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Star Trek Sequel Script Still Planned For Early 2011 Completion – Not “Almost Finished” November 12, 2010

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Star Trek Into Darkness , trackback

Today there are a number of reports on the web stating the script for the Star Trek sequel is "almost complete". TrekMovie has done some fact checking and while work is currently underway by writing the team, it appears they are still targeting early 2011 for their hand-in. More details below.


Scripting still underway for early 2011 pre production start

Yesterday TrekMovie reported on comments about the Star Trek sequel made during Viacom’s Q3 earnings report and call with investors. This call was also reported on by The Hollywood Reporter, who added a note that "Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci and Damon Lindelof are hammering out the script as we speak. They’re supposed to deliver it by the holidays. J.J. Abrams, who is producing, hasn’t committed to climbing back into the director’s chair, but the studio definitely wants him." This bit of  detail has been picked up by a number of other sites and sourced to the Viacom call, but it was not actually part of the Viacom call (see full transcript), but added by THR.

It is true, as TrekMovie has been reporting, that J.J. Abrams has not yet committed to directing the Star Trek sequel, but this is due to the script not yet being completed. As with his first Trek, Abrams will not make the call until the script is completed. As for when the script will be done it appears that THR is still working off of an old estimate. TrekMovie reported last month that the script is expected to be completed in early 2011, and sources indicate this is still the plan. Scripting has only been underway for about a month, and just last week JJ Abrams was on the record saying that the script was just "being sort of fully outlined".

Filming for the Star Trek sequel (due in theaters June 29, 2012) is expected to start in the Summer of 2011, so there is still plenty of time for the script. Pre-production on the film should not take as long as the 2009 Star Trek feature as most of the main casting is already done, and much of the design and construction has already been completed, leaving the team to focus on the new elements.

Of course any bit of news regarding Star Trek quickly sweeps around the web so all these reports are understandable. We are all hungry for anything new. The next 19 months will be full of lots of reports, rumors, speculation, facts and more all about the next Star Trek movie, and we here at TrekMovie will do our best to bring it all to you as accurately as possible.


1. Mark - November 12, 2010

Please no Khan

2. CmdrR - November 12, 2010

It’s not a finished script until someone utters the line, “Damn the Klingons, we’re going to Red Lobster before the two-fer special runs out!”

3. Shannon Nutt - November 12, 2010

“We have a starting date…but we don’t have a script. But what the hell – a lot of people have a script and don’t have a starting date!”

– Dee Kelley on Tom Snyder’s TOMORROW show, relating what Gene Roddenberry told him about the start date for what would become STAR TREK: THE MOTION PICTURE

4. Lt. Bailey - November 12, 2010

Lets get this show on the road already!!

5. Basement Blogger - November 12, 2010

Trekker Sean reported on this site that Bob Orci tweeted “No Talosions.” It’s his November 2 post. (Link below.) This site also reported on the RUMOR that the villains would be 1) Gary Mitchell, 2) Harry Mudd 3) Trelane 4) Talosians and 5) Harvey the Horta. (TrekMovie link below.) Okay, the Horta didn’t have first names.

This is not a plea for a villain. It’s up to the writers. Great Star Trek has had stories without villains. Star Trek IV, “The City on the Edge of Forever” etc. But if they use a villain from the original series, I vote for what one Trekker called a giant blunt, I’m talking about the Doomsday Machine.

1. Bob Orci Twitter

2. TrekMovie story on rumors of the villain.

6. Elliot - November 12, 2010


The Doomsday Machine would be a very cool concept. But so would the horta, I think.

7. Botany Bay - November 12, 2010

@Basement Blogger
They should have done the Doomsday Mashine in the last flick, and skipped the whole Nero thing.


8. Jorg Sacul - November 12, 2010

Hortas driving the Doomsday Machine. Now there’s action!

9. - November 12, 2010

I like the idea of them finding Khan and him causing a muck during a battle with the doomsday machine

10. saavik001 - November 12, 2010

No Talosians? :( bummer. However, Gary Mitchell and/or Klingons are a close second in my opinion.

11. BK - November 12, 2010

Any rumors that they’ll refresh the E to make it less… awkward?

12. - November 12, 2010

I think we should get use to the big E as she is. I don’t think they’ll budge much on the production/art design. TPTB have already invested to much with merchandise companies

13. Gooseneck Viewer - November 12, 2010

The Klingons aren’t a “close second” because we’ve seen them a BILLION times on Star Trek! Bob, if that’s all you guys can come up with that’s pretty pitiful! If we’re not going to get something original and interesting, at least use something we haven’t seen a BILLION times and likely done much better than you can do it in a two-hour movie! You guys will never outdo what Deep Space Nine did with the Klingons — or even Star Trek VI for that matter…

14. Christopher_Roberts - November 12, 2010

The first being more Spock driven… Gary Mitchell fits in with the idea of making the second movie’s villain, deeply personal to Kirk. Without introducing Khan, who really has no connection beyond initally being defeated and becoming unfinished business in old age. If we’re drawing the Nolan Batman/Joker nemesis parallel, Mitchell is as much a psychological threat as one who develops extraordinary abilities.

15. Daoud - November 12, 2010

@5 Weird, since there’s double meaning to “primo” when Bob answered that someone was his cousin. But I think GJ was his cousin’s initials, and not code for “Giant Jaw”. :)

@8 Hortas would be EATING the Doomsday Machine. ;) Neutronium is tendril-lickin’ good… especially if it’s Andromedan Fried Doomsday Machine.

@14 I daresay Gary Mitchell would be the most challenging story to write. And where would he be in the alt universe? I’d put him as goin’ mad Captain Garth’s XO: and have Mitchell be the Jiggs Casey to Garth’s General James Mattoon Scott-like character. (Throw in Mara as a masquerading-as-human Klingon agent in the romantic role Ava Gardner played, and it would be delish.) I think you’re singing perfect pitch about Mitchell being Kirk’s *true* Nemesis… but with the alt-universe end of things, we can redeem him ‘a bit’. He can live to face another day? Or a future a few years down the road where WNMHGB can assume to play out almost the same.

16. Datalore - November 12, 2010

Guys, from what has been said from Bob and the others, the villain will not be recycled, but “have ties” to the original series. That could mean anything. So I really doubt it will be something we’ve seen, but perhaps an event that connects with the original series, which brings us to a new villain entirely.

The other key is that they are going “Dark Knight”, which they said means “Not darker, but deeper into the characters, and more emotional.” So I expect a WOK type slug fest, lots of crewmen casualties, hard choices by Kirk, self sacrifice, and just a 2-hour emotional ride that will have the same fun and excitement and humor as the first, but perhaps more of a tear jerker…And maybe something to set up a trilogy.

17. njdss4 - November 12, 2010

I’m really hoping for the movie to revolve around the Talosians. It would be a great plot device to further character development, since the Talosians could pit the crew against their worst fears through their telepathic manipulation, and the crew would learn things about each other that they would never know otherwise. Plus, just imagine how limitless the possibilities for special effects would be!

18. Ralph - November 12, 2010

How about this for a turn of event’s,The Talosians in the new time line would be interesting. Afterall, Pike is Handicap. Will his body get almost destroyed in a Inion Storm? But, that’s about 8 years after Kirk took command–so–I can’t see the Talosians in the next movie–not just yet. How about the return of Cisco since he is persumed missing in the 24th century? he can be the glue to maintaining not only an alternate reality, but to not further damage of any other time lines that the federation whould have to fix in the 29th century; in which Capt. Archer discovered that the federations main mission in the 29th century is primarly time line repair thanks to the likes of Kirk and Picard–but not mainly those two

19. Dee - November 12, 2010

Okay then, APascale! …:-)

20. Simon - November 12, 2010

#1 – Please no Klingons.

I find it funny that the same people who don’t want to see Khan, a person who was in exactly one TOS episode and one TOS movie drool at the thought of Klingons in the next film. Klingons, who were in numerous TOS episodes and movies, TNG, DS9, VOY, ENT, TNG films, etc.

If there are to be Klingons I want them in a cameo like in the deleted scenes of ST09. And I enjoyed that mainly because Victor Garber kicks ass in everything he does.


21. SubspaceJock - November 12, 2010

Not that I’m crazy about the rumor. There are about a hundred ways they could botch this..But word is, the TOS character we get a visit from in the next movie is Harry Mudd. (sigh) Better write it good, guys. There are few things more annoying in Star Trek than bad comedy.

22. Desstruxion - November 12, 2010

I never liked it when they tried comedy in the original series. It always seemed too forced. The Harry Mudd character was awful. I wish they could do something original for a change. No more rehashing of old episodes.

23. CarlG - November 12, 2010

All I ask is that you don’t kill of Pike or make him turn evil. Bruce Greenwood rocks the house way too much to contract Sudden Sequel Death Syndrome!

24. Chadwick - November 12, 2010

Please please KLINGONS!

I would be pleasantly surprised if it is not Klingons, but think for a second.

They redid everything, ship, uniforms, tools, more or less everything. Why not redo the Klingons as well. They did…then they cut them out. We did not even hear the Klingons speak when they captured the Narada. Only mentioned by Uhura and Kirk on the bridge when speaking to Pike.

THEY CUT EVERY SINGLE ASPECT OF KLINGONS OUT OF THE LAST MOVIE. LOGICALLY ASK YOURSELF WHY? Because they are saving them for the next movie, new Klingons would make a very big bang.

Why were the Burger King characters dressed as Klingons? Because they are the most familiar villains in Star Trek, yet they were not in the film.



25. James - November 12, 2010

Tom Hanks as Commodore Matt Decker in the doomsday machine – perfect.

26. Chadwick - November 12, 2010

JJ and many others have said in the special features that if they make another film it will be about the Klingons. We are all trekkies and trekkers here….we have all watched the special features including the parts where Bob, Alex, Damon, and JJ are narrating and describing the cut scenes. Go back and watch the Klingon parts, open your ears, turn on your brain, and listen carefully to what they say.

27. Chadwick - November 12, 2010

An older article I stumbled across.

28. Chadwick - November 12, 2010

25. James

Hanks in the new movie would be fantastic. A well known Star Trek fan would do great for the new movies. We all know the long list of Star Trek fans, Harrison Ford and Tom Hanks among them. Harrison would also be a great choice, but then we would not want Trek fans crying saying that they are making Star Trek even more like Star Wars because they put Harrison in it. I think it would be good humor and a great choice, just as Tom Hanks would be.

29. Chadwick - November 12, 2010

We saw Kor, Kolos, and Kang once in the TOS series and once in DS9 except for Kang who was in a Voyager episode and Kor who made more than one DS9 appearance. I loved it, and your telling me you do not want to see either of those character re-imagined in the new movie? I am really excited at the though.

Man I want to see a big, heavy armored, heavy duty armed to the tits Klingon battle cruiser fighting the Enterprise, don’t you?

Another note we all know Klingons were the Federations main adversary in the 23rd century, there is no way in the Alpha Quadrant that they will be left out of the film. Just a hunch, just a feeling.

yIDoghQo’ tlhIngan maH!


30. VOODOO - November 12, 2010

#25 Tom Hanks is a great actor, but not a great choice for Star Trek. Harrison ford on the other hand would be spectacular.

#21 – Unless you have some kind of inside information I don’t think that Harry Mudd rumor is any more or less valid than any of the million other rumors that are floating around the net in regards to this film.

If you go back and watch the episodes with Mudd the character as well as the episodes arent that great. As a matter of fact “I Mudd” may be the single worst epiode in the history of Star Trek.

31. Chadwick - November 12, 2010

One last comment on the Klingons

With regards to the Narada being captured, I would have to agree with the first comment. When I first watched the deleted scenes and heard that wonderful Klingon language being spoke I too got goose bumps.

Once again, do you honestly think they will leave Klingons out of the next movie? Klingons are just as much a part of Star Trek as the USS Enterprise. Don’t kid yourself.

32. Red Dead Ryan - November 12, 2010

God, I hope they don’t go with Harry Mudd. I love TOS as much as anyone, but c’mon, that guy was annoying as hell. What I wouldn’t mind is the Talosians. They could be a part of an “Inception”-like plot, but set in space.

And when people say they want an A-list actor for the sequel, I say they should be careful what they wish for. We might end up with Tom Cruise!

33. Chadwick - November 12, 2010

32. Red Dead Ryan – November 12, 2010

I agree with you on all fronts. Harry Mudd was annoying as hell, a clown. Talosians would be cool. And dear lord Tom Cruise in Star Trek would bring me to my knees crying like a little boy, all hope would have been lost.

34. Chadwick - November 12, 2010

Ish toh ku, Klingon ogh na kampo la’ku,

tok’tah oh chu ah chu, etch ti tweh who, hovan rough be chu, baj be’cha.

I am such a nerd, just listening to the Klingon language deciphering the sounds using English. Oh god I so badly want to hear it in the next film. It would be so bad ass!!!!

35. Mickey MET - November 12, 2010

You guys can suspect Klingons and Harry Mudd and Talosians all you want. . . I’m betting we get a Carol Marcus tie in with a baby David in her arms telling Kirk to make a decision and stick with it. . . That is the emotional rollercoaster going on in the background behind Kirk’s day to day operations of the ship. . . .

36. Basement Blogger - November 13, 2010

@ 22

Humor in Star Trek.

Sometimes the humor in TOS was a riot. What about the final scenes in “Amok Time” or “Journey to Babel?” What about “Trouble with Tribbles?” And what about my favorite Star Trek movie, Star Trek IV with its hilarious fish out of water story? Just remember the best Trek humor comes out of the situation not parody. While Scotty yells in Trek (2009) , “I’m giving her all she’s got” was funny, it came off as parody. But when Kirk is burried in tribbles, with tribbles falling on his head, and makes his last exapserated order, “… close that door”. in context, it’s funny without parody.

I agree that Harry Mudd would not be a good antagonist but I thought the same way about Khan. The story about the possible villains is just a rumor. So we’ll have to wait until the movie comes out. Sigh.

There’s one constant in TOS and Star Trek (2009) regarding humor. Dr. Leonard McCoy. And I am not Karl Urban’s agent, but let’s have more Dr. McCoy. He just seems easy to write for. I watched Star Trek: The Motion Picture last night, and he had all the funny lines. In the later movies, he gets all the funny lines. So let’s have more of the cantankerous, bleeding heart, and funny Dr. McCoy.

37. Flake - November 13, 2010

TOS villain could mean a Klingon. Kang, Kor or Koloth….

38. CTUASH - November 13, 2010

With the new timeline, and the apeal to the gen-pop, the way forward is to bring in The Borg! Klingons are so bad when it comes to stereo-typing star trek, i think it would put people off. The Borg however……!!!!????

39. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - November 13, 2010

Tom Hanks as Commodore Matt Decker would be the best thing for Trek. Have Gary Mithchell on the U.S S Constalation become God Like and in a desperate attempt Commodoe Decker Leaves him in a Shuttle and then Gary comes across the Doomsday Machine and there it has a battle with the Constalation. Then the Enterprise comes to the aid of the Constalation and finds it Crippled but Decker and most of the crew survives. Then they havt to track the Doomsday machine being controlled by Mitchell.

40. trekprincess - November 13, 2010

what is taking them so long?

41. trekprincess - November 13, 2010

4. I too want more movement I think they are being slow here surely the script must be done by now

42. StarMan127 - November 13, 2010

If they rush it this much…then it’ll be crap. Just should just let Star Trek die a quiet death.

43. janice - November 13, 2010

#23 carlG

I agree. Bruce Greenwood is WONDERFUL as Pike and I really want to see him in the sequel. Not evil, not in a wheelchair, not disfigured in any way. and certainly not dead!!
Pike’s a good guy in Star Trek and I can’t wait to see him again. No reason he can’t command a starship again either. Maybe young Capt Kirk gets in big trouble and needs Pike’s help and experience?? Works for me!

44. Sebastian - November 13, 2010

I’m kind of tired of speculating.
At this point? Surprise me, folks! ; )

45. Chadwick - November 13, 2010

The fans who have never been in Star Trek

Harrison Ford
Tom Cruise
Tom Hanks
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Quentin Tarantino
Daniel Craig
Ben Stiller
Eddie Murphy
Hank Azaria
Sir Richard Branson
Robin Williams
Rosario Dawson

The fans who have been in Star Trek

Kelsey Grammer
Jason Alexander
Sara Silverman
Andy Dick
Stephen Hawking
Whoopi Goldberg
Christian Slater
Abdullah II bin al-Hussein
Tom Morello
Seth MacFarlane
Tom Bergeron

The fans who should never be in Star Trek

Al Gore
Chris Jericho
Matt Stone
Trey Parker
Matt Groening
Colin Powell
Barack Obama
Steven Spielberg
George Lucas

The only reason Richard Branson is not in the never should do list is because he is helping the evolution of space flight and space tourism. He is a wonderful man doing wonderful things to evolve space travel. Otherwise it would be like putting Tesla Motors Elon Musk in Iron Man 2, it was only a cameo and a terrible one at that.

46. Chadwick - November 13, 2010

@44. Sebastian

No doubt, everyone has their breaking point. I am sure I will as well. This year and a half will go by fast enough when one continues the daily routine. The longer one dwells on the subject of the new movie the further away the movie will seem. I remember speculating about the 2009 movie and how far away the 2012 movie seemed and now, here we are, the script a month and a half from being completed and pre production shorty about to start up.

47. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - November 13, 2010

#44. I agree with your list except for one. Why not let Chris Jericho in. Come on he has the Walls of Jerhico he can use on any of the Klingons. Lol.

48. trekmaster - November 13, 2010

maybe they show us an alternate enterprise-d!?

49. CarlG - November 13, 2010

I wouldn’t mind Paul Giamatti as Harry Mudd, but as a secondary character. The Muddster is fun in an episode or two, but he simply isn’t strong enough a character to carry an entire movie as the primary antagonist.

50. VZX - November 13, 2010

If JJ doesn’t want to direct, I’ll do it. I promise I will make it awesome.

51. N - November 13, 2010

The question is do we want to explore new territory or do we want to see old themes and old faces explored in a different way. Either way is fine with me. I wouldn’t mind establishing the Klingons in some fashion in the next movie. As long as we get the original series evil and cunning Klingons and not the Neanderthal barbarian Klingons we got in the later series. There should be no question that the Klingons should have ridges as Gene Roddenberry intended. Like in Star Trek the motion picture. I’m of the opinion it would be cool to have two episodes in one movie and kind of connect them into a single movie. Or have an Indiana Jones like beginning and resolution & then on to the next adventure which is the full movie.

52. Balok - November 13, 2010

Please, something totally new… plus Rosario…

53. CTUASH - November 13, 2010


54. Chadwick - November 13, 2010

47. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire
I am just bias, I not a fan wrestling, boxing, UFC, all that violent crap. A wrestler in a Star Trek movie would not be the “peoples” first choice. But in defense of Chris Jericho, he is one of the kinder, more rational, and intelligent wrestlers. From what I know of him he is one of the more well rounded wrestlers and not a blockhead.

52. Balok
I agree with you, something new and fresh would be a welcome treat, like the first movie. A remake of a TOS episode or movie is not what is needed right now. Star Trek is reborn, treat it as such.

Most people would argue against you, and at first so would I. People would argue against you because..well, there were no Borg in the TOS series so no Borg in the TOS movie, yup flawed logic. But its an alternate universe. I would love to see how Bob and crew would remake the Borg, and not just the Borg but the Borg of the 23rd century which we have never seen. Just like people arguing against the Klingons, I would love to see some solid JJ style Klingons.

55. Chadwick - November 13, 2010

51. N

New territory is always nice, but I think they could do both. Just like they used familiar elements in the new movie and explored some new aspects. But I agree, to boldly go where no one has gone before.

I whole heartedly agree. The Klingons in the cut scenes were all rather intelligent and not necessarily barbaric. But you cant take the Klingon out of the Klingon. Just like how I don’t understand how kind people enjoy barbaric mindless idiotic UFC? Terrans will be Terrans. But yea in the TOS series there are those Klingons who;s offspring have the Augment DNA. So you would indeed have different cast systems. So some would have ridges, some would not, but again alternate universe, no need to adhere to old rules. I think the Klingons should be ruthless and barbaric but also able to remain calm and collected like when Nero was being integrated, it was a beautiful thing.

I see all kinds of hints at the Klingons being in the next movie.

56. Marvin the Martian - November 13, 2010

Okay, everyone… it’s fun to think of who the villain will be in the new movie, but let’s think of it from Paramount’s perspective. They’re the ones going to be shelling out a bazillion dollars for production and promotion. They need a hook that will attract a larger audience. “New, young Star Trek” has been done. Now they need something more.

1. Gary Mitchell will NOT be the villain. Outside of the most nerdy/hardcore Trek fans, no one knows this character, so no one cares. He may show up in the film in a supporting role for a scene or two, but the film won’t be built around him. There’s no built-in interest, so Paramount would never approve this.

2. Klingons are more likely, although they’ve been done to death already. They’re so familiar, they weren’t even presented full face in the ST09 deleted scene. Instead, what made the first film attractive was to take relatively familiar backstory and put a new spin on it. (Tattooed Romulans, the destruction of Vulcan, the Spock/Uhura relationship, etc.) If Klingons can be presented in a new and interesting light (rather than as grunting, heavy metal guitarists), they might have a purpose.

3. Tholians or Organians or Midichlorians (oops, wrong franchise) or whatever alien race that didn’t have a clear identity won’t be seen, either. The studio wants to build on success and not confuse a mainstream audience with the question, “Who are they?” Not going to happen.

4. Khan. As much as many of us hate the idea, the studio will certainly consider it if the actor is sufficiently sexy and charismatic *and* that his story is high-stakes and interesting. I wouldn’t rule this out just yet.

5. The Gorn. Personally, I think they would be the coolest original series villains ever, and they’d pack a visual pop. But the studio would be concerned that they may be *too* alien and If they give off a “guy in rubber suit” vibe, forget it. However, since the first film borrowed heavy inspiration from Star Wars, the studio would have no issue borrowing heavy from the Alien franchise, either. If the Gorn are threatening, scary and intelligent with clear motives that the average movie audience can relate to, they have a really great shot at being in the new movie. I hope I’m right.

57. MJ - November 13, 2010

Bob Orci, new rule — we are only going to respond to your posts after you have completed a daily effort of at least 3 pages of the ST 2012 script. What do you think we are, your personal procrastination excuse?…your writers block break?

(just kidding, of course!!!)

58. captain_neill - November 13, 2010


Can I take it you will get steady cam and lose the lens flares. LOL

Why bother telling Bob what you want in the film, they will do what they will do, us Star Trek fans are the insects in the grand scheme of things.

I know that Bob will deliver a good fun movie, but at the same time the Trekkie in me is worried that there may be some more changes that I won’t agree with.

But it seems more popular to the mainstream this away so why should I complain as it should be a good movie.

As long as you stick to Star Trek’s strength and don’t turn it into a dumb action movie it should be good.

Remember its Star Trek, not Star Wars.

59. Alec - November 13, 2010

Trelane. Trelane would, almost certainly, be awful. I.e., we (at least I) don’t need or want Q again: an omnipotent (or nigh omnipotent) being ready to create a deus ex machina for any plot whole. Besides, how can you beat a ‘God’? Not film material: an average-poor episode.

Gary Mitchel. Unlike Trelane, Mitchel featured in a great episode of TOS. But, as trekmovie have pointed out, you can’t just introduce Kirk’s ‘best friend’ now: a best friend cannot now come out of nowhere; besides, there are enough enterprise/starfleet characters already; and Kirk already has two best friends: Spock and McCoy. Not a good idea.

Harry Mudd. Mudd would be the worst villain ever. I cringe at his TOS appearances. Mudd would only be introduced to give one of Abrams’s friend a part. Not film material: pray this never sees the light of day.

The Horta. I don’t see how a film plot could incorporate the Horta (or Trelane either) in a significant capacity without essentially re-doing the episode. The Horta is not menacing enough and is no longer ‘fresh’. Not film material.

The Talosians. Excellent villains. As is almost always the case, it would be difficult to avoid remaking a TOS episode. But this has promise. Which is a great shame that it’s reportedly not going to happen.

So we’re back to Khan and or the Klingons. I’m sick of the Klingons: let’s have Khan.

60. Alec - November 13, 2010

45. Chadwick – November 13, 2010
Tom Hanks is apparently an uber-Trek fan. If the part is right, they should contact him.

To help the foreign market (odd to say this as I’m a Brit) why not flood the film with such stars? If it doesn’t detract from the film, of course.

56. Marvin the Martian – November 13, 2010
I think you’re right: the villains will be well-known and instantly connected with Trek. That instant connection was a thread sown by JJ through the fine tapestry which was Star Trek 2009.

So there are three options: The Klingons; The Borg; Khan.

The Borg – for: They’re the closest to standard sci-fi villains: recognizable to the mainstream. They wear little make-up/costumes so there’d be a point and benefit from hiring a visible a-lister to play the villain’s role and help the foreign market. The Borg would also allow a female villain: the Borg Queen. There’s scope for massive sci-fi battles: ‘awesome’. And if Ent. is canon (shudders) then the Borg exist in this time-line and have already sent a message into the future which states that Earth is ripe for conquest.

The Borg – against: The Borg are seen, rightly or wrongly, as the villains in TNG. They might be viewed as out of place in TOS. Moreover, the team has said, I believe, that they will restrict themselves to the TOS universe and not the TNG, DS9 stuff….

An alternative: I’ve always liked Prof. Hawkins’s suggestion that aliens might well have plundered their resources as we have plundered ours and they might not come in peace but attack us for our resources. This hasn’t really been done in Trek: certainly not in a film. It could be good. And, by keeping Earth as the target, the mainstream again identify with the threat and the story….

61. Atom splitter - November 13, 2010

Dare I say that with the introduction of a new time line into the canon of Trek. that
we embark on a new mission
seeking out new story plots,
new dangers in the universe
to boldly gone where no trek has gone before

62. Rhett Coates - November 14, 2010

4. Lt. Bailey – November 12, 2010 said: “Lets get this show on the road already!!”

We might say, at least in Chris Pine’s case, on the RAILroad….. considering. LOL!

63. abramstrekprincess - November 14, 2010

I think they should take their time with the sequel you don’t want them rushing with process making a film takes time.

64. Chadwick - November 14, 2010

60. Alec

“The Borg – They wear little make-up/costumes” Um…how so lol? They all wear a tone of make up and they have the most elaborate costumes in Star Trek…how do they wear little make-up/costumes? I just want to understand your views.

I would say Borg, Gorn, or Klingons would be the best. Still they are rebooting the original series and even though its an alternate universe I am sure they want to stick to original series elements. Borg would be cool but I have a feeling that Klingons or Gorn would be a better bet. On element TOS never really focused on were the Orion’s.

“An alternative: I’ve always liked Prof. Hawkins’s suggestion that aliens might well have plundered their resources as we have plundered ours and they might not come in peace but attack us for our resources. This hasn’t really been done in Trek: certainly not in a film. It could be good. And, by keeping Earth as the target, the mainstream again identify with the threat and the story….” Great concept but those aliens who plunder could very well be the Borg. So if its not the Borg would it be some other powerful space faring empire?

65. abramstrekprincess - November 14, 2010

Why can’t you be patient guess you’re hungry for info so am I:)

66. Trek Lady - November 14, 2010


“To help the foreign market (odd to say this as I’m a Brit) why not flood the film with such stars? If it doesn’t detract from the film, of course.”

Not what I want…. at all! To many big name stars, and I won’t see the characters, but I will see Tom Hanks or Harrison Ford. I prefer lesser known folks, so my attention is on the “character” and not the big name playing him or her…

Those types of actors are good in a film where there is less an ensemble cast and they basically carry the film, but when they are in a film with a lot of characters, they tend to stand out and detract from the other lesser known actors.

Funny how people don’t want Shatner because he might overshadow Pine, but are okay with Hanks and Ford?

67. abramstrekprincess - November 14, 2010

What if there is more changes in the sequel how would you deal with that bash the sequel as well.

68. Chadwick - November 14, 2010

65. abramstrekprincess – November 14, 2010
“Why can’t you be patient guess you’re hungry for info so am I:)”

I am one who likes surprises but yea, I am famished for info. But I look at it this way, even all the talk on website and watching the trailers when I saw the movie it was still a surprise. All the leaked info and trailers did not ruin my experience one bit. It was still shock and awe.

66. Trek Lady
I agree with you. Not that I want Tom Cruise in the film but people in China love Tom Cruise, so you are 100% correct in what you are saying. Star Trek 2009 did have some famous people but nothing like Ford or Hanks. Since this 2009 was a huge success in America and abroad I am sure there are big name Hollywood start eager to jump aboard for the next one. The question is, will Paramount dish out the money for the star. I say they should.

69. Chadwick - November 14, 2010

57. MJ

56. Marvin the Martian
Exactly which is why Klingon’s or the Gorn would be the logical choice. Many things in Star Trek have been done to death but since this is a reboot its a chance to reboot everything. Yea the Klingon’s have been done to death, but Paramount, well its not necessarily run by the same people as it was during the TOS movies. To these new people, this is a new Trek therefore they might want to see a new style of Klingon’s and do not base their corporate actions on the fact that Klingon’s have been in many of the past films. If Paramount says they want Klingon’s then Paramount gets their Klingon’s and its up to the writers, producers, and directors not to persuade them the other way but to artistically satisfy what the corporation wants. I don’t mean to preach to the choir



#2) JJ and crew clearly said in the behind the scenes, since Klingon’s are not in this film they really want them in the next one. This also includes Barney Burman the lead makeup artist.

#3) They would not have put all that time, effort, and money into the concept of the new Klingon’s, like costumes, makeup style, ship design, and the extensive Rura Penthe scene if they did not plan to use the Klingon’s at some point.

#4) They choose three Klingon’s as mascots for Burger King because they are the most recognizable alien race in Star Trek to most people, Star Trek and non Star Trek fans alike.

With all these aspects staring me right in the face, I can’t ignore the obvious but I will not deny the unexpected. It will either be the Klingon’s or something none of us have discussed or thought about in any of these posts and will be a complete surprise.

Paramount is in control of which companies were going to market and advertise? They chose Klingon’s because they are familiar and they want to bring in every layman. Unless as Marvin the Martian said they find a charismatic actor to portray Khan, I would not expect Khan.

Paramount wants to make money, and when you ask a person who is not really familiar with Star Trek which show or franchise Klingon’s belong to, most people will say Star Trek. Which is why I have tested this theory out at my university – University of Guelph – with two of my friends. Just walking around with a clipboard, making it look official, even though it was a personal experiment and nothing to do with any classes or project asking people. Are you Sci Fi fans? Do you know anything even remotely about Star Trek, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica? Can you name a villain, adversary, or alien race from Star Trek? Do you know who the Klingon’s are and which franchise they belong to? And the result was astonishing. Some people void of sci fi knowledge knew the Borg, but majority knew who the Klingon’s were. This is just to prove a point about the non Star Trek fans. If Paramount wants to make money, they will go with Klingon’s.

70. Jack - November 14, 2010

Not a week goes by without complaining about the lens flares. Sigh.

Am I the only fan who didn’t really ever like the Doomsday Machine (or the giant protozoa episode)? the dm itself seems like kind of a boring villain — brainless,apparently indestructible, eats everything, must be disabled by a character in need of martyrdom and redemption…

66 – agreed. Filler up with interesting actors, as they did pretty well in the first one.

71. Chadwick - November 14, 2010

I was not a fan of the protozoa episode either, but Doomsday machine was a pretty good episode especially the blu-ray version with the updated visual effects, never looked better.

72. Daoud - November 14, 2010

Tom Cruise as a very short Klingon? Hmmm… Captain M’Potlh… Actually, I think he’d be best as a Little Copper Dude Jumping On Couch.
Or Harcourt Fenton Mudd.

No Gorn though. Too much Godzirra.

73. CarlG - November 14, 2010

@72, Clearly, Tom Cruise will play Admiral Xenu of the Couchjumperites, and Uhura’s big action sequence will involve spin-kicking him out an airlock.

… I’d watch that. Twice.

74. Red Dead Ryan - November 14, 2010


Or Tom Cruise is kidnapped by Romulans, outfitted with a homing device, explosives, and a rocket pack. He is fired out of a torpedo tube during a space battle……..hence “Cruise” missile!

75. Chadwick - November 14, 2010

72. Daoud
“Tom Cruise as a very short Klingon” Oh my what a terrifying idea.

73. CarlG
I like the spin-kick out the airlock, nice touch.

Re 45: Yea…Tom Cruise should have been in the “should never be in Star Trek” list. Tom Cruise does not seem to fit in Star Trek, unless they can transform Tom the way they did with Eric Bana into Nero, that was just magic.

76. Red Dead Ryan - November 14, 2010


Tom Cruise just doesn’t fit in anything he does. Fighter pilot……nah! Secret agent? Don’t think so! How about a samurai warrior? Didn’t buy it either! Sports agent? Give me a break!

And he is a diminishing asset. His movies just aren’t as profitable anymore. Plus he stinks as an actor!

Tom Hanks, Liam Neeson, Sam Worthington………far better actors and better names to help sell the sequel!

77. Hugh Hoyland - November 15, 2010

Like him or not, Tom Cruise would would instantly bring more attention to the film, some good, some bad, but it would still be BIG news. I dont see him as a Klingon or Bana type Romulan main villian, but I could easily see him playing the “gone-criminal/insane” Captain, like Cpt. Tracey or Decker.

78. Dom - November 15, 2010

So is anyone else wondering if we’ll get some shots of Earth in the new film, where the World Trade Center is an intact historical monument and we see a flyby over Gaudi’s Hotel Attraction? ;)

79. Robert - November 15, 2010

I hope they do something totally new…no Kahn, no Borg, no Mudd. Cameos ok but do something original please…. take this new version of Trek to a different level.

80. Alex Prewitt - November 15, 2010

Bob–do you only work on this about 10 minutes a week or what? ; )

81. Chadwick - November 15, 2010

76. Red Dead Ryan

I agree, hence why I said he should be in the “should never be in Star Trek list” Go look at my post #45, I had a list of people who should and should not be in Star Trek and I mistakenly left Tom Cruise of “should not be in Star Trek
list. I meant to put him in it.

He was ok in Last Samurai a movie I have on blu-ray because its a great movie and the only movie I like which has cruise in it. Just because I say “IF” they can transform him does not mean I want him in the movie. JJ said countless people had no idea it was Eric as Nero, if they can do that I would not have a problem with Tom being in a movie. But again he is far from my first choice, I agree with you, Tom Hanks, Liam Neeson, but man Sam Worthington is just as poop as Channing Tatum. He was ok in Terminator Salvation but he is a generic actor like Channing who end up playing the same character in whatever movie they act in. Sam was no different in Salvation as in Clash of the Titans. The actors who always act the same, YAWN!

77. Hugh Hoyland
I agree Cruise not my fav but would indeed bring attention to the movie.

78. Dom
Eww I hope not. Even though Starfleet is in San Fran, its about a united world and as a Canadian I could care less about WTC.

80. Alex Prewitt ;) ;) Bob works his ass off.

82. n1701ncc - November 15, 2010

What does everyone think of these ideas for new movies

Star Trek 2 – Talosians and Shanter gets in the movie

Star Trek 3 – An evil twisted Harry Mudd. I like that one alot very promising

Star Trek 4 – Kirk meets Q .. Trelane and John Delance… Are you changelling me to duel.

Star Trek 5 – Apollo – The Greek Gods get even angrier

Star trek 6 – The Balance of Terror – The war with the Romulans with the Klingons playing both sides

Star Trek 7 – City on the Edge of Forever – The return of the Guardian and this time someone stops 9-11 from happening

Star trek 8 – I forgot the name of this eposide but its the one that Spock gets infected with the plasma that makes you go mad, this time makes him go evil.

Star Trek 9 – The Return of the Organians. The Federation and the Klingons are at war with each other until the Organians raid the party but not until some great action takes place

Star Trek 10 – Shore leave with a Twist .. Finnagan is nuts and takes control of the Enterprise and sets out to destroy Starfleet headquarters because he didn’t get to become captain of a star ship.

83. Dom - November 15, 2010

81. Chadwick

It was a reference to the alt-universe in Fringe! ;)

And there’s nothing wrong with a little commerce! If we’re serious about getting into space, private enterprise (pun intended!) will be essential! I was delighted to see the Nokia and Budweiser brands in the last film!

84. Chadwick - November 15, 2010

Dom…I never said anything against commerce, just the WTC, its just one of those “enough already” moments. I have no problem with Nokia and Budweiser, I was delighted to see those in the movie. Kirks motorcycle was supposed to be a BMW and I would have been jumping for joy, but it never happened. I also heard there was to be an Apple computer reference or nod somewhere – lol other than the bridge – and that never happened either.

But I understand your perspective.

85. Chadwick - November 15, 2010

82. n1701ncc

Ugh I dont get people who want Harry Mudd, he is a fat space pirate clown, something best forgotten.

Sorry bud but Star Trek 2 and Star trek 6 are the only one that sounds remotely good because it either has Romulans or Talosians.

I still say go with Klingons or Gorn.

86. Captain Conrad - November 15, 2010

I’d like to see a villain who comes about as a result of the time distortion in the first film.

87. Chadwick - November 15, 2010

86. Captain Conrad – November 15, 2010
“I’d like to see a villain who comes about as a result of the time distortion in the first film.”

Good call, I like the idea!

88. Dom - November 15, 2010

I’d like to see a Trek film where they’re in deep space, far away from the Federation and familiar foes, encountering new life and new civilisations! I’d rather the events of the previous film be barely mentioned. Star Trek 09 served its purpose by getting the team together. Now that they are, let’s seem them get on with the job, rather than navel gazing!!

89. Chadwick - November 15, 2010

88. Dom

Another valid point. Deep space, new aliens, new foes, new worlds. I agree.

90. Christopher_Roberts - November 15, 2010

86. I equally think that’s a very smart idea.

I’d also like the destruction of Vulcan to have left lasting repurcussions. I imagine that’s the stock response you’d get from any fan who didn’t like that aspect of the first film. If that was a 9/11 event in the Star Trek universe, look at the Pandora’s box that opened that continues to affect our lives and those around us, close to a decade on.

91. Chadwick - November 15, 2010

90. Christopher_Roberts

No doubt, on one side the destruction of Vulcan kills me, on the other side destruction in the universe occurs on a planetary scale and galactic scale. Vulcan is gone, time to move on, and would be interesting to see the lasting repercussions.

92. nuSpock - November 15, 2010

#45—under the fans who have never been in Star Trek list you forgot Eliza Dushku.

#90—in past interviews, little clues were left as to who the possible villain of the next film could be…namely the usage of the terms ‘cold space’ and ‘antennae’ thus implying Andorians… which, given their repeated attempts to destroy Vulcan in Star Trek: Enterprise, would make quite a bit of sense as the villain in the next film, proceeding along your train of thought about seeing lasting repercussions of the destruction of Vulcan… the Andorians could move in and attempt a massive powergrab, and Kirk & crew have to stop them…

93. Jack2211 - November 15, 2010

Andorians if they were interesting — I didn’t dig them on Enterprise, even though the Shran guy (Jeffrey Coombs [?]) did a hell of a job. Yeesh, all I do is complain on here. I don’t see them having tonnes of general appeal — and a little too na’vi.

94. Chadwick - November 16, 2010

92. nuSpock – November 15, 2010
“#45—under the fans who have never been in Star Trek list you forgot Eliza Dushku.”

I was unaware, never heard her say she was a trek fan. The list I made up was from wikipedia as well as the odd interview or articles I have read where they mention they are fans. Eliza is hot and that she is a trek fan is even hotter.

With regards to Andorians they are part of the Federation one of the bloody founding members and would not be the villains unless they A: drop out of the Federation or B: there is another rag tag group like Nero’s guys, but I would assume that would be too cliche for Bob. What they meant is that we might simply see them in the next film because they were not in the last.

Would be cool is if they could incorporate elements of Andorians, Klingons, Gorn, and Tholians not all necessarily in next movie but throughout the second and third of the Orci films.

95. Chadwick - November 16, 2010

93. Jack2211 “and a little too na’vi.” Which is why they would probably put them in the next Star Trek film, it is Hollywood’s way. If something is big right now – like Avatar – might as well ride the wave.

96. Daoud - November 16, 2010

Andorians: The Original Blueskins, accept no substitutes!

97. captain_neill - November 16, 2010


I happen to like Avatar but you are right it is overrated and unoriginal.

Andorians are the classic blue skins and I also love the Bolians.

98. Vincent DeCampo - November 16, 2010

With all of the advanced technology and information that Old Spock had, the Federation’s technology should have jumped ahead to at least Voyager tech. That would make alien encounters with original Trek enemies pretty lame. An early encounter with the Borg or Changelings could set off an entirely new direction for how the ST universe unfolds.

99. keachick - November 16, 2010

Yes, I think there should be some blue Andorians. I especially like their cute little antenna. Probably Jeffrey Coombs (sp?) should play one of them. He is very good. The Andorians are part of the Federation but they and Vulcans don’t like each other much. Perhaps this has already been mentioned. Anyway, it could make for an interesting (sub)plot…

100. richard kallao - November 16, 2010

this is the early years of the trek crew
has anyone thought of the Enemy Within
episode especially after what the Enterprise
and crew had just been through a transporter
malfunction could happen,an evil Chris Pine
or Zachary even.And a new take of the Pon
Farr idea would be great but where would
Spock go the new Vulcan , I like Gorn idea or
even someone that had a big impact on the
crew especially Kirk,like the Deckerd family
or the Captain from Whom Gods Destroy .
someone that made the way the crew is today.
rkallao and what about Samuel Kirk or George
Kirk’s brother from Operation:Annihilate wouldn’t
he be upset from his father’s death and take
some anger out on Kirk.

101. Dom - November 16, 2010

I reckon, similar to Fringe, the universe of the new Trek has differences from the regular one from the outset. The ship designs, the uniforms, the similar, but more advanced, tech . . .

No matter what anyone else says, I simply tend to assume Nero and Spock busted into a nearby parallel universe (the Mirror Universe being another example) and made a mess of things! The place would be similar enough, but with interesting variations.

Remember in Fringe how the alt-universe incarnations of the characters didn’t know who Andrew Jackson was and the Lindberg baby case never happened? Maybe Milo Rambaldi is the technological variant in Fringe . . .

Remember how in Dark Mirror, Picard’s assumption that Khan’s victory in the Eugenics Wars is the divergence point, then picks up a book of Shakespeare plays and reads the ending of the Merchant of Venice as Antonio is dragged off to be shorn of his flesh!

The differences aren’t necessarily obvious in the long term, but they gradually create bigger divergences! The Nero Incursion is certainly massive, but I doubt quite such substantial changes to the Trek universe across 25 years would have come purely from the Kelvin being destroyed! Vulcan’s annihilation, though, is another matter!

102. Chadwick - November 16, 2010

97. captain_neill

Don’t twist words which I never said. I Never said It was unoriginal or overrated. I saw it twice in 3D, purchased it in blu-ray on release day, and now debating about trading it in and getting the new extended blu-ray version. I am not angry just defensive when people say I said something which I CLEARLY DID NOT SAY! All I was meant was that it’s Hollywood’s style to play on what is popular. If the blue Na’vi were a hit, then people would also relate to the blue Andorians and that just means more $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ for Paramount. If Star Trek made sci fi popular agan, then expect a bunch of new sci fi’s in the next three years. That’s all I said and that was all I meant. Yes Avatar is a play on the North American natives, the conquers coming, but it was still a visual treat and still a good lesson to be learned.

103. Chadwick - November 16, 2010

101. Dom
“The differences aren’t necessarily obvious in the long term, but they gradually create bigger divergences! The Nero Incursion is certainly massive, but I doubt quite such substantial changes to the Trek universe across 25 years would have come purely from the Kelvin being destroyed! Vulcan’s annihilation, though, is another matter!”

I agree.

104. captain_neill - November 16, 2010


I never meant to accuse you directly. I just find myself defending Avatar as a lot of my friends hate it. I liked it.

Sorry for my poor wording.

The new extended cut is def worth getting.

105. SirBroiler - November 16, 2010

Kirk is in love with a young scientist Carol Marcus. She tries to resist his advances and insists her work, about which she is quite secretive, leaves her no time for love. He finally charms his way in – but she leaves abruptly after one night without saying goodbye.

He then discovers the focus of her tireless work: The Guardian of Forever. Discovered by the Federation and now a top secret research facility under supervision of Section 31 and it’s leader, surprise…it’s Admiral Pike.

Meanwhile, Spock has become despondent over time. While his service has been exemplary, his personal relationships have become severely strained. He is nearly consumed with suppressing his feelings about loss of Vulcan. His exposure Prime Spock begins an obsession with finding a way to go back. To save Vulcan. To save his mother.

Kirk, risking his career, decides to help Spock and tells him about the Guardian project. Together, they secretly execute some ruse get the Enterprise to the planet in the hope of convincing Carol to help use the Guardian to Save Vulcan. In the heated debate, Carol reveals to Kirk that she is pregnant.

The Kirk/Spock/McCoy ruse somehow draws the attention of the helmet-wearing Klingons, who execute a sneak attack on the Enterprise, damaging the ship, loss of crew, etc. Very dramatic death scenes, Scotty’s nephew, etc. Klingons board, retrieve information about the Guardian from Kirk’s computer. A team of Klingons goes to the planet to take over the facility and control of the Guardian.

Kirk and Spock and the remaining crew must now stop the Klingons from using the Guardian as a weapon and take back the Enterprise and destroy the Klingon ship. In a classic hand-to-hand battle, Kirk defeats who we’ve all believed was the Klingon commander. But he was a decoy. The real commanding officer has Carol at phaser-point near the mouth of the portal. He removes his helmet – he is not Klingon at all, but Human. He is Khan.

In tribute to Montalban – the new Khan monologues the entire story of how he and the crew of the Botany Bay were discovered by Klingons 30 years ago. How he was at first a captive, but rose to become a powerful commander in the Klingon defense force. But now, with the power of the Guardian, he could rule more than a planet or the federation, but time and space itself. Just before leaping through the portal, he kills Carol.

Kirk – who now hates Klingons and really hates Khan convinces Spock, McCoy to follow him through the portal. So they do …To Be Continued

106. Red Dead Ryan - November 17, 2010


I would definitely recommend buying the extended blu ray. The extended version is the best version. I won’t spoil any secrets for you, but the additional scenes help fill in some gaps. Not to mention the bonus features that I’m going to start watching pretty soon.

“Avatar” is another James Cameron classic.

107. Dr. Image - November 17, 2010

Plenty of time to build a proper engineering set and… get the barcode scanners off the bridge!!
And Klingons, please. It is logical.

108. Jai - November 17, 2010

SirBroiler, re: #105

Very good. Khan’s murder of Carol seems to be a little arbitrary and uncharacteristically cold-blooded of him (he’s supposed to be blindly overambitious but he’s not a psychopath), but I’m sure that could be ironed out with further relevant details. Overall I thought your concept was very clever, and a nice twist to the events surrounding Khan in TOS and TWOK. I also really like the way your suggestion pulled together multiple plot points involving people & events from TOS and the movies, but taking them in a very different direction this time.

I recently had a suggestion of my own which you’ll probably find interesting if you haven’t read it already ( ); originally I also considered depicting the treasonous Starfleet Admiral turning out to be Khan himself, who is mainly motivated by his shock at the genocidal destruction of Vulcan and his outrage at the Federation & Starfleet’s ineffectiveness in preventing it (in TOS he was supposed to be the most benevolent of the Eugenics Wars autocrats, so he was never intended to be some kind of evil monster). I imagined Khan being discovered & defrosted by Starfleet 5-10 years before the movie and, in a twist to the Prime universe, Khan eventually leads a plot to take over the Federation in order to save it, not destroy it. However, I abandoned this theme as I’m not convinced that Starfleet would recruit Khan, since he’s regarded as a dangerously loose cannon (although no doubt he’d try to convince them that his “superior intellect” and experience as a political leader would be useful to them).

But back to your idea in #105: I think this is one of the best suggestions I’ve read on this blog. Well done.

109. Chadwick - November 17, 2010

104. captain_neill

No worries :) its all good

106. Red Dead Ryan

Nice! Thanks for the heads up and no spoilers. We hear about this terrible overused Earth and I remember seeing Sam Worthington on the streets of Earth. So yea I am hoping for some nice gap fills.

110. Chadwick - November 17, 2010

107. Dr. Image – November 17, 2010
“Plenty of time to build a proper engineering set and… get the barcode scanners off the bridge!!
And Klingons, please. It is logical.”

Lol after my own heart. Three things I would love to see for the next movie, and one of the few people who seem to be endorsing the Klingons. I am hoping the next movie is all Klingon and bad ass intelligent Klingons. Then make the third new movie something very original with Andorians, Gorn, and Tholians. Hopefully they might incorporate some of those aliens into the next film.

I don’t care about past Star Trek films in the sense of it deterring ideas from the next new one. And I am sure the new staff and Paramount feel the same way. So what if many of the past movies have had Klingons…the point is they were not JJ Klingons! I WANT to see a full fledged Klingon Star Trek movie in the Orci JJ style.

111. SirBroiler - November 17, 2010

108. Thanks Jal.

You’re right – it’s all in the details. Maybe Khan doesn’t kill her – but takes her. Another reason for Kirk to pursue.

But you get your Khan, your Klingons, some TOS lore, more Pike, Carol Marcus, Section 31. What’s not to love?

I ‘ll admit, I couldn’t think of how to add a humpback whale in there somewhere.

112. Kira Malone - November 17, 2010

All i have to say is more bones god damn it!!!! There wasnt enough of him.The movie was kinda focused on kirk and spock :( Not that i wasnt impressed with it!!!I dunno what there going to do,maybe there making the movie like a bunch of shorts smooshed together??? ;) probably not……… I like the doomsday device.Maybe they should sneak the tribbles in!!!

113. Chadwick - November 17, 2010

112. Kira Malone

I agree, Star Trek was always about Kirk, Spock, and McCoy

Sulu, Chekhov, Uhura, Scotty were always the secondary characters.

114. captain_neill - November 18, 2010


I think the main problem was that the last movie tried to cram so much in in a two hour period.

I think as a result the plot was sacrificed and I am hoping now that it has been established that the story will be stronger.

I am hoping that there will be no plot contrivances in the new movie.

Also I do apologise for not liking the last movie as the best ever.

115. Christopher_Roberts - November 18, 2010

^ Why would you feel the need to apologise for not liking something? It’s not like your on the Paramount payroll or have to be careful what you say.

You’ve been a Star Trek fan for a while right and know instantly when you like something. Tell the truth and shame the devil!

I utterly hated the film when I first saw it in cinemas. I’ve gotten used to it after the third or fourth time watching it on Blu-ray. Alot of my problems with it are likely the same as those who disliked Enterprise (which I did incidentally). Having a preconceived idea of what Star Trek history was like before the 5-year mission and how Kirk, Spock and the rest probably first met. Fanon, derived from books and adding 2+2 together based on remarks within TOS episodes.

I don’t deny a straight prequel was what I was expecting back in 2008/9, in pretty much story terms with production values obviously having taken a leap forward.

But we’re here with a parallel universe now and have to make the best of it. Moving on with those characters and hopefully, exploring the differences that offers more than the similarities… or else, prequel territory and taking the slow path of assembling the crew, would’ve been more satisifying.

116. Christopher_Roberts - November 18, 2010

Correction –

It’s not like YOU’RE on the Paramount payroll.

you are – not your

117. Christopher_Roberts - November 18, 2010

115. I liked ENT, in case of confusion. Merely point out that purists likely had the same issues with that, as they do with ST09.

At a certain point, you accept that set design has always been fairly inconsistent between series. Even movies too. The shiny touchscreen-ness of The Final Frontier and then back to buttons and a run-down feel of The Undiscovered Country.

While I appreciate the lengths to which ST09 went in explaining that as down to Nero’s impact and the new timeline he accidentally created, in the long run I think dividing old and new Star Trek going to create just as many problems… the more Abramsverse films occur.

118. Chadwick - November 18, 2010

Enterprise was great! I loved it because it was fresh and new, not typical Star Trek which is why the new movie was also great. Enterprise was believable in the sense that yea it felt like 100 years before Kirk, the beginnings of Starfleet 150 after where we are in the 21st century, it was so believable. The new Star Trek movie was bittersweet. I was very entertaining but with the huge screen and camera jarring it is the first time I ever felt sick in a movie theatre. Even Avatar didn’t do that to me. Watching it on blu-ray on a 50 inch plasma where everything is in your field of view is so much better than in theaters. Just like when Star Wars came back in 1996 to the theaters it was a treat, but I still prefer it my living room.

#117 “The shiny touchscreen-ness of The Final Frontier and then back to buttons and a run-down feel of The Undiscovered Country.” Good call. And because set design has always been fairly inconsistent I am not too picky that Enterprise looked more advance than the cheap balsa wood of TOS.

119. captain_neill - November 18, 2010


Also people don’t realise that the coloured rectangle buttons on the flat screens where a nod to the square screens above the controls and below the space images on top.

Talked about this with Michael Okuda at the 2007 Vegas con. He said I was the first one to notice that.

You will prob think I am sad for noticing this but it proves that in set design they did work to respect the original series bridge.

Maybe some of those controls design s should have been in the last movie to give Starfleet that consistent look.

120. Chadwick - November 18, 2010

I also agree about the abramsverse. Its ok if they make three films in this universe but I do want Star Trek to go back to the regular universe for future movies. The original universe is not dead and gone nor can we just ignore it in favor of the new universe. I also do not want a new TV series set in the new universe unless it takes place in the future past Kirks time. I do not want a alternate universe TOS series after the alternate TOS movies. The alternate universe is like the parallel universe of the original universe – did you get all that? – A few episodes or movies are fine just like the mirror episodes but to avoid the original universe for future series it would be upsetting. But being a pacifist I would give in because some trek is better than no trek. I Also understand using the alternate universe idea to retell the TOS story to introduce it to new fans but there will be a time where we should go back to the original universe and move on to the storytelling beginning where we left on in the late 24th and moving on to the 25th, 26th etc. There is still the hundred year gap between Enterprise and TOS which we can explore. The point is there is plenty left in the original universe to explore but the new leaders of Trek felt it important to retell TOS so why not create a new universe right? Since there are infinite universe possibilities why not visit them all? So would a new TV series cover TNG in the alternate universe? Give me a break. 25th, 26th, 27th, 28th, 29th, 30th century are unexplored until Daniel’s give us hints in Enterprise about the 31st century.

The three new movies of Orci and Kurtzman are undoubtably a nice treat and departure from the original universe but praise Roddenberry I hope we go back one day.

121. Chadwick - November 18, 2010

Hey Bob any chance you would use the TMP/ST V/TNG theme in any of your movies? Have Giacchino spruce it up a bit? It my opinion it is the TRUE Star Trek theme, not the TOS theme.

122. captain_neill - November 19, 2010


I agree with you about going back to the prime universe as there is still a lot of stuff to do in it.

123. Jai - November 19, 2010

SirBroiler, re: #111

“Maybe Khan doesn’t kill her – but takes her. Another reason for Kirk to pursue.”

The logical explanation would be that Khan kidnaps Carol so that he has a hostage. He’d assume it would give him some major leverage over Kirk in order to prevent any further interference in his dastardly plans.

If Carol dies due to unexpected medical complications while giving birth during her captivity then it would give Kirk an even bigger reason to really hate Khan. Plus you could have a poignant twist to the situation if, unbeknownst to Kirk, Khan never meant Carol to actually come to any harm and even tried to save her while she was dying.

“But you get your Khan, your Klingons, some TOS lore, more Pike, Carol Marcus, Section 31. What’s not to love?”

Exactly. In fact, I didn’t think of including Carol Marcus in my own concept which also incorporated most of the above, so you get extra bonus points for that ;)

“I ‘ll admit, I couldn’t think of how to add a humpback whale in there somewhere.”

Very funny :) Actually, we’d have to include V’Ger as well. Two giant alien probes for the price of one.

Now think of a way to gratuitously include some Orion slave girls for the benefit of all those fans out there who are into that sort of thing, and I guess everyone’s happy ;)

124. Ash Krikorian - November 21, 2010

Please NO HARRY MUDD!!!! His character was horrible, and those were the only Star Trek episodes I can never bare to watch..

As far as introducing the borg is concerned.. that would be completely ridiculous. The original star trek focused on plots and psychology, where as TNG was much more technology and “toys” driven. The borg were barely defeated in the newer star trek, there is no way in hell they would be able to fit in the 23rd century.

An intense klingon battle, incorporating carol marcus and the birth of their son at the end would be HUGE!

125. Arsenal - November 21, 2010

n1701ncc – November 15, 2010

What does everyone think of these ideas for new movies

Star Trek 2 – Talosians and Shanter gets in the movie

Star Trek 3 – An evil twisted Harry Mudd. I like that one alot very promising

Star Trek 4 – Kirk meets Q .. Trelane and John Delance… Are you changelling me to duel.

Star Trek 5 – Apollo – The Greek Gods get even angrier

Star trek 6 – The Balance of Terror – The war with the Romulans with the Klingons playing both sides

Star Trek 7 – City on the Edge of Forever – The return of the Guardian and this time someone stops 9-11 from happening

Star trek 8 – I forgot the name of this eposide but its the one that Spock gets infected with the plasma that makes you go mad, this time makes him go evil.

Star Trek 9 – The Return of the Organians. The Federation and the Klingons are at war with each other until the Organians raid the party but not until some great action takes place

Star Trek 10 – Shore leave with a Twist .. Finnagan is nuts and takes control of the Enterprise and sets out to destroy Starfleet headquarters because he didn’t get to become captain of a star ship.


I Hope to God that these ideas will never see living daylights in any future or fanmade trek films.

Star Trek 10 : Shore leave with a Twist .. Finnagan is nuts and takes control of the Enterprise and sets out to destroy Starfleet headquarters because he didn’t get to become captain of a star ship ???

WTF ??

two things:
1) That has to be the most Childish story to come up with. If we are coming up
ideas of that nature that its no wonder that Trek has failed. I’m being kind here.

2) How many times do we need to do the MOBY DICK revenge story so people can appreciate Trek – HOW MANY ? It’s bad enough as it is, it’s now becoming a cliché that trek = revenge . We seen this on Wrath of Khan, A little part on Undiscovered Country with Kirks son , Generation (ST7) – obsession of Dr Soran , Need I say anything on about First Contact, Ru’afo in Insurrection and the gut retching, cut your wrist, bang -your-head-till it bleeds- why ? Nemesis film- Picards clone and Remen ally, Shinzon.
And if there is one thing I hated about the new Trek yes you guess it, it’s the old revenge thing of Nero on the young Spock.Have you got any ideas is to why Wrath of Khan did so well? It’s because Mr Mayer thought outside the Box. He gave more to the film like the military atmosphere , the close space battle scene and the nebular scene where both ships were fighting deaf and blind, that very idea was later taken for films like the Hunt for the Red October and Crimson Tide. And the death scene of a Major character of Star Trek. Thats why, not some stupid revenge theme.( OK Multabans acting was awesome !)

Why do you persists on having Original Characters to appear and revenge themes? Why do you like to see copied TOS story lines being regurgitated across the screen in a new film or episode of Trek which really stink of vomit. I mean don’t you guys have any Imaginative to think of, something that’s worth watching something new and original that WILL ultimately last for some time? Where people will talk about long after the film has shown its course in the cinema, thought provoking. Don’t you guys care of the value of Trek? Do you really want to see it die permanently? Didn’t you not learn your lesson after Nemesis?

Some trekkies can be so self centre in their approach in what they want to see in a trek film telling producers or creators by writing letters or telling them on Star Trek conventions SO could I. I would love to see big massive Mars Class federation ships going out each other in space civil war which in involved the espionage of section 31 also I would like to see section 31to infiltrate the Romulan empire and cause a great civil war their or replacing its leader with a puppet – but that would be Babylon 5.

These things don’t help and now that Sci-fi shows like the New Battlestar Galactica have raised the bar ( thanks to Ronald D. Moore) , not only in SFX but in storytelling and soundtrack, Star Trek needs to do the same. Unlike BSG Star trek has infinite avenues to explore to get an awesome script. This is not hope, ITS A HUGE ADVANTAGE that we have but its being ruined by trekkies who want to see old recycled stuff that has been done like a billion times, its now beyond its sell by-date and trekkies who accept them. Stuff that will eventually kill of Star Trek for good.

SO PLEASE DON’T TURN THIS FRENCHISE INTO A TREK VERSION OF THE PHATOM MENACE BECAUSE YOU ARE TOO SELFISH to accept NEW CONCEPTS. Star trek has been destroyed enough times, especially after Nemesis and I don’t care what Jonathan Frake said why Nemesis Failed – Its because the Producer didn’t do his research and gave the middle finger to us trekkies ! You want that again ?

I urge you to watch the TOS season 1 and 2 again not for its Special effects because we know its lame but its cutting edge, thought provoking storylines . It had so many possibilities that it never got explored (and yes that was an insult because some ideas for Trek were handed to you on silver plate and you didn’t even look at it !)
And please enough with the “bring back Khan “ – thing that film, WoK has echoed through time that Darth Vader can feel it. JJ did a good job on the last one and made it more human with the jokes. Let JJ Abraham make a new Trek without the revenge theme and let him explore new avenues.

PS Mary Lynn Rajskub (Cloe in 24) is the spitting imagine of Yeoman Rand. It would be awesome if she is to play that Character. Its true what they say there is always someone around the world that looks like you.

P.S 2 Someone mention about bring back the Doomsday Device story. It only worked as an episode it can’t work as a feature length movie unless you have second or a third story within the story arch or making it a disaster film set in space and trek universe- now thats not been done at all !

PS 3 Number one of the original series, hard kick ass, no nonsence first officer played by Majel Barret should be brought back as well as Lt M’ress

PS 4 I wonder what Nicholas Meyer thought of the new trek film ?

126. Arsenal - November 21, 2010


Then we get the Klingons on the third instalment I’m sorry Klingons are like sugar is to cake. You can’t have no Klingons in a star trek storyline or Romulans for that matter.

ALso what about planet earth TOS touched on etheticity
I wanna see more, I wanna see at least one Muslim with the surname Khan who was born on and lived in california – YES :D

and wanna see Urah kicking ass !

127. captain_neill - November 22, 2010


I completely agree, the revenge theme has played a part in the last three Trek films in a row, we need a different type of villain.

Wrath of Khan is my fav film but I think they should draw upon another movie or episode or do something new for the next one.

128. Gul Neelie - November 22, 2010

It is time for the Cardassians to make a return! Love them or hate them – they are the best Star Trek villains ever! (and the sexiest!!)

129. captain_neill - November 22, 2010


Cardassians are one of my favs. A great villain and one of my fav make up designs.

But even though they did get a reference in new movie I was always under assumption they never met them until the 24th Century, the war certainly was before and happening off screen in TNG early days.

130. Arsenal - November 22, 2010

128 like what 129.
Cadassain was only discoverd in the Next generation

Its about time we see the Klingons and why do they hate the federation so much.
If you had seen the interview of Lenard Nimoy he clearly states with Roddenberry at the time that issue of what made the Klingon so angry was never explored – hopefully we get to see this in the next film.

131. Arsenal - November 22, 2010

People I want you to take note of a REAL trekkie:

THis is Nicholas Meyer

Meyer talks Star Trek II, Blockbusters and more

Some highlights from Meyer’s talk on Star Trek II

•On Success of STII: “Movie’s are like soufflés, they either rise or they don’t, the ingredients of each movie changes, there are so many variables…if it is a good picture, it is a miracle”
•Didn’t think of TWOK as a sequel to The Motion Picture, but noted it is more of a sequel to TOS episode “The Space Seed”
•Hadn’t seen a lot of Star Trek episodes, and was more influenced Horatio Hornblower novels
•On Robert Wise’s Star Trek: The Motion Picture, says he was more influenced by Wise’s submarine film Run Silent Run Deep
•Says he is not interested in today’s “blockbuster tentpoles”, because they are like “assembly lines” noting those making them “don’t seem to have any interest or belief in the story”
•Was not happy with fifth draft of script of Star Trek II so he rewrote the film (without credit) because it had to be done in time for schedule and he didn’t pay attention to WGA rules, joking “maybe I should have, I would have made more money”
•A month before opening head of Paramount Barry Diller expressed strong concerns over the death of Spock and Kirk as absent father storyline, Meyer refused to make any changes threatening to picket the film if studio changed it
•On fans saying “you can’t Kill Spock” his reply is “yes you can, you just have to do it well.”
•More on that point, Meyer stated “art is not a democracy”
•And on interpreting films: “the artists authority on a work of art ends when the work of art is finished, artists are people who messages in bottles and they hope that someone finds the bottle, pulls out the cork, and deciphers what is inside, but we are not going to be looking over their shoulder and explaining what is inside.


You see this a fan that cares ! an dthats how Star trek is goiong to survive

Heres something that got me all excited about:


The last question (by request of many via email and Twitter) regarded the sequel to the 2009 Star Trek movie. I asked Meyer “If it turns out that JJ Abrams cannot direct the next Star Trek movie, would you be interested?” which garnered a lots of hoots and hollers of approval from the audience. Meyer’s response (with a smile)

Meyer: It depends on the script


part 2:

and trust me he was pretty serious about directing Star trek again !
I sincerely hope so

132. trekprincess - November 23, 2010

That would be awesome if Nicholas Meyer directed the sequel that would please some Trek fans

133. Christopher_Roberts - November 23, 2010

130. That was during an interview done for a TV Channel, Film Four here in Britain.

The suggestion was we should find out some new and really interesting about the Klingons.

Nimoy was speaking about a profound moment he had with Gene Roddenberry during the filming of Star Trek VI. He and Nicholas Meyer couldn’t introduce that element to the story, given how far along the process was.

134. Noppie - November 23, 2010

I would like to see a sequel to Nemesis of the STNG. And I would like to see it include the cast of Voyager, DS9 as well the STNG.

135. Harry Ballz - November 23, 2010


Why not throw in the kitchen sink while you’re at it?

136. Red Dead Ryan - November 23, 2010

And a bar of soap to wash out your mouth with for mentioning “Nemesis”! :-)

137. Andy - November 25, 2010

I would still like to see the Gorn involved from TOS Arena episode. They were a very dangerous colonizing species that considered humans invaders. Additionally, there is a 2nd layer to this in that a second spicies the Metrons put Kick and his Gorn counterpart on the planet to battle it out.

It has endless possibilities really and soemthing that wasn’t explored beyond the original episode.

138. Arsenal - November 26, 2010

137 – I like your Idea but how about going deeper is to why they hate Humans or consider them as invaders maybe section 31 was involved ? :)

Or the gorn having their version of section31 :)

But come to think of it this would make STar trek dark – we,ve seen that.

New Ideas: Loved the idea of a mirror Universe – Y’know its reason like that is the reason why I want to go back in the 60s and feel that excitement.

YOu get my drift Trekkies – something new, something original
something Star trek.

139. Arsenal - November 26, 2010

^ Its a challenge for JJ – to bring back the same kind of excitement that fans of Star Trek in the 60 enjoyed. Making it all new again
I want to be thrill with something new and original. I want to be thrill just like the Trekkies saw the idea of a mirror universe back in the 60s.
AN idea that the average 60 Joe thought it was cool.

Thats STar Trek !

140. MDC - November 28, 2010

A real mess with Ambassador Picard finding a way into new timeline to rescue old Spock. Have new big baddie kill Picard aboard the Big E saving new Kirk and crew. gotta be a good villian though like Kahn…..maybe even have Kirk and villan friendly for a while…..Friend told me this crossover idea to end TNG forever and pass the baton back to Kirk….thought it would be cool as hell

141. Arsenal - November 28, 2010

140 is a troll enuff said

142. elite force - December 24, 2010

i hope they make it more like the tv shows, than just another action movie, while the last one was done very well, I’d like it to have some kind of commentary on humanity

143. Me - October 11, 2011

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