Emergency Podcast: All Access And The Shuttle Pod Celebrate Netflix Saving ‘Star Trek: Prodigy’

Shuttle Pod and All Access Star Trek podcasts - Star Trek: Prodigy is saved!

Happily bookending our emergency podcast in June about Star Trek: Prodigy being removed from Paramount+, Kayla from Shuttle Pod and Tony and Laurie from All Access Star Trek reunite to talk about the great news that the show has been saved! Season 1 and season 2 are both coming to Netflix. The trio talks about the news, speculates about season 2, and offers hope that the move to Netflix could lead to a third season and maybe more.


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Around midway through Season 1, it became clear that Star Trek Prodigy was a remarkable show that captured the spirit of Star Trek. Although Paramount+’s decision was disappointing, I’m excited that we’ll have Season 2 and, hopefully, even more on Netflix.

This is terrific news. It is the best post-nemesis Star Trek. I’m definitely going to celebrate Star Trek Prodigy day. Even though I own it on Blu-ray, I will be watching it multiple times on Netflix. I do see a S3 happening. Aaron and his crew never gave up and neither will I. I’m excited for Star Trek again.

Great podcast. I listened to the whole thing over breakfast and agreed with basically everything. I’m still unhappy on how they just dumped the show but it does have a nice happy ending right now. And I agree with Anthony and said it in the other thread that I won’t be shocked we will eventually get other Trek shows on other services as well and I’m OK with that. If it keeps Trek and we can potentially get shows like Legacy or more Prodigy do what you have to do. I’ll subscribe to three services if I have to as long as its good Star Trek.

And Prodigy is just great Star Trek, it deserves at least a few more seasons. And I think so many people are excited what is to come in season 2 once Voyager A and the Doctor showed up. And I suspect more VOY characters will show up next season. I am really really excited now.

My hope is that they release episodes weekly and not dump all 10 (or 20) all at once.