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Karl Urban In Talks For McCoy [UPDATED] October 12, 2007

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: ST09 Cast , trackback

It looks like the JJ Abrams is looking to the south for his country doctor…and by south I mean south of the equator. Two weeks ago TrekMovie.com reported that New Zealand actor Karl Urban was being considered for an unnamed role in the new Star Trek film, but not (as reported elsewhere) the villain. Since then we have learned that Eric Bana will be playing the villain ‘Nero.’ And today TrekMovie.com has confirmed with a source that Urban is now in talks for the role of Dr. Leonard ‘Bones’ McCoy, the role originally played by DeForest Kelley. According to the source the deal is not certain and Urban’s schedule seems to be an issue with a film currently shooting and another in pre-production. 

The casting of an actor of Urban’s calibre is a sign that this film is more than just about Kirk and Spock. Although not much has been reported regarding McCoy, in his recent interview co-writer Roberto Orci told TrekMovie.com that McCoy has a substantial part in the film. From the interview:

TrekMovie.com: What about Bones? The Kirk/Spock/McCoy ‘troika’ is also quintessential Trek, with McCoy being the counterpoint to Spock and Kirk in the middle.

Roberto Orci: That is a big part of what we are doing. You are correct that their interaction and how they face the impossible is what Trek is about and that is no different in our movie.

In our previous story on Urban, Orci also dropped by and left this comment about working previously with Urban:

Roberto Orci: We worked with Urban back in the day, when Alex and I were the showrunners on Herucles and Xena. He always came through for us, and he is such a decent guy. None of what I just said, however, should be taken as a sign that any decisions have been made. Our only point is that, whatever happens, we’ve always loved Karl, and we all got our start in the same place.

JJ has his crew
With Karl Urban we now have the complete set for the recast original crew. The only loose threads are that Urban and Pine are not yet final (and it is quite possible one or both may not go through). But if JJ gets his way this is his crew:


Recast TOS crew
Chris Pine James T Kirk (offered)
Zachary Quinto
Mr Spock
Karl Urban
Dr. Leonard ‘Bones’ McCoy (offered)
Simon Pegg
Montgomery ‘Scotty’ Scott
John Cho
Hikaru Sulu
Zoe Saldana Uhura
Anton Yelchin Pavel Chekov


Plus of course he has Leonard Nimoy playing the older Spock and Eric Bana playing Nero the villain. More info on the cast on our Star Trek (2008) cast page

Urban’s Trek connection
Karl Urban is no stranger to genre as he has been in in Lord of the Rings, Doom, and Chronicles of Riddick. He also took a stab at starring in his own campy space show…a pilot called The Privateers…here is an extended clip with Urban playing alongside the original Chekov, Walter Koenig.


More on Urban: 9/28 TrekMovie.com – Karl Urban Up For  Star Trek Role


10/17 UPDATE: Deal completed – Urban signed for McCoy


1. billhardin22 - October 12, 2007

I can buy the look.

Can he do a decent Southern drawl?

2. Penny - October 12, 2007

Yes! Yes ! Yes ! Yes!

3. Christian Malley - October 12, 2007

Agree, Yes! But only if he can fake a good Southern accent…

4. Cranston - October 12, 2007

Well, hell.

I’ve been supportive of all of the casting choices announced this week, but here’s one that I’m having trouble with. It may very well be that Urban can do this and do it well, but my image of him from previous roles is — big, muscular action star, which is not (NOT) McCoy.

I’m going to wait and see, of course, but this is the only casting so far that looks like it’ll be a hurdle for me. Particularly because McCoy is such an integral character.

5. Penny - October 12, 2007

So happy!

6. Penny - October 12, 2007

young Karl


7. Thomas - October 12, 2007

4. Cranston,
Before Star Trek, Kelley was known for his roles in B-Westerns where he typically played bad guys. If Urban typically plays roles where he’s some kind of heavy, he might be able to bring something.

8. Aurelia - October 12, 2007

As long as he gets the accent, I’m all for this one.

9. RandyYeoman - October 12, 2007

wow…Karl is hot.

it is kind of strange though…he will be the best looking of the kirk/spock/mccoy thing

10. seangh - October 12, 2007

Aussie’s can do the best accents – not worried about that. If this comes through – it’s the best casting decision thus far IMHO.

11. NZorak - October 12, 2007

If Abrams and Orci are actually reading the comments on this site, here’s one worth considering:

DO NOT name the villain Nero. Change it to something, anything else. Please!

12. modesto! - October 12, 2007


13. Hai - October 12, 2007

I usually just lurk around here but I have to come out of the shadows to agree with #11. I really hate that name.

14. Pragmaticus - October 12, 2007

Karl Urban as Bones? What the hell?

I want to see him do a passable “Dammit, Jim!” before I get behind his casting. I like him as an actor, but I don’t see him playing a cranky country doctor.

15. z. - October 12, 2007

I like this…

agreed with 11 – the name Nero sucks. But that’s off topic.

16. Anthony Pascale - October 12, 2007

Hi Hai…love to see delurkers. with the thousands of people visiting on this big news day I hope to see more

I have added an Urban/Bones Poll (right column)

17. Skippy 2k - October 12, 2007

When I saw the article here before I thought he might be a good choice for McCoy. I can see the look, and while I do remember his character from LOTR I would have to see again as far as acting but i’m sure thats not a problem either.

While I don’t usually look forward to recasting characters I think its shaped up pretty nicely.

18. Jeffrey S. Nelson - October 12, 2007

Dammit, Jim, give serious consideration to Gary Sinese as Mccoy. He plays young just like the Sulu guy.

19. max - October 12, 2007

Hmm…. I’ve been supportive of JJ’s casting choices, and I do like Karl Urban, but I’m having trouble picturing him in this role. Urban is a leading man type, and Bones isn’t that kind of guy. I’ll wait and see.

20. Demode - October 12, 2007

Gary Sinese is still McCoy in my eyes. 52 or not, he would be perfect casting.

21. Penny - October 12, 2007

I found a video
you can hear different accents he use for his movies
but it’s at the end of the clip.


22. Pragmaticus - October 12, 2007

Gary Sinise is too old, dammit!

23. Penny - October 12, 2007

you can hear his accents at around 2:50
not sure…. my compture’s to slow…Or you can watch the whole thing.

24. Horny Kirk - October 12, 2007

thats funny, IESB reported this earlier today and they are also saying that the Enterprise has been redesigned, that sucks if true.

25. Headless Redshirt - October 12, 2007

Wow, so some chick has a Karl Urban collection. She’ll be first in line at the local multiplex!

26. Robo- Cop - October 12, 2007

# 11 and 13: I agree Nero is a awful name. It sounds like a name you were hear in a TV show or movie like 20,000 leagues under the sea. It seems like Abrams is grasping at Straws to get (find) a name that sounds remotely menacing. That name is just lame.

27. Penny - October 12, 2007


That sucks! :(

28. YES MAN - October 12, 2007

This movie will be fine, reboot reboot reboot!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA WOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOO

29. Horny Kirk - October 12, 2007

IESB is reporting that the Enterprise is going to redesigned, is this true? Anthony, you claim to have inside sources, what are you hearing?

30. JBS (I like to vote, don't you? Yes or No) - October 12, 2007

Anthony, How about a another pole: Do you like the name Nero for the villain? Yes or No

31. NZorak - October 12, 2007


I can deal with a redesign, so long as they’re just tweaks. I know this isn’t a popular view, but I think the original enterprise just looked too pieced together. The movie version was a vast improvement, and I think the basic Enterprise design hit perfection with Enterprise E. I’m not saying that I think the original Enterprise should look just like the E, but I do think that streamlining it a tad and (even more importantly) making the interior of the ship not look like it’s lost in the ’60s would be good. Sure, the continuity would be a bit out of whack, but then the actors portraying the characters will also be a bit out of whack, so why not?

I’m quite impressed with the budget, and I hope that a Star Trek movie can make that kind of money back in this day and age. Either way, it looks like this is shaping up to be a hell of a movie.

32. Mike Wilson - October 12, 2007

I’m adding more fuel to the off-topic flame, I know. Sorry. But I hope they keep the look of the Enterprise relatively the same.

33. Leonel - October 12, 2007

Nero – now I’m remembering where I’ve heard that name before (other than this site): it was the name of the caterpillar sidekick to the terrible toad himself – Baron Silas Greenback in the British cartoon, Danger Mouse..

34. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - October 12, 2007

I was impressed with him in Chronicles of Riddick, but the role of McCoy is different. What I have seen of Karl Urban suggests that his strength may be more in portraying cool, even cold, calculating, sophisticated characters — good for villains and even someone like a Captain (though I’m not suggesting he should be Kirk). McCoy needs to be played as a man who is intelligent and thoughtful, but emotionally and ethically transparent, and even a little naive — like, “you can take the country bumpkin out of the heartland, but you can’t take the heartland out of the country bumpkin”.

35. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - October 13, 2007

Whoa! That Privateers clip is extremely Star Wars inspired, maybe a little like Serenity (which is also openly and extremely Star Wars inspired). It’s just like I said, too, he’s perfect as a maverick, calculating captain….

36. Penhall - October 13, 2007

Awful choice. Abrams is really tanking out on these ones. Started out strong and now…..yikes.

37. Trekee - October 13, 2007

@31 – *gasp*… Don’t do it, you’ll start a war!!! You’ve just said that everyone’s poster girl is like… ‘pieced together’!!!!! Ohhh noooo….

EVERYONE knows the Ent-E sucked ;-)

But yes, Karl Urban is my last hold out that I can get my girl to come along and see the film with me… She’s a big Simon Pegg fan, so that’s good, and having Eomer in it will help in that regard too but I suspect she’s actually just holding out for Captain Tightpants, ideally with some feeble excuse for him to be in it naked. (Hey, it got her hooked on Firefly so I can’t be too judgemental).

I think he’ll be fine actually, it’s the beard (same issue with Simon Pegg) that is so initially offputting, but get the boy a shave, a haircut and a nice clean blue top and he’ll fit right in.

As for the Nero name, what *else* are they going to name the last Emperor of Rome? You know it’s time travel, they have older Spock in it so quite OBVIOUSLY someone Vulcan woman goes back in time, rescues him from the flames to get his magical fiddle she read about, he escapes and goes and sets up Romulus with her and creates a moderately inbred empire (which would explain the Remans) and errrrr, the Trek Babies then have to sort it out.

With phasers.

When you look at all the pieces of the puzzle it just fits so well together.

Mr Orci, if you need a hand with some of the continuity, I’m free Wednesdays….

38. DavidJ - October 13, 2007

I definitely see a resemblance. And please, people, we’re not talking about a bunch of Swarzennegers or Stallones here who can only play ONE type of role and nothing else.

Most of these guys are legitimate actors who can play all KINDS of different parts if given the chance. As someone else said, Kelley played nothing but mean, vicious killers before Trek came along. There was little sign of the warm, kindly southern gentlemen he later became.

39. NZorak - October 13, 2007


Not trying to start a war, but it has always been my opinion that the saucer drive section is too far away from the saucer section and the nacelles. What could this design possibly hope to accomplish other than to create several very weak points on the ship that are hopelessly vulnerable to attack? Aside from that, the nacelles were entirely too round, and the bronze colored dish in the front just adds the final touch of campy cheese.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love the original series, but the Enterprise is a neat prototype rather than a finished product.

40. NZorak - October 13, 2007

#39 – remove the saucer from the “saucer drive section.” I love boards where you can go back and edit typos.

41. JBS (I like to vote, don't you? Yes or No) - October 13, 2007

Urban is too big muscular, personality doesn’t seem to fit; Pegg doesn’t seem right for Scotty, I don’t know about Pine as Kirk – don’t really see that either. I shall reserve final judgement until after I see the movie; then, I will either kiss the ground JJ walks on and praise him as a genius, or I will curse his name for all eternity. Simple as that.

42. DavidJ - October 13, 2007


Hey, if the movie doesn’t work, we can just consider it a “failed experiment”. That’s certainly how I look at VOY and ENT. And at least in this case it’ll only be one crappy movie we’ll have to suffer through, and not 14 seasons of crappy episodes. ; )

Don’t get me wrong, I love Trek too. But I don’t think it’s worth stressing out over or wishing people dead over. People need to get some perspective here.

43. Trekee - October 13, 2007


Oh, you mean from a *practical* point of view? You’re not actually having a go at the old girls coquettish looks?

The long neck is probably something to do with 23rd century warp mechanics requiring a much longer dilythium chamber array which runs through the length of the warp pylons, thus requiring the engines themselves to be much further out from the ship than later designs. This is turn would probably mean that the saucer section needs to be further away from the engineering hull so as to produce an optimal warp field envelope around the ship as a whole. I’m sure that there was also consideration given to not designing an overtly warlike ship as the enterprise was a vessel of peace and diplomacy and not an out and out warship the way the Ent-E was.

It’s also MUCH prettier.

Now the Simon Pegg and Karl Urban (had to get back on-thread) are on board though and are so much less like the original actors, it would seem to be a shift in the fanboy awareness that this film really might be boldly going somewhere new and shiny and so your wish for a kick-bottom new Enterprise may be that bit more likely.

Personally, I’d like them to keep the overall shape (the bit you don’t like, sorry) but make it a bit more stylised, more 50’s than 60’s so making it new, but still seemingly *before* the TOS Enterprise. It’ll be a big trick to pull off though but I’m looking forward to seeing how they do it (and then flaming them six ways to friday as is my right of course).

44. JBS (I like to vote, don't you? Yes or No) - October 13, 2007

DavidJ, I’m not stressed, and I didn’t say I would want JJ or anyone dead. Just said I would curse his name, like stupid @#*! JJ! But really, I’m juust exaggerating and joking. It’s all good.

45. Very classy - October 13, 2007

Dear Lord… Re-used “Crusher Joe” anime music, an Excelsior-class schematic for the starship layout…

Even “Ice Pirates” was better than this!

But Urban might make a good McCoy. NO ONE is going to fully replace DeForest Kelley. But he might work.

46. Skippy 2k - October 13, 2007

With the cast complete (or at least pretty well set) I started making an image of all of them and ended up doing a desktop. I may try something later with them photoshoped to there characters but here they are for now.

(One with white space/star backround and one with solid white as I didn’t know which I prefered)



47. Iowagirl - October 13, 2007

Maybe not grumpy enough…

48. AJ - October 13, 2007

Well, we’ve sort of got the crew. Now it remains to be seen if there will be Pike/Mitchell/Garrovick, Ruth/Carol Marcus, and even Chapel/Rand, etc.

I assume there are more to this flick than the Old Spock, the ENT bridge and Mr. Nero.

I reeeeeeally hope they don’t mess too much with NCC-1701. It’s an iconic piece of American film history, and, frankly, Mr. Abrams and his team “are not worthy” (Robert Wise, on the other hand, was).

We know we want pointy nacelles and a large deflector dish, too, please.

49. Cervantes ( getting cranky like Stanky... ) - October 13, 2007

Hmmm…I originally thought that big, rugged Karl Urban would make for a decent ‘villain’ ( better than Eric Bana would for instance ) when his involvement was originally mooted, and am disappointed that he is up for the good doctor instead…

However, after ‘The Simpsons’ inspired ‘Willie the gardener’ casting of ginger Simon Pegg as ‘Scotty’, nothing now surprises me from here on in…and if the http://www.iesb.net reports of a redesigned SHAPE of the ‘Enterprise’ ( as well as just the interiors ) turn out to be fairly radical, then this Movie will have completed it’s turn to the dark side…

It is also being reported that this Movie’s budget is going to be in the hefty region of $150 million or so, and this at least bodes well for the visuals…
but this is not going to resemble the Original Series look as near as I had hoped for it seems, and such an ‘alternative-timeline’ revisualization will not be a ‘true’ TOS-era Movie in my opinion, which is a pity, and this Star Trek reboot may have as well just been set in a different era to TOS…

50. ZoomZoom - October 13, 2007

#49 I agree- IF this is going to be an alternative timeline/reality then it will weaken the whole appeal. They should just go ahead and have the gonads to admit to and do a reboot. I’d find that easier to accept than an Enterprise/Federation/Earth that isn’t *ours*. I know that sounds slightly odd, but the thing with Trek has always been that its OUR (possible) future. Why weaken that with this alternate stuff?
Alternate was fine for an episode- as long as they came home at the end.

51. Cervantes - October 13, 2007

#50 ZoomZoom

Now there’s a thought…maybe once this team get’s a redesign of every element out of their systems, they’ll ‘come home’ at the end in time for the sequels… ;)

52. cugel the clever - October 13, 2007

This is by far the worst choice. The other actors chosen for the roles are reasonable, but there seems to be no justification for Urban (based on is past acting history) other than he’s a friend of the director and writers.

Urban is a big, muscular action hero who has shown no ability in past roles to think his way out of a situation, display the “humanistic” voice of reason, or even display an accent. In his role of McCoy, he will need a southern drawl and a pragmatic, intellectual personality. This is a complete mismatch. Given that it’s a key role in the movie, it could be enough to sabotage everything.

It’s too bad that cronyism has gotten in the way of sensible planning.

53. Rick - October 13, 2007

Re: the name Nero … Nero , emperor of Rome in the mid-1st century AD, was one of the most sick, twisted and evil men ever to live on this planet. While he invested heavily in Roman infrastructure and there was relative peace during his reign, he eventually became deeply enamored with himself and his power. He divorced his first wife and then had her killed so he could marry another. He executed Roman senators, citizens and anyone who disagreed with him. Criticized for a fire that wiped out a portion of Rome, he instead blamed the followers of a relatively new religious movement called Christianity and committed unspeakable horrors against them, from offering them to starving animals while hundreds of spectators looked on to burning them alive as torches to light his events.

I can’t imagine too many names more appropriate for a movie character intended to be evil.

54. cugel the clever - October 13, 2007


Please no time travel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Introducing time travel, as TOS and subsequent series’ did on several occasions, was the worst story decision ever made in the history of Trek. Time travel introduces paradoxes which are impossible to resolve and have wreaked havoc with Trek canon – almost every Trek episode featuring time travel explains it differently to the point where they can’t all be logically reconciled. In the TNG episode where Worf kept slipping into alternate-reality versions of the Enterprise, Trek even veered-off into a entirely different (albeit very similar) universe for the remaining episodes of Trek!

The Vulcan Science Directorate has determined that time travel is impossible.

55. CanuckLou - October 13, 2007

@54 and yet the MOST popular Trek episodes include time travel – CIty on the Edge of Forever, STIV, Yesterday’s Enterprise, Trials and Tribble-ations etc. I don’t get this prejudice against time travel stories.

It is not logical.

I hope the Enterprise re-design is more towards the interior than the exterior.

56. trektacular - October 13, 2007

Cervantes they are going for a broad audience not for the niche fan base, I can’t believe that people like you are suprised by this.

57. Johnny Ice. - October 13, 2007

Urban as McCoy, hmm i am not sure because only movies i have seen Urban, he is always in bad or angry mood. Can he be funny like DeKelley that is big question.

#24;IESB reported this earlier today and they are also saying that the Enterprise has been redesigned,,
Common sense prevails and i think this is a great news(if true). How about this as alternative for new Enterprise. http://gabekoerner.com/fx/Gallery/nightshade1064.jpg It need some changes f.e. Enterprise colors and nacelles need to be longer and look more like Ent E nacelles.

58. Jeff - October 13, 2007

I told you he’d be Bones.

I told you! hehe.

59. raulpetersen - October 13, 2007

urban made westerns

dekelly made westerns

i like the connection

60. Ty Webb - October 13, 2007

Why is this guy being cast? He couldn’t be farther away from DeKelley if he lived on Mars.

I’ll keep an open mind, but I have a feeling this film is going to be another exercise in style over substance and ultimately be a let down.

61. Gary - October 13, 2007

Remember that the Original Enterprise is at the S m i t h s o n i a n , take THAT into account, the Enterprise-D is on some richs guy basement and the Enterprise-E.. Well hey haven’t sold it in an auction (hmm… interesting)

Anyway the ENTERPRISE IS ON THE SMITHSONIAN, don’t piss on that

62. Ty Webb - October 13, 2007

#57. Are you kidding, that Enterprise belongs in the TNG universe, not the TOS one.

63. Mark Lynch - October 13, 2007

No disrespect intended but if the Enterprise gets that kind of an overhaul then I seriously doubt I will be one in line at the cinema. This will be a wait for DVD production for me.

The Enterprise is as iconic as any of the characters and whilst I understand the need for some changes to be made, you can’t stray too far from what is recognisable and loved to millions of fans. Even those that are not into Star Trek can probably describe the TOS Enterprise at least in the basic shape.

We need more detailing, but not what was done at the Smithsonian. It is going to be a hard nut to crack, and in all honesty, I do not know the answer.
I think as long as the basic looks remain the same, especially the ship exterior and the bridge layout, updated with modern technology, we will be alright. i.e. no more cardboard images stuck above the bridge consoles and more detailing to the exterior. Perhaps not too far removed from the TMP Enterprise makeover (which was wonderful BTW)

Anyhow, JJ and his team seem to have done well so far. So here’s hoping.

64. Mark Lynch - October 13, 2007

However I will vote for seats which are anchored to the deck on the bridge….

But no bloody seat belts!

Kind of takes some of the drama away, (not) seeing the crew get flung around :)

65. Cervantes ( Up my shaft indeed... ) - October 13, 2007

#56 Trektacular

I just can’t believe that TOS-referenced designs, albiet updated and altered with certain improvements would not be appealing to general audiences either…

66. Paul B. - October 13, 2007

For those who are dissing the idea of Urban as McCoy, try to remember (or go learn) that Deforest Kelley was well-known in westerns as a bad guy before becoming the lovably irascible Bones. Just because Urban has more of an action-guy background doesn’t preclude him for similarly shifting into the McCoy character. (And remember, Bones was never a wimp; he wasn’t a “tough guy” but he could hold his own.)

I’m more upset at the Cho casting as Sulu. I find him annoying beyond belief in everything I’ve seen of him, and I find it hard to believe that he’ll have the dignity and presence that made Sulu so awesome.

Overall, though, I’d say the cast looks promising. Now, if Abrams and crew will avoid using Romulans, time travel, or the Borg, maybe this Trek movie will be the start of something great.

67. Kirky - October 13, 2007

This guy doesn’t even have the look or the personality to be McCoy. Pretty boy shouldn’t get the part just because he’s pretty. Bad choice!!!!!

68. jonboc - October 13, 2007

Boy, what a stinker of a pilot. How on earth do people secure money to make trash like that anyway?? As far as Urban goes, based on this clip….no way, he was rotten, as was the script. Fortunately, the man has done other things so I can’t, fairly, base my decision on this one clip. Look at Walter, he was very good as the bad guy in Babylon 5, but he sucked eggs in this clip.
This Urban chap does seem a bit too dashing and rugged for our “old fashioned country doctor”…he seems to be more along the lines of Captain Pike. But the question is, can he put on the crusty veneer of McCoy and balance it with the passionate opinionated McCoy and make it believable? Does he have the acting range to pull it off? With De Kelley as the benchmark, whoever gets this role, damn well better.

69. Cully Hamner - October 13, 2007

Look, I realize that we want actors instead of lookalikes. But to me, an actor at least has to be in the ballpark of what the original character looked like. Pine has a definite “leading man” look, just as you’d expect for Kirk. Quinto has long features and a prominent nose, like you need for Spock (especially with Nimoy in the same movie!)

Urban, however, is a husky guy with a wide face. Kelley had a slight build with craggy features and large, expressive eyes. I just don’t see this resemblance that everyone’s talking about.

Maybe he had an amazing test, but I’m having a hard time buying him as McCoy…

70. Gary Lee - October 13, 2007

Karl Uran a Romulan sidekick for Eric Bana is the best for him.

71. YUBinit - October 13, 2007

#67 I agree. This I will watch if anything out of morbid curiosity… much like slowing down to see a car accident. But this is Trek? No… has the name but not the essence. May even have a great story and pacing… great effects… but not Trek no matter how many times they slap the name up.

72. NCC-73515 - October 13, 2007

the door sound in the video is from the alien movies

73. Mr. Quatloos - October 13, 2007

I don’t think every cast member has to be a clone of the original actor who portrayed the role.

Urban looks close enough for it to work for me.

74. YUBinit - October 13, 2007

Ponder these… Here is Bujold as Janeway. Don’t buy her for a moment in the role… and she was the FIRST choice, and this was only the moderately recieved Voyager. Now do this with Kirk and company? NO WAY!




75. Rick - October 13, 2007

Has anyone seen the Enterprise redesign in the August 2007 “Ships Of The Line” calendar? I couldn’t find a stand-alone image on the web, but if you go the the (lengthy) link below and choose the image option to view the back of the calendar, the August one is in the lower left corner.

It’s really a very nice rendition that preserves all the good things about the original Enterprise (even the deflector dish) while giving it little touches that make it look ‘updated’.’ I could live with this quite easily.


76. Cully Hamner - October 13, 2007

73: As I said, I don’t think we need clones, either– just physical types within the ballpark, like they’ve done with all the other actors so far (expect Pegg)– especially for an important, iconic character like McCoy.

And as I said, he’s not only NOT “close enough,” IMO, he’s not even in the neighborhood. If McCoy had been originally played by Robert Urich, maybe, but as a successor to DeForest Kelley?

Again, I don’t see it.

77. Cully Hamner - October 13, 2007

And actually, I’m a bit shocked no one has suggested Dexter Fletcher from BAND OF BROTHERS yet:


He’s a good actor that can do accents, and he’s definitely got the look. And he can play right in the same age range as Simon Pegg’s Scotty. Mr. Orci, if you’re listening… check this guy out!

78. Cully Hamner - October 13, 2007

Ah, sorry about that. Cut and paste into browser:


79. Cully Hamner - October 13, 2007

Okay, third attempt:


80. YUBinit - October 13, 2007

#75 Rick

You mean these?




81. Cully Hamner - October 13, 2007

Argh, one more time:


82. YUBinit - October 13, 2007

How about this Cully? LOL


83. Cully Hamner - October 13, 2007

Thanks. ;)

84. YUBinit - October 13, 2007

Most welcome.

Actually not a bad choice… see this one better if they HAVE TO make this movie as is.

85. New Horizon - October 13, 2007

They’re new actors, giving these characters their own spin. You cast based on chemistry, and if JJ sees chemistry between these characters, then that is far more important than being a physical match.

As far as The Enterprise goes…that’s the only thing I can not abide getting a complete overhaul. They can update it, and play with the style a bit…but the shape of the ship is so simple and unified. Unlike living, breathing people…the ship is timeless.

Whoever keeps posting those horrible ships by Gabe Koerner …or however his last name is spelled, enough. That last one is in no way a replacement for The Enterprise. It just looks like more of the same from the Berman/Braga days. They just kept pulling the ships in odd directions, as if they were made of rubber. It got really tiring. Enterprise E was horrible….and they kept making changes to it from First contact onward…they were never satisfied with it themselves. At least with the original, it stated the same from TMP, right through to Trek 6.

86. Shaggy - October 13, 2007

I voted Maybe…Need to Run more scans. He’s a good guy it’s just he wouldn’t have been the first person I would have thought of for a young McCoy.

And a little off-topic: Would anyone else like to see them bring Robert April into this movie? It wouldn’t have to be anything big of course but since he’s considered to be the ‘first’ captain of the Enterprise, it would be neat to see him along with Pike.

87. John N - October 13, 2007

#75 Rick

I believe that the artist is Gabe Koerner, and I agree with you… I liked his take on the classic design.

88. YUBinit - October 13, 2007

I agree on the TOS Enterprise, and even TMP refit. Others had elements that were nice (cept the TNG E-D) but the original is perfect AS IS. Some tweeks maybe to imply massive scale (unlike remastered) but leave the general structure alone.

89. John N - October 13, 2007

#75- Rick

Check this out to see his re-imagined Enterprise in motion…


90. Dennis Bailey - October 13, 2007

I enjoyed the “Privateers” demo for what it was, particularly at the time that it was done.

“How do people secure money…” is a question that misses the point – the demo was clearly done on a very, very limited budget, doubtless in an attempt to secure interest (and money).

91. YUBinit - October 13, 2007

#89 John

OH I likey. :)

92. 1701 over Gotham City - October 13, 2007

I absolutely hated this guy in LOTR. And aside from that, I really do not see any resemblance to Kelley or the character, physically or acting-wise.

However, I’ll hold out judgement until I can hear him say “Whatthedevil?”

He doesn’t really look old enough to me, though.

In any case, I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to see them delve into McCoy’s back-stroy… The whole divorce that drove him to join the fleet (Remember, he’s supposedly NOT an Academy grad!!) just gives him a lot of character.

This is delicate casting… McCoy is not only the voice of Humanity on the show, he’s also often the voice of the audience. Careful people, careful.

93. modesto! - October 13, 2007


94. 1701 over Gotham City - October 13, 2007

oh, and PS…

DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT use that hulking piece of crap as the Enterprise, or anything similar!!

Okay, it is neat looking, for a fan -design… but it looks like something that crawled out of the TNG era. If you Alter the ship that much… you’ve altered Trek drastically… which they supposedly have promised not to do.

Would you alter the Millenium Falcon? The 66 Batmobile? LEAVE IT ALONE!! The most I want to see is perhaps some stronger detailing, as they’ve done in the remastered episodes. Movie Crew, Don’t beat up a Science Fiction icon because you want to make it your own… it’s called Classic for a reason.

95. steve623 - October 13, 2007

“IF this is going to be an alternative timeline/reality then it will weaken the whole appeal. They should just go ahead and have the gonads to admit to and do a reboot.”

That’s my feeling. My support for and interest in this movie will be a lot higher if they don’t try to perpetrate a “oh we’re so interested in respecting canon” – “oh wait, its actually a backdoor reboot” bait-and-switch on me. If its a reboot, just say so. I can take it. Just don’t raise my expectations that its a continuation of the show I’ve taken to heart over the last 30 years if it isn’t.

96. John N - October 13, 2007

#94 – 1701 over Gotham City

As a matter of fact, they’ve redesigned the 1966 Batmobile SEVERAL times, with impressive results.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the ’66 Batmobile, but for a modern day movie, I’ll take the Tumbler over the ’66 design any day. To see Christian Bale riding around in that would get him laughed off the screen.

I’m not saying Mr. Kroerner’s design is the way to go, but I don’t want to see my heroes laughed off the screen, which I’m betting the general movie goer would do if they stick slavishly to the original interior and exterior designs of the lovely lady…

Just my $0.02

97. New Horizon - October 13, 2007

89. John N

It’s still way too clunky. It’s a very impressive design, but it looks more like a warship…which seems to be what everyone associates with Star Trek, thanks to the later TNG era shows.

There are elements of this ship that I do like…but it’s far too chunky looking.

98. Lord Garth Formerly of Izar - October 13, 2007

I dunno I kind of like Gabe’s design especially when you see it in motion. If they are going to tinker with the E I wouldn’t be adverse to some of it’s design elements being incorporated. Maybe take out some of the harsh angles on the secondary hull, reverse the pylons, cover the exposed tops areas on top of the warp engines and voilla.

As far as Urban goes, meh??? Don’t know enough about his work, face wise I can see it

99. ZoomZoom - October 13, 2007

#97 ditto your warship comment. It looks ‘Borg-ified’ to me!
No, not what I want to see.

100. jonboc - October 13, 2007

# 90- “the demo was clearly done on a very, very limited budget, doubtless in an attempt to secure interest (and money). ”

Clearly it did neither.

101. Plum - October 13, 2007

Karl is a good guy, but JJ still hasn’t called me… I will not pedal flesh!

102. Kuvagh - October 13, 2007

39: The original ship had more thought put into it than you may realize. The idea is that the engines are so powerful that they’re dangerous — so they need to be held away from inhabited areas of the ship. Engineering, while inhabitable, is also pretty dangerous, so it’s separate from the saucer-shaped habitat area. The saucer was designed to routinely detach from the rest of the ship and make landings, but that was too expensive in the 60’s so they invented the transporter. Saucer separation has become more of an emergency procedure.

Furthermore, geometric shapes are always sensible design decisions unless there are very compelling reasons not to use them. Here on Earth, wind resistance is such a reason — at least for vehicles — but that’s not an issue in space. Neither is holding up to gravity.

Thinking about what outer space is like and about how machines work produces much more credible designs. Were it my decision, and were I not an artist myself: I’d hire Sternbach and Probert in order to provide a counterbalance to the stuff being drawn by a troop of young blood, thus ensuring that it’s all simultaneously space, Trek and freshly open minded.

103. RJO - October 13, 2007


104. YUBinit - October 13, 2007


Maybe if he took it and enlongated it at about 15-25%? Would then make it a bit more elegant… maybe mute the details a bit by making them less protruding/indented?

105. Notbob - October 13, 2007

I think they quit trying with the casting about two weeks ago and just said “well, we already hired this guy, and that one and promised we would fit a part for this guy. Why not make then Scotty, Bones, and Sulu?”

I’m ranting again because of one key factor. They–writers and director– have stated that this is not a remake of Star Trek. It will follow and fit in with all of the other Star Treks. That suggests to me that it is the same Star Trek World. Not a remake.

If this is indeed the case, then the actors should at least resemble the original actor some. This, mind you, is not saying that Pegg, Urban, or Cho are bad actors. But they don’t look a lick like Scotty, Bones, or Sulu.

Also, think about the original actors for a minute. Now I’ve always felt that if you put 1960s era Scotty in a fist fight with Bones, of the same era, Scotty would win. Not saying this would happen but Doohan looked bigger than Kelly.

Urban looks like he could whip Pegg to death with one arm tied behind his back.

Again, this has nothing to do with the actors or their acting abilities.

It would be the same if someone said, “let’s hire Edward James Olmos and make him Kirk.”

Olmos is a great actor, but there is no way in hell he could be Captain Kirk. Unless, the movie is a complete remake/ reimagining.

Since we’ve been told this…..

106. Chain of Command - October 13, 2007

I’m sure that the cast will turn out fine and when they finally start filming next month everything will fall into place.

As for the Enterprise:
Some detailing is all it needs. It’s close to a 1000 feet long so they can do stuff to it and give it some punch without changing it too much.

In any event;

It will all come together. And if it doesn’t, well, the world will still turn and we will all still have to go to work in the morning. LOL

107. robin alexander - October 13, 2007

the only way to keep this serious is to cast actors not because they have to look like the original, the old cast will completly overshadow the new ones.

its about talent! and the new actors have to show some of there own thing to the characters, that way we get a fresh and unique look to these famous characters.

if they imitate the old ones we only get another crappy SNL sketch.

108. Paul - October 13, 2007

I can see Karl Urban playing McCoy in the movie. However I’m a bit afraid he won’t be available for any potential spin-off series that might be coming AFTER the movie. Which sucks, because we’re going to get yet *another* new McCoy for the series. :-(

109. robin alexander - October 13, 2007

#108 because the writers are talking about potentiol sequels, i think they have put that in the contract. something like: “if this movie will be a succes you will in the next movie” or something like that.

they did the same thing with the star wars cast

110. Kuvagh - October 13, 2007

I see the casting issue as analogous to casting for Kennedy, Nixon, Monroe, etc. Example: “The Aviator,” in which Leonardo DiCaprio played Howard Hughes and a woman who’s name escapes me played Katheryn Hepburn very convincingly.

111. TK - October 13, 2007

#46 skippy 2k

I prefer the first image with the stars (?) in it. I like the poster(s) v. much! Well done!! Looking at the seven actors all lined up, I’m suddenly seeing it all coming together. I think Pegg’s addition has added an extra dimention to the cast. I can see why TPTB cast him now. The cast certainly have a different feel to the original (at the moment) but that was to be expected. It would be really interesting to see how the chemistry works! Can’t wait!!!

112. DavidJ - October 13, 2007

I know I’m probably the only one, but I have no problem with them redesigning the Enterprise in any way they see fit.

I’m a HUGE fan of TOS, but when I think of all the things that made that show work, the design of the Enterprise is not one of them. It’s a great design, no doubt about it, but what I’m REALLY interested in seeing from Abrams is a Trek movie that captures the spirit of exploration and adventure that the original series had. I want to see a gallant crew exploring the depths of space in a fantastic starship, and setting foot on strange, alien worlds.

That’s all that should matter here, not whether all the surface details and design elements match up perfectly with something created over 40 years ago. You guys sound like a bunch of old curmudgeons, refusing to try anything new.

113. The Alternative Factor Chris - October 13, 2007

Actually after seeing the original series set design and costumes on Enterprise’s Mirror Universe episodes, I honestly think they can pull most of the look and feel off. It’s all about lighting.

As for the outside, I’d prefer it to have the exact same shape and dimensions as TOS, but the level of detail should be that of the movie Enterprise design.

114. JMS Brody - October 13, 2007

I have no idea if anyone’s already mentioned this–but Timothy Omundson’s resemblance to DeForest Kelley is uncanny. I mean, he is literally DeForest Kelly incarnate. He’s also the right age for the role–38 (slightly older than the regular cast, but still south of 40–unlike Gary Sinise).

Here’s a link to a YouTube Video featuring Omundson:


Scary, right?

Here’s his IMDB page:


115. ZoomZoom - October 13, 2007

thanks #111 hadn’t noticed Skippy’s post.
Good job, Skippy. Does seem odd seeing them together like that- gona have to get used to it I guess. :)

116. Dr. Image - October 13, 2007

On the other hand, realize that JJ has an inherent and HUGE responsibility to respect what has come before.
Anything less would be an insult to all of Trek history.
I really hope he understands that, and works WITHIN, and not around, that framework.
Doing so would indicate TRUE creativity.

117. TK - October 13, 2007

#114 JMS Brody

WOW! I’m totally sold on timonthy Omundson being cast as McCOY!!! And i guess he won’t have a problem with the southern accent. Great! JJ, please consider him, NOW!

118. Skippy 2k - October 13, 2007

Thanks TK, ZoomZoom. :) Talking about the Enterprise again I hoping that its virtually the same as it was in TOS (virtually since I doubt they went out and found the 3ft? model from the cage). If they do alter it, while I like the view from the front of Gabe’s model and think the bussards are pretty cool I prefer them to not go that far. Can’t wait to see it on the big screen for “The Menagarie”.

I’ve posted these before when I was trying to “cagify” Dennis Bailey’s Phoenix model.

No glow nacelles:

Blue glow nacelles:

Just a different view:

119. ZoomZoom - October 13, 2007

#118 Skippy- your hard work is now my Wallpaper! Thanks!, it will give me time to get used to the new original crew! ;)

120. TJ - October 13, 2007

Well I have no doubt Karl will nail the accent (if they choose to go with it…its not like they’re going that close to the original anymore), his ‘look’ is on the right lines and considering all the other left-field castings like Pegg…well this is sorta middle ground. Karl is a good actor though and as others have said Kelly played villians before Trek, I specifically remember him in a couple of episodes of Bonanza (playing a doctor in one!). We shall see if this works…

With the recent casting news, things are shaping up to be very much a re-imagining ala BSG then a rejuvination or ‘reinvigorisation’. It’ll take some getting used to considering the earlier promise of something more close to home. I’ve gone from enthusiastic to more cautious but it took me a good season or 2 to warm to BSG too. Eventually I just took it on its own terms rather then what came before it and will have to see if this reimagining will sink or swim. They’re definately taking some risks, good and bad but only the box office and end result will be the judge of whether they worked or not.

121. Kev-1 - October 13, 2007

This may be a little off topic but I hope they haven’t gone too far if they’ve redesigned the Enterprise. “Hero” ships are hard to make – I can only think of a couple that have throngs of fans — Enterprise and Seaview– and the E is by far the most radical and unusual design. Anybody who thinks the E isn’t needs to sit down with a blank sheet of paper, a pencil, and some aspirin, start scribbling, and they’ll soon realize just how inspired the E was. Some of the SW ships are good, but the E carries the considerable weight of Star Trek’s credibility on its graceful frame and is a character. But hey, considering how far they’ve strayed already– pushing through the pink galactic barrier with red alert klaxons blowing in my humble opinion — might as well go for it. You can’t fall that far in space, unless you start falling from orbit, or something.

122. New Horizon - October 13, 2007

114. JMS Brody

LOL Holy CRAP!!!! Even I would have to endorse him.

123. 1701 over Gotham City - October 13, 2007

No. 96 John N

No, they’ve not redesigned the 66 Batmobile… they’ve made totally new cars that are their own design. That’s not the same.

Imagine taking the 66 car, and adding a third fin, putting a roof on it, and adding new lights. That’s a redesign, and ruining what we know.

The original designs of the ship can be used, if used well and used right. We can add new screens or new details here and there in the halls, but there are things we KNOW to be right, and things that are expected. If this film is to appeal to a general audience as well as fans, then things have to be given that a general audience KNOWS. And everyone knows the Enterprise. Don’t screw around with it.

124. Dennis Bailey - October 13, 2007

#100: “# 90- “the demo was clearly done on a very, very limited budget, doubtless in an attempt to secure interest (and money). ”

Clearly it did neither.”

The vast majority of demos and pilots don’t. How did yours do?

I really doubt that the Enterprise will be much closer in design, if at all, to the TOS ship than the ST:TMP version was (the engines might resemble the original more). As for the sets, Zimmerman’s bridge design for ST 5 is probably more like the TOS bridge than this one will be. But we’ll see. :)

125. TJ - October 13, 2007

#114. JMS Brody

HOLY CRAP!!!!!! Are we sure thats not Kelly’s son…or clone????? Is he any good acting wise? Wow…that is scary, he’s even got the cool blue-eyed calculating ‘stare’.

126. Shinzon's Father - October 13, 2007

The movie bridge and uniforms should look like this


else, its a reboot. And they said they’d respect canon.

127. Mr. Quatloos - October 13, 2007

I’m not a fan of the Koernerprise. Granted, it’s not horrible but it’s just not very graceful…it looks a bit chunky for my tastes.

I’d like to see something graceful with actually LESS of those nerny details and maybe more *painted* plating and more windows.

Windows can go a long way towards making it look big without having a lot of bulky plating and added chunky detailing.

Also, with CGI, they should be able to get in close on the ship and have us see inside the windows! I don’t see the point of doing CGI that just looks like model shots. Let’s see inside the ship and see people moving around in some of those shots!

Lighting also plays a vital role in scale.

128. Inish - October 13, 2007

(Another first time poster here)

I’d still love Gary Sinise in the role: the resemblance is EERIE and the voice is perfect (with or without the accent) and I love him as an actor, but I know it’s just not realistic at this point.

But #114 – Wow! I didn’t know who Timothy Omundson was until I saw his “Deadwood” credit and remembered him as Brom Garret! This guy’s a good actor, has blue eyes, did at least one Western, is about the right age, *and he’s from the South*.

McCoy is just such an *American* part to me, far so more than the other American characters on TOS, he’s an American archetype of sorts. He was the southern man encountering the new frontier with a skeptical but awe-struck gaze, and DeForest Kelley both defied and had fun with the stereotypes that could so easily have lessened the quality of the show. It’s true, the nationality of the actor shouldn’t matter (there are too many examples of excellent performances with fake accents to count) and is there an accent Aussies CAN’T do? It just…rattles. I can handle Kirk not being played by a Canadian, because he’s an American character, but Bones was from Georgia played by an actor from Georgia, and nothing about Karl Urban (whom I totally respect!) speaks of “Bones” to me, not in looks, physique, attitude, presence, or humour, regardless of accent and nationality.

I loved all the Original Crew, but the supporting characters were just never as developed and prominent as the Big Three. I like the idea of giving the other four more to do and dimensionality, like the movies did a good job of, but casting of Kirk, Spock and McCoy is SO MUCH more important than any other casting, how the characters are treated is the linchpin of the film, IMHO. It’s where we get the “even number rule” from: how in character, how close, and how human the characters are, is the biggest reason for why the fans will love a film or hate it, and if any one of the Big Three just looks *awkward* and doesn’t have chemistry remotely approaching Shatner, Nimoy and Kelley, it will throw it out of balance and the film will limp around like a metaphor about ships I can’t come up with but you get what I mean.

Oh J. J., he the creator of “Alias”, please don’t screw this up!

129. Mr. Quatloos - October 13, 2007

SKIPPY!!!! Damn dude!!! You nailed it!!!

The top design of the three is the way to go! That’s exactly what the film needs. I hope Abrams, Orci and Kurtzman are seeing your design!

Perfect. Just need some nice closeup shots where we can see inside the windows and we’re there!

130. Gary Lee - October 13, 2007

I was thinking maybe this isn’t a time travel movie but the older Spock is dying and is having a mind melt with someone viewing of his past and we are along to watch important events in his life (flashbacks). Like the “Balance Of Terror” with the Romulans, meeting Kirk for the first time and at the end being with the dead Kirk (Shatner).

131. Cully Hamner - October 13, 2007

114: Yup, he’s a better choice, too.

132. Johnny Ice. - October 13, 2007

#112; You are not the only one. Actually i am always shocked when i hear when people wanting pretty much the same TOS Enterprise in XI movie.
Someone said because ENTERPRISE IS ON THE SMITHSONIAN they scold no mess with it.
I have quite opposite take on this, because it is in Smithsonian MUSEUM is exactly the BEST reasoning why we need NEW Enterprise for XI.
#114, WOW Timothy Omundson is properly the best suggestion i have heard for McCoy role.

133. Paul Martin - October 13, 2007

Skippy, I love it! A few little tweaks that work nicely… I am a huge Thunderbirds fan, I nearly cried when I saw the ‘new’ designs, but that seriously rocks

134. TJ - October 13, 2007

Not sure if anyone has done one of these yet, but here’s a mock-up of Urban as McCoy:


And a comparison side by side the original:


135. JCool - October 13, 2007

Close enough

Good choice.

Good actor.

136. Kirk's Girdle - October 13, 2007

They should give Urban the villain role and give McCoy to Bana, who’s not nearly as muscular (unless he’s turning green). Also, Bana did a hell of a south Texas accent in “Black Hawk Down”. I think there were about three real Americans in that film – everyone else was faking it.

137. JCool - October 13, 2007

He’s pretty busy.
We might see someone else cast as McCoy.

138. Cranston - October 13, 2007

I’ll withhold judgement on Urban until I see more of him (and until I see the film). I have similar concerns to others here, but we’ll see. I hope he surprises me.

That said, he seems like he would’ve been a good fit for Gary Mitchell (if Mitchell were going to be in the film, anyway).

Hoping for the best.

139. JCool - October 13, 2007



140. jonboc - October 13, 2007

114- Damn- I’ve never heard of that guy, but JJ could do a LOT worse than to give him a call. Looks like he could play a very believable Bones with ease. Hell, he is so good for the role, in both looks and acting, the link bears repeating.


Sign this guy.

..and 124- “The vast majority of demos and pilots don’t. How did yours do?”

Every bit as good as yours I’m afraid.

141. JMS Brody - October 13, 2007

I don’t want to take too much credit for suggesting Omundson–the resemblance is so uncanny that I have to believe someone here has suggested him before. And, better yet, the man is indeed a talented actor.

As for Urban–I’m relatively ambivalent. That said, practically speaking, when you look at the triumvirate of Kirk, Spock and McCoy–does it make sense to cast Urban opposite two relative unknowns? It seems like there would be a lack of symmetry there.

Well, Abrams, Orci, Kurtzman et al know what they’re doing. If Omundson is a legitimate option I’m sure they’re looking into it.

But, for the hell of it—let’s consider this the beginning of the Timothy Omundson for Bones campaign.

142. JMS Brody - October 13, 2007

Wait a minute—how did I miss this? Omundson was in J.J.’s last film–Mission Impossible III.

So, needless to say, they’re aware of who this guy is.

143. TJ - October 13, 2007

#141 – JMS Brody

Omundson is totally McCoy ,however, I think they’ve already estabished that dispite the good start, the ‘mold’ casting has been chucked out the window. So it doesn’t matter how ‘right’ Omundson is just like how ‘right’ McGillion was….as much as we’d like to see them, aint gonna happen as the offer sounds like its already on the table and Anthony hasn’t been wrong yet! Though I’m surprised considering he’s worked with JJ before and they seem to be casting people they know. Weird. It is uncanny and downright SCARY how close Omundson is to Kelly though, seriously, I think my jaw is bruise from where it hit the floor when I checked your previous links!!!

144. Etha Williams - October 13, 2007

#53 “I can’t imagine too many names more appropriate for a movie character intended to be evil.”

See, this is a large part of my *problem* with the name — it’s too obvious. I don’t mind names that sound somewhat evil (I always thought the hard, somewhat guturral TOS Klingon names were pretty appropriate), but Nero is just over-the-top evil. It’s almost like a joke. Plus, the coincidence is just too ridiculous — it’s almost as bad as the Pledge of Allegiance in Omega Glory.

There’s a fine line between well-done parallel earth cultures and ridiculous, absurd parallel earth cultures, but I think naming a villain Nero puts you safely into the second category.

Re: the Enterprise design — I say stay with the old. Even some of the stuff that I know a lot of people find really outdated don’t seem to ridiculous to me — for example, the communicators. People are always pointing out how clunky 23rd century communicators seem compared to 21st century phones. But communicators operate using faster-than-light subspace communications — who knows what kind of hardware has to be installed to do that. It’s very possible that that’s the best they could do in the 23rd century, IMO. Likewise

That said, I won’t be heart broken if a few things (communicators, some of the control buttons, the viewscreens) are different…but please, please, please don’t turn the big E into an unrecognizable hunk of metal. It was an elegant, memorable design…maybe not the most practical, but try telling me that Romulan War Birds, klingon battlecruisers, or (worst of all) DS9 had practical design.

Finally, on the actual topic of this article — I wasn’t convinced on Urban as McCoy in terms of looks, but after watching a variety of clips from him on you tube and seeing the mock-up from #134, I’m much more confident.

145. Nelson - October 13, 2007

They are certainly challenging us with these new actors in the iconic roles of McCoy and Scotty and maybe even Kirk. This is probably what they wanted to do.

I happen to think that one of the original qualities that made Kirk Spock and McCoy and Scotty what they are is that they are men. Grown ups and ordinary professionals doing their jobs. What you call pretty boys, I call the current boyish look. A kid who still wants to be 20 years old and look like a teenager. Interesting how the actors from Hollywood today all look like boys and not like men like they used to back in the 1940’s and up till the late 60’s.

This guy does look brutish, not very McCoy like. Looks like he’d rather kill then save lives.

I suppose Pegg is a good enough actor and they can deal with the costuming and hair and make-up to give him a more manly and serious appearance. I can see him possibly lean towards geeky.

Again, they must be challenging the established norms with the casting. Though they all don’t have to be barrel chested and macho.

Perhaps that’s JJ’s plan, to make these guys appear to have passed a certain look to be real in a quasi-military insitution like Starfleet Command. Fly-boys.

146. TJ - October 13, 2007

>>>>136. Kirk’s Girdle – October 13, 2007
They should give Urban the villain role and give McCoy to Bana, who’s not nearly as muscular (unless he’s turning green). http://www.readersread.com/pics/ericbana.gif

147. Etha Williams - October 13, 2007

I meant to ask in my #144 — where is this IESB report several people have mentioned (24, 49, 57)?

148. NZorak - October 13, 2007

The only thing I don’t like about that fan made redesign is the dish in front. It’s hard to see the drive section in the shot. All in all though, the ship looks like an odd combo of the original ship, the ship from the movies, and Next Gen era ships. But it mostly works for me.

149. AJ - October 13, 2007

With all the talk of the “troika” of Kirk, Spock and McCoy, was there not chatter that young Kirk may be killed early on (by future Romulans, i.e. Mr. Nero), and that Trek would boldly go in new directions?

Kinda remember this speculation.

150. JCool - October 13, 2007

I hope Chris Pine sign up for the movie.

Chris Pine > Mike Vogel

151. Star Trackie - October 13, 2007


Just watched the above link posted earlier. Wow. And he was in Abrahms MI:3t???

Why isn’t this Omundson fellow being announced YESTERDAY as the new McCoy?? WHen he raises up from that desk in the above clip I can just imagine him about to tear into Kirk or SPock for some “crazy stunt” they are about to pull.

I should be getting excited about the actual casting, not the guys who weren’t cast…something is wrong here.

And leave the Enterprise alone please, she is just fine as is.

152. JCool - October 13, 2007


Maybe this Omundson fellow is not interested to play McCoy.

153. Aurelia - October 13, 2007

I prefer Urban, but Omundson is still a great option. I loved him in Psych. He’s got the cranky part down pat.

154. JACKIEBOY - October 13, 2007

Urban will have to lose some weight if he’s cast. There can’t be a buff McCoy.

155. IrishTrekkie - October 13, 2007

Nero , hmm must be a Romulian is think , cause Nero was the name of a emperor of rome , lol i think bana actually played a character called Romulus in one of his movies too , according to imdb , so yea maybe

156. IrishTrekkie - October 13, 2007

and ahahahahahahahha , the pilot called The Privateers, was brilliant it was actually about as camp as any esp of TOS , get karl urban in these movie now !

157. CanuckLou - October 13, 2007

And wasn’t that Ando from Heroes at the beginning of the clip?

I prefer the Enterprise of STXI to preserve the look of the original ship exterior wise. Its classic and still looks impressive even by today’s standards. Internally they can beef up the sets and still integrate them with the overall design look of the original show – especially the Bridge and Engineering.

However, multiple entry/exit points for the bridge should be used in this iteration.

Can’t wait to see some set pictures etc.

158. Nathan - October 13, 2007

Ha ha….Eomer as Leonard McCoy.

“Forth Eorlingas–I mean, he’s dead, Jim!”

159. Kirk: The Jack Bauer Of Space Only Not Hungover In Jail - October 13, 2007

>”NZorak – October 12, 2007
>If Abrams and Orci are actually reading the comments on this site, >here’s one worth considering:
>DO NOT name the villain Nero. Change it to something, anything else. >Please! ”

How about “Nero Burning ROM” or “Nero Express” ? :D

(couldn’t resist)

160. NZorak - October 13, 2007



Seriously, I can live with a reboot, assuming that the only thing they’re rebooting is actors, set designs, uniforms, and starship appearances. That’s all superficial, but if they stay true to events, characters, technology, etc. then it will be fine. People have already mentioned Batman Begins, and I think it bears repeating. That movie is not consistent with the superficial elements of Batman as shown in Detective Comics #27, which was his first appearance. That comic was published before World War II.

Likewise, the original Star Trek was on TV before Star Wars innovated special effects and set a new visual standard for scifi. It was on before Star Trek: The Motion Picture, which took a very plain looking ship model and made it into a far more interesting ship model. It was on before Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Enterprise, which both set new standards on the look of the Star Trek universe.

In other words, as someone mentioned earlier, I don’t want to see Trek’s only shot at survival laughed at, especially when they have the technology and the budget to bring it in-line with more modern productions, and frankly, look better than the original.

161. NZorak - October 13, 2007


Funny! Similar puns had crossed my mind, and it makes me wonder, if Abrams cannot be dissuaded from his horrific plan, will most average modern audiences associate Nero with the crazy Roman emperor or the burning software? My bet is on the latter rather than the former, and that just makes me sad.

162. Kirk: The Jack Bauer Of Space Only Not Hungover In Jail - October 13, 2007

161–So well said! I loved TOS, grew up on TOS, breathe TOS. But I’m ready for it to be modern.

163. Xai - October 13, 2007

Some people will have to learn to live with a little change..or just not go.

164. Shinzon's Father - October 13, 2007

# 160, #162

I don’t mean they have to copy every detail and look outdated on purpose or anything. But the general look ain’t bad imo. Even better than the later, too colorful, bridge.
The monitor displays could be improved, the uniforms could be a bit more detailed (of course the “lamps” have to go), and I’m sure no one would complain if they added a few details here and there.

If they change the ship, the uniforms and designs, it’s a reboot. It doesn’t fit with the rest and contradicts it.
In which case they could as well change the technology, the events and the characters, too (like BSG did).
I mean what’s the point of a little bit of canon when it’s a de-facto reboot anyway? Wouldn’t that be a wasted chance of a real fresh start?

What is it exactly you think the people would laugh at?

165. TrekNerd - October 13, 2007

#37: “I think he’ll be fine actually, it’s the beard (same issue with Simon Pegg) that is so initially offputting, but get the boy a shave, a haircut and a nice clean blue top and he’ll fit right in.”

DeForest Kelley had a beard in Star Trek: The Motion Picture, and James Doohan had a mustache in all the Star Trek movies he starred in.

166. I AM THX-1138 - October 13, 2007

That WNMHGB bridge is great. I have given up on the casting choices, but please don’t eff up the Enterprise. Skippy has it nailed. There are details and it remains true to the original.

Sorry, Xai, but some of what I am hearing, if true, is starting to turn me off to this movie. And trust me, I was as psyched as ANYONE here for this to be made. I usually get butchered when I make comparisons, but here I go again. It’s like taking your cat to Stephen King’s pet cemetary. Kind of the same cat but you don’t want look at it too much because it creeps you out. It used to be dead and probably should have stayed that way.

That having been said (and remember that this is only my lame attempt to describe how the news of the past couple days makes me feel) I will promise to give it a chance, but, honestly, for me the pendulum is swinging the other direction.

167. Ampris - October 13, 2007

Yup, I’m still pulling for this guy as McCoy. No major complaints here. Omundsun would probably be great in the role, too, and knowing that he was in MI:III and thus has a good chance of being considered should Urban be unavailable is very reassuring. I’d be happy with either of these two playing the part, so I’m not gonna worry too much about it anymore. That’s a nice feeling, actually. :)

168. Kirk: The Jack Bauer Of Space Only Not Hungover In Jail - October 13, 2007

164–I’m sure the set people/art people/uniform people will strike the right balance between modernizing and staying true to the “look” of TOS. It’s going to be pretty cool to see I think.

In TMP I LOVED the new ship, hated, (just totally despised) the new uniforms. Except for maybe Kirk’s short-sleeve white command shirt in some bridge scenes.

The new uniforms for TWOK were perfect. Uniforms for ST II – VI have never been improved upon, imho.

I think uniforms for the new movie might be the biggest challenge, visual-wise. Too bad they can’t use TWOK uniforms.

169. NZorak - October 13, 2007


Why can’t they use TWOK uniforms? Whenever I go back and read a Trek novel from the original series, the interior of the Enterprise was always brownish and the uniforms were always burgundy, at least the way I imagined them, often contrary to what the text said. .

170. DavidJ - October 13, 2007


Wow, just have to give another nod to Skippy’s great ship design. The bridge module might be a little too tall, but overall that is still a FANTASTIC looking ship!!

Hopefully we get something close to that in the movie.

171. Mary Jay - October 13, 2007

I actually could buy Karl Urban to play McCoy. He seems to have that crooked smile at least. Like some have said, put on some blue contact lenses, drop a few pounds… yeah, he could do it. Omundson does bare a resemblance (funny, I seem to be the only one not to be stunned by this so-called resemblance…) but I feel he would clash compared to the rest of the cast (he seems to have been beamed directly from the sixties!). I will never say it enough: too bad Gary Sinise is too old for the part… hell, he even has the same voice!

And I think it’s ironic that in this new version, Bones would look hotter than Kirk! :-) Too bad he’s so cranky !

172. New Horizon - October 13, 2007

GAH! Now the uniforms. Please, no ST 2 – 6 uniforms either. Lets pull Trek back to its roots and get away from the military edge that it took on in the movies. With each film, the military undertones grew more prominent. Good old Nicholas Myer really didn’t know what Star Trek was, he just interpreted it the only way his brain new how…he had to militarize it. I’ve listened to his commentaries, and my God they’re boring. The man is a fountain of knowledge…but he lacks the spark of imagination that Star Trek requires. JJ has that spark. I feel Trek is in good hands.

173. Skippy 2k - October 13, 2007

Just to point out, while I made some alterations and added some stuff to make it an “Early Enterprise” the model was actually done by Dennis Bailey. Don’t want to take credit away from him as I really like the ship, thats why if the 1701 is altered for the movie I hope to see something like this, detailed but easily refitted to what we see in TOS.

The phoenix:

Here is another alteration I was doing before, making the cage bridge from SeanR’s TOS bridge. Not finished (haven’t done anything on it in a long while). Thought about trying a “fly in” shot putting this into the modified phoenix/1701:

174. Etha Williams - October 13, 2007

#172 — Agreed re: the military thing. Honestly, while I would prefer it not happen, I could live with a major visual reimagining of TOS, but if the militaristic/political undertones from later series (especially DS9) get involved, I’ll be pretty upset.

175. Malcolm Walsh - October 13, 2007

Why haven’t they asked Gary Senise? That guy is so the one to be Dr. McCoy…look at him, seriously. When I first saw him in Forest Gump, I so thought, “Man, if they EVER have to redo Star Trek from the ground up, that’s the guy to be Bones”

Gruff exterior…check. A more mature look and sensiblity so that a young James Kirk would listen to him…check. Hell, he even looks a bit like DeForest…its in the eyes. Southern accent and a drawl…definete check.

And if they could get him, it’d be perfect casting, because he could bring so much truth and talent to the role.

Now…who is this Urban guy?

176. VulcanBabe - October 14, 2007

I definitely see a tinge of Bones in him…but his acting style is very different. Yet if he was offered the role, I assume his auditions went well. ^^ Can’t wait to see him claim “I’m a doctor, Jim…not a man of Rohan!”

177. USS SANTA - October 14, 2007

Yea, just paint the Enterprise to look like the partrige family bus. Hows that for sixties/seventies style?
“..come on get happy..”

178. Mary Jay - October 14, 2007

I went on IMDB.com to check out pics of Karl Urban… put aside the Rohan soldier gear, some pics where he has the helmet on, well… just look at his gaze and try ty convince me he couldn’t do it ;-)

So, is it still a rumor, or is it confirmed? ‘Cause on the cast page http://trekmovie.com/trek-xi-movie-info/cast/ , they don’t list him as “been offered” but it’s as though it’s already decided…

179. Harry Ballz - October 14, 2007

#166 THX “some of what I am hearing, if true, is starting to turn me off to this movie. And trust me, I was as psyched as ANYONE here for this to be made.”

You and me both, pal!!

As soon as they cast “Willie the gardener” to play the Chief Engineer, I lost ALL hope for this movie!

JJ’s spec script for a Superman movie sucked the big one and so does his casting choices for this production!!!

Honestly, when is the last time Hollywood cranked out a GREAT movie??

180. Shatner_Fan_2000 - October 14, 2007

I guess I can live with Urban in the role. But do we really need a Bones who has more testosterone than Kirk and Spock combined??

181. The Master - October 15, 2007

Since this is supposed to be pre-tos and after enterprise , why do we need the Enetrprise to be a constitution class hip, surely there were other classes of ships between the enterprise of Archer and that of Pike and Kirk.

Urban dose resemble McCoy, but can he do the accent, he is not the worse choice , but he his not the best, The worse choice so far seems to be Cho and Peg, but that is only seems to be let you know when I see the movie.

182. Dom - October 16, 2007

As I’ve said elsewhere, Deforest Kelley was known for playing tough guys before playing McCoy, so Urban actually fits the role rather well! I’m looking forward to the inevitable photocall!

183. Sean4000 - October 16, 2007

181: The Constitution-class lineage was launched sometime prior to 2245, and served as Starfleet’s front-line vessels for the rest of the century. The Constitution-class also served as a mighty deterrent to both the Klingon and Romulan Empires, several times taking part in combat actions which determined the fate of the entire Federation if not the Alpha Quadrant itself.

i found this at mem alpha and it might help clear the confusion.

184. The Master - October 17, 2007

183 Thanks. I knew the post constitution class history just not when it was launched. I also was aware of its significance. I just was not certain if the cannon time line would have permitted another class of ship by the name of enterprise.

Again thanks for the info,

185. ObiWanCon - October 17, 2007

This is directly from Startrek.com

Launched in 2245, the original and illustrious starship U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 was built in the San Francisco Yards orbiting Earth. The Constitution-class starship was previously captained by Robert April and Christopher Pike, before coming under the command of Captain James T. Kirk.

The ship arguably gained its status as the most famous space-exploration vessel in history due to its historic five-year mission from 2264-2269.

186. The Master - October 17, 2007

Thanks 185. in that case they should leave the Enetrprise alone.
But ifthey can F-up the Klingons and the Romulans apperance they can mess with anything. I really hope that they do not!!!!!!!!

187. The Master - October 17, 2007

I thought he was going to Play Christopher Pike.

188. arcadian - October 18, 2007

My apologies if anyone has already suggested this – but how about Nathan Fillion as Christopher Pike? Be a nice little cameo – and a nod to all the browncoats out there.

189. Trek Nerd Central - October 18, 2007

I’ll give Urban a chance. He has a touch of danger to him, which is good – McCoy’s gotta have that angry edge.

190. LordEdzo - October 18, 2007

I *never* saw Karl Urban coming up for the McCoy role, but at least … at least … he and Simon Pegg are older than Chris Pine. McCoy and Scotty always were older than Kirk. I can live with that.

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[…] :October 13: Boy, News is coming fast lately. TrekMove.com is reporting that New Zealand star, Karl Urban, is in talks to play Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy. Nothing confirmed, only talks. I could see him in the role. I liked him in LOTR and Doom. […]

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