Exclusive: Scripting Started For Star Trek Sequel

This week the progress on the Star Trek sequel, due in theaters June 29, 2012, has taken a big step. TrekMovie has confirmed that scripting for the film has started. More details below, plus we look at the milestones for the film – past and future.


FADE IN – on the Star Trek sequel script

The sequel to the 2009 Star Trek movie is due in theaters June 29th, 2012 – or in just over twenty months. Early this summer writer/producers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman confirmed with TrekMovie that they had a story for the sequel and were working, alongside fellow producer Damon Lindelof, on breaking it down and making sure it held together. This finishing work on the Star Trek sequel story was being done while Orci and Kurtzman were in production on Cowboys and Aliens, which they wrote and are producing. Production on that film, directed by Jon Favreu, has just wrapped up and over the weekend Orci tweeted a "to do list" which included "start writing Star Trek" as one of the items.

Today TrekMovie confirmed with Roberto Orci that he has crossed that Trek item off his list and that he and co-writer Alex Kurtzman are now at work on the Trek sequel. Orci tells TrekMovie "fingers have been put to keyboard". This means that the long process to develop a story is done and many key questions now have answers, like: Khan or no Khan. The next key event in the life of the Star Trek sequel will be when the script is handed in for the official green light (films generally aren’t given an official green light until there is a budget and a script). Orci could not confirm when they plan to finish, but delivery would likely have to be by early 2011 so that pre-production can start. Around that time it is also expected word will come out as to whether or not JJ Abrams will be directing or just produce the film. Production on the sequel is expected to start in early summer 2011.

Here are a list of key dates in the development phase of the Star Trek sequel (some of which started before the release of the Star Trek movie in May 2009):

Date Sequel event
March 30, 2009 Paramount signs ‘supreme court’ (Abrams/Burk/Kurtzman Lindelof/Orci) for Star Trek sequel *
January 11, 2010 Paramount sets June 29th, 2012 as release date
Spring 2010 Story development started
October, 2010 Scripting started

*It is worth noting that the main Star Trek cast all signed on to options for two sequels when they were originally cast in 2007.

Questions on the Star Trek sequel

Regarding details on what the story is for the Star Trek sequel, the filmmakers have talked about how the sequel will be "bigger" in terms of scale and go "deeper" into the characters, but there are no specific plot details. It has been confirmed that the USS Enterprise crew cast will be back (Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana, Karl Urban, Simon Pegg, John Cho, and Anton Yelchin). But there are many big questions remaining to be answered, here are just a few:

  • Who will direct (if Abrams decides not to do it, then who?)
  • What will it be called (and will it have "Star Trek" in the title)?
  • Budget (bigger than 2009 film, smaller? the same?)
  • 3-D or not 3-D
  • Who/what is the villain (Khan, Klingons, both, others?)
  • Will we see new familiar Trek characters (Nurse Chapel, Harry Mudd, others?)
  • Will William Shatner be in it?
  • Who else will be returning from 2009 movie (Greenwood, Ben Cross, others?)
  • Who will be cast for key new roles (possibly big name star to boost int’l box office?)
  • Will there be any changes to the look (ship, sets, uniforms, props)
  • Will/how much will sequel carry on storylines from first film (Spock/Uhura, destruction of Vulcan, Spock Prime’s knowledge, etc.)

And of course…will there be more or less lens flares?

Poll: What are your expectations?

We are really just at the beginning of this long process towards the release of the next big Star Trek movie. Over the next 20 months we will find out the answers to those above questions and more. But for now, what is your level of anticipation?



So what are you most looking forward or hoping to see (or not see) in the Star Trek sequel? Sound off in the comments section below…maybe Bob Orci will take a break from scripting and drop by to say hi.


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