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Location of R2-D2 Easter Egg Revealed + More Star Trek Easter Eggs June 11, 2009

by TrekMovie.com Staff , Filed under: Star Trek (2009 film) , trackback

Last month we reported that Paramount launched an Easter egg contest to find the hidden R2D2 in the new Star Trek movie. Now they have revealed where to find the Star Wars droid, details below plus we list many of the other easter eggs in the Star Trek movie. 


R2 in the debris field
The location of R2 was announced on the Star Trek Facebook page:


During the Drill Machine sequence as the Enterprise comes out of its barrel role amidst destruction of the other Federation ships above Vulcan, we cut to an interior Enterprise bridge over the shoulder of Kirk that is looking out through the front viewscreen. In space, R2-D2 is floating in the debris from about the top middle of the screen to the bottom right.

Unfortunately Paramount did not release an image of R2 so we will have to wait for the DVD for that (as we will not put up bootleg images here at TrekMovie.com). And yes Paramount did misspell ‘barrel roll’, but hey I do that all the time so who am I to talk. 


More Star Trek Easter Eggs
The Star Trek movie has lots of little things that can be noticed on multiple viewings, here are some (in chron order): [UPDATED: 6/11 5:00 AM PST]

Well that is all we have for now. If you have found any others, let us know and we will add them to the list





1. D for me. - June 11, 2009

I think these were great! Funny how many things they put in the movie for fans. You could hear the laughter or comments for most of these in the theater.

2. badboy1230 - June 11, 2009

Spock mayes a reference to “Walking the halls weeping,” a reference to “The Naked Time.”

3. Devon - June 11, 2009

Ayel holding Kirk by the neck in the area is a possible homage to The Search For Spock where Kruge holds Kirk up in the air by the neck. Ayel’s death is also similar to Kirk’s.

4. Devon - June 11, 2009

#3 – Correction – Last sentence should say “Ayel’s death is also similar to Kruge’s.”

5. DM - June 11, 2009

Addition to Academy hangar scene: the last name called out by the first roll call is Vader. He gets assigned to the Farragut.

6. Matt D - June 11, 2009

Captain Pike’s whistle to break up the fight is the same as the whistle communication sound in TOS.

7. Matt D - June 11, 2009

Didn’t Bob Orci say that it WAS Porthos who got beamed? Something about the wonders of vet science in the future?

8. Clinton - June 11, 2009

It is probably nothing, but it seemed to me that there is a slight allusion to Jerry Goldsmith’s ST:TMP score right at the end of the film, around the point that Spock Prime says “Thrusts ahead” (or something like that) and we cut to the crew on board the Enterprise.

9. DJT - June 11, 2009

I believe, the “Laurentian Abyss” is also the place where Megatron was dropped off at the end of Transformers. A possible Orci-Kurtzman connection.

10. screaming satellite - June 11, 2009

According to imdb triva heres the original opening:
“The original opening for the movie was going to feature the Enterprise NCC-1701 under the command of Robert April, with George Kirk second in command. At the climax of the scene the Enterprise would have been destroyed, and the Enterprise featured through most of the movie would have been its successor, the NCC-1701-A (which didn’t debut until Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (1986) in the original timeline). However, Paramount told Kurtzman and Orci that the one thing they absolutely could not do was destroy the Enterprise, even if they were going to replace it with a newer one, and so the “original” Enterprise was rewritten into the USS Kelvin, with Captain April becoming Captain Robau.”

I guess theyd used the original design of the NCC 1701 model and had them in the Cage/Where No Man-esque uniforms on a similar bridge set to TOS?..(not EXACTLY the same but similar as the Ent and the uniforms kept getting make overs all the time anyway and that bit is set well B4 The Cage) …maybe a big star as April too? Ford, Cruise?

i know it wouldve meant blowing up the Ent (again) and they probably didnt want the new one to be known as NCC 1701-‘A’

11. Anthony Thompson - June 11, 2009

Majel’s voice is also heard in the pod when Kirk lands on Delta Vega.

12. AJ - June 11, 2009

Spock saying, and I’ll maul this: “Once you’ve eliminated all that’s logical, what’s left, no matter how improbable, is most often true” from TWOK. It’s said by ZQ Spock on the Bridge at some point.

13. Spock - June 11, 2009

“Kirk bumps his head entering shuttle to Starfleet Academy, possible homage to Scotty bumping his head in Star Trek V”

Oh JESUS. Really stretched for references aren’t you!? Hahahaha.

14. Schiefy - June 11, 2009

#13–not stretching as that was what I thought during my first viewing.

15. AJ - June 11, 2009

The whole “Kirk upsets Spock” routine is right out of “This Side of Paradise.”

“I have been and always shall be your friend” from TWOK.

Much depends on where one draws the line between in-universe reference to drive plot, and ‘winking’ to the fans.

16. swh1939 - June 11, 2009

# 5 – Vader was assigned to the hood, not the Farragut.

# 11 – That doesn’t sound like Majel’s voice in Kirk’s pod on Delta Vega. I could be wrong, but if it’s Majel then her voice was modulated in a way that her voice with Chekov wasn’t.

17. Anthony Pascale - June 11, 2009

Thanks for the suggestions
i have updated the article with the ones that I felt were true easter eggs with some clarifications
Vader is assigned to the USS Hood
The Sherlock Holmes quote was in Star Trek VI

also the computer voice on the pod on DV is not Majel

18. JIM - June 11, 2009

Come on Anthony, you cant have miss that! One word : fencing!!

19. Jordan from UGO - June 11, 2009

Some of the other easter eggs in there are so mainstream that we Trek fanatics may not consider them easter eggs:

Scotty saying “I’m Giving He All She’s Got”
Bones saying “I’m a doctor, not a physicist” and “Good God, Man!”
Sulu being a fencer. . .

I consider Uhura having the first name Nyota a bit of fan service, too, considering that that name only existed previously in extended universe fiction.

20. raveoned - June 11, 2009

Also, how the wind howls on Delta Vega, sounding a lot like the wind on some planets in TOS.

21. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - June 11, 2009

12. AJ – June 11, 2009
Spock saying, and I’ll maul this: “Once you’ve eliminated all that’s logical, what’s left, no matter how improbable, is most often true” from TWOK. It’s said by ZQ Spock on the Bridge at some point.

Actualy. Spock said that in Star Trek 6

22. Brendan - June 11, 2009

One of the other shuttles in the hanger scene is called the Gilliam, Possibly a reference to Terry Gilliam or to a Dawn Gilliam, who served as script editor on the movie though and was also involved in scripting on Alias and Mission Impossible III.

23. Ashley - June 11, 2009

The communicators used on the Kelvin seemed to be almost exactly the same as the TOS communicators.

And some of the biggest nods to past treks that I noticed were the sound effects…
-TOS communicator chirp
-TOS transporter sound
-The transporter also had a deep hum similar to ‘The Cage’
-Intercom button beep is exactly the same as one of the TOS button press sounds
-Bridge ping very similar to the TOS bridge ping
-Sound of the weapons arming on the Kelvin was similar to the phaser/torpedo firing sound in TOS
-Heard a few instances (on the Enterprise bridge and in the shuttle on Delta Vega) of something like the console warbling sound from the Enterprise-A in ST 5-6

There’s probably more but I can’t remember them all right now. I was happily surprised to hear so many familiar sounds though! :)

24. JimJ - June 11, 2009

Probably not considered Easter Eggs, but I thought it was cool how each character stated their full name somewhere in the movie…I way to establish themselves. Also, McCoy’s reference to, “all I have left are my ‘Bones””.

25. TonyD - June 11, 2009

Not sure if these qualify as “East Eggs” but:

– at one point Dr. McCoy asks Nurse Chapel for something; don’t recall if you actually see her or not.

– the communicators used by the crew on the USS Kelvin appear to be dead ringers for the TOS models

– the testing scene of young Spock is very reminiscent of the retraining of adult Spock in ST IV

– the Klingon warbirds during the Kobyashi Maru test are almost identical to the K’Tinga class ships from ST:TMP

– the shuttlecraft carrying McCoy and Kirk to the Enterprise does an almost identical flyover as the travel pod in ST:TMP

– the chair and viewscreen on the Jellyfish form the classic Vulcan IDIC symbol

26. Tregonsee - June 11, 2009

Nero’s almost whispered “Spock” toward the end reminded my of Kirk’s thunderous “Kahn!” in ST II

27. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - June 11, 2009

I liked that Kirk was eating an Aple on the kobioshi maru test. A big nod to Trek 2. Also when Spock was quoting the odds to Kirk about the Possiblity of success for completing the mission. Loved that line. The wat kirk and Spock worked together on the Narada was just like they did in the Tos Prime Universe when they took on the salt monster. Kirk Parachuting was a nod to the many books that the Shat wrote where Prime Kirk did it several times and the cut scene in Generations where Shat Kirk is seen Parachuting.

28. Nate - June 11, 2009

Hey, I treated the closing theme and dedication as a nice goody too- not really an Easter egg, of course.

29. Nate - June 11, 2009

Captain Mike: B’Elanna also parachuted from orbit on a holodeck in VOY.

“the chair and viewscreen on the Jellyfish form the classic Vulcan IDIC symbol”

Oh, WOW!

30. steve1 or 2 - June 11, 2009

#25 – – the Klingon warbirds during the Kobyashi Maru test are almost identical to the K’Tinga class ships from ST:TMP

Yes, but what is their actual size? ;)

31. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - June 11, 2009

Minor Spoiler for the Trek 09 book. I read the Trek 09 Book and at the end Archers beagle Porthos Beams onto the Big E. But i will not say where in the book that it happens.

32. Schultz - June 11, 2009

R2D2 as debris from a destroyed spaceship. LOL. Now, THAT’S what I call a great easter egg. ;)

33. Christopher L. Bennett - June 11, 2009

In addition to Adm. Komack, one of the name signs in the hearing scene reads “Nensi Chandra,” probably a reference to Capt. Chandra from “Court-martial” (with “Nensi” being a probable allusion to Salman Nensi, a character in the novel Memory Prime named for a real-life friend of Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens).

I’m not convinced of the “Vader, USS Hood” thing. Couldn’t it have been “Bader,” perhaps an homage to the late Hilary J. Bader, who wrote for TNG? After all, there was a shuttlecraft Moore in the same scene.

34. RoobyDoo - June 11, 2009

Loved the ‘ping’ sound that occurs a few seconds into the movie as Kelvin whisks by. Put a smile on my face.

35. Danny Epperson - June 11, 2009

The shuttle’s name that Kirk and McCoy board to go to the Enterprise is named “Gillian” – an obvious homage to Dr. Gillian Taylor the cetacean biologist in Star Trek IV who comes back with Kirk and crew to the 23rd century………

36. Crusade2267 - June 11, 2009

There’s a point in the film where Nero shouts “Spock!!!” and it echos a bit and my wife swore that it was a “KHAAAAN” moment.

37. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - June 11, 2009

Ok. Instead of saying KHAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we can now all say SPOCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

38. RM10019 - June 11, 2009

35 – I think it was Gilliam? Perhaps Terry Gilliam homage?

39. Spaceboy - June 11, 2009

Then there’s the final scene with Kirk getting a medal…just like the final scene in “Star Wars” when Luke and Han got medals.

40. Check the Circuit! - June 11, 2009

Why would anyone do an homage to one of the most contrived/slapstick/childish/degrading/pointless/groan-inducing “jokes” in the history of Star Trek?

Scotty bumping head…sheesh! Shatner must have laughed his *** off when they dreamed up that bit of drivel.

(Just to set the record straight…I actually think STV is better than most people give it credit for. There were HUGE budget issues that killed the ending but The Shat and team made some ill-advised choices that left the film feeling strangely uneven. Example: Spock refusing Kirk’s order to shoot Sidewalk…or whatever his name was…then quickly turning to ham-handed humor in the brig. Ugh! A brilliant and rare moment of geniune confilict between two beloved characters that is quickly forgetten. “You mean he’s your BROTHER brother?” Blue Blazes!)

41. Trek Nerd Central - June 11, 2009

Here’s two:

“I don’t believe in the no-win scenario.” — Pine’s Kirk says that, just as Shat’s Kirk did in “Wrath of Khan.”

Also, was it just me, or did Pine spend an awful lot of time dangling off of precipices? I thought fer sher they were reverse nods to Kruge’s demise at the end of “Search for Spock.”

42. Todd - June 11, 2009

Another Easter Egg that I picked up was, when Kirk met Spock Prime for the first time, Spock Prime said: “I am Spock” which I would take as homeage to Lenard Nimoy’s book: “I am Spock”

43. Trek Nerd Central - June 11, 2009

Also, I really took the entire Nero character as an homage to Montalban’s Khan: Wackjob baddie blames death of wife on Kirk/Spock, wields planet-eating weapon in revenge. No??

44. pock speared (real name "dirk firmthighs") - June 11, 2009

the sound design was one of the greatest aspects of the film, both in tribute and narrative. the muting of the noise and chaos during george’s suicide run was very powerful, and never (quite) used before in trek.

prime spock’s voice distortion during mind meld, the distance and overlapping made nice use of the emotive (the sadness, the almost moaning at the death of vulcan had two different readings…)

off topic. the ‘midwife’ nurses EYES were nifty as all hell. anime sexy! assuming that was subtle CGI, something rarely done so well.

45. Andy Patterson - June 11, 2009

CAMEO: When Spock returns to the bridge to say “Mr Chekov is correct”, Star Trek Phase II’s James Cawley can be seen standing next to him holding clipboard
Also having Spock say Chekov is correct brings to mind “The Way to Eden” when Irina tells him to ‘be correct, occasionally’. But I doubt anyone would acknowledge or accept that, as I seem to be the only one who loves that episode.

46. Shadowcat - June 11, 2009

@33 I missed that reference to Salman Nensi.The TOS novel Memory Prime is one of my favorites. I really liked his character. He was Mira Romaine’s Godfather in the novel. I saw many of the cameos and easter eggs the first time I saw the movie. I almost missed the Tribble in Scotty’s lab the second time I saw the film. My husband has very sharp eyes and picked up almost all of the easter eggs. We just relocated to the UK and are still settling in. I hope to see ST09 one more time. I can’t wait for the DVD.

47. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - June 11, 2009

Hey Anthnoy. I have a challenge for Trek Movie. Find out from the Court how many easter eggs there are in Trek and then when the Dvd comes out put a challange to all of us to get the number of eggs and the closest ones or the ones who get it right could get a Dvd or something. What do you think.

48. Check the Circuit! - June 11, 2009

Another sound effect I heard…that was a welcome treat…was during the Kobayashi Maru simulation. There’s a cose up of one of the sensor panels and you can hear the sound of Spock’s scanner from his Science Station.

I’d classify the script references to “cheating death” as a nod to TWOK dialog and themes.

49. AJ - June 11, 2009

Spock’s hazing on Vulcan is from TAS “Yesteryear.” In fact the whole “Spock Prime meeting his younger self back in time” subplot can be said to reference that ep.

50. CmdrR - June 11, 2009

By my third viewing, I saw R2D2s everywhere.. in the rocks outside the window while Sarek counseled kiddy Spock, in the blur between Pine and Saldana on the “talented tongue” line. But, I did NOT see RD floating in the space debris. Grrrr.

51. montimer - June 11, 2009

I’d swear blind I saw Kal Penn at one point. Can’t remember when though.

52. Shatner_Fan_Prime - June 11, 2009

When Bones asks Chekov’s age, and Chekov replies, “17, sir!” Similar to Kirk asking same in Who Mourns for Adonais, and Chekov replying, “22, sir!”

Also, these may not have been intentional, but I thought it was neat how in the first Iowa scene, the Vette little Kirk is driving is similar to the Vette Shatner used to drive to the set of TOS (pics of this car are in some of the books I own), and Kirk was being pursued by a motorcycle cop…just like Gene Roddenberry used to be for LAPD! :-)

53. TrekZone Network - June 11, 2009

CAMEO: When the Romulans go fetch the red matter to destroy Vulcan, Richard Arnold (in Romulan constume) can be seen briefly next to the red matter storage device on the Jellyfish.

54. DarthTod - June 11, 2009

Christopher Doohan, James Doohan’s son is listed as having a cameo as well. I believe that he is seen working in the transporter room.

55. somethoughts - June 11, 2009

When Kirk asks McCoy after the cheating hearing, “who is that pointy ear bastard?”

McCoy says, “I don’t know…But I like him.”

Reference to their upcoming I hate him/I like him relationship that happened in the prime universe.

56. Paul B. - June 11, 2009

We seem to be mixing up the terms “easter egg” (something hidden in the film) and “homage” (something shown or said that references another film). Listing everything that is included in the film a “easter eggs” is a bit silly–R2-D2 is an easter egg, but the bridge sounds are not.

We’re also confusing ‘homage” and “rip off.” Kirk eating an apple during the Kobayashi Maru is an homage; Nero using ‘Centaurian Slugs’ on Pike is a rip off. (They practically stole the scene, with “slugs” instead of eels and the brain stem instead of the cerebral cortex.) An homage is a nod, but it usually works in its own right–it adds to the film. But the Nero/slugs scene was such a blatant lift that I call it a rip off.

But, come on folks, get real with the “ooh, I found an easter egg” when what you mean is “ooh, I saw an element of Trek in a Trek film.”

57. jamjumetley - June 11, 2009

That’s good I was wrong about R2D2. I thought I saw it on the saucer of the Enterprise in a scene when Kirk and Bones see the starship’s name. There are two small domes. The one on the right looked like R2.

58. Dennis Bailey - June 11, 2009

#56:”But, come on folks, get real with the “ooh, I found an easter egg” when what you mean is “ooh, I saw an element of Trek in a Trek film.”

True. LOL

59. Laura - June 11, 2009

#34 RubyDoo

I’m totally with you on that one. I was sitting there all tense and nervous, just hoping I wouldn’t hate the film. As soon as the ping sound started, I relaxed and smiled. It was like somebody shot me with a tranquilizer. It just felt right.

60. Yammer - June 11, 2009

During the Kobayashi Maru test, I thought I saw the shield displays of the Klingon attack fleet as a ring of white dots being reduced a la the “prefix code” sequence in WoK. Did I dream that?

61. NCC-73515 - June 11, 2009

Spock Theme music when he learns of the black hole at the center of Vulcan!
Slugs are more Conspiracy (TNG) aliens than ceti eels…
Pike whistles TOS intercom sound after bar fight!
New intercom sound is TOS button sound!
BTTF2 reference: universe ending paradoxes!
Red matter behaves like Klingon blood from TUC!
IDIC formed by Jellyfish seat and window!

62. Yippeekaiyaymofo - June 11, 2009

I’m Pretty sure when McCoy asks “Chapelle” for the injection, it’s Majel (voice only) saying “yes, sir.”

63. Gary the Gorn - June 11, 2009

Anybody know where Randy Pausch author of “The Last Lecture” is in the film?

64. The Original Animated Next Generation Deep Space Voyager Enterprise - June 11, 2009

The only thing missing from the list of nods to TOS:

Bones saying, “He’s dead Jim.”

65. Spock - June 11, 2009

When the Enterprise tries to escape the black hole, the warp engine sound effect is from the original series.

66. Bob, The Evil Klingon Frontline Leader - June 11, 2009

62 – McCoy did indeed say Chappell.

67. Anthony Lewis - June 11, 2009

It might just be me but when I saw Spock sit in the chair on the Jellyfish and it started spinning around my first thought was of Spock Prim doing the same on the Klingon bridge near the end of Star Trek V

68. Bob, The Evil Klingon Frontline Leader - June 11, 2009

If my eyes are right, when Uhuru walks into the bar she passes a couple of black and white pictures, and one of them appears to be the ball field from “Field of Dreams”.

I may have to go back fo trip #6 and verify this.

69. RogerB - June 11, 2009

62 & 66 – It’s Christine Chapel, like a church, not like David Chappelle the comedian.
And I caught him say “Nurse Chapel” the first time I saw it and it definitely sounded like Majel Barrett the second time.

One of them did mention that even though she is no longer with us, there are enough recordings of her voice as the computer from ToS, to TNG, to Voyager so the Enterprise will always have her as it’s voice.

70. Spectrum of the Spock - June 11, 2009

Why R2D2???

I am not a Star Wars hater by any means, but why not… Nomad??? Or a Gorn? :P

Also, in The Cage, I think they used communicators for intership communications instead of the intercoms later seen. just like the crew of the Kelvin did….

71. Bob, The Evil Klingon Frontline Leader - June 11, 2009

69 – It should be “its” & not “it’s” ;)

72. Bob, The Evil Klingon Frontline Leader - June 11, 2009

Although Dave Chappelle as Nurse Chapel would be a very interesting take on the role…

73. Robert Saint John - June 11, 2009

#71 – no, “it is” is “it’s” not “its” …. lol

74. screaming satellite - June 11, 2009

-im pretty certain i heard TOS ‘planet sound’ when Kirk is on Delta Vega..y know that sound u can hear on Talos IV when Pike and spock touch the blue flowers in The Cage etc

ok some of these arent really Easter eggs…just possible references:

-Kelvin Captains approach to the Narada – the ways the doors opened..like vger when spock went spacewalking

-Kirk and Bones first seeing the Ent (similar to Kirk and Scot in TMP)

-Spock on disintergrating Vulcan…like Genesis plus bit where Spock and co all beamed up as the ground gave way was similar to Kirk and Spock being beamed away just in time on Genesis in ST III (only poor Amanda didnt make it as the ground disappeared )

-Kirks climbing/always hanging off stuff – reference to his climbing exploits in V and eventual death in VII?

-orbital skydrive like Trek VII (although that was deleted)

-Kirk catching Sulu (like Spock catching Kirk in V)

-Scotty ‘pet‘ was very similar ‘mini me’ looking version to the aliens Picard, Worf and data battle with on the planet in Nemesis

-Nero was sort of similar to soran – driven by grief by family loss and wanting to destroy planets

-Nero going “SPPOOOOCCCCK!!” (like “KHHHHHAAAAAN!”)

-old and young Spocks – the shuttle behind Nimoy has the number “12091” on the side. Ref to the date of his last appearence in VI? (12/91)

-Spocks end VO like TWOK (obviously) but also TUC (where no ‘one’)

-The Morn look-a-like sitting at the bar when Kirk was chatting up Uhura.

-Cardassian sunrise

plus StarWars?:

– Torturing a person by demolishing their home planet while forcing them to watch, Alderaan?

– sequence on ice plant when monster saves kirk from smaller monster, very similar to the “bigger fish” scene in Ep1

– “Punch it”

– Ice planet and monster sequence reminiscent of Ep5 Hoth and the Wampa cave

– Spock Primes spaceship is very similar in design to the Gungan sub in Ep1

– Enterprise in Hyperspace view like Star Wars one plus the way the ships disappear into warp

Galaxy Quest?:
-Pike being tortured lying down…same thing with Tim Allen

75. CmdrR - June 11, 2009

Big Easter Egg. The way Rand never rips off her tunic and yells, “Take me now, CmdrR, like a Viking in winter!” That’s just the way it went in TOS all through my adolescence.

76. hmich176 - June 11, 2009

The tribble multiplies during it’s scene. When the scene begins there is only one, and when the scene ends, there are two.

77. Julio - June 11, 2009

Do a Barrel Roll!

78. Telly - June 11, 2009

Chris Doohan is sitting with Scotty when he sends (and bring back) Kirk and Spock from the Narada.

Among the shuttlecraft at Starfleet Academy are the Gilliam (I saw this clearly several times) and the Moore, no doubt for TNG/DS9 writer and Galactica developer Ronald D. Moore.

Personally, I think R2 is a great nod to the other great “Star” franchise. After all, ILM did the effects for numerous “Trek” films, including this one. And the Enterprise-D is rumored to be seen in the traffic on Corruscant in one of the Star Wars films.

79. richpit - June 11, 2009

For the record, the Kelvin communicators are very similar to TOS comms, but not dead ringers at all. They’re very different when seen up close. Shape is different, as is the lid…which has no holes and is a copper color. Inside, there’s a distinct lack of detail when compared to a TOS comm.

That’s all.

80. Cap'n Calhoun - June 11, 2009

Memory Alpha has a list with a bunch more. My favorite:

At one point, Doctor McCoy tells Kirk that “A little suffering is good for the soul.” In TOS: “The Corbomite Maneuver” Kirk asks McCoy “Aren’t you the one who always says a little suffering is good for the soul?” and McCoy dryly replies “I never say that”.


81. Nemesis4909 - June 11, 2009


82. dalek - June 11, 2009

1. The guy at the Vulcan academy is the same guy from Star Trek VI, guard at rura penthe?? Or do i have that wrong. He also appeared in TNG and downloads into Data.

2. The overheard ice shots where a homeage to Trek VI with McCoy and Kirk walking on Rura Penthe. One shot looked very similar.

3. Kirk and Spock Prime around the fire, a homeage to Trek V perhaps with Nimoy poking a stick in the fire like he did the marshmallows (marsh melons if you are from the 23rd century).

4. Kirk “I dont believe in the no-win scenario” Trek 2

5. On the Jellyfish Kirk says “Ssspock” in a homeage to Shatner’s pronunciation.

83. Mza - June 11, 2009

Towards the end of the film I thought I spotted the Vulcan spacecraft from First Contact on a platform inside the Narada.

84. RIP Porthos 10, rest ye in that Big Transporter Buffer in the sky... - June 11, 2009

ANOTHER EASTER EGG: the enterprise failing to go to warp as it was leaving drydock due to sulu screwing up and ‘leaving the parking brake on’ is a nod to the ‘Sabotage’ Prime Scotty did in Prime Universe in Star Trek 3 to the Excelsior, the ship Prime Sulu got command of later on…

85. dalek - June 11, 2009

The skydiving sequence yes, young Kirk was in the same blueish outfit that old Kirk was in the deleted scene in Generations.

86. ster julie - June 11, 2009

85.–“Same blueish outfit”

Well, not quite. The one Shat’s Kirk wore was covered in small tiles that looked like tiny solar cells–to me.

87. RIP Porthos 10, rest ye in that Big Transporter Buffer in the sky... - June 11, 2009

82 yes youre right the guy at the Vulcan Academy IS the same guy from TNG AND the Klingon guard at Rura Penthe AND a mentally unstable alien from the episode of Voyager titled ‘Bliss’ where a a large spaceborne lifeform screwed with the crew’s heads in order to truck them into flying right into it so it could eat them…

88. Brett Campbell - June 11, 2009

Risky move with that R2D2. Won’t Lucas demand royalties? ;-)

89. Reign1701A - June 11, 2009

When McCoy brings Kirk into the Enterprise sickbay he tells him “a little suffering is good for the soul”. In “The Corbomite Maneuver”, Kirk asks McCoy in the turbolift “aren’t you the one that says a little suffering is good for the soul?” to which McCoy replies “I never say that”.

Later in the episode Kirk says to McCoy “aren’t you the one that says man is ultimately better than any machine” to which McCoy says “I never say that either”…to which Kirk replies “I could’ve sworn I heard you say that” (possibly referring to their days at the academy!).

90. Duncan MacLeod - June 11, 2009


Was any of that filmed? if not, how do you know?

91. dalek - June 11, 2009

#86 they are both called Kirk, both skydived in two different movies and wore a blue outfit, what more you want blood? lol

#90 yeah it was filmed and released i believe as deleted scenes on the generations dvd. there are also pics on the net of this scene somewhere.

92. Shatner_Fan_Prime - June 11, 2009

#90, Yes, it was filmed. Look around online and you can find the footage. Playmates even made an action figure of Kirk in that outfit.

93. dalek - June 11, 2009

#87 thanks for that, and yeah i vaguely recall that VOY episode, wonder if he’s been in DS9 too.

94. ChrisPUT - June 11, 2009

“Pike whistles TOS intercom sound after bar fight!”

I saw a number of references to this. The sound is just an electronic version of bosun’s whistle used in the navy. My dad has one. It is a call to attention signal, kinda like saying “Hey! Listen up!”
They used one in TWOK but it was electronic.

95. jamjumetley - June 11, 2009

“- Enterprise in Hyperspace view like Star Wars one plus the way the ships disappear into warp”
It’s more like in Stargate.

BTW: After I read all those posts here one easter egg came to my mind – There are all 7 main characters! Just like in TOS! LOL

96. Shatner_Fan_Prime - June 11, 2009

Here’s the Shatner Kirk skydiving scene! Poor quality, and with some missing FX…


97. dalek - June 11, 2009

#96 thanks, its a wonder they dont release those scenes in decent quality. They are obviously on film somewhere for someone to do a bootleg.

98. ster julie - June 11, 2009

91. dalek – June 11, 2009
#86 they are both called Kirk, both skydived in two different movies and wore a blue outfit, what more you want blood? lol

How about a little respect in this exchange of ideas?? Adding the hated “lol” to a catty remark doesn’t make it funny. Sheesh.

94.–Wasn’t the bosun’s whistle also used when Lincoln was beamed aboard in “The Savage Curtain”?

99. Blake Powers - June 11, 2009

What about Chris Doohan’s scene smiling with simon pegg after they beam back people from 2 locations at once… At least I thought that was Chris Doohan. I smiled when I saw it nonetheless.

100. Blake Powers - June 11, 2009

Ok, 79 beat me to it… Dammit

101. dayxday - June 11, 2009

I take it the modern definition of “homage” means “directly copied from”.

102. Nate - June 11, 2009

I don’t think Lucas would mind, considering that it was his company that did the special effects. :-)

Wasn’t the Millennium Falcon in the battle scene in First Contact?


-The medal given Kirk has a pattern on the ribbon similar to all the little medals they used to wear on dress uniforms.

-The mention of the song “sabotage” vs. Shatner’s “sabatage.”

-I thought Scotty’s assistant looked like the aliens in Nemesis as well- shorter, of course, but one of those aliens also lifted his glasses at the end, just like this one did.

-There was mention that the Kelvin had a crewmember who was of Arex’s race, but this has been denied.

In answer to one post above, yes, they used communicators on board in “The Cage.” But where on the Kelvin?

103. dalek - June 11, 2009

#98 there was no disrespect at all. how is it disrespectul to use “lol”? if you’re looking for a fight you aren’t going to get one from me.

104. 8of12 - June 11, 2009

They killed R2D2!!!!! lol

105. Spectrum of the Spock - June 11, 2009

102 – the engineer used a communicator (as oppsed to Scotty near the end using intercom, or earpiece or whatever) – so i just extrapolated that to the entire Kelvin crew.

plus, Kirk’s mom – i know she was mobile – but still she used one.

106. Benjamin Adams - June 11, 2009

It’s been mentioned before, but I just want to reiterate absolutely the TOS “alien planet” wind sound is used on Delta Vega.

107. David - June 11, 2009

Is it possible that the destruction of the Federation armada near Vulcan was a homage to the Enterprise D finding the graveyard of Federation ships after the Battle of Wolf 359 in “The Best of Both Worlds”?

108. DonDonP1 - June 11, 2009

Fascinating. I wish that for the 12th “Star Trek” motion picture, they should add a reference to one of the five “Superman” movies, like the USS Kal-El, name after the Man of Steel.

109. screaming satellite - June 11, 2009

im quite annoyed there were no FAMILY GUY references…after all the homages FG has bestowed on Trek! tsk tsk

what i hear you ask? i dunno maybe a Peter Griffin laugh or an alien that looked like stewie

110. Finding Nimoy - June 11, 2009

The one thing that I wish they would have used, but didn’t was the actual Kobayshi Maru distress call from TWOK. That would have been a great way to open the scene.

111. Joe_Cocolo - June 11, 2009

The Penguin Dress Greys (TMP ADM.’s uniform) have returned at last!

112. CDoll - June 11, 2009

51> I believe I saw him on the bridge as well – during the Spock/Kirk fight after Kirk beams aboard with Scotty… I think. But I do recall seeing a glimpse of him, on the bridge, in a blue uniform.

113. COMMANDER KEEN - June 11, 2009


“Oh my God, they killed R2D2. YOU BASTARDS!!!”

114. ShinRa Actual - June 11, 2009

The First Contact Lander can be seen in one of the Vulcan city shots.

Also, you can pick out the old TOS Warp Engine rev-up sound effect after the Enterprise dumps the warp cores, and escapes the Black Hole at the end.

115. Spock - June 11, 2009

You can also see a vulcan shuttle on one of the landing platforms as Spock is flying the Jellyfish out of the Narada.

116. AJ - June 11, 2009

Kirk takes the KM test for the 3rd time in Trek 09.

In TWOK, Spock says, “As I recall, you took the test 3 times yourself. Your solution was, shall we say, unique.”

117. NX01ebs - June 11, 2009

Here is one I didn’t see in any of the posts…

When Kirt goes through the tunnel on the Narada, it is very similar to the Horta tunnel he went through in the episode “The Devil in the Dark.”

118. Trek Nerd Central - June 11, 2009

I vote for *not* imperiously correcting people’s typos and grammatical errors. . . (If a mistake is really and truly hilarious, then okay, but no need to be a snot-pants about it.)

It is very easy to make mistakes when posting. And was we ALL know, it’s impossible to edit them out.

119. Trek Nerd Central - June 11, 2009

#118. See? Just to prove my point, I made a boo-boo. That should read: “And as we ALL know. . . “

120. ster julie - June 11, 2009

103. “#98 there was no disrespect at all. how is it disrespectul to use “lol”?”

It was the “What do you want, blood?” comment that was disrespectful. Tacking “lol” made it worse. IMHO.

And I don’t want a fight, either. Meh, this whole thing is a tempest in a teacup. Sorry I brought it up.

121. SChaos1701 - June 11, 2009

Please folks, stop calling it the intercom whistle. It’s called a “boatswain whistle.”

122. cagmar - June 11, 2009

#33. I’m not convinced of the “Vader, USS Hood” thing. Couldn’t it have been “Bader,” perhaps an homage to the late Hilary J. Bader, who wrote for TNG? After all, there was a shuttlecraft Moore in the same scene.”

Yeah. And that they said Vader is sort of a misfire as far as the history and meaning of the USS Hood. Isn’t the Hood the second ship Riker served on, and where he first met Geordi, who served aboard it as well? It was in the TNG pilot, I seem to recall. Old old McCoy may have been on it there as well. I think the Hood has been around a lot. I’m shocked they used it to serve Star Wars….

123. John Tiberius - June 11, 2009

Pretty sure that the voice of the Jellyfish computer is Kirstie Alley — likely as Saavik. It would make sense in the Spock Prime timeline that she went on to work at the Vulcan Science Academy… last we saw her, she was staying on Vulcan in ST-IV. If it’s not her, it’s a very good imitation.

124. cagmar - June 11, 2009

89. Reign1701A – June 11, 2009
” When McCoy brings Kirk into the Enterprise sickbay he tells him “a little suffering is good for the soul”. In “The Corbomite Maneuver”, Kirk asks McCoy in the turbolift “aren’t you the one that says a little suffering is good for the soul?” to which McCoy replies “I never say that”. ”

Props to you, man! Now THAT’s a worthwhile Easter Egg.

125. The TOS Purist aka The Purolator - June 11, 2009

James Cawley can also be seen BEFORE Spock’s turbolift entrance – immediately before. When Chekov joins the main group to tell them about his theory, you can see Cawley pass the group on the left side of them while the camera is facing towards the viewscreen.

I spotted him in both places during my first viewing. :D

126. The TOS Purist aka The Purolator - June 11, 2009

I don’t know if this counts as a “cameo,” but the medal Kirk gets at the end of the movie looks a lot like the medal you can see him wearing on his dress uniform in certain episodes of TOS (“Court Martial,” “Space Seed,” etc).

127. ds9jon - June 11, 2009

When the Enterprise appears out of Saturn’s rings, for sure it is a salute to the Enterprise coming out and behind the reliant in Star Trek 2 the Wrath of kahn

128. The Red Shirt Diaries - June 11, 2009

(Urban)McCoy calls Spock a “green blooded hobgoblin” as De Kelley McCoy also did in ST IV TVH.
In the Orci Kurtzman Blu Ray commentary for ST IV they both said they took a ton of material and reference for ST09 from The Voyage Home.

129. Jordan - June 11, 2009

Just after Kirk climbs out of his pod on Delta Vega, and stands up on the surface of the planet, there is a music cue, and the final “sting” of the cue sounds identical to a piece from James Horner’s “Wrath of Khan” score, (the same part when Khan removes his gear and Chekov and Terrel see Khan’s face for the first time.)
I also thought that Delta Vega itself was homage to Star Trek 6, the aerial shots gliding over the glaciers reminded me of Kirk and McCoy’s escape from Rura Penthe on the surface of that planet.
You also forgot to mention that McCoy, in the new movie, calls for 15 ccs or 50 ccs of something to Nurse Chapel and she responds “aye sir!” But, alas, she is not seen. Shortly thereafter sickbay takes a big hit in Nero’s photon attack on the Enterprise. Hopefully Chapel survived and will make her appearance in the next film!

130. Jordan - June 11, 2009

Oh, and I mentioned this before but no one else seemed to pick up on it like me: I thought the black hole itself greatly resembled the temporal disturbance that the Enterprise C emerged through in “Yesterday’s Enterprise” which, fittingly enough, also created an alternate universe.

131. Star Trackie - June 11, 2009

#118 “I vote for *not* imperiously correcting people’s typos and grammatical errors. . . (If a mistake is really and truly hilarious, then okay, but no need to be a snot-pants about it.)”

Agreed. it’s a short post about a trek movie, not a college paper.

And how about when Spock beams down to Vulcan? Spock also beamed down to Vulcan in Amok Time!

But seriously, the sly tips of the hat to the Cage were nice. The straight braid in the sleeves, the smaller silver insignias, the and of course Pike’s wheelchair.

But with ALL the references, I still find it inexplicable that they didn’t have Spock gazing down into some type of sensor viewer while on the bridge, with blue light washed across his face. Oh well. Maybe next time.

132. Gul B. - June 11, 2009

Uhura has the same strange-looking earpiece (on the bridge) like in TOS.

Q: What about the medal Kirk got? Was a similar one shown in TOS.

133. Fun Star Trek movie trivia « Matthew McNutt - June 11, 2009

[…] Star Trek movie trivia June 11, 2009 — Matthew McNutt I just saw this over on TrekMovie.com (click it to get the full list) and copied some of my favorites here … talk about fun […]

134. Shatner_Fan_Prime - June 11, 2009

In the scene where McCoy called out to Chapel, he asked her for Cordrazine!

135. oby - June 11, 2009

Here’s one –

Pine assumes the crossed-leg femme pose in the capt’s chair at the end of the movie – just as Shatner did in countless TOS episodes.

136. Spock - June 11, 2009

After Vulcan is destroyed the scene in sickbay, McCoy uses a medical instrument seen in the episode “For the World is Hollow” which removed the Oracle’s implant.

137. Magnus - June 11, 2009

Orions… hello people…

Kirk philandering…


138. sean - June 11, 2009

Not an easter egg really, but I loved the use of sounds from TOS. You can hear the old ‘engines overloading’ sound as the Enterprise tries to escape the black hole.

139. Magnus - June 11, 2009

Uhura to Spock: “I’ll be monitoring your frequencies…”

c’mon people…

140. OtterVomit - June 11, 2009

Porthos the 120 year old bionic dog was beamed to Unamatrix Zero where he started the Borg Collective.

141. Magnus - June 11, 2009

During their argument on the bridge of the Enterprise, Spock tells Kirk “I am aware of my responsibilities, Mister.” This is the same line that Saavik says to Sulu in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan during her own Kobayashi Maru scenario. The subject that prompts each response is the same as well: The responsibilities of being captain.

142. Magnus - June 11, 2009

In order to bring Kirk aboard the Enterprise as a patient, McCoy injects a vaccine to protect against viral infection from Melvaran mud fleas. The fleas were previously mentioned in ENT: “Canamar”.

143. Magnus - June 11, 2009

When the younger Spock approaches the pilot’s seat in the Jellyfish, the location’s design is that of the IDIC, a symbol of the Vulcan people. Also, in reaction to the ship’s controls, Spock says “Fascinating…”

The child Spock being taunted by fellow students about his parentage and Sarek’s subsequent dialog to the child Spock, regarding logic offering “a serenity humans seldom experience” mirrored scenes that originally appeared in the animated episode “Yesteryear”. Additionally, Sarek’s explanation to Spock of why he married Amanda, that it was “logical,” echoes the same reasoning heard in TOS: “Journey to Babel”. Also in the same episode Amanda refers to an incident in Spock’s childhood where he returned home after being taunted by bullies.

144. Magnus - June 11, 2009

#107 – David:

The Enterprise is unable to arrive in time to join a hopeless battle where they almost certainly would’ve been destroyed, therefore still being around to save the Federation, and Earth in particular, just as a later Enterprise was in TNG: “The Best of Both Worlds, Part II”.

145. Magnus - June 11, 2009


Captain Richard Robau’s “Number One” is his Navigator George Kirk. Captain Pike’s “Number One” also worked at the Navigation and Helm console. Also Picard’s frequent usage of “Number One.”

146. Shatner_Fan_Prime - June 11, 2009

Kirk was bleeding out the side of his mouth in the Iowa bar fight.

Also, even thought it may not count as a true easter egg, McCoy’s divorce being his motivation to enlist in Starfleet, never mentioned on screen before, goes all the way back to the series bible in the 60’s!

147. Magnus - June 11, 2009

My own:

Uhura orders a Klabnian Fire Tea, three Budweiser Classics, two Cardassian Sunrises, a Slusho, and a Jack Daniel’s at the Shipyard Bar.

Klabnian eels are variety of alien eel. Q once threatened to turn Vash into a Klabnian eel, and told Captain Jean-Luc Picard that he would do him a big favor by doing so. (TNG: “Qpid”)

148. Closettrekker - June 11, 2009

#134—“In the scene where McCoy called out to Chapel, he asked her for Cordrazine!”

Obvious homage to TCOTEOF. Interestingly enough, I was watching (TNG)”Yesterday’s Enterprise” the other day, and noticed for the first time that a drug called “tri-cordrazine” is referenced.

149. Magnus - June 11, 2009

yes, got post 47 with my own

150. Toothless Grishnar Cat - June 11, 2009

Here’s one:

Kirk being launched out of the Enterprise and stranded on a planet by Spock is an homage to TWoK, when their positions were reversed.

151. Closettrekker - June 11, 2009

#150—-I think that’s better described as an homage to WNMHGB, in which Kirk attempts to strand Gary Mitchell on a planet with the same name.

152. That One Guy - June 11, 2009


No one caught that the name of the shuttle that Kirk and McCoy were on was named “Gillian?”

153. Adam Shepherdson - June 11, 2009

If you listen to the music score, especially the song “Enterprising young men”.. It is very similar to the music of ST III : TSFS. I listened to “Stealing the Enterprise” from STIII and then “Enterprising young Men” from this movie.. very similar in instruments, tone, tempo, beat, etc….

154. Magnus - June 11, 2009

152, yeah they did…

155. Toothless Grishnar Cat - June 11, 2009

Could it be a double homage? A shrewd and clever move by the writers!

156. dalek - June 11, 2009

#120 im sorry you found my expression not as i intended it to come across. “what more do you want blood” is an expression in england meaning the evidence is conclusive enough to make a connection in this case, and is used in light hearted banter.

Romulan ale, friend? I’ll buy!

157. The Last Maquis - June 11, 2009

love the way they Plagiarized Good lines From good Star Trek Movies.

158. Closettrekker - June 11, 2009

#157—“love the way they Plagiarized Good lines From good Star Trek Movies.”

Look everyone, it’s a troll we haven’t seen in awhile!

The Star Trek movies are the property of Paramount. You cannot plagiarize yourself. Besides, (big surprise) you’re ignoring the intent—which is to honor what came before.

159. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - June 11, 2009

Ok. Anthony. There needs to be a contest for all of us to guess the correct number of easter eggs that are in the Trek Movie. Im sure Orci and the Court and tell you the number and then you can put up a contest with a nice little prize.

160. kmart - June 11, 2009


That ‘trek is property of paramount’ thing seems to have been successfully challenged by Harlan Ellison, at least in regard to his original script for CITY.

And Paramount is a company, not a writer. Companies hire people who plagiarize from others, which often makes both parties culpable (explains the settlement made to VanVogt by Fox for O’Bannon’s ALIEN script stealing so much from A.E.’s STAR BEAGLE.)

And there isn’t far to go from homage to theft … or if you want to be generous, call it cribbing and a feeble reworking.

161. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - June 11, 2009

Heres a easter egg for you. In the Movie we see Kirk with a Vintage Sports Car and all kinds of Vintage items. In Trek 2 When Spock gave Kirk his Birthday present Spock says to Kirk. I know of your fondness for Antiques. So theres a big Easter egg right there.

162. JML9999 - June 11, 2009

Another Majel Barrett Cameo?. During the Kelvin sequence.
The Communication between Starfleet and the Kelvin as the captain enters

Star Fleet Voice(MB?):Kelvin what you sent us doesn’t seem possible
Kelvin officer:Yes ma’am that’s why we sent it.

163. gatetrek - June 11, 2009

I saw the red shirt jumper in the movie, and laughed really hard! I thought it was funny, but the people I went with never watched Star Trek, and just looked at me, but I’m glad you guys found it!

164. Trek Nerd Central - June 11, 2009

135. Oh yeah yeah! My immediate thought was, “Yo! Pine just crossed his legs just like the Shat, lady-style!” Or some such wording.

It was the one physical gesture of Shatner’s that Pine referenced outright.

Another clear and loving homage to TOS was the way people kept flipping the conn back and forth. (Who’s got the conn? I’ve got the conn? No, you’ve got the con? Does *he* want the conn? Who else wants the conn? Hey! You! The custodian over there, wiping the viewscreen, do YOU want the conn?)

So many butts sat in that captain’s chair it’s a wonder it had any stuffing left by the end.

165. SpocksinnerConflict - June 11, 2009

Here’s a definite Homage to TOS, one i haven’t noticed on the board here, but one that is mentioned by JJ himself in an interview (I thought on Trekmovie.com…maybe Memory Alpha)

-There is a “classic Trek” lighting homage through the film, most noticeably when Pike first sits in the bridge chair, and through out that opening bridge scene a small rectangular patch of light crosses Pikes eyes.

-JJ has confirmed this “patch” of light to be an intentional nod to that mid-sixties mood cinematography found mostly on Kirks face in the first season.

166. Trekkie16 - June 11, 2009

#163 – That was an obvious easter egg and you could tell who was a fan and who wasn’t by that scene. The first time I saw it opening night it was all trek fans and the entire theatre laughed. By my third viewing, must have been non fans because almost no one laughed and I laughed even harder when the red suit guy died. Yes I got some strange looks but as a fan, it was funny.

167. Steve Jeffers - June 11, 2009

The shuttle was ‘Gilliam’, not ‘Gillian’ – presumably named after Dawn Gilliam, the script supervisor.

After the bar fight, the person tidying up is using a cleaning device just like the one at the start of Wrath of Khan.

There’s a ‘Take my hand’ scene on the platform like the one in ST3.

The vintage car is from 1966, the year Star Trek started.

There are specific visual cues from each of the previous movies – Spock flies solo through a dilating gate inside a vast spaceship, like he does in TMP; Old Spock emerging from the Jellyfish to meet Nero looks like the end of First Contact.

The Star Fleet uniforms in George Kirk’s era are all blue, suggesting a transition from the ones from Enterprise to the ones in the new movie.

168. Lord Garth, Formerly of Izar - June 11, 2009

Didn’t Grunberg also play the chubby bald bearded Romulan Kirk fights (as his is hanging on to the edge of the rig) that sulu impales(pardon the silly pun). Pretty sure it’s Grunberg in fact I’d bet some Quatloos it’s Grunberg

169. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - June 11, 2009

This Movie realy payed tribute to all of trek that came before and I for one want to thank the court for realy takeing care of our Trek and not putting it into the ground. i feel very confident in the next 2 or more Trek Movies.

170. Frederick - June 11, 2009

It’s kind of sad that standard stuff you would expect to see in a Trek movie, that refer to ealier voyages, would now be looked upon as Easter eggs. Kind of shows that this is a different universe and every single thing that harkens back to the original is now only a nod. I can never, ever see this as the actual past of our show, when even the things that were before the Narada incursion were so different.

I just look at it as a different dimension that Spock and Nero crossed over into. It’s not “our” past at all, or some things would have been the same before history changed.

171. Charles Trotter - June 11, 2009

Nice! Can’t wait to find R2D2 in the debris field. Figured that’s where he was.

There’s actually more than one TOS reference at the trial scene. Besides Komack, there’s a Nensi Chandra, a reference to Captain Chandra from “Court Martial.” There’s also an Alice Rawlings, a reference to the actress who played Jame Finney in “Court Martial.”

There are probably many more references, we just can’t see them well. BOBORCI, care to fill us in? :-D

btw, the duffel bag says “NCC-1701-D”, not “Enterprise-D” :)

172. BigRedBri - June 11, 2009

What about when the Enterprise warps to Earth and hides in Saturns Rings and slowly pokes through it like in Star Trek II? Rises up through the gases.

– that one I really liked.

173. Frederick - June 11, 2009

And the last statement by me doesn’t mean I don’t like the movie; it’s great. I just don’t connect it to the past of the original show; it is simply it’s own separate thing in my mind.

174. screaming satellite - June 11, 2009

the way spock beamed down to Vulcan…a nod to the The Terminator?

175. NCC-73515 - June 11, 2009

The scene where the Jellyfish breaks through the Narada’s hull and escapes is like the Scorpion-class attack fighter escape scene in Nemesis.

176. Closettrekker - June 11, 2009

#160—“That ‘trek is property of paramount’ thing seems to have been successfully challenged by Harlan Ellison, at least in regard to his original script for CITY. ”

That is a different animal altogether. Studios like Paramount protect themselves contractually now alot better than they did in the 1960’s. It is pretty standard now for a writer to surrender any rights to future claims in the initial agreement to sell the script. What happened with Ellison’s TCOTEOF story will likely never happen again.
And in any case, Ellison’s claim was about the use of characters which he created.

“And Paramount is a company, not a writer. ”

Correct, but Paramount is a corporate entity which owns the rights to the Star Trek films. No dialogue lifted from one of those films and utilized in another Paramount film could even be close to “plagiarism”.

177. Admiral Crane - June 11, 2009

They way everyone wore clothes for most of the movie. A blatant rip off of Star Wars?

178. SpocksinnerConflict - June 11, 2009



I think I’ll start comparing the new movie to TRON, the comparisons will be just as arbitrary.

179. Shadowcat - June 11, 2009

@105: In the Transporter Room scene, Scotty had an earpiece that looked like a large hearing aid in his right ear.

180. Closettrekker - June 11, 2009

Actually, I’d like to amend my statement in post#158 that “you cannot plagiarize yourself”. There is a concept known as “self-plagiarism”. It doesn’t doesn’t apply in this context.

181. Devon Richards - June 11, 2009

One that I caught, that everyone has seemed to have missed, was when Quinto Spock is escaping the Narada aboard the Jellyfish. As he passes the multi-leveled platforms on the way to blasting out, he passes one platform that has a Vulcan exploratory vessel, like the one from the end of “First contact” on it.

182. Admiral Crane - June 11, 2009

#178 — I think I will start doing comaprisons with The Last Starfighter. Star Trek was set in outer space, just like The Last Starfighter.

Blatant ripoff!

183. TrekMadeMeWonder - June 11, 2009

110. Finding Nimoy

That would have been PERFECT!

184. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - June 11, 2009

Actualy. Star Trek is a Rip off of another show. Vulcan got destroyed just like the colonies did in Battlestar Galactica. I think i want my Money back. No orignalaty. Lol

185. brentbent - June 11, 2009

Sure it’s been mentioned, but the Vulcan ship from ST: First Contact was docked inside the Naruda. You see it when Spock is flying about in his ship.

186. SpocksinnerConflict - June 11, 2009


You know, that’s a good point. It something i thought about, after my second viewing. I had read in an interview, one of the writers or JJ said there would be an obvious “shout out” to BSG. The number of Vulcan survivors, less than 10,000…isn’t that pretty close to the number left alive in the BSG pilot?

I’ve been meaning to post that question on here at some point since the movie came out. I Just kept forgetting. There’s so much to discuss as it is.

187. JohnWA - June 11, 2009


The original BSG never kept a survivor count. And the producers were purposefully vague about it whenever anyone asked.

On new BSG, they started with around 49,000. By the time they got to “our” Earth, it was down to 38,000 or so. Which means they lost about 11,000 during the four year run of the series.

188. SpocksinnerConflict - June 11, 2009

Never mind…I just checked. BSG is around 50,000.

The Vulcan’s are worse off.

189. Gigastazio - June 11, 2009

Here’s one I think most people missed:

The movie is titled, “Star Trek,” a possible homage to the popular sci-fi tevevision series.

190. SpocksinnerConflict - June 11, 2009



I”m pretty sure the Trek guys were referring to the new show. They were talking about Ronald D Moore as well. I thought maybe the shuttle named after him could be the shout out. But i’d assume that was just a shout out to Mr. Moore’s work in Trek.

If anyone can find another BSG shout out, let me know.

191. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - June 11, 2009

189. Gigastazio – June 11, 2009
Here’s one I think most people missed:

The movie is titled, “Star Trek,” a possible homage to the popular sci-fi tevevision series.

Your Kidding me. I thought this was a Star Wars Hommage. Now im realy upset. May the Schwartz be with you all. Lol

192. Check the Circuit! - June 11, 2009

I thought a lot of the stylistic choices they made in the space choreography was derived from new BSG…the distant shots of ships, phaser bursts/bullets instead of steady beams, FTL-like jumps to warp, etc.

193. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - June 11, 2009

I did notice that. There was some styling like there was in Ron Moores BSG. I liked it a lot though. But i do miss the regular Phasers and Photon Torpedoes. But some of the action especialy on the U.S.S Kelvin where we see a poor crewman being swept to space and then we hear silance is a little homage to BSG.

194. SpocksinnerConflict - June 11, 2009

A big reason the new movie impressed me was, what it took from BSG. Using that show as a template for realistic space opera. Note i didn’t say realistic Science Fiction. I believe both shows to be children of classic space opera, as a sub genre. They are both Science Fiction of course. But there is an, admittedly, slide of hand where is comes to realistic depictions of science, or space science specifically.

a little example:
Both the new BSG and this new Trek film found a medium point between realistic silent space, and the traditional space opera explosions in space.

195. ken1w - June 11, 2009

Well, if you’re going to mention all those things as “Easter Eggs,” you might as well include Spock saying “fascinating” for the first time on the Jellyfish, and McCoy’s “Dammit man, I’m a doctor, not a physicist.”

And on the shuttle from Riverside the the Academy, McCoy explaining to Kirk how his wife took everything in the divorce, and all he had left were his “bones.”

196. TrekMadeMeWonder - June 11, 2009

188. SpocksinnerConflict

Not by the End of the new BG. I thought the count was around 38K. considering the losses n the final ep.

Vulcan would have a similar number of Survors, but it still does not stike me as a copy of BG..

197. TrekMadeMeWonder - June 11, 2009

Damn typos. I need a new chip!

That was supposed to read, “Survivors.”

198. SpocksinnerConflict - June 11, 2009


Yea it was just a thought, regarding BSG. I just thought it could be a “shout out” as i mentioned. Since the survivor numbers aren’t similar I have reconsidered.

The very idea of a small handful (in the thousands) of planetary disaster survivors could be a subtle nod though, still.

199. Bob Tompkins - June 11, 2009

Let us just say that I have found a means to view the Kirk head-bumping scene several times [wink, wink, say no more, say no more] and it is absolutely an homage to Scotty’s headbump in STV, right down to the very same ‘klank’ sound effect being used.

200. tony - June 11, 2009

Dont forget to mention the cameo by actor Cirric Lofton, when preparing the “red matter” torpedo to be launched at Vulcan’s core by the Narada..

201. Chad N. - June 11, 2009

The USS Kelvin uniforms and insignia are reminiscent to the alternate timeline uniforms as seen in TNG: “All Good Things..”, DS9: “The Visitor”, and VOY: “Endgame”.

202. Stewie G - June 11, 2009

Sorry if this one’s been posted:

It’s just a quick flash, I think on Chekov’s display, the Transporter icon is the same or similar to the one used in the TOS movies. A person inside of a rectangular box.

203. Shunnabunich - June 11, 2009

I don’t know if multiple versions were released for some reason, but when I saw the movie (probably on the second or third day, in Truro, Nova Scotia) the computer voices didn’t sound anything like Majel Barrett-Roddenberry’s voice. I’ll have to see it again to make sure, because I’m just not certain, but I remember being pretty disappointed by that.

204. Sanyika - June 11, 2009

the grey suits the officials are wearing when Pike gets promoted to admiral are similar to the red starfleet suits from TWOK on.

205. MattTheTrekkie - June 11, 2009

TOS Music Easter Egg:

Spocks really low double bass theme from the sixties tv show is heard in the movie when clarifying with Checkov about: “Creating a black hole at the center of Vulcan”

206. Mather - June 11, 2009

Kirk relieving Spock of command of the Enterprise for being “emotionally compromised” after witnessing the destruction of Vulcan was reminiscent of Commodore Decker eventually being relieved of command of the big E for being emotionally comprimsed after having unwittlingly sent his crew to their deaths in “The Doomsday Machine”.

207. Roland Dobbins - June 11, 2009

The ‘red matter’ echoes a big floating blob of stuff from that previous silly J.J. Adams show, Alias.

Also, though it may be a bit off-topic – I thought that the way the Kirk character was written was perfectly abominable. He had no redeeming qualities whatsoever, and there was no reason he should’ve been put in charge of a golf cart, much less a starship.

Say what you will about Shatner’s acting in TOS, the way the Kirk character was written and the way Shatner played him revealed depth and gravitas, and one can extrapolate back to how the TOS Kirk would’ve behaved at Academy and later in his career, but prior to TOS. Kirk in this movie was just awful, and it was really disappointing, especially since Zachary Quinto did such a good job as Spock (apparent suspension of pon farr restrictions for Vulcans aside, vis-a-vis the transporter sequence w/Uhura).

208. QWERTY - June 11, 2009

For a more complete list, please see: http://memory-alpha.org/en/wiki/Star_Trek_(film)

209. Gilberto Bud - June 11, 2009

Nobody mentioned the failure to achieving warp drive of the Enterprise, like the Excelsior in ST III, including the weird “sound”.

210. somethoughts - June 11, 2009

At the end when you hear this guy say, “Space the final frontier…”

Har Har Har

I really wanted Quinto to look through the big binocolars on his desk and say something scientific to the Captain.

I like how they gave everyone their one liner:

Kirk: I don’t believe in a no win scenario
Spock: Fascinating/illogical
McCoy: I’m a doctor not a
Scotty: I’m giving it all she’s got
Chekov: Wictor Wictor
Uhura: Incoming transmission
Sulu: Just because i’m asian, u think I left the parking brake on…
Red Shirt: *zap*

211. ZtoA - June 11, 2009

I think they missed a big one. It’s the scene in sick-bay after Vulcan has been imploded. There are numerous vulcans in sick bay from the katrick ark… one of the actresses playing one of those vulcans looks exactly like Christine Rose who plays Angela Petrelli in Heroes. The shot lasts a second at best, but it’s a rack-focus that pulls from her to Spock as he delivers the line about being a member of an endangered species.

212. Hawaiowa - June 11, 2009

#25. There is a back of the head shot in Sickbay, obviously a homage to ensign Janice Rand (Kirk’s personal assistant, for those who can’t remember), as the blonde woman’s hairstyle was an exact ringer for the recurring TOS character.

LOL, red-shirt *zap*!

One thing that catches me each time I see the movie is how the admiral’s uniforms resemble the Rommie uniforms in TNG with their metallic fabric and squared ‘David Byrne’ shoulders. One of the few things in the movie that made me go “wtf, this ain’t right”.

I counted at least 40 sampled TOS sounds, musical themes, etc.

Overall, I am very impressed with the ‘Supreme Court” for being so open with the cameos, especially with Randy Pausch. Of course, the ultimate cameo that they missed was the Kirk sequence that was dropped out of the final cut. I can kinda see why after seeing the movie multiple times…it would have been just that, a cameo. Kirk’s character is too big within the legend to be given such short shrift, and although I would have loved to see the Shat in this movie, I think they made the right call by not putting him in for an inconsequential appearance. The pattern was to use Spock Elder as the revelator of plot devices, and to split this between TOS Spock and Kirk would have been too obvious. However, the chance exists for a reunion of sorts in the next movie. Rather have Shat in a substantive role than a quickie cameo.

213. JusticeBoy - June 11, 2009

Its like trying to count the references in Futurama’s “Where No Fan Has Gone Before”. There is just too many to count!

214. la'Hom Ho'neH jorDe' taI-VamPyr - June 11, 2009

#7, In reference to Porthos being the “Admiral’s dog” belonging to Admiral Archer, referred to in the movie, it is not possible.

#140 is correct.

If this is to mean that Porthos lived to be in this movie, the dog lived a Very long time, After Archer’s death.

In the series Enterprise, The time traveler Daniels revealed that Archer would eventually have a major role in the founding of the United Federation of Planets in 2161. He briefly took Archer ahead in time to the point where Archer is about to sign the Federation accords on Earth.
Archer’s fate is revealed in the episode “In a Mirror, Darkly, Part II” when a computer information screen aboard the 23rd century Starfleet vessel USS Defiant is briefly visible. According to the computer profile, Archer was an Admiral and Chief of Staff at Starfleet Command at the time of his retirement. He later went on to serve as ambassador to Andoria from 2165 to 2175. From 2175 to 2183, Archer served as a member of the Federation Council, followed by eight years as Federation President (2184-2192). He was also an honorary member of the Andorian Imperial Guard.
Unused artwork shows that Archer dies peacefully in his sleep at his home in Upstate New York in 2245, exactly one day after he attends the commissioning ceremony of the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701).

Kirk was born in 2233 in the original time line. Nero came out of the “Black Hole” and destroyed the USS Kelvin and Kirk was born at this time. This is to be when the alternate time line starts. Nero went to get Spock when he came out of the “Black Hole” 25 years later. This is in the year 2258. This is well after the year Ambassador Archer died (2245).

The date of his Admiralty was before 2165. This is well before Kirk, or even Scotty were born.

215. screaming satellite - June 12, 2009

I guess the way TOS Courage theme was *almost* heard at various points throught the movie – but saved until the end full blast was similar to how the Bond theme was used in Casino Royale

216. screaming satellite - June 12, 2009

212 – yeah there could always be a Shatner cameo in a future film…not neccesarily from the actual man himself as of now…but old footage from a previous 1980s or 90s movie (not neccesarily even star trek!) via abit of CGI…im sure old Spock had a disc memento on him (like was nearly seen at the end of this film)

looking foward to seeing Shatner with sparkling blue peepers at some point in the future!

217. screaming satellite - June 12, 2009

R2 scene:

218. DC March - June 12, 2009

This is really absurd, guys. I loved the movie more than any film Ive seen in probably years but the majority of these things are NOT Easter eggs.

This is a retelling of the origin of Star Trek, so of course there are many things that are paying homage to the other series but just because something is similar to the other films/shows doesnt make it an Easter Egg.

The R2D2 scene IS an Easter Egg.

Sulu’s fencing abilities are not an Easter Egg. Olsen wearing a red spacesuit is not an Easter Egg. Its an homage to the whole red-shirt idea. Pike in a wheelchair is not an Easter Egg.

Kirk driving a vintage car is not an Easter Egg. If you thought that, then you didnt understand the scene at all.

The tribble IS an Easter Egg.

There is a huge difference between homage and hiding clever things/events in a movie for the fans. These are two completely different things.

219. Zirclet - June 12, 2009

What about the medal Kirk gets in the final sequence?

I was positive this was identical, or very close, to one he had in an Original Series episode (I remember him taking some out of a little locker in his quarters; anyone else?).

220. Browncoat - June 12, 2009

I wasn’t going to post in this thread…you’re all doing an excellent job pointing out the references but I had to reply to this:

Quote: Check the Circuit! – June 11, 2009

I thought a lot of the stylistic choices they made in the space choreography was derived from new BSG…the distant shots of ships, phaser bursts/bullets instead of steady beams, FTL-like jumps to warp, etc. //quote.

No,No,No, ZOIC [who also did CG on BattleFart Galactica] practically pioneered the “handheld camera” look via their post production on the “Firefly” series, even to the point that it made it hard to watch that series because it was way overdone, though they did slip,much as the bounceback ILM does, a Firefly class landing in the capital city of Caprica at the start.

If there is a next time, I’d like ILM to cut back on the lens flares.

221. Browncoat - June 12, 2009

193. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire – June 11, 2009

I did notice that. There was some styling like there was in Ron Moores BSG. I liked it a lot though. But i do miss the regular Phasers and Photon Torpedoes. But some of the action especialy on the U.S.S Kelvin where we see a poor crewman being swept to space and then we hear silance is a little homage to BSG.


222. Andy - June 12, 2009

During the scene where Kirk has the reaction (giant hands), McCoy can be heard asking for Nurse Chapel.

223. Browncoat - June 12, 2009

Quote: 194. SpocksinnerConflict – June 11, 2009

A big reason the new movie impressed me was, what it took from BSG. Using that show as a template for realistic space opera. Note i didn’t say realistic Science Fiction. I believe both shows to be children of classic space opera, as a sub genre. They are both Science Fiction of course. But there is an, admittedly, slide of hand where is comes to realistic depictions of science, or space science specifically.

a little example:
Both the new BSG and this new Trek film found a medium point between realistic silent space, and the traditional space opera explosions in space.////quote.

‘Using that show as a template for realistic space opera.’
No, you don’t read much do ya?

The new BattleFart Galactica is even more pathetic than the old one, sure great FX,pioneered elsewhere but overused. At least I had some empathy for the characters of the old BG when it was on its original run. However,though I do hope it was his intent, Ron Moore created a society more pathetic than the one I’m forced to live in now. Take the military, having actually been in one, I would sign up for any of the SF realms’ myriad militaries you could think of, even the MI of that bad movie version of Starship Troopers but they would have to conscript me to get me in with such a bunch of unprofessional and undisciplined losers.

Naw, if you admire that, you’re definitely single-digit!

224. Browncoat - June 12, 2009

Antony, this page loads better than the the other one I told you about:
CPU temp:126 degrees F

225. Bitter Trekkie - June 12, 2009

#1 – “I think these were great! Funny how many things they put in the movie for fans. You could hear the laughter or comments for most of these in the theater.”

It’s funny. This was supposed to be a Star Trek movie. It’s silly to think that they had to “put things into the movie for fans” so that we could recognize that it was a Star Trek movie. You mean if those little tidbits weren’t in there, we the fans wouldn’t be able to realize it was in fact a Star Trek movie? You’re probably right. It wasn’t Star Trek.

226. Closettrekker - June 12, 2009

#225—“It wasn’t Star Trek.”

That’s funny.

I sure thought that I was watching an optimistic vision of a possible future in which Humanity does not destroy itself, but instead unites to conquer the social ills which plague us today.

Feels like Star Trek to me.

It is also laced with philosophical assertions that resemble the doctrines of fatalism and/or determinism.

Beyond that, I would even go so far as to say that it explores the “human condition”. After all, I would say that the importance of a young man’s relationship to his father (alive or dead) certainly qualifies—and that is something we definitely see explored with the film’s two main characters.

So what makes it “not Star Trek”? Is it the fact that all of the film’s themes are not spelled out within the dialogue of the movie, as is unfortunately the case in most of Trek? If so, I hardly think we should fault the film for not treating its audience like children.

227. Charlie - June 12, 2009

The Enterprise is introduced in space using the same or similar camera angles that were used in star Trek: TMP.

228. Closettrekker - June 12, 2009

#214—“Unused artwork shows that Archer dies peacefully in his sleep at his home in Upstate New York in 2245, exactly one day after he attends the commissioning ceremony of the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701)…..This is in the year 2258. This is well after the year Ambassador Archer died (2245).”

This isn’t a problem, since as you correctly pointed out, the material pinning down Archer’s death to 2245 was “unused”, and therefore not canon. Even Mike Sussman, the author of that material, has conceded as much.

In the alternate timeline, Scotty is assigned to the outpost on Delta Vega in 2257. He believed that to be an informal disciplinary action resulting from the incident with Admiral Archer’s dog. This suggests that Archer is still alive in 2257, and would therefore be 145 years old (146, if he is still alive in 2258 when we first meet Scotty).

Since that is only 8 years older than Leonard McCoy was in “Encounter At Farpoint”, this is hardly implausible (both realistically and canonically). Even today, the longest verified lifespan has been 122 years and 164 days (ending in 1997)—and we’re talking about nearly 260 years worth of advancement in medical science since that time.

229. Mark Achterberg - June 12, 2009

Before the Enterprise sets out for Vulcan, there is a shot of Pike in the command chair, and as they did in TOS there was a band of light across Pike’s eyes, just like we used to see with Shatner.

230. SpocksinnerConflict - June 12, 2009

223-Nazi (i mean Browncoat)

Hey man, if you want to hate on BSG, go for it. But there is no need to insult anyone on here (me), because your subjective opinion differs from mine. How someone with such a fascistic AND reductive perspective can appreciate Star Trek or any science fiction, is beyond me (unless you’re only a fan of post Heinlein-militant-blasting hoards- patriotism in space genre).

It is obvious your life experience has instilled a sort of tunnel vision, so now you’re incapable of experience fiction on any level other than as a comparison of superficial surface details that don’t mesh with your personal experiance or ideals of what people should be. Which is quite interesting since the new BSG is a critique of humanity, in the same way TOS used other planets to mirror our own real world problems, BSG used the ship itself and continuing crisis in the same way.

And since your assumptions about me, aka the personal attackes, are soOO far off the mark, I would maybe reconsider everything else you think is right, and true in this world.

Oh, and watch more Star Trek, i think it will help.

231. Jeff Moore - June 12, 2009

This wasn’t mentioned ( i don’t think) but when McCoy was running around in sick bay trying to cure Kirk’s giant hands as he runs off to get a hypo he’s heard yelling for Nurse Chapel.

232. Tonebone - June 12, 2009

Wow… you know… just because it resembles something already on film doesn’t mean it’s an homage or easter egg. Sometimes it’s lazy or sloppy filmmaking… retreading the same ideas. I think that accounts for Spock entering the future transporter info, Kirk bumping his head, the “take my hand” scene on the platform, etc.

Also “kirk walks down the corridor, which was done in TOS as well as in all of the previous movies” type stuff doesn’t cut it.

233. Gul B. - June 12, 2009

New Admiral (Archer jr.), new beagle.
Problem solved.

234. Joe Cocolo - June 12, 2009

I read somewhere they’re up to Porthos-E now and will continue to do so unitl they run out of letters.

Also, its about damn time they brought back the Penguin Dress Greys for Starfleet Admirals.

235. marvin - June 13, 2009


having seen trek for the third time last night, i paid special attention to the pod, and i believe they removed “d” after 1701 digitally

236. screaming satellite - June 13, 2009

initially i thought there was NO musical nods to Goldsmith and Horners work… HOWEVER upon viewing it again i noticed a few similarities – cant remember them all..but – when Spock materialises on the dying Vulcan u can hear some drums – like when The Ent is going into the genesis atsmosphere in Trek III…..the vulcan music was kinda similar to the vulcan stuff in Trek III (esp the end)…

237. Yojimbo - June 13, 2009

Likely already mentioned, but at one point McCoy asks for assistance from a certain Nurse Chapel (who is never actually shown).

238. Closettrekker - June 13, 2009

#233—“New Admiral (Archer jr.), new beagle.
Problem solved.”

It was never a problem to begin with—since Archer’s supposed death in 2245 was never canon.

239. SpocksinnerConflict - June 13, 2009


The D is on the bag Kirk is carrying out of the pod, not on the pod itself.

There are tones of stills online, though you have to look carefully.

240. dep1701 - June 13, 2009

A nice touch is seen as Kirk and McCoy’s shuttle takes off from the Iowa shipyard, headed to the academy. On the underside of the ( under-construction ) Enterprise’s engineering hull, are the four hatches / technical markings present on the original 1701’s hull. These are:

– yellow circle with red outline
– gray “T” shape with darker gray outline
– white rectangle with gray outline
– white square with red outline

241. Christine - June 14, 2009

Jon Archer would be pretty darn old by the year 2250..something. Since he was 40 when his 10-year-mission with the NX-01 started, aha.
(Unless it was like his son or something…)

All in all, some cute “Easter Eggs”. Thanks! :3

242. Spock - June 14, 2009

* Kirk enters the bridge near the end of the film. This was done on numerous occasions in the Original Series.

243. Lucas - June 14, 2009

The scene between young Spock and Sarek in the transporter room — the numbers identifying the transporter read M-3110. Perhaps a reference to the M-113 Salt Vampire in THE MAN TRAP.

244. DelosWorld - June 14, 2009

The one thing that jumped out at me was what looked like the Dharma logo on the wheel or hubcap of one of the forklift trucks in the shuttle bay warehouse (when they were hastily loading everyone onto the the shuttlecraft.)

Also the red matter also looked like the big red energy generating ball in Alias.

245. RD - June 14, 2009

102. Nate wrote: Wasn’t the Millennium Falcon in the battle scene in First Contact?


ILM infiltrating films they work on and implanting their subversive seed is nothing new.

246. Nate Calima - June 14, 2009

Theres a really old guy in the movie. Obviously a stand in for John McCain since he is around in that century. =)

247. JPH - June 15, 2009

Whatever… however no one here has noted that the Vulcan spacecraft from First Contact is visible on Vulcan during the early establishing shots in the film. Swear to God.

248. YvetteK - June 15, 2009

Bones calls to a nurse Chapel directly after he tells Spock – tell me something I don’t know, when Spock informs him he is now the chief medical officer

249. Laura Monteros - June 15, 2009

Kelvin Inman is a character in “Lost” who first appears as a military man who forces Sayid to learn to torture people. Later he is part of Dharma and works in the Swan Station with Desmond, and finally tried to steal Desmond’s boat to get off the island.

The name “Kelvin” means “friend of ships”, according to “Lostpedia”.

250. JAB - June 29, 2009

No one’s mentioned this. It would fall into the “homage” category. I’ve been re watching the TOS and one of the things that constantly amuses me in practically every episode is the fact that Kirk seems to record logs at the most inconvenient/inappropriate times. Of course it’s usually used as narration and I understand the need for that but it comes across as just plain silly most of the time.

In the new film he makes one when he’s in the blizzard on Delta Vega. It’s not needed as narration and I bet it was done with his “habit” in mind. Anyway……I thought, well I guess this means that he’s always been doing it, and laughed because it’s “typical Kirk”.

251. john - July 1, 2009

I’m in late on this, but hey I read this whole thing and didn’t see this one. While it has been mentioned that Scotty was wearing an earpiece, no one mentions the fact that it wraps around to the front of his eye, and the eyepiece is clearly slotted. Hmmm. Engineer. Slotted eyepiece. Homage to LaForge if you ask me.

252. Da Trek Guy - July 8, 2009

Ok a couple I thought were nods/references:

– The “punch it” line used twice by Pike, and failure of the Enterprise to go to warp out of space dock seemed to be more direct lifts from The Empire Strikes Back – both the line and the hyperdrive failure on the Millennium Falcon seemed the same to me.

– The medal pinned to Kirk’s (Chris Pine’s) chest at the end when he is given command of the Enterprise and relieves Capt. Pike (and the collar styling of Kirk’s cadet uniform he’s wearing although the color is different) is the same Kirk Prime wore in the original series whenever he’s in full dress uniform, the episode with Sarek and the diplomats, but notably the only 2-part TOS episode The Menagerie, where Capt. Pike is also seen in a wheelchair.

253. Da Trek Guy - July 8, 2009

I also thought it was interesting that Spock nearly chokes Kirk to death in an emotional rage, similar to TOS episode Amok Time, where the original Spock nearly chokes Kirk to death as well.

254. Zinjo - November 6, 2009


– The hand phaser stun sound effect heard aboard the Narada is taken from TOS photon torpedo launch sound FX.
– The Comms are replicas of the original pilot’s hand communicators (aka “The Cage”) where they were shrunk down considerably for the regular season.


– Kirk eating an apple was the director’s joke on the sound engineer who’s pet peeve was actors eating apples during dialog scenes…

255. R2-D2’s Star Trek Cameo Revealed | Top Movies & Blockbusters | News, Reviews, Trailers, Photos, DVDs - November 16, 2009

[…] Location of R2-D2 Easter Egg Revealed + More Star Trek Easter Eggs … […]

256. Marcus - November 24, 2009

Star Trek Expert and former assistant to Gene Roddenbery Richard Arnold can be seen as one of Nero’s men in the scene when Nero walks onto the Jellyfish to get the Red Matter…the man holding the canister to the left is him, As well as the debris from when the Enterprise arrives at Vulcan are all pieces of the movies era ships including the Reliant.

257. Marcus - November 24, 2009

And the the earpiece that Uhura wore in the film is actually the very same earpiece prop used by Nichele Nichols in TOS

258. Shaun - December 1, 2009

The saucer of one of the destroyed ships in the debris field says “LOWE”

Looks like it’s supposed to be a name. “USS ****** LOWE”..Anyone have any idea?

259. Phil Barker - December 3, 2009

After the Narada is destroyed, when the Enterprise is trying to escape, in the second Engineering scene, Scotty is reporting to CAPTAIN PICARD that they are caught in the gravity well.

260. Eric Cartman - January 2, 2010

In the scene where Kirk finds Uhura in the bowels of the Enterprise and has the puffy hands and numb tongue, it sounds like he’s channelling Eric Cartman with his expletive after Bones gives him a shot in the neck for the numb tongue.

261. nlinecomputers - January 6, 2010

When the ship is leaving spacedock, Mr. Sulu uses a handheld throttle control. Such a control also was used for ST-TMP. Both films also had failures of the warp drive on the first try out and Mr. Spock was the one to correctly diagnose both as well: The external damper on ST and new warp field equations on ST-TMP.

262. deep-thought - January 8, 2010

The shuttle that kirk boards in the hangar is called “gilliam” possible reference to Terry Gilliam? (american director) Which would sort of make sense if the shuttle Moore was for Roger Moore(american director).

263. James Lambert - January 9, 2010

I hate to the bearer of bad news but if u watch the directors commentary on the dvd abrams says the the fact kirk is eating an apple isnt homahe to anything… Someone had said they hated it when actors ate apples on set abrams then threw an apple at pike nd said eatit… The apple was never planned…

264. Clay - January 11, 2010

Hate to be a spoiler, but in the hangar, the man does not say “Vader,” He says “Rader”…

265. Lisa - January 16, 2010

Did no one else notice Spock do the “Picard Manoeuvre” after standing up to accuse Kirk of cheating?

266. sodala - January 20, 2010

Terry Gilliam is *NOT* american … any moore *narf*


267. sodala - January 20, 2010

And so isn’t Roger Moore, too. And he’s no director, if you can excuse me for being so picky :)


268. Steve - February 6, 2010

I haven’t seen this mentioned anywhere, but on the deleted scenes they show the Klingon prison camp and all of the Klingons heads are covered. The Klingons from TOS looked completely different then in later series, and perhaps they did not want to go back to what Klingons looked like before TNG. In fact, in one episode Worf is asked about the change in appearance and he refuses to answer.

269. Star Trek XI easter eggs « Lost in the e-Jungle Blog - February 26, 2010

[…] easter eggs podem ser achados aqui. Tem uma outra referência à Star Wars. Na cena do assinalamento de cadetes para as respectivas […]

270. Gawain - May 8, 2010

Spock strangling Kirk on the bridge fairly obviously recalls Amok Time, and Spock’s opening attack was the same one he used against Kirk in This Side of Paradise.

271. Me - May 12, 2010

DC March = Party pooper

272. SomeGuyOutThere - June 11, 2010

Its 42, not 47 that abram’s plays with on his shows. And that’s a reference to the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy.

273. Amanda - April 7, 2011

A bit late to the party but…

If you look at the Jellyfish as they walk on, the seat and screen together make up the IDIC symbol.

274. Terrence Enomoto - April 21, 2011

Greetings! This is my 1st comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and say I genuinely enjoy reading your posts. Can you suggest any other blogs/websites/forums that go over the same subjects? Thanks a lot!

275. Manuel Alvarado - May 27, 2011

The shuttlecrafts of the USS Kelvin are an updated version of the original series Class F shuttlecraft design.

276. Michael - September 25, 2011

I’m not sure, but the distorted star within the federations insignia seems to resemble the shape of the Otto Lilienthal-Memorial. Lilienthal was the first sailing plane pilot, born in Anklam, Germany and became somewhat famous with his hanggliding trials in Berlin, Germany.

277. GordonBGood - November 13, 2011

R2D2 in debris field – I finally bought the DVD and looked for R2D2 as prescribed above. I found him, but NOT where the above Paramount release said he would be.

He is in the debris field scene just as described, but not floating from top center to bottom right. I paused the DVD and stepped through one frame at a time, and found the little guy distinctly imaged in only one frame, but blurry in others. He is located just about 20% up from the bottom of the screen, in about 25% from the LEFT side of the screen. Yes, it is definitely our little droid friend, in this sharp frame floating on his side with his head pointing towards the center of the screen.

Since I didn’t read where anyone else had actually found him, I thought I’d post this for those who just need or want to know. ;-)

278. Laura L. - April 6, 2012

There was also a little (possibly unintentional) Star Wars shout out when Jim was marooned on Delta Vega. The whole “there is always a bigger fish” concept was showed when the the white, furry monster (which some have speculated to be the wild form of the domesticated Sehlat, which serves as a house pet on Vulcan – remember, the planets are adjacent to each other) is eaten by the big red monster.

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