John de Lancie Interview & Star Trek News Wrap-up – All Access

Anthony and Laurie go through the latest news: Byron Allen’s company is interested in buying Paramount, Michelle Yeoh’s Section 31 co-stars have finally been announced, Dave Blass says the Picard spin-off is still not in the works, the TNG cast is set to receive a lifetime achievement award at the Saturns, Patrick Stewart stars in a new Super Bowl ad for Paramount Plus, Zoe Saldana thinks the Kelvin crew might get one last film together, and William Shatner’s new biographical documentary has a trailer.

[18:22] After that, they chat with actor John de Lancie about FanFair, the company he and his son have to get digitally signed unique artwork to fans who can’t make it to conventions. He also talks about some of his early choices as he played Q in the Next Gen series premiere and beyond, his conversations with Gene Roddenberry about how often Q would be on the show, his surprise at finding out Q would die in Picard season 2, and that post-credits finale scene in Picard season 3.

[68:48] They wrap up with John Larroquette playing a Klingon again on Night Court, and a fun thread about “Threshold” salamander sex from The Vagina Museum.