All Access: ‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’ Episode 407 “A Few Badgeys More” Review

Anthony and Laurie start with the joyful news that Star Trek: Prodigy has been saved by Netflix (which they go into more detail about with the Shuttle Pod‘s Kayla on Thursday’s crossover podcast). They talk about some buried-in-a-press-release fine print about the Section 31 movie and the Starfleet Academy show, what to expect at New York Comic Con this weekend, the “making-of” video about very Short Treks with Casper Kelly, new info about Quentin Tarantino’s writers room for his scrapped Star Trek movie, an auction of the collection of legendary Hollywood model maker Greg Jein, and some Star Trek games you should know about.

Then it’s time to talk Star Trek: Lower Decks. They review “A Few Badgeys More”—while they both miss T’Lyn, they loved this week’s guest stars, particularly Jeffrey Combs and Jack McBrayer, and are very much enjoying this season of the show.

They wrap up with some real-life space stuff—asteroid samples!—and LeVar Burton’s appearance on Marc Maron’s podcast.