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Shuttle Pod: The Podcast Episode 11 – The Wrath of Con February 10, 2016

by Staff , Filed under: Shuttle Pod , 6 comments


Convention season is nearly upon us, and 2016 is shaping up to be one of the biggest years ever for Trek events. From Creation’s blow-out 50th anniversary bash in Vegas to CBS’s own Mission New York. In this installment of the Shuttle Pod, Kayla, Brian, and Jared talk Star Trek conventions and what you can look forward to this year.

BREAKING: Bryan Fuller Tapped for Star Trek All Access Showrunner, New Show Set In New Timeline? February 9, 2016

by Jared Whitley , Filed under: CBS/Paramount,Star Trek All Access , 287 comments


Bryan Fuller, veteran Star Trek writer (DS9 and VOY), has been tapped as co-creator and showrunner for CBS’s upcoming Star Trek television* series, set to debut in January 2017.


New Star Trek Licensees Announced for CBS 50th Anniversary Merchandise Program February 6, 2016

by Kayla Iacovino , Filed under: CBS/Paramount,Merchandise,Trek Franchise , 67 comments


As we all wait on baited breath for 50th anniversary merchandising (not to mention Star Trek Beyond merchandising) to kick it up a notch, CBS has just announced 32 new licensees to the Star Trek brand. Hit the jump for info on what toys, tees, and gizmos we can expect in the near future.


Spockboy’s 50th Anniversary Gag Reel Trailer February 4, 2016

by Matt Wright , Filed under: Humor,TOS,Viral Video/Mashup/Images , 30 comments

Long time friend of the site Paul “Spockboy” Sibbald has a great new goofy Trek video out. This time he’s made a mashup that celebrates two classic TV shows that turn 50 this year, Batman and of course Star Trek.

Click through for the full video.


THR talks to William Shatner about Leonard Nimoy, Trek’s 50th, and much more

by Brian Drew , Filed under: Shatner,Trek Franchise , 47 comments


The Hollywood Reporter’s Scott Feinberg spoke at length to our intrepid starship captain about Star Trek’s 50th Anniversary, his friendship with Leonard Nimoy, Star Trek Beyond, and much more.

Celebrate Groundhog Day With These Timeless Trek Classics! February 1, 2016

by Jared Whitley , Filed under: List , 20 comments


As far as pointless holidays go, Groundhog Day is somewhere above modern day Arbor Day but somewhere below First Contact Day in the 24th Century. (Remember Captain Janeway said the only way she remembered the holiday was getting the day off from school.) So in our grand tradition of holiday-centric articles, we present you the first ever list of top Star Trek episodes to watch tomorrow on Groundhog Day.

REVIEW: Star Trek Timelines for iOS and Android January 28, 2016

by Andrew Allender , Filed under: Games,Review , 32 comments

Star Trek Timelines

Star Trek’s history with video games is not a particularly illustrious one. Over the years, Trekkies have had to deal with buggy action games, space battles with questionable controls, and blatant cash grabs. When I heard about Star Trek Timelines last summer at the Star Trek Convention, I thought we might finally be getting a Star Trek game that could buck the trend. And while Timelines doesn’t reinvent the mobile game wheel, there’s enough content here for a fan to be entertained. Read on for my full review.

Celebrate the 50th At Star Trek: Mission New York January 26, 2016

by Jared Whitley , Filed under: CBS/Paramount,Conventions/Events/Attractions,Trek Franchise , 31 comments


If you’d like to attend a convention this year that’s timed just about perfectly for the 50th anniversary, you may want to beam to New York City. 


RUMOR: Is Star Trek Leaving Amazon Prime, Netflix? January 25, 2016

by Kayla Iacovino , Filed under: CBS/Paramount,Rumor,Trek Franchise , 149 comments


Ever since the announcement that the new Star Trek series will be aired exclusively on CBS’s new streaming platform, CBS All Access, there has been speculation of Trek‘s departure from competing streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime, both of which currently offer the full catalogue of Trek for any subscribed customer’s viewing pleasure. It now appears that Amazon Prime may be the first to lose Trek on February 15th.

Shuttle Pod: The Podcast Episode 10 – James Kerwin talks Star Trek Continues, Space Cartography, and More January 21, 2016

by Staff , Filed under: Shuttle Pod,Star Trek Continues , 28 comments


The crew of the Shuttle Pod sat down with writer/director/all around brilliant guy James Kerwin, of Star Trek Continues fame to talk STC, honoring the vision of Star Trek TOS, space cartography, and more!

Star Trek New Voyages releases latest episode, “The Holiest Thing” January 18, 2016

by Brian Drew , Filed under: Fan Productions,New Voyages/Phase II,Trek Franchise , 248 comments


The fan production Star Trek New Voyages has released the latest installment in their long-running series.  More after the jump.

New Star Trek Beyond interview talks uniforms, phasers, and Sulu’s big surprise *SPOILERS* *UPDATED* January 15, 2016

by Jared Whitley , Filed under: Star Trek Beyond , 182 comments


With so little information to be had about Star Trek Beyond, any tidbit of information is to be jumped on like a tribble at a baby shower. AND SPEAKING of which, today’s released information is about one special space baby in particular…

Mondo to release vinyl Wrath of Khan soundtrack January 9, 2016

by Brian Drew , Filed under: Feature Films (TMP-NEM),Merchandise,Music,Trek Franchise , comments closed


Mondo is releasing a very special vinyl version of the soundtrack to Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, and we have images and details to share.

Access Hollywood makes visit to Star Trek Beyond set January 6, 2016

by Staff , Filed under: Star Trek Beyond , comments closed


Access Hollywood got an exclusive look behind the scenes of Star Trek Beyond, and we have the clip.

Shuttle Pod: The Podcast Episode 9 – Great Links #2 – Happy New Year 2016!

by Staff , Filed under: Shuttle Pod , comments closed


It’s officially 2016 and the 50th anniversary year of Star Trek. Kayla and Brian take this episode to look back on the biggest Trek news stories of 2015 and look ahead to what we are excited about in 2016.

TrekMovie Flashback: William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy at 1980 Annual People’s Choice Awards

by Kayla Iacovino , Filed under: Awards,History , comments closed


Tonight, the 42nd annual People’s Choice Awards airs on CBS. While no Star Trek productions are up for a win this year, we can take a look back to 1980 when William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy presented at the 6th annual award ceremony. Take a gander, and marvel at Leonard’s epic mustache.

Gene Roddenberry’s Lost Data Recovered from 200 Floppy Disks January 4, 2016

by Kayla Iacovino , Filed under: History,Science/Technology , comments closed


Some 200 5.25-inch floppy disks from late Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry’s estate have been unlocked revealing about 3 MB of decades old words typed by the Great Bird himself.

A Look Back at The 10 Most Popular Star Trek Stories of 2015 January 1, 2016

by Staff , Filed under: Great Links,List,Trek Franchise , comments closed


As we greet a brand new 2016, we say Q’Plah! to our dear friend 2015 with a look back at TrekMovie’s most popular articles of the year.

Trekkies Talk Costuming Experiences at NY Comic Con December 31, 2015

by Michael A. Nguyen , Filed under: Conventions/Events/Attractions , comments closed


Trekkies are passionate about costuming and conventions. Earlier this year at New York Comic Con (NYCC) we had a chance to talk to a few fans about their costuming experiences and goals.

[UPDATED] Star Trek Axanar Fan Film Sued by Paramount and CBS Over Copyright Infringement December 30, 2015

by Staff , Filed under: CBS/Paramount,Fan Productions,Star Trek Axanar , comments closed

Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 9.51.50 AM

A potentially multi-million dollar lawsuit, including a request for injunction, has been filed against the fan film Star Trek Axanar, its creator Alec Peters, and up to 20 others working on the production by Star Trek rights holders CBS and Paramount.

[UPDATE]: Alec Peters has made an official statement in response to the lawsuit.
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