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New Behind Scenes Star Trek Sequel Photos Reveal Starfleet Uniform Variant June 1, 2012

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Spoilers,Star Trek Into Darkness , trackback

Some new behind the scenes shots from the Star Trek sequel have bubbled up on the Internet. This time the photos are personal shots of a child actress working on the film along with various cast members. However, she took pictures with herself and cast members in costume, including a new Starfleet uniform not seen in the 2009 movie. Check them all out below, but beware of spoilers. [UPDATED]


Child actor’s behind the scenes pictures on Star Trek go viral

The latest set of Star Trek sequel photos comes from Anjini Azhar, a young actress who is playing the daughter of Noel Clarke’s character, who is described as a "family man with wife and daughter" (the mother is played by Nanzeen Contractor).

Anjini Azhar – plays daughter of Noel Clarke in Star Trek sequel

It appears that some time in May, Azhar’s talent agency posted pictures of the actress (to her IMDB profile) with various members of the Star Trek sequel cast and crew. These pictures have since been removed but intrepid fans of Zachary Quinto, Chris Pine and Benedict Cumberbatch spotted them and began sharing them on various social networking sites. They have subsequently been picked up by other sites including TrekWeb, TrekBrasilis, and others.

What is noteworthy about these new photos is that they feature castmembers in costume. Below you can see Azhar with Clarke and Contractor (her father and mother in the film). All seem to be wearing costumes from the movie, with Azhar in different outfits for each photo (likely indicating she appears in at least two different scenes).

Azhar with Clarke (L) and Contractor (R) – apparently in Star Trek sequel costumes

Azhar also had pictures posted with various members of the Star Trek cast. The most revealing of which was the one below with Simon Pegg (Scotty) and Anton Yelchin (Chekov), who are both wearing a new kind of Starfleet uniform.

Azhar with Pegg (L) and Yelchin (R) with their new Starfleet uniforms

Azhar also posted pictures of herself with Zoe Saldana (Uhura), Chris Pine (Kirk), and John Cho (Sulu) who are not full in costume, but also appear to be wearing the new grey uniform pants (or possibly skirt in Saldana’s case). All the photos appear to have been taken on the same day.

Azhar with Saldana (L), Pine, and Cho

This may actually not be the first time we have seen this uniform variant, or at least part of it. Back in April, both Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto were spotted wearing grey pants and a black Starfleet shirt. Those could have been part of this uniform, with the actors just seen without the jacket (or hat).

Quinto and Pine spotted grey uniform pants in April

While the above uniforms are similar to the grey officer uniforms (worn at Starfleet Academy and in Iowa) seen in the 2009 Star Trek movie, there are a number of differences, including the cut, the epaulettes and (most notably) the hat. It also appears that the officer’s rank is indicated on the epaulettes, whereas the grey officer uniforms in the 2009 Star Trek film had no rank indicator (which was unusual for a Star Trek costume).

Zachary Quinto (Spock) in grey officer uniform in 2009’s "Star Trek"

What was that about hats? [UPDATED]

There has been a lot of buzz about the new caps seen above. While wearing caps is not the norm in Star Trek, hats have been seen before in various uniforms, including the grey uniforms in the 2009 Star Trek movie.

Barracks Officer wearing cap in 2009’s "Star Trek"

And if you go all the way back to the original pilot for Star Trek ("The Cage"), you can see that Captain Pike had a cap in his quarters.

Captain Pike and his cap

UPDATE: Almost same caps in Star Trek 2009

TrekMovie reader Zillabeast noticed that in the final scene of the film there were officers in what appears to be a dress uniform (see below) holding very similar caps to the ones seen above.

Officers in another grey uniform (w/ caps) in 2009’s "Star Trek"

The standard ship uniforms are coming back

It is not known if this new Starfleet uniform is a replacement for the grey uniforms seen in the 2009 Star Trek film, or another uniform variant. For those that are wondering if the colorful uniforms from the Star Trek movie (inspired by the original series uniforms) will be seen, don’t worry. Like in the 2009 film, the colorful blue, red and gold uniforms will be worn by the cast and others, primarily when on board ship. The above grey uniforms seen to be for a specific purpose (possibly a dress uniform?).

Final shot of bridge of the USS Enterprise in the 2009 "Star Trek" movie – but we should expect to see the red, gold and blue uniforms in the 2013 Star Trek sequel 

There was also a picture posted of the actress with director/producer JJ Abrams in what appears to be an editing room. With JJ Abrams famous requirement for super-secrecy, it is surprising that this actor’s manager chose to upload the photos at all. Just seeing JJ should have probably been a reminder.

Azhar with Star Trek sequel producer/director JJ Abrams


1. bill - June 1, 2012

green thats different

2. dalek - June 1, 2012

They said no timetravel in this movie. That’s Micky from Doctor Who and he’s from the 21st century. Explain!

3. Duncan MacLeod - June 1, 2012

Someone in a different thread noted that these hats may have been seen in the TOS pilot on Pike’s desk. We know that Orci and Kurtzman are huge TOS fans and that would certainly fit with them acknowledging lesser known aspects of the franchise.

4. Penguin - June 1, 2012

Dress uniform I think

5. rm10019 - June 1, 2012

A bit different than these:

But not a huge departure

6. Daffy - June 1, 2012

Cute kid. Goofy hats.

7. Aaron - June 1, 2012

Too cool… Looks like ranks on the collars… I love the hat with is mildly militaristic but very much Star Trek-ish…

8. Picard's Fish - June 1, 2012

let us now try and overanalyze what is on the editing screen in the top left hand corner of the picture with JJ

9. Aaron - June 1, 2012

with* = which — Oh and does Peggs hair look lighter in color this time around?

10. TrekTech - June 1, 2012

No, the hat seen in Pikes quarters was basically a Marine Corps cover with a patch…nothg at all like this monstrosity. This uniform and hat looks like a cross between Starship Troopers and Jetsons era bus driver. That hat is hideous. *shudder*

11. THX-1138 - June 1, 2012

Hat=not so much.

12. rebecca - June 1, 2012

WHAT is happening with those hats? They look like they stepped out of, I don’t know, a WWII movie… with leather… so confused.

13. NuFan - June 1, 2012

Wow, she got a shot with almost everybody.

14. LizardGirl - June 1, 2012

Makes you curious about why they’re wearing these uniforms (as far as plot goes). I wish Paramount/Badrobot would do some kind of press release soon. It doesn’t have to be long, just a sentence or a word but I’d take anything official at this point.

15. Gary S. - June 1, 2012

Its a hat .
I can live with it .
That is one cute kid .

16. CoCo - June 1, 2012

Looks like Starship Troopers.

17. TrekTech - June 1, 2012

I should add I dont mind the uniform just the hat.

18. Vulcan Soul - June 1, 2012

Seems we’re heading for another Nazis in Space movie, with those Gestapo hats and all… ;)

19. AJ - June 1, 2012

JJ: “OK, sweetie…let’s see your camera…Just give me the camera, and you can go home…”

20. El Chup - June 1, 2012

Can’t stand it. Looks like a Russian uniform.

Nanzeen Contractor on the oither hand….yum!

21. Brevard - June 1, 2012

Well, I know one kid’s manager who won’t be getting a lot of work in the future. It’s just crazy for a manager to upload pictures like that when there is so much known secrecy surrounding this production. As for the hats. Oh my. I didn’t realize that they were basing costumes on Nazi uniforms. Really, really stupid. While I loved ST 2009, one of the aspects I did not like was the militaristic look of so much of it, from the Academy uniforms to the look of the ship. These new uniforms are much more military in nature. Gene Roddenberry is turning over in his grave.

22. Let Them Eat Plomeek Soup - June 1, 2012



23. Aaron - June 1, 2012

I am in favor of the hats. But then I like Starship Troopers design scheme for the whole movie. Mind you I would never compare Starship Troopers plot to Star Trek! As always though people online who like something most of the time just smile and nod and move on without saying a word whilst the naysayers ALWAYS seem to be more than willing to bash and speak negatively of things. Of course that’s half the problem with our world today. Good things and things that are praiseworthy mostly go unspoken of and bad things get all the press. It’s to bad. I like the hats. I showed my family and they also like them. I am guessing a lot of people will be at least okay with them.

24. Tony - June 1, 2012

I’m slightly reminded of the red TWOK+ uniforms, these are probably dress uniforms (as stated) though.

I like em actually, even the hats. Looks clean and military.

25. Aaron - June 1, 2012

People saying its too militaristic… Starfleet is a military and exploration organization people. Argh.

26. CJS - June 1, 2012

I’m not got to hate a movie because of ugly uniforms, but these uniforms are damned ugly.

And don’t let them fool you, everyone knows that Anjini Azhar is playing Khan.

27. Brett Campbell - June 1, 2012

21 – I thought the same thing — Star Fleet Gestapo.

28. CJS - June 1, 2012

That should be ‘going.’ I’m not going to hate a movie. Damned internets.

29. Kaleb - June 1, 2012

Oh Anton! <3
Weird hats

30. Starbase Britain - June 1, 2012

I would be absolutely gutted if we didnt see the gold, blue and red TOS uniforms.

31. Battle-scarred Sciatica - June 1, 2012

Oh my!

“…it’s springtime with JJ…”

32. rm10019 - June 1, 2012

She is so cute, I hope Noel survives the movie!

33. CW - June 1, 2012

Had a clear view of the outdoor set in So Cal and there were hundreds of extras in this “Nazi-esque” uniform. The tell-tale sign it was Star Trek: the females had short skirts and tall black boots!

34. Nano - June 1, 2012

Looks like something left over from the Soviet era?
My Magic 8 Ball confirms Shat will have a cameo appearance in the ST 2.0

35. Jeff - June 1, 2012

There’s a fisheye effect going on in the picture with Pegg and Yelchin which makes the hat on Yelchin look distorted. For comparison, look at the hat on Pegg’s lap.

TOS always had high collars on the dress uniforms, but back then, they were all brightly colored, in order to sell color TVs (see Journey To Babel).

36. Simon Jessey - June 1, 2012

One of the things Nicholas Meyer did for STII:TWOK was to give the movie a more nautical atmosphere with the introduction of a boatswain’s call, a ship’s bell and the like. I thought the naval approach was a master stroke at the time that helped to give the film additional structure.

I’m just speculating, but it is possible that these (rather ugly) caps mark a strengthening of the existing, somewhat militaristic atmosphere of the previous movie. This will probably augment all the “Khan” rumors, of course. The caps certainly look like “dress” uniform pieces, so perhaps there is a specific event within the movie that requires them, such as a funeral.

37. Christopher Roberts - June 1, 2012

Looking at that new uniform image, I can feel a comedy caption comin’ on.

Little girl’s parents are made to sweat, while Starfleet officers take time out from checking to see if their papers are in order.

38. Nano - June 1, 2012

Uniforms from a alternate Universe in a alternate Time-Line ?

39. THX-1138 - June 1, 2012

In Soviet Russia, Starfleet hat wears you!

40. pissed off virgin vulcan basement nerd - June 1, 2012

Haters gonna hate; but I think those uniforms are fascinating. This movie is going to rock.

41. Just Sayin' - June 1, 2012

Has anyone noticed that Simon Pegg’s hair color is his normal? Scotty had black hair, and his hair was black in the first movie. Makes me wonder if some of these shots are staged…taken after principle photography. Thoughts???

42. BeyondtheTech - June 1, 2012

Nanzeen is one good looker. Just had to say that.

I still think that the red uniforms used in TWOK and onwards were the best-looking ones ever on Star Trek. I hope to see them one day in a rendition of that in another sequel.

Speaking of which, how many do you think this cast and crew will create?

The original TOS crew did 6, the TNG crew did 4. Do you think the STAR (Star Trek: Alternate Reality) crew will make it to 3, or will their egos be too big or will one of these break out into another role and leave Trek behind, or will this series get swallowed up by other films trying to make a name for themselves as well?

43. Aron - June 1, 2012

ugg…those hats are silly.

44. Christopher Roberts - June 1, 2012

41. It could be a scene that doesn’t require him to remove his hat. So only a temporary black dye on the hair that shows.

45. CCR-MN - June 1, 2012

In the timeless words of Mr William Shatner, “PEOPLE GET A LIFE” , its just a movie, the uniforms are just a outfit, Nazi this Nazi that or Soviet this or Soviet that, a uniform looks like Nazi or Soviet, or even US in the war or British or ect ect ect, really stop all this nit picking. How can people make conclusions on something thats not even finish being edited.

JJ and the team, thank you for caring enough to bring Star Trek back. Some things were good in the previous some I didnt like (I didnt like only, but if you did everything I liked than it would be my movie not yours)

As much as some people want it to be, ITS not real, their was no Eugenics war, their was no WWIII their was no sleeper ships ect. Its just a story being told to entertain us.

46. Christopher Roberts - June 1, 2012

42. A trilogy is a more than respectable run. Fingers crossed for ST12. Anything beyond that would be a bonus. But I’m hoping Star Trek will be getting another crack at TV after that.

47. Danpaine - June 1, 2012

Nice catch in that Pike scene. I’ve seen that episode dozens of times, never saw it.

I too am glad to hear the TOS uniform style will be kept. That would be a MAJOR letdown if they were left out.

48. boy - June 1, 2012


dont like those uniforms and can they let Zoe’s hair down for once.she is a lot prettier when her hair is down.

49. CCR-MN - June 1, 2012

Sorry every one I am having a very sad day and this just sent me off.

50. Phil - June 1, 2012

Forget the hat in Capt. Pikes quarters, I want to know what happened to that huge cathode ray console TV it’s sitting on. Sweet!

Before anyone gets too wound up about the uniforms, don’t forget that George Lucas borrowed heavily from Triumph of the Will for the closing scene of Star Wars, and it really didn’t foul up the experience….

51. Poliander - June 1, 2012

Houston, we’ve got a hat.

52. Lord Garth, Formerly of Izar - June 1, 2012

Looks exactly like Space Balls officers uniforms

Col, Sanders!!!

53. Elvis Shatner - June 1, 2012

Those hats and uniforms that Cho and Yelchin are wearing do seem somewhat Russian-style militaristic…
Could they possibly be, say… Mirror Feds?? ;)

54. Azrael - June 1, 2012

@21. No he is not. There was always a military aspect to Starfleet, always, Gene was a former soldier himself, and fought during WWII, as did James Doohan. I personally read your comment as insulting soldiers, which I find deplorable, and if you are American it is more so, because without those soldiers dying for our rights we wouldn’t be able to have the freedom of expression we so enjoy around here.

As for the hats, who really gives a crap, I don’t, I’m sure they will look just fine wherever they appear in the film.

55. Vultan - June 1, 2012


56. ECHUSA - June 1, 2012

Yea is Starfleet looking like German gestapo with those hats.
I don’t like it.
Plus why is the delta shield have weird looking wings on the hat.
1 more year to find out why.

57. VZX - June 1, 2012

It’d be awesome if we see Captain Pike with that hat as well.

But, yeah, I’m surprised JJ allowed this. I mean, allow people to take pics. With his super-secret philosophy and today’s information-sharing world, he shouldn’t allow cameras or camera phones on set (except, of course, the movie cameras).

I bet it was JJ that broke Bob’s iPhone.

58. NCC-73515 - June 1, 2012

These uniforms vere inwented by an old lady from Leningrad!

I wonder if there will be leg-kicking parades with guns and tanks… -.-

59. Sebastian S. - June 1, 2012

With the hats? I’m assuming the new gray uniforms are dress uniforms, not standard. The grays don’t seem to be all that ‘rugged’ or ‘everyday’ looking, and when we saw Spock fighting Cumberbatch? He was in a standard duty uniform (science blue), so who knows?

Personally, I kind of like the grays (and the hat! Very Captain Pike! ;-D ). They look very crisp; very military. Kind of the effect Nicholas Meyer was probably shooting for in “Wrath of Khan” but these seem just a bit more realistic (without the bold wine colored jackets). I think they work very well indeed…

The new Battlestar Galactica (a favorite series of mine) had dress grays as well, and they looked quite nice on camera. Very formal, very military and quite dignified.

60. PEB - June 1, 2012

too militaristic? did you watch the tos pilot (and the 2nd pilot with kirk)? not to mention ds9 voyager and enterprise, and pretty every film after trek2. starfleet is based on our modern military blueprint. and giving the new films a slightly more military feel really grounds starfleet in reality. it literally feels more real.

61. MoPed - June 1, 2012

Wow, so that’s what bus drivers in the 23rd century are going to look like?!

62. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - June 1, 2012

I like them so far. But let’s wait till we see the movie so we have the proper context of the new uniform’s in the movie.

63. flake - June 1, 2012

In the alternate timeline the prime starfleet uniform designer died in a tragic automatic sewing machine accident and his replacement always wanted HATS.

It could be that the new uniform designer at starfleet perhaps murdered his predecessor and maybe this will be central to the plot of the movie? Maybe Noel Clarke is that man? Wellers ‘CEO’ character could be incharge of an interstellar hat company?

64. Newman - June 1, 2012

No man I like these uniform variants.

Just like me, in the navy. When I am on parade I wear a hat similar to that. A different colour, of course. With gold brim on the visor.

But when I am actually on the ship, we wear more colourful uniforms. lol well, blue shirts. Regardless of department.

Basically, I’m in Starfleet now.

65. Phil - June 1, 2012

Hey, boys and girls, before we go all crazy here suggesting that the Federation has been turned into the Fourth Reich, lets keep in mind there is ABSOLUTELY NO CONTEXT to the use of these uniforms. This is Star Trek – a free society in the 23rd century. Starfleet is a service organization, tasked with exploration, diplomacy, and defense. Even if it’s an ugly dress uniform, it’s probably safe to assume the Federation hasn’t been overrun by the space Nazis…..

66. Chief Engineer - June 1, 2012

Just noticed a few extra pips on Pegg’s uniform…

67. Spacecadet - June 1, 2012

Dr. Pulaskis Grandmother will be in the movie! She will be a woman in the crowd in the background… ;)

Oh my….

68. Sebastian S. - June 1, 2012

# 63. Newman~

Good point.
And as Roddenberry, Nick Meyer and Harve Bennett all have said at one time or another, ST is essentially Horatio Hornblower in space. They’re old-style naval stories set in the future, with Gulliver’s Travels-type twists that enabled the show to cleverly comment on problems currently facing society.
And again, I like the uniforms, too; they’re military and snappy.

And Newman? This civilian would like to thank you for your service… :-)

69. Keachick - rose pinenut - June 1, 2012

I don’t know what’s going on with these grey uniforms and hats. Then again, nobody else does either. They do, however, look very neat and I do not see any need for hats.

I am pleased that the original colourful and meaningful TOS uniforms will still be worn in this sequel. Lord knows – we need COLOUR – way too much grey and general *darkness* around in movies etc right now – not what Star Trek was supposed to be about… The only thing that could be incorporated into the original TOS uniform style are the cut of the grey pants worn by (Quinto) Spock and (Pine) Kirk in the pictures. The cut of the black pants, like the ones worn on the 60’s TV series, was not good at all. The grey pants look a lot better.

I do wonder if there might not be a TOS “Mirror, Mirror” style story going on in the sequel, but hopefully the movie will spend most of its time in the more positive environment of the alt-TOS universe.

Finally, where would any of you be without us “intrepid fans” of the lovely Pine, as well as those of Quinto and Cumberbatch?…:) (Not that I, personally, had anything to do with the posting of those photos anywhere, only wish I did).

70. pilotfred - June 1, 2012

i think jj pulling everyones leg with this and the hats are not going to be in it please hope not

71. Brevard - June 1, 2012

Wow, #54. Calm down. You’re calling me deplorable and Un-American? Whoa. You took a number of leaps to get that out of my post. My point was that Roddenberry created Star Trek to be a utopian vision of the future that did not rely on military might to solve the world’s or the universe’s problems. Yes, Roddenberry served in the military. However, he did not see the ST universe within that structure. Truth be told, he always shied away from that. In fact, Roddenberry hated the more militaristic uniforms that were used in STWOK and did not like all of the military stuff that was added by Meyer. That was my point. I, in no way, was making any comment about those who have served our country, nor would I. Please don’t put words in my mouth. I was commenting on these uniforms and the ridiculous hats and that was all. These new uniforms look very much like those in Star Wars. And much of the design of the Empire in Star Wars was based on the Nazi regime. It’s certainly okay to disagree with someone on this board, but please don’t take pot shots at someone or call them Un-American. Wow.

72. DiscoSpock - June 1, 2012

#52 — Nope, not really. Aside from being mostly gray with epaulets and a hat, but the details, coloring, materials, shapes, styles–all different.

73. Jay - June 1, 2012

Everyone needs to realize that they may only be wearing this uniform for a few scenes in the movie.

Much like that red uniform the cadets wore in 2009 film. They weren’t on screen very long.

I’m thinking, that someone is going to die, and as someone else suggested, these may be worn at a funeral.

It seems obvious they are a dress type uniform for a specific event, so they likely won’t be wearing them for more than a few scenes.

Just a pure guess here – but Clark and Contractor and the girl are such the perfect looking attractive family – is it possible the bad guy kills one or more of them, engendering audience hatred and creating the dramatic motivation in the begining of the movie. The main cast attends the funeral (perhaps because of some connection to Kirk/Spock/etc).

Obviously that would be something that would grab the audience from the start and create a powerful dramatic moment (much like Kirk’s father sacraficing himself in the 2009 film). And at the same time give the audience a reason to hate the bad guy (Khan?).

74. kmart - June 1, 2012

Pegg looks like he is on his way to being Gov Tarkin in that getup. One more aspect of the StarWarsification effect.

75. Gary S. - June 1, 2012

If cumberbatch is posing as a Starfleet officer at one point ,
A hat could do well to cover his identity.
Just saying there could be plot reasons for a hat too.

76. Andy Patterson - June 1, 2012

Cute kid. She’s very photogenic, and knows it.

Love that TV set in Pike’s quarters.

77. DiscoSpock - June 1, 2012

#54 “I personally read your comment as insulting soldiers, which I find deplorable, and if you are American it is more so…”

NOTHING in post #21 was insulting to soldiers. He expressed dislike for the uniform design, compared it to the design of Nazi uniforms, and suggested that Roddenberry would be unhappy at the more-military look.

Not an insult or slur in there. As for Roddenberry, it’s well known (and documented in Nichelle Nichols’ book, among other places) that Roddenberry was very unhappy with the naval look and style of TWOK. Back in the 1960s, he pointed out that using military ranks was meant as a way of showing respect for the accomplishments of crew, not as a subservience-maintaining structure (Whitfield’s The Making of Star Trek).

So, clearly Roddenberry had mixed feelings about the militaristic side of Star Trek. Which leads credence to what Brevard said in post #21…and which makes your subsequent complaint look all the more pointless.

Nobody insulted soldiers here, no matter how YOU choose to feel about it.

78. VulcanFilmCritic - June 1, 2012

Hats? Really? Can the Starfleet Marines be far behind?

I do hope they are time traveling back to some Soviet-based incarnation of Starfleet. I though Starfleet in the 23rd Century was supposed to be a peacekeeping force, not a militaristic one.

P.S. How is a Vulcan supposed to wear a hat like that?

79. USSEXETER - June 1, 2012

@ 30…….AGREED!

80. Orb of Wisdom - June 1, 2012

ahem…pay attention to the uniforms. They actually look more like Marine Corps Dress Uniforms than Nazi Officer Uniforms. add a sabre and you’ll see.

81. zillabeast - June 1, 2012

Son of a gun. I was just thinking about how I wished they used the TMP uniform variant Admiral Pike wore at the end of the last one, and when I went back to look at his wheelchair secne…I found hats:

82. DiscoSpock - June 1, 2012

#80 — Ahem, no, they don’t look anything like Marine Corps dress uniforms. Unless the USMC has very recently altered everything about their uniforms.

Please, provide a photo of a USMC uniform that looks like these uniforms. I can’t find anything similar to these uniforms.

The cover doesn’t look like a USMC cover either. It is more similar to the shape and rise/height of an SS uniform. (

83. NCC-73515 - June 1, 2012

Pike did say that the Federation is an armada… not Starfleet, the entire Federation ;D

84. Tony - June 1, 2012

And now everyone is gonna start calling JJ a Nazi. Great.

85. Starbase Britain - June 1, 2012

#79 Thanks USS EXETER – glad you agree. Its a huge part of what made the original series so iconic. Weve got to have those uniforms in this movie. Im pretty sure we will. There may be a segment in the movie which has these things. fingers crossed!!
Greg UK

86. DiscoSpock - June 1, 2012

#85 – It’s well established that the gold/blue/red uniforms are in this movie again. The filmmakers have said so, the set photos have shown so, and in a brand-new mini-interview with Damon Lindelof I saw today, HE said so.

So, relax, Cupcake! :)

87. crazdaystrom - June 1, 2012

I’ve said for years….no, for decades that the TWOK unis were my least favorites because they were too martial. But for some reason these, with the funky (and vaguely ‘Russian-y’) military – style hats don’t bother me at all. I guess they’re still “futuristic” enough for me. The TWOKs never felt that way. To me.

88. Magic_Al - June 1, 2012

You can see a little more detail of Pike’s hat in “The Cage” in the HD screencaps at TrekCore. The cap appears to feature the same United Earth logo as appears on Boyce’s scrubs.

89. Drij - June 1, 2012

looks like ugly russian hats.

90. Uniforms and Movie Themes - June 1, 2012

Folks. Remember, this is alternate timeline Trek. So, anything goes. There’s no use saying this should be this and that should be that because the setting for this Trek crew is different.

While the military has its influence on Trek, I support the Roddenberry idea that Trek really isn’t military and Trek is exploration of space going truly where no one has gone before..finding new life forms and civilizations..good or bad (Borg anyone?).

91. Basement Blogger - June 1, 2012

First, Anijini’s shouldn’t worry about the Wrath of Abrams. Didn’t learn anything about the plot. Second, the caps are kind of militaristic. Yeah, I know there’s always been the argument that Starfleet is military. Or maybe it’s not. I read an old Star Fleet Communicator which had a navy man say Starfleet is military with a primary purpose to explore.

92. Dee - lvs moon' surface - June 1, 2012

#69. Keachick…

LOL…Yeah… “intrepid fans”… All right then… +LOL… “I like this ship”…

…………………………….;-) :-)

93. Tom - June 1, 2012

78 VulcanFilmCritic

Off topic. Still think Shatner shows up in this film??

94. kremz - June 1, 2012

I like the supposed new uni’s with the hats, brings things back to the nautical themes from Wrath of Khan, eh???

95. trekmaster - June 1, 2012

Hmm, the uniforms….Remake of “Patterns of Force”!?

96. Kev-1 - June 1, 2012

Pike may have had a hat, but I can’t remember any major character wearing one (except space helmet or in planetside “costume”) during the entire TOS series and movies. Like the Star Wars Empire, and the Starship Troopers crew, this getup is vaguely fascistic. A far cry from Fletcher’s elegant Class A (which they rebooted).

97. Azrael - June 1, 2012

I said that I personally found it insulting to soldiers, and I did. No amount of telling me I am wrong is going to change my mind, and I will not argue the point with you any further because I do not have to. Thats another freedom I have thanks to the sacrifice of soldiers like Gene, Doohan, my grandfather, 3 uncles, multiple cousins, my ex-wife, and my brother-in-law. You don’t have to agree with me, thats freedom isn’t it?

98. Starbase Britain - June 1, 2012

#86 Disco Spock
Thanks for the re assurance :o)


99. Sewanee - June 1, 2012

They look like goofy doorman uniforms. Maybe they are going to sing a singing telegram to someone. Ha! Ha!

And why did Simon Pegg not dye his hair dark brown again?

100. Jonboc - June 1, 2012

Looks like nothing more than a variant of what we’ve already seen on campus at Starfleet Academy. For whatever reason,for some portion of this movie, it looks like we might be going back to school.

101. CmdrR - June 1, 2012

8 Picard’s fish…….
If you blow it up and turn it upside down, it looks like a finger poking a frog that’s sitting on a leaf.
Khan awaiting a magical kiss? Ceti eel frog? JJ’s kid’s bio homework?

102. DiscoSpock - June 1, 2012

97 – How was it insulting soldiers? “I just feel it does” isn’t a rational response.Try explaining so we don’t think you’re just being histrionic for attention.

I can as easily say your comment is insulting to teachers. Why? Oh, just because I feel that way, and nobody can argue.

103. They call me Stasiu - June 1, 2012

Very strange that all these non-shipboard uniforms look very uncomfortable to wear!

104. Azrael - June 1, 2012

@102. What part of “I am not going to argue this with you anymore” do you not understand?

105. captain_neill - June 1, 2012

Nice they are going for an idea from The Cage in regards to the caps but did they have to go too Nazi, Imperial Guard like with them.

They look too Star Wars again, can someone remind JJ Abrams he is making Star Trek, not Star Wars.

But I don’t think there should be variants like this. In the Cage it was a cap along with the landing party jacket.

106. Tony - June 1, 2012

It’s only one uniform that’s gonna be in maybe one scene. Why is everybody analyzing this so much?

107. Sunfell - June 1, 2012

I’m laughing at the ‘mirror-Federation’ silliness. Being former USAF myself, it’s really nice to see the variations of the uniforms worn in Starfleet. The uniforms on the ship are their utility uniforms (fatigues), and they have their cadet and instructor subsets (just like the military academies have today), as well as casual and dress ‘blues/greens/whites’ (pick your service). There are even flight-suits and specialty uniforms (‘volcano suits’). It makes this USAF veteran quite happy. (So does the insignia on the hats- they look a bit like the current USAF Space Operations badge.)

The hats are a cool addition- but also very much in the military tradition. I just want to see Spock wearing one. I’d die of astonishment. (Touseled-Spock is already really great- they don’t seem to laquer Zach’s hair within an inch of its life like they did poor Leonard!)

108. Captain Karl - June 1, 2012

The hats remind me very much of the Soviet era military hats. Chekov would feel wery wery comfortable in these.

109. Smike - June 1, 2012

These military uniforms look AWFUL…Seriously! That’s 20th century stuff, World War II era or South American militia, maybe The Evil Star Wars Empire…but Starfleet?
Even for dress uniforms, they look so totally ridiculous and out of place. Remember Q posing in one of these in the pilot for TNG and Picard refering to them as silly costumes? What’s wrong with those designers?

110. Red Dead Ryan - June 1, 2012


Dude, nobody said anything that could be considered insulting to soldiers. Stop being so sensitive and grow up!

111. No Khan - June 1, 2012

36 Ugh!. I can’t stand the Nick Meyer influence on ST. Those Brown/red uniforms were crud. The Enterprise is not a boat.

112. Neumann - June 1, 2012

That girl is just adorable!

I’m sure the hats will get a lantern hung on them, “who designed this?” Maybe they’re in a Starfleet Parade.

113. No Khan - June 1, 2012

60, yea grounded in our current war monger reality which is exactly what Roddenberry didn’t want.

114. section9 - June 1, 2012

This is awful. It’s basically an adaptation of the Soviet dress uniform hat, which looks like a pie plate.

If they wanted an superb look, they would have gone for the classic Wehrmacht officer’s cap, dyed in field brown/green like the uniforms. I DON’T CARE if the cap was worn by the Werhmacht, the cap has a classic look to it and doesn’t have too much of a peak like these do. They look like they should be the doormen at the Waldorf Astoria, for God’s sake!

Abrams, you made Starfleet Officers look like effing airport skycaps. You should be ashamed of yourself.

115. Red Dead Ryan - June 1, 2012

Nanzeen is one Contractor who I’d gladly hire for “hands-on” jobs!

116. Wilson7777 - June 1, 2012

They look like bellhops!

117. No Khan - June 1, 2012

71, Bravo, someone on here who gets it. The current young fanboys think Star Trek is about Warfare & Submarines. Roddenberry’s vision was totally the opposite. I guess its Hollywood’s fault with their villain of the week movies they keep regurgitating.

118. Wilson7777 - June 1, 2012

At first I thought they were dressed as SS officers……what kind of a sick joke is this?

119. VulcanFilmCritic - June 1, 2012

@93. Sure! As a kind of bookend to the main story. Shatner seems awfully sanguine about the next movie. And Nimoy has almost admitted that he’s “talking.” So if they have Nimoy, why would the Powers-That-Be waste yet another opportunity to have the Shat-Man deliver his swan song?

120. Red Dead Ryan - June 1, 2012

I don’t know why people keep thinking these dress uniforms look like ones worn by the Nazis. That is just ridiculous. And extremely ignorant considering J.J Abrams is a Jew. Why would someone who is Jewish approve of Nazi-looking uniforms?

That is just pure stupidity.

121. Jefferies Tuber - June 1, 2012

Just don’t put the hat on the bed.

122. Red Dead Ryan - June 1, 2012

I should expand on what I just posted.

Why would someone who is Jewish approve of Nazi-looking uniforms for a (fictional, futuristic) multi-racial, multicultural benign organization such as Starfleet?

123. Jefferies Tuber - June 1, 2012

Shouldn’t the picture of Benedict Cumberpatch be on this page, since he’s wearing the same outfit as Spock and Kirk – the looser slacks and black insignia shirt?

Why aren’t we discussing the clear implication that Bandersnatch is a Captain?

124. Jefferies Tuber - June 1, 2012

122 In TOS, officers are called to attention with a whistle and carry disintegration ray guns. In II-VI, they’re wearing Horatio Hornblower-influenced officers uniforms. The military has always been all over Star Trek, and how long do you think it will take us to find a grey officer’s hat like the one from The Cage that was worn by Nazi officers? That’s almost as bad as dressing Kirk and Spock up as Nazi officers for a light hearted episode of network television… oh wait.

125. Thorny - June 1, 2012

120… It is the dark/black tone of the uniform. Very Gestapo. I thought so in Trek ’09 too.

126. Jefferies Tuber - June 1, 2012

122 Here’s an actual Nazi cap that’s nearly identical to the fuzzy pic from “The Cage.

And here’s a Nazi officer’s hat that’s nearly identical to the hats in the new film:

It seems most likely that the coincidence has always been there, it never meant anything, but JJ is willing to double down.

Has the destruction of Vulcan militarized Starfleet a la 9/11?

127. Red Dead Ryan - June 1, 2012


For frak’s sakes, Kirk and Spock only wore Nazi uniforms because they went undercover. Plus Spock had to disguise himself to avoid being executed. And no, that episode wasn’t light-hearted.

That is different from someone coming along and giving Starfleet officers Nazi-style uniforms. That would be extremely inappropriate at the very least.

The new grey dress uniforms don’t look Nazi.

128. Toothless Grishnar Cat - June 1, 2012

The movie isn’t a big screen version of Space Seed, it’s a big screen version of Patterns of Force, with Peter Weller as John Gill and Cumberbatch as Melakon.

129. Deflector Dish Guy - June 1, 2012

In the new uniform picture, zoom in on Simon pegg’s right wrist, far left corner of the shot. It looks like his standard lieutenant commander stripes are on the sleeve, just in a subdued color.

130. NCM - June 1, 2012

I knew I’d seen the TOS boys wear these uniforms, before:

131. Bob Tompkins - June 1, 2012

Military unis?

132. Neumann - June 1, 2012

As usual, we’re being distracted from an issue of some importance. Namely…

Why are they in a bookstore?

133. Jefferies Tuber - June 1, 2012

127 We mostly agree, but I’m raising the ante and suggesting that ST has always had fascist/militaristic overtones. I love Star Trek deeply and obsessively.

Yet Star Trek is ALSO the greatest imperialist propaganda ever invented… the humanitarian armada with a heart of gold that occasionally disintegrates other ships and people.

It’s kind of pretentious for Trek lovers to pretend that Trek is only about a peaceful message. Heinlein wrote Starship Troopers as an allegory, but we shouldn’t delude ourselves. Killing the bugs and patrolling the neutral zone are kind of the same thing.

134. Red Dead Ryan - June 1, 2012


Ok, I now see your point. Although the term “fascist” can’t apply to Starfleet or the Federation. Everyone’s equal as beings and nobody has been subjugated under an iron fist. There really hasn’t been any cult-like reverence of Federation leaders. Aliens and humans co-exist together in the same organization.

Imperialism? Sure. The Federation has been at war numerous times with its neighbors, and has expanded by adding worlds to its governance.

A benign empire the Federation is.

135. davidfuchs - June 1, 2012


Horrible policies aside, the Nazis had the best WWII uniforms.

And the worst Nazis (Schutzstaffel) had the best of the best uniforms.

I’m all for ripping off Nazis and making them stand for something good :)

136. Trekboi - June 1, 2012

Nazi Uniforms?

That is disgusting.
That is not Star trek, Grey, drab, Impersonal, Inhuman?
All part of the design.

137. Captain Kirk Douglas - June 1, 2012

Look like Soviet hats to me. Which is OK, Russians are part of the federation, so they might have contributed with looks. And maybe by the 22nd Century the Americans will have acknowledged that the soviets were the ones who beat the Nazis asses in WWII in the final battles… We were all allies during the war, as we are now, but 45 years of “brainswashing” by governmental propaganda against “the commies” simply erased the contribution of the British, the Soviets, and dozens of other peoples around the globe that fought the Nazis. It was good to see “Captain America” handling the subject, because we can see that America has matured, as far as screenplay writing goes. And Anton Yelchin’s Chekov is light years ahead of the stereotypical Chekov of the 60’s. But the Visionary Roddenberry UNDERSTOOD that all that political crap could not stand for two centuries, so at least we DID have a Russian on board the Enterprise. In the ST motion pictures with Walter Koenig, we already saw an advancement. All ST lacks are Latin Americans and homosexuals, but that would be asking too much too soon… Maybe in 3 reboots to come we’ll see some advancements regarding these two subjects.

138. Peter Loader - June 1, 2012

My guess: Dress uniforms for the funeral of Clarke’s character.

139. The Original Spock's Brain - June 1, 2012

Love the uniforms!

140. Chief Petty Officer Dudeface - June 1, 2012

@136 – “Grey, drab, Impersonal, Inhuman” – Funny. You could easily say the same thing about the uniforms in Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Hell, you could say that about the whole movie (though I actually like it, mind you).

@78 – Remember Colonel West from Star Trek VI (Colonel is a officer’s rank in the US Marine Corps, as well as Army and Air Force)? What about the Starfleet infantry occasionally seen in Deep Space Nine? It’s been clearly established that Starfleet has its own dedicated ground forces, although it’s never been explicitly stated that they’re Marines.

Bottom line: Starfleet is a military organization whose primary mission is one of peaceful exploration and defense of the Federation.

141. Mikey C - June 1, 2012

seeing the uniforms that pegg and yelchin are wearing are not filling me with confidence but i would watch paint drying if the STAR and TREK wearing somewhere in the mix of it. been a trekkie for way too long. what can i say.

142. Vultan - June 1, 2012


Wow, you got all that from a hat?
I guess a picture really is worth a thousand words.


143. Spock's Uncle - June 1, 2012

Wrath of Khan unis were based on German WWII uboat uniforms, so if you LOVE TWOK, it would be illogical to dislike these vaguely German WWII-esque unis… Please be consistent or refrain from posting…

144. Chris Rod - June 1, 2012

thank you for this post!
awesome awesome! like 08/09 all over again! I CANT WAIT! .. hey, ANTHONY, are you going to make a “Sequel” tab like you did (and still have) with the “Star Trek (2009 film)?

145. Vultan - June 1, 2012


I’ve always thought the TWOK uniforms looked very marching band. Where did you get the U-boat info? Did Nick Meyer say it? Just wondering…

146. Captain Kirk Douglas - June 1, 2012

# 142

I got a little carried away. It’s because I’m majoring in Politics and maybe MY BRAIN is being brainwashed!!!!! But I sincerely hope that we all improve as humans. It’s one of the dreams behind Star Trek. I bekieve it’s ST’s very heart and soul. Cheers!

147. Vultan - June 1, 2012


Well put! And I wish you great success with your studies. We do need some good minds in politics. Now more than ever.

148. Sebastian S. - June 1, 2012

I’m amazed at how many different things people are reading into (what looks like) a non-specific, military dress uniform and hat.

One one side, it’s the Soviets. On the other, it’s the Nazis. You can pull uniforms from militaries all over the world, past and present, and see many such commonalities. What I think JJ Abrams and crew have done is precisely that; they’ve culled a basic, gray dress uniform from all kinds of military inspirations that will (no doubt) be many things to many people.

I still remember when ST-TMP came out; everyone thought the crew looked like they were wearing Dr. Denton PJs. Then “Wrath of Khan” came out and suddenly they were U-Boat drivers. TNG came out and everyone looked like they were wearing spandex, zippered leotards….

If we left all creative ST movie decisions in the hands of the fans? I dare say, they’d never get made. Put 1,000 ST fans in a room and you’ll have 1,000 different opinions on how to proceed with a new ST movie. Sometimes it’s best to just relax and see what the artists come up with; we can like or dislike it later. ;-)

Personally, I think the uniforms are generically military enough not to seriously offend anyone (unless one chooses to be offended by reading too much into every stitch and zipper). And the hats are (IMO) a nice nod to TOS’ “The Cage”. We’ll probably only see these uniforms in one or two scenes anyway, but I think they’re bold and eye-catching.

149. sean - June 1, 2012

These aren’t far off from the red academy uniforms, other than the hats.

150. NCM - June 1, 2012

I dislike the WWII vintage uniforms simply because I don’t believe that’s what the soldier or the future or Starfleet officer would wear. They’re out of time and place. I just hope their debut is brief.

151. Montreal_Paul - June 1, 2012

They don’t look like vintage WW2 uniforms and they don’t look soviet… like Sebastian said… they look very generic military. Nothing more. And I think that is probably what they were going for… generic military looking.

152. LizardGirl - June 1, 2012

I was going to say: if they change the hats then the outfit can be salvaged. I wasn’t aware of the whole nazi “connection”. It can be easy to get caught up in that. But then I read Sebastian S’s comment and he makes complete sense. Let’s just relax about the hat and trust (or try to) the creative vision.

153. Neumann - June 1, 2012

Now that that’s settled…


Seriously, what’s going on there?

The best I can figure is the crew is doing a book signing IN the movie.

154. Dilithium_doublebock - June 1, 2012

# 148. Agreed.
The hats are garrison covers and are worn by every branch of US military (unless the Marine corps have gone back to p### cutters).
I would have preferred a nod to TMP in the color.

155. KyleH - June 1, 2012


Very good catch!

Where does this leave us? I’ll take a stab:

– grey, no rank: academy staff
– grey, wraparound with pattern/texture: academy faculty
– maroon: cadet
– grey, leaked photos, with rank and Boston police hat: officers’ dress uniform
– grey (greenish?), with ivory center and trousers: flag officers’ dress uniform
– multicolor, a la William Ware Theiss: shipboard/duty (primary colors boost morale and energy on deep space missions??)

Some thoughts….

156. danielcraigsmywookiebitchnow - June 2, 2012

Highly unlikely, her Manager Susie Mains, has been in the industry for decades and she is one of the best at what she does, she was responsible for discovering a number of children who have gone on to be stars, Toby Maguire, Seth Green, Fergi, and the Mowary kids (Tia and Tamera and their little brother Tahj) among many others.
Susi is in no danger of not getting work.

JJ isnt THAT powerful or influential.

157. danielcraigsmywookiebitchnow - June 2, 2012

104 there was nothing remotely insulting to soilders about 21’s comment, and this is from someone whos brothers, father,grandfather, great grandfather,uncle, and a number of cousins has served and in several cases sacraficed themselves.

So for people to ask what exactly insulted you about his comment, is not that out of line, however your follow up response to him says it all.

158. Keachick - rose pinenut - June 2, 2012

My understanding about Gene Roddenberry is this – (perhaps his son, Rod, may wish to confirm/correct?)

Gene Roddenberry was a bomber pilot with US Air Force. He fought during WWII but I am not sure if he fought with the Allies in the Pacific against the Japanese or in Europe against the Nazis. Maybe both?

After the war, he left the Air Force and became a commercial airline pilot. At some point he got interested in making television shows…

The interesting part of what I read about him many years ago (I wish I could remember the book title and where I could find it) is that Gene Roddenberry studied Theology, Comparative Religion and Philosophy. At one point, he embraced Buddhism I believe. It was out of this (as well as no doubt his experiences in WW2) that he envisioned a time when the kind of mayhem and cruel insanity that has gone on among human beings would, more or less, become a thing of the past. He hoped that we, as a species, would evolve to become better people. This was, at its core, what Star Trek was/is about. Of course, there could always be a draw downwards into the lower states of spiritual/emotional existence, but it would not result in the more shocking and despotic forms of cruelty and injustice that we have seen throughout history and which still goes on today in so many places.

With this understanding that I have about Gene Roddenberry, I am not surprised that he was not happy with what Nicholas Meyer did with the TWOK re the uniforms etc. Meyer was making Star Trek more palatable to audiences at large who reveled in Cold War propaganda and general warmongering (as long as it’s not them in the firing line). Very sad really. Meyer never really got what Gene’s Star Trek was about and I suspect many other people don’t either, or is it – don’t want to.

Starfleet was/is not a military organisation first and foremost. The military aspect was never meant to be the central focus of the organisation and I am concerned and disappointed that some people here, as well as JJ Abrams and co (it appears) seem to think that is what Starfleet was/is about. It is not. The fact that the PRIMARY mission was peaceful exploration seeking out new life…not defence or patrol, seems to be all but forgotten by a number of posters here. It certainly got forgotten once DS9 came along.

With this sequel, it is of course a wait and see situation, as it has always been. I just find it sad that posters will note Gene R’s military experience to justify the very militaristic tone that Star Trek appears to be getting, but not paying attention to other equally important (if not, more important) aspects of what motivated Gene R’s reasons for creating Star Trek, along with that iconic and special mission, the way he did (or attempted to).

159. Buzz Cagney - June 2, 2012

hahahaha those hats are AWFUL!

160. Direphoenix - June 2, 2012

So now the crew are wearing WWI Army Air Corps uniforms?

161. Tanner Waterbury - June 2, 2012

Something I never noticed about Pike’s hat that I noticed JUST now: The hat is actually an 8 Point Utility Cover used famously by the United States Marine Corps, though the Navy uses them as well.

162. Stunkill - June 2, 2012

I love these uniforms, JJ is showing us many details of trek that the original show didnt have the budget to cover, Iam just hoping that we get some sort of technical manuel of the new enterprise. I love the fact that everything is bigger in the new timeline. Love ya JJ!!!

163. captain_neill - June 2, 2012

but it also seems he is mixing in his preference for Star Wars again at same time.

164. captain_neill - June 2, 2012

I think the hats should be like the one the barracks officer wore but ones they got look a bit more fascist like. The Barracks one seems more faithful to that original idea from The Cage.

165. Gary Makin - June 2, 2012

Re: darker uniforms; perhaps this movie is set in some kind of Mirror-type alternate universe.

166. Tom - June 2, 2012

119 VulcanFilmCritic

Sounds good. I truly hope you are right!!

167. OMNI - June 2, 2012

“Remember when we were explorers?”

168. be flat - June 2, 2012

I just realized. The actual 21st century killed the franchise. Nemesis, ENT and ST XI. Doesn’t get any better.

169. be flat - June 2, 2012

@115 “Nanzeen is one Contractor who I’d gladly hire for “hands-on” jobs!”

Wow, you must be some kind of a stand-up comedian.

170. Holger - June 2, 2012

Resembling Nazi-Uniforms or not (I think they do to a degree, unfortunately), these uniforms are much too militaristic for Starfleet.

171. VulcanFilmCritic - June 2, 2012

@1658 Keachick. For once we are in total agreement!

Star Trek’s message truly was one of peace. At the time, the 1960’s, as today, we felt that the solution to our international problems was to bomb the crap out of our enemies, which led to the escalation in war machines to the point where destruction of the entire planet was entirely possible.
Of course today, hardly anyone in the West worries about full scale nuclear war, but back then we really did worry every day about some kind of mishap that would lead to bombs dropping. Star Trek was the antidote to that anxiety.

The crew of the Enterprise were PEACEKEEPERS, but of course being imperfect humans, the solutions sometimes were less than ideal.
The soft velour shirts, cropped pants and boots were kind of revolutionary at the time. They advertised that the wearer was a member of Starfleet, a hierarchy with a mission and deserving of respect, but they were definitely non-confrontational. The wearer did not look puffed up and militaristic, as in ST II-VI.

As potent a symbol as a uniform is, what one wears on one’s head is even more potent. A man may choose to wear a nice suit to work in deference to the boss and his company, but wearing long hair a ponytail or dreadlocks, says you may have my body from nine-to-five but you don’t own me. You don’t have my head. By wearing one’s own choice of hairstyles, both men and women on Star Trek expressed their individuality and humanity. Combined with variations in costume (Kirk’s choice of wrap top or standard tunic, the doctor’s office gear, eg) you got a sense of who these PEOPLE were.

Hats, helmets, or shaved heads ablate identity or at least subsume it. As in “THX 1138,” the Borg, militaristic regimes or some religious orders. The uniform hairstyles of the Vulcan male are a subtle reminder of the quasi-religious organization of Vulcan society. [Interestingly, the Vulcan women retain their individuality.] It is almost a form of symbolic castration (of male aggression) in the interest of the greater good (non-violence.)

When the crew did don hats, it was often to blend into some fascistic society. Spock symbolically covered his ears in order to “blend in.” It is really hard to see how someone with such a skeletal frame, upswept eyebrows and greenish skin could “blend in” anywhere. A Nazi uniform was not the cloak of invisibility.

By giving the members of Starfleet hats it not only makes them look like militaristic (or even fascist) it TAKES AWAY from their chutzpah, their moxie, their verve. Kirk was always a finger in the eye to the Starfleet Admiralty. If the captain of the Enterprise thought that rules and regulations of Starfleet were stupid, he found a way to break them or at least get around them. The Enterprise was always a bit of a loose canon, but it had a captain who could back up his unorthodoxy with courage, military strategy and brass balls.

By wearing hats it’s almost as if the crew are saying meekly to Starfleet,
“How high, boss?”

172. VulcanFilmCritic - June 2, 2012

@!58 Keachick. Oops I meant 158.

173. Pensive's Wetness - June 2, 2012

i think its less important we are getting spoilers and MORE important we get the impression the folks are having fun making this movie (and yeah, that kid is way cute. if she needed any motivation to be a actress… :)

174. Bird Of Prey - June 2, 2012

Chekov looks like he is delighted that he is wearing a uniform which seems to be inspired by the old Soviet uniforms! :-D

175. Enterprisingguy - June 2, 2012

I have no problem with the uniforms or their color. They certainly look more comfortable and dignified than the bulky and awkward TWOK uniforms. I was never a fan of them. Certainly not for duty use. But the hat with these new uniforms just takes me out of the illusion that what we are seeing is the future. My eye was drawn right to it and my first thought was that it looked like something that would be out of place 250 years from now.

I have no problem with them having hats. I thought that the cadet uniforms with the matching caps looked fine. But to expect to see a WWII era hat in Star Fleet is like seeing our modern day military wearing Revolutionary War era tri-corner hats, I doubt that the design influence of the 20th century war era will extend to the 23rd.

I’d rather see something totally different in a futuristic movie than something we all seem to agree looks out of place.

176. NCM - June 2, 2012

@171 VulcanFilmCritic:

I never gave uniforms such consideration, but I had, of course, noticed that they seem to stir certain feelings/responses, universally .

I wish they’d stayed away from the hyper-militaristic uniforms. They would seem more fitting in the Mirror Universe.

177. VulcanFilmCritic - June 2, 2012

@176. NCM
Yeah, I can just see them giving that cross chest salute in that get-up. All too convincing! Let’s hope these uniforms ARE part of some alternate universe.

178. Christopher Roberts - June 2, 2012

Old designed uniforms are often kept for ceremonial purposes. It’s just unfortunate that they look a little evil Empire, than benevolent Federation.

179. Christopher Roberts - June 2, 2012

The austere grey look of them doesn’t help. Maybe it’s just the way they tailored that hat for Anton. Somebody with a longer face, gets a different height peak.

180. ProtoVulcan - June 2, 2012

@167: I loved that line and that movie.

181. John Gill - June 2, 2012

I always imagined the hat in Pike’s quarters in the pilot was from his Father, or a Great Grandfather or some relative from the past, something Pike had on display.

182. Montreal_Paul - June 2, 2012

You guys are reading WAAAAAY too much into this. But if you must, they look like US Navy Cadet uniforms except grey instead of blue.

183. Sebastian S. - June 2, 2012

# 165 Gary~
“Re: darker uniforms; perhaps this movie is set in some kind of Mirror-type alternate universe.”

Er, it IS an alternate universe…. they as much as said so in ST09. And it is a darker one as well; the planet Vulcan was destroyed. Kirk and Spock both lost a parent prematurely.

So yeah, it IS an alternate, darker universe. ;-)

And Keachick (# 158), and VFC (# 171)

Star Trek is all about peace? Really? How many times did Kirk and company use their phasers, photon torpedoes, etc. on alien species? Or how many times were conflicts on the show resolved through a good old-fashioned punch?

I think you kind of missed the point of ST. ST is about an ONGOING quest for that sort of utopic ideal where violence is not necessary. A quest for more peaceful relations. But as you can see from the VAST number of examples throughout the show, Starfleet is hardly a 100% pacifist organization, either. Granted, they tend to use their weapons more defensively than say, the Klingons, but they’re not boy scouts. Starfleet is a prime example of the philosophy of gunboat diplomacy….

The simple fact is; as long as humans are the way we are (and I don’t see that changing anytime soon), we will probably need a military, or policemen, or what have you. A security force, if you like. That was one of the ideas of ST as well; the Federation may have been a peaceful near-utopia, but it only stays that way through the strength, purpose and dedication of it’s well-armed, well-trained Starfleet. It’s a peacekeeping armada (to quote Pike)… and (sadly) you don’t keep peace through pacifism alone.

IMO, the new uniforms reflect such strength without recalling or glorifying any one specific military. A tough assignment, but the costume designer pulled it off, IMO…

184. Vultan - June 2, 2012

I like the uniforms from “Forbidden Planet.” A bit militaristic but not overly so. More utilitarian. And nothing like what we have today.

185. Sebastian S. - June 2, 2012

# 182 Montreal Paul~

They are VERY close aren’t they? It helps make my earlier point in # 148.


186. Montreal_Paul - June 2, 2012

185. Sebastian S.

I agree – generic military. Star Trek was based on the Navy so it makes sense that there would be a Naval look to their uniforms.

187. Damn it Jim! Im a Doctor, Not a Fashionista! - June 2, 2012

lol people they’re just hats.

188. Gary Neumann - June 2, 2012

Still that brownish thing does not look cool. Blue is cool ;-)

189. Dr. Image - June 2, 2012

Great. Simply great!
Hats are very Russian in style.
Otherwise, very Rimmeresque.
I want one…

190. Jonboc - June 2, 2012

#81. “Son of a gun. I was just thinking about how I wished they used the TMP uniform variant Admiral Pike wore at the end of the last one, and when I went back to look at his wheelchair secne…I found hats:

Thank you!! Like I said earlier, nothing more here than a return to the academy at some point.

191. Gorandius - June 2, 2012

The hats should have been a Prussian pickelhaube.

192. John from Cincinnati - June 2, 2012

I don’t care for the communist-looking new uniforms.

193. CarlG - June 2, 2012

I hope those grey outfits are some kind of dress uniforms, I really liked the colorful TOS style of the first movie. And Chekov’s Commisar Cap has GOT to go.

Anjini is absolutely adorable! :)

194. Sisko is the Prophet - June 2, 2012

wow, they add epaulettes and change the hats for the grey officer uniforms from ST2009 and some people go crazy.

195. RenderedToast - June 2, 2012

Er… no one else gets a strong Nazi SS vibe to the uniform Anton is wearing?

196. RenderedToast - June 2, 2012

Apparently, everyone did… serves me right for skimming.

197. Paul - June 2, 2012

Definitely Russian hats, I still remember those from my childhood times. Back then, we had a joke here: “Why is it Russians wear such huge hats? Because every proper toilet bowl must have a seat cover!”

As you can guess, Russians were popular back then.

198. MJ - June 2, 2012

Don’t like Chekhov’s hat — looks too mush like a German S.S. hat for my tastes. Everything else looks pretty cool.

199. dmduncan - June 2, 2012

Uniforms make me think the sequel will showcase a more militant and more security instead of liberty leaning Starfleet/Federation after the destruction of Vulcan. Sort of like the new America in the wake of 9/11.

200. Vultan - June 2, 2012


Good point.

201. dmduncan - June 2, 2012

Uniforms looks more old Soviet/North Korean. Definitely a strong authoritarian vibe coming from them. I’d say that’s a good story clue right there. I’m thinking after Vulcan was destroyed there’s trouble in Federation space of a kind we can recognize right now here at home.

202. dmduncan - June 2, 2012

Based on that I would caution fans not to get upset at the uniforms as if they represent the ideal Starfleet/Federation they want it to be. I’d say we are going to see a Star Trek story that has some current social/political relevance to us here and now, where Starfleet and the Federation are threatened from within by its own mindset in reaction to what happened in the first movie. War may be in the air, my friends.

203. Jonboc - June 2, 2012

…are you folks just not paying attention?? See post 81 for a picture of these uniforms, complete with hats from the last movie. They are dress uniforms at Starfleet academy. Nothing sinister at work here…and certainly nothing new and different.

204. Martok - June 2, 2012

Fukcing Russian army. :D

205. Dilithium_doublebock - June 2, 2012

#154. My own post that I can’t edit.
Barracks cover. My bad. I never heard p$$$ cutters called anything but p$$$ cutters and it’s been twenty years.

The uniforms are as bland as the ones we saw in the academy scenes. I don’t see Nazis or communists. I do wish there was some TMP color–maybe in the admiralty.

206. Martok - June 2, 2012

In last post I forgot something very familiar… I bet that would be opening theme for ST XII. :D

Rossiya – svyashchennaya nasha derzhava,
Rossiya – lyubimaya nasha strana.
Moguchaya volya, velikaya slava –
Tvoyo dostoyanye na vse vremena!

Slavsya, Otechestvo nashe svobodnoye,
Bratskikh narodov soyuz vekovoy,
Predkami dannaya mudrost narodnaya!
Slavsya, strana! My gordimsya toboy!

Ot yuzhnykh morey do polyarnovo kraya
Raskinulis nashi lesa i polya.
Odna ty na svete! Odna ty takaya –
Khranimaya Bogom rodnaya zemlya!


Shirokiy prostor dlya mechty i dlya zhizni.
Gryadushchiye nam otkryvayut goda.
Nam silu dayot nasha vernost Otchizne.
Tak bylo, tak yest i tak budet vsegda!

207. Adolescent Nightmare - June 2, 2012

Bus drivers!

208. NCM - June 2, 2012

202. dmduncan:

Sounds promising, DM. I kinda hope you’re right. But whatever they’ve come up with, the uniforms won’t matter too much to me once the action starts, and I think we’re all in for a thrill!

209. bsantin - June 2, 2012

I’m sure the explanation is simple:

Scotty and Chekov were weren’t satisfied with their Starfleet paycheque and are doing a little moonlighting as Star Destroyer officers.

210. Brevard - June 2, 2012

Disco Spock (and others), thanks for sticking up for me. Azrael, I won’t argue with you either. Something in your life has obviously made it okay in your mind to attack someone verbally for no particular reason. So be it. Good luck to you as you journey through life looking for a fight that doesn’t exist.

211. Sebastian S. - June 2, 2012

# 209


The Imperial Navy: We Want YOU! ;-)

212. Bernd Schneider - June 2, 2012

Perhaps it’s not exactly a Nazi uniform, but it has all the characteristics of 20th century dictatorships: butt-ugly color, heavy-duty fabric (for a dress uniform?), 20th century military shoulder patches, pretentious cut, silly hats. Easily the worst uniform ever seen on Star Trek. I don’t like the TOS movie uniforms with the totally overdone lapels either, but at least they had a unique and overall friendly style.

213. Symar - June 2, 2012

“uniform variant”… Isn’t that a bit of an oxymoron???

214. MJ - June 2, 2012

“Uniforms make me think the sequel will showcase a more militant and more security instead of liberty leaning Starfleet/Federation after the destruction of Vulcan. Sort of like the new America in the wake of 9/11.”

If that is the case, then this movie is several years to later. Out of Iraq now, out of Afghanistan by next year when the new movie is out, two chickenshit now to help out the rebels in Syria or really deal with Iran or N, Korea…. most everyone now here in the U.S. is focused on their pocketbook and the economy now, as we now enter a more isolationist phase that is a reaction to the over-reactive post-911 intervention phase.

So, if the movie it suppose to make some political statement on post-911, then it is really too late for that…duh, we get the problems now of that phase and have already moved on to a phase that is going to go too much the other way (i.e. isolationist).

215. MJ - June 2, 2012

Just to be clear, the only thing that I said looked Nazi was Chekov’s hat. I never said that the uniforms were Nazi-looking, so I would appreciate it if folks would stop taking my post out of context.

216. Wilson7777 - June 2, 2012

Maybe they are just doing the token “Nazi episode” thing. TOS, VOY, and ENT all had one. I’m surprised TNG and DS9 didn’t.

217. Vultan - June 2, 2012


An even better point.

218. DiscoSpock - June 2, 2012

#215 – I don’t see anybody referencing your post about Chekov’s hat, in or out of context, so relax, MJ. We all saw the SS/Nazi style connection without your post, so we’re not all discussing your comment. Were discussing our own observations made with our very own eyes.

219. Red Dead Ryan - June 2, 2012


Russian national anthem?


You hit the nail on the head. The U.S. and other western nations are more concerned about the economic crisis….which in of itself, is partially a result of the wars that those same countries are getting out of.

But at the same time, I just don’t know if we won’t see another 9/11 type event somewhere down the road which plunges the world into another long war.

220. Anthony Pascale - June 2, 2012

Nice catch Zillabeast

So apparently the 2009 movie was rife with evil soviet nazi spaceballs starship troopers overtones and now that I remember it, the inclusion of those hats seen for 3 seconds totally changed the tone and theme of the film to one of a completely communist fascist nature.

221. Spock/Uhura Admirer ;-) - June 2, 2012

I LOVE these pictures!!!! They all look so good, and it’s nice to see Anton for a change. The uniforms look great, and the little girl is so cute. This is great.

222. Spock/Uhura Admirer ;-) - June 2, 2012

Oh wow, and now I’ve seen some of the comments… :-/

223. Johnnyb807 - June 2, 2012

From a US Navy perspective at least, it’s pretty common to have several uniform variants. There are Dress Blues (It’s actually Black, not Blue. IDK why they call them “Blues”) / Dress Choker Whites (Officer) – depending on if it’s Winter (Blues) or Summer (Whites). There are “Cracker-Jacks” (Blues) / Dress Whites (Enlisted). There’s also Working (Cotton) Blues (Sometimes w/ a black tie depending. Never had the opportunity to wear those for some reason), Working (Cotton) Whites (no tie) & CNT’s (Certified Navy Twill ? I think, no tie) not to mention Dungarees (Jeans – I think they’re polyester now though, not jeans) & Poopy-Suits (Coveralls). Then there are the standard military camo stuff for the skittles AKA the air crew, not the ships compliment. SOOO … people, in my opinion, shouldn’t fuss over uniform changes. Pretty common. They now have polyester dungarees, and I think the Nav now has some weird blue patterned camo thingy? Like I said, pretty common.

224. Spock/Uhura Admirer ;-) - June 2, 2012

I’m just gonna say one thing and be done with it. This is a JJ ABRAMS film. Do you really think he’s going to be interested in ‘Nazi nostalgia’ in any kind of way? That would be like Spike Lee all of a sudden deciding to celebrate the KKK in one of his films. Just think about it for a second.

225. dmduncan - June 2, 2012

214. MJ – June 2, 2012

I don’t think that phase is over yet, MJ. We’ve got drones in the air over American soil now, and their use is increasing. The recent passage of the NDAA makes it possible to indefinitely imprison American citizens without a hearing simply by calling them a “terrorist,” and where the use of that term is becoming ever more broad, and language making that possible was insisted on in the bill by THIS current administration. All of that is very recent, and it’s fallout from 9/11, where 9/11 was and continues to be used as the ostensible reason for doing shady things that allegedly make us “safer” at the cost of definitely making us less free.

Couple that with that idiot savant Zuckerberg who is very cozy with the current administration, and who is pushing the idea that privacy is no longer a norm, and none of the trends I see developing are at all positive.

The successful mission of SpaceX is the only good news I remember right now.

226. dmduncan - June 2, 2012

I’ll tell ya, I would be scratching my head in confusion if they didn’t expect us to get an authoritarian vibe out of those uniforms. I have to think that’s the effect they wanted, because they look like they should be goosestepping in front of The Glorious Leader somewhere.

They don’t have the quasi-military academy flair of the uniforms from the first film.

227. dmduncan - June 2, 2012

The cap from the (Jeff Hunter) Captain Pike photo looks like a standard green USMC cover from the 1950’s – 1970’s.

I dunno. Maybe it’s just one shot in the movie, and having a still photo that you can linger on makes the uniform design seem more significant than it really is.

As usual with these clues, I end up back where I started.

But can’t blame Bob Orci for this one!

228. MJ - June 2, 2012

I don’t disagree with you, but I think if the Trek movie focuses on stuff like over-reaching on torture and going overboard on foreign intervention, well, I think most of us figured out those lessons several years ago and don’t need a well-meaning classic moral Trek lesson/message to help us figure it out. That sort of Trek moral lesson/message would have been more useful about 4 to 6 years ago. At this point, it is passe.

229. MJ - June 2, 2012

@226. Agreed. I have to believe there is a Trek storytelling reason beyond the more militaristic uniforms….

230. Vultan - June 2, 2012


The funny thing about Zuckerberg is he figured out (perhaps accidentally) that you don’t need an authoritarian regime to strip people of their privacy. Our narcissistic obsession with the all-powerful mirror of media, happily giving ourselves to the network in the name of connectivity, will do just fine.

231. MJ - June 2, 2012

@230. Just opt out of facebook. I’m not on it — never have, never will be.

232. dmduncan - June 2, 2012

230. Vultan – June 2, 2012


The funny thing about Zuckerberg is he figured out (perhaps accidentally) that you don’t need an authoritarian regime to strip people of their privacy. Our narcissistic obsession with the all-powerful mirror of media, happily giving ourselves to the network in the name of connectivity, will do just fine.


See, I don’t think Zuckerberg has figured out much of anything at all except how to create and run Facebook. That’s why I called him an idiot savant. I think he has a very narrow set of skills which have given him an enormous power (power that I wouldn’t want), and beyond that he appears to be a happy fool.

Certainly, if you wanted to create an authoritarian regime, then destroying privacy is a crucial step in the process. So whether he knows it or not (and I don’t think he knows much of anything besides Facebook and what people tell him), he is still spreading the mortar to build Mordor.

But you are right that Facebookers are helping him in his quest. Disapora is a Facebook alternative that privacy-minded people who want the use of a social network should look into.

233. Craig - June 2, 2012

Looks like the screen in the editing bay is someone looking straight up at the camera which is above them and they are surrounded by green screen.

234. dmduncan - June 2, 2012

231. MJ – June 2, 2012

@230. Just opt out of facebook. I’m not on it — never have, never will be.


I joined Facebook years ago but never used it, so I deactivated my account, but I guess they still keep a record of you after you do that anyway, because they tell you upon leaving that you will still be able to reactivate your account in the future if you ever want to come back!

Which only increased the already high Creepy Factor I had about Facebook which made me close my account.

235. Red Dead Ryan - June 2, 2012

Apparently Mark Zuckerberg has lost so much money since going public he is no longer in the top 40 of richest people in the world. He is also facing a class action lawsuit by a number of shareholders who’ve accused him and a major bank of insider trading. The Facebook stock has fallen ever since it peaked on the first day of trading.

236. dmduncan - June 2, 2012

228. MJ – June 2, 2012

If Bob doesn’t have Spock mention JFK in the sequel, I will feel robbed.

237. Vultan - June 2, 2012


I read a news article a year or two ago that had some emails from Zuckerberg’s days in college. He was bragging to a “friend” about how people were just giving him their personal info. I think he called them idiots or something like it.

Anyway, after that my opinion of his so-called company turned. And as for the big drop in stock, should we be surprised? It’s a company that doesn’t make anything!

238. dmduncan - June 2, 2012

237. Vultan – June 2, 2012

Maybe it’s a personal flaw, but despite everything I’ve seen and known, I still tend to give the benefit of the doubt to someone I don’t actually know, and not to assume the worst about them — unless my spidey senses are tingling, which I need personal interactions to get.

But if that’s what Zuckerberg said, then maybe he does know that what he’s doing is wrong, which makes him more of a total bastard instead of an idiot.

Maybe he’s Gaius Baltar with a smile instead of the guilt.

239. Vultan - June 2, 2012


Ha ha! Gaius Baltar indeed. Let’s just hope no one gives him access to the defense network.

By the way, I managed to find the article I mentioned:

240. Keachick - rose pinenut - June 2, 2012

#171 – Thank you.

Uniforms do matter. They affect not only the wearer but also those around them who may not be wearing the uniform. This is one of the reasons why I wrote some time back about the possibility of Starfleet adopting a more casual, less alienating approach to standard dress worn. That was/is the great appeal of the TOS series. The more relaxed style and colour differentiation spoke of a more conciliatory and congenial people. Sure, Kirk had to fight and/or shoot his way out of dangerous situations, but that wasn’t his or his crews primary focus and their dress SPOKE that. Putting a lot of people in uniforms that look like those that clearly have been worn by millions of soldiers (some of them only children) in past, often very bloody battles and/or worn by those in totalitarian governments SPEAK of something very different. That is the point I am trying to make and it is a really important one.

It appears that the writers have opted for the exact opposite, if those most recent pictures seen on this thread are anything to go by.

When I first arrived at LAX Airport as a young lone traveller in 1987 from NZ and never having travelled any further than Sydney, Australia, the sight of seeing heavily armed security guards all over the airport scared the shit out of me (Police and others generally do not carry guns). I was and am a law abiding citizen; I had nothing to hide; and yet I felt intimidated and frightened, not just about these guys, but who else might be around. I had never felt that in NZ, before or since. Incidentally, I got lost (Gosh, that place is BIG) and it was one of those gun-carrying security men who helped me. He was very polite and helpful, but that gun still creeped me out, to this day.

The belligerent asses, whether they are here on earth, or some Klingon or Borg or whoever, will always try it on, whether we or Starfleet of the future dress/appear militant (defence capable) or not and no doubt a battle will ensue. However, for the peaceful, the law-abiding, the more *fragile, sensitive or weak* among us – this militaristic stance (bluff or not) will only scare, intimidate and ultimately lose people who could actually be truly good friends. Unless, of course, this Starfleet has developed some sort of mean streak. God, I hope not.

I hope this makes sense.

241. danielcraigsmywookiebitchnow - June 2, 2012

Nazi’s and privacy and zuckerberg boy did this thread go way off course.
Anyways i just came back on to say in all likelyhood it wasnt even susie Maines her manager who posted them to her imdb page. most likely it was the little girl or her parents. these are not the types of photos management companies would post to their clients facebook page.
the talent and her family would also have acess to add photos to their page.

242. danielcraigsmywookiebitchnow - June 2, 2012

just to clairfy the little girl Anjini’s manager is susi maines.

243. Keachick - rose pinenut - June 2, 2012

After re-reading, I could have been more clear in writing. Police here do not normally carry guns on their person everywhere they go, however they do have access if there is a need…

244. Red Dead Ryan - June 2, 2012

It’s entirely possible that if the TOS crew had encountered a race of Bull-Men, they would see the color-clad crew as a threat, particularly the red shirts. Wearing bright colored shirts could in theory, start a war….

245. dmduncan - June 2, 2012

239. Vultan – June 2, 2012

Malware. Zuckerberg is malware, infecting people’s lives.

246. Tony - June 2, 2012

Wow, this thread really degenerated into conspiracy theories and Facebook?

From ONE picture?

My God man.

247. MJ - June 2, 2012

@240. The USA and Canada basically have let all types of people live here and do commerce here. Australia and New Zealand really keep a really tight lid on immigration, unless you have big Asian money or very special service skills. For instance, I don’t recall seeing one black or Asian person during either of my trips to New Zealand, visiting tourists excepted. Also, outside of Syndey, I had the same experience on my Australia trip as well.

When you have policies that keep your population largely homogeneous, then it is easier to manage I’m sure, and so it is easier to police, etc.. But you also miss out on the modern world where cultures and peoples mix, for better and for worse. I prefer our mixed culture in the USA and Canada, warts and all.

248. dmduncan - June 2, 2012


One man’s “degeneration” is another man’s “evolution.” That’s what happens in conversation on this site. It’s fluid, like water in a cracked cup. And tends to migrate to where it annoys neat freaks who hate leaks.

249. LizardGirl - June 2, 2012

@220 This is madness! :0

But I will agree about the Facebook thing. I don’t have an account, which makes me a freak among my peers. Also, I’m not going to bash Google, but lately they’re all in my face asking for my digits. Why do they need my phone number anyways?? Creepy.

250. Red Dead Ryan - June 2, 2012


Yeah, up in Canada, we allow folks of all races and walks of life to come and contribute to society no matter where they come from. The U.S seems to do things in a similar fashion. Plus every so often, you meet someone from a foreign country and culture and learn something interesting.

A lot of folks in Canada are bi-racial. Me, I am half East Indian and half white. No relation to Khan Noonien Singh, though. :-)

251. Vultan - June 2, 2012


Interesting. So I guess this recent Khan casting debate hits pretty close to home. Very cool though.

I’m part Cherokee myself.
Ah, North America! A great melting pot, isn’t it?

252. Lukas - June 2, 2012

Jesus they look almost like Nazi uniforms……

253. Red Dead Ryan - June 2, 2012


Yeah, I think my East Indian ancestors were from the Punjabi region of Northern India. I don’t think they were Sikh, though. My mom is secular.

North America works better for multiculturalism than Europe does for some reason. Muslims in France and other Euro countries face immense persecution and discrimination, for instance.

254. Red Dead Ryan - June 2, 2012


Y’know, I think Cher, Chuck Norris, Johnny Depp are all part Cherokee too.

Norah Jones is half East Indian and half white.

255. MJ - June 3, 2012

Don’t know if you guys have read Robopocalypse (oustanding recent sf novel, now being made into a movie), but the Osage Nation in Oklahoma provides a great sanctuary/regrouping area for the North American resistance after the mechs take over most of the world.

256. Commodore Redshirt - June 3, 2012

I can not believe how many people here are ignorant of history. The uniform hats shown have a SOVIET look, perhaps EAST GERMAN… Cold War era COMMUNIST… these examples are not in any way a “Gestapo” or “Nazi” look.
The Gestapo were state police and were often dressed in street clothes.
And we in the US are no stranger to uniforms. Have you ever seen a member of the Marine Corps in Dress Blues? How about a Police officer in Dress uniform?
All this chat about JJ making Starfleet into some sort of Space-Nazi force is pure bull.

257. MJ - June 3, 2012

@256. I resent you calling me ingorant. I said Chekov’s hat looked like and SS hat, and you can verify that in fact it does by looking up photos of the hats of SS officers. No shit, Sherlock.

258. Voniatko - June 3, 2012

WTF starfleet is now space nazis or what?
And btw this isnt Starship Troopers either….

I’m really beginning to worry what JJ and his gang are doing to Star Trek. They are not revitalizing it, but destroying step by step

259. Martok - June 3, 2012

224. Spock/Uhura Admirer ;-) – June 2, 2012
258. Voniatko – June 3, 2012

That is not nazi nostalgia, but obvious COMMUNIST nostalgia.

260. Sebastian S. - June 3, 2012

# 249 Lizard Girl~

Me, neither. I think I’m the ONLY one in my circle of friends and family who isn’t on facebook. But frankly, I’ve never felt the need. It’s like signing up to receive customized spam. I already have email, I have a photo sharing site I use, I have a PHONE. If people want to get in touch with me? They can. No need to spread my private life all over the internet for marketing consumption. If I haven’t heard from someone in 20 years or more? It’s probably by mutual choice, and it should remain so….

# 257.

The ST hats also look like vintage hats worn by US naval cadets and officers (as Montreal Paul pointed out earlier), and not just Nazis or Soviets:

It looks like the ST costumer pulled commonalities from military uniforms everywhere and made internationally generic uniforms. The fact that a US Naval visor cap also resembles a Nazi hat is incidental. JJ Abrams is Jewish; I sincerely doubt he’d deliberately wish to evoke Nazis with his heroes’ uniforms…..

261. NCM - June 3, 2012

@260. Sebastian S.:

“It looks like the ST costumer pulled commonalities from military uniforms everywhere and made internationally generic uniforms. The fact that a US Naval visor cap also resembles a Nazi hat is incidental. JJ Abrams is Jewish; I sincerely doubt he’d deliberately wish to evoke Nazis with his heroes’ uniforms…..”

I agree. Just unfortunate that they have negative connotations for many and, most irksome to me, they’re anachronistic. If the story is engaging and there aren’t too many scenes with these relics, they’ll hardly matter.


@ 247. MJ – June 2, 2012
“I prefer our mixed culture in the USA and Canada, warts and all.’

Me, too! So much more vibrant, colorful, sensory rich and intellectually stimulating than the U.S. of just 2 decades ago.

262. Sebastian S. - June 3, 2012

# 261.

The anachronistic comment is valid, but even in my 40-odd years I’ve seen many fashion trends come and go and return. Who’s to say that in 200 plus years, retro military chic won’t make a huge comeback?

One of the BIGGEST failures of imagination in science fiction is the assumption that all fashion in the future will be super sleek unitards, or spandex with matching boots. It’s one of the reasons I loved “Blade Runner” so much. The denizens of that future wore ’40s noir, ties, fur coats, as well as punk motifs and bicycle shorts. A hodgepodge of styles and looks just like the real world.

I appreciate that the starfleet in the JJ Abrams’ universe takes a look backward for fashion inspiration….

And I also agree with your point (and MJs) about diversity. It’s truly the life blood of North America. We get inspiration from all over the world. It’s invigorating. ;-)

263. dmduncan - June 3, 2012

All military uniforms have the same generic base. So I think it’s not so much the tight collars and razor sharp stiff epaulets that creates the impression, but the drab brown color and that sort of wind-blown look in the front of the cap that creates the authoritarian-regime feel of the uniforms.

The hat is definitely not a USMC patterned dress variant. It looks more like this:

264. dmduncan - June 3, 2012

Whoops! Wrong photo. I mean like this:

265. NCM - June 3, 2012

@263: That’s the hat. Looks made to compensate for something.

@262: Like the “Blade Runner” comparison–it also worked for me, but I think fashion trending differs between civilian and military cultures. I don’t see the military of the future going stylistically retro (though perhaps military style simply won’t evolve–it hasn’t changed much in the last 100 years, has it?). In any case, military or civilian, I don’t think we’ve ever seen retro. trends harken back more than a century.

266. Sebastian S. - June 3, 2012

# 264

But that’s precisely my point! Some people see Chinese, others see Soviet, some see US Navy cadets, some see Nazis.

All this confirms my suspicion that these new ST dress uniforms were designed to evoke all sorts of generic military images in the minds of viewers all over the world (could also be a small but clever attempt to aid foreign marketing of the film? Who knows…).

These dress uniforms are almost like a fashion Rorschach test for the viewer who looks upon them. Those who see them negatively will see Nazis and Soviets. Those who like them (as I do) see US Naval Academy, or vintage WW2 or some other more heroic evocation. You’ll see in them what your own mind brings to them.

267. dmduncan - June 3, 2012

I think also it’s that we are not at all accustomed to seeing THESE characters so formally dressed, with hats like that. To go from the loose fitting casually cool gold, blue and red tunics to that tightly zipped up drab look with a high hat is quite a startling leap.

But again, if it’s just one scene in the movie it won’t make that much of an impression.

I think…

268. dmduncan - June 3, 2012


Well I also know the sorts of things Bob Orci is concerned about and those things may be making it into this movie, the same way they did in Starship Troopers through uniform design.

There’s nothing actually negative about the uniform itself, as if we are criticizing the style, because that look may be intentional and could be playing off the story.

Plus, authoritarian regimes seem to emulate each other in their uniform designs.

Here’s a couple Soviet examples:

The Starfleet cap looks more related to these and the North Korean one than they do to this:,1275388482,3/stock-photo-a-united-states-marine-wearing-dress-blues-in-a-studio-environment-54313333.jpg

269. Dr. WTH is this?! - June 3, 2012

Space Nazis?! REALLY?!

270. Vultan - June 3, 2012


I’ve heard of that novel, MJ, but didn’t know much about it.
Sounds cool! Now I’ll have to read it. Thanks.

Isn’t Spielberg making a movie of it?

271. Enterprisingguy - June 3, 2012

All I can say is that those hats are fine with some people here until they actually WEAR them in the movie. Tucked under the arm as an accessory is one thing…..

….seeing the whole assembled Star Fleet wearing them is another thing!

Then they are a single salute away from ruining my image of Star Fleet forever.

(My guess, however, is that we will NEVER see that since we’ve not seen such a scene in Star Trek ever.)

272. MJ - June 3, 2012

@270. Yes. Hopefully he won’t soften it up too much.

273. MJ - June 3, 2012

@260 “The ST hats also look like vintage hats worn by US naval cadets and officers (as Montreal Paul pointed out earlier), and not just Nazis or Soviets.”

Look online at SS hat photos. They are almost exactly like the Trek hats, including color, shape and metal emblem on that hat. The similarity is striking. Could you make the case for other hats throughout history having some resemblance as well? Sure, but when I looked at that hat, my immediate impression was SS, and then when I looked up the photos of those hats, it fully confirmed my initial impression.

I don’t think a lot of people are seeing that hat and saying, “ah, late 19th century U.S. Naval hats.”

274. MJ - June 3, 2012

@268 “The Starfleet cap looks more related to these and the North Korean one…”

Just to be clear, I am talking about the hat Chekov is wearing in the photo above, not the caps seen in Trek 09 — those, I agree, do look N. Korean or Russian.

275. MJ - June 3, 2012

@266 “These dress uniforms are almost like a fashion Rorschach test for the viewer who looks upon them. Those who see them negatively will see Nazis and Soviets. Those who like them (as I do) see US Naval Academy, or vintage WW2 or some other more heroic evocation. You’ll see in them what your own mind brings to them.”

But the hat is BLACK, dude. Why note go with U.S. Blur or another color then if you think this is the case.

276. MJ - June 3, 2012

Case in point, this site sells vintage U.S. uniforms. Hats are either white or blue, no black:

277. Vultan - June 3, 2012

I don’t know about Soviets or Nazis, but if we’re sticking to sci-fi, those caps and uniforms do remind me an awful lot of Starship Troopers and Spaceballs. Hopefully, their close-up, Mr. DeMille, is a short one.

278. MJ - June 3, 2012

Just verified as well that Naval Academy hats are BLUE, and have been throughout its history.

279. Keachick - rose pinenut - June 3, 2012

#247 – MJ – seriously? I did not know that my post #240 would spark off a discussion about various nation’s immigration policies.

Where on earth did you go in NZ? Only the South Island? No, MJ, I doubt you will see many Asians, Africans or Indians living down there, because most would find it too cold, for the most part. However, there will be some.

However, if you come to Auckland, the story is very different. As of the last official census (2005), South Auckland – Manukau had approximately 150 racial/ethnic groups, along with the languages that these people bring with them. The east Auckland suburbs of Howick, Botany Downs, Pakuranga etc have a very big Asian population – Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Cambodian. Botany Downs has one of the largest Chinese Buddhist temples anywhere.

In the next street from me are at least three African families – Somalia and Ghana, I think. Their children either go to my daughter’s integrated school or the state primary school within walking distance. These schools host between them children from – Europe and UK, UK descendants of the original settlers (us), Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Indians from Fiji and the Indian sub-continent (many of them Sikhs), Somalia, Ghana, South Africa, Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, China, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, the various Polynesian races like Tonga, Samoa, Chile, Brazil, Poland and probably some I am not aware. Most of the children are of a darker skin tone. Not forgetting the local high school where sons go – only 30 white families in the entire of more than 1600 students. My sons stand out because of their fair hair. The girls from Moslem households can wear a black headscarf, even though it is not part of the standard uniform. Children from Sikh families are allowed to wear their head wear, even though it is not part of the standard uniform.

It really depends on where you go, MJ. Clearly, you have not gone very far, so therefore you are really in no position to comment on the lack of ethnic diversity of NZ or otherwise. People coming from war torn and/or very populated countries do tend to congregate together in a strange new place, especially if it seems so empty compared with what they have been used to. I remember returning to NZ after spending two years in England etc and wondering where everybody was. It is the initial contrast that struck me but it did not bother me since I knew I was home.

NZ would have to be one of the most ethnically diverse places on the earth! and no, most of the time, the police do not need to wear firearms while doing their jobs.

280. Sebastian S. - June 3, 2012

# 275 MJ~

I’m not referring to the color; I’ve already addressed that. Gray is a non-specific color (not American blue or Nazi SS black, etc.). You could spend all day pulling up hats online that it resembles and all the while you’d just be affirming my initial point: the hat is evocative of MANY militaries throughout the world; past and present.

Jesus, why is everybody losing their springs over a hat?!? Just because they’re wearing hats as part of their dress uniform doesn’t make them “Space Nazis” (which is interesting, because when “Wrath of Khan” first came out? I remember reading similar critiques over the uniforms in that movie. Yet somehow, ST survived….. ;-D ).

IMO, it’s just a HAT (worn by MANY different kinds of services), not a swastika or a sickle and hammer. Relax. Let’s see the movie first…

281. dmduncan - June 3, 2012

280: “the hat is evocative of MANY militaries throughout the world; past and present.”

Yes, all the military hats have a generic resemblance to one another, but these new ST hats more strongly resemble those from old Soviet/current North Korean military regimes.

I think a whole bunch of us noticed that because that’s what they look like. That was my first impression too. They struck me as less generic than specific, in the same way that the Starship Troopers uniforms did, as Vultan noted above in 277.

I don’t know if Vultan knew this, but the uniforms in Starship Troopers he is comparing the new ST ones we see above to, WERE actually designed to evoke the Nazis. That was the intended effect that director Verhoeven, who had experience with Nazism firsthand, was going for.

So that Vultan is comparing the new ST uniforms to ones in Starship Troopers that were designed to resemble Nazi uniforms demonstrates the vibe a lot of us get from looking at them.

Also, just pointing things out doesn’t mean you are losing your springs. The uniform change could be related to the type of story they are telling, or it could mean nothing.

And personally I hope it’s the former. I would love to see a story where Starfleet and the Federation are having some sort of crisis following events in the first film, which these uniforms reflect, and which our heroes struggle to reverse.

Nobody needs to panic. In the end I’m sure it will make sense.

282. dmduncan - June 3, 2012

Maybe Scotty and Chekov got temporarily attached to a Marine unit, and are required to wear their dress uniforms.

283. Vultan - June 3, 2012


Huh, good point. Been awhile since I watched or read Starship Troopers, but yeah, you’re right. And wasn’t Heinlein accused of being pro-fascist when the novel came out? Not that I believe he was, but it’s easy to see how that connection could be made.

284. Commodore Redshirt - June 3, 2012

MJ, I didn’t say you in particular were ignorant, I was pointing out that many people said “Gestapo” when the Nazi secret police were more often than not dressed in street clothes and not military uniforms. It is odd that one person said Gestapo in a post and a dozen people posted the same thing as if it were their own original thought.

I was also stating that the hat shown is more inline with the SOVIET and COMMUNIST style rather than the NAZI style. The photo above with Pegg and Yelchin shows what looks like a COLD WAR ERA EASTERN BLOCK UNIFORM. The hat is oversized and slightly pointed at the top. German hats of the era were smaller and more rounded.,_Hans_Heinrich_Lammers.jpg

You are correct in that there were some units of the Waffen SS where officers had a peaked cap that does look a bit like the one in the photo:

The cap looks to me very close to an oversized East German visor cap

Others have mentioned North Korea and that may be the closest.

My point is that all peaked visor caps look somewhat the same with variations that relate to local custom. I’m sorry if you thought I was calling you names. That was not my intent.

285. MJ - June 3, 2012

@279 “…many Asians, Africans or Indians living down there, because most would find it too cold.”

Wow, talk about sweeping generalizations. Matthew A. Henson says hi!

286. MJ - June 3, 2012

@284. Good info — we’re cool!

287. Red Dead Ryan - June 3, 2012


Yeah, that’s a pretty ignorant (and possibly racist–though I will give her the benefit of the doubt) comment coming from someone who appeared to be a well-articulate and balanced person.

Most parts of North America do get chilly and snowy in the winter. Guess what, I’ve seen plenty of Indians, Asians and African-American/Canadian people have no problem adapting to the climate.


288. Red Dead Ryan - June 3, 2012

I don’t know what’s going on down there in New Zealand, but I figured things would be similar to Canada and the U.S. I didn’t expect any European (not stereotyping anybody, but there does seem to be a big prejudice problem across the Atlantic) style racial profiling going on down there, but I guess I was wrong.

BTW, we have our own problems with race, but that has more to do with the Canadian government’s historical attitudes towards First Nations peoples across the country. But the vast majority of citizens are quite tolerant of each other’s backgrounds.

289. CarlG - June 3, 2012

Hmm… you know, If you slap some silver trim on that uniform, Anton Yelchin would make a fantastic Miles Vorkosigan… :D

290. MJ - June 3, 2012

recent immigration history on New Zealand:

“By the 1960s, the policy of excluding people based on nationality yielded a population overwhelmingly European in origin. By the mid 1960s, a desire for cheap unskilled labour led to ethnic diversification. In the 1950s and 1960s, New Zealand encouraged migrants from the South Pacific. The country had a large demand for unskilled labour in the manufacturing sector. As long as this demand continued, migration was accepted from the South Pacific, and many temporary workers overstayed their visas. In May 2008, Massey University economist Dr Greg Clydesdale released to the news media an extract of a report, Growing Pains, Evaluations and the Cost of Human Capital, which saw Pacific Islanders as “forming an underclass”.

291. Vultan - June 3, 2012

I’ve heard rumors Captain Kirk will look something like this in the new movie:


292. dmduncan - June 3, 2012

Ha! Good one!

293. Keachick - rose pinenut - June 4, 2012

#290 – Then why do I see such a diversity of people from all corners of the earth within a five miles radius of my own home? MJ, I LIVE right here now and this is what I am seeing around me now, unlike yourself.

I am not sure how my commenting on the fact that NZ Police tend not to wear firearms during normal duties has lead to this *discussion* on NZ immigration policies. As far as I know, British Police do not wear guns either, nor do Police from some other nations.

I was also commenting on the dreary, stultifying militaristic type uniforms that can have a negative impact on the wearers and those they *serve* or are in charge of. The more relaxed and colourful style of uniform as worn on the TV TOS series would tend to have a more positive and less intimidating impact on people.

Just what are you trying to prove here, other than the fact you have clearly not been to Auckland, nor seen much, if any, of the North Island where the bulk of NZ’s population live. Most pre-European Maori also lived in the North Island – many iwi and tribes but only one tribe in the upper half of the South Island. Your view of NZ’s ethnic diversity is somewhat skewered.

PS – People tend to self-segregate. It is the IMPOSITION of segregation or apartheid such as what was seen in South Africa or in Nazi Germany which is what is wrong.

294. Spock/Uhura Admirer ;-) - June 4, 2012

@Martok #259

And Nazis were are part of a Communist regime. And your point?

295. Cervantes - June 4, 2012

@ #33 CW – Yeah, there’s definately a ‘Gestapo’-like look to the uniforms that Pegg and Yelchin are wearing I immediately thought. Not sure that’s what J.J. really had in mind, but if the gals are wearing a similar short-skirted look with ‘jackboots’, then I’m not gonna complain, lol.

Nice selection of shots that young girl got with the crew…but I’m a little nervous about just how much involvement she’s gonna get in scenes… Sometimes kids just don’t work out too well!

296. Dave in RI - June 4, 2012

The only thing I will say about those hats is I hope the women get to wear them too….with short skirts and spiked go-go boots…and a riding crop.

….I’ll be in my bunk

297. Nelson - June 4, 2012

We all know it’s no secret that the current production team are Star Wars fans. This look feels like the Galactic Empire from that other franchise.

I look at this new film series like the unofficial James Bond films that were not made by the EON house.

298. Vultan - June 4, 2012


Uh, no, not really. Nazis called themselves “National Socialists,” whatever that is. But they hated communists. Hence their war with the USSR.

299. captain spock - June 4, 2012

the computer screen at the top of the picture of jj & Azhar has what looks like maybe zac qunintos looking up at something in a geen backdrop, i cant tell if its him or not can any one get a better clear-er look at that picture for me.
thanks, the woman in that picture besides abrams & azhar is blocking the same picture at the computer desk as the one at the top of the picture..

300. Captain Cohen - June 4, 2012

Has anyone thought that about JJ’s preference to keep things under wraps and shrouded in Section 31 style secrecy, with a massive amount of magical misdirection?

Maybe the pictures of the caps and uniforms were released just to really mess with our heads?

Perhaps nothing like the real things.

As for earlier pics of Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto with black tops, grey trousers … think about the under-shirts that TNG and Voyager and DS9 often showed the crews wearing with coloured velcro fastened jacket over them. Just wondering.

I’m a Doctor, not a Tailor. Go see Garak…

301. Keachick - rose pinenut - June 4, 2012

Black teeshirts/undergarments were also worn in the TV TOS series.

302. Montreal_Paul - June 6, 2012

They also look like Canadian Airforce uniforms…

303. Spock/Uhura Admirer ;-) - June 6, 2012

Since there was a migration happening, I made sure to save what was comment #308 for reposting. Here it is:

“Thank you both (Anthony and another poster) for the comments, and once again, more clarification. I truly appreciate the website and the fact that I am in someone else’s ‘house’ whenever I am here. Perhaps the deletion happened automatically a while after it was posted, although I don’t think my post broke any rules. In hindsight, I do think I could have been a bit clearer about what I was saying. As to what is most American, there is a reason why our founding fathers had the very first amendment to our constitution include freedom of speech (and of the press). Still, I do understand why it has its limitations, i.e. yelling “Fire!” in a crowded theater and such…

Seeing that much of this thread can be considered ‘off-topic’, I’ll take the risk of only answering (just facts, no opinions) what looked like a question that might have been asked: ”…Nazis called themselves “National Socialists,” whatever that is…”

Communism and Socialism are very closely tied. They were “National Socialists” in the sense that they believed in their form of Socialism, but only within their own country, or nation, for what they considered their own people. And even their ‘own people’ weren’t safe. I remember writing a 22 page paper in high school about the things that were done to people under Hitler. It was amazing to find that something such as sterilization would be forced upon someone for something like the simple act of being born deaf. I kid you not. They couldn’t have ‘defects’ being passed along in their ‘master race’ now could they? What kind of socialism is that? One would need to consider that it is a very augmented version, far removed from the word’s true purpose and meaning.

If this comment also ends up being deleted, then I will not be offended. I would love to get into ‘labels’ and how they get used, but that is another discussion for another board. I will be sure not to make the mistake of commenting on this topic should it arise in the future.


I will continue to repost this if it disappears unless I am told that it is being removed purposefully because it violates some rule. Thanks. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.