spielberg says you shouldn’t believe everything you read in the Internets. In addition to Indy 4 news we got stuff on X-Files plot, Dark Knight’s Viral, Incredible Hulk critiques plus pics and vid from Iron Man, Speed Racer and more…and TV news too.

Sci-Fi Saturday: Dark Knight, Punisher, GI Joe, Justice League, X-Files, Watchmen, Lost, BSG, Jericho + more

Sci-Fi Saturday brings news on a troublesome scene in The Dark Knight, problems with Justice League movie, a delay for the Punisher movie, and an explanation for no ‘mythology’ in the X-files move. But there’s lots of good stuff too, like lots of pictures (including Wolfman and Watchmen), more videos, possible new life for Jericho, a post BSG future for Tricia Helfer and more.

Sci-Fi Saturday: Hobbit, Indy 4, Iron Man, Machete, Heroes, Knight Rider, Caprica…and Short Circuit?

The world of sci-fi movie news has "The Hobbit" looking realer, Indy 4 getting realer, Batman and Transformers 2 details, and a remake for "Short Circuit"? Plus new images including Hellboy 2 and DragonBall. Also there’s lots of new video, including Iron Man and Indy 4 TV spots. And we got NBC’s new genre shows, details on Ron Moore’s Caprica and lots more TV news

Sci-Fi Saturday: Indy, Hobbit, Terminator, Speed Racer, Wolfman, Battlestar, Smallville, Jericho

This week in Sci-Fi we got McKellen talking Gandalf, Lucas downplaying Indy 4, Yelchin talking up Terminator (and Trek), Hirsch on Speed Racer, Keanu playing up the environmental Earth Stood Still, Wolfman getting real, Weinsteins doubling up on Fanboys and tons of new movie trailers and images. For TV we got news on Jericho, BSG, Smallville and much more

Sci-Fi Saturday: Hugos, Dune, V, Batman, Wolfman, BSG, Jericho, Caprica, Futurama + more

This week in SciFi brings news on possible comebacks and sequels for Dune, V, Friday the 13th, Dark Knight, Fantastic Four, Green Lantern and more. Plus new images and videos, including Indy 4, Speed Racer and a scary new Wolf Man. In TV news there a few obituaries as well as some birth announcements, including a Star Trek-themed comedy! Plus there are Hugo nominations, including one for some fan-made Trek.

Sci-Fi Saturday: Superman, Hulk, Dark Knight, Potter, Fringe, Terminator, BSG, and more

A big week in Sci Fi news. Superman is returning again, the Hulk is getting big fight, Harvey Dent is hitting the road, Potter gets an extra movie, Ant-man is crawling to the big screen. Plus new movie posters, images and trailers. In TV news we got sci-fi bubble shows, Fringe wrapping, a Battlestar Top 10, Details on Star Wars on TV and more.

Sci-Fi Saturday: Superman, Star Wars, Iron Man, Wolverine, Battlestar, Heroes, Batman & Terminators

This week in SciFi news we celebrate Superman’s birthday (with some help from Captain Kirk) and bring news on a director for Star Wars TV, Indy 4 at Cannes, Terminator taking on Trek, plus news and images from Iron Man, Batman, Battlestar, Wall-E, Heroes, Avatar, and even a possible sequel to The Last Starfighter! so check all that and more below.

Sci-Fi Saturday: Saturns, Avatar, Star Wars, Iron Man, Starship Troopers 3, Watchmen, Lost…and TekWar!

This week in Sci-Fi news we have Saturn nominations, Jolene Blalock talking Starship Troopers 3, Cameron updating Avatar (and Saldana), Star Wars fans taking Lucas to ‘docucourt,’ news on the Akira movie, new photos from Watchmen, Iron Man and more plus some new trailers. Plus there are lots of Lost hints and spoilers and what everyone has been demanding…yes TekWar news!

WGA Strike Over – Learn Fate Of Your Fave Shows

After 100 days the members of the WGA have finally called off their strike and are headed back to work. Today 92.5% of the writers voted in favor of going back to work. A 2nd vote on the new contract is due in a couple of weeks, but it is assumed that will be approved easily. What Next? has compiled a quick guide to the effect on the new movie and many favorite genre series and shows with Trek-connections…see below.