Shuttle Pod 65 – A Boatload Of New Trek On TV News and “The Escape Artist”

In the past week we’ve been treated to quite a lot of information about upcoming CBS Trek TV shows. The final trailer for Discovery season two was released just before Christmas along with more images and interviews in the new year. We learned some very important background information for the Picard show, and that there’s more animated Trek in the works. The Shuttle Pod crew is excited to discuss all of this, plus the fourth Kelvin movie is described as “shelved” by the Hollywood trades, as the director, SJ Clarkson, moves on to a new project.

Last but certainly not least, Brian, Jared, and Matt discuss the fourth installment of Short Treks, “The Escape Artist.” Staring and directed by Rainn Wilson and written by Mike McMahan, this fun and quirky short entertained and fit nicely in the 15 minute limit.