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Shot-By-Shot Analysis Of Star Trek Into Darkness Teaser Trailer December 17, 2012

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Spoilers,Star Trek Into Darkness , trackback

The teaser trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness ‘has all sorts of interesting things to ponder for Trek fans looking for insights into the movie. As we do with all new trailers and previews, TrekMovie takes an in depth shot-by-shot look at this trailer, trying to pry out the secrets. Find out what’s inside the trailer below, but beware of Spoilers.  


Star Trek Into Darkness Teaser Trailer Analysis

Once again TrekMovie dives deep into the new trailer with a shot-by-shot analysis. The captions below are based on what TrekMovie considers to be confirmed information. In some cases it will note when there is supposition or conjecture.

(Click images to enlarge)

Trailer starts out with some quiet shots of San Francisco and the USS Enterprise…

San Francisco skyline

Empty corridor and bridge of USS Enterprise

We now hear the voice of Admiral Christopher Pike (Bruce Greenwood) speaking to Kirk with an ominous warning…

There is greatness in you. But there is not an ounce of humility. You think you can’t make mistakes. But there is going to come a moment when you realize you are wrong about that. And you are going to get yourself, and everyone under your command killed.

Capt. James T. Kirk in flight suit uniform

Kirk and Dr. Leonard ‘Bones’ McCoy running from aliens on planet Nibiru – jump into ocean (to waiting submerged USS Enterprise – not seen here)

Kirk looks on (appears to be watching Harrison fight Klingons on Qo’noS)

Chekov runs though lower decks of Enterprise (wearing Engineering red)

Spock (apparently in command chair of USS Enterprise)

Uhura on Qo’noS

Unknown character (probably Harrison) looking down at destruction in a city (possibly from the bridge of a ship through broken screen/window)

Bones looks concerned

Scotty looks more concerned

Sulu looks cool

Ships fly by in missing man formation (presumably for a memorial)

Federation flag being folded by Starfleet honor guard (presumably for a memorial ceremony)

What appears to be tubes with people inside of them (more on that below)…with two unknown characters leaving the holding room (cargo bay?)

Music changes again, now we hear the voice of John Harrison (played by Benedict Cumberbatch) who is (presumably) also speaking to Kirk, saying…

You think you are safe. You are not!

John Harrison in brig of USS Enterprise (note: ship is at red alert)…wearing Starfleet uniform

Small ship fires through window of a building (possibly related to Starfleet meeting attack seen in ‘announcement trailer’)

Unknown character (possibly Kirk) in space suit dodging debris (possibly over Earth’s moon or similar cratered body)

Spock in Nibiru volcano

USS Enterprise sustaining damage

Kirk and Scotty unable to grab unknown crewperson as they fall/slide down Enterprise corridor

(Presumably) Klingon ship chases smaller craft (possibly on Qo’noS)

Once again the musical tone changes and again we hear Harrison, this time asking a question…

Is there anything you would not do…for your family?

Kirk enters room on USS Enterprise

John Harrison in command chair of a ship (not USS Enterprise)

Explosion (possibly on Enterprise)

Uhura and Spock kiss

Dr. Carol Marcus screams (note someone is on the ground behind her)

"Father" (played by Noel Clarke as seen in 9-minute IMAX preview) drops Starfleet Academy ring into glass of water

Scotty is just hanging on by his fingertips (unknown location)

Kirk in space suit looks a little concerned (probably due to his visor cracking and the whole dying in the vacuum of space thing)

Kirk punches John Harrison and Spock and Uhura look on (presumably on Qo’noS)

John Harrison beats someone up (note victims wrist in lower image)

Kirk (presumably at scene of Starfleet meeting attack) fires phaser rifle through window at what appears to be same ship hovering outside building (see above)

Spock jumps off floating barge or platform

Ship (not the USS Enterprise) crashes into San Francisco Bay

Kirk (at location of Starfleet meeting attack seen in ‘Announcement Trailer’) looks concerned

(Presumably) Kirk and Spocks hands touch through transparent wall

What have we learned? What about those tubes?

The trailer confirms (or at least implies) some new things for Star Trek Into Darkness...

Also it can’t go without saying, but those tubes could be a HUGE clue. One possibility is that they are coffins for whoever was killed in the Starfleet meeting attack. While coffins are a possibility, windows on coffins (especially coffins following a terrorist attack with possible severely disfigured corpses) seems unlikely. Another line of speculation could be that these are some kind of bio-isolation chambers and could be related to the sick girl seen in the IMAX preview. This is a more plausible theory, but the girl wasn’t isolated in the IMAX preview. It also may not fight with the sheer number of tubes, but a plausible theory.

However, another intriguing possibility is that this is a clue to the true identity of John Harrison. TrekMovie’s John Tenuto put together this comparison shot from the Star Trek episode "Space Seed," which introduced Khan Noonien Singh.

Top from Star Trek’s "Space Seed" and bottom image from "Into Darkness" trailer

There appears to be frost on the windows, which would indicate a cold environment within. That indicates these could be cryo-chambers for keeping people in stasis, like those seen on the Botany Bay in "Space Seed." These chambers held Khan’s crew of genetic supermen. One could say that if these are his fellow genetically engineered exiles from the Eugenics Wars, they could be the "family" he refers to in the dialog heard in the trailer.

Regardless, it is also intriguing to speculate as to who are the two figures seen leaving this room (cargo bay?). The one on the right might be Cumberbatch’s Harrison. The one on the left appears taller and more broad-shouldered (and possibly has a pony tail). The white outfits might indicate medical staff?

Who are these guys?


VOTE: One more guess the villain poll

Now that you have seen the second trailer (and the IMAX preview), who do you think is the villain?

(After seeing Trailers/preview) Guess Cumberbatch Into Darkness Villain

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1. TJ Draper - December 17, 2012

Interesting. Who knows, could be Kahn yet. Though there’s a part of me that would be disappointed with the lack of originality. Still, maybe a fresh take on Kahn could have enough originality.

2. Iva - December 17, 2012

Dr. Carol Marcus screaming gif should become a meme.

3. Disinvited - December 17, 2012

Me first?

4. Elias Javalis - December 17, 2012

This could very well be the most sophisticated Star Trek Flick…ever!

5. Luther Sloan - December 17, 2012

Did you notice The Motion Picture insigna pin?

6. cmdrdiaz - December 17, 2012

Thank you so much for this Anthony!, I am absolutely looking forward to this movie.

7. Iva - December 17, 2012

1. If you plan on killing Pike, please use this break until the movie comes out to fix that and kill Kirk instead. Kirk is a jerk.

8. Baxter - December 17, 2012

Or the tubes could be the caskets of the starfleet personnel killed in the terrorist attack…

9. gov - December 17, 2012

I’m thinking the scene with the rows and rows of cryo tubes might be a “final” (or at least toward the end) type shot. Ala Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Perhaps we’re looking at Starfeet’s (or some regulatory authority’s) temporary solution to the augments. Just freeze em. They’ll be tucked safely away from society.

just a guess, of course.

10. Jonathan - December 17, 2012

Isn’t Scotty hanging on by his fingertips in Engineering?

The area above his head looks like the area the Warp Core(s) eject at the end of the 2009 film. It also fits with the rest of the ship being upended.

11. Roddenberry was a Peacenik - December 17, 2012

Hmm. Post disappeared.

Anthony did I say anything out of order by saying that there’s alot of outfits in this movie? I didn’t curse or anything so I’m not sure why that merited a deletion.

Anyway, as I said in the other thread, looks even better than the 9 minutes.

12. miketen - December 17, 2012

I guessed it Khan with a twist. Harrison could be Jachim (sp).

13. Iva - December 17, 2012

2. Don’t kill Chekov, he’s just seventeen. :(

14. Blair - December 17, 2012

Anybody else concerned that the look of the Botany Bay and the cryotubes should not have been affected by the timeline split, and therefore should lookexactly the same as in “Space Seed?”

15. FlavoredAir - December 17, 2012

@Luther Sloan – I noticed that too. Curious. Very curious.

16. Commodore Shaggy - December 17, 2012

I’m starting to think that is the case – he is a superman but not Khan himself, just one of the followers probably looking to restore Khan, a lot like the storyline from ENT. Or perhaps just bring back the idea of genetic work being able to save people (thus explaining Noel Clarke’s character and their dilemma)

17. TUP - December 17, 2012

Here’s my take. BC *is* an augment. But not Khan. The film will end with him waking up Khan just in time for the third film.

18. miketen - December 17, 2012

This also explains where Chekov was at during Space Seed, he was assigned to engineering. But this time maybe the Klingons got to the Botany Bay first and “Harrison” is trying to free them. I have to say the first movie kind of disappointed me but I am looking forward to seeing this one in May.

19. Harry Seldom - December 17, 2012

Now that I’ve seen those tubes, I’m in the Harrison is Kahn camp. Although I’m not thrilled with the idea (I wanted a new baddie).

– Harry

20. SherlockFangirl - December 17, 2012

Where is Peter Weller? :-(

21. SimHns1 - December 17, 2012

another theory is the ship kirk is firing at through the window could be the Botany Bay. This trailer is awesome may cant come soon enough

22. Phil - December 17, 2012

Federation flag being folded by Starfleet honor guard (presumably for a memorial ceremony)….or a surrender.

Spock seems to jumping off of everything in this movie.

23. Curious Cadet - December 17, 2012

Hey Anthony, thanks for contributing to the gigantic misdirect on those stasis tubes. There couldn’t be any other possible explanation!!

24. Iva - December 17, 2012

3. This Spock dislikes Kirk, wants him dead, spends all his free time away from him? It’s getting old.

Where is that friendship that is supposed to define them both?

It’s not gonna happen with Bones being the only one around Kirk and Uhura hogging all Spock’s time and the two of them never meeting unless both are on the bridge at the same time.

25. Roddenberry was a Peacenik - December 17, 2012

Okay so it looks like that the red plane/ship that Spock jumps on is the one that attacked Starfleet HQ, as well as being the vehicle that Kirk fires on through the window. Since it matches up with the leaked fight photos between Spock and Cumbers, I think it’s safe to assume it’s being piloted by Harrison… Quite interesting.

26. Jefferies Tuber - December 17, 2012

The small ship attack on the building at night matches the shot of Kirk defending himself with the phaser rifle. But the building also resembles Kirk’s cylindrical apartment tower in TWOK.

27. Son Of MJ - December 17, 2012

Cumberbatch as Khan in my opinon would be like Harvey Dent changing from Billy Dee Williams in Batman to Tommy Lee Jones in Batman Forever.

28. Moputo Jones - December 17, 2012

A new Klingon BOP and Augment stasis chambers = nerdgasm.

29. Curious Cadet - December 17, 2012

ANYBODY NOTICE there are NO DEPICTIONS of alleged SUPERHUMAN STRENGTH in this trailer?

Interesting …

30. captain_neill - December 17, 2012

Please don’t redo Khan! please don’t redo Khan! Please don’t redo Khan!

31. Roddenberry was a Peacenik - December 17, 2012

Can anyone read the lettering on that red flyer ship? I see a “208” and then something below it. If that’s Harrison’s ship it could be a clue.

32. Zedlander - December 17, 2012

I really don’t mind who ‘John Harrison’ turns out to be… it looks like he’s going to be a formidable foe for Kirk and co.

The cynic in me does think that vast amount of uniform changes each characters has (Chekov in gold and red uniform, Kirk in what appears to be 5 or more outfits) seems to be a merchandising tool – see how many action figure variants they can get out it it…

but that aside I am so excited to see this film. After Star Trek (2009) I have complete faith in J.J. and his team to bring us the best Trek yet.

Why isn’t it May already?! arg!

33. captain_neill - December 17, 2012

It will be unorginal and riffing off a better Trek movie

34. JC - December 17, 2012

I think it’s safe to say that the eugenics war theme will be a major factor in the story. What if John Harrison is Kahn’s boss?

35. Drunk Garak - December 17, 2012

@14 Blair “Anybody else concerned that the look of the Botany Bay and the cryotubes …. should lookexactly the same as in “Space Seed?”

Reality can be subjective. The past is never exactly what you remember. I seem to remember Captain Kirk having a very different face and voice in Space Seed, not sure how to explain that, and the bridge of that Klingon Bird of Prey really seemed like it changed completely between movies III and IV.

But anyway, I’ll say that as a fan I generally agree with you, sets shouldn’t change that dramatically if referencing previous productions, but somehow I don’t think that’s an issue here. I don’t think this the Botany Bay or anything we saw in Space Seed.

36. captain_neill - December 17, 2012


I don’t think it will be the best ever Trek but it will be a great movie.

37. ProtoMan - December 17, 2012

I think that John Harrison is an augment, but not Kahn (because you’ve seen the stasis chambers in the trailer). Kahn will appear in the end of the film (cliffhanger) as a shadow.

38. Actual - December 17, 2012

Until we see the last two digits of the registry number, we can’t be sure that’s Enterprise. It could say 1702 for all we know.

Also, is it just me or does it look like the deflector dish is ”hanging off” a little?

39. FusionVok - December 17, 2012

Leaked set pics from Spock/Harrison fight = top of that building Spock is jumping off of in the teaser?

40. Dee - lvs moon' surface - December 17, 2012

In the scene with the tubes … the guy who appears in the background wearing a yellow suit I think … ? … who is he? Harrison??

41. Roddenberry was a Peacenik - December 17, 2012

“The cynic in me does think that vast amount of uniform changes each characters has (Chekov in gold and red uniform, Kirk in what appears to be 5 or more outfits) seems to be a merchandising tool – see how many action figure variants they can get out it it…”

I know, right? I don’t really care if it’s just to sell action figures though…since I’ll probably buy them. ;) In the post I made that was deleted, I joked that there’s more outfit changes on these guys than Queen Amidala.

42. Drunk Garak - December 17, 2012

Anyone else catch that the Klingon Bird of Prey’s wings are rising in brief glimpse we get?

43. RedShirt232 - December 17, 2012

The building from which Spock jumps looks an awful lot like the “space barge set” seen in the behind the scences photos:

44. Lux - December 17, 2012

Looks like a boring – albeit slicky made – action film. A brain-dead film for a brain-dead audience. I’ll pass on it, methinks.

45. Roddenberry was a Peacenik - December 17, 2012

Hey RedShirt, I don’t think that’s a building. As I mentioned above, that looks like the ship that Kirk was firing on through the window in another shot.

46. Sunfell - December 17, 2012

This movie’s title should be, “Star Trek Into Base Jumping”, judging by all the cliff- and skyscraper leaps we see.

47. Actual - December 17, 2012

Spock is merely attempting the Adama Maneuver.

48. Jonny Boy - December 17, 2012

All that damage to the Enterprise is pretty awesome/terrible… looks like the deflector isn’t just damaged. It looks like it’s about to sheer off of the ship completely… wonder if we will see a refit Enterprise by the end of the movie…

49. Josh C. - December 17, 2012

so to summarize:

The fact that the call number on the ship is __C-17__ is NOT proof that it is the enterprise, but capsules sitting planetside somewhere is IRREFUTABLE PROOF that Khan is in the movie.

Got it.

50. Son of MJ - December 17, 2012

I still want to know why Spock is doing Yoga in the Volcano as the lava is rising and bubbling around him in the prolouge.

I mean seriously Yoga? YOGA! come on this is Star Trek not Riverdance.

51. RedShirt232 - December 17, 2012

Sunfell – Good point. Last movie, free climbing was the extreme sport of choice. I lost count of how many ledges Kirk had to pull himself up from.

52. BoroPhil - December 17, 2012

@14 – not at all. this is a film made in 2012, Space Seed was made in the 60s, it has to look different and imo that doesn’t affect canon.

If this is Khan, great, though I wouldn’t be surprised if it was another one of his bunch. maybe Khan has been captured/killed by the Klingons?

The big question for me is if Harrison is Khan or one of his followers, how has he got into Starfleet?

53. Data Logan - December 17, 2012

the shot with Scotty “hanging on by his fingertips” looks to me like he might be weightless
or otherwise some kind of change in gravity happening
because he’s hanging horizontally compared to the floor in the background

54. PureGenius - December 17, 2012

I think the shot where Kirk or Benedict is looking out at the destruction below, is actually from the bridge of a starship that has crashed in SF or London. Look at the angle at which he is looking from. And the surface below him doesn’t look like a building. There are no windows and it looks like the hull of a starship. Especially when you use the other buildings as a frame of reference. The whole thing is titled.

55. Actual - December 17, 2012


I never said it was Khan. Honestly, at this point I don’t give a damn who the villain is. It’s been hyped up too much.

Whoever it is, it will just be a ”oh…okay” from me.

56. Son of MJ - December 17, 2012

Weller is April, and Cumber batch’s Harrison is a reverse aged April.

Mark my words and this date, I am making the prediciton NOW.

57. George Zip - December 17, 2012

#49 I hope so, and I hope it winds up being Gabe’s…

58. Josh C. - December 17, 2012

Why would we have Kirk fighting augments only to end in a cliffhanger where…he has to fight more augments in the next movie? Even Star Treks II, III, and IV didn’t have that direct a line to each other. I mean, you had the Genesis Planet, but it wasn’t really a villain.

59. cpelc - December 17, 2012

Scene wear Kirk enters in command gold is Sick Bay. I remember it being the only room that was painted blue in the last movie. It also had large lights on the wall around the door.

60. RaveOnEd - December 17, 2012

I do notice in the pic of the cryo tubes that the men in the background are facing a wall similar to the “starbase wall” that was in TOS: those rectangular stone shapes.

The men also look to be wearing lab-type coats.

61. Exverlobter - December 17, 2012


Although i really hope that John Harrison is John Harrison and not Khan, i think it is really suspicious that IMDB has not adapted the Harrison-name yet (still listed as “Khan rumored”), while Alice Eve is already listed as Carol Marcus.

Does IMDB already know something?

62. Aix - December 17, 2012

Wow after weeks of speculation, we are back to Khan…

63. Moputo Jones - December 17, 2012

#57 & others – Please stop now with all of this Robert April nonsense! There is no way in hell that a non-canon character from an animated series that barely had a one season run is going to be the villain in a big budget movie.

64. Killamarshtrek - December 17, 2012

Has anyone noticed the building Spock jumps off is the set from the leaked photos!

65. Damian - December 17, 2012

I’m still not aboard the whole Harrison is Khan thing. It looks pretty clear Harrison is a former Starfleet Officer. It’s certainly possible Khan ties into the story. Based on the earlier review of the 9 minute clip, Harrison is already active at the beginning of the film, so he is not found by Kirk and Spock. Also, looking at the background of the clip with the possible cryo-tubes, it looks more like it’s located in a warehouse on the surface of a planet/moon, not a spaceship. It’s pretty clear they are some sort of cryo or stasis tubes. Also, just the fact that Cumberbatch really looks or sounds nothing like Khan. And the scene looks nothing like the Botany Bay at all, so I think it’s clear if nothing else, it’s not the Botany Bay.

I’m with captain neill on this. If it were to be Khan, that would be a huge disappointment for me. We’ve got maybe 3 films with this team. I don’t want to waste a film retreading already covered ground. I don’t care if Khan’s supermen were tied into the story, but I was completely satisfied with the Khan story already portrayed.

We’ll see. My own uneducated prediction. There are too many clues (from previous “spoilers” comments by Bob Orci that he was going to read the Eugenics Wars and so forth) that Khan and/or his band of merry supermen figure are a prominent part of the story, but that Harrison is not Khan himself. Perhaps one of his minions, or more likely to me, an admirer of Khan who takes on his mantle.

66. John Tenuto - December 17, 2012

Another theory/guess:

The “Father” is placing his own Starfleet ring in the glass because he is sacrificing his oath to Starfleet, selling his soul to Harrison to save his daughter

This is another of the is there anything you wouldn’t do to save your family motif in both trailers:

Kirk must learn to have less hubris so he could save his family
Father sacrifices his oath to save his family
And Harrison (maybe Khan) is on a mission to save his family (the augments in the “Space Seed” cryo tubes)

Just a guess…what do fellow fans think?

67. Jefferies Tuber - December 17, 2012


Was it boborci or someone else who described the ship that nosedives into the water as a “ship out of time?” Having a hard time finding that comment.

68. Curious Cadet - December 17, 2012

@ 59 Josh C,

Yeah, it’s going to be Khan or augments in this movie, or the next but not both, if at all.

Still liking the stasis pod theory for terminally ill patients. The more I look at that scene with he camera pulling back, the more it feels like an homage to Citizen Kane/Raiders of the Lost Ark (which we know they’ve already admitted to in the opening). I get the sense that two orderly types have just wheeled a patient, perhaps Noel’s daughter, into a vast warehouse of patients who have no hope for immediate recovery, and the camera pulls back to reveal the sadness of it. Perhaps is is e decision Noel and his wife are asked to make with regard to their daughter …

69. cpelc - December 17, 2012

67 – I like your theory about the Father character – you can clearly see that he is distraught and crying.

70. Anthony Pascale - December 17, 2012

“ship out of time” was fake comment by fake jerk who isn’t coming back

71. Exverlobter - December 17, 2012

Peter Weller is the Key!
We still dont know anything about him. I hoped that this trailer would show him.

72. Shunnabunich - December 17, 2012

@45: As can be expected from the people who made ST09.

(Cue the trolls saying “you can’t judge it by the trailer” despite having been faced with 127 minutes of evidence before these trailers even came out.)

73. Damian - December 17, 2012

Also, it looks like the much maligned engineering set still looks like a brewery (or Freddy Kreuger’s boiler room).

74. Yoda - December 17, 2012

Could be Harrison is another Augment that was Khan’s second in command. Khan was killed by the Klingons and Harrison took over. He then kicked the Klingon’s butts and took over the Reliant in the alternaye time line ????? Could be good. J.J. might have thought since they could not get Benice Del Torro (Spelling) they had to alter the story to fit another actor. Mmmmm logical it is . Yes ….

75. mhansen0207 - December 17, 2012


Just as we can count on trolls like you who will whine and complain about anything and everything.

See you at the premiere.

76. Smike - December 17, 2012

@14: Yeah, it concerns me a bit as well. But on the other hand we can’t expect them to recreate the Botany Bay in exactly the same fashion as it had been done in 1967… That would look ridiculous…

I guess there are two ways of looking at it:

1) Either this is a COMPLETELY different universe altogether, with the Narada having not only altered history but also entering a parallel reality to begin with…

2) We take these series and movies simply as visually different recreations of the “real” events…

Solution 1 would account for the HUGE visual and technological divergences between TOS and NuTrek. It’s not just some minor tinkering…the look and feel is well ahead of anything we’ve seen on TNG and other 24th century outings.

Solution 2 is closer to reality. Of they ARE just movies and TV episodes but if you want to willingly suspend disbelieve, it might help to think of them as artificial recreations of “real” events…like any new adaptation handles the original source material differently.

In my book, TOS is the precious comic book source that is now adapted into huge blockbuster movies. As with all great adaptations and reimaginations, there are huge differences between the original and the adaptation/remake… The LOTR movies are significatly different from the books, the TDK trilogy has only loose ties to any comic book source material. That’s perfectly fine with me.

77. Roddenberry was a Peacenik - December 17, 2012

This is driving me nuts. Can anyone read the text under the “208” lettering on the ship that Kirk is firing on? It could be the name of his ship, an indication as to whether this is a starfleet vessel or something from Weller’s corporation (whatever it’s called), or some kind of clue that could hint as to who or what is attacking fleet HQ…

78. Dunsel Report - December 17, 2012

I love the little Starfleet mementos like the salt shaker in the first one and the class (?) ring in this one.

79. Max - December 17, 2012


Then, shouldn’t the bridge of the Kelvin have been made of plywood with candy console buttons?

80. Anthony Pascale - December 17, 2012

The Starfleet class ring was actually developed for STAR TREK 2009. Pike wears it at least in one scene.

81. DeflectorDishGuy - December 17, 2012

So… its the second star trek movie in a series… and it features Dr. Marcus… and cryo tubes? And terror and vengeance?

Great… love the “originality”. :(

Where are the writers?!? Can no one tell an original story??? Something unique???

82. John Tentuo - December 17, 2012


Is QMx starting the molds on those Starfleet rings?

83. mhansen0207 - December 17, 2012


Point me in the direction of an ENTIRELY original story that has been made within the last 5 years.

Yeah, didn’t think so.

84. Trekzilla - December 17, 2012

I no longer think Cumby is Gary Mitchell, but I don’t think he’s Khan either*. I do think the plot has something to do with Eugenics. How?

Tune in in May. :-)

*nor Garth, nor Trelane, nor Sybok or Captain April… Or Gary Seven!

85. Travis - December 17, 2012

I hate to put it to you guys but now it looks more and more like The Botany Bay is found and that John Harrision is just more of a alias to who the villain really is… KHAN!

Also too i think the Enterprise does get destroyed… Thats right the Enterprise gets DESTROYED!!!!. Hence i do believe we get to see the new girl at the end of the film… The Refit…. U.S.S. ENTERPRISE…. NCC-1701-A!!!!!

86. J - December 17, 2012

I’m not a big fan of clinging to the Earth location AGAIN. Earth in jeopardy, no kidding, that’s been done like eleven million times?

87. Aix - December 17, 2012

What if the last scene of the movie was the pods?!!

88. Darkthunder - December 17, 2012

And no mention or showing of Peter Weller’s character? All focus seems to be on Benedict Cumberbatch, and the remote possibility that he would be playing Khan. What about Peter Weller?

89. The Skys The Limit - December 17, 2012

Good Trailer. I was on the fence about the villain being Khan, but now, I’m more convinced than ever that he’s a version of Khan. Again, lots of curve balls thrown here, but the sum of the teasers/trailers I’ve seen now indicate it’s Khan.

If this is the case, while I’m quite excited to see the movie, I’m equally disappointed that some other aspect of Star Trek wasn’t explored. I’m really all “Khanned out” and hope the third movie offers us something truly Star Trek worthy along the “Where No Man Has Gone Before” theme.

Then again, this could all be an alternate reality, and I could be dead wrong.


90. Commodore Adams - December 17, 2012

Hey Bob, I have one suggestion for the cityscapes in the next movie. If Star Trek is based on our world, the way the green revolution is progressing I would like to see some greener cities. In the 2009 movie and the city clips we have seen in the new trailers, London and San Fran look very grey and gloomy. There needs to be more colour in the cities. With the popularity of rooftop gardens and greenery growing on the side of buildings I would imagine they would be quite impressive in the 23rd century.

91. Curious Cadet - December 17, 2012

@77 Smike,

The producers, Orci in particular, have said they would honor canon prior to the timeline. Where canon hasn’t been clear they make certain decisions. The age of Pike is one of those choices for instance.

But Space Seed is pretty clear. Now I don’t think anybody expects the Botany Bay to look identical to the sets in TOS. But there is absolutely nothing wrong with the concepts. Cryo-chambers lining corridors like catacomb buriel chambers are not unusual in SciFi, and perfectly legit here without completely discarding canon they are supposed to be supporting.

I think the more likely answer here to the extent these tubes represent Khan’s followers, is that they have been transferred in stasis somehow, and that is the answer I would expect Orci to give us if indeed these are supposed to be the former occupants of the Botany Bay.

I’m not saying you’re wrong, the producers could have very well re-imagined the Botany Bay, and thrown their pledge to honor canon out the window. But given the things they have said, it seems the least likely answer. Again, if you want to interpret these things as Khan, there’s nothing stopping you from doing so while also honoring canon.

92. Captain Hackett - December 17, 2012

They still use the budengine!!! :(

93. somethoughts - December 17, 2012

Thanks Anthony for all the updates, cant wait till may

94. Peter Loader - December 17, 2012

Clearly the pods are inside a storage container on a planet. There’s a overhead lamp suspended in the corridor outside the door and the wall behind the two individuals exiting through the door is made of brick, slate or wood panelling.

95. Sub Trek - December 17, 2012

Peter Weller could be the guy in the white shirt in that tube screenshot.

96. konar - December 17, 2012

Maybe the ring is being dropped into a solution to extract DNA… perhaps that is BC’s gift to the father.

97. Commander K - December 17, 2012

I think i’ve figured part of the opening scene out!!

Harrison will save Clarke’s (Starfleet officer) daughter…in exchange for access to some secret starfleet meeting/facility…hence why Noel Clarke drops the ring in water…he’ll sacrifice himself or his career for his family.

The shots in the trailer are shown to be the terrorist attack on said meeting.

98. Roddenberry was a Peacenik - December 17, 2012

Uh…ok. I compare the wardrobe changes to a Star Wars movie, the post’s deleted in half a second. Someone makes an obscene and disgusting remark about Alice Eve? It’s still there…

99. Vann - December 17, 2012

Wow, did my comment get deleted for containing the “other website” link?? Let’s try without it.

“Unknown character (probably Harrison) looking down at destruction in a city”

– That’s 100% Cumberbatch.

(Presumably) Kirk and Spocks hands touch through transparent wall”

-That’s 200% Chris Pine’s hand against the light, ( later, ”another website” even posted a walkthrough for dummies) and Spock/ZQ’s behind it, since there’s next to 0 chance any other character would make a Vulcan salute to Kirk while he is (I can bet) dying or apparently dying.

100. Jenna - December 17, 2012

@72 I agree. Why have we not see Peter Weller’s character in these trailers? They seem to be purposefully showing almost everyone else? Would his look give something away?

101. Luxisdumb - December 17, 2012

@45 – LUX

“Looks like a boring – albeit slicky made – action film. A brain-dead film for a brain-dead audience. I’ll pass on it, methinks.”

No on cares what “youthinks”. Don’t go, no one will miss ya chucklehead.

102. Unbel1ever - December 17, 2012

“Unknown character (probably Harrison) looking down at destruction in a city”

Looks to me that is Harrison looking down the saucer section from the bridge of the ship he just crashed as seen later in the trailer.

103. Optimistic Doodle - December 17, 2012

‘Spock (apparently in command chair of USS Enterprise)’

Maybe here it is Spock who asks the question: “If Kirk were here and I were there, what would he do?” …

104. konar - December 17, 2012

51 yrs old, been a diehard ST fan for at least 40 of them , and this looks to me like the most epic, exciting ST experience ever. No reservations… I’ll go in with no judgement and get swept away. I trust this team. I want NEW, seen the old. Keep it coming.

105. Emotionally Logical - December 17, 2012

The cryo tubes do make it seem like John Harrison is an augment, but why would an augment seem to have a friendship with Spock? Did he escape statis early on and infiltrate star fleet and get assigned to the Enterprise?

106. Fascinoma - December 17, 2012

What if Spock Prime had warned Starfleet about the Augments and the Botany Bay… so Starfleet tucked the augments away and kept them hidden from society… creating a self fulfilling prophecy that they’d become a problem later?

Should’ve just shot em out of the sky.

107. The Sinfonian - December 17, 2012

@86 Hey, apparently Nibiru is in much greater jeopardy. Blow up London and San Francisco, and the rest of the Earth is still there. But one volcano on Nibiru will wipe out a whole civilization!

I think John Harrison is John Harrison. I think Bob and Alex and Damon realized their story was good enough that they don’t need Khan to make it work. However, it better make sense in a way that Nero didn’t. I’m not thrilled that Star Trek becomes a series of movies about angry or disturbed men: Khan, Sybok, Chang, Soran, Ru’afo, Shinzon, Nero, etc.

108. Weerd1 - December 17, 2012

@83: How about in the last 500 years? Not really.

109. Damian - December 17, 2012

75–Dude, take a chill pill. I loved Star Trek (2009), but that does not mean I liked every last detail. There are a lot of us out there who wanted some changes to engineering.


110. Klingg - December 17, 2012

@105: What makes you think he has a friendship with Spock?

111. Commodore Adams - December 17, 2012

Frost on the windows and windows to begin with on a casket….mmm I don’t think so. Cryo containers for sure.

112. mhansen0207 - December 17, 2012


Whoops, my bad, my comment was not directed at you, but rather #72, the post above yours.

Sorry about that.

113. John W. - December 17, 2012

86: The “refit” is still NCC-1701, isn’t it? 1701-A was a completely new ship, right?

114. Fascinoma - December 17, 2012

107 – I hear ya. The best Trek stories, to me, have been the ones that haven’t been “Enterprise vs this year’s psychopath”. I am really hoping this one has a bigger plot than at, and like Star Trek VI, has some kind of big politics with the psycho of the year only being a player in a bigger game.

Khan was only a good “psycho of the year” because he had the context of Space Seed to make his motives understandable. No psycho after that has had any motives that made any sense.

I wish Trek would get back to stories like III, IV, VI. Maybe with nuTrek, they can. Next Gen played it safe way too much.

115. Dr Fyzziks - December 17, 2012

Another possibility re: Chekov. He’s working Security. Red = Engineering & Security in the original series. And in the original movies, Chekov ended up as chief of security on the Enterprise, after the 5 year mission ended.

116. Emotionally Logical - December 17, 2012

@110: Well I inferred it from people reporting that the “hands on glass” omage to wrath of khan was actually spock and john, not spock and kirk. And it seems to be an emotional gesture that wouldn’t seem to be to just another officer to spock. but like I said, I am inferring, no proof of anything.

But here’s another question, if Harrison is an augment, why would a 1990’s superhuman be able to save a little girl that a 23rd century doctor isn’t?

117. sean - December 17, 2012

Clearly, this is evidence that Garth of Izar has put windows on coffins of all the characters he’s killed, so he can see if the are also shapeshifters and make sure that their bodies don’t change into something else after he’s killed them.

That’s really the only explanation, guys. Either that or it’s really Harry Mudd and that’s where he keeps all his android friends. No wait, it’s the KELVANS and in the new continuity, they don’t turn people into dodecahedrons, they turn them into the darker, much more complex forms of coffins-with-windows!

I’ll take my prize now, please.

118. gov - December 17, 2012

Separate thoughts:

Some of the scenes are taking on a very “Blade Runner-ish” look. I like it. The nighttime scenes most specifically. Kirk firing out the window at the red ship. The straight up low angle shot of the ship attacking the building. Even Scotty dangling in, what appears to be, one of the Enterprise’s lower decks. And that look would fit in nicely with “into darkness”

Perhaps Chekov in red is serving temporarily on a different ship. Maybe his help was needed. That would 1) explain the red shirt if he’s working in engineering and 2) explain why there are still brew tanks there. I was under this impression that Mr. Orci said the brewery set would not be used. So…maybe the brew tanks ARE still part of another federation ship’s engineering section. (basically, im just looking for an excuse as to why the brew tanks are still around and then I shoe-horned Chekov’s red shirt into the same story)

does it appear to anyone else that the ship crashing into the water isn’t quite crashing….but more like its being controlled like a toy? Like there’s some unseen force (not a star wars reference) that is tossing the the ship around as it pleases.

119. pock speared - December 17, 2012

Loki (Avengers) gets put in a glass, well lit, high security prison. And cleverly escapes.

Raoul Silva (Skyfall) gets put in a glass, well lit, high security prison. And cleverly escapes.

John Harrison (STID) gets put in a glass, well lit, high security prison. And cleverly escapes.

Surely just Jungian coincidence.

120. John W. - December 17, 2012

#106: This is my problem with this new timeline and the idea that Enterprise should encounter in any similar way the same challenges it faced before: Spock Prime should have told them about everything. It should be his life’s duty (outside of rebuilding Vulcan society) to inform the Federation and his buddies about what awaits them in the cosmos.

121. Phil - December 17, 2012

redshirt deadshirt…Chekov goes out in a teenaged blaze of glory…

122. MJ - December 17, 2012

A bay full of people in cyro chambers.

The Botany Bay!


See !!!!!

123. anonanon - December 17, 2012

Chekov on a different ship: Ha, he was on a different ship for the beginning of a certain Star Trek II, as well…

124. Peter Loader - December 17, 2012

What if a few hundred or so genetically altered super-humans were cryogenically frozen after the Eugenics war until a solution could be found what to do with them. What if one of them could save your sick daughter?
I think Noel Clarke’s character is the key to the whole situation. Maybe he’s in charge of the facility where they are kept.

125. Damian - December 17, 2012

No problem. Sometimes the numbers get comment numbers get jumbled up if something gets deleted. I re-read my comment and I was thinking it didn’t seem like a troll comment. Whether engineering is changed or not isn’t really going to make or break the film for me.

I kind of wished we could edit prior posts.

126. anonanon - December 17, 2012

116: I think Harrison may be a geneticist who has gotten high on his own supply, so to speak.

127. Trekzilla - December 17, 2012

#118 — Or, that ship crashes on Earth after the Earth star base is blown up?

128. Check the Circuit - December 17, 2012

@ 14 Blair

“Anybody else concerned that the look of the Botany Bay and the cryotubes should not have been affected by the timeline split, and therefore should lookexactly the same as in “Space Seed?”

I’m with you.

I like to think I’m an open minded guy and have bought into all the new timeline changes happily. (Changes in technology, location of Enterprise construction, et al.) But if you create a set of rules, you kind of have to play by them. In my mind, prior to the Narada temporal incursion, NOTHING would look different or would have unfolded differently. Now maybe there would be more “hi def” detail on a ship or a slightly different texture to a uniform, but the style and basic shapes should be essentially unchanged. So if we happen to see a glimpse of NX-01 in a museum, we should instantly recognize it. If we see the Botany Bay, should instantly recognize it. If we get a look inside……you get the idea.

129. Commodore Adams - December 17, 2012

@ 44. Lux – must you be so ignorant? Must every movie be highbrow? Honestly you can’t really make a judgment call until you see the entire movie to decide that is mind numbing. Its like saying oh there are containers in the movie, must be genetically engineered people. We don’t know that. That’s the problem with the world, people like you, who think they are better than everyone else and can talk down like this. And don’t say your not because that is exactly what the subtle undertones of your comment is saying. You want high brow, get off this site and go watch movies from the Criterion Collection, maybe take a trip to Vienna and eat some caviar and foie gras and shut up. Personally I like the best of both worlds, sometimes I don’t want to think, I just want to shut my brain off and enjoy some mind numbing fun.

so na na na boo boo stick your head in doo doo, high brow enough for ya.

130. Phil - December 17, 2012

@119. Yes…and don’t call me Shirley.

131. Commodore Adams - December 17, 2012

@ 104. konar – Yes, thank you! You’re the kind of fan I like, like me. Die hard fan for years, open to anything and letting yourself get swept away. Kudos to you!

132. cd - December 17, 2012

14 – not alternate timeline, but alternate universe. Nothing in the AOK universe has to look (or act) anything like its counterpart (opposite) in the TOS universe.

133. Damian - December 17, 2012

122 (MJ)–You’re going to totally crap yourself if Harrison is not Khan :). I’m sticking with my own prediction, that Khan influences the story in some way but is not the villain.

Who knows, maybe we’re all wrong (actually, I kind of hope all of us is wrong–I would love to be able to say “Wow, I never saw that coming”).

134. Klingg - December 17, 2012

@116: Oh I see. Then you can dismiss that, the hand against the light is Chris Pine’s. And no other character would make a Vulcan salute to Kirk.

And answering your question, who’s to say he IS able to do that? Villains lie.

But if he does, it sounds more like him having access to something the father doesn’t (and not necessarily the doctors don’t), like something that wasn’t available for common patients to get, but only tested in selected people.
I mean, the father doesn’t seem to be just giving up Starfleet, he looks disappointed, IMHO.

And they can freely say he’s not from 1999 and change whatever they feel fits better, if they want.

135. Tony Whitehead - December 17, 2012

47. Sunfell Agree…
ST09: Kirk Hangs On To Cliffs
ST13: Into Base Jumping
ST16: McCoy Fall Down, Go Boom

I sorta miss…
Star Trek: An Actual Star Trek Movie

136. pock speared - December 17, 2012


Loki (Avengers) is captured during a rampage gets put in a glass, well lit high security prison, then banters wittily and darkly with his captors. And then using his superior mental abilities, cleverly escapes.

Raoul Silva (Skyfall) is captured during a rampage gets put in a glass, well lit high security prison, then banters wittily and darkly with his captors. And then using his superior mental abilities, cleverly escapes.

John Harrison (STID) is captured during a rampage gets put in a glass, well lit high security prison, then banters wittily and darkly with his captors. And then using his superior mental abilities, cleverly escapes.

Surely just Jungian coincidence.

137. Robman007 - December 17, 2012

They won’t go the route of the A this early.

No doubt all it will do is serve as a story point to do one of the many refits that even the original ship had….larger secondary hull, ect. Might come out looking more like the TOS version

138. John Tentuo - December 17, 2012

Okay, I figured it out…

Harrison is Khan, but Khan then merges with the whales from Star Trek IV. This is why there is a starship in the ocean.

The bad guy is then renamed Khales.

This explains why Khan spouts lines from Moby Dick in TWOK. See? It all works doesn’t it?

139. Jonny Boy - December 17, 2012

The whole “Loki/Silva/Harrison in glass prison cell is a ripoff” thing is ridiculous. These movies were all in different stages of production at nearly the same times, in completely separate production houses. Its more a matter of 3 artists coming up with similar ideas at similar times based on trying to invent “futuristic” technology. Just coincidence, not a lack of imagination.

140. Anthony Pascale - December 17, 2012

I changed one thing. Spock is jumping off a floating barge, not a building

141. Emperor Mike of the Empire - December 17, 2012

I saw the 9 min trailer and Star Trek Into Darkness looks like one hell of a ride. From what In saw I see that Kirk and McCoy and Spock are really coming together as the one and the action and the story are looking very impressive. I so can’t wait to see the rest of the movie.

142. Emperor Mike of the Empire - December 17, 2012

Thank you Anthony. Oh by the way. Did they use your name in the movie and or BND.

143. Robman007 - December 17, 2012

I’m starting to think the Enterprise sufferes this damage as a result of the fleet being “detonated” and could be the reason this would be a personal battle between Kirk/Harrison.

The damage may come early. Who knows.

144. Robman007 - December 17, 2012

The damage in those shots looks like either internal explosions or collision damage, not phaser/Photon damage.

145. Emotionally Logical - December 17, 2012

@126: good point, a geneticist would make a lot of sense. But he seems pretty bad ass with extra human powers from the brief klingon fighting clip so I guess maybe he would have had to augment himself as well?

146. Peter Loader - December 17, 2012

Bird of prey looks interesting. Hopefully we’ll get some shots of the bridge before the movies out.

147. Emotionally Logical - December 17, 2012

@134: Ok, if its kirk and spock then nvm. Regarding the whole save the daughter thing, I guess it could be that he is going to use some radical therapy or something. But it almost seems like the father is going to be important to the story some how and does something that gets earch and starfleet vunerable as payment for the meds. If thats the case and its only something like radical therapy, there had to be a better way of obtaining it than to make a deal with the devil.

148. Sirtis - December 17, 2012

Bones looks almost close to tears in the “Bones looks concerned” picture, doesn’t he? Could it be the “hands on glass” scene? Also: Look at Scotty in the “Scotty looks more concerned” picture. He is looking at someone with a phaser, I think, quite possibly Harrison.

God, I sm really psyched, the trailer looks amazing. Can’t wait to see the movie

149. Michael - December 17, 2012

I am eating delicious crow.

It is Khan.

150. Rose (as in Keachick) - December 17, 2012

John Harrison is, in all likelihood, er, um…..John Harrison.

Unfortunately, revenge has always been probably one of the most powerful motivators for doing all kinds of dreadful deeds. It is “universal” and so it is hardly surprising that this emotion would not feature somewhere in a movie where there is conflict of some kind.

Carol Marcus is part of James T Kirk’s backstory, so there is no reason to think that she could not appear somewhere in this timeline. Even though, in this new timeline, Kirk has been made captain at an earlier age, it is still about the right time for Carol and Jim to have first met, give or take a couple of years… Although we only met her once, much later in Kirk’s life, in TWOK, she was still important and there is no reason to think she may not be important for Kirk, Starfleet, etc in this alternate timeline as well.

I love this new trailer. There does seem to be an awful lot of destruction and violence. The scenes are interesting in that they pose various scenarios that create curiosity rather than provide any substantive answers.

I am trusting there will be quieter, more thought requiring, contemplative moments in the movie, along with some humour and fun, “a touch of romance”, tangible, whimsey, cutesy even (the Captain’s beagle mascot?)… giving our heroes really HUMAN(E) REASONS to fight on, to “find the crack” and allow the light in.

151. Creed - December 17, 2012

@14 no because space seed was filmed 40 years ago and shoddy sets just to maintain continuity would looks ridiculous on an HD movie in 2013. This is fiction, enhance your suspension of disbelief.

152. Robman007 - December 17, 2012

Most of the internal Enterprise damage scenes do not look like a crew at battle stations…more like one taken off guard, in a panic.

Kirk will do something that makes most think he is dead, but Spock will save the good Captain. Kinda seems the extended scene preview points towards Spock leaning away from his strict view, especially with Kirk putting it all on the line

153. Chain of Command - December 17, 2012

Cool. Looking forward to seeing the new film. Granted, the new “take” on Star Trek is more in the line of a super hero/ action movie, but it is good to see Star Trek get “electrified”. It definitely needed a booster shot after the “Spin-off” era.

154. Leejonm - December 17, 2012

Who’s the big guy with a ponytail with Harrison walking away frome the tubes. Looks like singh to me

155. Riker's Beard - December 17, 2012

You say it’s water in the glass but….

156. Travis - December 17, 2012

@ 113: No sir! You have to remember that this Enterprise NCC-1701 ( introduced to the 2009 movie ) was that of the Original Enterprise from TOS episodes! If thats the case then you will see a ” Refit ” Enterprise at the end of this film… NCC-1701-A. Something tells me that the Enterprise 1701 saves Earth but gets Destroyed upon saving Earth! If thats the case and i know Starfleet is already building the ” Refit ” vessels then i can assume for the 3rd and final film… The Enterprise-A is in the lead!

157. MJ - December 17, 2012

@128 “I like to think I’m an open minded guy and have bought into all the new timeline changes happily. (Changes in technology, location of Enterprise construction, et al.) But if you create a set of rules, you kind of have to play by them. In my mind, prior to the Narada temporal incursion, NOTHING would look different or would have unfolded differently. Now maybe there would be more “hi def” detail on a ship or a slightly different texture to a uniform, but the style and basic shapes should be essentially unchanged. So if we happen to see a glimpse of NX-01 in a museum, we should instantly recognize it. If we see the Botany Bay, should instantly recognize it. If we get a look inside……you get the idea.”

This does not make any sense. Dude, the Eugenics Wars did not happen in the 1990’s, so they are going to have to redefine the Khan back story anyway to update it.

158. Gideonblaze - December 17, 2012

Anthony, how do you know the Harrison is in the brig of the Enterprise and not another Constitution class ship, perhaps the one that crashes into the bay?

159. Max - December 17, 2012

Are those KLINGONS in the cryo tubes? They sure look like they have big foreheads.

160. Anthony Pascale - December 17, 2012

RE: brig
It was discussed at Bad Robot event.

As I said, if there are no weasel words (presumably, probably, apparently, etc) then assume it to be confirmed info

161. Beyond Antares - December 17, 2012

I would just like to quote a comment from:

“People who have seen scripts for the translation of the nine minutes confirm that the name in the Cumberbatch lines is ‘April’.”

162. Robman007 - December 17, 2012

There won’t be an A. The Enterprise doesn’t get lit up in battle. More likely this is sustained in the early parts of the film when the fleet is detonated. The outside damage scenes look like the Enterprise is suffering collision based damage, while the internal scenes look like a crew caught off guard and working to save the ship from the same fate as her sister ships of the fleet. The Kirk space scenes are his way of helping the ship, pout side of the ship.

163. Peter Loader - December 17, 2012

154 Probably Weller as Khan. Looks to be the same jacket as he wore in Space Seed at the dinner table.

164. dontcare - December 17, 2012

@156. Actually the Kelvin at the beginning of the 2009 movie was originally supposed to be the 1701, making the later Enterprise the 1701-A. Paramount told JJ he couldn’t start the movie by destroying the Enterprise, so it became the Kelvin and Captain Robert April became Captain Richard Robau.

For those out there who don’t take themselves too seriously, here is webcomic about young Gene Roddenberry.

165. Peter Loader - December 17, 2012

So the Botany Bay was discovered by Captain April? The plot thickens.

166. Pg - December 17, 2012

My guess is Starfleet gets their paws on the Botany Bay crew, they bring the cargo back to study, they reawaken one of the crew members being Cumberbatch’s character, and perhaps he eventually escapes and realizes that Starfleet is about to do some very rancid experiments on his “family” of cargo.. This gives him the rage he needs to want to inflect terror into Starfleet and modern day humans, and perhaps he goes and gets a face alteration to blend into society (this would also be the perfect excuse to have a Khan that ultimately looks like Cumby’s version).. He becomes a starfleet officer, a la John Harrison, and little by little he manipulates people on the ship, Kirk thinks he’s on their side initially and it’s not until the scene you see where Kirk punches his lights out that it’s revealed he’s really NOT a guy named John Harrison…

That’s my best guess… Oh, and perhaps he kills Carol Marcus considering she’s more than likely put at the tip of the spear of these genetic experiments put on Khan’s Botony Bay crew….. and maybe, just maybe, if she had relations with Kirk early on, he kills a pregnant Carol…Thus David now dies in both timelines… The end..

167. Emperor Mike of the Empire - December 17, 2012

To Khan or not to Khan. I this John is one of Khans supermen but not Khan himself. I think that Spock Prime told Pine Kirk about the Botney bay or he told Starfleet about the S.S Botney bay and Star Fleet went and took over the Botney bay and John being one of Khan’s men escaped and is out for revenge.

168. gueffel - December 17, 2012

This film seriously misses lens flares. seriously.

169. Emperor Mike of the Empire - December 17, 2012

I think that John is from the S.S Botney Bay but not Khan. Spock Prime told Starfleet about the ship and starfleet took over and John escaped and is now out for revenge against starfleet for what they did to Khan.
Remember. Lenord Nimoy is in the new movie.

170. RetroWarbird - December 17, 2012

I have a feeling this movie has “conflict of the Prime Directive/Starfleet’s values” written all over it. The father dropping his ring into the glass … the 95% chance of a rogue Starship Captain who might very well be intervening in the affairs of the Klingon Empire. I’ll still think it’s cool if he’s Captain Garth and that explains his super-human attributes, but ultimately it’s unnecessary – contemporary “TOS-era” 22nd Century genetic engineering would create a super-human far more powerful than Khan ever could have been, being the product of 20th Century engineering. (And that’s exactly what Captain Garth was – a 22nd Century super-man.)

171. shamelord - December 17, 2012

Great work. That John Harrison name is so banal it really sounds like a cover name.
I don’t know of JJ and is team are playing with us but I felt the same as Anthony regarding the tubes when I saw the trailer.
It really looks like the story is a variation of the Khan story. (“Father” can save these people in the tubes, “John” gives him his daughter’s life in return, “John” knows how to bend minds to his will… Khan and his faithful crew anyone?
So I feel all this points to a band of Eugenic guys and dolls.
And if JJ and his tean are misleading us it has to be said they are very clever.
(And their goal is reached – I want to see the film.)

172. Klingg - December 17, 2012

@161. Beyond Antares: there is no such comment on that page.

There is a comment of someone saying “apparently someone who worked on ADR reported that the name Robert April *is* used several times in the movie…”

Which can’t be proven at all, but if it’s true, nothing of that means BC’s character is April.

Maybe PW’s character is April, more probably.

173. drumvan - December 17, 2012

#184 – Also: Look at Scotty in the “Scotty looks more concerned” picture. He is looking at someone with a phaser, I think, quite possibly Harrison.

that person is holding the phaser in their left hand. clue?

174. Exverlobter - December 17, 2012

Why did they change the “Your safe” line?

In the first trailer, Cumberbatch said: “You think your world is safe”
In the second he sais: “You think your safe”
Which sentence will be used in the final film?

175. martin - December 17, 2012

In the Cryo-bed picture, I think the guy on the left is Hurley and the guy on the right is Ben Linus.

The guy on the left is big. Thinking that is Weller, Cumberbatch, any of the crew or Noel Clarke makes no sense.

BTW- I am loving the idea that someone posed that Noel Clarke is Dr. Daystrom and he has to trade computer codes for a cure for his daughter.

176. John from Cincinnati - December 17, 2012

Khan recognized Chekov in TWOK even though Chekov wasn’t in the series until season 2, the explanation…Chekov was working in the lower sections (possibly Engineering).

Chekov was wearing a red shirt in the trailer.

Just another clue to it being Khan

177. Jack Johnson - December 17, 2012

(Wow) This movie is going to be amazing. I dont want to keep reading all of these spoilers. I genuinely want to be surprised.

I have been saying since the first trailer that this has to do with Eugenics and the Eugenics Wars. It may or may not be Khan but I knew that it could only be one thing.

I will say this, I love this new Trek and I suspect I will love it more as this all plays out, I think that it is important that we get a film where the exploration roots or the consequences of exploration are shown.

Dont get my wrong I dont want them talking to a probe or VGER again but something like the City on the Edge of Forever with a mondern twist would be cool but then it would be another time travel story.

I dont know all I know is that I am grateful to be here to see this and I cant wait to be in the movies when it comes out.

Man It gets me all tingly thinking about Space Seed. I am going to watch it tonight.

178. John from Cincinnati - December 17, 2012

Why was Cumberbatch’s hair dyed black?

179. n1701ncc - December 17, 2012

Khan is awakened in Star Trek Power and Brilliance

180. Ted C - December 17, 2012

@#2 “Dr. Carol Marcus screaming gif should become a meme.” Only in today’s bizarre internet obsessed culture would someone post such a strange comment.

181. Exverlobter - December 17, 2012

If i want to love this film these 3 things should be avoided:

The Enterprise should not be fueled with Beer anymore
Dont kill Spock Prime
Leave Khan alone!

Well Abrams denied that its Khan, so i can feel safe, but despite this i have a the bad feeling that they will use Khan anyway. Maybe its Pete Weller. That would suck.

182. AsroRND - December 17, 2012

May be they killed Scotty? That’s why Chekov is wearing red uniform and also there is a snapshot of Scotty almost falling down (in engineering)..who knows. Or they just killed Spock :)

183. Trekzilla - December 17, 2012

#180 — I saw that strange comment and didn’t know what to think of it either…


184. Max - December 17, 2012

I think Harrison is a descendant of Khan. Maybe the character has always been a descendant, hence the attempted casting of Del Toro, and other similar-looking actors. So, they eventually cast BC, dye his hair black and leave it at that.

185. Curious cadet - December 17, 2012

@178 John from Cincinnati,

Presumably because his character comes from canon and had dark hair. Alternatively, this character could have died it (assuming he’s trying to conceal his identity) which if from canon means his hair was not black.

186. Anthony Pascale - December 17, 2012

Added yet another guess the villain poll at the bottom of the article

187. Luke Montgomery - December 17, 2012

44. You will pass on the film? Why say things that are clearly not true. You are on a comment thread for a trailer 6 months before the dim even comes out. Do you expect anyone to believe that come May you will not bother to even see this film?! Please.

I’m very tired if the negative people on this thread who slam a film that they have not even seen. When was the last time a studio gave you $185 mil and an A-list production team to make anything? It’s easy to be nobody’s nothing and slam the hard work and creativity of others.

That said, I am amped about this new addition to the Star Trek universe. I’ve seen the IMAX preview twice and was blown away by the scope and scale if it. The characters were spot on and I loved seeing my childhood heros love again and risk their lives saving those people threatened by the volcano. Classic Star Trek but now bigger than ever.

I cried at seeing Bones and Scotty live again. Spock was pitch perfect.

In Star Trek 2 Spock goes into the reactor chamber to save the crew. In this film he goes into a flipping volcano to save s planet. The scene is both a call back to the first time he says “the needs of the many” and an statement about the much bigger 3d canvas our beloved little cheesy cheap 60’s TV show is now getting.

I love it! Thank you Bob Orci, JJ and the rest if he team!

188. gingerly - December 17, 2012

*throws up hands*

Man, I’ve been saying it’s another augment since I broke my hiatus, and came back.


189. Anthony Pascale - December 17, 2012

Please dont link to comments made on other sites. If there is reportable news we will report it. Some random comment on another site isn’t news it is just some guy

190. gingerly - December 17, 2012




191. MJ - December 17, 2012

@181. Not true. Abrams just denied that Del Toro had not been signed to play Khan; he never said Khan wasn’t the character being cast.

192. ripleyaeryn - December 17, 2012

I think the ship crashing into water is highly probably NX-01, nacelles are very similar to NX-01 on Enterprise.

193. MJ - December 17, 2012

@190. Like you really know this?

194. Son of MJ - December 17, 2012

What’s great about using April, is we have never seen him in live action Trek before.
SO really J.J. and BobOrci could mold and make him whatever they envision.
I think that is much more exciting that a Khan wanna be or follower

195. The Devil Wears Armani - December 17, 2012

@115 OR, Chekov is wearing red because he is now transporter chief, which would be considered part of engineering. He did show that has an aptitude on using the transporter in the last film.

196. The MIghty Chip - December 17, 2012

@192 – I’m not so sure. The NX-01 nacelles were round, and the ones crashing into the water were more triangular. To me they looked very similar to Sovereign-class (Enterprise-E) nacelles. The hull isn’t nearly long enough to actually be a Sovereign ship, but if we’re toying with the idea of more “Ships out of Time” then I’d be more inclined to say that ship is from the TNG movie era, not the ST:E era.

197. Rowsdower - December 17, 2012

So did they darken Simon Pegg’s haircolor in post?

198. Reign1701A - December 17, 2012

The cryo-chambers could be patients with incurable diseases, possibly for Noel Clarke’s daughter. Like we saw before here:×26/theneutralzone_hd_039.jpg

199. Yanks - December 17, 2012

I haven’t read all the comments here yet, but I think this is the best trailer yet!!

I’m more and more confident this movie is going to surpass the last one and can’t wait until May.

Thanks Anthony!

200. Beyond Antares - December 17, 2012

@172. Klingg

Yes there is. Scroll down and go to page 2 of the comments. Sure, there is no proof like your say, however it could still be true. It seems unlikely to lie about such a thing like that – I mean, for what purpose? – but then again it could also just be second hand misinformation. Who knows …

201. Starman - December 17, 2012

What about Kirk’s brother? Wasn’t his name Johnny?

202. Curious cadet - December 17, 2012

@157 MJ,
“the Eugenics Wars did not happen in the 1990′s, so they are going to have to redefine the Khan back story anyway to update it.”

Lets assume for the sake of argument that the producers feel compelled one iota to do this (and I think it’s a stretch to assume anybody gives a crap about this technicality in a fictional story). They will simply move the date ahead 50 or 100 years. They won’t completely re-write the Khan backstory. He will still be the best and brightest of a group of genetic supermen, he will still rule 1/4 of the Earth’s population peacefully for a short time during a period of anarchy, and he will still escape in a sleeper ship named the Botony Bay with 84 of his soldiers. Changing anything about this means he’s NOT Khan, and is basically anybody else who happens to have the same name as Khan. This includes the look and feel of what has been previously established. Bob Orci has promised to honor canon. If he allows any substantial changes as you suggest, simply because of a date conflict in a fictional show with reality, then he’s failed his pledge to the fans.

Not saying this will stop Abrams from doing it anyway, but for now there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever that the filmmakers are going back on their word. None. The only reason to assume this is to try to fit a round Khan into a square John to reconcile with the evidence so far presented. Frankly, you keep making this argument as if you need to for some reason, when in fact there’s no reason to make this particular argument at all. There are perfectly logical reasons to explain what we have seen so far without retconing the Botany Bay.

203. Yanks - December 17, 2012

Oh, and I still want Scotty to find Porthos and then Kirk or Spock to give him to T’Pol.

One can want, can’t they?


204. Ran - December 17, 2012

A lot of explosions in this trailer. Still, does not tell me anything about the movie. As usual with J.J. and crew; visually stunning, thin on the plot.

205. SuperDeanio - December 17, 2012

:43 seconds in, the shot of Spock sitting in the command chair (as screen shotted above), he’s also wearing SEATBELTS!

206. The Outrageous Okona - December 17, 2012

I’m pretty sure the person saying “is there anything you would not do for your family?” is not Cumberbatch. It’s a softer voice with a different tone.

Could be an unknown Klingon character, speaking to Kirk (or someone else) at a time when they are in refuge on Kronos.

I also think that world with all the structures is Kronos and that ship is JJ’s new Klingon Bird of Prey. it looks like it has wings and red exhaust.

Or, it could all just be my imagination…

207. Marc Henson - December 17, 2012

I gotta say people….it really bothers me that people are already saying they are disappointed with a movie they haven’t even seen yet. Can’t we just wait til it comes out? I read one person say that he’s disappointed the villain is Khan. Seriously?? We don’t even know it is him. And from the looks of this film its quite original. How original does it need to be for God’s sake? It seems that there will be connections to the original series episode Space Seed, but there’s no evidence that that baddie is Khan. This is just speculation. Just because they sprinkle characters here and their from previous episodes or films doesn’t make it unoriginal. I like that stuff…it honors what came before. Did anyone ever get tired of seeing Q? I didn’t. Why not just wait to judge till we’ve seen the film.

Oh and 63, the animated series lasted two seasons. Sure season two was pretty short, but that was the way Filmation was at times. And I think its safe to say that most consider the show Canon. That being said, I still don’t think Robert April would be the villain.

208. Curious cadet - December 17, 2012

@198 Reign1701A –
“The cryo-chambers could be patients with incurable diseases, possibly for Noel Clarke’s daughter.”

Yup, I like this explanation, as I and others have already postulated.

However, I’m starting to wonder if gene therapy has anything to do with saving Clarke’s daughter. After all, it seems pretty clear he’s being manipulated to betray Starfleet to save her life. It doesn’t have to be gene therapy, it could be a miracle drug, or even some kind of empathic powers, especially if this is unrelated to Khan …

But I think there’s still a possibility that these cryo chambers could represent some kind of Khan/augment storyline, completely unrelated to the girl. Just nothing conclusive, especially considering they do not appear to be aboard a ship, but on a planet somewhere …

209. Luke montgomery - December 17, 2012

I love that the “father” character might be Dr. Richard Daystrom being forced to trade secrets to Harrison in exchange for saving his daughter.

Another thought… Is Spock Prime in this film? I thought I heard rumors of that. Anthony do u know? Maybe Spock prime is spilling the beans about Kahn at star fleet hq and Harrison opens fire killing him. That could be Spock Prim’s funeral. Thoughts?

210. myhony1967 - December 17, 2012

SPOILERY CONJECTURE ALERT: “Is there anything you would
not do for your family?” My thought about the hands on glass
scene: It’s with John H. in confinement. Kirk & Co. still don’t
know who the hell he is our why he is doing what he is doing. JH tells him he’s protecting his own family/people from destruction by destroying Starfleet. A mild “mind meld”–the Vulcan equivalent of a lie-detector test–confirms JH’s motivational claims. And his family? An army of supermen, one of which is his JH’s wife, created by Peter Weller’s private “weapons” expert and financed by Starfleet. Alice Eve’s character is the military’s liaison with Weller’s defense contractor. Years earlier, Starfleet assigned these supermen to a secret assault on a Klingon planet that was suspected to be the home of a program to create
their own super soldiers. Instead of a quick in-an-out campaign, a real war developed, as the Klingons never bowed to the attack. As a “to the last man” battle continued, Starfleet abandoned the secret mission, leaving them to fight for survival day in, day out on a war-torn world light years away. As time passed, JH & wife had children, but war eventually claimed them. As for Khan, he is the leader of these super soldiers on this planet. Cumberbatch is not Kahn, he is JH–he is this movie’s villain. Khan will appear at some point, setting up movie #3 (“The Empire Strikes Back,” referenced at some point by JJ as the nadir for 2nd films in trilogies, will inspire this cliffhanger approach.) And by Khan making an appearance–and ever so brief one in STID–JJ and company will have mad good on their word that a villian from the TOS would be in this film. And who will be playing Khan? Benecio Del Toro, AS ORIGINALLY PLANNED. Oh, and another guess–JH is responsible for the assassination of Capt. Pike. All the funeral crap is for Pike, and it drives Kirk to seek vengeance (Japanese title) against JH for killing the closest thing he ever had to a father…to having a family.

211. Emperor Mike of the Empire - December 17, 2012

In the poll I voted other Augment. But one of Khan’s Supermen that was with him.

212. Basement Blogger - December 17, 2012

@ 121

Phil says,

“redshirt deadshirt…Chekov goes out in a teenaged blaze of glory”


But can’t Chekov get lucky with a female teenage vampire first?

213. J - December 17, 2012

Paramount and announce first “DELETED SCENES” from STID:


214. Jack - December 17, 2012

128. Well, we saw parts of the Botany Bay in TWOK that we didn’t see in Space Seed. Oh, and a completely different group of er, augments other than Khan.

There are always ways to explain things. The pods, if from the botany bay, could have been removed from the ship. Maybe these are new pods. Maybe Khann and a few others were in those store window pods but everybody else was in the cool ones.

Maybe somebody from a future with better production design and a bigger budget came crom the future and changed this timeline centuries before.

215. Riker's Beard - December 17, 2012

The bloke walking out on the left is khan I reckon (hair, overalls, build) thus setting up the next movie, bit like the end of batman begins.

216. Jane - December 17, 2012

I am starting to believe John Harrison is not Khan after all. I am starting to believe John Harrison is the one who wants to bring Khan in reanimation. He, Harrison is just the curtain. Now, the question is if he will succeed.
But what about the canon? I don´t know.

217. Jay - December 17, 2012

#91 That is not canon. How sets looked in the 1960’s is not canon. It’s the ideas that are canon. Space ship with crew in statsis…. nothing more. You can’t claim set design as canon. That’s rediculous and makes reimagining an old TV series pointless.

Some people go way overboard with their ideas of canon. It’s so rediculous.

218. Jack - December 17, 2012

180. Ted C – December 17, 2012
@#2 “Dr. Carol Marcus screaming gif should become a meme.” Only in today’s bizarre internet obsessed culture would someone post such a strange comment.

Dad? When’d you figure out how to turn on the computer?


219. Trick - December 17, 2012

MUCH better than the first teaser. The first teaser looked a little bit like Action Film 7. This one is quite good (at least at getting me interested in the film), with a bit more of the Trek that I was craving in the first one.

220. Jay - December 17, 2012

#202 If they mention past dates it will be updated.

Clearly Star Trek is suppose to be our future… that’s the idea of the whole story. For those that started watching Star Trek with ST09, you can’t put some fictional events in their as happening in the 1990’s when they didn’t actually happen. Star Trek refers to actual historical events all the time, so when they refer to a finctional historical event, it needs to fit in our history.

This is just common sense story telling, so they would change the dates if they chose to mention them at all. They could just talk about the eugenics wars “over a 100 years ago” or in the past, etc without give actual dates.

221. gingerly - December 17, 2012



Come on, now. Common sense.

If there were a character named Mei Lei, that’s probably not a black American dude.

222. Trekzilla - December 17, 2012

#214 — we didn’t see the Botany Bay in TWOK. Those were the same work bee cargo pods we saw in ST-TMP. Kirk gave them to Khan and his comrades when he stranded them in Cet Alpha 5.

223. Jay - December 17, 2012

#207 Typical Trekkies…. “OMG they moved the cryo tubes out of the walls and into rows on the floor!! I refuse to watch it!!”


224. Jay - December 17, 2012

#214 Or, maybe the ship and tubes just look different – more realistic from the point of view of 2012 versus the 1960’s – because this is a new vision of Star Trek and technology has advanced leaps and bounds since the 1960’s.

But no, some Trekkies would rather kling to the illogical and impractical idea that everything that appeared in TOS has to look exactly the same as it did then.

225. Jack - December 17, 2012

222. Wasn’t there a seatbelt that said Botany Bay? I know we didn’t see the ship itself, but wasn’t the idea that it was part of it? Anyway, whatever. In that case, the cargo bays looked like nothing else on TOS — which is fine… because it’s not real?

Wait, where’d the bit about work bee cargo pods come from? You’re saying they’re the same props/set?

226. Harrison John - December 17, 2012

Thought :

In the trailer, where Pike talks about Kirk getting everyone “under his command” killed, it then goes to shots of McCoy, Uhuru, Spock, Chekov, Scotty, Sulu. Also it shows what many think is John Harrison standing and looking down over the destruction from the top of a building or ship.

Does including JH in that montage supposedly infer that he was part of the Enterprise crew under Kirks command?

227. Jack - December 17, 2012

“which is fine… because it’s not real?” wasn’t supposed to be a question.

228. SPOILER ALERT - December 17, 2012


229. JaceF - December 17, 2012

I’m still betting BC is playing Arik Soong

230. Trekzilla - December 17, 2012

#225 — Khan himself says “We only had the contents of these cargo bays to keep us alive”. Yes, they were the same set pieces we say being loaded into (if not, rebuilt to look just like them) the hangar deck in ST-TMP.

True, those pods did not exist (at least on camera) aboard the original Enterprise.

Yes, that SS Botany Bay belt and buckle were in the cargo pod, but I think Kirk just let Khan have some of his personal items from the Botany Bay before he stranded him there.

231. dayxday - December 17, 2012

@Iva How did I live to be 45 years old and never hear of the work “meme” until this year? The other one I’d never heard before that now seems to be ubiquitous is “wheelhouse”. Maybe I need to get out more.

232. Remington Steele - December 17, 2012

Thats it, isnt it.

Someone said it above, John Harrison isnt Khan but the man who introduces him.

Whats the betting that the shot of all the stasis containers is the final shot in the film….a set up for the third movie where there will be Khan?

233. dayxday - December 17, 2012

^^ I meant to say “word.”

234. Jack - December 17, 2012

‘Khan himself says “We only had the contents of these cargo bays to keep us alive”’

Yes, I know. I’ve seen the movie too.

235. Hakka - December 17, 2012

From all the footage we’ve seen so far…

We see Uhura four times more than Bones and… what she does for the 99% of the scenes? Exists just for being the girl-of-Spock.

Just. Great.
Couldn’t just we pretend they had broken up or at least be more professional and not snog every two second, JJ?

I don’t like to be against the pairing. They could be a good new difference between TOS and Reboot, IF ONLY UHURA WASN’T PICTURED AS ONLY SPOCK’S GIRL!!!
Dammit, so much for women be equal to men….

236. Sam1701 - December 17, 2012

They spelled “Qu’onos” wrong. Oh well, klingon is a pretty difficult language.

237. Quatlo - December 17, 2012

Has anybody noticed the crew falling scene is the bridge set, not corridors? Big E loses gravity in battle damage I reckon. Too bad about the Bud plant engine room coming back. Could the reason for the drab exterior shots be due to something the bad guy did on his rampage? Looks like pollution from a volcano or other soot to me, fallout from worldwide destruction of some sort. Or maybe it’s just a cloudy day or the weather regulator is broken.

238. Jack - December 17, 2012

I’d always thought the cargo bays could have been parts of the Botany Bay.

So, you’re just theorizing too.

Regardless, it’s a f***king movie, not a record of real future events.

239. Classy M - December 17, 2012

#206: It’s definitely Cumberbatch. The change in his voice is just one of the many things that make him such a remarkable actor.

240. ThisGUy - December 17, 2012

That shot with the cro-tubes may very well have Khan in it…large man wearing robes in background. Looks khanish.

Maybe Benecio Del Toro “dropping out” was just a cover story as he filmed his cameo…

241. anonanon - December 17, 2012

156 Travis: I don’t think that’s right. The refit occurred for TMP, and the name was still 1701.

The only way we will see 1701-A is if the thing is destroyed, as you have said — and that would not be a “refit” — that would be a new vessel.

242. Killamarshtrek - December 17, 2012

@ 161. Beyond Antares

I’m beginning to warm to this ‘Robert April’ theory. Knowing how obsessive these guys are with secrecy, why would they be giving away such an obvious breadcrumb trail which leads to Khan?

Look at the clues to April, none of them have come from Bob Orci, April’s name against the ‘Gattling Gun’ design, his name against Cumberbatch’s lines in the script, he’s English, he has a history with ‘counter ageing’ technology which he could use to help Noel Clarke’s daughter and which would explain his younger appearance.

There’s one other ‘coincidence’ which just occured to me. Robert April appeared in TAS episode – ‘The Counter Clock Incident’. John Harrison is the name of Britain’s most celebrated clock maker who invented the ‘Marine Chronometer’ which allowed ships to accurately navigate the globe.

I for one don’t believe in coincidences, this is the way these guys minds work!

243. martin - December 17, 2012

@201 – “Wasn’t Kirk’s brother named Johnny?”

Kirk’s brother is George Samuel, only Jim Kirk calls him Sam. The Narada timeline split would occur after George Samuel was born, so that part didn’t change.

In ST09, Kirk called out to Johnny on the road, but this is not still Kirk’s brother. In the deleted scenes it is still George Samuel, the Johnny change was to make it Jim’s friend, not Jim’s brother.

Besides, why would Jim Kirk’s brother, growing up in Iowa talk like a scary Jean Luc Picard.

Wait a minute! Jean, John …. John, Jean. Maybe it is not John Harrison! Maybe it is really John Luc Picard! That would explain why the NCC-1701-E is crashing into the bay! And he sort of talks like Jean Luc, and like Jean Luc, he is caucasian!

And that makes about as much sense as most of the conjecture here.

I am going back to Sybok. Or maybe it is Norman 01 from Mudd’s planet.

244. dr reality check - December 17, 2012

Bringing Khan back would ruin the movie. He was overdone in the original series and the Star Trek movie that featured the return of Khan was easily the worse of the series.

245. Craiger - December 17, 2012

That ship crashing into the ocean looks like it has Enterprise E Nacelles. Or maybe it was the Enterprise J?

246. R. Banks - December 17, 2012


I have a 1/1000 scale model of the NX-01, and I paused the crash scene in a couple of spots and literally held the model up in front of the screen.

I angled it downwards the best I could to match the angle of the crashing ship. Laying the model over the mystery ship, I was surprised to see that it’s a pretty good overall match as far as saucer size, length, angle of the pylons and length of the nacelles.

The thing that does not match is, as you pointed out, the fronts of the warp nacelles. The movie crash ship has those angular fronts, and the NX-01 has round ones.

Of course, my comparison is just casual speculation, and is by no means conclusive. It could be the NX-01, or it could be some other ship. Guess we’ll just have to wait until May 17 for the answer.

247. Craig - December 17, 2012

Anthony or BobOrci… Just watched Star Trek 2009 again for fresh perspective on all of this. Did we see a young John Harrison in the first movie? The young Kirk drive past a “Johnny” in the chase scene. If so, kudos to your team Mr. Orci.

248. anonanon - December 17, 2012

Alice Eve screaming … “KHAAANNNNNN!!!!!” ?

249. Schultz - December 17, 2012

To my fellow readers. Is there a stereo version of the teaser? I really love it, but the mono sound just p****s me off.

250. The Original Spock's Brain - December 17, 2012


251. Trekzilla - December 17, 2012

#238 — No I’m not “theorizing”. Khans comments and my eyeballs confirm what I said. I can’t help it your either blind or just prefer to ignore the facts. To wit, take a look at these pictures and compare:

From ST:TMP —

Khans “home” in Star Trek II —

Tell me those aren’t the same thing!! It looks like Kirk had a work bee train crashed on Ceti Alpha 5 to make a home for Khan!!

If you can’t see that, you are blind as a Tiberian bat!!!

252. Hawkeye - December 17, 2012

Well If people are going with the Khan angle, it could be argued that the ship crashing (If it is crashing), could be an alternative for the Uss Reliant, who says it has to be cannon with nacelles above instead of below the Saucer section. Or it could be crashing upside down. Ok maybe not, but the rest of my comment it valid.

253. Jack - December 17, 2012

I don’t think this is the case at all — but Chekov’s face looks oddly distorted in that image. Maybe he’s Garth and he’s changing into Chekov!

God, I hope that’s not true. Again, a screen grab from a few seconds of footage could mean, well, anything…or nothing.

The ring being thrown in a glass of water could be from Harrison and could have some weird chemical, medicine, or Prometheus-like alien life-form on it. It could be the cure given to the girl. It could contain a miracle anti-aging compound (used by April). It could, like some have already noted, be antacid. Or sea-monkeys. It could be anything. Or it could just be a ring.

254. Robman007 - December 17, 2012

Wow, nobody has put this together yet…

“With a personal score to settle, Captain Kirk leads a manhunt to a war-zone world to capture a one man weapon of mass destruction.”

“Detonating the fleet”…the damaged Enterprise in these shots is evading debris…it looks to be escaping some sort of catastrophe…perhaps Kirks score to settle is the massive damage to the Enterprise and fleet as a cause of Harrison.

255. Jack - December 17, 2012

“…perhaps Kirks score to settle is the massive damage to the Enterprise and fleet as a cause of Harrison.”

;). You think?

256. Tom - December 17, 2012

Khan was overdone?! He appeared twice in 85 TOS incarnations! Big whoopdeydoo!

257. Curious Cadet - December 17, 2012

@237 Quatlo,
“Has anybody noticed the crew falling scene is the bridge set, not corridors? Big E loses gravity in battle damage I reckon.”

You know, has anybody considered that this is not the gravity failing, but the Enterprise falling through the atmosphere without the inertial dampeners so that the gravity of a planet is actually acting upon the contents of the ship?

Until Anthony pointed it out, I had to realized that Scotty is hanging on by his fingers parallel to the floor. This means the ship is in a nose-dive with gravity pulling everything in the same direction.

Considering the one ship that plunges into the Bay, is it possible that whatever affected that ship has also shut down the Enterprise, and somehow Scotty manages to restore power in the nick of time?

However, considering the brevity of the shots, anything is possible …

258. The Original Spock's Brain - December 17, 2012

@ 251 Good catch, Trekzilla!

259. NCC-73515 - December 17, 2012

One of the hovercars reminds me of a Romulan BoP, and there might even be something like a nod to BTTF in there…
The uniforms scream: StartrekShip Troopers.

260. Drij - December 17, 2012

It is Qo’noS not Kronos…

261. Nick - December 17, 2012

To Everyone:

Just want to say what an excellent group of people you are.

I have just been to Aintitcool News & it is truly unbelievable the behaviour of posters there in general.

Keep up the contructive debate & theorising!

… Bob Orci & team, great work – hope you all have a great Christmas break!

262. dontcare - December 17, 2012

@253. Nah, that is the universally recognized sign of a man giving up on everything he believes in. (referring to the ring into glass shot).

263. Mantastic - December 17, 2012

My first thought is that everything in this movie is either blue, orange, red, or monochrome. It’s like I’m watching Tron: Legacy – Trek edition.

Second, it has to be Khan (lame) or someone in relation to Khan. There’s going to be a big whammy reveal, that’s a given with how secretive they’re being about his identity, but it’s the only thing that makes sense. Retconning the pods and potentially the Botany Bay is a mistake though. Purists will cry foul all day.

Also seems to be all about action and not much else. It looks like they’re keeping the character moments, but everything else is explodey boom shoot boom.

Very curious how the Klingons come into play with this. Sounds like a big whammy is in store with their involvement. Maybe Cumby is a smooth forehead Klingon a la TOS who bleached his skin and wants some good, ol’ fashioned revenge on the Federation?

I’m a little more excited than I was seeing the first trailer, but we’ll see come May how it works out.

264. ScottC - December 17, 2012

I have to say after downloading the 1080P version in iTunes and watching it, I came away with the feeling that the cryotube scene is at the end of this movie. It sure looks like the person on the left side walking out could be Khan – he seems to be a bigger figure than the one on the right. And the color of his outfit looks similar to the one he was found in Space Seed. John Harrison is some sort of link/experiment and when he fails, they go to plan B – reviving Khan for the 3rd movie.

265. Randall - December 17, 2012

No time to read through all the posts, but has anyone pointed out that it might NOT be Kirk that Pike is talking to in the trailer? That he might actually be talking to Cumberbatch?

266. NCC-73515 - December 17, 2012

What’s with the gear on the Federation flag? Is the dead guy an engineer?

267. Roddenberry was a Peacenik - December 17, 2012

It’s amazing how things that were debated here weeks ago are finally making it onto other sites like they’re new. Gizmodo just put up a headline reading “Full Star Trek Trailer May Reveal Villain’s Identity”. So I click on it thinking they’ve noticed something I haven’t. Turns out they’re just recycling old Mitchell arguments again. (And no, I won’t link to it, as per Anthony’s guidelines) A guy claiming he was banned from the official ST facebook page wrote in to them acting like he just discovered Urban’s tweet from months back (misspelling his name in the process), saying that Alice Eve is Dehner, and pretty much acting like he’s the first person to think of this or propose it. And the blogger who posted it was all “zomg, star trek nerdiness overloadz!!!111″

It’s not that I’m saying Mitchell is dead as a candidate, but at least have something new to add to the conversation. That was just embarrassing. Especially for a site with supposed geek cred like Gizmodo.

268. Exverlobter - December 17, 2012

Khan Khan Khan.Im sick of it!
I want to believe JJ Abrams so bad, that the Trekkies are just making the Khan-thing up, and that John Harrison is indeed a new character.
But somehow i have a bad feeling about this.
Maybe its Khan

RIP Gary Mitchell.You would have been a great villain.

269. Jack - December 17, 2012

251. Why are you being so mean? Uh, yeah, they’re the same (nowhere near as deep as the interior set) props as TMP. I hadn’t seen that production photo before.

And those are cargo pods, not cargo bays. The larger TMP set is the cargo bay.

But, so what?

They also reused the Klingon sets for Regula-1’s transporter room. Are we now saying that the designers of Regula-1 copied their design on a K’tinga class cruiser, or got the transporter equipment from them at an auction.

Or will we just say that sets and props got re-used all the time to save money.

The in-story explanations can be fun. But we can also get carried away with them (see: Enterprise’s explanation of how Klingons lost their ridges).

My original point was that there was nothing in the story that says that says that wasn’t the remnants (with all propulsion removed) of part of the Botany Bay. Either way, it’s bloody fiction, isn’t it?

the looks of things changed over time. Refardless of whether or not that was part of the Botany Bay. Being slavish to 1960s set design might be fun, and it might even be possible to do convincingly — but does it make the movie better?

270. Robman007 - December 17, 2012

@ 255…I feel that the damage to the Enterprise is not from a Battle, but from being in the center of a large explosion of ships or bases, as a cause of whomever the villian is “detonating” the fleet. The orbital space dive shots are during this time.

Fast forward a few months after the Enterprise is refit, memorial services are abound and the crew go on a manhunt of Harrison. The Klingons are getting involved at that point.

271. Jack - December 17, 2012

262. dontcare – December 17, 2012
@253. Nah, that is the universally recognized sign of a man giving up on everything he believes in. (referring to the ring into glass shot).

By dropping a ring into a glass of water? Into a river, off a bridge, against a wall, sure. But when did dropping an object into a glass of water become a
way of representing giving up on everything you believe in?

272. BulletInTheFace - December 17, 2012

#56: That prediction has been going around for a week now–several sites have reported on the theory, in fact.

I still don’t buy it for a second, though. :)

273. BulletInTheFace - December 17, 2012

#63: Actually, the animated series had a two-season run, not one.

274. MJ - December 17, 2012


Gingerly, he may be another of the Botany Bay’s crew, but he might be Khan as well. I find your pretend exasperation (at least I hope so) as to the racial implications of this unconvincing. He is a made up guy from tv scifi, who’s back-story has already been proven false (i.e, Khan never happened in the 1990’s), and besides, was portrayed originally by someone of a completely different race anyways.

You seem so convinced about this though that I am generally kind of worried as to what your personal reaction might be if he is Khan? I urge you to try to keep an open mind.

PS: The female Starbuck says to say “hi” to you. :-))

275. MJ - December 17, 2012

@268 “I want to believe JJ Abrams so bad, that the Trekkies are just making the Khan-thing up, and that John Harrison is indeed a new character. But somehow i have a bad feeling about this. Maybe its Khan,”

Yep, people are coming around now. Khan is leading in the poll now as well.

It’s probably Khan, but if not, it is definitely a Khan-centric story.

just as I have been saying here for nearly 1.5 years….

276. Jack - December 17, 2012

“PS: The female Starbuck says to say “hi” to you. :-))”

Come on, jokes aside, you know that show was a reboot. I don’t think Cumberbatch absolutely can’t be Khan either, simply because he’s not Ricardo Montalban (although I’m hoping it’s more interesting than merely Cumberbatch actually being Khan, and I’m still hopeful that Khan’s not directly involved — yet). And, yes, it’s not real. But let’s not confuse people. ;).

277. Jack - December 17, 2012

275. Should we be standing by with counsellors on opening night just in case it’s not Khan, and your self-identity as the ‘only guy who guessed right’ is compromised? ;).

278. Star Sick: the Original Generation - December 17, 2012

Perfectly rational and logical explanation for Chekov’s red shirt:

It’s laundry day, and that was all that was clean. He looks so worried because he’s running through the ship thinking…

“I hope I don’t have to beam down anywhere… I hope I don’t have to beam down anywhere…”

Occam’s Razor, people!

279. Jack - December 17, 2012

By the way MJ: there is greatness in you. But there is not an ounce of humility. You think you can’t make mistakes. But there is going to come a moment when you realize you are wrong about that.

Or maybe not. ;).

280. Jack - December 17, 2012

278. Occam’s Razor, people!

Lol. And here I just thought I had lousy colour on my monitor.

281. gingerly - December 17, 2012


*throws up hands*

DAMMIT JIM! HE’S A MONGOLIAN (and he was at least played by a swarthy Latino, who wore a turban) NOT A PALE BRIT!

I’ll be waiting for you to eat that humble pie. ;)

Also LOL Jack…


282. I know nothing!!!! - December 17, 2012

Spock Prime knows where in space to find the Botany Bay, Covert “Section 31″ headed by Peter Weller, intercept the ship & puts all the Augments in Cryo-Stasis back at Star Fleet (off the radar) (the Room we see is not the Botany Bay, but a hidden storage facility) Awaken, Cumberbatch is enlisted in Section 31 to do Star Fleets dirty work. (A Super Human, with Super intellect is a plus for section 31) Cumberbatch gets pissed off at being a pawn for section 31 & wants to awaken “His Family” He feels a little persecuted since the Eugenics wars & now is the time for the Augments to rise & take over the Earth.

283. MJ - December 17, 2012

@278 @279

LOL — Well played, Jack! :-))

284. Son Of MJ - December 17, 2012

282 Khan and his FOLLOWERS are allready in Cryo Stasis, they had been so since they left earth.

Plus Weller is April, get used to it.

285. Check the Circuit - December 17, 2012

@154 Leejonm

“Who’s the big guy with a ponytail with Harrison walking away frome the tubes. Looks like singh to me.”

GREAT observation. You may be onto something.

286. Curious Cadet - December 17, 2012

And the chorus is ramping up …

Khan! Khan! Khan! Khan!
Lovely Khan! Wonderful Khan!
Khan Kha-a-a-a-a-an Khan Kha-a-a-a-a-an Khan.
Lovely Khan! Lovely Khan! Lovely Khan! Lovely Khan!
Khan Khan Khan Khan!

287. Star Sick: the Original Generation - December 17, 2012

280. Jack

Nope. No lousy colour… just lousy jokes. :D

288. I'm Dead Jim! - December 17, 2012

John Cho pretty much always has the same expression or at least he did in ST 09. Hopefully he has a wider range in this one.

289. Starman - December 17, 2012

@243 I’m well aware of GS Kirk. However, the deleted scene had Johnny as his brother. Whatever “change” was made is irrelevant. This is JJ’s timeline. I don’t see a change in the timeline making Spock all lovey-dovey.

290. Son Of MJ - December 17, 2012

Wouldnt it be something if Peter Weller as elder April Turned out to be the captain of the the NX 01 After Archer? And that ship crashing into San Fran bay was the NX 01

291. Bones - December 17, 2012


I agree, they are standing on the bridge of a ship. I think that is the ship that crashes on the planet surface. You can clearly see hull plating.

292. Darmok - December 17, 2012

omg, there’s actually people on here complaining that the new Big E doesn’t resemble the set from 60’s. The cyro-pods (if that’s what they are) aren’t embedded in the wall. Some people still have a problem with certain so-called “canon violations”. Events in Star Trek history don’t line up with real events…it’s science fiction…fiction as in fake… LOL. There’s even people complaining about the action of the film…should a movie in 2012 have the same fighting techniques as Kirk hitting Khan with a paper towel roll or that brilliant display of jujitsu of Kirk vs The Gorn. As for those silly ST purists that have problems with the remake…how’s this for a canon violation. Khan to Chekov in TWOK – “I never forget a face.” Chekov wasn’t in Space Seed. Seriously, calm down and enjoy it or be quiet and go watch reruns while the rest of us evolve

293. Curious Cadet - December 17, 2012

@290 Son of MJ,

Where is all this NX 01 stuff coming from? That ship would be about 100 years old with a lot of hard miles on it. It will be in a museum.

And of course the NX classification system has been replaced with the NCC system. Fired, it’s unlikely they would have christened a new ship called “Enterprise” without first decommissioning another. So that kind of rules out it being one of the successors to the NX 01.

294. Konar - December 17, 2012

264 — what if you are right… And Khan IS in the movie — but instead of being a villain in the version he is actually a GOOD GUY in the battle against John Harrison? That would be just the kind of twist that would excite the film’s creative team — and let them have some fun with the marketing, rumors, etc.

295. MJ - December 17, 2012


Now son, your mother and I have tried to tell you how unlikely that is.

Ah, you do your best to raise your kids, but in the end…..

296. pock speared - December 17, 2012

That shot of William Shatner crashing into San Francisco Bay was truly awesome. What a great tribute to TOS.

Also, Uhura’s space-tits look great.

Why are there so many old fogies who complain?

297. Trekzilla - December 17, 2012

#258 — Thanks!! I’m glad to see that — unlike Jack — you can see that the two images contain the exact same vehicle.


298. Captain Kurt - December 17, 2012

I read through the chain quickly and saw what I posted on another site. I FIRMLY BELIEVE Del Toro really is Kahn and has been so from the get-go. John Harrison is a decendant of Kahn and is trying to find the BB in the movie, at all costs.

Kahn will make a post-credit appearance (popular nowadays.) Imagine Del Toro whispering in Pine’s ear – “How long” – and fade to black.

299. BillT - December 17, 2012

@154 and 285. There is no ponytail. It’s a bald headed black guy. In quicktime pro you can frame advance and a few frames earlier than the frame posted you can see there is no ponytail. It’s a shadow.

300. 222 - December 17, 2012

the “Unknown character (probably Harrison) looking down at destruction in a city” looks like he is wearing a starfleet tunic. i don’t think it’s Harrison

301. Son of MJ - December 17, 2012

Weller’s Capt April could have commanded it before the NCC class came about, and after his promotion to Commodore April
he chooses it to be his ship still with a new name and designation

or Capt April once captained it before it was mothballed, and Weller’s April uses his gattling gun to crash it into the bay as a weapon.

just guesses here.

302. pock speared - December 17, 2012

You’d think Spock Prime would have a Facebook (Spacebook?) page that listed one-gloved weirdoes to avoid. Like say, Michael Jackson or such.

On the other hand, if I was Spock Prime, I’d be playing major headgames with Starfleet.

303. Lostrod - December 17, 2012

#157 – MJ

“This does not make any sense. Dude, the Eugenics Wars did not happen in the 1990′s, so they are going to have to redefine the Khan back story anyway to update it.”

MJ, I’m sure somebody has already mentioned the excellent books about the Eunenics Wars:

These are two of my favorite TOS books and they very cleverly explain how the EW actually took place in the 1990’s.

If you get time, I highly recommend them.


304. pock speared - December 17, 2012

Anyone who imagines April plays a role will no doubt spend the 21st of December in a cave waiting for the Mayans to be right as well.

305. Son of MJ - December 17, 2012

Or its an old NX class ship that is still in service, ala the old reliant class ships and excelsior class ships still in service in the TNG/DS9/Voy era.

306. Son of MJ - December 17, 2012

then explain why the book at the bad robot presentation said APRIL’s Gattling gun?

And why isn’t anyone making guesses or ideas about Lobot i mean GATT2000

307. Exverlobter - December 17, 2012

“It’s probably Khan, but if not, it is definitely a Khan-centric story.”

Yes, and as i already pointed out to BobOrci, that is a problem.
They rebooted the whole thing, and they can do whatever they want, but this applies only for the events AFTER Neros intervention. Everything before this is still fixed.
And in the old timeline Khan was not a white, british, skinny and unmuscular dude (in case the Cumberbatch=Khan rumor is correct).

Furthermore, the whole augments-story is already dated, because our reality retconned the eugenics wars.They did not occur. Unless Abrams moved the Eugenics wars 100 or 200 years ahead. Which would also cause a continuity-problems, because Earth became a peaceful place since the beginning of the 22th century.
They should avoid the whole augments stuff, they would only drop a brick. Use Gary Mitchell instead.

308. Weerd1 - December 17, 2012

I just want to mention how much I like the uniform Kirk is sporting with the phaser rifle. I like the sleeve rank mixed with the epaulettes with four doo-dads, similar to modern US Navy and TNG pips.

309. Son of MJ - December 17, 2012

304 and its not a cave, its a nice big fort with a backup generator, and everything that i need to survive as it gets blown into space as the earth falls away and john Cusak pilots a jumbo jett, after driving a limo through a highrise building :)

310. Hat Rick - December 17, 2012

Anthony, I really don’t know how you have the time and energy to post such great articles. You must have really re-energized yourself a month or so ago and now you are firing on all nacelles. Bravo to you and this site.

What can I say? This movie just gets more and more astounding the more I know of it. Brilliant trailer, as I said, and thanks for catching some of those details.

Respectful reminder to JJ:

1. Please digitally erase that “photobombing” extra. There are no equivalent crowd scenes here but if that “reaction” shot remains in the movie (which it may not), then make the character played by that extra a lampost, teleportation booth, or whatever. Just get him out of there.

2. If they replace the Enterprise, then stick with the scale of the ship from this series of movies. You could make a smaller Enterprise as an “homage” to the fans, but frankly I’ve gotten use to this behemoth of an Enterprise. Please don’t use the excuse that Starfleet is so devastated that it cannot afford to build such a large ship.

3. I think you have a vision that is worth pursuing. I don’t think the detractors really have a case that you’re turning Trek upside down. You’re doing what all artists do — pursuing your art while revealing something of beauty. This movie looks beautiful.

Thanks to all for such great entertainment. I feel good about this. I really do.

P.S.: I sense Oscar knocking at your door for visual effects, sound effects, etc. (the techies), and — dare we hope? Best Screenplay — and Best Picture.

311. pock speared - December 17, 2012

Pretty sure GATT2000 will turn out to be a massive dildo that Carol Marcus will develop into the Genesis device.

My theories are as valid as anybody’s, yo.

312. Son Of MJ - December 17, 2012

311 GATT2000 is a humanoid

313. Flaming Nacelles Forever - December 17, 2012

Harrison is not Khan, but is an augment.

Khan is revealed at the end of the movie, to set-up the third picture in the deal.

314. Alex - December 17, 2012

When Cumbervillain says “Is there anything you would not do for your family?”, anyone get the impression that it’s purely rethorical and that he’s actually talking to Kirk or whoever about his own family (e.g. the Augments?) and *not* about Kirk’s family (=crew)? Could be the response to a question like “why are you doing this?”. Check out the way he says it.

315. Exverlobter - December 17, 2012

You know what would be cool? A cameo of Scott Bakula with old-age makeup.
He sees Scotty and is still angry at him that he killed Porthos. Suddenly Porthos reappears.

316. pock peared - December 17, 2012

312 thanks for clearing that up. you’ve burned holes through my postulation.

317. pock peared - December 17, 2012

John Harrison is “Cupcake’s” drunk uncle, who is out to wreak revenge over that bar fight?

318. Exverlobter - December 17, 2012

@Flaming Nacelles Forever
“Khan is revealed at the end of the movie, to set-up the third picture in the deal.”

2 movies in a row, that deal with the augments? Thats too much. However if they by all means want to use khan they should save him for the end. I hope this does not deal too much about the augments.

319. Hat Rick - December 17, 2012

I have a question about Porthos: How is it possible that Porthos is alive in the era of TOS?

He’d be the equivalent of around 500 human years old.

Of course, there could be many Porthoses. This one could be Porthos Version 7.0, Porthos VII, or something, just like Snowy the cat on The Simpsons.

320. Exverlobter - December 17, 2012

Lol i think its funny how everybody here treats this movie, as if it is a fact now, that it the film about Khan and his augments. Even though JJ ABrams continously denied that its about Khan.

321. K-7 - December 17, 2012

#303. Lostrod, those are great Trek novels, but they are not canon.

322. retrowarbird - December 17, 2012

#265 Randall,

Right on the money man. I’m not into the red herrings, it seems clear as day to me (and I’m prepared to be proven wrong) that Harrison is poised as an anti-Kirk, the much-loved “Starship captain gone wrong” trope and so it makes perfect sense that Pike is lecturing him about getting people killed, to contrast to Kirk who is cocky but who is all about that family/trust vibe on the Enterprise. Just another level of why Harrison will be the contrasting element showing what’s so good about Kirk and proper Starfleet ethics.

I like the idea of Bob April being involved, though, big time. It’d be neat if in addition to an anti-Kirk captain, we have a canonical anti-Pike admiral who is also one of the unexplored but absolutely key “early days of the Enterprise” figures.

Eugenics ties into the abandonment of Federation ethics so that element could easily come into play as well (I still prefer Garth to Khan, but it would be cool if the movie touched on both! Link these not-as-disparate as we think elements into a cohesive “The Prime Directive and the Genetics Ban are very important!” wholeclothe holistic storyline. Also featuring massive conflict with the Klingon Empire!

323. Exverlobter - December 17, 2012

@ 319 Hat Rick

You can ask the same question concerning Archer. He must be around 150 years old, but Orci confirmed that Archer is still alive.
However that is not new, as we have seen McCoy in TNG who was also about 150 years old.
Maybe Porthos got some genetic de-aging treatment or something, but i think the most plausible answer is, that Archer simply got a new dog.

324. Curious Cadet - December 17, 2012

@310 Hat Rick,
“I sense Oscar knocking at your door for visual effects, sound effects, etc. (the techies), and — dare we hope? Best Screenplay — and Best Picture.”

I guarantee you that if Cumberbatch’s performance is anywhere near the buzz it is getting he will get a best supporting actor nomination at a minimum. Everybody in Hollywood loves him, so it’s only a matter of knocking it out of the park.

Technical nominations are assured, and Giancchino is likely to get a score nomination as well. Just because it is the kind of film it is, story and picture are gonna be tough, but with the added slots, it’s possible.

325. MJ - December 17, 2012

@307. Dude, the Gary Mitchell thing for for this move is dead. Give it up!

D E A D ! ! !

@321 Yep, novels are not canon.

326. Exverlobter - December 17, 2012

“Dude, the Gary Mitchell thing for for this move is dead. Give it up!”

I also believe that it is dead, but that does not change the fact, that IMO an augment story would not make any sense at all (as stated above)

327. PRCCOLE - December 17, 2012

Just because Mitchell isn’t the bad guy doesn’t mean he won’t be in the film…remember he was a good guy before he went bad. And since Chekov is seen in the red shirt doesn’t that open up the navigtor’s seat??

328. lostrod - December 17, 2012


“#303. Lostrod, those are great Trek novels, but they are not canon”

True, but they are canon fodder …


329. Exverlobter - December 17, 2012

BTW i again checked IMDB and they still say that its Khan, not John Harrison.
Do they know something?

330. Hat Rick - December 17, 2012

@Exverlobter (323), I would assume that with advances in human genome research, human lives have been extended by the late 22d Century. Human beings would benefit from a much longer span. But life extension for dogs? On second thoughts, maybe; why not? Dogs are terrific animals and they deserve good things.

@Curious Cadet (324), I totally agree with your sentiment! I’m really stoked about how good this movie is shaping up to be. This could put Trek over the top and get it another Oscar — maybe even one of the Big Three Oscars.

It’s worth remembering that JJ’s Star Trek (2009) won Trek its very first Oscar — ever!

331. dmduncan - December 17, 2012

313. Flaming Nacelles Forever – December 17, 2012


Harrison is another Botany Bay supervillain. Khan gets a cameo in the end. We may even have already seen him in the new trailer.

332. Craiger - December 17, 2012

What if Johnny that young Kirk pases by also joins Starfleet and undergoes a genetic engineering experiment giving him superhuman strength? Johnny could be another one of Kirk’s friends he lost track of. When their are on Kronos Kirk sees him flying down with that big and says “Johnny?” Then Johnny says “Hello old friend, fancy seeing you here.”

333. This is going to be a long year - December 17, 2012

Oh no Chekov is a red shirt!

Anton Yelchin needs a better agent.

334. Curious Cadet - December 17, 2012

“Just because Mitchell isn’t the bad guy doesn’t mean he won’t be in the film…remember he was a good guy before he went bad. And since Chekov is seen in the red shirt doesn’t that open up the navigtor’s seat??”

Mitchel is a pilot/helm not a navigator. He would replace Sulu.

Also, I do believe by the Stardate of this film, that the Enterprise has already encountered the galactic barrier.

335. MJ - December 17, 2012

@331. Very possible. It’s also possible that Starfleet essentially orders the murder (part of their corruption, kind of like Gitmo) of Khan and rest of Harrison’s Botany Bay family while still in cryo — their deaths (his “family”) would really provide the revenge motive for Harrison.

336. Son Of MJ - December 17, 2012

Bayformers 4 has its villian now, none of this cat and mouse nonsense.

337. dmduncan - December 17, 2012

In TOS, 32 female augments survived. Man…what could you do with them in a sequel?

338. MJ - December 17, 2012

@334. Mitchell is not in the film. Give it up.

339. Exverlobter - December 17, 2012

@ 331. dmduncan
“Harrison is another Botany Bay supervillain. Khan gets a cameo in the end. We may even have already seen him in the new trailer.”

Oh god, 2 movies in a row about genetic supervillains? I hope not.

340. Thomas - December 17, 2012

329. Exverlobter

Not necessarily; IMDb can be edited by anyone, as long as they’re a registered member. Someone may be jumping the gun a little bit.

341. MJ - December 17, 2012

@337. Where is Harry Ballz when you need him?

342. Son Of MJ - December 17, 2012

323 when did Orci confirm that Archer Lives still ?
Darn it they need a scott Bakula cameo Stat

343. Hat Rick - December 17, 2012

@MJ (335), that would be a good motive for Harrison, I agree. Good point.

I’m dumping all my Gary Mitchell theories as of now; I think the fate of Augments is going to be a very large of this forthcoming movie; I think that Harrison (whether he’s “Khan” or not) is an Augment; and I think that STID is, at least in part, an allegory about how even the best-intentioned governments can run amuck. STID is also a character-driven story about how even the best in men and women can be tried almost beyond endurance, to the extent that they run into central existential questions that have no easy answers.

I’m liking this movie the more I think about it. Awesome, awesome, awesome.

344. Craiger - December 17, 2012

MJ, that theory is interesting. My Spock prime tells them about Khan and the Botany Bay. I think one poster in here suggested maybe the funeral we see is for Ambassador Spock? What if John Harrison kills Spock Prime for telling Starfleet about his family?

345. Aix - December 17, 2012

I think John Cho is supposed to be looking concerned and not cool in that shot. Haha.

346. Hat Rick - December 17, 2012

^^ “a very large part of this forthcoming movie;”

As corrected.

347. Craiger - December 17, 2012

However if Starfleet did do that would that make them the bad guys in the sequel? I

348. Son Of MJ - December 17, 2012

Dag nabbit Michael Bay why did you go and use Nimoy allready as Senitnal Prime.
Galvatron is also now confirmed for Bayformers 4, Nimoy could have played him once more.
Oh and Dinobots are also making an appearance as well.

349. Exverlobter - December 17, 2012

@Son of MJ

350. dmduncan - December 17, 2012

Anyone notice how both the Harrison segment and the mission segment are thematically the same?

Two lives in danger, two men leave us hanging on their decisions…

(Also wondering if the Contractor family is the bloodline of Khan!?)

351. Exverlobter - December 17, 2012

@344 Craiger

They better do not dare to kill Spock Prime!!!!!

352. dmduncan - December 17, 2012

339. Exverlobter – December 17, 2012

@ 331. dmduncan
“Harrison is another Botany Bay supervillain. Khan gets a cameo in the end. We may even have already seen him in the new trailer.”

Oh god, 2 movies in a row about genetic supervillains? I hope not.


Not necessarily. Maybe just leaving the future open for that to happen.

353. MJ - December 17, 2012

@343 @344

Yea, I think this motive is more urgent and compelling than him trying to get revenge against an Earth of 200+ years earlier.

354. Craiger - December 17, 2012

I wonder could JJ be right about not saying who the villain is if John Harrison is not the true villain? Its got us all guessing on if Harrison is just an alias and his true identy will be reveal in the middle or at the end of the movie. That way the trailers wont spoil most of the movie because didn’t they do too many trailers for the last movie and we kind of knew how the movie was going to end?

355. Johnny - December 17, 2012

The story of Khan is written… it’s set..cast in stone. I wonder if this is another hatchet job done by Abrams and his cronies.

356. Rose (as in Keachick) - December 17, 2012

The dog was not Porthos from Enterprise. In ST09 the dog was described as “Admiral Archer’s prized beagle”. Porthos was probably one of the prized beagle’s ancestors and no indication was given as to whether the dog that Scotty lost was even a dog. It may have been a bitch… Bob Orci informed me that this lost dog did suddenly appear safe and well on the bridge of the Enterprise.

357. Son Of MJ - December 17, 2012

I dont know but, I sure wish i was that Dog, in that opening scene.
Lucky dog that was :)
Nazeen Contractor is super hot, even hotter in person

358. Son Of MJ - December 17, 2012

They better not kill Spock Prime.
I would rather him not be seen again, maybe spoken about helping to build new Vulcan.

I wonder though, could Spock prime spoken to starfleet or to Carol, about Genesis and what was wrong with it in the prime universe, to correct the problems, and create New Vulcan.

359. K-7 - December 17, 2012

#335 ” It’s also possible that Starfleet essentially orders the murder (part of their corruption, kind of like Gitmo) of Khan and rest of Harrison’s Botany Bay family while still in cryo — their deaths (his “family”) would really provide the revenge motive for Harrison.”

Wow. You may have just nailed the motive, MJ. Makes sense.

360. Exverlobter - December 17, 2012

Yeah killing SPock prime would be a slap in the face. Furthermore it would be a bad omen for Leonard Nimoy who is already over 80 years old.

I have a feeling that they will kill Pike though.

361. Mad Man - December 17, 2012

310. Hat Rick – December 17, 2012

“1. Please digitally erase that “photobombing” extra. ”

Why would you want to get him out of there? I think it’s hilarious! He’s one the screne for like 2 seconds, no one in the theaters will notice him (maybe us) and it won’t detract from the movie. Would you want them to take out the R2D2 from Trek 2009? I see it every time I watch it and think it’s hilarious, a cool in-joke!

JJ: Don’t take out photo-bomb guy!! It’s funny! And it reminds me or Aaron Rodgers, which is always a plus…

362. Ahmed - December 17, 2012

I wonder if the upcoming comics “Star Trek: Countdown to Darkness” will tell us something about who the heck is John, or it will be as confusing as the teaser & trailer ?

After watching the trailer, I begin to think the movie might be about Khan after all!

363. Hat Rick - December 17, 2012

@Rose (as in Keachick) (356), thank you for that explanation. Quite interesting and it certainly is possible that it is not the same individual dog.

@Mad Man (361), what can I say? I guess I’m just a purist that way. I can retcon R2D2, but not a grinning extra that looks at the camera — a camera that is not suppose to exist. And why the heck is he grinning? For what? Nothing is funny in that scene. Ticks me off.

R2D2 could be some toy that a crewmember had who happened to like that robot, based on his or her personal interest in the totally fictitious Star Wars movies popular in the 20th and early 21st Centuries.

364. Steve Johnson - December 17, 2012

It’s not about Khan. Eugenics, Gene Therapy, Terrorism, sure. I see how all that can fit together into some kind of an allegory or commentary on stuff that has happened in the last twelve years, but I don’t see them retreating Khan.

365. MJ - December 17, 2012

@362. Wow Ahmed, even you are thinking Khan now?

366. Red Shirt Diaries - December 17, 2012

MJ has come up with the best motive I have seen yet for John Harrison. And it ties into corruption in the Federation government.

367. Exverlobter - December 17, 2012

Maybe its like in the last scene of Prometheus. In the last scene, the Alien emerges.
And in the last scene of STID Khan will come out of the shadow. However i dont think that they reveal his face, as they probably would try to cast a known actor for Abrams third movie that is not cast yet.

368. Craiger - December 17, 2012

Who says John Harrison is actually in Starfleet? What if Weller is Captain of a Starfleet ship that finds the Botany Bay, they awaken his people but say Khan doesn’t survive. Kirk in Space Seed told Khan that only a few of the sleeping chambers were still functioning. Maybe in the new Universe Khan’s chamber malfuntions. John Harrison blames Weller and his crew for that and he and his people kill Weller and his crew and take over Weller’s ship and were their uniforms.

369. crazydaystrom - December 17, 2012

243. Martin

“I am going back to Sybok. Or maybe it is Norman 01 from Mudd’s planet.”

Ha! Or maybe-
Harrison= Harry’s son! He’s Harry Mudd’s son!!! And Weller’s Harry Mudd!!!

Ok. I’m going back to Sybok too. :-(

Call me crazy…

I need a drink


370. Ahmed - December 17, 2012

@ 365. MJ – December 17, 2012

“@362. Wow Ahmed, even you are thinking Khan now?”

lol, you could say there are more clues now that point to Khan.

And I do like your theory@ 335

“It’s also possible that Starfleet essentially orders the murder (part of their corruption, kind of like Gitmo) of Khan and rest of Harrison’s Botany Bay family while still in cryo — their deaths (his “family”) would really provide the revenge motive for Harrison.”

I was thinking maybe they did that after they learned from Spock Prime about Khan & his actions in the other timeline. Maybe they did it out of fear & not corruption. Just my 2cents :)

In any case, I’m more excited about the movie now. The new trailer is just amazing

371. Rose (as in Keachick) - December 17, 2012

It does seem odd that we don’t know the name of the person Peter Weller is playing, given that we know the other characters’ names.

372. Green-blooded Inhuman - December 17, 2012

I wish posters had their IQ displayed beside their username…

Because, yikes, you people are morons.

373. Peter Loader - December 17, 2012

367 Exactly!

374. Phil - December 17, 2012

@311. That’s the front end model of the SCAT2000, Carol’s butt plug…remember, Jim Kirk is many things, but he ain’t no boy scout…

Man, I don’t know what came over me here. Gotta get Mr. love ’em and leave ’em into character, I guess….

375. Commodore Adams - December 17, 2012

Im liking the Motion Picture style emblem Kirk is wearing and that its being used in the movie. I would love to hear Michael Giacchino version of the motion picture theme for the third movie….Bob *nudge nudge*

Pop open a bottle of wine and enjoy

One of my favourite beauty shots/reveals of the Enterprise.

376. Phil - December 17, 2012

Beginning to think that with the info starting to trickle out we may have all been played in JJ’s misinformation game. We could end up with an origonal story here after all….

377. Peter Loader - December 17, 2012

Regarding the two figures leaving the cryogenic chamber. The figure on the left appears larger, but in fact the figure on the right is leading slightly ahead. You can clearly see the left persons right arm behind the figure right.

The one on the left is Khan (Weller) and Cumby’s on the right?
Both Weller and Cumby have identical heights. Cumby 6′ (1.83 m) Weller 6′ (1.83 m).

378. Rose (as in Keachick) - December 17, 2012

Correction to my post at #371. I just realized that we know only two of the guest actors’ characters’ names – Gatt and Cumberbatch. We know nothing about Weller’s character other than he is captain/has his own starship. Nor have we seen him. It is possible that he is not part of Starfleet at all. Perhaps he plays a Klingon.

379. dean-o - December 17, 2012

I think BC is Gary Mitchell, and all of those cryo tubes are full of Gary Mitchell clones… except one tube: That’s filled with crest toothpaste. “Would you not do Anything… to save… your smile?” You read it here first, folks!

380. Jim Nightshade - December 17, 2012

Maybe Auggie Harrison gets in starfleet by impersonating an officer using s ick girls dads starfleet uniform….ring..credentials etc…

381. Curious Cadet - December 17, 2012

@368 Craiger,
“John Harrison blames Weller and his crew for that and he and his people kill Weller and his crew and take over Weller’s ship and were their uniforms.”

I’d be open to that. However, it needs to be decided if the threat from within Sarfleet is John Harrison or not. If it is, then this doesn’t work.

Also, the stasis pods need to be explained with that theory.

And if Starfleet destroys them, killing Harrison’s family, then they wouldn’t be around to be seen in some kind of planet-side storage either. I suppose one explanation is that the stasis pods were transported somewhere and then ordered destroyed, or perhaps even a motive for revenge is that they are being held by Starfleet.

And the Klingons need to be worked into this one too.

382. SelorKiith - December 17, 2012

Mhm… I too begin to think that it might have something to do with Khan…

Possibility of the Botany Bay indeed being found first by Klingons… Khan awakens and get killed… John Harrison is somehow related to him and seeks revenge against Klingons… Starfleet Labels him Terrorist and hunts him down (possibly by Kirk and Co.)… he’s stuck in Prison and more Botany Bay Crew get killed… now wants revenge on Starfleet too for stoping him and tries to kill everyone that was involved in those orders because he thinks they’re corrupt and bad for letting the Klingons have those Humans and experimenting on them, killing them etc. Wants to show everyone else how bad they are and attacks London and/or San Francisco to show to the public how corrupt and weak Starfleets Leadership has become.

And then the Enterprise is send to stop him!

383. fwise3 - December 17, 2012

I still think Peter Weller and Benedict Cumberbatch are either playing the same person- or are closely related. Facial features are very similar, and now that I know they are the same height, this re-enforces that theory (at least to me) even more.

384. ME!! - December 17, 2012

@14: Those may not be on the Botany Bay. They could be at Starfleet. I’m thinking that someone found the Botany Bay, but not he Enterprise…possibly due to Spock-Prime telling them so they’d avoid it or put them away for good. Someone at Starfleet gets a bright idea. Harrison could be the result. He could be one of those frozen or he could be a genetic “descendent”. Perhaps someone at Starfleet believed they could use the genetic material to rid people of disease, etc. and arranged for the Botany Bay crew to be found, brought in and studied/experimented on/with.

We’re either looking at the actual Botany Bay ‘crew’ in new stasis tubes at Starfleet Medical or we’re looking at new genetically engineered individuals using the material gleaned from the Botany Bay crew.

385. ME!! - December 17, 2012

Ya know, Chekov could also easily be in security at that point. In the Prime universe, he became head of security of the Enterprise some time after the five year mission (ST:TMP). Perhaps he’s in security earlier (just not yet in charge) in this universe as we’ve seen everything else appears to be on an accelerated time scale.

386. ME!! - December 17, 2012

I have my doubts about that being Kirk in the last image. It’s possible and would make sense, but it doesn’t seem like his arm to me. It’s definitely NOT Pike’s. We’ll find out eventually…

387. Izzy Ryder - December 17, 2012

I haven’t read all 400 comments (forgive me) so I don’t know how much of this has been said before, but is it not possible that BC is a decoy of sorts? While he may be the main villain, with the most screen time, could Peter Weller be playing Khan? Think about it, he and Ricardo Montalban share a lot of the same qualities that got them cast in Robocop and Star Trek respectively: tall build, deep voice, menacing presence (Weller was particularly creepy in Dexter)…I could see him playing Khan, as more of a MacGuffin than anything else. This would back up the earlier claims that the villain was from canon (although I honestly don’t remember if this quote referred to BC specifically) and still leave BC free to portray this genuinely new character…

I’m not sure how he would have a relevant and yet small part and still be satisfying though…while I think it’s a bit strange that we haven’t seen anything of Peter Weller yet, I can’t see that they’d write the most famous Trek villain in as a minor character…

Also unlikely but something that crossed my mind was that Harrison could somehow be Darvin which could work really well and still tie the film into one of the best classic Trek episodes (albeit a surprising one), or a ridgeless augment experiment following from ENT…this is unlikely tho due to the explanation involved…

Of course to tell the truth, my gut says BC is Khan, and I think these theories are just exploring other possibilities….unfortunately the Khan theory is winning for me…

388. Curious Cadet - December 17, 2012

@383 ME!!,

While plausible it all seems way to complicated.

I think it’s more likely what I suggested weeks ago if it turned out to be a Khan related story.

More or less a Bourne Legacy situation. Starfleet’s clandestine agency has been engaged in secret genetic experiments to build super soldiers, they’re told to pull the plug, but they don’t count on Harrison, presumed dead on a Klingon-related covert mission.

You could possibly even work in Khan and the Botany bay augments in there if you look to the comics and the Return of the Archons and Operation Annihilate secret mind control experiments. Maybe Starfleet is controlling Khan and his soldiers (kind of convoluted), and is ordered to put them into stasis — essentially holding them hostage, or worse, pulls the plug like in 2001 ASO.

Maybe Harrison attempts to get them out, and uses his knowledge of the program to target Noel Clarke and get what he needs to force the federation to release his brethren. Would certainly invoke sympathy for him and his cause. The more Starfleet resists, the more wrath he brings down on them.

389. Exverlobter - December 17, 2012

BTW Kirks Phaser-Rifle looks kind of gay. He should have used the normal Phaser-pistol instead. That was coo.

390. fwise3 - December 17, 2012

388 -I thought it was awesome. I want one!

391. Quatlo - December 17, 2012

@257 Curious Cadet – Yep, your idea about the gravity from nosing into the atmosphere is the correct reasoning – they’d just float around if the artificial gravity failed.

392. LogicalLeopard - December 17, 2012

Hmmmnnn….so how cool would it be if Noel Clarke’s father character is Richard Daystrom? I don’t think he’s been named,and there’s no reason to keep it a secret.

In this timeline, he joins Starfleet after Nero’s first incident, because they sure need him and he may recognize the need to join as well. So maybe he quits, goes on reserve, or takes a leave when his little girl gets sick. He’s done some phenomenal work on the Fleets computer systems, and Harrison approaches him with an indecent proposal: backdoor computer codes to help his girl. Or possibly a more subtile setup, like Gaila and the Kobiyashi Maru Trojan. Anyway his fuel is healthy, but the Fleet is detonated because of Daystrom, and he drops his ring in the water.

393. Anthony Pascale - December 17, 2012

Green-blooded Inhuman
Warning for trolling

394. LogicalLeopard - December 17, 2012

I’m leaning more Team Just John now…I think there will bean augment storyline, and maybe an appearance by Special K, but I think Harrison is just a Starfleet officer, maybe a biologist who is an illegal augment or a self augment who discovers that Starfleet has the Botany Bay and goes on a terror rampage to release it.

395. Exverlobter - December 17, 2012

They use the same beer brewery again?
I thought they had more money this time.
Build a damn engine room!

396. Will - December 17, 2012

Be neat if they destroy their awful design for the Enterprise and by the final film it looks closer to correct.

397. Exverlobter - December 17, 2012

The design is ok, also the I-Bridge, i just hated that “engine” room.

398. Platitude - December 17, 2012

While there are several movies I’m excited for next year, nothing looks better to me than this! J.J. is bringing making Trek relevant again, just like he did in 2009.

399. Ahmed - December 17, 2012

The wall in front of the door where the tubes are, look like it made of stones. I don’t think this is a cargo bay, more likely an underground location.

400. Jimi - December 17, 2012

Looking back at the first leaked pictures with Spock/Uhura & “villian” fighting on “barge” – does anyone have new insight to those pictures now that we’ve seen a couple trailers?

401. Brad Gerhard - December 17, 2012

The cryo scene…
The man on the left looks like the “father”, bald head and dark skin. The man on the right could be John Harrison. In the 9 minute preview, Harrison told the “father” that he could save the girl. Maybe the cryotubes are for curing people with diseases.

I can’t wait to see the movie. The speculation is exciting…

402. ScottC - December 17, 2012

In the picture where someone is looking down on destruction, probably from the bridge of a ship that has crashed, does anyone else find it odd that in the 23rd century they are still using current style air conditioning units on top of buildings?

403. Buzz Cagney - December 17, 2012

Just seen the trailer and i’m really looking forward to the new movie. I love the Die Hard series. Great fun.

404. Jack - December 17, 2012

It seems odd that Weller would be in it and have no connection to Paxton. Although David Warner, Diana Muldaur, Barbara Babcock and James Cromwell all played two (or more) different characters in Trek.

405. Jack - December 17, 2012

I’m repeating myself, but since when is dropping a ring in a glass of water a symbol of giving up principals. Throw it off a building, off a bridge, against a wall — sure. But dropping it into a glass of water while stating intently?

406. DanSouth - December 17, 2012

Peter Weller may be Khan?

A C.E.O, has his own ship….Interesting!

407. FusionVok - December 17, 2012

“Is the anything you would not do for your family” = Harrison talking to Noel Clarke’s character, trying to convince him to give up the prefix codes to Starfleet ships in exchange for curing his daughther

408. Shilliam Watner (Click Name for my Christmas card) - December 17, 2012

404. Jack – Mark Lenard also played a Romulan and a Klingon, and I’m proud I actually know that. I’m not always the best at Trek Trivia. If asked to name the other actors I think I only would have come up with Cromwell.

Wait a minute! Robert Duncan McNeill was on TNG as a similar character to Paris, but definitely a different character.

Hm, I bet somebody out there can think of more…

409. Benny - December 17, 2012

Maybe Orci’s lie was that the comics are canon?

In which Gary Mitchell could still be the villain.

Here’s another theory in the vein of the Henry Ducard deception: What if the reveal of Carol Marcus is a lie (or cover), and John Harrison is revealed to be a famous Trek villain during the film?

410. NuWisdom - December 17, 2012

@404… so did Jeffrey Combs, who played several characters in DS9, Voyager and ST:Enterprise. Rene Auberjonois played at least 3 characters, one in ST6, Odo in DS9 and a guy in ST:Enterprise, J.G. Herztler played a couple characters aside from Martok, Tim Russ played that human tactical officer on the Enterprise B in Generations, and actually the whole DS9 cast played at least 2 characters, if you count their Benny Russell world characters from the DS9 episode Far Beyond The Stars. Ethan Phillips played a Ferengi in ST: Enterprise, and that human hologram in the Dixon Hill program in Star Trek First Contact, and Brent Spiner played probably the most of all time. Data, Lore, B-4, Dr. Noonien Soong, Arik Soong, and all those Fistful of Datas holograms.

411. Curious Cadet - December 17, 2012

@400 Jimi,
“Looking back at the first leaked pictures with Spock/Uhura & “villian” fighting on “barge” – does anyone have new insight to those pictures now that we’ve seen a couple trailers?”

Yeah, it looks like whatever Spock jumps off of is the same location as the fight with Harrison. So either this is the end of the movie where they take out Harrison, and Spock jumps to safety, either following Uhura or leaving her behind (and she dies), or it’s at the beginning of the movie, neither the Vulcan neck pinch nor the phaser blast take out Harrison who then leaps off the platform which Spock follows in pursuit, leaving Uhura behind.

Could Khan take a phaser blast and survive?

How can Spock leap from a distance like that? Perhaps he is counting on Chekov to beam him up like Kirk and Sulu from ST09. Perhaps they beam up Uhura and Harrison as well …

Or maybe it is at the end of the film and this is how Harrison ultimately dies.

412. - December 17, 2012

No disrespect intended but John Tenuto also thought Nemesis was a good film and failed due to poor marketing.

You can believe anything if you want to but it doesn’t make it so.

If it is Khan then they have to kill him by the end of the film which means TWOK never happens.

No one is going to go there.

413. Benny - December 17, 2012


Good call. I like it.

414. Hugh Hoyland - December 17, 2012

I’m starting to think John Harrison is an augment and is connected with the BB in some way.

And yes that MAY have been Khan walking out of what could be a cryo holding chamber in the trailer.

415. - December 17, 2012

IMDB did switch Cumberbachs character to John Harrison for a day then switched back to Khan (rumored).

I don’t think they know anything, just that they are not professional.

416. Quatlo - December 17, 2012

@402 ScottC – Good catch. You can see present day HVAC on top of buildings in the Spock jump screen cap too. Maybe they keep the same technology and just use something besides freon for coolant and a SEER rating of like 2,000. Or, maybe not.

417. Curious Cadet - December 17, 2012

@405 Jack,
“since when is dropping a ring in a glass of water a symbol of giving up principals. Throw it off a building, off a bridge, against a wall — sure. But dropping it into a glass of water while stating intently?”

He’s not just staring intently. He’s crying. Tears in his eyes.

I totally accept this as a symbol that he’s made up his mind to give up his principles. He’s sitting at whatever bar, contemplating what he’s going to do, or has done, makes up his mind and slips the symbol of his betrayal off his finger and drops it in a drink symbolically disposing of it — he may even get up and walk away leaving it behind. He’s committed, or he’s acknowledging what he’s given up. It’s a quiet, introspective moment. He’s not angry, because he’s doing it for his daughter. He’s emotionally devastated, and like the no-win scenario he picked what was most important to him and accepted the consequences. Ether way the meaning is clear.

Unless he noticed his ring was dirty and just wanted to clean it.

If you don’t accept this explanation, what do you think it symbolizes?

418. Red Dead Ryan - December 17, 2012

Vaughn Armstrong, who played Admiral Forrest on “Enterprise”, also played a Klingon, a Borg, and a few other characters.

About a year before making her first appearance as Ensign Ro, Michelle Forbes played another character on TNG.

Before Quark, Armin Shimmerman played two other Ferengi in “The Last Outpost” and “Peak Performance”. He also played Lwaxanna Troi’s talking box.

Lawrence Tierney, who played Cyrus Redblock on TOS, also played a planetary warlord on DS9.

Susanna Thompson played several different characters, including the Borg Queen on three “Voyager” episodes.

Duncan Regher, best known for playing the Bajoran resistance leader Shakaar on DS9, played other Trek guest characters as well.

Carolyn Seymour played two different Romulan commanders on TNG.

419. BitterTrekkie - December 17, 2012

292. I wouldn’t call Star Trek turning into a mindless action franchise “evolving”.

420. Captain Jack of Izar - December 17, 2012

There might be a clue in the identity of the villain in that Chekov now wears a red shirt… since, in “canon” it was explained that Khan knew Chekov in “ST II: The Wrath of Khan” because he was a member of the engineering staff during “Space Seeds”

421. Jack - December 17, 2012

408. Hey SW. Yeah, there are definitely way more. Yes, I’d forgotten Mark Lenard. Also, Malachi Throne (TOS and TNG).

I actually had a tough time remembering James Cromwell’s and David Warner’s names. I was like “the guy from Titanic (Time Bandits?) and the Babe/Cochrane/Jack Bauer’s dad guy.”

And Trekzilla, good on you for recognizing the same set pieces. I’d only remembered the patterns on the door sides of the TMP pods.

422. Joe - December 17, 2012

I haven’t read all the talkback, so forgive me if this has been brought up already, but what if it’s something like this: Harrison is not Khan, but IS part of the Botany Bay crew. The comment at the end of the trailer (hands touching, “anything you wouldn’t do for family” comment) has got me thinking…maybe Harrison is a harbinger of sorts. He is awakened before the rest of the BB pods, and is setting the stage for the return of his “father, either figurative or literal, which is Khan. Paving the way, so to speak.

423. Red Dead Ryan - December 17, 2012

The TMP Klingon Battle Cruiser bridge was redressed to become the torpedo room in TWOK.

424. Alt-Spock - December 17, 2012

What have we learned? That they’re still filing engineering in a brewery? That JJ still loves lens flares? That the bridge still looks like an Apple Store?

425. Shilliam Watner (Click Name for my Christmas card) - December 17, 2012

418. Red Dead Ryan – Is that IT?!?! ;-)

421. Jack – Thanks for Malachi Throne. Another good one.

I’d like to keep playing, but it’s my bed time. Gnight!

426. Jack - December 17, 2012

417. Maybe. Totally possible. And i’d see it, normally. Take it off and put it into a drawer, leave it lying on a bedside table for a wife to see later and go “oh no, he’s gone to do it!” — but a dropping it in a glass of (presumably) water seems odd, although,it is indeed entirely out of context.

His daughter’s dying and Harrison makes him an offer. Could explain the crying — his daughter is worse and he’s decided to do it. Also a standard movie trope.

I said this above, and others noted it before I did — but maybe there’s something on or in the ring…a miracle cure, the magic anti-aging formula that made April young, a retrovirus delivering augmented DNA, an Alien- something a la Lindelof’s Prometheus, Alka-Seltzer, sea monkeys.

Or maybe not.

427. Jack - December 17, 2012

423. Good one. Wasn’t the Regula transporter console from that ship too? I totally can’t remember. Sets get reused.

428. Buzz Cagney - December 17, 2012

#420 only in this one Chekov is working towards his Master Brewer qualification.

Hugely disappointed to see Uhura’s face still seems to be stuck on Spock’s for some strange and out of character for them both reason.
I expect it gave Jar Jar a bit of an underpant twitch again though, so thats all that matters.

429. Red Dead Ryan - December 17, 2012

Andreas Katsulas played Tomalak on TNG, and another character on “Enterprise”.

Brian Cousins played a Romulan and the Borg Crosis on TNG.

Marc Alaimo played the Romulan Commander Tebok, Gul Macet, a gambler all on TNG, and of course, Gul Dukat on DS9.

Salome Jens played a hologram of the (supposed) creator of the humanoids in the TNG episode “The Chase” and later played the Dominion Founder Leader on DS9.

Aron Eisenberg played Nog on DS9, and a Kazon teenager on “Voyager”.

430. Red Dead Ryan - December 17, 2012

Tony Todd, who played Kurn, also played an older Jake Sisko.

Robert O’Reilley, who is best know as Gowron, also played a couple of other characters.

431. Red Dead Ryan - December 17, 2012

Patrick Stewart, apart from Captain Picard, also played a holodeck character.

432. MJ - December 17, 2012


Whatever, Buzz.

433. Devon - December 17, 2012

“292. I wouldn’t call Star Trek turning into a mindless action franchise “evolving”.”

Considering it was a mindless boring franchise previously, I would :)

434. Jack - December 17, 2012

;). Googling got me Gene Dynarski, Joseph Ruskin (Galt from “Triskelion” and a Cardassian in DS9) and Jack Donner (Subcommander Tal and a Vulcan priest in ENT). Apparently.

Anyway, if Weller’s not connected to Paxton but an entirely different character — then he’s part of a long Trek tradition of, er, repurposing props, sets, effects shots and actors. ;).

435. BitterTrekkie - December 17, 2012

433 You obviously don’t know the meaning of the word evolve.

436. commhealy - December 17, 2012

I think John Harrison builds his own augment army through healing sick people but then is defeated and tries to resurrect Khan. The cryo chambers don’t look like the botany bay but they may have been beamed off the botany bay into newer chambers until they figure out what to do with them. And it doesn’t look like a cargo hold but planet side somewhere because of the stone wall in the background by the two unidentified characters.

437. Jack - December 17, 2012

Trek 2009 wasn’t perfect, but was it mindless? Isn’t pre-judging something a bit not Trek-ky?

Okay, I’ve got to back off from all this. I really don’t want to go into the thing knowing any more. It seems like too much has been revealed already. And that last image above, of the two guys — certainly seems to suggest Cumby and, well, somebody tall, dark and superior.

438. Red Dead Ryan - December 17, 2012

Scott MacDonald played a whole bunch of characters, including a Jem’ Hadar, and a Romulan.

Phil Morris played a character on TOS, as well as a Jem’ Hadar and a Klingon on DS9.

Gwenyth Walsh, who played Be’Tor, also played another guest character on “Voyager”.

439. Jack - December 17, 2012

I really don’t like the word Augment. I wished the Khan plot hadn’t been connected to Brent Spiner and Bernan/Braga technobabble. But, oh well.

And since we’re complaining. Er. That briefing room. I’ve seen very little, of course. But why do all future interiors have to look like the sets of a cable newscast/The Voice?

Okay, sorry. This is going to be terrific.

440. Mockit - December 17, 2012

The “Chekov wearing red” thing…remember in ST2TWOK when Khan meets Chekov and ‘remembers’ him? And we all said ‘he musta been working in Engineering when Space Seed went down’. Chekov will meet him again, while he is working in Engineering. And keep in mind that PrimeSpock said (in a deleted scene/dialogue) that ‘the timeline is still healing itself’, so stuff will still play out…again, just a little different.

Khan is totally the villian here.

But..what if..BC’s Khan is some sort of regenerated PrimeKhan? And still has it out for Kirk and the Crew no matter what timeline they live in?

441. Daniel - December 17, 2012

It seems pretty clear to me that we have another hit movie on our hands. Bob, start writing the next one if you haven’t already : )

Someone mentioned that the audio in the trailer was sub-par. I’ll have to watch it again, but I think he may be right. I recently watched Blood & Chrome on youtube using headphones and the audio was amazing. I guess I need to watch this trailer with headphones, too.

442. NOBREWERY - December 17, 2012

im seeing the brewery again………………………..*starts to fume*

443. Vonotar - December 18, 2012

Oh blast. I was going through this teaser frame-by-frame myself and posting what I found over on Aintitcool. Wish I’d looked here first. Could have saved myself some work. By the way, has anyone mentioned the website that flashes in the teaser yet?

444. Admiral_Bumblebee - December 18, 2012

My guess: John Harrison is the son of Khan. The Federation found the Botany Bay but they did not awake Khan but instead they awoke Harrison. They told him to attack Qo’Nos to eliminate the threat of the Klingons and promised him to awake all the others from the Botany Bay, too. But they lied. In order to save his family he begins to wreak havoc against the Federation.
At some pont they also awake Khan (the guy with the broad shoulders and the ponytail).

445. Vonotar - December 18, 2012

I figure Our Boy Harrison is on the equivalent of a Starfleet IMF team. Kirk and co. probably interfere with his mission and Starfleet disavows any knowledge of his actions, thereby making him a war criminal. The ongoing comics paint a darker view of Starfleet in this continuity. I figure there are more black ops in this universe than there were before. Trying to hold on to “superpower” status after receiving the black eye Nero gave them. Can’t look weak. Probably some very shady deals in this brave new world.

446. Son of MJ - December 18, 2012

BobOrci, for the third movie would love to see Emony Dax .
As a nice little nod to DS9 and Jadzia.
McCoy and her could rekindle their past.

447. Vultan - December 18, 2012


Buzz, Uhura is there because she’s a feminist icon—you know, best demonstrated by… kissing, embracing, and supporting her man as he goes off to save the day.

Just like Dr. Carol Marcus, a great, intelligent female role model… screaming her head off like in a bad horror movie.

448. AJ - December 18, 2012

With all due apologies to my brother MJ (we share a ‘J’), I am now switched over to Khan. The people-pods are preserving people, IMHO, in suspended animation due to the visible frozen condensation. Those surfboard-like appendages on top look like a way to insert them, in an IKEA sort of way, into individual bays on the Botany Bay.

My speculation is that “Harrison” is awakened by the Klingons (programmed to wake up first. Remember?) while his flock is still in suspended animation. How he gets them to Earth (Enterprise? Peter Weller?) remains to be seen.

Kirk’s recognition of him on Qu’onos is from the history books, and he is escorted from that planet to SanFran in the brig. He manages to free his compadres and wreak some havoc. Compadres = family. Carol Marcus is killed, perhaps pregnant. Pike’s funeral with ‘missing man formation.’ ‘Harrison’ wears Starfleet undershirts because that’s all they have on the E.

The opening scene is odd, however, Is it a flash-forward after he comes from the Klingon Homeworld? Does he need something specific to the little girl’s DNA which will allow him to revive his ‘family’ of augments?

The boys seem to have rustled up a great yarn here. Orci loves a good conspiracy, Kurtzmann loves a good human story, and Lindelof loves to turn it all upside down. Let’s call it “Star Trek.” I am anxiously awaiting May 2013.

I’ll reserve judgment for Mr. Abrams once I leave the theater. IMHO, it’s going to rock.

449. camsoft - December 18, 2012

Can’t believe some of these comments about everything looking different in JJ’s version of Trek and how it should look exactly like previous trek!

Have you actually watched the orignal 6 Star Trek movies? The interior and especially the bridge completely changed in almost every film.

It’s called artistic license. This is a reboot so clearly it is supposed to be a different kind of Trek to what we had before.

Enjoy it for what it is.

450. Bill Peters - December 18, 2012

I have a feeling Section 31 might show up in this film. Just a Feeling.

451. Aurore - December 18, 2012



The Khan Theory is still going stroooong, on these boards!

My theory?
Benedict Cumberbatch plays John Harrison.

Not Khan Noonien Singh.
(he’s not the dude playin’ the dude, disguised as another dude! )

And, I’m very curious to know more about, Johnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!


452. Cygnus-X1 - December 18, 2012

“There is greatness in you. But there is not an ounce of humility. You think you can’t make mistakes. But there is going to come a moment when you realize you are wrong about that. And you are going to get yourself, and everyone under your command killed.”

Because he’s never faced the no-win scenario. He cheated…err, uh, changed the rules of the game in the Kobiashi Maru, an event from Kirk’s past which was exploited very effectively in the first movie.

Anyway, this trailer was much better than the first. I gave it an 8. The Bruce Greenwood voice-over lays out a much more compelling theme than simply “vengeance” (as laid out by Cumberbatch’s voice-over in the first trailer).

One more thing I didn’t like about the first 9 minutes…

Kirk and Spock jump off a very high cliff into an ocean and swim like 50 ft down in about 3 seconds. It looked kind of silly. I know it’s a movie, but these guys are supposed to be human in the movie. And humans can’t swim like dolphins wearing water-jet-packs.

453. Cygnus-X1 - December 18, 2012


Anyway, this trailer was much better than the first. I gave it an 8. The Bruce Greenwood voice-over lays out a much more compelling theme than simply “vengeance” (as laid out by Cumberbatch’s voice-over in the first trailer).

*Even if it is one of the main themes from TWOK.

454. crazydaystrom - December 18, 2012

Tim Russ appeared as a bridge officer on the Enterprise B in Generations as well as Tuvok on Voyager.

455. Aurore - December 18, 2012

….I will also get to know more about the…genesis… of Kirk and Carol Marcus’ relationship.

I liked what Christopher pine ( and Zachary Quinto) said about Miss Eve , and, the importance of her character to the story.

“Her scientific knowledge…plays a big part in helping solve the crisis….”

….Is it June yet?

456. BitterTrekkie - December 18, 2012

437.Trek 2009 wasn’t perfect, but was it mindless? Isn’t pre-judging something a bit not Trek-ky?

I’ve seen the first POS remake. That’s enough to form an opinion on second POS.

457. Aurore - December 18, 2012

“I figure Our Boy Harrison is on the equivalent of a Starfleet IMF team. Kirk and co. probably interfere with his mission and Starfleet disavows any knowledge of his actions, thereby making him a war criminal. The ongoing comics paint a darker view of Starfleet in this continuity. I figure there are more black ops in this universe than there were before. Trying to hold on to “superpower” status after receiving the black eye Nero gave them. Can’t look weak. Probably some very shady deals in this brave new world.”

Interesting theory.

458. I know nothing!!!! - December 18, 2012

To Son of MJ,

Captain April
Captain April
Captain April

For crying out loud….move on

459. Hat Rick - December 18, 2012

I think a case can be made that thematically, this movie resonates with TWOK. Someone upthread very wisely made reference to the Kobayashi Maru test. Kirk Prime stated in TWOK that he did not believe in no-win scenarios.

The problem for this new Kirk is that he is not Kirk Prime. He hasn’t had years and years of encounters with strange new worlds and new civilizations. He hasn’t proven himself at all. So when this new Kirk encounters the villains in this movie, he will not be the hero we all know and love.

At least, not yet.

Note what Pike said. He said not that Kirk might act in a moment that results in the loss of those under his command; he said that Kirk will. He is adamant in his statement that this captain, whom he helped make, is not ready. Not by a long shot.

And this is where JJ’s familiarity with Star Wars comes into play.

For Pike is really Yoda. And I think he dies in this movie.

Pike is not perfect. He placed Kirk in command not because he had thought this whole thing through, but because of a gut feeling. But he knew in his gut that this was premature. Even the heroic actions of Kirk in defeating the Narada, as it turned out, did not prove to Pike that Kirk was all that Kirk should be to be a commander.

Kirk’s struggle with himself begins, though it does not end, with those portentous words by Pike. Kirk must find the strength within himself to prove his mentor wrong; to redeem the faith that Pike initially had in him.

Kirk must be an even better man than Pike. How is this possible?

Watch the movie and find out.

460. John Tenuto - December 18, 2012


Hi Hat Rick

Also supporting your idea, if Joseph Campbell was right about Monomyth, then Christopher Pike has to die because James Kirk needs to face his adventure alone to be a hero. The mentor, such as Obi Wan Kenobi, cannot be there when the hero faces their biggest crisis.

461. Hat Rick - December 18, 2012

@John Tenuto (460), a very insightful comment! I’ve always appreciated the Campbellian connection to Star Wars and I think that the Hero’s Journey trope helps make Episodes IV, V, and VI the resounding success they were. The lack of that dimension — the formation of a villain (albeit to be redeemed) rather than of a hero — was perhaps also a reason that Episodes I, II, and III was not as critically successful.

I think of Kirk as the best of all of us — young and old. This is a man who lost his father literally when he was a baby. He found a father-figure in PIke, but then PIke is ultimately more of a Starfleet officer than a father; Pike wants Kirk to be something more than Kirk is prepared to be.

Pike is responsible for throwing Kirk into the maelstrom, and PIke is also one of those who wants Starfleet to embody virtues that perhaps neither Pike nor Kirk are actually prepared for — Pike because of his age, and Kirk because of his.

I can see so much meaning in this forthcoming movie. This is a meaningful motion picture and it has so much promise, it has the hallmarks of being better than I could have hoped it to be.

462. Hat Rick - December 18, 2012

^^ “were not as critically successful.”

As corrected.

463. Dolphin Wearing a Jet Pack - December 18, 2012

@452 – “Kirk and Spock jump off a very high cliff into an ocean and swim like 50 ft down in about 3 seconds. It looked kind of silly. I know it’s a movie, but these guys are supposed to be human in the movie. And humans can’t swim like dolphins wearing water-jet-packs.”

And in the 2009 movie, Spock rode the turbolift from the shuttle bay to the bridge in under 5 seconds. Lets suspend disbelief for the sake of pace. You’d be looking at your watch if the swim took a realistic amount of time.

464. Luke Montgomery - December 18, 2012

389 “BTW Kirks Phaser-Rifle looks kind of gay. He should have used the normal Phaser-pistol instead. That was coo.”

Anthony PLEASE REMOVE this comment. People come here for Star Trek not homophobic remarks that directly equate something being crappy with gay people.

465. BitterTrekkie - December 18, 2012

Yeah, direct the gay remarks towards Quinto.

466. Robert McLaws - December 18, 2012

Look at the two shots of the ship crashing into the ocean, and then look at this:

The writers have a history of ST:E references… I think they’re gonna toast the decommissioned NX-01 space museum.

467. Cygnus-X1 - December 18, 2012

463. Dolphin Wearing a Jet Pack – December 18, 2012

—-And in the 2009 movie, Spock rode the turbolift from the shuttle bay to the bridge in under 5 seconds.—-

Oh, come on…so not the same thing. The turbolift is futuristic technology. Of course we’re expected to suspend out disbelief about that. I wouldn’t take issue with trips of different distances on the Enterprise taking inappropriate amounts of time gauging by my schematics of the ship, which I keep right here on my desk at all times. But like I said, Kirk and McCoy are humans. IF they’d suddenly sprouted wings and flown off the cliff, I bet you’d have taken issue. Why? Because you expect the fantasy world of Star Trek to be internally consistent. If Kirk and McCoy are humans with the same basic attributes as humans in real life, which is how they’ve always been presented, then we expect them to behave accordingly. Otherwise, the whole thing starts to unravel and the movie is not as compelling.

—-You’d be looking at your watch if the swim took a realistic amount of time.—-

This is true. That’s why they should’ve cut to the interior shot of the ship right after Kirk and Bones hit the water and started to swim downwards. ;-)

468. McCoy - December 18, 2012

I’m getting tired of this site’s insistence on ignoring pure biology/anatomy.


That’s BC looking down on the destroyed city.
Just look at the body for heaven’s sake. Specially the neck and the extensions on the hair.

That’s Kirk’s hand on the glass against the light.
Because that’s Christ Pine’s hand. The other hand can only be Spock. What other character would make a Vulcan salute to him while he falls?

And that’s not BC nor NC walking out of the cryo chamber. None of the two actors is BC or NC there.
BC’s over 6feet tall, and that’s not his body at all. On the other hand NC is shor and would never have the first guy’s tall and broad consistency.

It’s so frustrating! It’s like you guys never saw the actors or couldn’t look at a couple of pictures to get reference. Or maybe have a really bad notion of size and anatomy comparison.

But honestly, why do you keep insisting on these misleading “hints” and things even in the main articles, instead of focusing on actual things that can be conjectured about it.

469. John Tenuto - December 18, 2012


Hi Hat Rick, great ideas! I am excited that a theme of the film appears to be what people will do to save their family, and by extension, what a nation or government does to save its people.

Will Kirk lose his hubris, also a theme of TWOK, so that he could save his family, his crew?

Does the Father character forbade his oath to Starfleet, as implied by the ring and glass sequence, to save his daughter?

Does Harrison, perhaps Kahn, succeed in his mission to save his family, perhaps the other genetically enhanced augments?

How does Spock make it out of the volcano, risking his life to save a tribe, a family?

All is very Star Trekkian to me! Thanks for the ideas!

470. Drunk Garak - December 18, 2012

For those commenting about IMDB listing Cumberbatch as Khan. Except for a few exceptions, IMDB essentially a wiki — meaning anybody can add, edit, delete entries. No one at IMDB wrote the Cumberbatch entry based on secret inside knowledge, it’s just being edited by eager fans.

471. Khannn - December 18, 2012


Yeah I agree with mostly everything, but you’re forgetting to account for distance in the last topic.

If Cumberbatch was ahead of Clarke in the scene, he would look smaller and shorter, from that angle. And Clarke would seem larger and taller.

Check how the figure ahead is already full on the are where there’s light, and the figure behind seems to be a few steps back.

472. Zh - December 18, 2012

I just don’t feel the same level of excitement or anticipation I did with ST09.

473. Khannn - December 18, 2012

full on the area where there’s light*
a few steps back, still in the shadow*

474. Tom - December 18, 2012

They moved Chekhov off the bridge for this movie to jive with the fact that we didn’t see him in Space Seed–yet Khan saw him. Therefore, it can be argued that he was onboard but tucked from our sight.

The Checkov shuffle is a bit more evidence that this is a khan movie.

475. Yanks - December 18, 2012

I don’t think that’s Spock jumping/falling off whatever he’s jumping/falling off of.

476. AB - December 18, 2012

@ 407. FusionVok

This is what I started thinking also. I kind of hope not, because I think it would make the villain more interesting if he is speaking about his own ‘family’, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s speaking to Clarke’s character there.

477. Flake - December 18, 2012

lol at someone saying if khan dies, twok never happens….

well, i have news for you….

because of twok, khan gets to comeback in 2013 and die again! twok happened in the prime timeline which was not erased, the red matter wormholes lead into a parallel universe which trek now inhabits. vulcan is still in the prime universe!

478. Jemini - December 18, 2012

the new trailer is even more mindblowing that the first one.
I, for one, LOVE that Spock/Uhura is still a thing and the romance continued (and it seems I’m not the only one. Tumblr exploded with gifs of them the minute the trailer came out. ).
Haters gonna hate and potatoes gonna potate =)

479. EM - December 18, 2012

Peter Weller is the Phantom Menace and Benedict Cumberbatch is Darth Maul.

Peter Weller is Talia al Ghul and Benedict Cumberbatchi s Bane.

Something like that.

480. Exverlobter - December 18, 2012

464. Luke Montgomery
“Anthony PLEASE REMOVE this comment. People come here for Star Trek not homophobic remarks that directly equate something being crappy with gay people.”

Relax. If iam going to say, that this rifle looks retarded, well would you automatically assume that i have something against retarded-people? I hope not, because that would be a hasty reaction on your part.
But to avoid confusion i might say that i think that this rifle looks uncool, is that better.

481. T'cal - December 18, 2012

I haven’t been subscribing to the Khan theory but I haven’t ruled out that Harrison is an augment. I hadn’t considered it before but Pascale’s point about JH’s use of the term “family” in that context is a great one – the family of augments. And, the two men walking out of the room filled with tubes could be Khan (the big guy with the pony tail) and JH or another augment. Maybe that was the character the Latino actors were supposed to play and Cumberbatch’s character was in there too, all along. The whole idea of JH being able to help save/cure the little girl screams of genetic tampering. I’m hoping for some good references to
ENT and anything old Spock mentions. It helps maintain a sense of continuity for me. Who cares?? I’m in!!

482. TrekTech - December 18, 2012

I love in Pikes voiceover how he tells Kirk he has no humility. Well, thats what happens when you tell a freakin ENSIGN hes such a bada** that your making him a Captain of a Starship! DUH! Which is precisely why that was one of the single stupidest plot point of ’09 Trek. Leadership comes from experience. Experience comes in time but the JJ Crew apparently has next to no understanding of how a real military organization works and WHY. Secondly, Im more inclined to think those are coffins not cryo tubes and the folded flags might support that. I think theres a lot of red herrings floating to the surface. The Niburu aliens…really? That whole sequence on the planet looked like something the BBC cooked up on some the older Doctor Who shows. Some of the other stuff looked impressive, the bridge design itself doesnt bother me as much as having brights lights shing directly in the crews eyes EVERYWHERE. What a horrid work environment, Underwater Enterprise? Really? Thats a GIMMICK and Ill bet good money they cant find a way to justify it in the script believably. “Hey guys. you know what would look cool?” I sense another Michael Bay like movie with pretty images, lots of great effects and a story that is contrived. What Im seeing so far supports my opinion. Its a shame, too, because theres definitely talent involved in the cast and crew.

483. Damian - December 18, 2012

“The Eugenics Wars” novels by Cox actually gave a pretty plausible story of the Eugenics Wars in the 1990’s. It went with the idea that Khan and his supermen were controlling world events behind the scenes. Actually pretty good stuff.

If Augments are involved, I seriously doubt Abrams team is going to be changing dates established in prior canon. He’s not going to ignite a furor over that. They simply will just avoid the details and probably not mention the years at all (maybe something vague like saying over 200 years ago, or something along those lines).

I agree with some others that the tubes may be cryo tubes (or even stasis tubes), but that it’s not likely the Botany Bay. They certainly wouldn’t create the Botany Bay as shown in Space Seed, but if it were the Botany Bay, there would at least be some similarities. The scene above looks more like some warehouse to me.

Wouldn’t it be funny if Khan’s supermen weren’t involved at all, that it had nothing to do with Augments. I wouldn’t put it pass Abrams to throw out some curveballs to keep people off the real story. I agree, based on all the info out there, Khan is someway involved (though I’m still not sold on the idea that Cumberbatch is really Khan), but with Abrams, nothing would surprise me.

484. EJD1984 - December 18, 2012

Could it be an updated variation of the Eugenics War in the past, where Starfleet (Section 31) tried to genetically engineer super soldiers, but the program was put had “unforeseen side-effects” and was put “on-ice”, and John Harrison was accidentally thawed?

485. LogicalLeopard - December 18, 2012

484. EJD1984 – December 18, 2012

Good guess. I think that either John Harrison was born an Augment through experimentation like you mentioned, or maybe even made himself an augment. Perhaps he’s a Starfleet biologist who was doing clandenstine work on developing augments, and tests the experiment on himself. Then he learns that Starfleet has found the Botany Bay and perhaps stored the augments somewhere.

If it’s true that the two individuals in the doorway of the area with the biobeds/cryostorage units are Harrison and the father character, then maybe Harrison told him that he could help his daughter if he got him access to the Botany Bay augments.

486. ToMaHaKeR - December 18, 2012

Pony tail guy = Khan?

487. Kevin - December 18, 2012

I still don’t think Khan or his augments are part of this film. I do think this film might have the post credits Botany Bay shot and JJ Trek 3 will be an alternate retelling of Space Seed (that will not allow for a TWOK).

488. Exverlobter - December 18, 2012

@482. TrekTech

To all those people who complain, that the Enterprise being under water is not Sci-Fi because it is not realistic and more like a Star Wars phantasy i way
What? Really?
Do you really believe this Star Trek is real Hard-Sci-Fi nonsense?
The Transporter alone is an impossible peace of tech, that will forever exist in the imagination of our minds. And BTW it was only invented because a landing sequence for the Enterprise was too expensive in the 60s.
But now Transporters are accepted , but a Spaceship that can also be used as a submarine is not? How does that fit together?

For further reading about Trek-Pseudoscience i recommend to read this article under the section “Pseudoscience”

489. Hat Rick - December 18, 2012

@John Tenuto (469), not a problem! I’m glad you like them. And thank you in return for your ideas. Fascinating!

STID will be a heckuva ride. :-)

490. Flake - December 18, 2012

The thing shooting at the building at night is flashing blue & red lights… sooo its the police !

491. Exverlobter - December 18, 2012

BTW they broke with the colon-tradition and call this “Star Trek into Darkness” instead of Star Trek: Into Darkness.
Ok but why does the trailer in the end almost try to hide that it is Star Trek.
At first we see in big letters “Into Darkness”, and only a few seconds later in small letters “Star Trek”.
However this would only work if the title has colons.
“Star Trek into darkness” however is a sentence that has to be read from the beginning to the end and cannot be inverted unless it has a colon.

492. Janice - December 18, 2012

Couldn’t access the second trailer from this site due to “apple” but I finally did see it elsewhere. FINALLY—I got to at least hear Pike’s voice. Would rather SEE him though.
That memorial better not be for Pike! I hope it’s a memorial to the huge loss of life that occurred in the previous movie. Not that much time has passed.
Hoping for a decent role for my fav–Pike.

493. boborci - December 18, 2012


The boys seem to have rustled up a great yarn here. Orci loves a good conspiracy, Kurtzmann loves a good human story, and Lindelof loves to turn it all upside down. Let’s call it “Star Trek.” I am anxiously awaiting May 2013.


not a bad summary of us!

494. Damian - December 18, 2012

491–I think you’re overthinking the title a bit. In the TNG movie posters, the title of the movie was larger than the title Star Trek. I don’t think there’s any sinister purpose here. I think everyone was making too much a big deal about “to colon or not to colon” anyway. No one was ever going to mistake this for a TNG movie, so even if there were a colon, it wouldn’t have mattered.

495. LogicalLeopard - December 18, 2012

482. TrekTech – December 18, 2012
I love in Pikes voiceover how he tells Kirk he has no humility. Well, thats what happens when you tell a freakin ENSIGN hes such a bada** that your making him a Captain of a Starship! DUH!

*LOL* Yeah, especially a genius level deliqunent that is recruited immediately after a barfight!


Which is precisely why that was one of the single stupidest plot point of ’09 Trek. Leadership comes from experience. Experience comes in time but the JJ Crew apparently has next to no understanding of how a real military organization works and WHY.


Well, see, that’s where you’re wrong. Remember, Starfleet is NOT a solely military organization. Yes, they’ve got big guns and all of that, but the primary mission is exploration. But really, that’s sort of irrelevant to the conversation. Like you, at the end of ST09, I was like, “Er….what?” I tried to wrap my head around it, thinking that maybe he was already graduated as a Lt. Jg, and then promoted a few ranks up, but even that doesn’t justify the fact that he’s basically fresh out of the Academy.

Then, I started thinking. Maybe Starfleet’s promotion system is radically different than ours, maybe it’s more of a meritocracy. If your actions/profile/etc merit you being somewhere, and there’s an open spot for you, you’re there. When you think about it, you may have a higher ranked officer in the military who has more experience than a certain lower ranked officer, but the lower ranked officer is much more capable. In our system, it doesnt matter how capable the lower ranked officer is, rank is rank, and you progress only so fast. Maybe in their system, which is also influenced by alien cultures, the rules are more malleable. Think about it. Would Vulcans keep a junior officer from a command position if they were capable of command? Would other races? We have to divorce ourselves from our current day mindset.

Plus, if a guy saves a WHOLE planet. Not stops a war, not cures a virus, but SAVES A PLANET, such an agency as I described above might put him in a captain’s chair immediately due to his ability to think under pressure, and get the job done. What else do you want in a captain? Why keep a guy like this at a helm station on gamma shift for a few years? Sure, he’s hot headed, but on a scale of 1 to Andorian, how hot headed is he? He argued with Spock, but I’m sure the Tellarites on the promotion board argued that he was RIGHT. Put him in the Captain’s chair, send him on cakewalk missions, let him build experience, and lecture him when neccessary, like Pike.

Also, although I don’t have specific references at my disposal right now, I seem to remember looking into the time it took certain canon characters to be promoted, and I don’t think it was very long for some. Then you have others, like Worf and Harry Kim. In Harry Kim’s case, I wasn’t a big Voyager fan, but I don’t think ANYONE got promoted. And why would they, considering their situation? We, based on our thought process, want to see lower ranked officers promoted, but Harry was already a bridge officer, so why do anything else? As far as Worf, maybe he wasn’t promoted much because he was already a security chief, and a rank promotion wasn’t necessary at the time.


Secondly, Im more inclined to think those are coffins not cryo tubes and the folded flags might support that. I think theres a lot of red herrings floating to the surface. The Niburu aliens…really? That whole sequence on the planet looked like something the BBC cooked up on some the older Doctor Who shows. Some of the other stuff looked impressive, the bridge design itself doesnt bother me as much as having brights lights shing directly in the crews eyes EVERYWHERE. What a horrid work environment, Underwater Enterprise? Really? Thats a GIMMICK and Ill bet good money they cant find a way to justify it in the script believably. “Hey guys. you know what would look cool?” I sense another Michael Bay like movie with pretty images, lots of great effects and a story that is contrived. What Im seeing so far supports my opinion. Its a shame, too, because theres definitely talent involved in the cast and crew.


You know, previews and bulletin boards like this are fun, but they make certain people enjoy the movie less. We’ve seen perhaps 11 odd minutes of footage from a movie that’s over two hours long. You can’t POSSIBLY make assumptions at this time. Sure, we do guesswork for fun, but you have to stay open to the fact that it may be very good. If you allow your mind to poison you against the movie now, you might as well not watch it when it comes out, and like Abrams said, enjoy your reruns. And I don’t say that disrespectfully. Many people think this is a fun update that stays true to the original series. Some people hate it. But if you hate it, you probably won’t be open to liking any more installments. But if you plan to see the movie, please keep an open mind.

496. LogicalLeopard - December 18, 2012

Oh, and furthermore, I for one, like when writers start with the question, “Hey guys. you know what would look cool?” *LOL* As long as they can justify it, which they probably can. The first thing that came to my mind is that the planet had interference in it’s atmosphere that prevented properly coordinating the mission from space. So Jim was like, “Hey, lets just take it down and set it in the ocean. Reckless? Maybe. But at least Scotty pays homage to what everyone is thinking, and who knows, maybe sitting a starship in the ocean (which should be NO problem, in my opinion) was what Pike was lecturing him about. Maybe there’s no danger, but it’s kind of like those stunts you pulled as a kid that weren’t dangerous, but you got lectured anyway.

497. boborci - December 18, 2012

342. Son Of MJ – December 17, 2012
323 when did Orci confirm that Archer Lives still ?
Darn it they need a scott Bakula cameo Stat


read last page of novelization!

498. LogicalLeopard - December 18, 2012

493. boborci – December 18, 2012

Of the three of you, I’d like to know whose idea it was to blow up (blow-in?) Vulcan? *LOL* I’d love to hear how that conversation went.

“We need to have something really big happen, really impactful.”

“LIke a death? How about Spock’s mom? That’ll cause all sorts of internal drama with him, he’s already embraced his Vulcan side, but maybe that’s the impetus for him to attempt to get back in touch with his human side.”

“No, how about we blow up Vulcan?”

“Vulcan….the planet?”

“Yeah, dude, we don’t need it. Blow that sucker up!”


“Okay, okay, okay, you can kill Spock’s mom too. Just make sure Vulcan’s an asteroid heap when you’re done. Or better yet, just drop a singularity in there. No mess.”

*LOL* When I was in the theater and I saw that happen, I was floored. It threw all of my expecations out the window, and I really just had to hold on for the rest of the ride. That foggy scene when Spock is walking through sickbay mirrored my mindset perfectly. I’ve seen big things happen in Trek, like the Enterprise going down in flames over the Genesis Planet and the Defiant blowing up in DS9, but that one was astonishing.

499. BillT - December 18, 2012

@486. There is no pony tail guy. It is a shadow. If you play the trailer frame by frame you see him walk out of the room and for part of it you can see there is no pony tail. He’s completly bald.

500. aligee - December 18, 2012

244. “He was overdone in the original series and the Star Trek movie that featured the return of Khan was easily the worse of the series”.

Eh…..overdone?????? Khan was in one episode and 1 film….a film that most trek fans have voted the best of all the original series films! Get you facts right before you type!

Gotta say I love reading all these theories, JJ Bob and staff must be loving it!
I for one am really looking forward to the new film – Star Trek still lives!
Its just TV (movie) show!

501. aligee - December 18, 2012

486 – bald… god its Prime Picard! :-)

502. aligee - December 18, 2012

497. boborci……rustled up a great yarn here!
Aint that what a good story is all about a great yarn?
I cant wait!

503. Tuomas - December 18, 2012


There have been a couple of Star Trek films without the colon used in the title. Star Trek Generations and Star Trek Nemesis were the official names for those films, although most people refer to them with colons in place as usual.

But I get the point – usage of the colon has been a tradition when it comes to Trek films.


Seeing this trailer makes it even more difficult for me to wait for June. Hopefully the viral campaign, whatever it ends up being, will keep us occupied in the meantime.

504. LogicalLeopard - December 18, 2012

482. TrekTech – December 18, 2012

Oh, one person that springs to mind regarding rank is Wesley Crusher. You take a smart kid who knows a lot about Starships, and you make him acting Ensign. Above the rank of people like Obrien, who have a lot more experience. And then, you make him a bridge officer, actually FLYING the ship. It’d be kind of like taking an extremely bright high school sophomore or junior and letting him steer the USS Enterprise aircraft carrier. No way that’d happen in real life. But Starfleet has other methods. He could have probably enlisted in Starfleet, went through some training courses on the ship, and worked his way up from below decks. But nope, they plop him right in the helm chair.

505. M.R.S. Johnson - December 18, 2012

Finally decided to stop lurking and post a comment. OK….so…. In the scene with the cryno tubes and what looks to be people walking out, Does anyone else think its the Parents from the 9 min. trailer? It makes perfect sense to me and its a man and a woman. I mean I think JJ and company are taking yall for a ride with the KHAN chitchatter. lol!

506. budbudford - December 18, 2012

I believe that Harrison’s character is in place to set up Weller who is Khan. Khan will have a secondary role. This will happen towards the end which will tee up the plot and story directly for the third movie. They’ve all signed for three, no?

507. Spock Jenkins - December 18, 2012

491, only the Next gen films used colons. the non-colon for Star Trek into Darkness should not be an issue in the same way you have Star Trek novels which use titles where the ‘Star Trek’ is smaller, and the subheading title is bigger ( and without any colon ).

Also logos for movies such as ‘the Empire Strikes Back’ and ‘Return of the Jedi’ had Star Wars in small letters above/around the chapter heading, so that’s the same with ‘Into Darkness’.

I like the fact that they don’t use colons as it differentiates it from the ( mostly mediocre ) Next Gen films, and the classic Star Trek films which used roman numerals and a subtitle.

508. Spock Jenkins - December 18, 2012

People are speculating about Peter Weller’s character. Why can’t he be Admiral Marcus? It’s been stated before that Carol’s father plays a role in the film, so that makes more sense than the speculation of Weller playing Khan…

509. Spock Jenkins - December 18, 2012

Thank you 488.

My thoughts exactly – just naysayers of the new Trek trying to be smart alecs…

510. - December 18, 2012

If it is Khan or Khan is raised toward the end of the movie for the next movie he has to die.

If he dies then there is no TWOK. It never happens.

The fact that he is also British means Cumberbach is not playing Khan. If he were he would have done the accent.

As good as this movie is looking i do think it is sad that they have pimped out lines from The Wrath of Khan that were special to that movie re the needs of the many. I hope they only use it the once.

511. rm10019 - December 18, 2012

Not sure if it has been mentioned, but the scene where Kirk is going EVA looks a LOT like the scene in the upcoming Trek PS3 game. That game also looks to feature the new phaser rifle etc. I am really looking forward to that as well as the film!

Bob, thanks for your part in the synergy between the game, comics and film. Feels like a cohesive franchise again!

512. Reign1701A - December 18, 2012

My guess is that the reason Harrison (whoever he is) wants vengeance is because he feels Starfleet has abandoned him at the hands of the Klingons. This could support Gary Mitchell (the Klingons picked him up off of Delta Vega) or Khan (the Klingons find the Botany Bay first). This would be sufficient motivation for wanting vengeance against Starfleet/Earth, and would explain why he’s seen in the trailer killing Klingons (similar to Nero breaking out of Rura Penthe in the deleted scenes).

Something I haven’t seen discussed a whole lot is Spock’s stance on the volcano at the end of the IMAX preview. He seems all too willing to accept his death, which would be a continuation of what we saw in the Ongoing comics.

513. - December 18, 2012


I think you may well be spot on.

514. Charles Trotter - December 18, 2012

Anyone else note the trailer’s implication that Harrison is among those under Kirk’s command?

“… you are going to get yourself…” [shot of Kirk] “…and everyone under your command killed.” [shots of Chekov, Spock, Uhura, HARRISON, McCoy, Scott and Sulu]

There was also a line in an issue of the comics where Pike warns Kirk to keep an eye on his crew. The line was bolded and it was from an issue which was supposed to hint at the plot of the new movie.

All this, along with the fact that Harrison is wearing a Starfleet uniform, seems to indicate that Harrison is or was a member of Kirk’s crew aboard the ‘Enterprise.’

Gary Mitchell? Ben Finney? Kevin Riley?

Or could it really be this guy?

515. Marshall McMellon - December 18, 2012

Sorry if this was already brought up, but I couldn’t help but notice that the ‘floating barge’ in the trailer was where we saw those early leaked shots of Spock giving BC the nerve pinch.

Not that that it really tells anybody anything– but hey. There it is.

516. dmduncan - December 18, 2012

@514: Might I interest you in CG Theory?

Post #798, here:

The only correction it needs is to NOT refer to TOS’ “Harrison” as John Harrison, since he had no first name in the series. The first name John would be the SC’s contribution to a pre-existing TOS character.

517. dmduncan - December 18, 2012

The problem with the Harrison as Enterprise crewman theory is this:

The film opens with Harrison on earth, then shows us the Enterprise on some alien world mission. The synopsis tells us that the Enterprise is called home when some enemy “detonates” the fleet, and the first trailer shows us Harrison running through glass, presumably being pursued.

It’s possible it is a false impression created by how unconnected scenes are cut, but it does appear that Harrison is in some way responsible for the damage that the Enterprise is called back in response to.

If Harrison is an Enterprise crewman, why is he on earth offering to save a little girl, wreaking global havoc, and being chased?

518. dmduncan - December 18, 2012


I mean, who IS Barack Obama? How do you know he can’t effortlessly wrap a piece of rebar around your neck with his bare hands while smiling? ;-)

519. TrekTech - December 18, 2012

I stand by my statements and do so because of all the unnecessary plot contrivances in the FIRST outing. That was lazy writing IMHO. I seriously doubt the Enterprise is underwater for any reason other then it will ‘look cool’. As for Starfleet not being a military organization…ummm…well, you can argue that until youre blue in the face but ONLY military organizations have courts martial. So much for that argument. They can SAY all they want that their mission is one of exploration but its still a military organization and the whole “Well, maybe they promote on merit because of the influence of alien civilizations”. Really? If you have to stretch THAT much to explain a poorly contrived plot point it just proves my point and has NO support from 50 years of Trek. I also never argued teh plausibility or ability of the enterprise to go underwater so that whole argument is moot. I argued the NECESSITY of it. Its obvious the shuttle works so Im waiting to see WHY its necessary to have a ship that scales varies from 1000 meters to twice that size (another oversight by the team which was confirmed by the SPFX guys from 09 Trek) to enter the atmosphere and the water unnoticed…well, again, WHY? Guess Ill have to wait to see the movie for that one to be explained. At the end of the day I still thinks its a strong cast with average writing hidden under spectacular effects. More sizzle than steak. Id LOVE to be proven wrong. My issues with this ‘new’ Trek has nothing to do with being a canonista. Im judging it on its OWN merit. BTW, I love the casting Im just not fond of what theyre being given to work with.

520. Trek fan In Iowa - December 18, 2012

I think it’s obvious at this point that Peter Weller is playing Khan and he will be introduced at the end of the movie. That’s why they can’t show him. He’ll be decked out in full Khan gear. John Harrison is the real name – of the one of his followers that causes the destruction through most of the movie. Would have been Joachim if Benicio had played the part.

521. AnonymousWasAWoman - December 18, 2012

@235. Hakka

Totally agreed. I love Trek, I love what the Supreme Court is doing with it in general, but please, Jesus on a bicycle, give us just one strong, levelheaded professional woman in this series. Uhura was looking like she had potential, but she reacts emotionally and unprofessionally every time Spock is in danger. She’s an officer; she can’t afford to do that. Their whole relationship is ethically questionable to begin with, and as long as they’re in it, her character is going to be defined by it. The token girl, fit only to be a love interest.

As for Carol Marcus, in TWOK, she was strong, bright, terrific, but here, that shot of her screaming has already become a meme. Lady, you’re in uniform and you’re obviously in the middle of a crisis; for you to be indulging in that girly scream rather than doing anything useful, there had better be someone being skinned alive in front of you. Otherwise, your girl-in-a-refrigerator routine is just making life that much harder for every woman who wants to be taken seriously and treated as a competent equal to her male counterparts.

It’s not that I’m not psyched to see the new film; I very much am. It’s just that this is the reaction every woman I’ve talked to has had to these trailers, and will probably have to the film. Just saying, is all.

522. JimGrant1701 - December 18, 2012

I’m not certain that the voice overs are directed to Kirk…

523. LogicalLeopard - December 18, 2012

510. – December 18, 2012

The fact that he is also British means Cumberbach is not playing Khan. If he were he would have done the accent.


Hmmnn….your comment sparked an interesting Khanspiracy in my mind. Does anyone who saw the preview remember if BC spoke with a British accent in his actual scene? I don’t think he said many words, but its entirely possible that he recorded the voice over to throw us off, and has another accent in the film to play a different character, even Ben Finney or other examples.

524. LogicalLeopard - December 18, 2012

I stand by my statements and do so because of all the unnecessary plot contrivances in the FIRST outing. That was lazy writing IMHO. I seriously doubt the Enterprise is underwater for any reason other then it will ‘look cool’.


Of course you’re entitled to stand by your statements. I’m not sure what unecessary plot contrivances you’re referring to from the first movie, but please remember in your criticism that plot contrivances are not new to Trek. If anything, we’re looking for them more because it’s new. I”ve already mentioned two of my favorite plot contrivances in Trek: The explosion of Ceti Alpha Insert Number Here, is number one. How does a planet explode in the first place, and how does the explosion affect the orbit of the other without killing every living thing on it? We’re made to believe that changing the temperature of the Earth a few degrees will have catastrophic results, but in TWOK, you can push a whole planet out of it’s orbit and only the baseline human woman and a few others die. And if I’m remembering incorrectly, and the explosion of the one planet didn’t affect the orbit of the other, how could the Reliant possibly not notice the difference when they arrived? The star charts wouldn’t show a discrepancy because there’s an asteroid field where there used to be a planet?

Second favorite discrepancy is in STTUC, when Praxis explodes, and causes a shock wave that 1) travels light years away 2) travels so quickly that the Excelsior can’t detect it before it’s right on top of them 3) travels PERFECTLY IN LINE to hit the Excelsior, because as I remember, it was a linear looking wave. Why didn’t they just have Sulu on patrol duty, and notice that there was a difference in the radio chatter and readings from Praxis? Why? Because a wave hitting the ship looks cool, that’s why.
As for Starfleet not being a military organization…ummm…well, you can argue that until youre blue in the face but ONLY military organizations have courts martial. So much for that argument. They can SAY all they want that their mission is one of exploration but its still a military organization and the whole.

I get your point, but it’s different enough to notate when thinking about these issues


“Well, maybe they promote on merit because of the influence of alien civilizations”. Really? If you have to stretch THAT much to explain a poorly contrived plot point it just proves my point and has NO support from 50 years of Trek.


How is it a stretch to think that Starfleet, which the “military” branch as you say of a federation of multiple alien societies, doesn’t reflect the values of all those societies? And like I said in a later post about Wesley Crusher, it makes no sense to take a bright kid, make him an acting ensign, thus in authority over experienced noncomms like Chief Obrien, and have him fly the ship. It’d be like letting a bright high school sophomore or junior steer an aircraft carrier. Not going to happen in our universe, but it does happen in Trek.


I also never argued teh plausibility or ability of the enterprise to go underwater so that whole argument is moot. I argued the NECESSITY of it. Its obvious the shuttle works so Im waiting to see WHY its necessary to have a ship that scales varies from 1000 meters to twice that size (another oversight by the team which was confirmed by the SPFX guys from 09 Trek) to enter the atmosphere and the water unnoticed…well, again, WHY? Guess Ill have to wait to see the movie for that one to be explained.

Uhm yes. You will. *L* But really, if you set yourself up to think about things so hard, you’re not going to be pleased with the product. I know that sounds like I’m saying, “Just put on your dunce cap and get ready for a dumb explosion fest”, but what I’m saying is that you have to suspend disbelief for enjoyment. I don’t know how old you are, but if the first trek you saw was TOS, did you watch a chicken dinner slide from the wall and go “What? A chicken dinner? Is there another person on the side of that wall, or is it supposed to be magic? This show sucks, I’m going to watch Gunsmoke.” or did you say “Wow, cool!” There are countless other technologies that were presented first, then explained later. But the explanation shouldn’t get in the way of enjoyment.

At the end of the day I still thinks its a strong cast with average writing hidden under spectacular effects. More sizzle than steak. Id LOVE to be proven wrong. My issues with this ‘new’ Trek has nothing to do with being a canonista. Im judging it on its OWN merit. BTW, I love the casting Im just not fond of what theyre being given to work with.


I don’t know, I thought the writing was pretty good in the first one. There were a few nonsensical things, sure, but the overall depth and emotion of it was pretty good. I may be prejudicial, because I went through some of the same life changes that are shown in the movie. I love Trek, but I haven’t had many movies where I personally could identify with the characters on that level. Many people have dismissed Spock and Uhura in the elevator, but I knew EXACTLY where Spock was, and the whole keeping a stiff upper lip thing, and having someone there who cares about you but can’t help you. I think that’s good writing. But that’s my opinion

525. KMKProd - December 18, 2012

Anyonoe notive that the deflector looked to be a more solid brass/copper color as in TOS? At least it looked that way to me. Also, what was with the TMP insignia on some of the uniforms?

526. Aurore - December 18, 2012

“…… Many people have dismissed Spock and Uhura in the elevator, but I knew EXACTLY where Spock was, and the whole keeping a stiff upper lip thing, and having someone there who cares about you but can’t help you. I think that’s good writing. But that’s my opinion”


Mine too.

527. LogicalLeopard - December 18, 2012

521. AnonymousWasAWoman – December 18, 2012
@235. Hakka

Totally agreed. I love Trek, I love what the Supreme Court is doing with it in general, but please, Jesus on a bicycle, give us just one strong, levelheaded professional woman in this series. Uhura was looking like she had potential, but she reacts emotionally and unprofessionally every time Spock is in danger. She’s an officer; she can’t afford to do that. Their whole relationship is ethically questionable to begin with, and as long as they’re in it, her character is going to be defined by it. The token girl, fit only to be a love interest.


I’m really interested in why people address the whole Uhura/Spock relationship as defining (or confining) Uhura, and not Spock. Why is it that no one accuses Spock of being the guy who can’t do anything without his girlfriend? Why is no one calling Spock henpecked? After all, she did get him to change her assignment with a few sentences. Sure, she also played his moral support in the first movie, but that’s because his MOTHER got killed and WHOLE PLANET got destroyed. Man, if she’s seen as weak as offering a shoulder for Spock to meditate on after that, I don’t know what it’s going to take to please people.

528. captain_neill - December 18, 2012

believe it or not but Star Trek Generations and Star Trek Nemesis were not suppose to have colons in their titles, so not a first.

529. Optimistic Doodle - December 18, 2012

Chekov’s shirt switch… Was wondering, does anyone believe a time jump may explain the switch?

530. Kirk1701 - December 18, 2012

You’re all wrong. Been discussing this with my bro and we’ve concluded if he isn’t Khan, Sherlock’s more likely to be Col. Phillip Green. Think about it.

531. KMKProd - December 18, 2012

Upon close inspection of the ship crashing shots, the nacelles look eerily similar to the Enterprise-E’s nacelles. Could be just water distortion, but looks weird.

532. Check the Circuit - December 18, 2012

@465 bittertrekkie

So you’re an “old school” devoted fan of Star Trek? That’s great. It is deserving of reverance.

But it seems like you missed a key point of the show.

Miranda Jones: “I understand Mr. Spock….the glory of creation is in its infinite diversity.”

Spock: “And the way our differences combine to create meaning and beauty.”

533. LogicalLeopard - December 18, 2012

526. Aurore – December 18, 2012

Exactly. I think it’s one of the most powerful and realistic scenes in Trek, actually.

534. BitterTrekkie - December 18, 2012

Doing a remake isn’t diverse.
It’s slapping a new coat of paint on something old.

535. M.R.S. Johnson - December 18, 2012

@513 Thanks! And folks are still falling for it! Must be a hell of a ride! Its not KHAN yall I’m confident in that. Where is MJ in all this??

536. TheMightyChip - December 18, 2012

My apologies if this has already been posited, but I felt like throwing my own theories into the ring. I don’t really have an idea of the overall plot, but here’s what I am guessing:

-The movie’s beginning: While doing the Nibiru mission, Kirk does something really crazy in order to rescue Spock from the volcano, but it works more due to luck than it being an actual good plan. This would be an early forshadow of the “do anything for your family” theme and serve as an emotional conflict for Kirk when Harrison takes the same logic to horrifying extremes later in the movie.
-After Starfleet brass hears about Kirk’s utterly reckless actions on Nibiru they order him immediately back to Earth to be court-marshalled. He goes back to Earth in a shuttle craft, leaving the Enterprise in the Nibiru system to tie up loose ends and pick him up at Earth later (which is why Spock is seen in the command chair looking “concerned”).
-The “meeting room” scene is actually Kirk’s court-marshall, where he is testifying to his superiors officers (including Adm. Pike) trying to explain his actions. This is when Pike delivers his “your hubris is going to kill your crew” speech that we hear in the trailer. Right before they pronounce sentence, Harrison attacks SF headquarters, giving Kirk a temporary stay in judgement (very much like how the attack on Vulcan just barely prevented Kirk from being disciplined for cheating on the Kobiyashi Maru). Some time during this attack on HQ, Harrison also “detonates the fleet”, meaning some massive attack that destroys all starships in the Sol system. Thus Harrison has killed the entire upper command structure of Starfleet (including Pike), AND destroyed any ships that might be close enough to help defend Earth against whatever his ultimate plan is.
-During the attack the Enterprise was on her way home to pick up Kirk. She was close enough to the “detonation” to be royally banged up, but not close enough to actually be completely destroyed. This is why we have the scene showing the Big-E heavily damaged – I think it’s telling that you don’t see Kirk in any of the interior damage shots (please correct me if I’m wrong). Despite being battered, they continue on to Earth.
-When they arrive, they find Kirk trying to escape a dying HQ, so some of the crew (including at least Spock) space-jump down to save him. This gives us the scenes on the top of the building and fighting on the “space-barge” thingy. They have an epic battle and just barely escape with their lives, and go hide in some other star system while engineering repairs the ship.
-With the upper command structure destroyed, and with Kirk as the CO of Federation Flagship (and, quite possibly, the only ship in the area due to the attack), Kirk pulls rank and leads Starfleet’s remaining forces (which quite possibly might be only the Enterprise at this point). But…. everyone knows about the court-marshall, so everybody is very uneasy about actually trusting Kirk to lead them into battle. This provides a healthy dose of character conflict.
-At the end of the movie, Kirk has finally proved himself, and they win the fight. They are finally able to hold memorial services for the lost SF members, including Pike, which gives us the funeral scenes from the trailers.

Obviously there’s still a lot of unanswered questions and holes there, but I think what I have fits. Critiques are always welcome though.

1. John Harrison is a non-Khan augment.
2. The Botany Bay is still floating in space somewhere, and neither her nor her passengers have any presence in the movie or influence on the plot, except for MAYBE a passing reference to “some of our fellow augments chose to launch themselves into space long ago” or some throwaway line like that.
3. The cryo-tubes are OTHER augments that have no relationship to Khan. They were either captured by humans during the Eugenics Wars or they built a bunker and put themselves into suspension to await a proper time to try to revolt again.
4. The 3rd movie is not going to have anything to do with augments, including Khan. Kirk will have been promoted to a desk admiral due to his heroic actions of leading the fleet during Harrison’s attack, and the 3rd movie will be a classic “you want to be hopping galaxies, not piloting a computer console” plot that we all know and love.

Sorry for the excessive length, but what do you guys think?

537. LogicalLeopard - December 18, 2012

So what exactly are you getting out of criticism? I mean, why comment on a message board of a movie that you’ve already formed an opinion about, and perhaps won’t go see? I mean, I think the new Superman movie looks pretty lame, but I don’t spend any time on Superman message boards criticizing his beard, or his uniform, or any other things. Why not be content with reruns like JJ Abrams said?

538. M.R.S Johnson - December 18, 2012

@536. TheMightyChip

Sounds better than KHAN! lol!

539. LogicalLeopard - December 18, 2012

536. TheMightyChip – December 18, 2012

Great theories! I don’t think it’ll be a full court martial, just a dressing down, because you don’t want to compromise Kirk’s position again, like they did in the last movie. Also, I’m beggining to think (again; my theories go in cycles) that Khan has nothing to do with it, it’s all a ruse. I don’t think the guy is even all that strong, it looks like during his “leap” in the trailer that he had a jetpack. You know, it may not even have augments at ALL in the movie, but could deal with Eugenics in a roundabout manner. The cryotubes could be for people with incurable diseases like they had in the TNG episode “The Neutral Zone” Maybe the villian is arguing that they need to experiment with genetic testing instead of letting people die. Maybe “Into Darkness” is talking about death?

Oh, also, no chance Kirk ends up in a desk. I think that was only done because he was so old in the movies. No reason to do it now in his prime when there is adventuring to do.

540. Disinvited - December 18, 2012

#157. MJ, 224. Jay

I’d say since the goal in the 60s was to represent the 90s and the real 1990s came to pass, that I’d at least give the 2012 production a pass if they upgraded Khan’s ship et al to the actual styles that were in vogue in the real 90s.

SPACE SEED itself gives a lot of wriggle room for Khan’s timeline as most of it was from the ships historical records that had to be reconstituted after WWW III. It wasn’t until the movie TWoK that Khan actually pin pointed the date himself. Perhaps it can be chalked up to “historical” docudramas being notorious for getting their history wrong?

Anyway, the original episode’s treatment said 2090. Maybe a good retcon is Khan and his followers came up with a practiced wrong date to recite and show in their records. I mean they had to be running from something. Maybe it was war crimes which have no statute of limitations? Assuming the original plan was to outrun history just a little.

541. LogicalLeopard - December 18, 2012

534. BitterTrekkie

Sorry, 537 was directed at you.

542. Craiger - December 18, 2012

#530 – What if Col. Green didn’t die in the Eugenics Wars? Maybe he escaped with Khan also? Or froze himself and maybe those cyro tubes are found on Earth?

543. AnonymousWasAWoman - December 18, 2012

@ 527. LogicalLeopard

Honestly? I have no problem whatsoever with Uhura offering Spock compassion and comfort, privately and discreetly. In the lift is fine. In the lift while she’s on duty and the ship’s on red alert, okay, less fine. On the bridge while Vulcan has only ‘minutes’ before it implodes, seconds literally count, she’s been given an order to signal a planet-wide evacuation, and every question she asks him is delaying both of them doing what they need to do? Not so fine. How many more people might have gotten off the planet if Uhura hadn’t wasted close to a minute delaying Spock and not obeying his order? We’ll start with Spock’s mother, and go from there.

It’s not the moments of private vulnerability I’ve got a problem with. Everyone’s entitled to those. But if Uhura’s relationship with Spock is compromising her ability to fulfill her duties as the ship’s CO, that’s a problem. And we don’t see it working in reverse. There are no shots of Spock trying not to fall apart at the seams while Uhura is doing something heroic and dangerous. If a captain needs to step down when he or she is emotionally compromised by a mission, what happens to a CO who’s apparently emotionally compromised on every mission?

One of the (many) dangers there is that we’ll cease seeing her in any context that doesn’t involve her relationship with a man. We see Spock in plenty of other contexts. First Officer. Kirk’s friend and counterpart. Vulcan living and working with a predominantly human crew. The only other context in which we’ve ever gotten to really see Uhura is ‘Kirk’s attempted bar pickup,’ again, all about how she relates to a man sexually and romantically. There was a running gag to the effect that we didn’t know her first name, easy as that should have been to find out. The novelization also made something of the fact that we didn’t know where in Africa she was from. These are little things, but they’re context, and she’s constantly and only being defined as the token girl, love interest, TM. As an emotional, vulnerable woman first, and an officer second, if at all. I’m having an increasingly hard time taking her seriously as the latter, because I’m constantly confronted by her as the former.

I was intrigued by the Spock/Uhura relationship initially, but the more I see of it, the less I like it. It’s looking more and more like a textbook case for non-fraternization rules.

544. dmduncan - December 18, 2012

515 used to be my post. So when I reference it at 518, I am adding to something I wrote which is no longer showing up on my screen at all. FYI in case it does not return.

545. Check the Circuit - December 18, 2012

@ bittertrekkie

I wasn’t commenting about a remake. I was refering to your comment about Zachary Quinto. Pretty shocking to see a gay slur on this site.

546. LogicalLeopard - December 18, 2012

545. AnonymousWasAWoman – December 18, 2012

*LOL* You know, I never thought about that evacuation order thing. I don’t think she was surprised for more than half a minute (I can’t exactly recall) but I don’t think you can court martial anyone for that. People have reactions to odd orders, like Spock with Kirk’s promotion to second officer. So, I see your point, but I don’t know if I’d blame her for that.

As far as general fraternization, I’m with you on that. I personally think that stuff shouldn’t happen in the workplace, especially in a ranked situation, but it does to some extent in different places of employment, and certainly occurs in Star Trek. Maybe not all the PDA, though.

I see the dangers of where Uhura’s character COULD go, but I think her character was strong enough in ST09. I love the scene where Uhura is first introduced. Even the way she walks into the bar (not the sashaying, mind you) but the confident manner of someone who was out for a little fun with coworkers. I think it’s unfair to say she was Kirk’s attempted bar pickup, because she certainly distinguished herself as being intelligent, confident, without being stuck up, which is hard for any male or female character to accomplish. I think she distinguished herself through the whole movie. Yes, I see where her character COULD go, but I don’t think it’s going that way.

547. For What It's Worth - December 18, 2012

Take everything I say here with a grain of salt. Every single person in the history of the InterWebs who has claimed to have “insider knowledge” has tried to establish bona fides to support their comments. I will not. All I will say is that I know someone affiliated with the production. Naturally, I expect most people to shrug and make some sort of dismissive or derisive sound. I certainly would.

I was told everything I am about to type here well over a year ago, and I’m going to try and get as close to the original conversation as possible.

The ‘Star Trek’ sequel will take place aprpoximately one year into the Five-Year Mission. Kirk is trusted and even loved by his crew, even those who were initially skeptical of such a young officer (cadet!) being given command of the Federation’s flagship. They’ve seen him in action, they’ve congealed as a unit. However, Kirk is considered a loose cannon and a liability by Starfleet Command, and Pike is protecting him. Kirk is not trusted, much less liked, by other starship captains: He’s reckless, dismissive of proper procedures and regulations, and believes himself near-infallible. He got this idea, ironically, from Spock Prime, who assured him of having a great destiny. Kirk believes that he’s incapable of fulfilling that noble fate, and that the more he trusts his instincts and defies conventional wisdom or existing regulations, the better; that all he has to do is trust his gut, and the Universe will unfold the way (he thinks) Spock Prime has promised him it would. Others think this is supreme arrogance; Kirk would disagree. He would call it having faith, in himself and in the role he was convinced and his come to believe he will inevitably play in the coming years. Kirk believes himself misunderstood and the victim of petty jealousy by others of lesser quality and grit who he has justifiably passed in the chain of command. But no one wants Jim Kirk as their wingman, and the Enterprise — the best ship in the fleet, arguably — is not entrusted to carry out complex and sensitive assignments. The Five-Year Mission was not so much a reward as a precautionary measure to ensure that Starfleet’s least experienced, most immature and best-armed captain stays on the periphery of known space, where he can do the least harm.

The events of “Space Seed” transpire, but not as the Prime timeline was laid out. Khan Noonien Singh and his small army of boosted warriors are adopted, more or less, by a powerful Starfleet outsider with the means to equip and field his own private army. He wants to use the Botany Bay’s genetically engineered supermen to advance a private agenda [the person who told me this compared this individual to Dick Cheney and Ross Perot, and his band of 23rd-Century mercs to Blackwater] that will promote a human/Earth-centric agenda within the Federation, seeking conquest and intimidation rather than diplomacy and accomodation with other races both within and without. He, too, feels he is fulfilling a great destiny. There is an intentional counterpoint between this person [who I believe to be, but was not told is, the Peter Weller character] and Kirk.

Details from here are fuzzy. Either the [Weller?] benefactor character, or the leader of the supermen, will weaken Starfleet and the Federation, and attempt to start a war between Earth and the Kingon Empire. The Enterprise will be recalled to Earth, and attempt to stop the conflagration before it consumes the entire quadrant.

…That’s it. I’ve kept mostly silent about this since early Summer, 2011, mentioning these details to only a few close friends, because I was suspicious and didn’t want want to make a fool of myself. However, everything I’ve seen to this point dovetails well with this summary. I must admit that I originally assumed the leader of the Botany Bay’s complement was Khan, and it may be; but I’m no longer sure.

There is one last tidbit of information my friend gave me; I consider it the biggest spoiler of all. I will put some space below and caution readers to protect their future appreciation of the movie, in case it’s accurate… and, again, to consider the source. I promise nothing.

“Everyone outside the Enterprise crew that Kirk is close to will die. And that includes his future son.”

Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays!

548. Classy M - December 18, 2012


I agree with you about Uhura and the less-than-professional behaviour she has demonstrated thus far. I was a big fan of Nichelle Nichols’ portrayal of the character since TOS first aired. She was sassy, sexy and yet always a peerless professional.

Probably I’m way off base, but I’m hoping that the prologue segment that covers the Enterprise crew is all part of a holo-simulation, possibly for training purposes. Since Kirk is a new captain, it’s not impossible that he would have a commodore, for instance, oversee him for the first few months. What we saw in the first 9 minutes might be a demonstration of how lax things are aboard the Enterprise. It would also tie in with Pike’s voice-over; if he’s Kirks’ trainer this might be part of the latter’s final appraisal.

I’m hopeful that by the end of the film they’ll all have evolved into the well-honed team we all know and love. At the very least, I really hope Uhura finds more to do than snog Spock at inappropriate moments.

549. AnonymousWasAWoman - December 18, 2012

@ 550. For What It’s Worth

Very interesting, and as you say, it dovetails nicely with everything we’ve been seeing so far. Much food for thought there, thank you. I’m hoping they won’t kill Pike or Spock Prime, but alas, they may very well.

550. AnonymousWasAWoman - December 18, 2012

@ 549. LogicalLeopard

I’m going to hope you’re right, there, because I do like Zoe Saldana in the role. I hope they’ll give her more to do than look misty-eyed whenever Spock is in danger, or cry into Scotty’s collar, because that would be a serious waste. (I mean, I’m an actor myself, we like crying scenes, but come on.) ;-P

551. Classy M - December 18, 2012

I forgot to add: Empire on line has a fairly in-depth interview with Bryan Burk, Benedict Cumberbatch and Alice Eve. There are also comments by JJ Abrams and Simon Pegg. It’s one of the most comprehensive interviews I’ve seen and covers IMAX, 3D, character motivations and a few behind the scenes tales. In deference to Anthony’s request I won’t post a link, but you can find it easily enough on the Empire site.

552. Sean1701 - December 18, 2012

@boborci – #550 – Real deal or fake?

553. Sean1701 - December 18, 2012

I meant #547 – sorry….

554. M.R.S. Johnson - December 18, 2012

547. For What It’s Worth

As my daughter would say ” My mind just BLEW!” Sounds pretty good to me.

555. AnonymousWasAWoman - December 18, 2012

@ 548. Classy M

“I’m hopeful that by the end of the film they’ll all have evolved into the well-honed team we all know and love. At the very least, I really hope Uhura finds more to do than snog Spock at inappropriate moments.”

Yep, I’m all with you. And after that nine-minute preview, I’m hoping more than ever that they manage to grow into their positions and the relationships TOS established for them. They’re clearly nowhere near it yet. And an alternate reality in which Kirk and Spock don’t have an epic bromance? Too sad and dull even to contemplate. The jazz hands through the glass barrier had better belong to them.

556. SoonerDave - December 18, 2012


You have outline a plot I have suspected and posted here a couple of times – that Weller finds Botany Bay and recruits Khan’s army as an elite group of enforcers. We have to remember that Khan, baddie though he was, thought he had the moral high ground in that the smartest, most physically capable people/person should rightfully ascend to leadership.

That makes sense as Harrison’s wedge. Still think to make it work Weller has to turn on his Botany Bay henchmen in a manner that forces Weller’s character out and lets Khanberbatch take over.

557. SoonerDave - December 18, 2012

@552 You know there’s no WAY he’ll confirm any of that even if it were 100% perfect :)

558. spoilers - December 18, 2012

Bumbercatch is Wesley Crusher and Peter Weller is the Traveller gone rogue!

559. Jefferies Tuber - December 18, 2012

547. Sounds like the center of gravity for all clues and hints, but it doesn’t explain any of the supposed pillars of John Harrison: canon-based, seeking vengeance, empathetic villain.

Doesn’t the virus that removes Klingon ridges relate to Augments in some way? If Weller could convince the Klingons that their ‘shame’ is a result of a Federation bioweapon, that might start a war.

560. AnonymousWasAWoman - December 18, 2012

547. For What It’s Worth

This also dovetails really nicely with the Ongoing comics series. At the end of the Return of the Archons issues, Pike gets chewed out for failing to keep Kirk on a short enough leash. It’s obvious that Pike is protecting Kirk, and that at least one person in some position of authority over Pike doesn’t like or trust Kirk.

We never see who does the chewing out; all we get is a voice over a comm. Possibly the Peter Weller character.

There had also been some sort of illicit and illegal experimentation being done on the colonists. It involved brainwashing, and may or may not have involved augmentation; few details were given, but it had been going on for decades. It was known about at the highest levels of Starfleet, but erased from all official Starfleet records. I’d be surprised if that tidbit didn’t find its way into the plot somewhere.

561. Djeewhy - December 18, 2012

On the first image of the ship crashing in the San Fancisco Bay, is it a klingon Bird of Prey visible in the upper right corner? I’d like to have your mind about this.

562. razzo - December 18, 2012

@547: If that’s true then I’m really happy because that’s basically all I’ve been expecting/hoping from the movie.

I’m also expecting Kirk to almost die. I thought he would actually die but dismissed the thought a long time ago, bringing him back would be an unnecessary trouble for writing.

And guys Bob Orci doesn’t reply even the man people here that send lovely messages to him thanking and applauding his work, forget confirmations of spoilers.

563. razzo - December 18, 2012

many people*

564. The Snob - December 18, 2012

I have a theory (that has probably been mentioned before)… I think it’s almost certain that ID will deal with the Botany Bay, Augments or Khan himself… I think that in the earlier stages, the film was about definately about Khan himself, and Benicio Del Toro was going to be cast to portray the character… The deal didn’t work out, but something else didn’t work out either: everyone just almost certainly KNEW the film was going to be about Khan now, since Del Toro would be such a dead ringer for the part… And if there is one thing J.J. hates, it’s when things like this get out too early. And this was early. Really early. So I think he wanted a rewrite of the script, where the film would still be about the Botany Bay, about Eugenics, but not about Khan himself anymore… Enter John Harrison.

Oh, and @547… I believe you.

565. scottevill - December 18, 2012

The ongoing comic’s first issue begins with Scotty complaining about why Starfleet would send a ship in Enterprise’s condition (post-Nero) on a deep space mission without a proper shakedown to test the repairs.

In the wake of their Archons adaption (mentioned in post 560 AnonymousWasAWoman), you have to revisit what at the time seemed a throwaway detail and wonder if it was deliberate. If they perceive Kirk as a potential threat — in a bull in the china shop sort of way — maybe they hoped the Enterprise would share the Valiant’s fate. And hey, if they ended up with a super soldier on the payroll, that would be OK too.

A theme may be starting to emerge – events that are familiar to us from TOS are unfolding differently in the new timeline, and in a way that allows people in high places to take advantage. Is that true for the events of “Space Seed” as well? Has the Botany Bay already been found, Khan awakened, educated about the 23rd century, and hatched a quiet scheme to eventually reassert control over the earth? From within, this time, rather than from without?

Anyways. . .

566. Damian - December 18, 2012

547–Very interesting. It kind of fits with my theory that Khan is somehow involved, but is not the main villain. The only thing is it kind of repeats the Enterprise episodes involving the Augments, where they try to incite a war between Earth and the Klingon Empire. That being said, with hundreds of episodes of Star Trek and 11 movies (along with a plethora of novels, comic books and an animated series) you could probably find similarities with any story they write to another Star Trek story.

567. AnonymousWasAWoman - December 18, 2012

@ 562. razzo

“I’m also expecting Kirk to almost die. I thought he would actually die but dismissed the thought a long time ago, bringing him back would be an unnecessary trouble for writing.”

I’m thinking you’re right, there. They’ve been saying that this is the film in which Kirk really comes into his own, and becomes the Captain of the Enterprise. I’m betting he sacrifices himself to save his crew, Spock-in-TWOK style, though I can’t imagine he’ll actually die for good and all. Gives an interesting context to the hands-separated-by-glass and the similar shot where McCoy is looking through a glass barrier at someone, and looking very much as if he wants to cry.

568. Djeewhy - December 18, 2012

About the second man on the left…Why not Noel Clarke? His character could have joined Harrison after he saved his daughter.

569. Damian - December 18, 2012

Bob Orci will confirm nothing definitive (oh, he’ll throw comments out there, but they never confirm anything). He once said Cumberbatch would play a canon character. If he really is Harrison, a never before seen character, he’s still not lying. Technically once its on screen, its canon, so even if this is the first time we see him, Harrison will not be canon.

I don’t get to upset about spoilers. I still want to see it. At one time the novels were released before the movie. I read Star Trek V before seeing the film (which actually was kind of a bummer, because the novel was actually very good). Reading Star Trek VI before the film was a bit of a mistake, since it involved a mystery and I knew what it was since I read it–but it was still a great film.

570. Damian - December 18, 2012

564–That actually fits some of the facts too. It did take a long time before the script was done, and it wasn’t finished until the deal fell through. I always doubted Cumberbatch was Khan because he looks or speaks nothing like Montalban. A lot of Khan fans probably would have balked at how different he is to Montalban, whereas Del Toro was much closer to Montalban.

571. razzo - December 18, 2012

@564: I agree with you, completely, but I also *hope* that’s not entirely the case.
Because “creating” a villain that would be the exact same as the other just sounds too stupid.

I’m more favorable to them changing the script in a way his identity remains *coughs* secret *coughs* for most part of the movie, either for him being under an alias or whatever other reason. Just like the Talia al Ghul crap. It’s lame but at least wouldn’t shamelessly pretend to be a “new” character.

I only keep hoping that because it would be terribly stupid to pretend their villain is a new guy when he’s consisting of precisely the same elements as Khan.

I want to believe these guys are smarter than that.

They’ve inspired me professionally until now, it would be a huge let-down to have to admit they can make horrible decisions on this proportion.

572. SIrtis - December 18, 2012


Interesting. The only thing I cannot understand in this context is how John Harrison’s cause could seem even remotely noble or understandable. Sounds rather like the classic bad guy.

573. TheMightyChip - December 18, 2012

@547 ForWhatItsWorth – Well darn, if you’re right then that knocks out some of my minor theories from #536. From what your “associate” told you could my main theory still mostly work out though?

Maybe I’m just delving into wishful thinking at this point, but I’m really not interested in a Khan rehash. I loved TWOK, and I don’t neccesarily have a problem with remakes in principle, but one of the reasons I was excited when Abrams took over the franchise is because he’s pretty good at making unique, original storylines.

@566 Damien – Yes, I thought that too, it sounds a LOT like ENT’s treatment of the augments.

574. PEB - December 18, 2012

how would you guys feel with benicio del toro or gael garcia bernal as Khan in the 3rd film?

575. china - December 18, 2012

I’m expecting Chekov to die because they give him a redcoat.

576. dontcare - December 18, 2012

@468. The hands on glass is not Kirk at all, it is Cumberbatch and Spock, since Cumby’s the only one BEHIND GLASS in the trailers.

577. TheMightyChip - December 18, 2012

575 china – I’m worried about that too. “Chekov Noooooo!!!!!!” was shouting loudly in my head when I saw that part of the trailer. I’m not a huge fan of Yelchin’s portrayal of the character (he’s the only cast member I’m really not thrilled with) but he’s still a main character dammit.

578. Patch - December 18, 2012

Not getting into the villain thing yet, but about the ship crashing…those nacelles look an awful lot like Sovereign-class from TNG, the saucer section that is visible in the second shot looks very much like the NX-01, and the distance between the nacelles and the cant of the pylons compared to the secondary hull also resemble the NX-01.

Might this be Admiral Archer’s Enterprise in this universe? Or another NX class?

579. shawn - December 18, 2012

By the way the voice at the end saying what would you not do for your family is not Benedict Cumberbatch but Noel Clark. He is doing something (perhaps wrong) for his little girl who is dying.

The scene with all the cryo tubes, there is one guy who seems very big and large walking out….???? just saying!

Its a movie about augments for sure and what the tech could do in the right hands vs the wrong hands and why it is now banned.

Cant wait seems epic!

580. Craiger - December 18, 2012

Shawn, that voice at the end is Cumberbatch’s not Clark’s.

581. LogicalLeopard - December 18, 2012

574. PEB – December 18, 2012
how would you guys feel with benicio del toro or gael garcia bernal as Khan in the 3rd film?


I wouldn’t like it. With all this misdirection, it should come down to Khan or No Khan, period. Not “Hold on, Khan is coming soon!” andwaiting years for what you already are expecting. Don’t get me wrong, this is a fine way to build excitment and speculation, but where’s the fun in speculating like we’re doing now, and then looking forward to another movie when you KNOW Khan is the villian?

582. John - December 18, 2012

This looks familiar.

583. Phil - December 18, 2012

@578. I thought that, too, that there might still be a few of the NX’s in service.

584. John - December 18, 2012

@ 575 – Its a shirt, not a coat.

585. M - December 18, 2012

I starting to think John Harrison could be like a Klingon sleeper agent ala Angelina Jolie’s character in Salt.

586. John - December 18, 2012

Angelina Jolie as a Klingon – now that I’d watch.

587. LogicalLeopard - December 18, 2012

550. AnonymousWasAWoman – December 18, 2012
@ 549. LogicalLeopard

I’m going to hope you’re right, there, because I do like Zoe Saldana in the role. I hope they’ll give her more to do than look misty-eyed whenever Spock is in danger, or cry into Scotty’s collar, because that would be a serious waste. (I mean, I’m an actor myself, we like crying scenes, but come on.) ;-P


I definately agree., with only ONE slight reservation. I’ve always thought that Uhura was sort of the “heart” of the ship. Someone who kind of exudes peace and tranquility, and when they hurt, everyone hurts. Now, I realize that could read stereotypically, because she’s a woman, but I think men can also play those roles effectively, so it’s not just that she’s a female.

So bottom line, I’ll give her slightly more lattitude than I would give other female characters for crying/emotionality. But not much, because we do want to see a vastly improved and realized Uhura than the series.

By the way, her crying on Scotty’s collar seems to mean one thing, someone died. It looks like Chekov’s going to die (he’s running around wearing a red shirt while Pike’s voice over talks about getting someone killed) but I think that’s misdirection. Still, it would fit though….Chekov’s death may have my crying on my wife’s shoulder in the theatre. Good thing they’re dark *LOL*

588. LogicalLeopard - December 18, 2012

547. For What It’s Worth – December 18, 2012

Oh wow….I believe everything you say. I almost wanted to stop reading it in the middle. But wait, judgement is kicking in. You didn’t address the sick child storyline, which means that you were never given it, or possibly whomever discussed this with you didn’t know. Which means they didn’t know, or you were privy to information from the development stages, not the actual script. Which means that we haven’t been completely spoiled, and there may be changes.

589. Bird of Prey - December 18, 2012

My two cents…

– Upon viewing the trailer for the first time, my very first thought was: Do we really KNOW that it is Pike who says the quote regarding humility, getting everyone killed ect., and not John Harrison? Perhaps Harrison was one of Kirk’s academy instructors? –> Garth of Izar? Or even John Gill?? (You know, that historian who was a nutty enough to consider Hitler’s regime to be an appropriate template for a better government on an alien planet?? Also, same first name!)
At the very least, Greenwood’s and Cumberbatch’s voices do sound a bit similar.

– I love Pine’s new more Kirk-like hairdo!!

– Take a look at the epaulettes of the guys folding the Federation flag! Subtile integration of one of Starfleet’s many logos!

– The tubes, (apparently) holding people in cryostasis… Now I am also beginning to think that Harrison is either an Augment himself, or at least someone very interested in them, either seeking to resurrect Khan and Co., or getting his hands on their DNA, or on the Augment virus from ENT (Qo’noS!!).

590. John - December 18, 2012

I don’t get the whole “Chekov is wearing red, he’s going to die” drama.

Um, Scotty wears red too ya know.

591. Damian - December 18, 2012

578–Doubtful. First of all Enterprise would be unaffected by the new universe since it occurred before. It should look much like it did. Also, Abrams and co. have tried to distance themselves from all things Berman. While they won’t contradict what came before, they won’t acknowledge it outside a few Easter eggs. I think when you see the whole movie, you’ll see it’s Abrams’ Enterprise. It’s just hard to tell in a few second clip.

592. Metal Hurlant - December 18, 2012

1) I hope that the antagonist is Khan

2) If it is, I hope that Kirk gets to copy prime Kirk and shout ” Oh, Khaaannn! Oh, Khaaannn!

593. Damian - December 18, 2012

588–His story seems plausible, but obviously does not contain every detail.

Not to say the story is what the movie is, even he acknowledged that in 547. It just seems to fit the facts to date of an overall plot.

594. TheMightyChip - December 18, 2012

@561 Djeewhy – Wow good eyes, I didn’t catch that at first glance. I don’t think it’s a BoP though… to me it looks more like a large explosion. Judging by it’s position and the direction the ship is crashing, I’m guessing it’s the final hit that disabled the ship and sent it into the bay to begin with.

595. LogicalLeopard - December 18, 2012

For what it’s worth, I think For what it’s worth got good information on a general outline of the story in the early stages of development. The sick child, Dr. Cumberbatch, etc, don’t really fit in there. Also, Peter Weller can’t control Khan & Co, unless he’s an augment too. And if he’s an augment, he should be bright enough to know that trying to turn them into an army isn’t a good idea. Unless he’s earned their respect somehow, like apparently Khan did.

If For what it’s worth is right on that angle, though, it’s possible that Weller is a figurehead.

596. TheMightyChip - December 18, 2012

@591 Damian – I agree with you it’s probably not the NX-01 or any other NX class ship, but I don’t think it’s the 1701 either. The nacelles are shaped all wrong, the nacelle pylons are too shallow, the hull is way too short, and the secondary hull appears to be fused to the saucer instead of being a separate piece.

Although like you said, it’s extremely hard to tell in such a short/blurry/fast-paced clip, so it’s totally possible I’m wrong.

597. NuFan - December 18, 2012

Try to remember this is a mainstream summer blockbuster with an enormous budget aimed at maximizing profit. It is not a private little movie that is worried about offending the canon police.

You are not getting a half-ass little movie that is afraid to go there. You are not getting a harmless little non-Khan augment that doesn’t offend anyone.

They rebooted Star Trek so they could go there.

You are getting the one and only Khan.

598. LizardGirl - December 18, 2012

@547 For What It’s Worth

Wow, that’s probably the best theory/prediction on the plot I’ve seen. I wonder where the father figure, his daughter and John Harrison fits into this?

599. Jiggs - December 18, 2012


Wanna know about that secret footage that JJ showed at Bad Robot? Michael Dorn is playing a Klingon contrary to what was said. We don’t know if he’s playing a younger Col Worf from ST-TUD.

600. LogicalLeopard - December 18, 2012

590. John – December 18, 2012
I don’t get the whole “Chekov is wearing red, he’s going to die” drama.

Um, Scotty wears red too ya know.


Here’s why people think that

1) Chekov wears gold usually, and now he’s wearing red. We know that he was eventually made a security chief, so that could explain it, if it weren’t for…
2) Pike saying that Kirk was going to get someone killed, AS Chekov runs around with said red shirt.
3) Uhura crying and being consoled by Scotty like someone got killed. Like, maybe someone in a red shirt running around Engineering….
4) A main cast member got killed in the second movie of the TOS cast. They may repeat it again.
5) Chekov’s death would be really tragic, because he’s a teenaged, innocent, likeable character.

Anyway, that’s all questionable and not solid evidence, but it’s enough to sow a seed in your mind. I don’t think he’s going to die, I think it’s a misdirection. It’s wayyyy too convenient to foreshadow a death by having the character run around with a red shirt when Pike talks about the crew getting killed.

601. Damian - December 18, 2012

597–I think they can satisfy both camps. You can still respect canon and make a blockbuster. The two don’t have to be mutually exclusive. I think they are good enough writers and big enough Star Trek fans (particularly Orci and Kurtzman) that they wrote a good story that should not start a Trekkie revolt.

602. Garth Faction - December 18, 2012

If Weller is Mudd as I have speculated, that goes along with the notion that he wasn’t smart enough to figure out he couldn’t control JH (whoever JH is). I think it is quite possible Weller’s character will need to be rescued and again, I think that also shows why Mudd is likely. He’s one who thinks he can run things behind the scenes, make a profit, and it gets out of hand.

With all that has been said about this “new universe” with corruption in the Federation, I can’t help but think Garth still is a perfect figure for this film. So far what we have seen is not typical Khan. It still could be Khan, but it seems more like someone else, someone associated with Star Fleet.

I also think this new universe is tending to be a merger between the Mirror and TOS universes…

603. CJS - December 18, 2012

People are worried about Chekov dying because of his red shirt, but Scotty is the original red shirt and his death might be the reason Chekov is transferred to engineering.

604. Michael Hall - December 18, 2012

@ 495 Logical Leopard–

“Think about it. Would Vulcans keep a junior officer from a command position if they were capable of command? Would other races? We have to divorce ourselves from our current day mindset.”

No, they probably wouldn’t. But then, Vulcans are supposed to be, ahem, logical. It would be expected in their culture that they would recognize the capabilities of the junior officer and put their personal ambitions aside for the good of the organization. Any human-style jealousy would look unseemly at best, and wouldn’t act as much of a career-enhancer.

Humans, though–even 23rd Century humans–are another kettle of fish entirely. Putting aside the question of young Kirk’s qualifications, it’s apparent that Starfleet is full of ambitious, driven people, and that there would be thousands, many with their own record of accomplishment as well as proven ability to command the respect of their subordinates (which, even after his triumph, Kirk still lacks) who would not take kindly to being passed over in favor of an upstart, even under such extraordinary circumstances. And the thing is, they would be right! In Trek 2009 Kirk certainly showed he didn’t lack for physical courage, and that he could make tactical decisions on the fly that just happened to turn out well in this particular instance. That’s it! Giving him command of the fleet’s flagship would be crippling to morale in any human organization, military or not, let alone one that had just endured huge losses and faced years of rebuilding itself. Yes, in such a situation Kirk would certainly be held up as an example to emulate, and honored for his success. Pin a big medal on his chest, advance him several stages in rank–hell, even give him command of a small ship where his abilities could be reasonably evaluated over time. But hand over a flagship with awesome destructive potential over to a notorious hothead who had just been placed on academic suspension? No. That would be an act of supreme irresponsibility. The only reason it ever happened is that Abrams and crew wanted the Enterprise command structure to be set by the end of the first film, and were willing to throw logic and common sense out the airlock to get it there. Well, it’s a done deal going on four years now, and I won’t hold it against next year’s effort. But the easy rationalizations for it just don’t compute.

605. Damian - December 18, 2012

I also don’t get why it has to be us (Trekkies) vs them (the general population). A lot of comments indicate Abrams is somehow going to tick off one group or the other. I don’t see it that way. I liked Star Trek Nemesis, and I liked Star Trek. Just because I liked one movie doesn’t mean I have to hate the other. I liked Voyager, Enterprise, Deep Space Nine also.

606. CraigM - December 18, 2012

Someone above (Son of MJ) mentioned that they would like to see Emony Dax make an appearance in the next movie, and I’ll second that. It would be a great nod to DS9.

Also, that image with the “unknown” character surveying the damage to the city through a broken display viewer looks like Chekov to me, not John Harrison.

607. Anthony Thompson - December 18, 2012

“Not an ounce of humility”. That’s not using the metric system! DISASTER!

608. CJS - December 18, 2012

@607 “Not 29 milliliters of humility” doesn’t have the same impact.

609. TheMightyChip - December 18, 2012

@606 Damian – This is the Internet! We don’t want your common sense and rationality here :-P

610. AnonymousWasAWoman - December 18, 2012

@ 595. LogicalLeopard

“For what it’s worth, I think For what it’s worth got good information on a general outline of the story in the early stages of development. The sick child, Dr. Cumberbatch, etc, don’t really fit in there. Also, Peter Weller can’t control Khan & Co, unless he’s an augment too. And if he’s an augment, he should be bright enough to know that trying to turn them into an army isn’t a good idea. Unless he’s earned their respect somehow, like apparently Khan did.”

I think there are ways of tying the family-with-sick-child story into that. If Noel Clarke’s character (Richard Daystrom, please?) has access to Starfleet codes, he may be willing to betray his oaths to Starfleet and trade that knowledge to save his daughter. Armed with those codes, which could be anything from the ship-to-ship code that lowered Reliant’s shields in TWOK, wreaking mass havoc on Starfleet ships, to planetary defense codes of the kind Pike was tortured for, the John Harrison character could take Starfleet down from within.

For what it’s worth, I don’t think he’s Khan. An augment, perhaps, but not Khan. The Ongoing comics referenced a black ops department within Starfleet, one Sulu was approached to join. Sulu turned them down, but it’s possible that Harrison didn’t, and he may be a member of that organization. It would explain both the combat skills and the Starfleet uniform. As for what turned him against Starfleet, it could be that he’s moving at the behest of Peter “Dick Cheney” Weller, or it could be that he’s acting against Weller, and sees Weller as part of the disease rotting Starfleet from within. Harrison may see himself as an avenger or a messianic figure; either way, this is likely to be a man who believes his cause to be just, and who has the seductive and terrible ability to persuade others of that as well. If Starfleet has lost its moral compass, and the Ongoing comics Archons story arc makes that pretty clear, Harrison may believe its destruction to be a just and necessary cleansing.

As for the pods, I’m thinking misdirection. We all expect that shot has something to do with the Botany Bay, but it’s equally possible that it has something to do with the decades of experimentation on unwilling test subjects hinted at in the Ongoing comics’ Archons story arc. That stone wall in the background says Archons to me. What kinds of humans have they been trying to make? Mindless followers? Supersoldiers?

Tons of intriguing possibilities.

611. Robman007 - December 18, 2012

@547….that makes ALOT of sense, especially with the comics books and some of the little “clues” left behind in each. I’d expect that the fleet of experienced officers would be a bit miffed that a kid out of the academy was given command of such a high profile vessel.

I think the McCoy crying scene would come from him seeing Dr Marcus die, especially how close McCoy is to Kirk, that would probably affect him much.

I’m ok with Marcus, PIke and others dying in the film…it brings to focus the fierce loyalty that Kirk had to his crew and the Enterprise as a well as this line from Prime Kirk.

McCoy: Other people have families.

Kirk: Other people, Bones, not us.

Obviously characters are not expected to live in this new universe, so same goes for Pike, David and Carroll, George Kirk, Sr.

612. Disinvited - December 18, 2012

#590. John

But long before Spock was resurrected, Scotty was killed by NOMAD and later resurrected/repaired. Chekov’s a goner….

613. Craiger - December 18, 2012

#604 – Maybe Spock Prime told Starfleet about how great of a Captain Kirk was in his timeline and that he should be in command of the Enterprise? I looked up when Kirk took command of the Enterprise in the Prime Universe and it was 2264. In the Alternate one its 2258. The bio said Kirk was one of the youngest Starfleet officers to be promoted to Captain in Starfleet’s history.

614. No Khan - December 18, 2012

New timeline and they end up doing all kinds of different things. Not a chance I guess. Its the Recycle Universe! This Supreme Court are just fans of the movies so its no surprise we are getting their fanboy recycling. Maybe the next crew will be fans of TOS & we will see some new adventures in outer space during a 5 year mission.

615. dmduncan - December 18, 2012

547: “Naturally, I expect most people to shrug and make some sort of dismissive or derisive sound. I certainly would.”

But nothing you said is really a spoiler or new. I’ve read all that as fan speculation in one form or another.

Have even proposed some of it myself.

I’ll even go so far as to once again name the Weller character in your synopsis, whose name remains a secret. Paxton. Weller is reprising his role as Paxton.

616. Crone - December 18, 2012

Oh, dear. I wish I hadn’t read 547. Damn. But luckily I am old and will forget the details and , most likely, the fact that I read it in the first place. It does make sense though. Sounds quite plausible. Is it May yet?

617. razzo - December 18, 2012

@567: Yes, exactly.
That would give them the self-sacrifice, the ultimate provation of selfless and also provide the hands scene with enough intensity without killing anyone.
And yes, McCoy’s eyes are completely watered, his tears cover half his eyes and could fall at any moment at that glimpse of scene
I can bet that’s the exact moment where he sees Kirk “dying” or thinks he’s dead.

618. Robert P. Paquette - December 18, 2012

No More Kahn..We have beaten it to death. I’m hoping J.J. Abrims will do something original.

619. Robman007 - December 18, 2012

I’m not sure that any of the crew will die. Kirk will do something very heroic and get hurt big time, but he won’t die. Spock won’t die, neither will any of the core cast.

What the film will boil down too is Kirk getting recognition from his peers that he deserves to be Captain and earned the Enterprise. This recognition will come at a high personal price. Carroll will die, Pike will die, possibly his brother and remaining family will be killed on the attacks on Earth or elsewhere….it will cause him to attach himself to the crew and his ship in much the same manner that Shatner Kirk did.

620. MV84 - December 18, 2012

The text under the picture with the tubes says:

`What appears to be tubes with people inside of them (more on that below)…with two unknown characters leaving the holding room (cargo bay?)`

I think the two unknown characters are actually Cumberbatch (white) and Clarke (grey). Look at their heads!!

621. LogicalLeopard - December 18, 2012


Wanna know about that secret footage that JJ showed at Bad Robot? Michael Dorn is playing a Klingon contrary to what was said. We don’t know if he’s playing a younger Col Worf from ST-TUD.


Now THAT’d be cool. Since Klingons apparently live a long time, he wouldn’t have to look different at all. Maybe Col. Worf isn’t a lawyer at this time, but like a cop… a Klingon Shaft…..

*cue music*

“Who’s the guy who’s on the clock, busting heads of jive pet’aQs? WORF! Can you dig it?”

622. Robman007 - December 18, 2012

Then you have the 3rd film and the lead up comics which will deal with a far more reckless Captain Kirk having to come back to reality and catch some equilibrium and peace, and finally become the true 5 year mission Kirk.

The lead in comics would be such that featured Prime Kirk doing things that were reckless and sometimes suicidal….The Doomsday Machine, Obsession…maybe taking the shuttle himself in Immunity Syndrome….stuff like that. That would fit a Kirk who has no family and may be a tad more reckless as a result of what happens in the “new film”

623. razzo - December 18, 2012

*provation is not a word, sorry i get lost translating terms sometimes. I meant proof or some stronger synonymous of it.

624. Anthony Pascale - December 18, 2012

Warning to For What It’s Worth

You can post theories and speculation here but please do not use this site to post rumors or claims inside info. If you have any verifiable news to report, feel free to contact the site directly.

625. razzo - December 18, 2012

@619: I think you nailed it.

626. Anthony Pascale - December 18, 2012

Warning to Exverlobter for trolling
Using the word “gay” (or any other group identifier) as a pejorative is not allowed here at TrekMovie

627. Neil - December 18, 2012

Looks like this movie will have more outfit changes than Star Trek: Generations.

Anyone noticed that if you took the small ship firing at the windows of the building in San Francisco and turned it clockwise 90 degrees, it almost looks like a person with arms and legs reaching out. :D

628. draderman - December 18, 2012

John Harrison is Future Guy is Johnathan Archer.

629. me - December 18, 2012

i hope chekov doesn’t die, he’s one of my favorite characters:( (as portrayed by Yelchin, i don’t like the old guy in the wig)

630. porthises bitch - December 18, 2012

Anyone see the xxx take on trek….?. They did a decent take on the khan story. I think the non sex version may be on youtube.

My best guess right now is that Weller is a klingon.

Maybe there a klingon centric trailer to come.

631. Michael - December 18, 2012


Well, according to the poll, not everyone is having trouble with all new canon. It is an all new timeline, after all.

632. Exverlobter - December 18, 2012

“Warning to Exverlobter for trolling”

As i clarified in #480 it was not meant to be offensive. Known critics like Doug Walker a.k.a Nostalgia Critic use that word all the time.
But i’ll respect the rules, and dont use that word here anymore.

633. For Whatever It's Worth - December 18, 2012

@Anthony Pascale: My apologies, and please feel free to edit or delete my original contribution as you see fit. Obviously, I’m in no condition to “verify” anything, and up until we started seeing actual footage and information coming from the studio, I wasn’t sure I believed a word of it, myself. All I can offer is a hypothesis that seems to fit the facts, one that was first presented to me by a third party seventeen or eighteen months ago. I’ll try to stay in-bounds in any future posts.

634. Mel - December 18, 2012

I just hope there is a lot of McCoy in this movie. I really wish he will be the third most important Enterprise character., just like he was in TOS.

635. Jim Nightshade - December 18, 2012

452 maybe just maybe water on that world isnt as dense as our normal water giving them much faster swimming capability kinda like Superman ahahah or maybe they are wearing antigrav devices that propel them thru the water way fast….mini shields to erase the water resistance….or maybe they have frickin jet packs they use underwater hahah.

I must say I LUV the conjectures about Kirk and his destinies….CLEVER idea to have this KIRK be different….Spock Prime has made a mistake telling him and spock too much about their future…soooo like Paul Atreides in DUNE once you are prophetic or know everything thats gonna happen or THINK YOU DO that you could very easily become EVEN MORE COCKY and SURE of Himself…not to mention if you think youre infallible arent you sometimes feeling like you are just going thru the motions….UNTIL the inevitable happens that Pike warns him about….and he fails….BIG TIME…
Paul Atreides in Dune trilogy….is perhaps one of Science Fictions deepest characters…turning heroism around …becoming what he knows he must become…and the subplots regarding planet ecology, terraforming, and the good and bad that goes with it are so far ahead of the time when written that book is eerily prescient…heinleins stranger in a strange Land also deals with religion/societal ramifications to becoming a messiah as does Dune….but in very different ways…

636. M.R.S. Johnson - December 18, 2012

599. Jiggs

SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!! I hope thats true cuz im geeking out right now!!

637. Peter Loader - December 18, 2012

Hmm… the shots of the empty Enterprise could mean that the crew has been placed in the cryo tubes… But, I’m guessing they are full of genetically enhanced Klingons…

638. Disinvited - December 18, 2012

#629. me

Lord knows, my generation coined the phrase “Never trust anyone over 30.” But Koenig wasn’t over that arbitrary number when he took on that role – so he was hardly old and after his hair grew out he didn’t need to wear the hair piece. I get it that you prefer Yelchin, but could you have possibly managed to say so minus the ageist barbs?

639. Well Of Souls - December 18, 2012

@292 Darmok. Mostly agree, except that just because we didn’t see Chekov on the bridge doesn’t mean he wasn’t part of the TOS crew. As previously mentioned, if he was indeed part of the security team, then Kahn would have seen a lot of him. (I understand Koenig wasn’t cast until 2nd season. This is only for the sake of the Montalban recognition theory). Team JJ have done remarkable in the ressurection of a franchise that was about to become extinct. The exception being reruns & a few books here & there. As a veteran Trekkie since TOS’s debut in the 60’s I became a fan from day one. I’ve enjoyed all incarnations of Trek, some more than others, but none the less I just love the world of Star Trek. JJ’s vision is spectacular. Sure, it’s not exactly the same as the original but then neither is today’s viewing technology & faster paced movie going experience.
@419 BitterTrekkie. Wow Dude/Dudette, get with the times. Personal opinions, we know the story. But why even bother slamming the biggest Trek of all time with such a lame statement? This resurgence in Trek’s popularity is a direct result of Team JJ creating A whole new generation of jr.Trekkers. I hope you’re not watching the new restored TOS in HD because it is also the result of the evolved technology of today. I guess it is understandable that some folks have a tough time letting go of the past. Fortunately, I’m not 1 of them. BTW I have access to an old 60’s color TV, B&W if color is too modern, for your viewing pleasure of TOS the way it was meant to be seen without the fear of evolving. Crank up the Model-T & grab a free tv or 2 if you would like.
Anyway, I look forward to these updated adventures of my childhood heros. I welcome the new look of the 23rd century as a means of keeping up with the times to ensure a new audience while providing the cult audience (those willing to accept) a TOS fix with the fireworks to boot. There’s a new fanbase that once considered even TNG & DS9 unapproachable relics & may now consider giving the recent past a 2nd look as well as TOS. Perhaps these new fans will become the next Team NCC1701 & assure future generations a fresh trek aboard the Enterprise to ensue their own continuing voyage. Team JJ has provided new hope in a resounding way. This shot heard around the world paves the way for the possibility of a new TV series in the near future rather than an eternity of beloved reruns.

640. Peter Loader - December 18, 2012

What if the big guy on the left leaving the cryo tube room is a Klingon version of Khan… named Khan!

641. Peter Loader - December 18, 2012

Is it possible Weller’s character is a Klingon named Khan? Could that be JJ’s twist in this movie?

642. Anthony Pascale - December 18, 2012

all real orci above

643. Anthony Pascale - December 18, 2012

BTW, interesting to look at poll and compare to same poll done after Trailer 1. Its like watching politics. Last week Gary Mitchell had a solid lead with 51%…now he is down to single digits.

644. LogicalLeopard - December 18, 2012

604. Michael Hall – December 18, 2012

You make some very good points. As far as crippling to morale in putting him over the flagship, I can see that, but saving Earth is no small deed. If it is true that Starfleet needed people like Kirk, maybe others would recognize it too. I know that sounds pretty slim, but I do really hope what “For What It’s Worth” posted was true, because that’d be a good way to address the promotion. I like how they addressed what would eventually be protests for the Enterprise being underwater via Scotty, but I think it’d be nice to address his leap in rank as well.

645. LogicalLeopard - December 18, 2012

610. AnonymousWasAWoman – December 18, 2012

I agree with all of that. As a side note, I kinda hope Noel Clarke is Richard Daystrom, and he gives up computer access, but I doubt it *L* But I definately think he gives up something in exchange for his daughter’s health. And as far as misdirection, there’s SO MUCH of it going on I don’t know what to think anymore. I’m backing off my previous Khan with plastic surgery position, and I’m thinking Harrison is either an augment, or a human who augmented himself. I think it’s the latter, and Carol Marcus worked with him, and has the key to defeating him.

646. Trek Fan - December 18, 2012


Let’s play into your theory a bit here. You said that it’s obvious that the Eugenics War never happened in the 1990’s. Fine. Let’s suppose that. In that case, there was never the rise of the Eugenic Supermen like Khan. No rulers like Khan. And Khan probably became a teacher and lived a happy and full life never having to leave earth with his followers… exiled forever.

So that would mean there would be no Botany Bay for the Enterprise… or anyone else to find. Therefore, Harrison can’t be Khan or any of his henchmen. :)

647. Riker 001 - December 18, 2012

Doubtful it’s Khan IMO…seems too lazy on JJ’s end and I’m sure the entire crew knew that would be predictable…so maybe they just went with a new character and stuck with intertwining that with what we all know about Trek…doing everything they can to keep itfresh…broad and stilll honor the fans properly…I think it’s going to be a bigger movie than alot anticipate…

648. Son of MJ - December 18, 2012

So are you saying the novelization is cannon?
Because there are a number of movie novelizations that differ from the final movie.
most noteable would be Gremlins where MR Futterman, and Billy’s mom are both KILLED in the movie tie book, but obviously lived on screen.

If so would love to see a Archer Cameo in an upcoming movie, along with as i mentioned earlier a Emony Dax cameo as well.

649. Son of MJ - December 18, 2012

How likely is it that the 3 speaking Klingons, are Canon Klingon Characters.

i.e. Kang, Koloth, or Korr.

650. Bucky - December 18, 2012

Noel Clark’s “father” has to drop the ring into the glass to blow up Starfleet because that’s his payment for saving his daughter’s life. Harrison is doing this because he’s an unfrozen augment (not Khan, maybe Jaquim) and the rest of them are being kept in suspended animation / captivity by Starfleet (Section 31?) and he’s doing this to save his family. Which brings him into conflict with Kirk’s “family”, ie. the Enterprise

651. Disinvited - December 18, 2012

#646. Trek Fan

Unless, of course, the Eugenics War actually took place in 2090 but Khan and his coterie having control of most of Earth’s media rewrote (disinformation along the lines of how easy it would be to change their wikipedia dates in our age) their histories so as to better escape war crimes trials across time in the future?

652. Patch - December 18, 2012

591: After reading your reply, I looked at the clip of the ship crashing frame-by-frame, and I’m more convinced than ever that it’s an NX-01 or very similar. I’m not discounting or disagreeing with what you’ve said at all – I just want to see if anyone else is seeing what I see. My reasons (and they’re all opinion, of course):

1) The Bussard collectors at the front of the nacelles are nowhere near large enough to be a 1701. (Can’t call them Constitution-class because they may very well not be called that in the alternate timeline, so I’ll just call ’em 1701.)
2) The aft section of the nacelles are missing the raised portion of the 1701.
3) The nacelles of the NX-01, when viewed from a similar angle, resemble what we see in the clip. Not perfectly, but close enough for government work.
4) The distance between the nacelles is FAR too wide to be a 1701. They are, however, an almost exact match to the NX-01.
5) The saucer size, relative to the size of the nacelles and the distance between them, doesn’t match a 1701 at all. Again, though, it does look very close to an NX-01.
6) The cant of the pylons, meaning the angle and bend they take from the secondary hull, are definitely NOT the short and thick ones of the 1701. But…wait for it…they are again very close to the NX-01. (They reminded me a bit of the Enterprise-J from TNG, to be honest, but this likely isn’t a “ship out of time”…remember that comment? *chuckle*)

All this NX-01 similarity got me to think about some of the things I see in the big picture…

Possible ties to Enterprise episodes “Demons” and “Terra Prime”
We have Peter Weller playing an as-yet-undetermined part in the movie, and he played a character named John Frederick Paxton in both episodes. In the episodes, his character threatened to destroy Starfleet HQ unless all aliens left the solar system within 24 hours…in the movie, we see what appears to be a terrorist-style attack on a high-rise building, and the movie poster shows a lone figure staring out from a Starfleet emblem-shaped hole in what appears to be a building’s upper floors.

Paxton was taken into custody at the end of “Terra Prime”. Since the timeline was not altered until Nero’s arrival years later, it stands to reason that he may very well be alive at the time of the movie, if not for the entire movie. Could this be the person that John Harrison is working for? I wonder if John Harrison is just the first and middle names of the character…and his last name is Paxton.

In both episodes, there was a sick little girl, cloned from Trip and T’Pol’s DNA. The beginning of the movie has a sick little girl as well. In the episodes, Paxton uses Rigellian gene therapy to combat Taggart’s Syndrome. What if the little girl has Taggart’s Syndrome? If she does, most humans die of it before age 20. Could this be the disease that John Harrison is offering to help with? Maybe he’s offering to use Augment technology to do something similar to what his father (if Paxton is indeed his father) did using an “unpure” non-human-only method.

This would also explain a return for revenge. Perhaps John Harrison is angered that Paxton has died while in custody, perhaps from the lack of Rigellian gene therapy and the fact that Augment technology is available, but kept hidden and a secret from most people. He would have good reason to blame Starfleet as a whole, since they run Cold Station 12.

In “Terra Prime”, the meteorite beam is deflected harmlessly into San Francisco Bay. In the movie, we see a ship crashing into what appears to be San Francisco Bay.

Possible ties to Enterprise “Augments” story arc
In “Cold Station 12″, Augment embryos are stored in cryonic suspension. In the movie, we have what appear to be cryonic suspension tubes.

The Augments arc involves the Klingons, and a Bird of Prey is central to the story. The movie involves fighting on Qo’nos, and one of the main shots in the second trailer is apparently of a Bird of Prey.

Sorry it’s a terribly long post, but I wanted to get my thoughts down before they faded away. No matter what it all turns out to be, it should be a pretty good movie.

653. Disinvited - December 18, 2012

#597. NuFan

So in this huge massive expanding universe there is absolutely no room for STAR TREK: The Art Film?

654. Disinvited - December 18, 2012

#646. Trek Fan, #651

Further evidence that Khan’s history as recited by Kirk in SPACE SEED may be the result of disinformation:

Kirk says Khan was the best of the rulers. Even admires him as a benevolent dictator king. It could even be said that it was a major contributing factor to Kirk’s light sentence.

But on Regula I, even though he had the Ceti slugs, he resorted to torture and the slitting of throats. But that’s not what revealed him for the ruthless dictator Kirk’s history tapes failed to note he truly was. It’s that he did it neatly; the neatness of a practiced hand that had done it many many other times before.

655. Adam E - December 19, 2012

Any chance what appears to be the bridge could be some type of medical isolation / decon chamber?

656. Adam E - December 19, 2012

oops… i mean “brig” not “bridge”

657. Son of MJ - December 19, 2012

652 Patch, As much as I love the idea of this all being tied into Paxton, its probably not.
Though I will say this, If this movie has a connection to Terra Prime and Demons My respect level of Orci, Kurtzman and JJ will skyrocket 110 Fold.

On a side note my apartment manager/friend was Ensign Masaro in Terra Prime.

658. dontcare - December 19, 2012

re: Chekov in a red shirt.

Has everybody forgotten Enterprise Chief of Security “Cupcake” Hendorff could be one of the casualties, then Chekov is promoted to Chief of Security and changes uniform colors, in the reverse of how Worf did it on DS9, though the exact same colors were switched in both cases.

659. Damian - December 19, 2012

639–I agree with your statements. I became a Trekkie back in 1986 after watching The Motion Picture on VHS (believe it or not). I then took another look at Star Trek II and III and that was the same year IV came out (which is how I remember the year I became a trekkie). I have never looked back. I started watching TOS on VHS. I remember renting them out and then I started watching the reruns on TV. Like many others, I was skeptical when TNG came out the next year, I mean how can you have Star Trek without Kirk, Spock and McCoy. It started a bit slow, but it grew on me. By season 2 I was a full fledged fan and it only got better. Then DS9 came out and I thought how can you have Star Trek on a space station. But again, by season 2 I was sold. DS9 turned out to be a great show too. I was excited to go see Generations. TNG turned out to be a classic show in it’s own right and I was thrilled to see them on the big screen. While I was a bit disappointed with how they handled the death of Kirk, I always thought it was a decent movie overall. Then Voyager and Enterprise came out. I really loved the 4th season of Enterprise and was sad to see it cut short.

I always knew Star Trek would be back. It just needed another new generation. I never had a problem with Rick Berman’s reign, but I knew it was time for something new. Fortunately Paramount still felt Star Trek had value and brought in a new team to take it to the next generation.

Star Trek has always been evolving. I know people complain about Berman, and to each his own. But can you honestly say the last season of Enterprise looked anything like the first season of TNG, or even the first season of DS9. Star Trek has always been evolving, and has always tried to be ahead of the times. Abrams has simply adapted and updated Star Trek to stay ahead of the curve. I have not liked all the changes (I’m not a big fan of Engineering ….or too many lens flares), but overall, I’m pleased. In another 10 years, hopefully someone else will take the next step and keep Star Trek alive for another generation.

660. Reign1701A - December 19, 2012

547: That all sounds extremely compelling and completely plausible, given the events of the last movie and what we know so far about this one. I like that the absurdity of Kirk’s rise to captaincy being part of the new movie, but at the same time it couldn’t have been too different from what Prime Kirk had to go through. Prime Kirk was one of the, if not THE youngest Captain in Starfleet history at that point, but we didn’t see him cut his teeth. TOS depicts him as already earning the admiration and respect of his colleagues, but it’s logical to assume that he didn’t have that to begin with. So both Kirks have to go through similar trials, but NuKirk has more to prove. I dig it.

The only part I don’t like is the 5 year mission being used as a way to keep Kirk out of trouble…exploration should be Starfleet’s primary mission and the 5 year mission should be an honor. However, the comic series makes it clear Starfleet is up to some shady business in this timeline.

661. Damian - December 19, 2012

660–I remember Bob Orci or someone saying something about they would address some consequences of Kirk’s quick rise. I think in the prime timeline, while he was the youngest captain at that point, he had risen through the ranks. He had probably earned greater respect because he didn’t go direct from cadet to captain.

It kind of reminds me of the Stargazer books I have been reading. Picard was given command at an even younger age than prime Kirk and one of the Admirals had been very skeptical. He was doing much the same thing as you indicated, trying to keep Picard from making a fool of himself, so he thought, and even trying to take away his command of the Stargazer.

662. DeShonn Steinblatt - December 19, 2012

I would just like to point out that nothing they do in this new universe could possibly be described as disrespectful to canon since it is a NEW UNIVERSE!

663. Weerd1 - December 19, 2012

@660- This Starfleet definitely developed under a bigger threat than in the Prime Universe. Thanks to Nero, the Fleet must have believed the current Romulans were capable of building something like the Narada, and perhaps had an entire fleet waiting on the other side of the Neutral Zone. In fact, in my mind it’s why they move the Constitution project to Iowa. See, they are using reverse engineered tech from the Kelvin’s scans of Narada. They do not want to tip off the Klingons or for that matter the Romulans that they have that information. As the Fleet takes the project back to the drawing board, they also go ahead an honor George Kirk by building the new (more hidden, planetside) shipyard in his hometown of Riverside. Indeed, it is also my impression that the canyon where Lil’ Kirk crashes his Corvette is actually the excavation for what will be the shipyard; hell, wouldn’t it be neat if some of those excavated minerals were actually used in the ship, making the Enterprise and the Kirks both Iowa natives.

Anyway, we know the shipyard is specifically in honor of the Senior Kirk, because the Fleet friendly bar that services it even has Kelvin salt and pepper shakers. The end result though is a Starfleet more secretive, more advanced, and more martial in nature (the uniforms) than the one from the Prime Universe. Willing to be that’s how Carol Marcus ends up as a weapons developer as well.

That’s my point, but I am going to wax philosophical for a moment. Classic Star Trek came along in a difficult time in American history, primarily where the nation was struggling against itself: civil rights, Vietnam, Gender equality, lots of internal issues. Trek showed a future where we had pulled ourselves out of that, and though not perfect, there was a future worth hoping for.

This new universe has come at a time when we are well into a long, paranoid war, we struggle with enemies within and outside, and with ourselves. Perhaps even more strife than in the 60s. Here, I think the new Powers that Be are showing us a similarly conflicted and threatened fleet, but also HOW they will pull themselves out of that and into a future worth hoping for. Sure, a bit more action, but TOS was pretty action oriented for the standards of TV in the day. The question is message, and New Trek is in the process of delivering that message. Circumstances changed, but Kirk is on his way to being the great man he should be. Circumstances changed, but the Federation is going to find a way to move forward. Losing Vulcan is a blow, but the Federation can take that loss and move forward, for the future worth hoping for.

I think Roddenberry would be ecstatic.

664. Legend of Link - December 19, 2012

@For What It’s Worth

Could Weller really be playing Paxton? I watched the final three episodes of ENT last night and that sounds very similar. And I thought it was kind of crazy that the scene of the array striking the San Francisco Bay looked strikingly similar to the scene from ST09 when Nero attacked Earth. This is probably old news, but my god the scenes are basically identical despite the obvious difference in quality.

665. StarTrekkie - December 19, 2012

@401 Brad Gerhard – I agree. the man on the left looks very much like “The Father”

666. Augusta - December 19, 2012

Wait, the ship is on red alert when Harrison is in the brig? Did that just go off and they left him there? Or was that deliberate (leaving him there, not the red alert)?

667. Madz Manx - December 19, 2012

Yeah, I’m hoping for a lot of major Klingon action in this one. I like the descriptions of the new Klingon weapon designs. The lightning-rifles sound super cool. And, we are still getting Bat-leths! I just wish the Klingon costumes wear better. I don’t mind the helmets, but I really don’t like the trench coats. They look too Earth-like.

668. The sisko - December 19, 2012

So it pretty much Is the NX-01 crashing I to the water. I’m starting to think the “ship out of time” comment was actually legit. Someone spilled the beans just a bit too much and had to retract. I was thinking- admiral archer might be too old for a cameo, but Phlox or T’pol would be a nice nod to the past. T’pol would make more sense. Maybe she’s working with Spock Prime on Vulcan 2.0

669. Well Of Souls - December 19, 2012

@659 Damian. Well put, & I agree with your positive outlook at how you came to your final conclusions. You took the high road and did not make ill-fated statements until after viewing either single episodes or the entire run of the series. Also as you stated, Berman did plenty of great things for Trek but as within the confines of canon, fresh ideas were becoming far & few. Further more Enterprise was cut, as you stated just when it was really on the mark. BTW, I still have all of my Star Trek VHS tapes of the movies all the way to I believe Nemesis being the last. They’re tucked away…LOL

670. For Whatevskies - December 19, 2012

@659 Damian: What a beautifully expressed sentiment. I hope you nailed it, there.

671. Robert - December 19, 2012

Already I an thinking of the Voyager episode Dragon’s Teeth. John Harrison might be reigniting either Paxton’s Terra Prime or even Colonel Green’s soldiers.

672. Damian - December 19, 2012

669–I kept my videos too. Most of them are in the black boxes they first came out in (I was a little miffed when they changed them to blue because now my collection has blue’s mixed in). It took me almost 10 years to collect all 79 +the color version of The Cage. I did buy the remastered DVD’s of course, but I still watch the original episodes on VHS from time to time.

One of my best birthday gifts was in 1987 when my parents bought me the first 3 movies on VHS (remember, this was back when they were still 29.95 and 39.95–an expensive gift). I still have the first 6 movies on VHS (the first V are in the first release boxes even, before they released the box set collection before VI came out). Boy that brings back memories.

I did get the first 10 movies on the special edition collection DVD’s they released. I always kind of wished they released Star Trek (2009) the same way since I like collections. That one always looks out of place on my shelf.

673. Damian - December 19, 2012

664–I seem to doubt Weller is reprising his role as Paxton. I don’t think the Abrams’ team will pick up a character and storyline from Enterprise. They seem to want to distance themselves from the Berman years of Star Trek and to make a sequel or even semi-sequel from an episode of Enterprise seems unlikely.

674. Rose (as in Keachick) - December 19, 2012

#659 – Exactly!

675. Red Dead Ryan - December 19, 2012

God, I still remember VHS. At the time, I didn’t really think much of it, aside from the fact it was home video.

But looking back, it was a clumsy format. You had this blocky black piece of plastic, with film inside. It was really annoying to have to rewind them upon return to the video store. Not to mention the majority were pan and scan, re-formatted from their theatrical sources to fit the 4:3 tube televisions.

With the arrival of dvd and the evolution to Blu Ray, I honestly don’t know how we managed.

There are still some second-hand places selling VHS movies. I just have to wonder who is still watching that format. Especially when dvds and Blu Rays are always coming down in price.

VHS is just so…………”Flintstonian”. :-)

676. Red Dead Ryan - December 19, 2012

And oh yeah, there really weren’t anything in the way of commentaries or special features on the VHS format.

A few movies had maybe a ten minute behind the scenes clip, or maybe a music video, but that’s it.

The “Star Trek” releases didn’t come with anything apart from the movies.

677. Damian - December 19, 2012

675–When they first came out, though, everyone thought VHS was the best thing since sliced bread.

One amazing thing about Star Trek is that it was first released on VHS back in 1987, a time when no one ever thought you would put a TV series on video. That was a pretty big deal back then. That says something about Star Trek.

678. Damian - December 19, 2012

And if I’m not mistaken, I believe it was the first TV series ever to be released on a video available to the public to buy.

679. The Snob - December 19, 2012

I know several music lovers that still regard vinyl as superior to CD…

It would be bizar to have film lover that regard VHS as superior to DVD/BR… It was a useless format indeed (even though I still have many, many loving memories collecting the tapes to the series, with 2 episodes on one cassette on them, the way they were released in Europe by CIC… So I guess there is nostalgia attached to it, though I would never want to go back there…..)

680. Red Dead Ryan - December 19, 2012


Vinyl records are still being released today. There’s a Beatles vinyl collection that recently came out. And modern bands such as U2 and Coldplay have released vinyl LPs.

A lot of music lovers do claim that vinyl is better, as it apparently keeps more of the natural sound. Though I don’t listen to vinyl myself, and as such, I can’t really offer an opinion on whether or not it is better than CD.

But a lot of club DJs have gone to vinyl, so maybe there’s something to be said for that format.

Anyway, vinyl and CD’s are audio formats. As such, the differences aren’t as great as they are between VHS and DVD/Blu Ray, which are audio/visual formats.

681. The Snob - December 19, 2012

#280 You’re right, vinyl still has a legit place, it was basically what I was trying to say. Yet, the general audience doesn’t buy vinyl anymore, they buy CD’s (or at least, they used to, I guess the ‘download era’ began like years ago already….). In that regard, vinyl is to CD what VHS is to DVD; it was the common format that the general audience traded in for something else.

You’re right that difference in quality is far greater between VHS and DVD than vinyl is to CD (in fact, like you state, many feel vinyl has the superior quality).

But regarding user friendlyness… CD blows vinyl out of the water, and I think that’s why the general public made the switch, the same with DVD. No more rewinding tapes, etc. The general audience doesn’t really care about picture quality or widescreen formats…

On a sidenote, I remember in the late ’90’s a guy who wanted a refund for his DVD player ’cause he could only buy widescreen movies on it… (“The films have black bars on the top on bottom, I want my money back, I want my old VHS player back!”). Says it all I guess. Most people don’t see a difference between DVD and Blu Ray (of course us movie lovers do! ;) )

682. Bucky - December 19, 2012

I’m hoping for some vague continuity reference between Weller’s character in this flick to Weller’s character in Enterprise. Hell, just the word “CEO” when he was cast set off warning bells. I’ll even take a reference in the IDW series as proof!

683. The Snob - December 19, 2012

#682 ANY reference to a post-TOS series would be great in my book… I loved the name Cardassian Sunrise in Star Trek (2009). I love that Klingon bat’leths (spelling?) will appear in ID. So yeah, a reference to Weller’s character would be great too..! I’m with you..! It wouldn’t harm the general audience, and it would be greatly appriciated by many Trek fans..!

684. Marshall McMellon - December 19, 2012

Re: #518 (dmduncan)- LOL! I wondered about that because, as of today, my post is #515. I was reading your #518 (as of today that is) and thinking “Wh–whaaaaaat?” LOL!!

685. Stumpule - December 19, 2012

I want this trilogy to have the same fate as Vulcan. Be wonderful & go up in a giant implosion so we can get back to real Trek, on TV where it belongs.

686. mickmal - December 19, 2012

It’s “Khan” (not “Kahn,” which is a brand of hot dogs), and either way, it’s obvious that’s not who Cumberbatch will be playing.

As far as the trailer, it’s finally happened: more time devoted to black screen than to actual footage from the movie. Oh, well. Still can’t wait till May 17.

687. Riker 001 - December 19, 2012

@ #652 – Patch

I totally agree with you on the ship…I think it’s pretty clear it’s not the Big E…but I don’t think it’s the NX-01 either…my thought is it’s the ship between the NX and the NCC…perhaps the dry run for the NCC.

And I have a thought as to who dies…and it kinda stinks but I can see why it’s going to happen…

I’m thinking it is Pike who is killed by Harrison…and I think Pike is in the ship that crashes…and I don’t think he is the person who is shot in the meeting…I broke that down frame by frame and it actually looks like a girl in a skirt who gets zapped.

This is how Kirk learns humility…finally. His mentor and father figure is killed by someone who Kirk knows or has had dealings with in the past…perhaps early on he thinks he stopped Harrison and left him on a planet thinking that was all he needed to do…but I’m not sure if the writing team felt they had to go that deep to make it seem to Kirk it was his fault Pike was killed or just the fact he is gone that leads him to how he became the Captain that he is.

688. Jack - December 19, 2012

683. Funny. And the Cardassian mention bugged me. I guess I was thinking TOS did fine for 20 years without Cardassians, Ferengi, reconfiguring things to emit tachyon pulses and forehead aliens — so couldn’t we ignore some of TNG?

689. Will - December 19, 2012

530. I also think it’s Col. Green. He could have been in one of the chambers that failed in Space Seed but not this time. Or maybe he’s created by a bubbly lava creature.

690. Peter Loader - December 19, 2012

At 32 seconds into the teaser clip Kirk is running through the red cornfield carrying something in his right hand. When he reaches the cliff he no longer has the item; a short wooden staff or something.

691. Weerd1 - December 19, 2012

@690- The 9 minute opening shows what happened. Read below if you want to know:

To lure the natives out to chase him he steals a holy scroll. To get them to STOP chasing them, he hangs it in a tree and pulls it open, then continues running while they stop to save it.

692. DJT - December 19, 2012

So I was watching Galaxy Quest on TV and I thought, ‘Gee, they’re wearing those uniforms from the new Star Trek movie’.

Mmmm. Yeah.

693. StarTrekDied2005 - December 20, 2012

Not Khan… not anything. Because THIS IS NOT STAR TREK! Just like the last one. NOT STAR TREK!

694. T'cal - December 20, 2012

Someone’s angry…

695. T'cal - December 20, 2012

“687 – Riker 001: And I have a thought as to who dies…and it kinda stinks but I can see why it’s going to happen…

I’m thinking it is Pike who is killed by Harrison…and I think Pike is in the ship that crashes…and I don’t think he is the person who is shot in the meeting…I broke that down frame by frame and it actually looks like a girl in a skirt who gets zapped.

This is how Kirk learns humility…finally. His mentor and father figure is killed by someone who Kirk knows or has had dealings with in the past…perhaps early on he thinks he stopped Harrison and left him on a planet thinking that was all he needed to do…but I’m not sure if the writing team felt they had to go that deep to make it seem to Kirk it was his fault Pike was killed or just the fact he is gone that leads him to how he became the Captain that he is.”

Very interesting theory!!

696. Kirk1701 - December 20, 2012

@542 Precisely! It’d certainly drop us into a eugenics issue. He was already brought back in “The Savage Curtain,” so it’s conceivable that there is some sort of ‘deus ex machina’ to bring him back in this one.

697. al - December 20, 2012

PLEASE, PLEAEEESSSSEEEEE, PLLLEEEEESSSSSEEEEEEE….Let them destroy the USS ENTERPRISE in this movie ! A new ship is in order ! A better design !

698. Phil - December 20, 2012

Okay, aside from the other nit-picky stuff that’s been reported, the crew of Enterprise is saving some savages from a volcano. Hang on, plate tetonics being what they are these people have never seen a volcano before? It’s obviously not an immediate threat to explode, otherwise you would not park your starship by it. Instead of putting your assets at risk, just transport them somewhere in their sleep. The locals will call it a miracle, and you didn’t have to risk sinking your ship, destroying a shuttle, and killing your first officer. How the hell did this brain fart get command of a ship again?

699. Basement Blogger - December 20, 2012

I get the joke Bob Orci. Planet Nibiru featured in the first nine minutes is named after the legend of rogue planet Nibiru that’s supposed to crash into the earth tomorrow. Link. Except the crew of the Enterprise is there to save the primitive civilization. Don’t know about us. :-)

700. The Original Spock's Brain - December 20, 2012


701. m.c. beage - December 20, 2012

Im pretty sure Admiral Archer has orchestrated all of the terror as payback for the loss of Porthos….

…yep that has to be it.

P.s. Mr. Abrams, please tell me there is at least a scott bakula cameo.

702. Rose (as in Keachick) - December 20, 2012

We have no idea why they are on the planet. One possibility that I proposed is that the prime directive may have already been broken and that the volcanic activity is not what it appears to be. Ship’s sensors cannot make out what is going on so Spock goes to investigate. I suspect that there may be a subterranean experimental weapons facility hidden near the volcano…Atmospheric conditions on that part of the planet make transporters inoperative or too dangerous to use.

Anyway, that is one theory for now.

I am not sure why the Enterprise is parked under the sea. Surely a shuttle craft could have been used as the chances of the indigenous people seeing such a craft is likely to be less than seeing an entire starship entering their atmosphere and ocean – unless, as I proposed before, this alternate universe Starfleet has managed to develop its own cloaking technology. Then again, it would be easier to cloak a shuttle craft…

We are left with questions, questions…sigh…

I hope, Bob, you have some good explanations. Even if you don’t really, it looks like a helluva lot of fun!

703. m.c. beage - December 20, 2012

No one else thinks Archer could be the mastermind behind john harrison? Who wouldn’t want revenge for the loss of such an adorable pooch?

Darn you Simon Pegg/Montgomery Scott and your carelessness

704. Rose (as in Keachick) - December 21, 2012

Bob Orci assured me many months on this trekmovie site that Admiral Archer’s prized beagle turned up miraculously on the bridge of the enterprise, safe and well. It was just as well, because I was about to get the Humane Society onto the case.

This pooch, it turns out, is actually a pregnant female and Admiral Archer gifts one of her puppies to Kirk as the Captain’s mascot. This needs to be shown in the next movie…and the puppy does not die and nor does his master!

705. Janice - December 21, 2012

It’s a good thing all this –Pike is the one to die stuff–is nothing but speculation.
I think I’m the last person here who would ever want to see Pike gone.

706. robbysteve64 - December 21, 2012

so Kirk and crew is saving the very planet that was suppose to destroy us
(according to Sumeritam prophecies) very interesting

707. Crazy Al - December 22, 2012

Anyone notice the Gherkin tower (30 St Mary Axe in London) in the teaser poster? Is this supposed to involve a future London or is it just a bit of lazy photoshopping? is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.