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Exclusive: Title Chosen For Star Trek Sequel September 7, 2012

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Star Trek Into Darkness , trackback

TrekMovie is back with some very big exclusive news. The "Untitled 2013 Star Trek sequel" has taken a step towards getting a title. TrekMovie can confirm that the Star Trek team have chosen a title for the film. We don’t yet know what this is yet, but have more details below.       

UPDATE: Title Revealed

TrekMovie has confirmed the new title. Details in our follow up article.


original article


Star Trek Sequel Gets A Title

TrekMovie has learned that Paramount and the Star Trek team have finally chosen a title for what is currently referred to as the "Untitled Star Trek sequel." The follow up to JJ Abrams 2009 Star Trek is due in theaters next May. The chosen title for the sequel is currently going through final vetting and creatives are working on how it will be presented in a roll out which should be coming soon.

TrekMovie had previously reported that over the summer Paramount had tested a number of title possibilities. We have learned that this testing was done both for the domestic market as well as overseas. Historically, including with the 2009 movie, Star Trek has not performed as well as over action tentpole franchises in non-English speaking markets. So apparently a big focus of the testing was to find a title that worked globally.

While we have not confirmed the exact title, indications are that the team stuck with their plan to not include a colon in the title. If you recall earlier in the summer, co-writer/producer Damon Lindelof talked to MTV about the team’s struggle to find a title that didn’t fall into the traditional sequel structure saying "It’s hard to do movies without colons."

TrekMovie is trying to confirm more information about the title selection process, the plans on how they will roll it out and when will we be seeing the first trailer, which has previously been said to be some time this fall.

Stay tuned for updates on this and other stories as TrekMovie is now back on the case.


1. USS Enterprise B - September 7, 2012

Finally! Been waiting so long for this to happen :)

2. Chris Miles - September 7, 2012

Welcome back Anthony. Hope all is well with ya.

3. Bryan - September 7, 2012

So basically they’re doing what Enterprise TRIED and ultimately failed to do by not having a STAR TREK: (Something) it’s an attempt to bring in a broader audience who otherwise wouldn’t go to a “Star Trek” movie.

Oh well. Ultimately the title doesn’t matter. The movie just has to be awesome.

4. Check the Circuit - September 7, 2012

TrekMovie has been back thanks to Kayla and friends. :D

But, welcome back Anthony!

5. Legend of Link - September 7, 2012

Any guesses everybody? I bet it doesn’t have trek in the title.

6. Clinton - September 7, 2012

The title will not have a colon, but will have lots of heart. :P

7. Craiger - September 7, 2012

Trekmovie is back but how soon before it goes on another long month vacation?

8. Thomas Jensen - September 7, 2012

STAR TREK… The Trek To The Stars!

Sorry, don’t know why I said that.

9. TheTrekNerd - September 7, 2012

Star Trek 2: The wrath of someone who is not Khan.

10. Singh It! - September 7, 2012

KHAN anyone guess what the title will be?

11. crazydaystrom - September 7, 2012


And no colon works for me. I hope it’s something totally unique.

12. DrkMatter - September 7, 2012

ST2: Gary Mitchell: White Eyes :-)

13. Ian B - September 7, 2012

The secrecy seems excessive to me. You can have too much mystery. If the title gives too much away, maybe they need a different title. But you know “the Wrath Of Khan” gave away the plot, and that did okay.

A couple of days ago driving back from a day out, my sister said, “I wonder if they’re going to do a sequel to Star Trek. It was ages ago.” So I said, “they are.” and she said, “What’s it called then?” and I said, “I don’t know, everything’s secret”. And there the conversation ended. I’m not sure this is a fabulous strategy for creating a buzz, when people have nothing to talk about.

I loved Star Trek: Reboot. But they have in my view taken far too long already to make a sequel. One more movie and the cast will be too old. Is that the plan? Three movies, and that’s your lot? What then? Another reboot?

It has a name. We’re not telling you it. This is verging on silly.

14. John Whorfin - September 7, 2012

The Wrath of Lens Flares

15. J.A.G.T. - September 7, 2012

Hmmm… Guess it’s gonna “Star Trek: Where No Man Has Gone Before”…

16. paul - September 7, 2012

enterprise didn’t fail because it didn’t have star trek in the title, it failed for a myriad of other reasons too extensive to list (again). anyway, i’d be cool with a non “star trek” title. i’d just prefer they not keep it a bloody secret for another 6 months.

17. BiggestTOSfanever - September 7, 2012

“To Boldly Go”
or (unfortunately) “Star Trek 2″

Bob Orci, can you give us a hint?

18. Mark - September 7, 2012

If Star Trek isn’t in the title, then why use Star Trek characters? We could follow the adventures of Captain Pine on the ship Hollywood.

19. NuFan - September 7, 2012

JJ will never allow the villain’s name in the title.

20. govna - September 7, 2012

Yay news!

21. name - September 7, 2012

Kirks colon, where no man has gone before … sorry did I say that out loud?

22. werbwolf - September 7, 2012

“STAR TREK: Khan you search for Spock on your voyage home at the final froniter behind the undiscovered country?”

23. Dirty Harry - September 7, 2012

If the movie is about what we think it’s about, I would go for one word: KHAN

24. Frank wales - September 7, 2012

“Trek All The Stars!”

25. Dunsel Report - September 7, 2012


26. J.A.G.T. - September 7, 2012

Either way I bet the title’s gonna be both harking back to the original series and quite probably as nondescript as possible… Maybe they throw in another Shakespeare quote – that would be classic: “Star Trek: What Dreams May Come” … or… “Star Trek: When Shall We Three Meet Again”… “Star Trek: When the hurly-burly’s done” …oh well, I’m getting carried away here…

27. NCM - September 7, 2012

OH, oh, oh! How exciting no news can be:) That’s right, no real news, yet, but can’t you just feeeellll it coming?!

28. Basement Blogger - September 7, 2012

WELCOME BACK, ANTHONY. I hope everything is well with you. I wonder if a title can help with worldwide box office. I mean is there any science or statistics for a title?

29. Vger6 - September 7, 2012

As I always say, the thing is that these movies are done by “non-trekkies”, even more, they are confessd Star Wars fans. Because of that they want to be as far away as possible to ST as they can.

If they were doing a SW movie, we wouldnt be having this discution because it would be “Star Wars: something”.

Shame on you JJ.

30. paul - September 7, 2012

#26. what kind of fancy schmancy star trek movie are you expecting?

31. dsza - September 7, 2012

StarTrek Curiosity… ;)

32. NCM - September 7, 2012

@ 5. Legend of Link – September 7, 2012: “Any guesses everybody?”

Without knowing what it’s about, I can’t begin to guess; but given the intent to sell it as an action film, and to have a title that will spell ‘Action!” to overseas masses…, I don’t think it’ll be close to anything I’ve seen suggested so far.

33. Marshal McMellon - September 7, 2012

“Welcome Back KHAN-er”

34. J.A.G.T. - September 7, 2012

PPS: Another guess: “Star Trek-like Movie: Super Fun Space Adventure Time”

Damnit. I should go off this site immediately… this thing’s messing with my brain.

35. Commodore Redshirt - September 7, 2012

“Kirk & Spock’s Excellent Adventure”?
or maybe
“Enterprise Weekend”?
“Dr. McCoy & the Planet of Doom”?
“Vulcan’s Don’t Bluff” ?
“Beam Me Up Scotty”

Welcome back Anthony!

36. Chancellor Gowron - September 7, 2012

Great, they picked a title. Are they actually going to tell us what the title is? Well, at least this one gets a title, unlike Trek XI.

37. Phil - September 7, 2012

So, it’s now “Titled Star Trek Sequel”. …..yay.

38. KHAN 2.0 - September 7, 2012

Star Trek 2

39. KHAN 2.0 - September 7, 2012

Star Trekin Across The Universe

40. Phil - September 7, 2012

So, for the foreign market …El Diablo en la Oscuridad

41. Commodore Redshirt - September 7, 2012

“Run Sulu Run”
“Federation Gump”
“A Star-System is Born”
“The Trek Ultimatum”

okay I’ll stop now

42. KHAN 2.0 - September 7, 2012

The Final Frontier

(First Contact was used twice so why not – dosnt have to have Star Trek b4 it either)

43. KHAN 2.0 - September 7, 2012

call it ‘Star Trek whatever’ in US…but call it ‘Star War’ overseas :)

44. Phil - September 7, 2012

Universal Group Hug

45. HwkII - September 7, 2012

“John Carter II”

46. paul - September 7, 2012

i predict they’ll go the route of wolverine and just call it “the star trek”.

ok probably not.

47. Vultan - September 7, 2012

Good to hear they’ve settled on a title, but I hope they aren’t over-thinking it in terms of marketing the movie to as broad an audience as possible. The ghost of “John Carter” (OF MARS!) still lingers….

48. KHAN 2.0 - September 7, 2012

maybe they could do something similar to the SW original trilogy: (before all the ‘Episode IV: A New Hope’ etc nonsense)

Star Trek
star[The Federation Strikes Back]trek
star[Return of the Romulan]trek

(little star trek wrapped around the title logo on the posters)

The Voyage Home also did this to a certain extent (overseas)

49. andrewtellis - September 7, 2012

It should be Star Trek Phase II.

50. KHAN 2.0 - September 7, 2012

get the action crowd in call it:

Star Trek Explosions!

51. Matt - September 7, 2012

The Continuing Voyage

52. KHAN 2.0 - September 7, 2012

Star Trek Twilight (see it make $700m ww)

53. NCC-73515 - September 7, 2012

“Starfleet’s Finest”

54. KHAN 2.0 - September 7, 2012

Star Trek Please Go See This Movie Overseas

55. SherlockFangirl - September 7, 2012

This is all frightfully silly. An announcement about an announcement. The must have been it touch with the BBC PR department. They do the same thing with Doctor Who.

56. Vice_Admiral_Baxter - September 7, 2012

Star Trek XII

57. KHAN 2.0 - September 7, 2012

Star Trek Transvengers

58. AJ - September 7, 2012



Bones: “Dammit, JIm, his colon’s gone.”

Kirk: “I don’t care what it takes or costs. You’re a healer. Heal him! He’s an immense ASSet to me. He’s been called the best First Officer in the Fleet! If I’m to lose that First Officer, I want to know why!”

Bones: “I’m BEHIND you 100%, Jim, but whoever assraped Spock took the whole damn thing out…and..”

JJ: “Cut! Sorry, guys, but the whole colon thing..it’s gotta go.”

ZQ: “Even my full cleanse in the denouement?”

Pine: “Butt, That’s the whole plot!”

JJ: “Yup. Sorry. ‘Million Moms’ or something. We’ll go with Khan instead.. Someone call the guy…what’s his name? Cummerbuns?”


59. KHAN 2.0 - September 7, 2012

Star Trek Sequel

60. KHAN 2.0 - September 7, 2012

Star Trek Or My Momma Will Shoot

61. Sebastian S. - September 7, 2012

Yes, they have a title…. but they’re not saying what it is yet. :-/


Another typically enigmatic ST non-news new story.
After reading the headline, I expected to hear a soundbite of someone laughing saying, “HA! Made you look….”

62. Dansouth - September 7, 2012

Star Trek:The Dark Night Rises…

63. VZX - September 7, 2012

Star Trek 2

64. captain spock - September 7, 2012

James Kerwin posted last night on face book the current title is “star trek into darkness”, it was on for about five min s on face books .then Kerwin sudenly took it off…… i ask him on a pm if he was pulling my leg he replyed no & he could not say any thing else because he would get into trouble with JJ.

65. Sybok'sSecretBrother - September 7, 2012

Star Trek Also: The Wrath of Gary Khan

66. CJS - September 7, 2012

It’s an announcement about a pending announcement.

67. Hugh Hoyland - September 7, 2012

“Star Trek into Darkness” eh? Not bad. Kind of a new way of doing the Trek titles. Like “Star Trek into danger” or “Star Trek into Psi-Universe 88″.

I like it. :]

68. NCM - September 7, 2012

@66: You’re absolutely right, and some people are having fun with it. Why not?

69. Dr. Cheis - September 7, 2012

This title is horrible! I won’t see the movie now and I will retroactively unspend all the money I had previously spent on the franchise!

Oops, I meant to save that post for when it was actually announced.

70. NCM - September 7, 2012

58. AJ – September 7, 2012:

AJ, whenever I start to read one of your, ah, scripts, I begin with a cringe, proceed to think, ‘This is over the top!,’ and finish up with an OLL (out-loud-laugh).

71. Duane Boda - September 7, 2012

Mystery Beyond The Stars

72. ObiWanCon - September 7, 2012

Star Trek I: The Colon Picture

Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan’s Colon

Star Trek III: The Search For Spock’s Colon

Star Trek IV: The Voyage Colon

Star Trek V: The Final Colon

Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Colon

73. Tom - September 7, 2012

The Shat Rises

74. NCM - September 7, 2012

@73: “The Shat Hits the Fan”

75. Jamziz - September 7, 2012

The Anthony returns. Welcome.

76. NCM - September 7, 2012

“The Semicolonoscopy”?

77. Gary S. - September 7, 2012

Actually, it is a confirmation that a decision has been made .
I can accept that .
Oh and very funny #58.
Well Done .

78. VulcanFilmCritic - September 7, 2012

Star Trek has not performed well compared to other action movies overseas markets? Why should it? It’s a rather quirky kind of American mythology starring a middle-aged cast of actors who were kind of hot in the 1960’s and ’70’s. Now today we have a cast consisting of a few hot stud puppies and an octogenerian (septuagenerian when it was filmed, I guess.) Sure WE love them to pieces, but I can understand why this sort of thing might be perplexing to anyone else but die-hard overseas Star Trek fans. And they are blaming it on the titles? On colons? Really?

So by eliminating the “Star Trek:______” formula, what do the powers-that-be hope to achieve? Pull the wool over the eyes of the foreign audience? I can see the marketing sessions now:

“By re-branding the whole re-booted franchise as say, ‘Galaxia’ we can avoid associations with those…those people. You know, those sad, aging, flabby people in the funny costumes who speak Klingon. They’re welcome to come too, of course, but what we want is a new kind of audience. We want the re-boot to be…you know… Hip. Today. Clean.”

Best new idea since filming “Incubus” in Esperanto.

79. shamelord - September 7, 2012

Star Anthony : The Voyage Home

80. dmduncan - September 7, 2012

Yes, we have a title, but NO, we can’t tell you what it is til next year!

And what’s this about?: “TrekMovie had previously reported that over the summer Paramount had tested a number of title possibilities.”

Who the hell did they test titles on? What’d they do — count a show of hands during lunch time at an Alzheimer’s patient center cafeteria asking, “Okay, what d’ya think about this one? How ’bout this one? And this?”

81. Trevv - September 7, 2012

The “Into Darkness” thing has been floating around for days … Hardly an exclusive.

82. Last nights - September 7, 2012

Star Trek 2 : The Wrath of :

Last nights chines
Last nights beer
Last nights fridge raid
Last nights arse
Last nights hello chinese
Last nights last nights
Last nights squits
Last nights ABS

83. Bob Tompkins - September 7, 2012

Star Trekkin’?
Star Trek 12?
Star Trek 2009 II?
Star Trek 2013?
Not including Star Trek in the title = bad error in judgment.

84. Ryan Riddle - September 7, 2012

Honestly, I’d be good if it didn’t have STAR TREK in the title, ala the more recent Batman movies or the upcoming MAN OF STEEL.

85. ben - September 7, 2012

I don’t get the problem with colons. I like them :::::: :-)

in other news, google has a star trek google doodle for 2012. Why not name the Movie “Trek Star” ;-)


86. cmdrr - September 7, 2012

Stah Tlek koerun half beeyun wo wie firs weekend

87. NuFan - September 7, 2012

Maybe it should be Where No Man Has Gone Before. It’s vague and meaningless. And it will make a certain type of fan think that Gary is the villain. The look on their faces in the theater will be priceless.

88. william - September 7, 2012

Wagon train to the stars!

89. J.A.G.T. - September 7, 2012

@30: Just listed some catchy “Shakespearian” titles

90. Christopher Roberts - September 7, 2012

T O   B O L D L Y   G O


91. william - September 7, 2012

Perhaps with as long as we have all waited for a title and then waited some more fof the movie itself they should call it “About F-ing Time” Especailly if there is more time travel!

92. chuck watters - September 7, 2012

I totally agree with #91 ……………Why bother saying that a title was chosen if your not going to actually name it . Whats the big f-ing secret . They would probably get more asses in the seats if everything wasn’t so hush hush . Where the hell is the teaser trailer ??????????

You guys love dicking around with the fans !

93. Orb of the Emissary - September 7, 2012

#3- Couldn’t have said it better myself. But you would also think they learned their lesson with the Enterprise vs. Star Trek: Enterprise ordeal

94. Rico - September 7, 2012

Not sure what the big deal about a colon is. You can just make it a sentence just like they could have done in the past. Like I have said before, I just hope the two words ‘Star Trek’ are part of the title. But I’m guessing they are trying to go all “Dark Knight” on us for the title. Does anyone think the title is really that big a deal? It’s what’s in the movie that matters.

95. chuck watters - September 7, 2012

EXCLUSIVE my ass !!

96. AJ - September 7, 2012


Thanks for the praise. Haven’t done a ‘script’ in a while. You only need a theme like ‘Star Trek film title has no colon’ to make your imagination run wild. if you’re me, of course.

97. Anthony Lewis - September 7, 2012

We will find out the title when they release the teaser trailer, 15 minutes before the first midnight screening.

98. Red Dead Ryan - September 7, 2012

Let’s see, they’ve taken a step towards settling on a title? And let me guess, the actual announcement of the title will occur three to six months from now?

TrekMovie’s “Exclusive” headline has become the equivalent of CNN’s “Breaking News”. You tune in for something big, but find out its just a small bit of info that doesn’t tell us anything. Ah well.

Its good to have Anthony back, though.

99. dmduncan - September 7, 2012

“Stay tuned for updates on this and other stories as TrekMovie is now back on the case. ”

Back on the case! Oh that sounds so noir.

100. The Red Shirt Diaries - September 7, 2012

“James Kirk and the Sorcerers Stone”, followed by “Spock and the Chamber of Secrets”. That will get those overseas audiences!

101. Alex - September 7, 2012

To boldly go – if they reboot, it, why not use the chance to turn it into proper english, calling it “to go boldly”? :)

102. LukasKetner - September 7, 2012

Citizen Khan

103. Stephen - September 7, 2012

When are we going to see a teaser trailer?

104. Stovetop Kor - September 7, 2012

Great; we’re gonna get “Another Star Trek”, I bet.

105. John Tenuto - September 7, 2012

“To boldly go” is proper grammar. Most modern English guides allow this, and it should not have been a “rule” in the first place.

106. TenaciousMC - September 7, 2012

Star Trek Atlas

107. Gary Neumann - September 7, 2012



108. Dee - lvs moon' surface - September 7, 2012

Hello Anthony Pascale!… Yeah… Ok… I’m always tuned… and waiting… ;-) :-)

109. Dunsel Report - September 7, 2012





THE REVENGE OF XON. (A weirdo Vulcan shows up from the future to accuse Kirk of killing him via irresponsible use of the transporter in TMP. Benedict Cumberbatch’s portrayal is reportedly tremendous.)

110. sean - September 7, 2012

I was hoping this would include, ya know, THE ACTUAL TITLE. I have to admit I’m getting a wee bit frustrated at the obfuscation.

111. captain spock - September 7, 2012

can some one delete post number 64 , please!

112. jamesingeneva - September 7, 2012

Woohoo! I think the exclusive should be that Anthony’s back! Welcome back dude! Sure would love to know where you go from time to time but hopefully we’ll see more of Bob again in the future. I love his conspiracy theories!

113. Trekker5 - September 7, 2012

Well,here we are hurry up and wait again! But it’s awesome to know they do have a title now,I mean,one they have pined down. I hope they really do release the trailer this Fall,and JJ’s not pulling are leg.

114. Douglas - September 7, 2012

Welcome back Anthony! And thanks for the update!

115. Emperor Mike of the Empire - September 7, 2012

Hmm. Star Trek. The Pascale Effect.
Star Trek’s.
Star Trek’s 2.
Star Tre. Invasion.
Star Trek. First Strike.
Star Trek. The final countdown.

116. Captain Karl - September 7, 2012

Hard to do a lot of things without a colon

117. Jake - September 7, 2012

How about “Khan’s Colon: I Khan’t Believe it’s Not Colon!”

118. langlang1701 - September 7, 2012

If memory serves this Star Trek movie has had a name for 21 years.

Star Trek XII: So Very Tired

119. BobOrci - September 7, 2012

112. Lee Harvey Oswald was a patsy!

120. Jake - September 7, 2012

But seriously, JJ, Khan you please Spock colon our legs? The secrecy is juat silly when the title is even too much..

121. Marc Henson - September 7, 2012

It should be called-


122. Tuxedo Garak - September 7, 2012

If they’re keeping in mind overseas markets who generally dont know what “Star Trek” is, then just translating the words “Star Trek” on a movie poster or box office kiosk won’t exactly get people excited. I mean, it’s not exactly the most exciting or intriguing combination of words. This report then would seem to suggest the title wont include “Star Trek.” Star Trek fans in the know will still know he movie is coming out, and those uninterested or unfamiliar with Star Trek might be drawn by a more creative and exciting title.

The title then could be something vague and thematic, like The Final Frontier,or something more specific to the story, like The Secret of Vulcan Fury.

123. denny cranium - September 7, 2012

@49 I don’t think it will be called phase II
Check out http://www.startreknewvoyages.com

124. Rose by any other name is Keachick - September 7, 2012

Glory of the Star Trek!

125. Hat Rick - September 7, 2012

No colons? Say it ain’t so, bro!

The thing’s gotta have a tailpipe!


126. CanOpener1256 - September 7, 2012

The title is: “Lost Interest”

127. Hat Rick - September 7, 2012

I want to be serious for a moment.

A trilogy works when there is a beginning, middle, and end.

We are all hoping that there will be, at the very least, a trilogy, with ST (2009) having served as the first part (the beginning).

ST (2013) is the middle part, and like SW:TESB, it could give us an expository narrative that leads to the last part of the trilogy.

I am in a Miltonesque frame of mind, and so I propose that we see a title along the lines of “Paradise Lost” — something very evocative of literary profundity, yet suggestive that the end we see in this installment is not the actual end.

I believe that there should be an invitation on the part of the filmmakers for the audience to return for the last third of this story; there should be a cliffhanger that essentially begs for a conclusion.

Something on the order of “Federation’s End,” although that’s used; or “The End of Time,” perhaps. If there is to be a title without “Star Trek” in it, it should be of such nature that it reminds us of the infinity that Star Trek represents, as well as its universe.

“The End of Infinity”
“The Arrow of Fate”
“Journey’s End” (used before)
“A Time to Die”
“The Fate of All Things”
“The Fate of Heroes”
“The Fall of Heroes”
“The Destiny of Heroes”
“The Vessel of Fate”
“A Sacrifice of Heroes”
“The Universal Prerogative”
“Prime Directive” (used before?)

These are more or less random ideas, but I think they give a sense of importance to the enterprise (pun intended). I’m hoping that the title will be memorable and significant, and lead inexorably to an expectation of much more.

128. rm10019 - September 7, 2012

Star Trek Boldly Go!

129. Daniel Craig is My wookie Bitch - September 7, 2012

Well droping Star Trek to the title will turn away more domestic fans,than it will gain international viewers.

Drop Star Trek from the title and have Khan as the villian i will have totally lost interest in the next movie.

For those of you that it doesnt really matter to them, I respect that.
But It doesnt mean that all of have to like it or embrace it.

please say after Star Trek XIII that the series is handed over to a production company that actually respects the MYthology of Trek and its fan base that has supported it for over 40 years, instead of a producer director who is obviously more of a star wars fan than star trek .

Atleast there 10 Star Trek movies out there I can continue to watch on bluray and hundreds of hours of television episodes to make up for the current Lucasized direction the Franchise is in.

130. CmdrR - September 7, 2012

119 – Did you get that from Harry’s script, Bob?

131. Radioactive Spock - September 7, 2012

I know it’s probably not a Khan story but if it were, “Khan” would be a good enough title.

132. Hat Rick - September 7, 2012

A riff on the above:

If there is to be a development of the various character arcs, there must be conflict between the characters with which are familiar. This conflict must take place among a much larger tableau.

Perhaps some idea of the appropriateness of a movie title is how it might fit within the literal narration of a movie trailer.

An example might be the following script:

“You saw them begin their journey in the crucible of universal destruction [cue scenes from ST (2009) — e.g., the death scene of Nero]. You heard them as they embarked on their new voyages to new frontiers [cue Spock’s ending narrative].”

“Now you will witness their trek to the stars — cut short — by forces beyond their control — beyond their very comprehension.”

“This Summer, the Enterprise returns — on its first, and final, exploration of the stars.”

“This Summer, you … will … learn …”

“The Fate of Heroes.”

You get the idea.

133. dmduncan - September 7, 2012

To Boldy Go. That is just so hellishly corny. It conjures in my mind an image of our heroes rendered in the style of old Communist propaganda posters, all square jawed and facing the same direction, their chests pumped out, ready to GO! Where? SOMEwhere! Tis the GOING that’s important!


134. Bill Murray - September 7, 2012


135. Sebastian S. - September 7, 2012

# 126.


Right with you on that one…. ;-D
Kind of tired of non-news news.

136. Ahmed - September 7, 2012

So, when they are going to release the title ?

137. martin - September 7, 2012

Khan Rises

138. Hat Rick - September 7, 2012

Well, considering what Zachary Quinto said recently, perhaps one possibility is:

“Bigger, Bolder, UnTrek”


Apologies to all the South Park fans out there.

139. Weed - September 7, 2012

Bad Reboot Presents:
Star Trek: The Dumbening

The tagline:
“How did Roddenberry, Coon, Justman, and Fontana do it every week? It takes us four years just to grind out two hours of mindless drivel.”

140. LizardGirl - September 7, 2012

Oh YES!!! A title and next…a TRAILER!!! OH MY GOD! And no colon. That was very big question mark. So maybe a slogan of sorts than just a regular 3 or 4 word title? Testing overseas? More news coming soon?! Where’d this article come from all of a sudden! I take a nap and I feel like I missed a week! ^_^

141. The Last Vulcan - September 7, 2012

First of all 119 is not boborci as he is always in lower case. As for the title it might not be

Hov Leng

but I can betcha that’s the way Cumby will say it! :)

142. chris brown - September 7, 2012


“Star Trek into Darkness” is the title according to comingsoon.net

143. Ahmed - September 7, 2012

@141. chris brown

” “Star Trek into Darkness” is the title according to comingsoon.net ”

Really, Star Trek into darkness !!
I don’t know, kinda crappy title, specially without the colon in the title.

144. LizardGirl - September 7, 2012

@127 Hat Trick
I love those ideas. And they don’t sound stupid like my suggestions! :D

They have to pretty much start over with marketing Star Trek so titles without Trek in it might actually do better this time around, as long as the title have a level of gravitas. I originally believed that Star Trek needed to be in the title, but you know what? SCREW THAT! TITLE IT “YOUR MOTHER” AND I’D STILL GO SEE IT. I SWEAR THIS!!!

145. Ahmed - September 7, 2012

@143. LizardGirl


lol, very true, I will go see the movie when it come out next year, no matter what.

However, a good trailer will make me more excited & be able to drag other people to the theater with me to see it !

146. Sxottlan - September 7, 2012

Star Trek into Darkness.

Hmm. It looks a little funny that way. Could work though.

Maybe if it looked like:

S t a r T r e k
I n t o D a r k n e s s

147. CanOpener1256 - September 7, 2012

Ah, amed! U beat me to it. Yep, it I being reported as Star Trek into Darkness. Yeah. . Whatever. Definetly a title that has been mass marketed tested. Let us hope it lives up to its title, but wait .. I thought they were NOT making Batman?

148. Sxottlan - September 7, 2012

Naturally, that is not how I tried to make that look.

149. Sxottlan - September 7, 2012

If Cumberbatch is a Starfleet officer, it could be a riff on Heart of Darkness.

150. The TREKMAN! - September 7, 2012

I got to say that “Star Trek Into Darkness” is an awesome title! :D

151. Daoud - September 7, 2012

I’d been pulling for “Forward Star Trek”
There’ll be plenty of used campaign posters after November 6… just paint Star Trek under ’em, and save a mint!
#145/6…. Have said before that Apocalypse Now/Heart of Darkness type storylines would be superb for the sequel. If we’re getting Cumby as Garth as the Kurtz…. this is going to rock. “Mistah Garth, he dead.” Heck, it could even play with some twist on Khan as the Kurtz character.
Oh well… to the moons of Nibia…. Into Darkness….

152. Harry Ballz - September 7, 2012

It takes guts to work without a colon!

Oh, wait…….

p.s. Lee Harvey Oswald was set up to take the fall!

153. Ahmed - September 7, 2012

Lets not forgot that “Star Trek Into Darkness” is NOT confirmed yet.

154. DonDonP1 - September 7, 2012

Hello, Anthony. Welcome back. Let’s hope the new “Star Trek” movie would have an official subtitle without “2” or “XII,” Like “Star Trek: Klingon Rising.”

155. DonDonP1 - September 7, 2012

Wait: let’s hope “Into Darkness” would be the official subtitle for next year’s big screen adventure from the final frontier. Again, welcome back, Anthony.

156. dmduncan - September 7, 2012

Assuming the rumor is true:

On the positive side, Into Darkness is short and easy to remember.

On the negative side, Into Darkness is unremarkable and easy to forget.

But with a kickass trailer and good poster art that title would work.

Was hoping for something a little more Quantum of Solace-ish, i.e., something catchy, UNUSUAL, and that had meaning.

I’m sure Into Darkness has meaning, but it’s not unusual or catchy.

It’s also dangerously close to another film title in production and scheduled for 2013 release, Into the Darkness.

I’d be inclined to play with it a little more…

157. TrekMadeMeWonder - September 7, 2012


158. Gilberto - September 7, 2012

Why not use the original name in the country’s language. The Star Trek series was called in Portuguese: “Jornada Nas Estrelas”. People just did not recognize “Star Trek”. I believe this happened in many countries. It’s SOOOO obvious…

159. Gilberto - September 7, 2012


160. Rose by any other name is Keachick - September 7, 2012

I did not take Damon Lindelof to mean that the words “star” and “trek” would not be in the title but that the words could be part of a phrase.

I don’t like “Star Trek into Darkness”. It’s horrible. F*ck, I’m depressed already – as if we don’t have enough “darkness” – dark this, dark that…All I can visualize is our beloved heroes falling into some dark pit out there, forever lost and they say there is no Hell…oh yes, there is.

Perhaps something like “Dark Trek towards Star Light” or “A Star Trek from Darkness”

Welcome back, Anthony. I hope that Paramount/Bad Robot don’t hold out too much longer on title, trailer, good still photos from the movie etc. Hopefully it should be coming soon since Michael Giacchino has been told to get his musical talents operating again. A trailer needs music.

161. Red Dead Ryan - September 7, 2012

“Star Trek Into Darkness” just doesn’t evoke the positive future originally imagined by Gene Roddenberry. It counters it. Makes it sound like the sequel is going to be really grim and un-optimistic, possibly even depressing. Not to mention that its visually awkward as well.

I don’t think this is the title. It may be a deliberate misdirection on the part of J.J Abrams (like “Blue Harvest” was by George Lucas), or some blogger just pulled it out of his ass and suckered a number of people on this site into believing it.

162. Red Dead Ryan - September 7, 2012


163. dmduncan - September 7, 2012

And maybe it’s a title they are considering so they leaked it to get some fan feedback without having to admit it’s a title they are considering.

164. dmduncan - September 7, 2012

Comingsoon.net is correct: startrekintodarkness.com and startrekintodarknessmovie.com have both been registered.

If it’s a hoax, somebody is wasting money on it.

165. DonDonP1 - September 7, 2012

#150 Agreed.

166. A - September 8, 2012

The COLON is paramount! Star Trek Into the Darkness is just silly.

167. captain spock - September 8, 2012

Happy Star trek Day to one & all!

46 years ago today……

september 8,1966

was the begining …………..

168. Charley W - September 8, 2012

“It was 46 years ago today
that Gene Rodenberry
called the cast to play…”

169. Christopher Roberts - September 8, 2012

“space opera had been going in and out of style
but it was guaranteed to raise a smile…”

170. I am not Herbert - September 11, 2012

the problem is the content,

not the title… =(

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