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JJ Abrams Talks Deleted Scenes – Find Out What Didn’t Make Final Cut of ‘Star Trek’ April 26, 2009

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Star Trek (2009 film) , trackback

Like with most films, the new Star Trek has scenes that didn’t make the final cut for the film (which runs just over 2 hours with credits). These will end up on the DVD and Blu-ray, but it also turns out that we have already seen elements of them. In the last week JJ Abrams has actually commented about them as well. So now we break down some of what didn’t make it into Star Trek. [SPOILERS]


The deleted scenes we know of so far are in two main areas of the film.

Some of the Kirk and Spock back-story
The new Star Trek is an ‘origin story’ with the primary focus on Kirk and Spock. Both have scenes from their childhoods which ended up in the final film, but some still ended up cut. However, even though they aren’t in the film, some of this footage has been used in trailers and TV commercials, notably a scene at Spock’s birth.

DELETED: Scene with Amanda (Winona Ryder) and Sarek (Been Cross) holding baby Spock

Also gone is a scene with Kirk’s Uncle. If you remember back to last year, it was reported that Brad Henke had been cast as ‘alcoholic abusive Uncle,’ however Henke is nowhere to be seen in the final film. And although Jimmy Bennett still appears as a young James T. Kirk (the kid who steals the Corvette seen in the first trailer), Spencer Daniels (who plays George Kirk Jr.) didn’t make the final cut either [correction] who was originally reported to playing George Kirk, Jr still appears in the film, however he is credited as "Johnny" and has no lines. 

Nero on Rura Penthe
Probably the biggest section of the film that has been cut is a whole sub-plot involving Nero on the Klingon prison planet Rura Penthe. Even though it isn’t in the film, clips from this section of the film have worked there way into various trailers, including Nero’s line "the wait is over."

DELETED: Nero fights off Klingons escaping from Rura Penthe

DELETED: Nero is going to have to wait for the DVDs to see this scene play out

This section of the film is actually not entirely gone. There is a reference in the film to a battle ‘at a Klingon prison planet’ and there is also a brief glimpse of Nero’s past during a flashback sequence (which has also been seen in one of the TV commercials). However, neither of these things makes it clear that Nero was actually a prisoner on Rura Penthe.

NOT DELETED: Nero backstory glimpse

JJ Abrams talks deleted scenes
Last November Star Trek director JJ Abrams actually talked to Empire about cutting the Klingon subplot (which we know to be Nero’s time on Rura Penthe):

There was a big Klingon subplot in this, and we actually ended up having to pull it out because it confused the story in a way that I thought was very cool but unnecessary. So we have these beautiful designs that we’re going to have to wait and do elsewhere I guess.

And in the last couple of weeks Abrams has discussed deleted scenes in more detail. Here he is from the Paris news conference, where he talks about the baby Spock scene and discuesses Nero mangled an the prison escape:

And yesterday Abrams talked to Collider at the US Press Day about deleted scenes, including revealing how long the Klingon section of the film was:

For Star Trek fans, deleted scenes are often things we would love to see in the final movies. Of course even with the deleted scenes, the new Star Trek still ended up being the second longest film in the franchise. But we can look forward to seeing them on the DVD and Blu-ray, and maybe someone can talk JJ and Paramount into doing an extended cut of the movie with everything back in! 

Final note on trailers
After seeing the film a couple of times, it is clear that Paramount has been very clever with the trailers and commercials. Things you think you are seeing (or hearing) in the trailers, aren’t always what they are. Also, sometimes it appears that some bits seen in the trailer are alternative takes from what appears in the final film. So don’t assume they have given it all away in the trailers.


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1. Rotkar - April 26, 2009

Slovakia wait for star trek :-)

2. Rotkar - April 26, 2009

Star trek is the best :-)

3. Darkwing - April 26, 2009

it’s always interesting to see what gets cut and what makes it. the dvd should provide some neat stuff with deleted scenes, though i was looking ofrward to the rura penthe scene

4. Sarah - April 26, 2009

I hope they were smart about which scenes to keep and delete. I’ve seen editing make or break a movie before, I really don’t want to see confused faces and head scratching at the end of the movie at the theatres.

5. That One Guy - April 26, 2009

Huh… so the wait is, in fact, not over for that scene.

So in reality, unless you’ve purposely gone and looked at the scenes that Paramount has released, we still know virtually nothing about what is going to happen. Good! I cannot wait to see this in theaters in just under 2 weeks!

6. Irishtrekkie - April 26, 2009

extended cut of the movie with everything back in !!!!! . please please do this , it would be great , i think its pointless having the delete scenes as just extras on a dvd or blue-ray , there should always be an opition to play the movie with the clips in.

7. The Governator - April 26, 2009

I noticed too, Anthony, that in the trailers, several parts of the dialogue were cut short or rearranged and that several scenes were either cut from the movie or were earlier takes that were re-filmed. Very clever indeed.


8. Iwata - April 26, 2009

Someone Bite or Cut off parts of Neros Ears ?

9. GaryS - April 26, 2009

So the delted scenes will be part of the special featuresof the DVD and not an extended cut?

10. TrekMD - April 26, 2009

It will be interesting to watch these scenes in the Blu-Ray/DVD formats when released to see if these scenes detract from the story as JJ seems to believe.

11. Dunsel Report - April 26, 2009

Sad about not seeing Kirk’s abusive uncle in the movie. “C’mon out here and get me my Saurian brandy, boy.”

12. Kirk's Girdle - April 26, 2009

Oh well, I was starting to think that Nero would be captured at the end of the film, and the irony would be that Nero, who was a miner in his previous life, would be sentenced to Rura Penthe. Kirk could’ve said something like, “You wanted your old life back. I think we can arrange that”, then flash to scene that says DILITHIUM MINING PENAL COLONY: RURA PENTHE or somesuch where we see Nero being escorted by our ridge-headed friends..

13. The Governator - April 26, 2009

And I am saddened that Rura Penthe was not used in the movie. The designs looked cool and it would have been nice to have seen the Klingons in the movie. A good reference back to TUC. I think, also, it would be necessary in order to find out why Nero’s ear was screwed with, No?

I vote for extended cut of the movie!

No, I shall make it law.

The Governator has now made another proclamation.

I warn you Paramount, violators shall be prosecuted.


14. Kirk's Girdle - April 26, 2009

I’m shocked, no Sam either.

15. THE SMOKE - April 26, 2009

I’m not worried all deleted sences will be out on Blu- Ray.

16. Ian - April 26, 2009

I would love for them to throw these in with the DVD release version and not just deleted scene extras. This will be the movie that makes me jump to Blu-ray!

17. Can't Wait for May 8th 2009 - April 26, 2009

I guess I will have to pick up the novelization to get the full story.

18. ThePhaige - April 26, 2009

This adds a lot of replay value for the DvD sales. Seeing this with added scenes will sell many blue ray discs. You know every fan will crave those little tidbits.

I guess I don’t really need to know why Neros ear is all of a sudden peeled off, but seeing it explained in the extended release would be cool.

Put me down for 2 please….

19. Penhall99 - April 26, 2009

That stuff sounds good. I hope they do an extended cut on DVD.

20. Dom - April 26, 2009

In the age of double dips, an alternate cut of the film is pretty much inevitable!

21. Matt Wright - April 26, 2009

Let’s hope the DVD and Blu-ray release do indeed have all the cut material then. I do worry with Paramount’s love of double, and triple dipping Trekkers that it won’t be included in the inital release :-/

22. Cap'n Calhoun - April 26, 2009

I wouldn’t get worked up over an “extended cut”. Based on the deleted scenes I’ve seen on DVDs for various movies, the director usually made the right decision to cut the scene. Even if the scene was very good, the pacing often works better without it. Better to just have them as bonus features. Or even advertise the Nero thing as a short film: Nero starring in “Escape from Rura Penthe!” (Hey, it’s be just as long as most of Pixar’s shorts.)

That said, I’d kill for a much extended cut of Nemesis. Why’d they cut all the good stuff?

23. Karl - April 26, 2009

I just started drawing an Alternate Universe Star Trek comic- Star Trek: Endeavour.
It’s set around the HMS Endeavour in the year 2503 in which the ship gets flung to the future and they need to get back. By the way, I’ve literally JUST started so I’ve only currently finished the cover page and first page so don’t expect a lot! Link: http://joshington-comics.blogspot.com/

24. The Governator - April 26, 2009

Also, I must point out, that out of all the amazing reviews that I’ve come across, many point out that although Nero is a very compelling and scary villain, he doesn’t get enough screen time. So, technically, the Rura Penthe scene would help solve this problem, No?

25. The TOS Purist aka The Purolator - April 26, 2009

“…but it also turns out that we have already scene elements of them.”

Shouldn’t that be “seen,” not “scene?”

26. starfleetmom - April 26, 2009

Maybe we’ll see some of the Klingons in the next one!

27. A ''Real'' Journalist - April 26, 2009

”…but it also turns out that we have already scene elements of them.”

”Scene?” How about ”seen?” How hard is it to read over your work? It is so disheartening to see such sloppiness in writing.

It ain’t (yes, I meant to say ”ain’t”) so hard–really. I wasn’t this sloppy in 9th grade. Heck, I haven’t seen it this bad in the Star Trek forums!

Come on Tony!

28. Kirk's Girdle - April 26, 2009

Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about!


29. Kirk's Girdle - April 26, 2009

If only the “Real” Journalist had scooped the story before The Purist, or any of the rest of us who noticed but didn’t bother to put our phasers on “Douche”.

Anthony’s a busy guy. Give ’em a break.

30. Dr_Beckett - April 26, 2009

Knowing Paramount, we’ll probably get a bare-bones dvd release first, followed by a Special Edition a bit later, with the super-special-extended edition being released just in time for Star Trek 12. Coz they know that us fans will double-dip many times over.

31. Smitty™ - April 26, 2009

Keep in mind when trailers are made it’s based on the “raw” cut of the movie before the editors/directors etc make the final cut of it.

Happens quite often, stuff seen in trailers sometimes don’t end up in the final film.


32. Holger - April 26, 2009

I’m glad these terrible ‘Klingon’ trenchcoat uniforms didn’t make it into the movie. I think some Klingon fans would have taken exception to them.

33. Brandon McClure - April 26, 2009

Did anyone else notice that the Klingons had crests on there forhead. I wouldn’t have a problem with it if they hadn’t already explained why they don’t have crests in the original series in continuity. Or I’m I the only one that sees that as a problem lol. I’m still way excited for this movie though :D

34. P Technobabble - April 26, 2009

I wonder — things being the way they are in business — if today’s movies aren’t shot specifically with additional scenes intended for the dvd. It makes sense, since everyone loves the extras.

I’m still pissed that Shatner never got a chance to do anything with the STV Director’s Cut.

35. Gavvo - April 26, 2009

I wonder how nero ends up in rura penthe…and when during countdown, or after…?

36. Ted - April 26, 2009

Did anybody else think the klingons looked wierd? or was that some kind of armour?

37. Smitty™ - April 26, 2009

Concerning the DVDs I’ll wager it will be a simultaneous release of 2 versions.

One disc basic w/commentaries and a 2 discer including all the bts deleted scenes etc.


38. Pat D. - April 26, 2009

This is nothing new. There was lots of stuff in the Star Trek II preview that wasn’t in the final film– and stuff we’ve never gotten on DVD.

39. DavidJ - April 26, 2009

I’m trying to figure out where the Rura Penthe stuff would fit into the story to BEGIN with. The Countdown comic established that his new ship was pretty damn invincible to 24th century tech; I can’t imagine how some Klingons from the 23rd century would have ever managed to capture him.

I haven’t seen the movie of course, but just from the outside it really DOES seem like it was an unnecessary storyline.

40. Simon - April 26, 2009

#37 – DVDs? What are those?

There will be one Blu-ray! =]

41. Vulcan Soul - April 26, 2009

This certainly explains how the villain has been criticized as “one-dimensional” – his backstory got cut!

And quite irritating that they used these scenes and lines so prominently in the trailers. If they feel they convey the essence of the movie, how could they end up cutting them?!

42. Captain Quail Hunter - April 26, 2009

I guess the Klingons put Nero in a cell with Mike Tyson.

43. TJ Trek - April 26, 2009

extended cut, extended cut, extended cut. I love extended cuts of movies. Especially since it’s like a whole new viewing experiance. Anybody love the Lord Of The Rings extended cuts like I did. It was almost like watching an entirely diffrent movie.

44. Trekwebmaster - April 26, 2009

I can feel a LARGE DIRECTOR’s CUT COMING…man I can’t wait to see that. Do you need more proof that JJ and crew are geniuses?


45. ety3 - April 26, 2009

If anyone from Paramount or JJ’s team reads this thread, I’m also voting for an extended cut of the film and not just deleted scenes in the extras.

46. JohhnX - April 26, 2009

deleted scenes sometimes can be the downfall for a movie, as happened to “star trek – nemesis”. shame on the director stuart baird who ruined star trek´s 10th movie.

no fear, fans, this doesn´t apply with the new “STAR TREK”!!!! be ready for a great movie. but i hope jj decides to put out a longer director´s cut!!!

47. Harry Ballz - April 26, 2009

I thought by showing us the abusive alcoholic uncle, it was going to explain why this young Kirk is such a brash angry guy….why cut it?

48. ss - April 26, 2009

I like this prison planet… It’s exciting!

49. Alvin - April 26, 2009


FROM DAY ONE I suspected that Uhura taking her top off was a ‘sexy ruse.’ That she was really just undressing after her shift. The scene where Kirk is under a bed clinched it.

Remember that part where Uhura and Kirk are running through the ship? It’s played off as a hustle during a red alert, but really what I thought was happening was that Kirkwas cavorting with the Orion, Uhura walked in, he hid under her bed, she got undressed– and because of their history in the bar– she thinks he’s a peeping tom, and chases him out. The only question I had was why did he choose her quarters as a make-out spot?

Then I read that the Orion was Uhura’s roommate.

So while hardcore fans have been bemoaning an Uhura/Kirk sex scene ever since the first trailer, I’ve been chuckling.

Realize that they’re marketing the film differently based on the different audiences. They’re manipulating scenes to look one way to the mass audience, with enough faith that they’ll enjoy it once they’re tricked into seeing it.

50. HypnoRomulan - April 26, 2009

#33–apparently u didnt look closely enough..the ridges the klingons had WERE MASKS…presumbly the non-ridged Klingons were dishonored, used as slave labor much like the Remans were by the Romulans, and were forced to wear the masks as a label of their dishonor

51. Stef* - April 26, 2009

I will buy this DVD for Baby Spock alone ….

*fangirlish* ….

52. Carlos Teran - April 26, 2009

Well, let’s hope the BR version of the film has the deleted scenes included with completed visual effects and seamless branching, to have them integrated into the theatrical version. Many films work that way, so I can’t see why ST shouldn’t have it.

53. Charles Trotter - April 26, 2009

I didn’t know Spencer Daniels was cut. He was apparently still credited in the film, though, as someone named “Johnny”.


Those credits are correct for the most part and almost complete, just not in the final order. However, there are a few errors here and there; Daniels’ credit may have been one of them.

54. SpocksinnerConflict - April 26, 2009

THIS REPORT IS inaccurate”

George Samuel KIrk Jr is in the film: It’s very quick but he is there.

55. indranee - April 26, 2009

“Been Cross”? :D

56. Robert Saint John - April 26, 2009

That brief glimpse of Rura Penthe in the trailers was the element that I mentioned in my review of “Countdown” that made me wonder how the comic was going to mesh with what was known about the story of the movie. I wouldn’t be surprised if Countdown has made it improbable that the Rura Penthe scene(s) could be cut back in at all. That doesn’t mean that it can’t be included as an extra, but it may simply be that it can’t be part of the story and leave Countdown’s portrayal of events intact.

57. DGill - April 26, 2009

The fact that JJ danced around the idea of including deleted scenes on the DVD was pretty aggravating. Is he or isn’t he? Give us a straight answer, JJ! As much as I would love to see a director’s cut of the film on DVD, I don’t think it’s going to happen. They (Paramount) rejected Shatner’s plea to have one of his own, and Baird’s “Nemesis” had enough deleted footage to create an entirely different kind of film had he been allowed to put it out (or maybe he was just lazy, I’m inclined to think so). Out of all the things I was looking forward to seeing in this movie, I really wanted to see Nero in Rura Penthe. It could’ve explained a lot. But that’s the way the cookie crumbles. I just hope we can see that stuff on the DVD.

58. Anthony Pascale - April 26, 2009

When I get back I will update story but daniels is still in movie as a kid named johnny but he has no lines

59. galaxypest - April 26, 2009

probably totally off topic, the rock formations on vulcan
appear ,to me, be the same rocks from the state park
just outside L.A. I was hoping it was. The hills were
in many TOS episodes, as well as countless movies.
Most notable the “Gorn” battle. Does anyone know?

60. Chadwick - April 26, 2009

BOOOOOOO! I don’t like it when they cut footage, but all is rectified if they include it in the blu-ray, please please please make an extended directors cut with all footage.

61. galaxypest - April 26, 2009

IMDB, star trek filming locations lists the, Vasquez Rocks Park.

62. VulcanNonibird - April 26, 2009

Even if she’s playing only a supporting character I’ll enjoy to see Winona Ryder finally on the big screen again.

I missed her very much….

Hope she attends the LA premiere….(-:

63. ucdom - April 26, 2009


Yes, those are Vasquez Rocks, just by the Antelope Valley Freeway north of LA. You need to turn off at Mint Canyon and look for Agua Dulce. I visited last year and climbed up the biggest ‘peak’ – it was kinda touristy but fun.

64. Shatterhand - April 26, 2009

At first I wasn’t too keen about this news. That sounds like a lot of backstory that would’ve been nice to see. But, when I stopped to think more carefully about it, the adage “less is more” could certainly apply here. Sure, backstory is good, but not if the movement of the plot suffers because of it. I’d be just fine with seeing those scenes on the DVD release. I think Paramount should offer an option on the DVD release to watch the whole movie with the scenes put back into their proper place, but more likely we’ll just get a deleted scenes featurette where we’ll be able to watch all of what got cut out.

65. RD - April 26, 2009

How MANY TIMES must it be said: This is an alternate universe where anything you may think you know no longer applies. In this universe the Klingons never screwed around with mutating their genes and thus, they never lost their ridges.

Frankly that was one of the problems with Enterprise, pandering to core fans writing stories that revolved around reconciling canon rather than simply writing good new stories. Thank god JJ elected to strip the franchise of that ridiculous baggage.

66. Selor - April 26, 2009

@65 Those events occured BEFORE Nero stumbled upon the Kelvin so they are still intact even in this universe!

67. Chris Doohan - April 26, 2009

I see that is has Greg Grunberg as the “Stepdad”. I don’t see his name in the IMDB though.

Great Actor, I hope he’s in it.

68. Captain Spock - April 26, 2009

As a Star Trek fan, I would love to see Nero fighting his way out of prison. The idea of a Romulan fighting Klingon soldiers sounds like an awesome scene. However, as someone who’s worked in the theater as both a writer and a director I understand the need to cut material when just isn’t working. Fortunately in live theater we have rehearsal time to figure out what isn’t working. With film they often don’t know if there is a problem with a scene until they get into the editing room. Most of the time, the version released into the theater is the version the director thinks is best. The only time I worry about the editing process is when the studio is demanding cuts. Studio cuts usually end up ruining films.

69. SpocksinnerConflict - April 26, 2009

Mr Pascale,

i thought young Kirk says, “Georgie…”. I thought he was waving to his brother who was walking home.
Are you sure the kids name is Johnny?

70. SpocksinnerConflict - April 26, 2009

In fact, IMDB still lists Spencer Daniels as playing George Samuel Kirk jr.

71. pinky - April 26, 2009

Nooo… I don’t just want the deleted scenes put into the menu so you can click them and run them separately. That never works for me! I want them added back into the movie for an extended version. That’s where they belong. Please, JJ!

72. SpocksinnerConflict - April 26, 2009

I checked Memory Alpha which lists the Johnny role. But where does Memory Alpha get it’s info, and wouldn’t IMDB be more reliable.

I swear he says “Georgie…’

And why would you keep him in but change his name, hence taking out a quick reference to Kirk having an older brother.
That quick moment made sense to me as a George jr shout out.

73. Holger - April 26, 2009

65 RD: “This is an alternate universe where anything you may think you know no longer applies. In this universe the Klingons never screwed around with mutating their genes and thus, they never lost their ridges.”

Well, if anything you may think no longer applies, how do you know the Klingons did or didn’t screw around with their genes?

74. SpocksinnerConflict - April 26, 2009


He is, kind of..

75. SpocksinnerConflict - April 26, 2009

How did I see this film, and the son of Scotty hasn’t.

I figured Paramount would screen the film at a special Trek alumni screening.

I mean, I’m just a regular joe with no Hollywood, or Star Trek contacts

Oh, and Mr. Chris Doohan: The new Scotty is a great tribute to your father, I”m pretty sure you’ll love it.

76. fred - April 26, 2009

Although I didn’t like or agree with much on Enterprise, the fact is, nothing in that series is undone because Nero only affects the outcome of history from Kirk’s birth onward. So the Klingons did the gene thing as we saw them.

77. David_Alexander - April 26, 2009

Listening to the leaked soundtrack (I’m a very naughty boy)…

Not bad…

78. JML9999 - April 26, 2009

JJ’s “it confused the story in a way that I thought was very cool”

When is ever good for a film maker to confuse people?

79. critch - April 26, 2009

Psst – the Soundtrack just leaked. If you know where to get it, you can.

And it’s AMAZING.

80. SpocksinnerConflict - April 26, 2009


I guess when the moment in the film calls for the audience to be perplexed.

Like a red herring, or a temporary diversion to lull the audience into thinking they’re safe (or rather, the heros are safe). Hitchcock does it a lot (psycho, Vertigo, )

Movies should run the gamete of human emotions and experiences, including being confused sometimes.

81. David_Alexander - April 26, 2009

78… yeah.

82. Chris Roberts - April 26, 2009

A shame George Kirk JR was cut but there Is a poential problem where was he when Kirk was born If both George and winona Kirl were on the Kelvin.At this time Starfleet doen’t allow familys on Starships.Of course a novel may say family members back on Earth were watching him while she was on the Kelvin so they could both be present for Kirk’s birth.

A shame we won’t get to see Spock as baby eather.

The biggest loss Is the entire Nero on Rura Penthe.Without It we won’t know why It takes him over 20 years to launch another attack after the Kelvin.And It looks like they may have had a nodd to Die hard fans on having the guards be nonridge Klingons with masks with Ridges.

Hope these are on the DVD.With this economy some of us don’t have the money to throw out DVD Players and go out and buy Blu Ray players just because they put out a new video formet.

83. Demode - April 26, 2009

If they could film the stuff with Worf from the comic, and add it to an extended DVD or a sequel (or hell, a TNG direct to DVD movie), that would be cool, and make it easy to add those scenes to it on Rura Penthe.

84. Chris Doohan - April 26, 2009


I’m glad that you had a chance to see it. I’ll see it soon enough. Chris

85. Third Remata'Klan - April 26, 2009

No Rura Penthe? Crap!

The movie’s still gonna rule.

86. LegalizeRomulanAle - April 26, 2009

Does this mean young Sybok was cut as well?

87. DGill - April 26, 2009


“Hope these are on the DVD.With this economy some of us don’t have the money to throw out DVD Players and go out and buy Blu Ray players just because they put out a new video formet.”

If they wound up putting the deleted scenes on the Blu-Ray alone, I would be pissed. I don’t plan on purchasing a Blu-Ray player anytime soon because the transition is too costly and from what I’ve been told, there’s no dramatic difference between the two formats aside from a smidge more clarity and a long loading time. However, I don’t think the DVD crowd will be jipped.

88. Chris Doohan - April 26, 2009


PS. Yes, I’m hearing great things about Simon’s performance. He told me that a German fellow told him that “James Doohan would be proud”.

I’m proud of Simon too. C

89. Mel - April 26, 2009

Baby Spock is sooooo cute! That scene should have stayed in the movie.

90. DGill - April 26, 2009


I think JJ felt that Lawrence Luckinbill’s cameo was a little “off” in this particular installment, especially in the deleted hot springs bathing scene.

91. finnegan - April 26, 2009

Uh oh. I sold it to the girl friend on the promise of baby Spock. Now I’m in trouble!

92. U.F.P., $Version=0 - April 26, 2009

If JJ says it was confusing in a cool way then I want to be confused. Directors cut please…

93. SpocksinnerConflict - April 26, 2009


So, you’ve heard nothing about any “People long associated with Trek” screening? There’s no screening for you and Rod and Majels son, or Deforests family, and surviving cast members etc…

94. Star Trek Fan - April 26, 2009

The Philippines is ready to go warp speed on May 8.

95. Boozba - April 26, 2009

Looks like Mike tyson was with Nero on Rura Penthe!!!

96. Telly1138 - April 26, 2009

Here’s why I’m against putting scenes back into movies for DVD

1) The work isn’t done by the director, except in a “Director’s Cut” (and then even still most of the time that’s just a labeling trick)
2) This doesn’t let “purists” have the actual release version of the film. Look how long it took Lucas to authorize a print of Star Wars that didn’t have “Episode IV” at the start of the crawl. And that’s a crappy laserdisc grab.

and, most importantly,

3) There’s a reason the material was cut. It’s not TV. We’re not dealing with an exact minutes and seconds time limit. If the Baby Spock scene, the Drunk Uncle, and Nero at Rura Pentha scenes were cut, they must’ve been scenes that, while well done, weren’t absolutely necessary for the film. 8 times out of 10, when I watch deleted scenes, it stands out to me that it’s clear why they were deleted.

I know I’m not alone. But I don’t think anyone should go putting footage back into the movie that’s been cut unless it’s through a branching mode that won’t ruin the theatrical cut. I’ve seen cut scenes from “Lost” and “Alias” and I feel confident in saying that the man and his team are ridiculously good at getting rid of material that just doesn’t work. After all, this is the production team that threw out an episode of “Lost” (guest starring Jolene Blalock, no less) because the flashbacks in the episode just didn’t work for them.

No one who’s seen it complained, “it was a good movie, but if we’d met Kirk’s drunk uncle… MAN! That woulda put it a step above “Casablanca”.

Okay, I’m done. Flame on.

97. The Governator - April 26, 2009

78, 80


If what you are referring to is the entire end credits piece, then yes, I found it too. I agree, its good. My favorite part of it kicks in just after the 5 minute mark. This part on is almost entirely Gicchino’s new theme, with the exception of the last few seconds or so, and it is absolutely stellar. The first half, with the inclusion of the Courage theme, is very interesting… almost retro. I imagine this, however, will be welcome to most fans. I think he introduces a modern sensibility to it though that makes it very accessible. Very energetic and lively. Also very different. Mr. Giacchino definitely knows how to add zest to his work.

98. Robert Saint John - April 26, 2009

#96 – I totally agree. I’m happy to see them added as separate “extras” on DVDs, but I’d rather have one single version regardless of which screen. I also don’t like how such practices have really messed with the DVD market in general… “Director’s Cut”, “Special Edition”, “Unrated Edition”. Bleh. It’s just over the top marketing and, as you indicated, it rarely improves the original (though I must admit I love Blader Runner – The Final Cut, but that’s a little different in that the set included *everything*).

99. ucdom - April 26, 2009

#78, 80, 97

Where is it please?

100. 24th Century Rockstar - April 26, 2009

Hurmmmm….being one who doesn’t mind a long mind-bender when I watch a movie, I gotta say I wouldn’t mind seeing an extended cut too!

101. The Governator - April 26, 2009

100. ucdom

I’m afraid I can’t say. I don’t want it removed. But best of luck to you. Its not too terribly difficult to find.

102. OneBuckFilms - April 26, 2009

I’ve been listening to the leaked end credits, and I love it.

Very different, but a lot of fun.

There’s some very gentle, ethnic-sounding material that sound kind of sad to me, played with the Erhu I think. Almost made me weep. Starts about 2:11.

103. SpocksinnerConflict - April 26, 2009


I would discourage folks who haven’t seen the film from listeing to the soundtrack.

There are some surprises best left for the theater experience.
Trust me.

“You can’t deny it!” -McCoy, The Pirates of Orion-TAS

104. spockatatic - April 26, 2009

Dang it, no Sam. That really sucks. Considering that William Shatner played him in Opperation: Annihilate! I was really hoping to see him. We know virtually nothing about him.

They HAVE to include the deleted cuts on the DVD version, and not just as special features. THEY HAVE TO!!

105. The Governator - April 26, 2009

But if you must know, lets play a game, shall we? Word search for the website containing the soundtrack:

a d s e y u a d a e y c m l p o i
s a f e r o q y m x z o u t b e v
r m t c m r a m s t m e k e l p o
n x e n m e r p r m s e x k n j d
u a e u b m o a x u e b u t u o y
t m e g o m e r m a t m r e u p 1

106. John from Cincinnati - April 26, 2009

I am a big fan of extended cuts DVD’s. Case in point, I think the extended Lord of the Rings are far better than the theatrical versions. I can’t even watch the theatrical versions of those anymore.

107. Lt. Atkins - April 26, 2009

I got my tickets! I’ll be seeing it in IMAX in Saco, ME. Can’t wait. See all you trekies there.
Yah Hoo!

108. Forrest - April 26, 2009

I wish Paramount would just spin the B&D-style Klingons off into their own series (i.e. Battlecruiser Vengeance) and give us back the originals. It would be best for everyone, especially Klingon fans.

109. U.F.P. - April 26, 2009

107. where did you buy? Ive been looking….

110. Telly - April 26, 2009

about that wordsearch… is it a common site?

111. Raphael Salgado - April 26, 2009

I just bought a Sony PlayStation 3 today just for the sake of a Blu-Ray player… and if anyone decides to release a Star Trek ’09 game for it… ;)

Looking forward to wearing out the laser playing a ST09 Blu-Ray disc over and over again, with all the little tidbits that we won’t see in the theaters two weeks from now.

112. Telly - April 26, 2009

I’m hearing “soundtrack” and I’m hearing “end credits music”. What’s been leaked? I tracked down the end titles (more on those after I listen a few times) but that’s about all I’ve found. Is there more?

113. Dr. Image - April 26, 2009

2 hrs. is fine for the cut. The extras are just that.
As if we won’t all buy the dvd(s)!

114. Telly - April 26, 2009

as for deleted scenes being on only bluray… here’s how I can guarantee it’ll break down…

DVD 1-Disc: Movie, commentary if they do one, maybe trailers.
DVD 2-Disc: Disc 1 is the same exact disc as the single-disc release. Disc 2 will be deleted scenes, documentaries, trailers if they’re not on disc 1.

Then you’ve got BluRay which… well, I’ve never seen more than snippets of BluRay playing in stores, but I frakking want one.

But until I get a TV that wasn’t made before in 1994, I won’t be buying a bluray player. What’s the sense when my TV doesn’t even make the most out of DVD?!?

115. Lt. Atkins - April 26, 2009

To: U.F.P.
I bought my tickets at Movietickets.com. I had some trouble though. Every time I went to create an account I got an error message. Finaly tried using a different browser than IE and it worked. I had been trying for several days and I kept getting a message that the site was experiencing tech difficulties. After a week of getting the same message I figured there was something wrong with my browser settings. So i went to the site using FireFox instead and it wen right through.

116. Capt. of the USS Anduril - April 26, 2009

Hold on, so the Klingons are cut from the film? But the Burger King toys(which are up for pre-sell on eBay) include what they call a “Warbird” but is definitely a Klingon D7-type battlecruiser. What gives?

117. The Governator - April 26, 2009

112. Telly

No, that’s it as far as I know.

118. TrekVSucky - April 26, 2009

I’m guessing that Nero was supposed to be captured by the Klingons in the TNG era but they changed it to get to the story. I wonder how Nero got into the past if he escaped from Rura.. Perhaps going into the past after Rura was a deliberate act – in an attempt to save Romulus. Perhaps Nero overshot the time line, was pissed off enough to say screw it, I am going to attack everybody

119. Telly - April 26, 2009

im sure the rura penthe stuff will be in the novelization, since these are late cuts.

120. Robert Saint John - April 26, 2009

118 – No, sadly, the whole thing is “out there”.

121. GaryS - April 26, 2009

I hope they release an extended cut,
But dont REPLACE the theatrical cut with the extended cut .
they did that with Star Trek VI and it SUCKS!

122. Telly - April 26, 2009

They did 3 cuts of Star Trek 6.

1) Theatrical Version
2) VHS and DVD Version – Adding in Colonel West
3) Special Edition DVD Version – Adding in the cheesy shots of Nanclus, Cartwright and Chang.

They did 3 cuts of Star Trek TMP too…
1) Theatrical Version
2) VHS Version – Extended with… I don’t know… more reaction shots?
3) Special Edition DVD Version – supervised by Robert Wise with the first ever CGI Spock. I’m not bothered that the original version isn’t available because I personally don’t like this film.

They did 2 cuts for Star Trek II
1) Theatrical/VHS/DVD Version
2) Director’s Edition DVD with some neat added stuff. About the only time I really liked seeing deleted scenes restored

Mind you, when I gripe about deleted scenes being reinserted, I’m talking about when the director has nothing to do with it. When Peter Jackson fleshes out “Lord of the Rings”, that’s one thing. But when a studio has someone who wasn’t even involved in the production re-insert footage into a film, well that’s a different, unforgivable thing.

At least on BluRay I’ll be surprised if the deleted material isn’t accessible via a branching mode or whatever to give you the option as to whether or not to see it.

123. DGill - April 26, 2009


“3) Special Edition DVD Version – Adding in the cheesy shots of Nanclus, Cartwright and Chang.”

Hahahah, I know. When I saw those mini-flashbacks in the DVD, I couldn’t get over how disruptive they were (to the narrative). Uh, hello, we know who these guys are. We’re not that stupid. :D

124. Jefferies Tuber - April 26, 2009

The shorter the movie is, the greater the number of times it can be played daily in a theater. That’s what it’s all about.

Boo if they don’t release the additional footage on initial DVD release.

125. darrksan - April 26, 2009

I want a Two-disk DVD set just like the past ones. The same look and box to match my others. A remastered (even with the film being new, I would still like a remastering) special Edition cut of ST 09.

DVD 1-Disc: Special Edition Cut, Audio commentary, Text commentary by Michael Okuda and Denise Okuda.

DVD 2-Disc: Deleted Scenes, Documentaries, Trailers.

do this and I will buy it

126. DGill - April 26, 2009


“I want a Two-disk DVD set just like the past ones. The same look and box to match my others.”

I seriously doubt that. I believe the DVD cover for the 2-Disc edition (believe me, they’ll have one, along with a digital copy) will either be the Enterprise image from the US poster or the international poster with the hovering faces and the Narada chasing the Enterprise in the foreground. As for the cool silver bordering around the image itself, I can’t see that happening. That would be cool though.

127. Ensign Ruiter - April 26, 2009

Glad that Abrams had control over the final cut. How much better would Nemesis have been had the seat belt scene and the “he likes to be called by his first name” scene been left intact? Seriously, it would have made the movie only mediocre rather than terrible.

128. Telly1138 - April 26, 2009


How the hell do you remaster a 5 month old film? That’s the general gap – this thing will be out by Thanksgiving.

That wide packaging? Forget it. They don’t release movies in that thick box any more.

And i still vote no on putting deleted footage into the film without offering the original version.

Besides, if they do the “special edition” right up front, what’ll they double dip us completionist geeks for down the road?

129. Shatner_Fan_Prime - April 26, 2009

I must admit I still don’t know where the Nero/Rura Penthe stuff was supposed to fit in?! I think he got captured AFTER arriving in 2233…but who knows? How would anyone have captured him, and where would the Narada have been during that time? The movie makes it seem like he arrived from the future in 2233…and then simply waited until 25 years later to begin his attacks. This needs to be clarified.

130. thereare4lights - April 26, 2009

NO !!! Klingons were so cool !!!

131. Selor - April 27, 2009

@129 I believe there will be a mentioning why he “waited” so long, be it the mentioning of the time on Rura Penthe or something else (tried to research the way to transform decalithium into Red matter on his own perhaps)

132. Jim Smith - April 27, 2009

116 As in ‘Khan’ Klingon ships with the general configuration of a D7 or a K’tinga appear during the Kobayashi Maru test.

133. RMBurnett - April 27, 2009


You are totally correct. According to the movie, Nero and the Narada wait for 25 years to begin their attacks. It makes NO SENSE at all…especially because during that time they might have, say, GONE TO ROMULUS AND WARNED THEM ABOUT THE IMPENDING DISASTER and saving their entire race.

Nero is the single dumbest villain in the history of Star Trek.

134. Selor - April 27, 2009

@133 Have you seen the movie?

135. Valar1 - April 27, 2009

I always assumed that the Narada suffered serious damage in the black hole, the Klingons waltzed by and captured Nero, he was in prison for 25 yrs, then escaped, meanwhile the Narada’s Borg doohickies repaired itself during that 25 yrs span.

136. Selor - April 27, 2009

Didn’t the Kelvin crash right into the Narada? If it is still in the final cut (and not just in a trailer) it even makes sense without the Klingons… the damage the Kelvin inflicted by crashing right into the Narada was so serious that it took several years to repair it (because the tech from this time isn’t good enough for his borgified ship, so he and his crew have to do it on theire own and of course the selfrepair abilities of his ship)

137. Usunięte sceny, czyli to czego nie zobaczysz w kinie | trekkie.pl - April 27, 2009

[…] więcej informacji na ten temat odsyłam was do artykułu na trekmovie.com. Poza zdjęciami są tam również klipy, w którch J.J. Abrams tłumaczy dlaczego usunął […]

138. Valar1 - April 27, 2009


“Didn’t the Kelvin crash right into the Narada? If it is still in the final cut (and not just in a trailer) it even makes sense without the Klingons… the damage the Kelvin inflicted by crashing right into the Narada was so serious that it took several years to repair it”

Good point, I totally forgot about the Kelvin encounter- the Narada would need some time to repair itself following that.

139. Dom - April 27, 2009

Before people get too steamed up about ‘Director’s Cuts’ they should remember that JJ Abrams was apparently given final cut on this film as part of his contract, so the theatrical release is, to all intents and purposes, the director’s cut!

An unfortunate by-product of genuinely improved versions of movies such as Blade Runner, Aliens and The Abyss in the 1990s, so-called ‘director’s cuts’ are now often required contractually when a director makes a movie. Often as not, though, they’re simply alternative versions.

Antoine Fuqua said of the ‘King Arthur Director’s Cut’ that it was in no way a proper director’s cut, because the studio hadn’t allowed him to shoot the material in the way he wanted in the first place. Miami Vice is another example: there’s simply an alternative edit!

140. SpocksinnerConflict - April 27, 2009


You haven’t seen the movie, otherwise you’d know there is more to it than that.

Just because two groups of people go through time one after the other, doesn’t mean they come out at the same time.

just see the movie.

141. Telly1138 - April 27, 2009

Amen, Dom. Amen.

142. Jim Smith - April 27, 2009

133 – Have you seen the film? This is explained quite clearly in it. Honestly.

143. cinemadeus - April 27, 2009


144. U.F.P. - April 27, 2009

@ 115 Thanks Ill try it today !

145. Tripple Dipped - April 27, 2009

I simply won’t buy this on DVD if I can’t watch it as originally filmed. Do you know how many copies of the original movie set have come out with very little differences between them all?

No thanks, Paramount. Put it all on the initial DVD release or I’ll wait until you do.

146. P Technobabble - April 27, 2009

I’m not overly interested in seeing additional footage… It rarely adds much to the film, otherwise it would’ve been in there to begin with.

Of all the extras, I enjoy the commentaries the most. It is great to hear things from the “horse’s mouth,” and sometimes you get to hear about things you’d never have heard about… For example, I found it interesting to hear Nick Meyer comment that William Shatner had to be somewhat “bored” to get the best take, like the “Here it comes…” line. I really enjoyed Robert Wise’s commentary, and got a better feel for how “unfinished” TMP really was. And you could sense the frustration of Mr. Shatner in his commentary on STV.

The commentaries can give good insight into the goings-on behind the camera, what the director or the actors were thinking, and film-making in general. For me, this is far more interesting than watching, say, 30 seconds of restored footage that doesn’t really improve the film.

Hoping for (and somewhat expecting) commentaries from Abrams, Orci and Kurtzman when ST comes to dvd.

147. Shatner_Fan_Prime - April 27, 2009

I’ve seen the film, and the whole 25 years later thing still isn’t clear. Granted, the movie goes by at a very fast pace, and the audience was noisy, so I missed a bit of dialogue from the Enterprise crew discussing attacks on the Klingons. But at one point in the movie, Nero does say he “waited” 25 years. It is never explicitly stated where he was or what he was doing.

148. Jim Smith - April 27, 2009

@ 147 Gotcha. Yes. You missed a bit. I thought it was clear. Can’t say why without spoilers.

149. Believer - April 27, 2009

I have seen it now at a screeningf in DC. Good Thrill ride. Great score and yes Simon Pegg did a great Scotty.

Will see the movie again after release. I know I missed too many things that I will catch the second time around. Lots of nods to Trek fans thorughout.

150. Nobody wants to see another kind of klingons - April 27, 2009

– I’m a sci -fi fan and now , i’m wondering if a reimagined STAR TREK has any trully value…

151. trp - April 27, 2009

I saw the film on Thursday, April 23 at a screening in Baltimore.

Quick spoiler-free review–

I had a difficult time catching my breath for a lot of the film–it IS a thrill-ride. It is a far less elegant Trek than that which I have known up to this point, and it has a very organic feel to it. The tag line of it not being your father’s star trek is VERY true. Lots of people will find lots of reasons not to like the film, but I found myself very excited at the idea of getting to know these characters all over again . . . what a thought–how fun will it be to see new situations and interactions. The characters are definitely the characters and are very familiar in comfortable ways. They are also different, and for me at least, the differences work just fine.

The effects are stunning. The music is stirring. It is good to see good writing back in Trek again. There are some plot contrivances that are pushing the envelope of suspension of disbelief, but they work to the audience’s advantage and help to get our characters in their places so much faster so we can see the story. Overall, the film was a kick!

Will everyone like it? that is not possible, but I wouldn’t be surprised if lots and lots and lots and lots of folks really do like it. for me: 8 out of a possible 10.

152. Chris Doohan - April 27, 2009


Under the “I told you so” file. I just want to say that I told you so (Simon being a great Scotty).

By the way, I told you so. :)

153. Freddy Kruger the second - April 27, 2009

– I just can’t wait to see the movie anymore…

154. jonboc - April 27, 2009

I hope these deleted scenes are all included as extras but not integrated into the film itself. JJ took them out of the film for a reason, I don’t want the studio to stuff them back into the movie just to sell more DVD’s with an “Extended” cut.

155. Randy H. - April 27, 2009

#32: I fully agree with the cheap “Klingon Noir” trenchcoats. They are silly looking and I, for one, would be happy for them to exist solely in DVD extras that never get incorporated into any version of the film. (“Lookout, it’s a Klingon warrior who wants to keep his suit dry!)

156. Jorg Sacul - April 27, 2009

#125 Thin is the way of the future, apparently. Of course, you could always get one of the older thick boxes and make your own artwork to match the previous films… if they ever happen that is. Maybe after the release on May 8, we should check our Trek DVDs? ;-)

157. Anthony - April 27, 2009

While I’m not appaled or disturbed about the Nero and Kirk’s abusive Uncle scenes being deleted I am concerned about Spock’s childhood. I hope they keep as many scenes about Krik and Spocks childhood as possible.

It’d be nice if there was a Star Trek: Beginnings television series that would be similar to Young Indiana Jones Chronicles that would follow the childhood adventures of Kirk and Spock.

158. I Am Morg Not Eymorg - April 27, 2009

62. VulcanNonibird: Noni has another movie out currently called The Informers and actually has done 10 movies in the last 4 years. Albeit not super high profile movies but smaller and or indy films.

And I certainly agree that I can’t wait to see her in Star Trek, even though there will be less of her now.


159. sean - April 27, 2009


“It’d be nice if there was a Star Trek: Beginnings television series that would be similar to Young Indiana Jones Chronicles that would follow the childhood adventures of Kirk and Spock.”

No thank you.

160. Rastaman - April 27, 2009

It’s a shame, I had assumed that the time on rura penthe explained why the first attack occurs around Kirk’s birth and the next attack occurs decades later ….

Ah well, I hope they explain it in some fashion, however.

161. Charles Trotter - April 27, 2009

72. SpocksinnerConflict — We got our info from the credits for the movie.

I have already submitted the changes to IMDb (I was the one who added all the missing names, i.e. Deep Roy, Lisa Vidal, Akiva Goldsman, etc.) I also added Greg Grunberg’s credit as the voice of Kirk’s stepdad, but it wasn’t added for some reason. They also never changed Daniels’ role to Johnny. I have resubmitted those corrections, though, and the accurate credits should be up in a week or so.

162. Charles Trotter - April 27, 2009

^ By the way, why would he call him Georgie? Kirk called his younger brother “Sam.” :)

163. Ron Retsch - April 27, 2009


I saw an advanced screening of the new Star Trek movie in Pittsburgh on 4/23/09 – here’s some bullet point SPOILERS:


No Next Generation characters are mentioned or featured, but it fits in line with Star Trek Countdown.

Movie opens with Nero’s coming out of a space/time warp and attacking the Kelvin, the ship that Kirk’s father serves on. Nero defeats the Kelvin, and offers to let it survive if the Captain beams over to negotiate. He does, and puts Kirk’s dad in command. Nero finds out that he is trapped in the past, and no one knows who Ambassador Spock is at this point. He kills the Captain, and Kirk’s dad runs the ship himself until the crew can evacuate, including his wife and newly born son, Jim Kirk.

After the car scene with the young Kirk, and a scene on Vulcan with a young Spock, we cut to Kirk as a early twenties roughhouser who gets in a bar fight with Starfleet members over Uhura (who has no interest in Kirk), and Kirk gets a lecture from Capt. Pike who breaks up the fight, who knows who Kirk is, and dares Kirk to be better than his father, who himself is regarded as a hero in Starfleet. Kirk takes this to heart, and joins Starfleet, at the same time an older-than-Kirk McCoy joins, as his wife robbed him of everything but his “bones” in the divorce, so he joins Starfleet as a last resort.

Spock meanwhile has refused a position on Vulcan due to human bias, and joined Starfleet. We flash forward 3-4 years later, and Kirk passes the Kobiashi Maru test by “cheating”, as he doesn’t believe in a no win scenario (due to his father beating such a situation). It turns out Spock wrote the program as a teacher, and is “pissed” Kirk cheated to beat it. Spock, meanwhile is “sexually involved” with Uhura, a parallel to his father Sarek, marrying a human woman, Spock’s mother.

Meanwhile, Nero awaits older Spock’s arrival from the space warp, as Nero has waited 20 years for the Old Spock to arrive (a time distortion effect). It seems Old Spock and Nero are from the future of the Next generation, the regular universe, and in that time, Spock tried to save Romulus from a solar supernova using red matter to create a black hole to suck up the star. As Countdown showed, Spock was late to do so, and Romulus was destroyed, as was Nero’s family. Spock then did stop the supernova, and the resulting space/time warp sucked old Spock’s and Nero’s ships into it. The future believes them all to be dead, but they actually warped into the past of an alternate universe/reality, and have now began interacting with this separate reality, effecting it. So this is not the past of the Star Trek universe we are familiar with, but a new one very similar but more advanced. Since Nero went in first, he comes out first, and old Spock comes out later (20 years later). Nero captures Spock and his ship,and uses his red matter weapon (which makes space/time warp) to use against Vulcan. He will then attack Earth, as doing so with not only allow Romulus to survive in this new universe, but also thrive with the Federation holding it in check. He drops old Spock off at an ice planet near Vulcan, so he can watch it be destroyed by Nero.

Because Kirk cheated on the test, and Starfleet hasn’t decided what to do about that yet, he is not assigned to any ship now that he has graduated. Starfleet gets a distress call from Vulcan, and the Enterprise takes it maiden voyage there under Pike. Checkov, Sulu and Uhura are assigned to the Enterprise, as is Spock in 2nd Command. McCoy is also assigned, and sneaks Kirk onboard.

Based on the details of the ship that is attacking Vulcan, Kirk realizes it is the same on that attacked his father’s ship back in the day, and convinces Pike and Spock to be ready for it. Nero ends up attacking, but offers to spare the E if Pike surrenders and beams over. Pike does, and leaves Spock in command, with Kirk as his 2nd.

Pike beams over, and is captured. He is tortured for info using Ceti eels (yes, from ST 2) to get info on Starfleet’s defenses. Meanwhile, Nero has launched a drill platform that hangs over Vulcan, and is burning a hole to the center of Vulcan. Kirk, Sulu and a red shirt try to stop the drill, and succeed, but too late. Nero drops a red matter bomb into the planet, while Spock tries to save the Vulcan high council (including his father and mother) to save Vulcan’s culture. Checkov beams Kirk and Sulu back aboard, and gets Spock and his father and some others, but loses Spock’s mom in transport. Vulcan then collapses into a black whole space warp, and Nero head for Earth with every one left stunned and Spock crushed. Kirk tells Spock they should chase Nero and try to stop him, but Spock overrules this and says they should meet up with Starfleet’s defense force. Kirk violently disagrees,and Spock nerve pinches him and drops him off on the ice planet near Vulcan,and warps to meet the fleet.

McCoy berates Spock for dumping Kirk, saying they should put their star horse int he stable. Spock, of course, counters his argument, which p!sses McCoy off just like it used to.

Kirk arrives on the ice planet, and while running from a massive attacking alien, he runs into a cave where Old Spock is hiding for warmth. Spock is delighted to run into Kirk, but is confused why he is not captain of the Enterprise (having now realized this universe is different.) Kirk is weirded out that this old vulcan claiming to be Spock and also his friend (“bullshiat”). Old Spock mind melds with kirk and fills him in, and Kirk asks if in the universe he’s from the kirk he knew knew his father. Spock says yes, and that his dad was his inspiration for joining Starfleet and becoming Captain of the Enterprise. Kirk, now jazzed, joins old Spock,and they trek to a Starfleet outpost on this planet. Once there, they meet the commander, Scotty, who was dumped there as punishment for killing his CO’s dog while attempting long distance warp transport. Spock gives Scotty his equation to teleport to the Enterprise at a large distance while at warp. Old Spock refuses to go with them (as a precaution to avoid his past self). Old Spock tells Kirk that he must take command of the E, and tells Kirk that both he, and thus his younger alternate self, are VERY emotionally compromised by Vulcan’s destruction, and that under a Starfleet regulation, he can be relieved from command if Kirk can provoke a reaction to prove it. Since Kirk is still No. 2 on the Enterprise, he will then take command. Kirk slyly mentions that using all this future knowledge is cheating like he himself has done), implying the Spock he knows wouldn’t approve. Old Spock slyly dismisses this, by saying and “old friend” taught him how to cheat. Scotty and Kirk then beam aboard the E, and young Spock is startled they managed to do this. When he demands Kirk and Scotty answer how they did this, Kirk refuses to answer,and goads Spock to show his sorrow and anger at him. Spock flips over the grief and attacks Kirk. Realizing he crossed the line, he tells McCoy to relieve him from command,and Kirk steps up. The crew follows Kirk, but doubts him.

Sarek then tells Spock that he really married his mother because he loved her, not just smooth over his vulcan ambassadorship of Earth as he told Spock earlier. This reenforces Spock to grow closer to Uhura.

Kirk and the E catch up to Nero at Earth, and Spock comes on the bridge to offer his position as 2nd in command. Kirk volunteers to beam over to Nero’s ship to save Pike and disabled it. Spock mentions that he would quote regulations that forbid the captain to leave the ship, but he knows Kirk would “just ignore him anyway”.

Spock volunteers to beam over with Kirk, and Kirk and Scotty are surprised to see Spock kiss Uhura goodbye, especially Kirk, who couldn’t get anywhere with her at all at the Academy (he couldn’t even get her to tell him her first name, which is a running joke).

Spock and Kirk both beam over, and Kirk frees Pike while Spock finds the ship old Spock came from. Kirk tells Spock enough to let him know he has old Spock’s help, and young Spock uses the future ship to attack Nero’s ship, stop Nero’s drill from drilling into Earth, and distract Nero into following Spock’s ship, and the E far away from Earth’s solar system. Nero attacks Kirk, and mentions he recognizes his face, and that Kirk was considered a great man in hsi universe, “but that was another life”. Kirk defeats him,and beams himself and Pike over to the E. Spock crashes the future ship into Nero’s and detonates the red matter on board. Spock is beamed over the the E, and the red matter makes a huge space-time warp that crushes Nero’s ship. Kirk then offers to save Nero and his crew, who rudely refuses. Kirk them whispers to Spock that he thought Spock would appreciate Kirk’s peaceful gesture to Nero (to smooth over any possible ripples with the Romulans) to which Spock replies “no, not in this instance”. They then fire torpedoes at Nero’s ship,and blow it to pieces.

But the space/time warp is too strong to break the E free from (even with Scotty giving it all she’s got”), so Scotty come sup with the idea to dump the warp core,and detonate it, so that the shock wave pushes them free. It works,a nd the E is saved.

In the aftermath, Pike is promoted to admiral, in a wheel chair, but NOT scarred,and Kirk, due to his actions, is promoted to full Captain of the Enterprise.

Old Spock decides to meet young Spock. Young Spock wanst to quit Starfleet to help restore hsi race, which is done to 10,000 or less, but old Spock tells him to stay, as they can be in two palces at once. Old Spock has found a planet to start a new Vulcan colony, and old Spcok tells young Spock to pursue his friendship with Kirk and the crew,a s it will define him in great ways. Spock then watches the younger Kirk promoted.

The final scene is on the E bridge, where Kirk (in full captain’s uniform), tells McCoy to buckle up, as the whole crew is on board,and the E warps out into space over the familiar “final frontier voice over, read by old Spock.

Personally, I had my doubts, but I loved it. The crowd I watched it with loved it. Each actor fits the roles perfectly,and are very “familiar” feeling. McCoy is flawless (creepy accurate, even), Quinto won me over as Spock, Pine as Kirk is a perfect fit and a great lead, Chekov was great, Sulu fit the bill, Uhura was good too,and Scotty was funny, but perfect. Just enough humor, but never corny. A LOT of mentions and nods to things in ALL the past series and movies. Very fast paced, GREAT special effects, and since this technically takes place in the past of an alternate reality, it doesn’t void what came before.

It will make big money. Count on it. I recommend you read Star Trek – Countdown first. It fills in a lot of the future backstory.

164. Mr. Tricorder - April 27, 2009

82 – Ridgeless Klingons with TMP style ridges nonetheless…funny foreshadowing… Methinks the ridged Klingons in the TMP were the first to get the cure or their ridges were surgically re-constructed to emulate generic ridges based on those helmets. Remember Antaak in ENT Divergence said he would start looking into getting into the plastic surgery business ? Those helmets were the start to recovery….

Warbirds – the BK toys are called warbirds for a reason. Thats what Ambassador Soval in ENT Broken Bow called Klingon Ships.

165. Mr. Tricorder - April 27, 2009

116 – The Warbirds are what the Vulcans called D6 Battlecruisers seen in Ent…..Soval said Klingons would send Warbirds in the event of a diplomatic incident… Remember Unexpected…..That was a Klingon Warbird….

166. Mr. Tricorder - April 27, 2009

BTW….Why in the Hell Would someone post the synopsis of the movie…
Ron Retsch – April 27, 2009 Should be Banned from Here for Life…. That Post should be Deleted Immediately….

Banned to Ceti Alpha 5….

167. Mr. Tricorder - April 27, 2009

RE: My last comment on ridges….

Those Ridges on the TMP Klingon Crew facing V’Ger were generic…the whole crew had the same style..unless it was a crew that consisted of one Klingon House…remember all Houses have similar ridges…

The ridges on those helmets is a nod to TMP Klingons as they are exactly identical, while the ridgeless Klingons themselves under those helmets are a nod to TOS and even ENT… They wear those helmets/masks to retain their honor….

Makes sense since Nero is in a 2230’s Rura Penthe Klingon Prison…

168. Mr. Tricorder - April 27, 2009

BTW – List of My Fav ST TOS Films….

TWOK – It’s Khan…
TSFS – Badass Klingons….
TMP – So Epic….
TVH – There be Whales…
TUC – Dark…
TFF – Silly, Cheesy and FUN !!! – a 2 hr TOS episode…

Just watched TMP – so under-rated….and TWOK – never disapoints…

169. Mr. Tricorder - April 27, 2009

And the FF is better than INS and NEM….

170. Mr. Tricorder - April 27, 2009

FAV TNG Films…


171. Jim Smith - April 27, 2009


I like INSURRECTION a lot. Never seen what the problem with it is meant to be. ”It’s like a TV episode on the big screen with a bigger budget!” Yeah, great, I mean, brilliant. I don’t see how ”Being like an episode of TNG” is a bad thing for a TNG movie, do you know what I’m saying? So


172. Trekker chick - April 27, 2009


Bullet points? Sheeesh… Most of the movie, I’d say

173. Trekker chick - April 27, 2009


Shouldn’t that read


174. John from Cincinnati - April 27, 2009

If a person likes a certain movie, I don’t what is so wrong with wanting to see MORE of that movie? Bring on the extended cuts DVD’s!

175. Mr. Tricorder - April 27, 2009

All I have to say is that STAR TREK is Back !!!!

And All of it KICKS ASS – ENT, TOS, TAS, TMP, TWOK, TSFS, TVH, TFF, TUC, TNG, GEN, FC, INS, NEM, DS9, VOY – Plus the New Film….

I’m tired of hearing negativity….tired of hearing stuff like the Great Turd Fest of 89′ – TFF was far from being a turd fest – pales in comparrison to the crap sci fi these days…Except for the Star Wars Saga…Clone Wars is Cool….

So all in all, despite minute flaws….Star Trek is Awesome !!!

Can’t wait for May 8

176. Aragorn189 - April 27, 2009


I totally agree. All of the productions of Star Trek, even the worst ones were better than most of the other Television or movies at the time. Sure some may gripe over things. Personally, I think that TFF is great (great character moments) and the only thing hampering it are the special effects. Sure the screenplay is poorly executed, but it is still a fun movie. Nemesis is the same way. If they had put back in some of the deleted scenes, I think that it would have made a better film.

I think one of the problems fans have is they get a certain set if qualities for a character in the series and then they idealize him to those characteristics. Picard is always said to have been not as tough as Kirk and more diplomatic, but there are scenarios in TNG and especially in the films where he’s extremely tough. Same thing with Kirk with the new movie. People think he ought to act one way and don’t take into account that the character is a human being and they have good days and bad days. Just imagine if they tried to make Star Trek Reality TV Show. It would be boring because most days would be the same old grind of mapping this star system or patroling this quadrant. I’m sure every character has their good days and bad days (Scotty in Star Trek 5). From everything I’ve heard, read, and seen, the new actors fit the bill. The fans need to calm down and try watching the movie with a level head. Anger at anything gets you nowhere (Shinzon, Khan, or Nero anyone?).

I can’t wait for the film still, even though I’ve spoiled myself rotten. Its one thing to read things and see snipits. But its a whole other thing when you actually see the whole thing in its entirety, image, sound, and story together at the same time. May 7th will be an awesome day in the history of Trek.

177. Aragorn189 - April 27, 2009

I might as well comment on the deleted scenes. I really hope all the deleted footage is released with the DVD. I’m a big fan of deleted footage because it gives more insight to characters and storyline. Personally, I want the sequence with Nero at Rura Penthe. The childhoods would be cool, but Rura Penthe is my #1 scene that I want to see on the DVD.

178. John Sullivan - April 27, 2009

I know I sound like a broken record (a skipping CD or trojan-infested illegal pirate version for those of you who are younger) … but I hope they throw all of the footage of the Federation starships (Kelvin & Enterprise) on the cutting room floor, or make them fly by in the famous Star Trek “whoosh” at impulse power or submerged into an opaque blur behind the merciful warp field. Would be nice if the scenes featuring this ship which ironically is NOT 947 feet long, 347 feet wide, or 216 feet tall in the “deleted” column. By my early calculations, a single Prius may fit within the Shuttlecraft Bay / Hanger Deck … but I’m thinking more along the lines of a Golf Cart or Worker Bee. The ship is a complete disaster, and it is SMART of Paramount to feature it RARELY in the promos. Seems that focus groups who have already seen the film already know just how much (and un-Star Trek-like) the ship design is.

179. Blackmore fan - April 27, 2009

These are some very interesting quotes that I found from a review. One that needs to be considered. Rottentomatoes.com claims that it is Moriarity from ainticool.com. Enjoy!

“And by the way, “Trek” fans… a question. You know how you’ve been freaking out about the fact that they build the Enterprise on Earth in this film instead of wherever they built it in the series?

What makes you think that’s the Enterprise?

It’s never called that in the film. When the Enterprise does show up, it has nothing to do with that scene. And there’s no reference to “Hey, remember when we built this ship on Earth? In Iowa?” I think the point of that scene in the film is to show that Kirk does dream of leaving Earth, not that he’s tied to the Enterprise since before it was born. This is a perfect case of why it’s preposterous to rail about things you see in trailers. I may not like a particular trailer for whatever reason, but you won’t catch me still stepping through every frame looking for continuity gripes. It’s a trailer. Something may work completely different in a finished film, and that moment of Kirk looking wistfully at a ship as it’s being built is a great example of that.

If you judge this without seeing it and you count yourself as a “real” fan of “Star Trek,” then shame on you. And if you skip this because you just plain hate “Star Trek” in the pass, you’re missing out. By the time someone finally gives the famous “These are the voyages…” monologue in the film’s final moments, this “Trek” has emerged as a new mission worth taking, a spirited, energetic new beginning to a series long assumed dead.

JJ Abrams… you have the helm.”

Something to think about! Anthony what do you make of this?


180. thereare4lights - April 28, 2009

Not even Abrams knew how long were the Klingon scenes.

181. ucdom - April 28, 2009

I imagine that people think it’s the Enterprise because when you see it in the very first teaser trailer, the camera tracks up over the saucer and USS Enterprise is written there. Kinda simple really.

182. Dom - April 28, 2009

176. Aragorn189: ‘All of the productions of Star Trek, even the worst ones were better than most of the other Television or movies at the time.’

That’s debatable, especially in the later days of TV Trek.

‘Personally, I think that TFF is great (great character moments) and the only thing hampering it are the special effects. Sure the screenplay is poorly executed, but it is still a fun movie.’

It looks unfinished. A thorough, tighter re-edit, ditching some of the excessive studio-enforced ‘humour’, a new sound mix, aggressive colour regrade in some sections and the replacement of the dire, again unfinished-looking, FX would make it a much better film. It is unlikely ever to be great, but certainly it could be done more justice than the rushed-looking mess that made the big screen!

‘Nemesis is the same way. If they had put back in some of the deleted scenes, I think that it would have made a better film.’

Nemesis is just a horrible film generally. Yes, it could probably be better, but so much of it is a ‘reheat’ of past TV episodes (Data’s brother, psychic ‘rape’ and so on) and fails to capture the characters properly that, like TFF, it could stand improvement but is unlikely every to reach greatness!

183. Mr. Tricorder - April 28, 2009

Nemesis was cool !!!

184. Telly1138 - April 28, 2009

UCDOM – BURN! nice.

As for you Aragon… THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. I’ve said for years that, despite its iffy special effects (though not all of them are rancid, either) and ludicrous “God” plot, “Star Trek V” was a great film, in that it was the first time since Spock’s katra mind wipe that we sat the good old trinity reunited, with Kirk, Spock and Bones camping, bitching at each other on the ship, and camping again.

THAT’S why I refuse to call “Star Trek V” the worst of the movies when you have “Star Trek: the Motion Picture”, a film composed of reaction shots set to beautiful Jerry Goldsmith music, or that ludicrously silly “Star Trek IV” which never settled right with me. Shatner may not have done much right with the film, but he did do the most important thing right — he gives us what is essentially our last look that unbreakable friendship, as there’s not much time in “Star Trek VI” to look at that three-way bromance. So the Shat decides to have this 23 year-old friendship go off into the sunset by kicking back, relaxing, throwing a few last barbs at each other, and singing into the night as the stars bleed into the night sky. The older I get, the more that scene makes me well up.

185. My night on the set of Star Trek « Music Worth Buying - April 28, 2009

[…] The Trek Movie website has just posted a story about a scene involving a prison break is going to be cut from the theatrical release of the movie but will be included in the DVD version……At […]

186. Paul - April 29, 2009

So once again they are trying to get us to pay for an incomplete product, in order to force us to pay for complete product once more.

“Dear consummer, thank you for buying our new car. We hope you enjoy it. Don’t forget to come back in six months and buy our special extended edition, which will include all four tires, brakes and engine.”

187. minette - May 12, 2009

Love the movie but can’t wait to see the deleted scenes. The movie didn’t show much of the Romulans like I was expecting but perhaps the DVD will give me that satisfaction.

188. Lauren - May 14, 2009

This is a neat article about the new Star Trek movie…

189. Lawrence - May 14, 2009


190. Rowan - May 31, 2009

*******SPOILERS******** – if such a thing exists at this late date:

There are some mistakes in who the “Drunken Uncle’ is, and who the boy is hitchhiking on the road. The “uncle” is actually the abusive step-father Kirk’s mother married. He also has an older brother, George Samuel Kirk, who, was running away because of the step-father. The car young Jim is driving is NOT his stepfather’s car (as the man asserts) but Jim’s father’s. Jim steals the car because the stepfather (Matt Grunberg) is trying to sell it while his wife id off planet and can’t do anything about it. So Jim drives past his runaway brother and drives the car off a cliff. If they can’t keep the car, no one can.

191. Dova - June 9, 2009

Thanks a lot, Rowan! This totally explains that car chase episode, which I’ve been thinking to be quite stange and unnecesary. Now I get it:) I hope they’ll add these cut scenes to the extended edition.

192. Andrew - June 27, 2009

There have been so many deleted scenes in most of the Star Trek movies that they have to just shoot them as fully developed seasons of 12 episodes, each lasting 40 minutes long, then make a tight, theatrical edit of 2 hours for the movies.

193. Randy - August 24, 2010

am I wrong but wasnt Jim Kirk’s brother name was Sam in the original Star Trek

194. crysty - July 30, 2011

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