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Possible Star Trek Into Darkness Villain Spoilers Reported Online April 2, 2013

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Spoilers,Star Trek Into Darkness , trackback

There is another report of possible spoilers for Star Trek Into Darkness again they are regarding the villain character John Harrison played by Benedict Cumberbatch. Find out the latest possible plot revelations below, but beware of  potential Spoilers.













Harrison To Reveal Khan Identity?

It is an established fact that Benedict Cumberbatch’s character is named John Harrison in the new Star Trek Into Darkness. TrekMovie has confirmed before that this is not a marketing ploy; the character name is used in the film. However, that hasn’t stopped speculation that Harrison has a hidden identity. And a new spoiler report from Shockya.com cites a ‘trusted source’ reporting that Cumberbatch’s John Harrison will reveal his true identity is that of Khan Noonian Singh "during a scene where Harrison is held prisoner on the Enterprise." We have already seen a number of glimpses of Harrison seemingly being captured on the Klingon home world of Qo’noS and held prisoner on the USS Enterprise.  Shockya’s source aslo reports that Into Darkness "alludes to the famous reactor scene" from Star Trek II: The Wrath
of Khan
, but "puts a reverse spin on it."

Rumors and reports that the villain in Into Darkness is Khan have been consistent since before Benedict Cumberbatch was even cast. After a number of sites (including AICN) reported (off the record) sources confirming it was Khan in 2012 TrekMovie was also able to confirm the same information (again with off the record sources). The new report is consistent with TrekMovie sources’ information.

Of course officially anything beyond identifying Benedict Cumberbatch is playing John Harrison is considered a rumor by Paramount and they do not respond to rumors. Some people related to the film have rsponded to the reports. Alice Eve flatly denied Harrison was really Khan. And Simon Pegg called the spoiler of Cumberbatch being Khan a "myth."


1. Marja - April 3, 2013

No please no!

Let him be Commodore Matt Decker ….

Avenging the deaths of his crew that happened only because of the Prime Directive

Or even the Gorn.

I DO HOPE BEYOND HOPING HE IS NOT KHAN. That would be such a let-down.

2. shabbyjoey - April 3, 2013


I knew it all along!

3. The Red Shirt Diaries - April 3, 2013

He is not Khan but he will “unleash” Khan at the end. Mark my words.

4. Jim Nightshade - April 3, 2013

i also said it had to be khan from the very beginning never was convinced by anything else….every clue kept pointing to khan…so all those khan denyiers what say u now? theres a lot of ya too….but it has a pretty big spin on the story….reverse it meaning that kirk dies instead of spock?

5. JRT! - April 3, 2013

Hope it’s not true! And the movie better not be as boring as Skyfall! Been seeing a lot of comments comparing it to that.

And why do people say first when they’re not!? lol!


6. Theatre Historian_Levi - April 3, 2013

I just don’t believe that he is Khan. I have much more faith in the creativity of the writers than that.

7. ObsessiveStarTrekFan - April 3, 2013

Is Harrison Khan? I don’t think I really care any more so long as the movie is good. I don’t mind an homage, but I think I’d be disappointed if STID comes across as just a remake of TWOK.

As for the reverse spin – I’m guessing that might mean that Kirk is the one to lay his life on the line for his family (i.e. his crew). I doubt he dies ‘though, as the solicitation for Star Trek Ongoing #22 states: “Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise face a dire new threat rising in the wake of the movie’s momentous events!” It wouldn’t be the first time a soliciation wasn’t quite accurate, but I’m taking it as an indication that Kirk survives STID in the end.

8. Bill Peters - April 3, 2013

We will not know if it is or isn’t True tell we see the movie.

9. Colinar - April 3, 2013

I just wish this torture was over already! how many days left?

10. MPMonroe88 - April 3, 2013

If he is “one of our best agents” then it seems unlikely that he is Khan. The trailers clearly make it apparent that Harrison is a member of Starfleet. It is an impossibility for Khan to be a member of Starfleet.

I still believe Harrison is a “de-aged” Robert April.

11. Basement Blogger - April 3, 2013

Two actresses who denied playing characters that they actually played.

Marion Cotillard denies she was playing Talia Al Ghul in the Dark Knight Rises. Link..


Guess what? She was.

Naomie Harris is the queen of playing characters who have surprising reveals.

In Pirates of the Caribbean: At the World’s End, she was initially the witch Tia. . But in the end she’s Calypso.

She told the press that she was not playing Moneypenny. Link below. Guess what? She’s revealed to be Moneypenny..

12. SciFiMetalGirl - April 3, 2013

I could have sworn that I heard that Karl Urban revealed that Cumberbatch is really playing Gary Mitchell in the movie a while back???

13. somethoughts - April 3, 2013


14. SciFiMetalGirl - April 3, 2013

What “famous reactor scene” are they referring to??

15. Ben Yoris - April 3, 2013

I understood the twist as follows : this is Kahn who sacrifices himself in the reactor chamber to save the Enterprise crew.

But then I read that it would be Kirk.

Then I don’t know.

16. Trekkiegal63 - April 3, 2013

#14. SciFiMetalGirl:

Are you serious?!

17. somethoughts - April 3, 2013


I proposed that Khan was integrated into starfleet in this reality as he was found years earlier by another crew.

I bet 4000 quattos that he is Khan.

Who else can challenge kirk and spock both mind and body?

We get a original Khan story, Khan reimagined!

18. ObsessiveStarTrekFan - April 3, 2013

@14. SciFiMetalGirl

The scene in Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan where Spock takes a fatal dose of radiation while repairing the Enterpise’s main reactor so the ship can escape the Genesis wave. Kirk makes it down to engineering as Spock is dying and they ‘touch’ hands separated by the transparent barrier before Spock dies. This scene (hands ‘touching’ yet separated) is similar to that which appeared in the Japanese version of the Announcement Trailer, and I think, one of the later trailers as well.

19. SciFiMetalGirl - April 3, 2013

Sorry, I am jet-lagged… but I think I’ve got it figured out now.

20. Oz.84 - April 3, 2013

It can’t be Khan… I’m sticking with Gary Mitchell. “The man who did it, was one of our top agents”
By the trailer kirk seems to take it personally and go after him…

21. Ben Yoris - April 3, 2013

#20 Then why Kirk would say to him “Who are you ?” in the brig sequence ?

22. Trekkiegal63 - April 3, 2013

I’ve not visited shockya.com before, how reliable are they generally?

23. Harry Ballz - April 3, 2013

If it proves to be Khan then JJ Abrams has revealed a serious character flaw in his psychological make-up.

Abrams seems determined, on a consistent basis, to prove to the masses that he can take a contrived, generic, one-dimensional notion and put his own “spin” on it, in an attempt to show everyone how damn original and clever he can be………..that is one f*cked up attitude.

Just because Abrams grew up in Hollywood, why does he get all the plum opportunities in show business?

What about all the poor talented slobs out there who don’t enjoy the benefit of nepotism? Don’t they deserve a chance?

It would be so refreshingly different to see something wholly original for a change.

Nah, that makes too much f*cking sense!!!!!

24. Cato the Llama - April 3, 2013

Oh come on guys . . . He’s not Khan . . . He’s V’Ger!

25. TheTrekspert - April 3, 2013

Come April 10 (IIRC), we’ll likely have a much better clue as to who John Harrison is, since that’s the date for Countdown To Darkness, Issue 4, the final issue.

As far as the speculation goes, Khan is too obvious a choice. Plus, in the modern world, if they did want to do Khan, they could easily find an actor of Middle Eastern descent. (Wasn’t as easy in the mid-to-late 60s)

I lean more towards a de-aged April (perhaps related to the TAS episode in some way?) or someone else Starfleet. IMHO, Finnegan is an likelier option. But I think Khan is, as I said, too obvious and would have a shock value of nil.

26. TheTrekspert - April 3, 2013

@1: Maybe. But from a canon perspective, he’s maybe a tad too young.

27. BravesFan - April 3, 2013

#22. My thoughts exactly. I’m not convinced this “evidence” is credible. It all seems very vague. I’ve never heard of this site until now. Most of the evidence seems that Harrison is not Khan. I still believe, however, that Harrison could be involved in the Khan story in some way.

28. Robert Jamison - April 3, 2013

This would explain why in the trailer we see Spock touching his hand through the glass. At the end, Khan saves everyone, so that would lead me to believe that he isn’t evil when it comes down to it, and that his motives aren’t one-hundred percent crazy.

29. Theatre Historian_Levi - April 3, 2013

I just finished watching the season 2 episode of Enterprise, Regeneration.
made me once again hope to see how Kirk and Crew would handle the Borg.

Would love to see the Borg return for star trek XIII (only calling it XIII till it actually has a title)

30. Toby - April 3, 2013

I still don’t buy it, why do to the trouble of casting people that look and sound like their 60’s counterparts then cast someone who looks and sounds NOTHING like the character he’s portraying – doesn’t make sense.

31. somethoughts - April 3, 2013

I thought the hand through glass scene is pike dying then funeral with missing man formation.

Kirk lost command and reports to pike as being captain.

32. Skeptic - April 3, 2013

Isn’t it obvious? The “reverse spin” is Harrison/Khan sacrificing himself for the good guys, with Spock putting his hand on the glass. It’ll be the overused redemption plot, the character with a noble cause, but who’s committed unspeakable sins in the name of that cause. Such a character cannot be allowed to live, it would be unpalatable to the American audience. But as he, like his motives, was good, he dies a hero in the end. Forget Khan. Harrison is Darth Vader. It’s the ultimate JJ Abrams trip.

33. Paolo - April 3, 2013

Harrison is April’s son.

34. Lostrod - April 3, 2013

Didn’t someone do a comparison of BC’s hands to the picture of the hand on the glass and prove that it was not his hand in that scene?

Can’t find it now.


35. Khaaan, the weasel - April 3, 2013

And I still think these reports are nothing but a bunch of bollocks.
Augment? – Maybe!
Khaaaaan? – nah!

36. ObsessiveStarTrekFan - April 3, 2013

@34 Lostrod

I believe this is the link you are thinking of:

37. LOFC_Ed - April 3, 2013


Skyfall was a boring film?! Were you drunk when you watched it?!! :)

38. Flake - April 3, 2013

Perhaps John Harrison was indeed a top starfleet intelligence agent with access to a ship etc but he unfortunately came across Khan who removed his face and portions of his DNA to assume Harrisons identity…. and then he wreaks havoc

39. Lostrod - April 3, 2013

@36 ObsesiveStarTrekFan:

Thanks! That was it.

Unless they cgi some new hands on him, I don’t think it’s John Harrison touching the glass in the reactor scene.


40. Aurore - April 3, 2013


I’ll believe it when I see it !

You hear me Roberto Orci Jr. ?!

41. martian - April 3, 2013

if he is Khan then hollywood will maintain its streak of whitewashing any role involving a character of color it can. if he isn’t Khan then the folks behind the movie will have at least some measure of credibility.

42. NCC-73515 - April 3, 2013

Theaters in Germany report in their synopses of the movie that ‘Kirk has to face an enemy he knows all to well – the perfidious Khan’

43. Trekbabe - April 3, 2013

@41: oh come on, that whitewahsing nonsense again… Khan is an Indian character who was played by a whte Mexican actor with red make-up in the first place… this argument is really really ridiculous. And the character is named “John Harrison”… he won’t be Khan. A new interpretation of the Khan character perhaps, nothing more.

44. Vulcan Soul - April 3, 2013

In the pivotal prisoner scene, Cumbersome will reveal himself to be an energy being, in great Trek tradition, hailing from a new Abramsverse species first introduced in “Trek 09″, the so-called Lensflares, a truly evil race concocted by Master Abrams himself. In a surprise twist, the evil Lensflare formerly known as Cumbersome will then permanently blind Quinto AND the audience and make sure their experience of “Trek 13″ will be a lasting one!

45. Aurore - April 3, 2013

…On a more serious note…

Where are the pictures of Mr. Cumberbatch wearing one of those “snug” outfits he was referring to, a few weeks ago?

46. Star Trek:Nemesis blows, is the point - April 3, 2013

If Cumberbatch is revealed as Khan, it will confirm that Khan being a character in this movie was one of the worst kept secrets in Hollywood, ever.

Since the rumor mill really started heating up about this movie a couple of years ago, I’ve held the odds of the vilain at being 1-2. Yes, that’s not a typo. It’s a pretty obvious choice, though not an easy one. If Cumberbatch is Khan, that automatically puts it against the best of the Trek movies – which means this movie has to be really, really good or it’s a failure – in the eyes of every Trekkie going to see the movie.

So if it is Khan, they better pull it off right. Otherwise, we could have another Shinzon on our hands.

47. rogerachong - April 3, 2013

Yippee!!! shockHarryBallz.com my new website needs some hits. Hey Antony can you link to my new article?

My close warm personal insider sources confirm that beyond a shadow of a doubt, 100% certainty that BC is playing the shapeshiting sister of Garth of Izar.

There you now have a global exclusive scoop, of doodoo. Also Iron Man gets married to Potts at the end of Iron Man 3. She finds it impossible to iron the wrinkles in his suit. I’m on a roll I say. A roll of toilet tissue. Don;t stop me now (Spoiler tabs be damn)! In Fast & Furious 6 Letty is really undercover and still loves Dominic. Booya!!! scooped again!!

Look ma I can run a website 2!! This by the way is he title of my new screenplay that Paramouth just bought!! Our very own Anthony will be consulting on the project with me. The movie has the working title “April Fools: Fooled You Twice”. It is a sequel, that is a prequel to the first film which we will be working on next. I figured that it would be best to just go straight to the sequel from the get-go!! Am I not brilliant!!

48. Dissectivore! - April 3, 2013

If I was writing a Star Trek film with an ‘undercover’ Khan as the villain, I’d have to maintain that deception by making him significantly different (as it appears from STID’s trailers, interviews etc. so far). But by that point I’d simply think ‘Why not make this a character of my creation?’ ‘This is how I’ll make my mark on Trek lore.’ etc. Otherwise I’d basically be putting ridiculous effort into creating an exciting, brand new character, who at the end reveals himself to be a character someone’s already credited for creating.

So, honestly, he’s not Khan. He is John Harrison, of Starfleet Operations.

And throwing in a pretty much crazy random guess at his motives, with a twist on what you’d expect from Trek: He’s out to stop the Federation initiating war with the Klingons. (Because my guess is as good as anyone’s right now!)

49. Jay Ley (UK Trekkie) - April 3, 2013

Hey! Why was my post deleted??

50. ObsessiveStarTrekFan - April 3, 2013

“Otherwise, we could have another Shinzon on our hands.”

Wash your mouth out with soap and water!! Nemesis was the 2nd worst Star Trek movie ever (in my opinion). No prizes for guessing the worst.

51. Jay Ley (UK Trekkie) - April 3, 2013

It’s come back…. Fascinating!

52. Admiral Stedman - April 3, 2013

Even though it was part of an April Fool’s Day prank I was coming around to the idea of him being one of Harry Mudd’s androids. But we’ll see.

I might be able to handle a grown up Charlie X reveal too.

I would not mind Harrison releasing Khan at the end of this movie at all. That scene many of us have seen looks like Khan’s gold tunic from TOS walking out of a sleep chamber of sorts. Maybe Del Toro has kept things quiet all this time and HE is Khan after all.

53. Commander K - April 3, 2013

Star Trek 13: BORG


54. Commander K - April 3, 2013

I don’t think Khan will be revealed at the end of the movie…because…we’d know what happens in Trek 13 then…and JJ Abrams doesn’t like anyone to know what’s happening…

55. Flake - April 3, 2013

Save Borg for the TNG reboot!

Rebooted borg would be spectacular

Dysonsphere in Trek 13… so many possibilities

56. Sword Sinister - April 3, 2013

I wouldn LOVE Harrison to be Khan, for no other reason than to see Chris Pine emulate Shatner from TWOK and shout

“Oh, Khaaaan, Oh Khaaan, Oh Khaaan….”

57. CAPT KRUNCH - April 3, 2013

So in the universe..Khan was discovered much earlier..by the Klingons? or by Starfleet and the scene with the tubes is Starfleet holding his people and forcing him to work for them…he finally gets pissed and fights back…that’s his story…Starfleet is the bad guy here????…he takes it out on London and San Fran???….. though he seems a litle pasty to play the Sikh Warrior??? only a guess but it seems consistent with what we know so far…. Admiral Marcus called him one of their agents???

58. Aix - April 3, 2013

I hate this. I hate that he is reported by trusted sources to be Khan because obviously I don’t want him to be Khan. I mean. Why?! What’s the point of an alternate universe?!?!?! Ugh. I hope this is not true.

59. BatlethInTheGroin - April 3, 2013

#23: You DO realize Abrams is the director, not the writer, right?

60. czd - April 3, 2013

The guardian of forever is involve in bringing Kirk back…from the dead not genesis.

61. Dr. Image - April 3, 2013

JJ- Give us something original, PLEASE!!
And a better Engineering set… at least.

62. Thomas Vinelli - April 3, 2013

I went to that web site…Mmmm, ”Trusted source” it says.
If i had a dollar every time i heard those words ,i’d be really rich.
The guys just trying to get people to his web site, just like newspapers, report stories the way they see it. the tv networks do the same thing.

If its Khan…..big let down. a big time low for Star Trek indeed.

63. Jemini - April 3, 2013

I don’t think it’s Khan

64. Dissectivore! - April 3, 2013

Honestly, he’ll only be very loosely connected to Khan and the Botany Bay, if at all. More speculation on who Harrison is:

Starfleet began covertly developing genetic-superhumans as part of their response to Nero turning up. Nero changed the rules; there’s a strong possibility that the Klingons may have have acquired tech from the Narada; tech that (from the Federation’s POV) destroyed Vulcan. Starfleet has had to (illegally of course) ‘up’ its game, with new weapons and genetic-tech (inspired by but not directly connected to the Eugenics Wars). Harrison is one of these Super-human Starfleet Agents, with said technology at his disposal.

65. Chain of Command - April 3, 2013

My suggestion: Go see the movie in a month and get the answer.

My only hope is that it’s a good movie. I just want to see a good film.

66. redrevan - April 3, 2013

I still don’t think it’s Khan. I won’t believe until I see it myself. I’m tired of posting evidences that shows that it is not Khan. All arguments are now closed. We’re just awaiting judgement. I’ll probably not going to be online until I see the movie to avoid more spoilers(I believe U.K. gets it first.)

If it is really Khan though, I’m going to throw my most prized possession to the sea. I’m going to film myself while doing it and I’m going to post it on youtube saying ‘I lost a bet in the Trekmovie forums and they will have their vengeance.’ :D

67. OneStarfleet - April 3, 2013

Let’s look at Khan for a minute. He’s an ego driven maniac, yes! Khan only went postal in TWOK because of the circumstances that happened in his time on Ceti Alpha V.

Hypothetically, say that in this timeline, Starfleet recovered the Botany Bay, awoke the augments and tried to integrate them to a new future. Maybe, some were given the opportunity to use their advantages in active service, but things went wrong? Khan could be ego-driven enough to believe what he’s doing is for a greater good…

Another theory… What if Starfleet awoken a few select ‘agents’ to do their bidding through blackmail?

Just my musings, but either way, I believe the end of this movie may be a trigger to an all out war with the Klingon Empire which’ll give us a massive epic battle in the next installment xD

68. Tiberius Subprime - April 3, 2013

I don’t think Cumberbatch is Khan.
He may be linked in some way, but he is not Khan.

What do we know?

Yes, there seems to be cryo-tubes in the trailer that could hold khan’s men:

Yes, Cumby could be a Starfleet aument, or one of Khan’s men, awakened and trained and then betrayed by Starfleet;

Yes, Weller calls him a “top agent” (but that could have been the father who blew himself up);

Yes, there is the allusion that top brass of Starfleet have done something terribly wrong and are trying to cover it up (start a war with the Klingons? Develop and then abandon the augment programme for some reason? Who knows?);

Yes, we can safely assume that the name Harrison is a cover name in the film, and that Cumby is revealed to be someone else;

Yes, references to Capt April may suggest his son, or that he was de-aged and made stronger somehow;

Yes, the reference to Mitchell (somehow altered in appearance so no one recognises him);

Cumby will be revealed in the film to be someone other than Harrison, but I don’t think he is Khan.

If the Botany Bay is there (held by the Klingons? Starfleet?) Cumby will unleash Khan at some point near the end of the film. Or it will be suggested Khan will be the antagonist for the next film.

But Cumby cannot be Khan, IMHO

69. Disinvited - April 3, 2013



Created on October 30, 2008. Earliest Google News archive cite:February 7, 2009.

70. Coastie - April 3, 2013

This is turning into Miranda Tate / Talia Al Guhl from The Dark Knight Rises all over again. Production company is all like “no, she’s not Talia Al Guhl, she’s Miranda Tate, a wealthy philanthropist.” and then we watch the movie and its like “yup, Talia Al Guhl.”

He’s Khan. Why else all the secrecy? Would they really need to be this secretivy for “John Harrison?” And this is new Trek, nobody other than those posting on this board care about Capt. April or Gary Mitchel, or Garth from Waynes World —- so why be secretive if he’s one of them? These movies are to appeal to non-Trek fans as well (like it or not stomp your feet and have a hissy fit and go cry to your signed Rick Berman picture, it is what it is). If he isn’t Khan, the marketers of this film at least want the controversy of “Who’s John Harrison, oh my!” and are clearly fueling it. Come on though, John Harrison … “John Harrison”???? No offense to all the John Harrisons of the world, but that is about as uncreative and boring of a name for a movie villain as we can come up with… lets see, Hannibal Lector, Norman Bates, Darth Vader, Khan Noonien Singh, Coach Jack Reilly, Dr. Evil, The Terminator, Count Chocula, annnnnd now we have John Harrison *golf clap* – “ooooo noooooo not John Harrison, everybody run, he has a crew of people wearing 3/4 length tee baseball shirts!”

71. Josh C. - April 3, 2013

@42 – except in this timeline, he doesn’t know who Khan is yet, so that doesn’t make much sense

@67 – He tried to take over the Enterprise in Space Seed itself. Practically the very first thing he did after he woke up was attack McCoy. The presented the guise of amenability only as long as he had to before he thought he had the advantage. Yes, he went crazy in Star Trek II, but he was already damn near irredeemable in Space Seed already.

Abrams has said that we should be able to sympathize with Harrison’s motives (if not his methods). I find that that notion probably pushes past any and all credibility if the villain is Khan. Perhaps to people new to Trek he can pull that off, but anyone familiar with Trek at all know Khan to be a character with very few redeeming traits aside from his raw ability and intellect.

I just find any plot where he willingly works for Starfleet under any capacity beyond the bounds of believability.

Now, what if he was someone NAMED AFTER Khan but not…”KHAAAAAAN!!!” Khan? That would be a twist, though confusing for people who couldn’t figure out the difference.

72. Punkspocker - April 3, 2013

#45. I thought the “snug” outfit Cumberlord was talking about was the mo-cap suit for the Hobbit. It may have gotten mixed up in media quotes, but I could be wrong.

73. Aurore - April 3, 2013

“I did a lot of close combat training. He’s a kick-ass warrior, as masterful with his hands and body as he is with weapons…You will have a great discovery during this film, which I think is great…[My costumes] look great. Some of them were (no pun intended) cumbersome and heavy, but some were very snug; you can almost see what religion I am…”


At the risk of repeating myself….Where are the pictures?!


74. Mad Mann - April 3, 2013

Cumby is playing Khan is playing John Harrison is playing with ….

I knew it all along. I just don’t get why Orci and company CONSTANTLY refer back to just one movie for their stories: Star Trek II TWOK. Yeah, it was an awesome movie, but there are so many other story sources to pull from in Star Trek. Orci states that he read Trek novels, seen all the shows, etc., but he only ever uses just one movie as the source for his movies.

Star Trek 09 had Kobayashi Maru test, the “I have been and always shall be your friend” line. Now STiD has Khan, Carol Marcus, and the (reverse of) the famous Spock-death reactor scene.

I hope that the third has nothing to do with TWOK and moves on. Look, some of the best Trek movies are based on some of the best episodes. TWOK is based on Space Seed and First Contact is based on The Best of Both Worlds. Why not pull more from the actual series and less on the movies?

I’d love to a movie based on Doomsday Machine, Trouble with Tribbles, or even I, Mudd.

75. Nony - April 3, 2013

Doesn’t have to be the same Khan. Because I don’t think JJ et al would actually cast Cumberbatch as the original Khan (plus, I’m thinking about the interview with the cast where John Cho mentioned Khan as his favourite TOS villain, specifically pointing out that he was a character of colour, which I don’t think he would have if things were sketchy in that regard in this movie), I will lean toward the “Khan’s adopted son who takes his name/title” theory.

As for the reactor scene…it feels a little too obvious to just do the same scenario but reverse Kirk and Spock’s positions. There must be some sort of twist to it.

76. FrancoMiranda - April 3, 2013

Sometimes I think you guys don’t pay attention to anything. It was the black guy with the dying kid who dropped his Starfleet ring into the water, causing the explosion. I think HE is the top agent Starfleet is referring to. When Kirk is talking about apprehending someone, it’s the ‘mystery man’ who shot up the meeting.

Make sense? Thanks.

77. Horatio - April 3, 2013

Maybe he (Harrison) is a descendant of Khan. A great great grandson or something like that and he’s out to clear the family name?

78. FrancoMiranda - April 3, 2013

Anyway the way things are going, I wouldn’t be surprised if Brent Spiner shows up in a time ship with Captain Braxton, from our alternate universe, where Brent Spiner looks exactly like the old Soong from Enterprise. They’ll save the day with a combination of secrecy, flashing lights and pretentious beat boxing. Nobody will actually know what the story is, and just as we’re about to find out, the fourth wall will be broken as J.J himself steps onto the screen and delivers a speech right into the camera about how we must accept his way of thinking, forever, before everything goes black. Then there’ll be a trailer for Star Wars 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14.

79. Damage75 - April 3, 2013

I’ll chime in with one thought. People keep saying that Admiral Marcus identified John Harrison as “one of our top agents”. That’s just the timing of the voice over in the trailer, doesn’t mean he’s referring to Harrison.

There’s the scene from the first extended trailer where Noel Clarke drop an Academy ring into a glass. From the noise I heard he is the one who sets off the London explosion, doing it for Harrison in exchange for his child’s (who is ill) life.

80. Josh C. - April 3, 2013

@76 – no, because rumors are (possibly supported by a shot in a trailer) that Kirk thinks that “this is just the beginning” – BEFORE the meeting gets shot up. That suggests they know that there was someone else responsible. Also, while not impossible, it seems like the guy Harrison uses to detonate the ring is more of a run of the mill officer, not an agent.

81. Josh C. - April 3, 2013

@76, 79 – also, hasn’t it already been (allegedly) established otherwise that Harrison was a member of Starfleet. That alone makes him being Khan a huge stretch, at least for me, agent or not.

82. porthoses bitch - April 3, 2013

Years ago I had the chance to meet Harve Bennett. He told me how one of the thoughts tossed around in TSOS was that Khans spirit was causing the disruptions on the Genisis planet ( not protomatter). Kind of a neat 80’s take on things.

83. Dissectivore! - April 3, 2013

@76 I thought that at first, but now feel it’s more likely that the Starfleet top brass aren’t revealing all at that meeting Kirk attends, and what little they do reveal, they reveal reluctantly. Later, when Kirk asks ‘Who the hell are you?’ I don’t think he’s asking for Harrison’s name; he’s asking what the deal is with him and his abilities.

84. James Rye - April 3, 2013

I am reviewing all the previous Trek movies on my blog. I have just finished reviewing ‘Generations’. You can read it here:


85. tba - April 3, 2013


If he turns out to be Khan, then some people in Starfleet (Intelligence) obviously knew about it. This could be related to the crime Harrison cant forgive. Maybe Starfleet Intelligence found the Augments and used them for some shady intelligence work?

86. porthoses bitch - April 3, 2013

Interesting over on Joseph Gatts facebook page has has a graphic of a Delta shield with 2 bars behind it. If the “other” ship is harrisons might Gatt be Joachim. And have we returned to different ships having different patches. Hadn’t realized that Gatt did the mo-caps for God of War. The dude is ripped he certainly looks like an augment.

87. Travis - April 3, 2013

Finally the truth to the rumors has come out! Benedict Cumberbatch is playing John Harrison an ” ALIAS ” to the true identity is KHAN! What more do you starved fans want? Trekmovie has rumored it and Confirmed that Cumberbatch is Khan, EW even went as far as to post a magazine that says ” Kirk and Khan ” and now Shockya.com which is a very trusted information site to movie and games rumors have now said Harrison is Khan…. The man is Khan…. GET OVER IT! By putting the Character Khan and showing the viewers the Botany Bay is a big, BIG money maker and guess what… Look at what Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan did back in 1982… It bailed out the Star Trek franchise and gave it a future to produce more movies, TNG, VOY, DS9 and Enterprise…. Fans and viewers want to see Khan again because in order for Captain Kirk to earn the Captain’s chair…. He must go thru his toughest enemy of all to earn it!

Heres a I told ya so!!!!!!!!

88. elric428 - April 3, 2013

Dunno if he is Khan, But my gut feeling is that he started out as a M.A.C.O.


89. AyanEva - April 3, 2013

I still don’t buy the rumor that he’s Khan and no one will convince me otherwise unless he actually IS. …but I no longer care at this point even if it is true. As long as they gave him a good script to work with, Cumberbatch can sell me on anything.

90. somethoughts - April 3, 2013

If the movie is awesome, who cares if it is Khan or X just enjoy the film and celebrate the fact that we have a Star Trek movie coming out in a few weeks that looks pretty awesome so far.

Part 3 should be whatever that makes trek fans whine the most lol

91. NoKhan - April 3, 2013

If any of these concepts prove true then the film will be a massive letdown. I don’t want to see any rehashed story lines. If they can’t be inventive then just stop.

92. FrancoMiranda - April 3, 2013

I have a really strong feeling that they will take the franchise further away from its roots. I thought they did a good job on 2009, but there were things that irritated me. It would have taken very little effort to have the Kelvin looking a lot more like it should have done for its era. Not shaky sets, but a little less grimy and Alien-esque.

I feel with this one and the next they’re just going to go all out with changing things.

I mean, really, if Starfleet updated all the tech because of the Narada incursion, how come everything already looks more flash than it did in TNG? Even TNG, DS9 and VOY had a sort of kooky look to everything.

Makes it hard for me to buy it all as Star Trek, I’m afraid. The kicker would be if they show the Botany Bay completely differently, or something. Then I wouldn’t associate this with old Trek ever again. Makes Prime Spock a bit of a sore point, though. Why bother with the lip service, guys? Why not just scrap everything like you clearly want to?

I wouldn’t mind if it wasn’t all such a grey area.

93. Crone - April 3, 2013

I wish I hadn’t read that. I know, I was warned. :: bangs head against wall in hope of inducing amnesia::

94. porthoses bitch - April 3, 2013

Everytime I see the Starfleet Uniform “overshirts” on a redshirt I think how I wouldnt want to be wearing a baggy shirt to a fist fight. Almost like Chekov and Tyrell having the handles on thier spacesuit in TWOK.

Come the 15th of this month Im gonna start jones’in for some Trek.

ANTHONY? any thought of borrowing AICN’s “Doc’back policy” into effect regarding the early release overseas? It can only be suggested and not truly enforced but people do for the most part seem to respect it.

95. Sebastian S. - April 3, 2013

Repeating a lie doesn’t make it true.

96. BH - April 3, 2013

Dissapointment with this in the fact that NO ONE knew who Khan was before ST2. He wasn’t remembered much in syndication.

It’s just a great example of how a well done concept of a bad guy, redone for a film can far surpass what they pulled off on an hour show. Sure, it was one of the better shows from the first season, but not one that stood out before ST2: people remembered City, Enemy Within, Balance of Terror, Errand of Mercy and others…

So with all of this rich material to mine, they go back to the well. Garth of Izar; Richard Corey, Gary Seven, the Organians or Talosians etc. GREAT old school SF concepts that could get a major shot in the arm like Meyers did to Khan in 1982.

Instead, it’s a rehash of a shot in the arm. Drag.

97. CmdrR - April 3, 2013

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan II?
Just yuck.

98. BH - April 3, 2013

Roger Korby, not Richard Corey. I’ll turn in my geek card now.

99. Garth Faction - April 3, 2013

Ok, I’ve figured it out.

Spock Prime is actually Mirror-Universe Spock, who has now gone back in time, and manipulated Star Fleet to do his own bidding. He releases Khan and forces him to be a slave, killing some of his crew until he relents; he brainwashes Khan into thinking he is John Harrison, but in the end, Harrison awakens to who he really is and lets out his wrath…

… and none of this will happen, but it would be an interesting twist if it were..

100. DisgruntledTrekkie - April 3, 2013

74.I knew it all along. I just don’t get why Orci and company CONSTANTLY refer back to just one movie for their stories: Star Trek II TWOK.

Yeah, you’d think with all the references to that movie, that there has never been any other Trek before or after it.

101. drumvan - April 3, 2013

Interesting over on Joseph Gatts facebook page has has a graphic of a Delta shield with 2 bars behind it. If the “other” ship is harrisons might Gatt be Joachim.

he actually shows up on screen. on his march 11 facebook post. he’s a “blue-shirt” on the bridge. 1:03 on the trailer he posted.

102. BH - April 3, 2013

Also, probably not Khan. Could very simply be John Harrison who’s a guy we never met in Space Seed, unlike Joachaim.

103. Yanks - April 3, 2013

I think Harrison is an Augment. Missed eggs brought to life by someone close to or related to Arik Soong.

104. martin - April 3, 2013

if its Khan or not Khan – the thing I really hate is that it won’t be a surprise to any of us in the US. Since we get the movie a week later, there will be no way to avoid having it blown before watching.

105. porthoses bitch - April 3, 2013

Hey, even ST XXX did Kahn….well Space Seed.

106. Jax Maxton - April 3, 2013

I still think we’ll see Kahn in this movie, but it isn’t Cumberbatch. I think those pods that we’ve all speculated on are Kahn’s people. Harrison found Kahn in this timeline and bought into what Kahn believed. At the end, he’ll release Kahn as a preview to Star Trek 3, the Wrath of Kahn.

107. FrancoMiranda - April 3, 2013



108. BH - April 3, 2013

@101 – that’s how rumors get started. Gatt’s symbol is the Starfleet Delta with the marriage equality symbol behind it, which is a current facebook meme to show support for gay marriage. I assure you that has nothing to do with anything in the movie.

Also, I don’t believe that’s the same guy. Gatt is BIG.

109. tazzy2918 - April 3, 2013

I think Khan is in the movie, but Harrison is not Khan. I think Harrison is a genetic augment from Khan’s DNA and that we will see Khan in a flashback explanation mid-way through the movie.

I think the real villain in this piece will be Adm. Marcus. I think he is the leader of a Starfleet splinter group that does the dirty work, like Section 31. I think this is what the Countdown to Darkness comics are leading up to. In the last comic Mudd mentions how expensive the things she is getting for April are becoming. Unless April is the richest captain in fleet history, where is the money coming from ?

“Into Darkness” relates to how far is the federation willing to go to protect itself. How much can it compromise its values and standards in the name of safety. I think the destruction of Vulcan and the attack on Earth were 9/11 events that caused some in Starfleet to adopt an “end justifies the means” type of thinking.

110. Damian - April 3, 2013

I wouldn’t get too excited about “trusted sources.” There is a huge graveyard of “trusted source” information re: previous Star Trek films that turned out not to be true.

I don’t understand why people can’t at least accept the possibility that the character is John Harrison, nothing more, nothing less. I’ve accepted that as a possibility. I’ve also accepted the possibility he is in reality some other character as well.

Perhaps he is Khan (which will disappoint me to no end), or some other character. Maybe it involves Khan and his augment supermen. I’ve also accepted the possibility that Khan and his merry band of supermen have nothing to do with the story at all.

So far, from the previews, there is nothing to indicate one way or the other. It may be that Harrison is a disgruntled former Starfleet officer who believes he was somehow taken advantage of and decides on vengeance. Or maybe he has delusions of godhood.

Who knows? I read the articles because they make for interesting reading, and undoubtedly, some of the stories will turn out to be true. But probably an equal number will turn out to be just speculation or false information fed by insiders.

111. drumvan - April 3, 2013

@108 – just to clarify, i did not make the claim of the delta shield/equality symbol meaning a 2nd ship or him being joachim. was referencing a previous post (86).

i did however pass on the info that gatt himself posted on his facebook page about him being on the bridge in a blue-shirt (march 11 post). if you can find another “blue-shirt” on the bridge in that trailer (other than 1:03) then you have better eyes that i :)

112. Crone - April 3, 2013

@98. http://m.youtube.com/#/watch?v=euuCiSY0qYs&desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DeuuCiSY0qYs

113. enterprise1965 - April 3, 2013

I am thinking you are close to something. Perhaps Harrison finds the S.S. Botony Bay floating in space and wakes up everyone including Khan which bring us to the next movie.

114. porthoses bitch - April 3, 2013

Noel Clarkes comment of “Im not sure if Im even in the movie” doesnt quite jibe with him being one of Starfleets top agents who cause the destruction…..just sayin ‘

115. Trekbabe - April 3, 2013

@73: The pics are all over this site and the internet? He’s talking about the uniform and the leater pants.

116. OldDarth - April 3, 2013

Anyone else notice that when Star Trek Into Darkness buzz dies down – Cumberbatch as Khan rumor machine starts up again?

117. CoffeeProf - April 3, 2013


Dang dude, water almost came out of my nose when I read that….ROFL. Does this mean at some point Carol Marcus shaves her head, gets a light bulb on her neck, and starts ripping down doors? :-P

118. tribbleorlfl - April 3, 2013

I don’t know anything about Shockya’s credibility, it just seems to me they’re drawing conclusions from the various trailers (which would be very easy to do from the material that’s been presented so far, as there’s quite a bit there that screams “KAAAHHHNNN!).

In the end, my theory is:
*The “top agent” they’re referring to is the father, not Harrison (bc this is said at the top brass meeting prior to Harrison dropping in; while Harrison is shown observing the London bombing, the whole point of using the father as a suicide bomber is to avoid a connection back to him)
*Harrison is an augment, but not from Kahn’s crew (It’s obvious based on his strength, superior attitude and ability to shrug off a Vulcan neck pinch, he’s not a normal person despite his normal name).
*Bc SF is threatened by the Klingons and their weapons supplying in the Countdown comic (and gun shy from Nero’s incursion), they start a secret, clandestine program to create augmented super soldiers w/ advanced technology (hence the different ship run by “specialists”). Harrison would be one of the (perhaps the only) augments from that program, and Adm. Marcus in charge (remember, Marcus, per Weller, has his own ship, and the “mystery ship” Harrison is seen on is the only other ship we’ve seen); the fact his daughter is a weapons expert in this timeline implies Marcus himself might be more militaristic than his prime counterpart. This could also explain why Harrison has the ability to cure the daughter when regular doctors appear unable to do so.
*Harrison realizes SF is going against its roots, perhaps undertaking a genocidal preemptive strike on the Klingon Empire. He thinks the only way to stop all-out war (sympathize with his viewpoint) is to take out the top brass and “detonate the fleet” (not his motives).
* The augment research could be based on Kahn’s crew in stasis (hence the cryo tubes), or the more recent Soong augments from ENT.

Who knows if my hunch will turn out to be on the mark or not, I just don’t think he’s Kahn. It would be too easy and cliche to go this route, and Abrams and co. have proven they like to do anything but the predictable. In addition, I just don’t see Kahn serving in SF. He’d be more inclined to taking over SF and the Federation than serving in its ranks. Finally, as has been pointed out, all of the main crew were cast to look and sound like younger versions of the original cast (to varying levels of success); why then, would they cast Benedict as Kahn when he looks neither like Ricardo Montalban or of Sikh Indian descent.

That being said, I do think there’s still a connection of sorts to Kahn. I think they’re tying the events of the film loosely to Kahn, perhaps setting him up to appear in a future movie (as they could be doing in the cryotube scene), without making him the villain using a cover identity. Seems much more the JJ thing to do.

119. Phil - April 3, 2013

At this point, I don’t really care.

120. tribbleorlfl - April 3, 2013

@109 tazzy2918- Great minds think alike!

121. Andrew - April 3, 2013

I think he is an augment and is connected to Khan, but clearly he is not Khan himself (unless he has had plastic surgery to disguise his Indian appearance).

122. porthoses bitch - April 3, 2013

Maybe Gatt’s doing a mo-cap Khan ? ?..cause everytime I read of Gatt having a lighted prosthesis on his head all I can think of is Lobot from TESB.

Imagine in a cost cutting manuever this Desilu had used Desi Arnaz in the role of Khan instead of RM?

123. BH - April 3, 2013

@111 – sorry. That IS how rumors get started.

Also, had the wrong trailer (couldn’t find his March 11 post) and yeah that guy is big enough to be Gatt. I had the OTHER bald guy from the more recent trailer in my head, who’s not built like a brick house.

124. NuFan - April 3, 2013

Khan? How shocking!

I had no idea!

125. Dilithium_doublebock - April 3, 2013

Posting without reading. At this point, I just want to see the movie and be surprised. I imagine Bob Orci will be so impressed at my wisdom that he’ll invite me over for beer and a long chat about possibilities for the third movie. But I won’t see the invite ’cause I’m not reading this thread.


126. Timofnine - April 3, 2013

He’s not Kahn. John Harrison is another super human from the Botany Bay, the rest are still in suspended animation. He was however in some way awakened and seperated from the rest of his crew. He’s using his position to find and awaken his fellow super humans, including his supreme leader…. Khan Noonian Singh.

You read it here first! :op

127. Joel - April 3, 2013

Whether he’s Khan or not remains to be seen, but I find it odd that Khan would want to exact his vengeance on Starfleet, assuming he wasn’t already dropped off on Citi Alpha, planet explodes, blames Kirk, etc. That’s why Khan wanted to kill Kirk in Wrath of Khan.

There is no way Abrams is simply going to use Khan because he’s the most famous villain and give him similar motivations (revenge) for different reasons. Love him or hate him, Abrams is a better storyteller than that and isn’t going to rehash old plot lines that easily.

128. Mad Mann - April 3, 2013

100. DisgruntledTrekkie

I think that Abrams wants to refer to ONLY ST II: TWOK on purpose since he feels that is the only good Star Trek production ever. Kirk had more loves than Carol Marcus from TOS, and yet he refers to just Marcus. It’s like you said: to Abrams the only Star Trek to refer to is ST: TWOK, other than the uniforms.

I hope that he can move past TWOK with his third Trek movie. How cool would a movie be about Kor and the Organian Peace Treaty? Or some brand new threat? Or a movie about exploration? Something OTHER than TWOK references would be refreshing.

129. Legate Damar - April 3, 2013

Of course he’s Khan, or at the very least an augment. There is no way that they would ever bring back someone like Gary Mitchell, who is obscure to non-Trekkies (and would probably never gain superpowers and become evil unless Enterprise went on the same mission through the galactic barrier). Khan will not be after revenge in this movie, since Kirk never stranded him on Ceti Alpha V. Instead, he will be trying to pick up where he left off back in the 90s, like he did in Space Seed.

130. Optimistic Doodle - April 3, 2013

Finally a new Khan-discussion ignited ;-)

Whatever the truth may be…
A ‘Star Trek’ movie is always kinda of a gift, and a good one is JOY!

131. DUNN - April 3, 2013

Here’s what I think: Harrison is a 31 agent who witnesses or possibly commits the murder of Khan and his crew, as ordered by Admiral Marcus due to the importance of studying their genetic augmentation. Harrison initially feels fine about his actions, but becomes morally compromised, taking matters into his own hands and giving himself augmented abilities and beginning a mission to kill Marcus. He ultimately takes the title “Khan”, which would be a nice way to reference the spirit of both “Space Seed” and “TWOK” without making Cumberbatch into Montalban.

132. Ben Yoris - April 3, 2013

#131 Except that nobody except the Trek fandom will understand this plot. I like your idea though.

133. Josh C. - April 3, 2013

@87 if Cumberbatch is Khan and

1) he has “stooped” to Working for Star Fleet in any capacity, and/or
2) Has a motive that we can “sympathize” with

then Bob Orci and JJ Abrams have fundamentally destroyed the character. There would be no two-ways about it. I would also note that nothing has been “confirmed.” We’re still talking about anonymous sources here.

Khan is an evil, irredeemable character who has only one wish: to rule and conquer as much as he can. Anything that strays from this distorts the character.

134. CanOpener1256 - April 3, 2013

Why Khan? Simple .. Vulcan no longer exists. The Prime Spock must have realized that if the events with Khan unfolded as before, his younger self would be killed and with no Vulcan around, his katra could not be put back into his old self. So he spills the beans about the Botany Bay so Starfleet can capture it. John Harrison is one of the “de-frosted” ones who enter a secret Starfleet program under Admiral Marcus. We will see Khan get defrosted eventually. Anyway.my guess is the plot will unfold someway along the above plot lines. I also think Spock prime will make a brief cameo appearance.

135. Caesar - April 3, 2013

Of course it’ll be Khan, as that’s the least imaginative possibility for a group who have demonstrated repeatedly a lack of actual talent.

136. somejackball - April 3, 2013

well, whoever he is, Harrison or not… i guess we’ll find out when we go see the picture huh?

i really don’t see Cumby as actually playing Khan himself, but i believe there’s a connection to Khan there somewhere.. through the Eugenics thing, or something.

137. Phil - April 3, 2013

Ah, the JJ bashers are out in full force this morning.

138. Captain Garth - April 3, 2013

He’s Dr. Severin. He’s angry that there really was a planet Eden and Star Fleet kept it cloaked and hidden.

139. Josh C. - April 3, 2013

@137 – I’m hardly a JJ basher, but there are certain things we seem to know about the movie from various sources (eg Harrison works for Starfleet, Abrams has said we should sympathize with Harrison’s motives).

To me, if either of those are true, and he really is Khan, then Orci and Abrams have royally screwed the character up.

140. TrekMadeMeWonder - April 3, 2013

VERY disapointed.

But, we’ll see how it turn out.

I just wish they would have just marketed the story and trailers with that as a the blunt headline.

I blame ravenous Zombie-Trekkies that would have torn the idea down as soon as they heard of it.

141. Garth Faction - April 3, 2013

“Khan is an evil, irredeemable character who has only one wish: to rule and conquer as much as he can. Anything that strays from this distorts the character.”

ER. No.

That is not what Star Trek: Space Seed showed. There were many redeeming features about him, which made even his opponents (the crew of the Enterprise) have respect for him. And at the end, it looked like that there was hope something new and good would be made.

The problem is Kirk and Kirk didn’t do anything after Space Seed to check up on Khan. When everything around him was destroyed, he went into full vengeance mode. Khan is a person who has ideals and will respect people and can be talked to and dealt with in this ideals: however, if you break them, if you make him angry, his anger, his vengeance is capable of anything. It’s not that he is pure evil, it is that his evil comes out only as a result of poor treatment with him. That the evil is in part inter-related to the evil in the heroes, where their failures build up and end up causing Khan to follow the dark side…

142. sean - April 3, 2013

Still seems like an awfully convoluted reveal to me. I remain skeptical of this one.

143. Josh C. - April 3, 2013


I think much of that was caused by the “legend” of Khan, if you will. The fact that he was described as “the best of tyrants” is an example. Otherwise, I think it had to do with the fact that he was handsome, extremely intelligent, and extremely manipulative.

But if one actually looks at his actions and motives, it’s clear that control and conquest is his singular motive. He may not have gone mad in Star Trek II if they had kept tabs on him and helped him out when Ceti Alpha 6 blew up, but that still doesn’t mean he wasn’t a tyrant at heart.

144. SirBroiler - April 3, 2013

#3 is right on. Been saying it since day one.

145. Cinema Geekly - April 3, 2013

Anthony is usually pretty good on the scoops he reports on. A long while ago he reported the Khan thing.

As far as I know he has not retracted that statement. All this article does is add one more to the list of several web sites over the last year that has confirmed through their sources that he is playing Khan.

What is so strange is that people seem to be so hands off about it considering how little of Khan we have actually seen.

146. Garth Faction - April 3, 2013

#143 Josh

No, control and conquest was not his singular motive. You really misunderstand Khan, both from Space Seed, and Wrath of Khan.

At the end of Space Seed, he shows love, real love, and loyalty to his own. He was a “tyrant,” they say, yes, but not all “tyrants” are just about conquest and control, either (many of them have redeemable features; many great rulers in history, who were motivated by good, were also tyrants). Nonetheless, at the end of Space Seed, he is turned into something else. It’s not command and conquer. Even Kirk realized this.

However, everything which happened afterward, was disaster after disaster. He was forgotten as the system suffered great devastation. His wife, who he really loved, was taken from him. The planet was not liveable, even as a penal colony — and no one cared, no one did anything. It is again “wrath” which comes out of this — and this wrath had only one goal, not conquest and control, but to take it out on Kirk. Again, it is not pure evil, he is not just about control and conquest — in wrath of Khan, he is Captain Ahab trying to settle score with the whale for taking his life away.

147. Aurore - April 3, 2013

“As far as I know he has not retracted that statement.”

That is absolutely correct.

And, as far as I know, Paramount has not confirmed his statement.

Unless Paramount confirms his statement, to me, he has not retracted his report….on a rumour.

148. Josh C. - April 3, 2013


He has loyalty to those who give him loyalty, I suppose, yes. But even Kirk knew that Khan wouldn’t be happy unless he was a ruler, which is why he plopped them down on Ceti Alpha V. Hell, that’s why the referenced Milton at the end: “It is better to rule in hell than serve in heaven.”

Khan would never be satisfied being a meager “agent” for Starfleet. Khan was rational and could be dealt with. That doesn’t make him any less hungry for power.

Let’s look at what he did in Space Seed:

First thing he does when he wakes up is take a knife and threaten McCoy with it. Khan kept playing along as long as he felt like he didn’t have the advantage. As soon as he got one, he seized it.

He tries to blackmail the crew into joining him by taking Kirk hostage and trying to kill him.

Not exactly the work of some misunderstood 20th century genetically altered ruler.

149. Dee - lvs moon surface - April 3, 2013

Well, I want to see the movie… it’s all I have to say about it!!!

;-) :-)

150. BatlethInTheGroin - April 3, 2013

#143: Control and conquest? No, definitely not. There was a lot more to Khan than that, in both “Space Seed” and WRATH OF KHAN.

151. Caesar - April 3, 2013

No, Josh has it right. He wanted to rule and control, and that was his #1 priority. He’s “the superior intellect,” so he knows best for EVERYONE.

152. Harry Ballz - April 3, 2013

@47 rogerachong

“shockHarryBallz.com…..my new website……Am I not brilliant!!”


153. Loki Laufeyson - April 3, 2013

I dont think its Khan. Khan and his buds were around at the end of Eugenics War. I think the movie will show us how the war began, why everyone is so against genetic enhancement. I also think that the scene with the hands on glass is Harrison and his mentor/creator, whoever betrayed him. We see Harrison in a blue Starfleet uniform and he’s killing Starfleet personel in the trailer, so yeah. It might even be Pike. I think Starfleet enhanced a bunch of agents and when they found they could no longer control them… killed them. So Harrison decides to bring them all down. It’s a theory.

154. Garth Faction - April 3, 2013

And there you have it wrong, again. Superior intellect will know rule and conquer is not all there is. He showed care and concern for his people. He didn’t attack unless he was attacked. There is far more to him. And that again is the point with Khan: he can be reasoned with, he can be engaged, he has a sense of honor. He won’t attack if not provoked: but if provoked, all hell is let loose. And isn’t that what we see here? That’s Khan’s MO.

155. Josh C. - April 3, 2013


“He didn’t attack unless he was attacked.” – Then how do you explain his trying to take over the Enterprise?

156. Garth Faction - April 3, 2013

155 Josh

Notice how he first treats McCoy. He lets McCoy go. He doesn’t entirely attack — he is trying to figure out his surroundings and whether or not he was in danger. And he found himself in such danger once his identity was shown to be known — Kirk, in some ways, egged him on. But he, at the end, even respected Kirk and was looking forward to the new challenge. There is more to him than just wanting to rule — there is the deep paternalistic nature to him. He was very afraid as to what will happen to his crew – watch very closely.

157. Robinho - April 3, 2013

John Harisson is in fact the romulan commander from balance of terror, but he is also related to Nero.

158. T'Cal - April 3, 2013

I read nothing! I’ll look at images that are released but I’ve learned just enough that I’m very excited about seeing it. I just wanted to know the main cast, who they’re playing, a general plot, and a release date. I’ve got that. Much more is not desired at all.

Enjoy your spoilers!

159. CaesarGJ - April 3, 2013

#154: His people were a means to an end. Even McGivers–he didn’t want her until she’d begged him. He wanted to dominate.

160. Garth Faction - April 3, 2013


No, they were not means to an end. Again, he didn’t go invading other countries, he only responded when he was attacked. There is a sense that he believes he is the right one to rule, but he was not seeking total conquest. And McGivers showed him more than he expected, and he gave love in return — which WOK makes more than clear. His people were a major concern for him — and the threat he saw was on them now that his identity was known.

161. Josh C. - April 3, 2013


“he didn’t go invading other countries, he only responded when he was attacked”

how do we even know that. He was known as someone who alledgedly had little internal strife within his own nation, but I don’t recall anything about him not fighting others. Indeed, it is pointed out that he discusses virtually everything in militaristic terms.

162. Sybok's Secret Brother - April 3, 2013

I don’t know what to believe anymore… Trekistential Crisis!!!!

163. Garth Faction - April 3, 2013


Space Seed, McCoy says, ‘MCCOY: No wars until he was attacked.’

KIRK: Mister Spock, we humans have a streak of barbarism in us. Appalling, but there, nevertheless.
SCOTT: There were no massacres under his rule.
SPOCK: And as little freedom.
MCCOY: No wars until he was attacked.
SPOCK: Gentlemen.
KIRK: Mister Spock, you misunderstand us. We can be against him and admire him all at the same time.

164. HomerT6 - April 3, 2013

I think honestly I am gonna reserve my opinion as to who it is till the movie comes out and I watch it. Abrams loves throwing out false info to get us off the trail of what is really going on in his films, so its anyone’s guess as to who it really is.

There will be an answer, let it be!

165. Buzz Cagney - April 3, 2013

I’m seriously thinking of adding this one to the list of Trek movies that I never saw at the cinema. So that’ll make 2, Insurrection being the other.
This one sounds like a right load of contrived old cobblers.

166. Josh C. - April 3, 2013


“The trip is over. The battle begins again. Only this time it’s not a world we win. It’s a universe.”

Yeah, totally not about conquest

167. Khan 2.0 - April 3, 2013

@121 yes i been thinking that too – maybe it will be Khan and it gets revealed has the same thing done as that chinese Bond villain in Die Another Day (the Bond film no one likes to talk about) who got genetically changed into an english dude

Kirk and Spock will eventually uncover a photo of the real Khan – 1967 Richardo Montalban

or maybe hes one of khans men (Joachim as BC looks just like the guy who played him in TWOK) who wants to find Khan and does in the end in some secret Area 51 place and we see Khan waking up like the engineer in Prometheus – leading to a Khan ramage with CG Richardo (like CG Arnie in T4)

168. Garth Faction - April 3, 2013


Again, Khan knows himself a prisoner. In a way, he feels that is an attack. He has to break out. When he goes back to his people, to awaken them, they are indeed given more than a new world, but a new universe. There are many ways to win a new universe, not all of them conquest. But at this point, Khan clearly feels under attack.

169. What is it with you? - April 3, 2013

What if he is Khan’s son?

In that scenario they found Khan’s ship back when the timeline was first altered (i.e. when the Kelvin was destroyed). It’s now ca. 30 years later – just about the right age for John Harrison.

Oooh… I like that idea.

170. martin - April 3, 2013

@133 agreed. — why I think Harrison != Khan.

But even before that, Khan, as soon as he awakes in Space Seed is bent on taking the Enterprise and starting his rule. How in the world would Khan wake up and then go through some sort of training and become some sort of agent who reports to someone else? It is not in his nature at all.

Could it be any of the other Botany Bay survivors? Yes.

I just really don’t think that even if they want to get to a Khan story, that they start with this deception of Harrison being Khan. Tease it and play with it all you want now, but as the movie comes out, he will not be Khan.

171. DX7 - April 3, 2013

There was also a rumor posted on imdb from someone who spoke with a P.A. who worked on both Star Trek 2009 and this movie, who said it was Kahn also, or something to the extent that Harrison would be possessed by Kahn’s “ghost ?” go figure. If true, I suppose this “possession” concept would mark Urban’s comment about Cumberbatch’s “Gary Mitchell” as a sort of truth.


All hearsay of course until the film opens.

172. Garth Faction - April 3, 2013

170 Martin

Khan didn’t wake up trying to take over the Enterprise. He woke up, unsure of who and what he was surrounded by, but he felt hostility and imprisonment happening once his identity was discovered. That’s when he started his takeover attempt.

Spock Prime, knowing who and what Khan is, probably had a way to revive him to get him to listen. Maybe they awakened his other men and used them as tools to make him obey Star Fleet, with the promise that if he does a special task decided for him (take out a problem, maybe the rogue future tech) he and his men will get a full pardon and a place in society. He did his duty only to find out he was lied to — his men were killed by Starfleet officials (for one reason or another). He wants vengeance.

Nonetheless, knowing who and what he is, they could easily have prepared a way to make him listen and think they would work with him and give him a position of authority and power. Heck, they might even have a plan to have him “die” in the process, and he learned about that, and that is what sent him over the edge. In all circumstances, though, I don’t think he would act the same way — especially with Spock’s information guiding the Federation.

173. VOODOO - April 3, 2013

I hope it’s not Khan. Been there done that.

What of the AICN rumors that Leonard Nimoy had shot some scenes for the film?

174. Dennis C - April 3, 2013

Re-imagining a classic villain when you have a blank slate to go in a new direction seems like a missed opportunity or, at the very least, lazy.

Here’s hoping JJ and company were bit more clever than that.

175. Brevard - April 3, 2013

Oh Trek Movie, get over this Khan thing. Enough already. If this turns out to be true, I, for one, will be done with Nu Trek. Originality will have flown out the air lock.

176. RichCD - April 3, 2013

Whether they call this guy ‘Khan’ or not, clearly he isn’t anything like the Khan we all know from the past. So, he’s not really ‘Khan’ – he’s just a new character, maybe given a name that’s yet another lame attempt at rewriting canon – just like destruction of Vulcan, Kirk being a dropout/hothead, and Spock and Uhura making out.

This movie may be really cool and fun to watch. But like the last one, its not going to be Star Trek.

177. Planet Pandro - April 3, 2013

Just because it may be Khan doesn’t mean it’s a re-tread. We could meet a Khan whose post-23rd century awakening experiences are vastly different than the prime universe’s Khan’s. They could really turn this character on its ear and come at it from a totally new perspective, to the point that multiple members of the crew may actually willingly help him (as we have possibly seen in the most recent trailer) or even end with Khan sacrificing himself to save the enterprise and her crew. I certainly don’t think its lazy writing to re-invent something or recast it in a different light. You can apply a new original concept to a familiar character and that doesn’t render the original idea lazy or uninspired. It would be lazy to just remake space seed, note for note. I doubt that happens here. The Alternate universe allows us to explore some familliar characters or ideas in new ways with different attitudes and ways of doing things while simutaneously preserving the prime timeline! Everybody wins. Plus a big part of the 09 movie was dealing with how our very familiar beloved characters might have reacted or behaved had their lives and circumstances been drastically changed. I for one find it really interesting to consider the “what if’s…” Space Seed, and TWOK are canon and aren’t going anywhere, let’s see a new interpretation.

Or he may not be Khan, either.

178. Daniel Broadway - April 3, 2013

You can still have a good movie with a retreaded villain. Look at Batman 1989 and The Dark Knight. Very different movies, same villain.

179. Johnny - April 3, 2013

Seriously @Trekmovie — WHY DO YOU HAVE TO POST THIS?!?!?!

What purpose does it serve, other than to spoil what is (if this report is accurate) obviously a big reveal in the movie?

Posting spoilers goes against everything that J.J. Abrams believes in. It’s disrespectful to him, and the rest of the filmmakers.

Shame on you.

180. With Fans Like These... - April 3, 2013


181. Johnny - April 3, 2013

And to all you fans commenting here with “haha’s”, “told you so”, and “I’m disappointed that it’s Khan”, can you stop to THINK for a minute?

First of all, we’re trusting a little-known website called shockya.com — how do we know that it’s reputable in any way? I could say right now that a “trusted source” has told me that John Harrison reveals himself to be Harry Mudd, Gary Mitchell, or Garth, and my report would be just as accurate.

And even if it IS Khan, what the heck is so bad about that? Everyone who says it would be a retread is just plain WRONG. Do the trailers, plot synopsis, or any other marketing materials look similar in any way to “Space Seed” or “Wrath of Khan”?

I don’t think so. This could be a very different take on Khan, and I’m all for it. The new Star Trek films are a reboot of The Original Series, are they not? They’ve rebooted Kirk, Spock, McCoy, etc., so isn’t it natural to reboot the villains as well. Why use a new, generic sci-fi villain when you are making movies set in the Original Series timeframe, and have tons of great Original Series villains to choose from?

If you want new characters, you’re going to have to wait for a new Star Trek TV series.

182. r - April 3, 2013

I’m guessing Khan has been awake for years now, doing a deed for Starfleet under the code name John Harrison…

Harrison eventually realizes that all of his men who were promised to be awakened by Starfleet will not be, or maybe on a special mission, Harrison/Khan see’s that Starfleet pulls the plug on helping them out and therefore Khan see’s the lack of loyalty Starfleet has to his people… That enrages him to turn against the organization, and presto, we have the main motivation for all the actions in Into Darkness…

That’s my guess… Maybe even Starfleet “altered” Khan physically, in the face after awakening him, so he “fit in” better amidst Starfleet personnel eh.. As opposed to looking like someone with Ricardo Montalban’s features…

183. BatlethInTheGroin - April 3, 2013

#179: Seriously?

{{{smacks forehead}}}

184. BatlethInTheGroin - April 3, 2013

#176: Saying the last film wasn’t Star Trek is ridiculous. Obviously, it was.

185. BatlethInTheGroin - April 3, 2013

#172: I’m positive Spock Prime had nothing to do with the awakening of Khan if that is, in fact, what this film involves–not much time has elapsed since the 2009 film.

186. Garth Faction - April 3, 2013

185- Even if he didn’t awaken Khan, he could have found out what happened and been involved with the Federation not keeping its deal with him….

187. Emperor Mike of the Alternate Empire - April 3, 2013

Khan will be in the new movie in some way. But not played by Cumberbatch.

188. Johnny - April 3, 2013


Yes. What is the purpose of posting spoilers? It’s pretty obvious that Abrams doesn’t want the information spreading, so why post it?

189. Johnny - April 3, 2013

Hey — I meant @183, obviously. :)

190. John from Cincinnati - April 3, 2013

It’s ludicrous to think it’s not Khan at this point.

191. somethoughts - April 3, 2013

John Harrison is wearing Mission Impossible masks provided by JJ

Near the end of the film he rips off his mask and shows the audience the original Khan, grabs a phaser and kills everyone, heads back to Klingon home world and becomes Warlord of the Klingons.

192. crazydaystrom - April 3, 2013

A reliable source of mine has told me Harrison’s really the JJ-verse Mirror David Marcus who’s travelled across time and dimensions cause he’s really ticked- off at something Starfleet’s done.

193. Colinar - April 3, 2013

On the “this is not Trek” subject:

IMHO, Trek wasn’t made to be cut out for someone specific. Trek is an idea. And as an idea, it can be interpreted and visualised in many different ways. That’s the purpose. You generate a healthy core, on top of which a creator, a writer, a group of writers, build what they perceive of this idea or matrix of ideas, if you please. It is unfair to say “this is not Star Trek”. It may not be your Trek, that much can be said.

194. AJ - April 3, 2013

I’m over it.

That rumor could’ve been generated by anyone, and could be a delayed April Fool’s joke. Put 2+2 together, and look! Carol Marcus! The hand to hand scene via the transparency! A supersmart dude with mega-strength! Is it ALL a tribute?

If it is real, I cannot imagine a schlock film. And you’ve got to hand it to whomever is in PR for Bad Robot/Paramount’s throwing this one out there again as we close in.

Has anyone checked ‘shockya.com’ for secret links?

It’s time to start having fun.

195. Johnny - April 3, 2013

@190 John from Cincinnati

“It’s ludicrous to think it’s not Khan at this point.”


I wouldn’t go that far. Nothing about Benedict Cumberbatch’s character screams “Khan”… especially the fact that he’s a top Starfleet operative.

That said, it’s a valid theory that he *could* potentially be Khan. Most likely that another Starfleet ship found the Botany Bay, and high-ranking Starfleet officials (Admiral Marcus) allowed Khan to join their ranks.

196. somethoughts - April 3, 2013

I welcome new Star Trek, punch it!

197. Johnny - April 3, 2013

@ 193. Colinar

“On the “this is not Trek” subject:

IMHO, Trek wasn’t made to be cut out for someone specific. Trek is an idea. And as an idea, it can be interpreted and visualised in many different ways. That’s the purpose. You generate a healthy core, on top of which a creator, a writer, a group of writers, build what they perceive of this idea or matrix of ideas, if you please. It is unfair to say “this is not Star Trek”. It may not be your Trek, that much can be said.”


Exactly. Star Trek has told numerous different types of stories over the years, but they’re all still “Star Trek”. I think a lot of people on here seem to think that Star Trek is *solely* about exploring the deep ends of space… the unknown. Only one type of story that Star Trek encompasses. There have also been episodes (and films) that have dealt with the “enemy within”, political allegories, and of course “earth is threatened” storylines. It looks to me like “Star Trek Into Darkness” will combine all of these elements into one film. The beginning deals with the five year mission, the prime directive, etc… and then the Enterprise is called back to deal with a enemy within Starfleet who is terrorizing Earth.

198. Thereare4lights - April 3, 2013


199. Keachick - April 3, 2013

I think that John Harrison is simply John Harrison. I am still going with my own speculation that John Harrison might be another vulcan/human hybrid like Spock (sans the pointed ears), growing up in London. This would explain his greater physical strength and mental powers. He is also one pissed-off guy…Of course, it is possible that he may be an augment or he may possess a sympathy with their plight – if he is a human/vulcan hybrid, it would be the result of genetic/DNA experimentation and manipulation and like Spock, he has his own struggles, but of a slightly different nature…

Spock was fortunate because he had parents who knew about *Love, especially Amanda.

* love in all its forms, in particular, the spiritual kind.

200. Smike - April 3, 2013

It’s been Khan from the start. They’ve just been toying with us all along. We had

1 Guillermo Del Toro being sought for

2 there is Carol Marcus

3 the reactor scene

4 there is another starship commandeered by Harrison (could it be called Reliant after all?)

5 the revenge / I have returned stuff in the teaser trailer directed at the AUDIENCE

6 the “beyond the darkness, beyond the human evolution…lies the beginning of vengeance” reference to the TWOK trailer

7 the fact that Khan and no one else is Trek’s favourite villains as was The Joker for Batman, hence he has to be in the second outing

8 those cryopods seen in trailers and pictures

9 the TWOK cues used in the STID score

10 that “I am better…at everything” reference

11 the ribbed colar of his jacket, being highly reminiscent of Khan’s TWOK outfit

12 the fact that he is into genetics, as seen in the London preview sequence

13 the references to rapid aging (genesis device?)

14 the very fact that they have ripped-off TWOK so often they finally have to do a legit remake

15 and it had been listed in the IMDB for almost a year now (though as rumor only)

Have a forgotten something?

201. Lord Tau - April 3, 2013

Hmmm…I think Senator Vreenak should weigh in on this one…

202. porthoses bitch - April 3, 2013

Khan or not the buzz seems to be we’ve got a kick ass film coming our way. My one wish however is that Chris Pine is not saddled with a “KHANNNNNNNNNNN” soundbite for the rest of his career.

Here’s hoping for a non cliff hanger ending..4 years is a long time to wait.

203. Smike - April 3, 2013

If Cumby is Khan after all, I hope JJ will cast him again as the young clone of Emperor Palpatine. It would be blast if my two favourite villains were played by the same actor, who happens to be one of the best alive!

204. charlescharlescharles - April 3, 2013

JJ would not let this slip. It can’t be 100% confirmed unless you here it directly from the production team itself, it one of the studios posts it on their websites. The sorce could be trust worthy, but they can also be part of the misdrection

205. DJT - April 3, 2013

“Harrison is Darth Vader.”

I concur

206. crucifixion - April 3, 2013


“1 Guillermo Del Toro being sought for”

So they wanted the villian to be Cmdr Will Riker?

207. Amy - April 3, 2013

The headline to this article is pretty much a spoiler itself, you don’t even need to read the details. I’d get that changed asap!!

208. AJ - April 3, 2013



“John Harrison might be another vulcan/human hybrid like Spock (sans the pointed ears), growing up in London.”

Those v/h hybrids are all over London these days. Horrible drivers. And bartenders.

209. Khan 2.0 - April 3, 2013

@204 – i think i agree with you

(btw that should replace the Vreenak clip IMO)

210. Ahmed - April 3, 2013

Not that bloody Khan rumor again !!

At this point, I don’t really care if he plays Khan or Darth Vader. I will go to see the movie & hope that they made an amazing movie with strong character moments along with all the fight & CGI

211. Rich CD - April 3, 2013

#184 & #197: Um….no. If I call an apple an orange, it is still an apple. Star Trek was created by a certain someone to be about exploration of deep space – and the human condition. This creation – and the ideals that were inherent in its creation – grew and was expanded upon by many different people for over 40 years. Some if it was very good – some of it wasn’t. But somehow, it mostly stayed true to itself.

In my opinion – and that’s all it is, really – is that JJ Abrams version strays too far from what had been established for over 40 years to be considered Star Trek. Certainly, if Cumberbatch really is playing Khan, then that is just another example.

Let’s face it – the reason that Karl Urban was so loved in the first film is that he was the most true to the original character of McCoy. While most of the cast seemed like they completely new characters (even Mr. Tenderheart, I mean, Spock) – Urban nailed it. And the fans responded.

212. Commodore Redshirt - April 3, 2013

If the story is good, they could call him Harry Mudd for all I care!

213. William Bradley - April 3, 2013

NO sale.

It’s utterly ridiculous.

It makes no sense based on what we know of the character, and is quite contrary to it.

And it would be a profoundly mindless thing to do for the movie.

214. William Bradley - April 3, 2013

You know, if this is really what this site is continuing to report, then you should report it.

Instead of covering yourself, as you seem to be doing, just in case your old rumor was right. But not putting it out there.

>. After a number of sites (including AICN) reported (off the record) sources confirming it was Khan in 2012 TrekMovie was also able to confirm the same information (again with off the record sources). The new report is consistent with TrekMovie sources’ information.

215. Joey B - April 3, 2013

It was a typo by Shockya. The actual villain:


216. Every Admiral's Uncle - April 3, 2013

It seems clear to me that the villain here is none other than a time-traveling Mirror Pike.

217. TrekMadeMeWonder - April 3, 2013

179. Johnny

That’s why I hav’nt seen the Six Sense.

218. Colinar - April 3, 2013


I respectfully disagree. Comparing a fixed notion of “what an apple is” with a vivid, living vision, a notion which has the power to evolve and comply with all kinds of imaginations, does not work for me.

Thanks for the reply!

219. Keachick - April 3, 2013

#200 – All completely circumstantial *evidence* and some of it not that good at all. These could be seen as little homages, reminders of what has been shown in past Star Trek movies, especially TWOK, which is obviously the most popular and most obsessed over of all the Trek movies. Personally, I think that is all these are and that the TWOK or Space Seed story line has little or anything to do with this Star Trek movie.

Vengeance/the desire/need to seek revenge for (apparent) wrong is probably the basis of most conflicts, wars that have raged on this earth since time began. Unfortunately, little has changed, it seems. Why should people be so upset or surprised that revenge is a factor in STID as well? Greed, Hatred, Delusion – the three Poisons!

“1 Guillermo Del Toro being sought for”
I saw this actor making a good Klingon, someone like Kang, one of Kirk’s REAL nemesis, unlike Khan. Klingons have come up so often in both the TOS TV series and movie series as being “thorns in Kirk’s side” and vice versa. Pay attention to all of the first six Star Trek movies. What’s more, Klingons murdered Kirk’s son…

“2 there is Carol Marcus”
In TWOK, Carol Marcus didn’t even know who Khan was. She was not around when Kirk first encountered Khan in Space Seed. Kirk had met Carol Marcus long before Khan even became a bad microbe on Kirk’s ass, and what’s more, they made David. At this point in the alternate timeline, Carol belongs far more than Khan or any of his Botany Bay crew.

“8 those cryopods seen in trailers and pictures” Similar cryopods have been shown on other Star Trek series/episodes, which are not remotely connected with Khan or the crew of the Botany Bay.

“9 the TWOK cues used in the STID score” – not sure about that. Besides, TWOK had more to its story than just what Khan did…or did you miss that?

“10 that “I am better…at everything” reference” – words that could be spoken by anyone with a rather high opinion of themselves…

“11 the ribbed colar of his jacket, being highly reminiscent of Khan’s TWOK outfit” – Really? Like ribbed collars and other non-Starfleet outfits (seen worn by Kirk and Spock seen in STID) might not be fashionable in any era and worn by countless numbers of people at various times…

“12 the fact that he is into genetics, as seen in the London preview sequence” – lots of people (medical scientists) are also into studying genetics now, 21st century. I can reasonably assume that research will be ongoing. I guess they must have some relationship to Khan as well…

“13 the references to rapid aging (genesis device?)” – like the (rapid) aging process is not being studied now. Also, there is a disease, afaik, been around for centuries if not longer, that causes rapid aging – progeria. I guess Khan must have something to do with that as well…

Who has ripped off TWOK so often? If you mean, the revenge story angle – see above…

220. Aurore - April 3, 2013


“1 Guillermo Del Toro being sought for”

Benicio Del Toro was sought for.

Guillermo ( Del Toro ) is a film director.

221. Keachick - April 3, 2013

Yes, Aurore, I missed that. Still, Benecio Del Toro could be a very good Klingon – Qapla’

222. BH - April 3, 2013

I’m sticking with Garth.

Two reasons: his color scheme is darker but IDENTICAL to his original appearance. Blue starfleet uniform with black long/trenchcoat.

Being augmented with shape changing abilities can easily account for the super strength, etc. And it’d be easy to NOT hint at that (apart from the super jump) in this trailer.

Also, didnt Quinto make a remark about not wanting to play a psycho again in refence to Into Darkness? He had to assume shape shifted Garth. That was the inference.

We’re getting just enough to throw us off, but sometimes it’s hiding right in the open.

223. omegaman - April 3, 2013

Makes more sense that Harrison is Spock’s half brother, but not Sybok. An illicit affair between Sarek an English woman perhaps?

Would explain the “family” reference and why Spock chases him, the hand on the glass…

224. Dennis Bailey - April 3, 2013

The idea that the character is Gary Mitchell or Garth is absurd, a non-starter.


225. Matt R - April 3, 2013

I am thinking Harrison is Abram’s spin on Section 31.

226. drkmater - April 3, 2013

It’s obvious, if you think about it.
Who was in talks to play the main villain before Cumberbatch sent JJ his video on how he would play the character?

Benicio Del Toro

From that, we learn two things.

1. The character is well known in Trek lore.
(Cumberbatch has admitted he wasn’t into Trek. Yet he still knew the character. )

2. It’s possible, the character has a somewhat Latin appearance. It would seem, they were originally staying close to the original type of actor who portrayed this villain first.
Ricardo Montalbán…………Benicio Del Toro

Benicio Del Toro would have been an ideal choice to play Khan. But as we know, that fell through.

The part went to Benedict Cumberbatch. And he, is playing Khan Noonian Singh.

Now, let’s see the movie. :-)

227. The Sinfonian - April 3, 2013

@222. I once was with Garth. Then I had an evilly delicious thought.

The Botany Bay crash-lands prematurely on Antos. The Antosians help heal Khan and his crew…. teaching them the shape-changing methods to heal their wounds. Oops for the Antosians!

Captain April really is dead. That’s Khan masquerading as April. And as John Harrison. And as anyone else he wants to.

By taking that key element of Garth of Izar, and fusing it with Khan, there’s how you have your Khan and Edith, too.

228. BH - April 3, 2013

@227 – if you worked The Guardian of Forever into that, it would have been a 10/10.

229. Star Trekker - April 3, 2013

Hmmm I seriously doubt that Cumberbatch is playing Khan. There is nothing is the trailers or pictures to point in that direction. I am happy to say that I think Cumberbatch is playing a character names John Harrison with no ties to Khan. I doubt there will even be anything Khan related in the movie. I think this a great way to get buzz going about the movie though. Let it leak that it’s a Khan movie and let the public (and fans) speculate. Word or mouth and buzz money can’t buy! See how it has sent fans into a tizzy about it!

230. Johnny - April 3, 2013

@227 — But remember the Botany Bay can’t crash land anywhere. It has to suffer the same fate as it did in the prime timeline. The timeline shift didn’t occur until right before Kirk’s birth… so the Botany Bay still has to be sitting around in space somewhere.

The circumstances of its *discovery* can be entirely different, though.

231. Johnny - April 3, 2013

The biggest reason to question all of these “trusted sources” is this:

Who would be stupid enough to actually leak these spoilers? Paramount keeps an exact count of who reads the script, don’t they? Remember the stories of the first film? Didn’t the cast have to read the script in a room with an armed guard outside? I may be exaggerating (I don’t remember exactly), but that’s the general idea.

So with the script under such heavy guard, if a leak were to happen, Paramount and Bad Robot wouldn’t have too much difficulty finding the culprit, right? Either it’s someone who read the script (they would have a list), or someone who happened to be on set the day that Cumberbatch revealed his true identity. Again, they’d have a list of crewmembers.

It would be career suicide for anyone to leak such major information. They’d be fired on the spot.

232. Johnny - April 3, 2013


You say that we “don’t have to read” or “don’t have to click on” the spoilers, but here’s the thing: in this case, I didn’t have to. Look at your headline:

“Possible Star Trek Into Darkness Villain Spoilers Reported Online”

That automatically implies that Benedict Cumberbatch’s character is someone more than just “John Harrison”. We already know he’s officially playing Harrison, so to post spoilers about the villain implies that he *isn’t really John Harrison*.

So I was spoiled without even having to read the article.

233. BH - April 3, 2013

Johnny – with 6 weeks to go before a film everyone here wants to speculate on, you should just leave.

It’s only going to get worse, and complaining about a vague headline makes you someone who will find reason to complain on anything.

Boo hoo.

234. Keachick - April 3, 2013

#232 – No it does not automatically mean what you suggest at all. I took it to mean that the spoilers may tell us something about the John Harrison that we may not know already, which isn’t much. In fact, the article tells us nothing new, just reports more rumour and speculation…Wow…:(

Information about the villain John Harrison could go like this, for example –

Confirm that he was born and brought up in London, England?;
Perhaps reveal that this Harrison family is related to the Harrison mentioned being aboard the SS Beagle? or not;
Reveal how old he was when he joined the Starfleet Academy;
Reveal who one of his instructors might have been? or not;
Reveal that perhaps one parent is human and the other is not? or not;
Reveal that John Harrison is a carrier of a rare but deadly disease? or not

Information like this which gives the audience an understanding of WHO this John Harrison is. So many questions and none related to Khan…whatsoever.

235. AyanEva - April 3, 2013

I’ve got it! Benedict is playing one of those half white-half black people from TOS and he’s painted the other half of his face white in order to disguise himself because of reasons. You heard it here first.

236. Superman - April 3, 2013

John Harrison is Joachim, one of the original supermen of the Eugenics Wars.

He is aboard Botany Bay when it is found by the Enterprise, commanded by…

…Captain Robert April.

Khan dies in this reality (recall his near-death in the Prime universe) and Harrison is awakened.

He was Khan’s second in command, and is awakened and interviewed by April and his XO, Commander Marcus.

Marcus and Joaquin decide that Joaquin will enter Starfleet as “John Harrison” in an attempt to keep tabs on certain elements within Starfleet that have Marcus concerned. Harrison’s part of the bargain is that his fellow superpeople aboard the Botany Bay will be awakened after Harrison’s performance is studied by Marcus and others who know of his existence (Pike being one of them)

Meanwhile, April has gone rogue and Marcus, as seen in CTD, decides to cover for him. April’s Enterprise is decommissioned, but Marcus puts it to use as his own personal vessel for covert ops.

Harrison knows about the original Enterprise, has learned that Marcus has no intention of awakening the other superpeople, and decides to seek revenge on Starfleet itself through the destruction of the fleet from within and eventually, grabbing power.

That’s when “Into Darkness” begins…

237. David Moon - April 3, 2013

As long as there’s at least one decent, “KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!,” in the dialog, I might be able to live with this.

238. Shatterhand - April 3, 2013

Get ready for a potential TL;DR rant here:

What drives me insane is the continued silence on this matter by anyone who could prove or disprove this rumor definitively. I have absolutely no doubt that the creative team behind Star Trek Into Darkness is well aware of not only the rumor itself, but the frequency of its appearances in the media and how it’s being received with significant negativity.

The way I see it, keeping the “Harrison=Khan?” plot idea a secret serves no logical or practical purpose and could very well do more harm than good for the movie in terms of critical feedback and box office earnings. Here are my suggested reasons why:

1. As others have pointed out here already, keeping the fact that Harrison may be Khan secret is stupid to begin with. If having Khan show up in STID was indeed the writers’ intent, then why not just run with it and skip all the subterfuge? Even casual fans of Star Trek have some idea of who Khan is and how significant the character is to the franchise. There’s no point to enshrouding him in the guise of another character who is completely unfamiliar to Trek fans and newcomers save for the fact that he’s played by Benedict Cumberbatch.

One of the arguments against that approach is the same as the argument why Harrison shouldn’t be Khan at all; namely, why would Khan feel any reason to pretend he’s someone else until such time as it feels right to reveal his true identity? He’s extremely intelligent, lethally cunning, unnaturally strong…doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who’d need to stay in the shadows. Also, the original Khan had no desire to hide his true nature; in fact, he intended to make sure the universe knew it quite clearly when the time was right. So, not only is keeping Harrison’s true identity secret a dumb idea for publicity reasons, it’s even dumber for story reasons!

2. If the rumor is true, it’s going to get exposed anyway, and the spoilers will spread like wildfire at least a week before anyone at Paramount and Bad Robot would like them to. Let’s not forget that Germany, the U.K., Mexico, Sweden and Switzerland get the movie up to a full week before the US or anyone else does. Hell, there are even going to be sneak-preview showings on the Wednesday before the US premiere date! And that’s not even counting the press screenings, the celebrity-attended premieres, and so on. And if anyone here really believes that a reveal like “Harrison = Khan” is going to be kept absolutely secret in the wake of those earlier releases, then it’s time to move out of Wonderland.

3. Also, if the rumor turns out to be true, then the people who have been preaching firmly that John Harrison isn’t Khan (Alice Eve, Simon Pegg, to name a few) will turn out to be not only liars, but foolish-looking ones.

4. Alternately, if the rumor is NOT true, then why the smoke-and-mirrors routine to begin with? To what end? For what purpose? To keep people talking about the movie? I would think that could’ve been better accomplished highlighting other aspects of the movie, such as Carol Marcus’ presence in the story, what made John Harrison the man he’s become, what role the Klingons will play in the storyline, how Spock and Uhura’s relationship is evolving, or any one of several more interesting and relevant plot points.

J.J., Mr Orci, whoever has some say in this, just COP TO IT already. No vague statements, no clever comments; just an honest, straightforward “Yes, John Harrison is, in fact, Khan” or “No, John Harrison is not Khan”. Just put the damn thing to bed so we can all move on and continue to look forward to this film.

239. Shatterhand - April 3, 2013

@ #236 – If any of that is true, I’d be a very happy man. That sounds like a much more coherent and logical idea than “John Harrison = Khan”.

240. What is it with you? - April 3, 2013

Why couldn’t he be Khan’s son?

Okay, follow me here…

Who knows what the Klingons learned about the past from Nero’s ship.Perhaps Khan’s ship was discovered by Klingons after Nero’s destruction of the Kelvin. If Khan had a boy soon after Nero altered the timeline, he’d be about the right age to enter Star Fleet (under an assumed name) around the same time as Kirk. This way he is both (a) Khan and John Harrison all at the same time and one of Star Fleet’s top agents. This explains his somewhat different looks, his genetic enhancement (passed on from his father) and also gives him a connection to the Klingon home world, where we know he visits at some point.

Why he’s pissed off at Star Fleet (and apparently Klingons as well) is an easy contrivance. Either papa Khan is still alive and pulling strings, or he was killed and Khan junior has a chip on his shoulder.

241. Superman - April 3, 2013

Thanks, Shatterhand.

#240, not a bad way around the outrage of a pale, British Khan.

Of course, the original Khan was not Indian either, so…

242. Ahmed - April 3, 2013

Bob, will you please tell JJ Abrams that it is becoming really ridiculous to do nothing regarding this rumor ?

Just come out & tell us the truth, either confirm or deny the Khan rumor once & for all.

243. Tanner Waterbury - April 3, 2013


244. Ahmed - April 3, 2013

@243. Tanner Waterbury

lol, here is something to make you relax :)


245. Diskhanbobulated - April 3, 2013

All of these theories. Just… *head explodes*

246. Star Trekker - April 3, 2013

All these Khan theories are just that… Theories.

There is no proof that it’s Khan. No signs pointing towards Khan. And most important…. NO confirmation that it is Khan. Just rumors.

247. AB - April 3, 2013


I still don’t put complete faith in all of these Khan rumors, and “Son of Khan” has always seemed a bit outrageous to me, but besides it being a way of skirting the issue of a white, British Khan I could actually also see it being a way of the writers attempting to write “Khan” as a parallel to Kirk. A man born around the time of Nero’s incursion who goes on to be a villain instead of a hero like Kirk.


Someone else in Starfleet (April? Marcus?) finds the Botany Bay soon after Nero’s incursion and revives the augments. For whatever reason the higher-ups in Starfleet decide to keep this all secret, and keep the augments in some kind of secure compound. Perhaps soon after either Khan and a female augment from the BB or perhaps Khan and a non-augment woman (someone he seduces along the lines of McGivers) have a son. A short time later Starfleet determines that the augments are too unpredictable and potentially dangerous and put them back into stasis (the cryo-tubes we see in the trailers which look like they may be in a facility and not a ship like the BB). Perhaps something even goes wrong and Khan doesn’t even survive being put into stasis this time.

Son of Khan is spared being put into stasis because he is still just a baby or young child. He is given the fairly nondescript name of John Harrison, taken to London to be raised and groomed to enter Starfleet, possibly becoming a member of Section 31. The unstable personality and potential for hostility seemingly inherent in most augments explains why he flips out when he later discovers the true nature of his origins and what Starfleet has done with his parents and family of fellow augments.

Sounds a bit like a soap opera and I’m not sure how that would tie into the prequel comics. Then again, maybe he really is just John Harrison and that’s that.

248. Allen Williams - April 3, 2013

He can’t be Khan. He’s supposed to be a member of star fleet. Khan was never in starfleet. I think Gary Mitchell is a stupid, but plausible possibility. That would mean they are remaking “Where no Man has Gone Before”. I don’t want a remake. I want something new.

249. Keachick - April 3, 2013

I suspect that Anthony Pascale himself may enjoy all the rumours and speculation accorded to Benedict Cumberbatch who is John Harrison who is really Khan who is really…

Hence, all the notes referencing “reliable sources”…:) Oops.

250. Dennis C - April 3, 2013

Here’s a thought: John Harrison is…John Harrison. Music cues from TWOK? A red herring. Orci telling an interviewer that the villain is from established canon? A red herring. The chryo tubes in the trailer? Not chryo tubes at all.

Folks, I’m starting to think we’ve all been played. If so, well played Mr. Abrams

251. John from Cincinnati - April 3, 2013

There is no evidence in any Trek that Section 31 personnel are enhanced humans, either genetically or through training. Section 31 simply operates outside of the Prime Directive.

Cumby has already said his is better at everything than Kirk (to Kirk) which suggests some genetic modification. Plus, throw in the cryopods. It’s Khan.

252. John from Cincinnati - April 3, 2013

We’ve already got a new villain for this new universe and his name was Nero. A very one dimensional character. Let’s go back to the original characters if it means better Trek.

253. Beaureguard - April 3, 2013

While watching Trek on MeTv last saturday they aired the episode “The Man Trap” – what if Cumberbatch is the salt vampire- which can assume any form? It wants vengence for the death of it’s race, perhaps due to something April did? The clip of Carol Marcus screaming in terror because she saw Harrison’s true form?

You guys think he could be a shape shifter?

254. silentone - April 3, 2013

My thought it this is really Colonel Phillip Green, an augmented human who was genetically engineered similar to Khan. I suspect that since the Botany Bay is still in deep space in this timeline as well, that they also had augments in the cryno-cases seen in one of the scenes.

I think that since Green was in suspended animation, they revived him, but it backfired and his thirst for genocide returns.

255. Keachick - April 3, 2013

#253 – Possibly!

256. Adolescent Nightmare - April 3, 2013

Does this news even count as a spoiler anymore?

257. Scott - April 3, 2013

Hmmmm this is rather intriguing… what if this movie is some kind of weird alternate flip flopped version of Star Trek II, you know where the Genesis Device is indeed a device of destruction and not creation, Khan is more three dimensional and maybe ends up giving his life in the end to save the Enterprise?

258. Commodore Adams - April 3, 2013

Being a trek fan for 2 and a half decades – half of Star Trek’s existence – to the point where I can recite many of the episodes and movies perfectly, I’ve earned the right to say that if it is Khan…It really wouldn’t bother me. I would embrace it, probably because Undiscovered Country is my favourite Star Trek movie followed by FC and TWOK. I say go ahead and bring on Khan, its 30 years later, its not going to hurt anyone. Alternate universe means alternate Khan and I would LOVE to see that. It in no way will reflect upon or ruin what Montalban and Mayer did, Khan, TWOK and its status are solidified in time and their greatness will never be taken away.

259. The Sinfonian - April 4, 2013

@258: Yeah, having been born on the date the first scene of The Cage was filmed in 1964, I’m with you on this. As Prime Spock might say “Khan, but not as we know him.”

An alternate Khan, not driven mad by Ceti Alpha trauma…. might well have taken Kirk’s original offer to join the 23rd century. That was a longer story than Space Seed could have told in 42 minutes. But it might have been a more interesting story. A man born before his time, now 300 years later, when leadership no longer meant controlling armies….

260. Aurore - April 4, 2013

“2. It’s possible, the character has a somewhat Latin appearance. It would seem, they were originally staying close to the original type of actor who portrayed this villain first.
Ricardo Montalbán…………Benicio Del Toro”

Yes, indeed.

For, in this new reality ; this alternate reality, Hispanic is the new North Indian…

….As I’ve said countless times, regarding the Khan rumour, I’ll believe it when I see it….


261. Mantastic - April 4, 2013

Two things.

1. I really hope it’s not Khan. Not only would that be really predictable to the point of hilarity (as it was for me with Talia in TDKR) ,but it would also retconn too many things story wise.

2. IF it is Khan, then shame on JJ and crew for whitewashing yet another role in Hollywood that should belong to a quality actor of the appropriate race (in this case, a suave Indian or Latino dude).

My leading theory is it’s not Khan but a henchman, possibly Joachim, possibly someone we’ve never heard of before, possibly an augment that was never on the Botany Bay in the first place but was in cryo elsewhere. Or, preferably, it has nothing to do with Khan and they just came up with something original and exciting.

262. Aurore - April 4, 2013

…In my opinion, Mr. Abrams would not have considered Hispanic actors to portray a man from North India. Probably a Sikh.

Not in a Star Trek movie. Not in 2013.

I’ve said so countless times too.

263. Aix - April 4, 2013

@262 Agree!

264. Gary S. - April 4, 2013

260. You and me both.:)

265. Randy - April 4, 2013

The agent they refer to in the clips could be someone Kahn controls like he did Checkov in TWOK. The pods in the ship they find sure look familiar too. Also being an original episode they did run across Kahn early in Star Trek time line. Before V-ger. Also Kahn always did seem to want to prove himself superior to Kirk, which goes with the clips I’ve seen of CB saying he is better than Kirk at everything.

266. The Unknown Poster - April 4, 2013

The homage to the reactor scene would make sense as being Pike with “the universe righting itself” and feeding him a large dose of radiation and confining him to a wheelchair, horribly dis-figured.

My guess is Khan awakens at the end.

267. Damion - April 4, 2013

When you watch the recent trailer, the character literally says, “I am better at everything.” I knew at that moment that he was Khan.

268. indranee - April 4, 2013


269. David Moon - April 4, 2013

It’s kind of making sense now. So this other ship, the one that destroys Alcatraz and crashes into San Francisco, comes across Khan and his gang. They take over the ship, and try to terrorize Earth. The chaos ensues, and somehow he escapes and they wind up on the Klingon home planet.

I haven’t really been in Camp Khan, but I can see where this might be going.

270. ACJG1985 - April 4, 2013

Whether it is Kahn or it isn’t all of you have to admit this is a beautiful publicity stunt on the part of JJ and co… Release just enough to get people guessing about who or what BC is then a few “reliable” sources come out of the woodwork saying “yes it is” or “no it isn’t” let me ask this, how many of you guys and girls will go see this thing no matter who ‘John Harrison’ is? How many would boycott it because with Kahn it would have to be a rehash of II only to kick yourselves later if it immerged it isn’t and the great man is still out there… Somewhere… To those wanting Borg in XIII, no, just no. They were a TNG villain and should stay as such it was bad enough they popped up in ENT and that was just a plot device in Regeneration to explain why Q flung the Enterprise halfway across the Galaxy (remember he tells Picard they are already coming but his act may have accelerated their timeline) there is only one reason my mouth is truly watering other than this is the first new Trek we’ve had in 4 years and that put simply is when I saw the Super Bowl trailer and asked my wife “what in the universe could do THAT to the Enterprise?” That’s what I want to know more than anything as she’s never been that banged up before ever not even in TUC or TWoK only when she auto destructed in III did it ever remotely get close to that scale of destruction but that was self inflicted not inflicted upon her.

271. K' Ruba - April 4, 2013

What if, and this is a big ‘if,’ JJ has decided to turn a character that was ostensibly ‘good’ in the Prime timeline, into somebody ‘bad’ in the new timeline? An interesting switcheroo?? For example, a ‘bad’ version of Sybok would have reason to seek vengeance against Kirk AND Spock for destroying his homeworld, and he would have the strength and agility of a Vulcan (perhaps a purebred Vulcan) and like his brother may have enlisted in Starfleet for other reasons, bobbing his earpoints along the way??? But my REAL reason for this posit is what if John Harrison turns out to be Agent Gary 7?? Could have been a Starfleet Officer sent to ‘train’ with an other race of beings, who give him great powers, only instead of returning him to the 60’s to stop the space race, they send him to this time period?? Maybe his job in this timeline is to get things to where they were supposed to go, not caring who or what dies in the process???

272. Marshall McMellon - April 4, 2013

Who’s to say he isn’t a descendant of Khan. It’s entirely possible Mr. Singh sowed some seeds before high-tailing it off of Earth.

273. ACJG1985 - April 4, 2013

@272 very interesting points, I have wondered if the reference to ‘family’ could mean Harrison may well be Sybok as Kirk would not know who he is but Spock would and just like in V would not have to tell Kirk anything. Gary 7 is an extremely interesting one and here’s why for me; I hoped if they did a Kahn movie they’d flesh out the beautiful novalization by Gary Cox and I thought maybe they had when they cast Alice Eve who could easily pass for Roberta Lincon and Peter Weller who is strikingly similar in look and voice to Robert Lansing’s portrayal of our favorite alien trained future operative. I have to amend you however slightly; Seven was born on the alien world and trained by the aliens to work as a covert operative to prevent nuclear war on Earth in the 1960’s. You could almost argue this is where B&B got their TCW from but alas no.

274. Marshal McMellon - April 4, 2013

But, in back-reading this thread, it looks like variations of this possibility have already been raised here. Sorry, I was at work when I posted and had only done a quick-scan of the thread.

275. Star Trekker - April 4, 2013

In the article above, it was mentioned that Trek Movie confirmed that Cumberbatch was playing Khan. Who did they confirm it with? Paramount or JJ? I missed that article. Is this now common knowledge that Cumberbatch is playing Khan… I can’t find any other sites that are confirming this news.

276. Gary S - April 4, 2013

This is not officially confirmed yet .
At this point it is just another Khan rumor .
My attitude is even If Harrison is revealed to be Khan in the middle of the film.
I dont believe it , unless he is still Khan at the conclusion of the film.
I think there is a lot of misdirection going on here,
It’s almost as if they want us to EXPECT Khan.
So, I will be very curious to see who BC is playing when the film is over .

277. Star Trekker - April 4, 2013

276. Gary S

Then why is Trek Movie claiming that they confirmed it is Khan? Hmmm – maybe Anthony is in on the misdirection! He is friends with boborci and is part of the countdown comics. Hmmmm – very interesting indeed! What a great way to get people talking about the movie… create controversy! LoL

278. Phil - April 4, 2013

@278. I call BS on this – they refer to his characters given name as John Harris….a glaring mistake on commonly known information. If they could not get that right, why should we believe the rest of it?

279. Gary S - April 4, 2013

Anthony believes It is Khan , based on information from his sources .
But he has never said it is a 100% dead certain lock .
And, I am not saying it isnt Khan, just that it has not yet been proven that is Khan at this time .

280. Star Trekker - April 4, 2013

280. Gary S

Believing it is Khan and confirming it is Khan … big difference. Not sure why he confirmed it if Paramount was still calling it a rumor. Doesn’t make sense.

281. Mike - April 4, 2013

Wow. I love all these comments. Lets put some facts together:

1. Admiral Marcus (Peter Weller) is a former captain of the Enterprise and former XO of the Enterprise. I wonder if he the CIC (Commander in Chief) of Starfleet?

2. Marcus is Carol Marcus (Alice Eve) father and she a weapons designer and part of Starfleet and assigned to the Enterprise. Is she a traitor? My spider-sense has been going off since all of the trailers have been released. She is hiding something and she is NOTHING like the original Carol Marcus and that is a good thing. I think it would a be nice twist that if she is a traitor and she survives and in a way of redeeming herself she leaves Starfleet to work on a new project called: Project Genesis. :)

3. Kirk is still a punk and he HAS to show some character growth in this movie to come a little closer to the James T. Kirk of legend. I think he is the cause of someone getting killed (Pike?) and he wants revenge but in the end revenge is not what he gets but A. redemption and B. a HUGE dose of humility. Prime Kirk always broke the rules but he had humility of past decisions. Pine’s Kirk does not have any of that. He is young, dumb and full of himself. He is the youngest captain in fleet history, he knows he is good, he has the keys to the biggest, fastest ship in the fleet, and he loves the green chicks. Its a good time to be Kirk and John Harrison is about to rain on his parade and teach young Kirk (sound familiar?) a thing or two about how the galaxy can be a dangerous place.

3. Mr. Harrison I presume? Is it Khan? or not Khan? I think that the answer is yes and no. Khan IS in the movie but not where you expect him. I have a theory: remember back after the first movie came out there were to be SEVERAL new books set in the alternate universe but at the last moment CBS/Bad Robot/Pocket Books pulled all of the books before release. One of the books was about Prime Spock being wanted by the Klingons, Romulans and everyone in between because of his knowledge of the future and it was up to the Enterprise to protect him. My point is this: I am sure that he was debriefed by Starfleet (he is a former Captain and Federation Ambassador) and what if Spock tells them where the Botany Bay is and Admiral Marcus sends Harrison to get it and the Klingons show up? Stuff happens and Marcus brings the Botany Bay back to Earth and performs experiments on some of the augments and it pisses Harrison off and he goes rogue? I know its weak but its plausible. I would like that Harrison is part of the Botany Bay crew and he is one of the first to be awakened and is “drafted” into Starfleet by Marcus (it points to Harrison being sympathetic and Marcus is the “Big Bad” of the movie until the end when KHAN is revealed as the BIG BAD) and at basically at gun points is doing the will Admiral Marcus. Marcus tries to spin it (just like the Iraq Invasion by the Bush Administration) to Kirk and company (and the movie audience) that Harrison is the bad guy and Spock and Kirk and figure it out and save the day.

What do you guys think?:)

282. Astrophysicophile - April 5, 2013

If Harrison is really Technician First Class, later Lieutenant, Harrison, but also a genetically-engineering superman (augment), then he might well be a one from the period of the Eugenics Wars or just a product of genetic engineering on Adigeon Prime as Dr. Bashir of DS9 was.

If he is a superman from the Eugenics period, then he may have been a sleeper ship like the Botany Bay or even a secret sleeper ground facility. Or, if genetic engineering can result in increased life spans as well as increased intellect and strength, then Harrison may be an extremely old, but youthful looking “sleeper agent” from the Eugenics era, an genetically-engineered version of the naturally long-lived Mr. Flint from the TOS episode “Requiem For Methuselah” (In the TOS episode “Miri”, the parallel Earth experimented with long prolongation in the 1960’s, but the results were disastrous.)

Or he may be a sleeper-agent clone of a Eugenics-era scientist as Keniclius V of the TAS episode “Infinite Vulcan” was.

I am inclined to think that he is a long-lived sleeper agent from the Eugenics era or a sleeper-agent clone of a Eugenics scientist, but one who over the decades and centuries grew to believe in the United Earth, the Federation, and Starfleet, until Starfleet’s commanders committed a crime he could not forgive.

283. Astrophysicophile - April 5, 2013

283. Oops, by “he may have been a sleeper ship like the Botany Bay or even a secret sleeper ground facility”, I meant, “he may have been revived from a sleeper ship like the Botany Bay or even a secret sleeper ground facility.”

284. NickJ - April 5, 2013

Carol Marcus dies in this reality, therefore there is no David Marcus, no project genesis and TWOK can never happen in this timeline. The “Wrath of Kirk” is taken out on the one who caused her death…his older half brother Johnny, whom feels he is “better at everything” compared to Kirk.
Kirk ask “who are you?” as in what have you become…
Starfleet tells Kirk “they are not into vengeance” Kirk responds “maybe they should be” after which he chases Johnny down to seek vengeance.
Kirk has directly disobeyed orders (not much changed there) and this requires a save the world situation (Voyage Home) to have these charges dropped.

285. NickJ - April 5, 2013

@282 Who beyond Kirk and Spock know Spock prime is from the future? It would be illogical to announce to the universe you have knowledge of the future.

286. Francis 7 - April 5, 2013

He is Khan reimagined. What we know from TOS universe won’t necessarily apply to this universe. Khan is one of Star Treks greatest villains and his motives were not all that noble in Space Seed, which would be the timeline source for this film. He is not an agent of Star Fleet as many believe from the trailer reference. The agent mentioned will be the father of the child saved by Harrison in the 9min trailer. Lets not forget the Klingons, who are likely to be the true antagonists of the film. I suspect Harrison/Khan will be more antihero than villain. Those who think Khan is a let down, did you think Joker was a let down in the Dark Knight? No, you did not. Why? Because its a classic character brought into a new story line with a different twist. As for ST canon…it’s fiction people. Lets just enjoy what’s gonna be the best Trek film since Wrath of Khan.

287. TUP - April 5, 2013

The one main thing working against the idea that Khan is *not* in this film is that all the secrecy allows the rumours to fester and if he isn’t it will be a let down to the fans at large.

288. Francis 7 - April 5, 2013

Khan. Gary Mitchell. Robert April. Arne Darvin. Gary Seven. Garth of Izar. It doesn’t matter to much who will be revealed as the villain. This is all about sci fi entertainment. It’s forgetting about work, bills, and reality to lose yourself in the characters universe for a couple hours. So long as the story is tight with solid acting, great effects and a strong musical score, then the villain could be whomever. From the trailers I’ve seen, Mr JJ Abrams will get my $10 at least 3 times over with Into Darkness. I can’t wait, but what choice do I have other than call off sick on May 17th.

289. dennis - April 5, 2013

A young Picard who traveled back in time.

290. SAMMY B - April 5, 2013

Another source confirming Khan. BTW I was post #278, it was deleted I do not know why as it was not offensive (I’ve posted many times before and I’ve never been deleted). Anyway here it is…


291. Trek Fan - April 5, 2013

290. SAMMY B

That’s not a confirmation. That is just another site stating they believing it is Khan. Until Paramount, JJ or others on the Supreme Court confirm it – it’s JUST a rumor still.

292. SAMMY B - April 5, 2013

Thank you Trek Fan — is still a consistent rumor. I’m hoping its not Khan. What made the first movie (2009) so special to me it was total completely fresh take. I was not sure they could pull it off, but they did BIG TIME. We’ll know sooner than later.

293. Desstruxion - April 5, 2013

I miss real Trek.

294. Astrophysicophile - April 5, 2013

285. Were you referring to 281, not 282?

295. Trek Fan - April 5, 2013

293. Desstruxion

What is “real Trek?” …. TOS? TAS? TOS movies? TNG? DS9? TNG movies? Voyager? Enterprise? Phase II?

296. Gary S - April 5, 2013

All of the above, plus ST09 and STID

297. Desstruxion - April 6, 2013

295. Trek Fan –
Real Trek is everything that predates ST:09
Kirk – Janeway then back to Archer.

298. Shatterhand - April 6, 2013

@ 293: Not liking “Abrams-verse” Trek doesn’t make it less real. Just makin’ sure you understand that. If it helps, just remember it’s all an alternate universe. Your “real Trek” is still alive and well, and as long as there are plenty of people like you and the rest of us who have always and will continue to love it, it’ll remain that way for a long, long time.

299. Avi - April 8, 2013

I love all about this movie so far, but so help me if it is Khan i will sic the klingons on JJ’s Ass!
And another thing Kilngons do not wear masks if they are honorable, old klingon saying about wearing helmets and masks is dishonorable in battle!

300. Astrophyicophile - April 8, 2013

299. In which episode or movie, do the Klingons say this?

301. fansimagine - April 16, 2013

Harrison and his crew = Star Fleet agents genetically altered to answer Klingon threat. Political change = abandoned by Star Fleet.

Harrison will sacrifice himself in the end to save his “family” passing leadership to Khan.

302. Jeff - April 16, 2013

I thought he was supposed to be Gary Mitchell.

303. garry - April 16, 2013

Ok everyone let’s look at it this way…the whole point of the Khan storyline is that he is awoken, found and tries to take over. This refers to an “agent” who causes problems so it really isn’t likely.

The Gary Mitchell one doesn’t massivley work for me either as he is an academy friend of Kirks blah blah

Has anyone thought outside the box a bit? With this new movie series being a reboot based on time being altered (by nero) isn’t it entirely possible that it involves a certain Gary 7 coming into the reboot?

It makes sense to me as no one would expect it, the character is an infiltrator with his own agenda and also has the ability to set up a sequel involving a notorious foe like khan?

Worth a thought folks

304. Zach - April 17, 2013

What is the ship the enterprise apparently faces off against?

305. Herbert - April 19, 2013

I think:
John Harrison is Joachim – or however its spelled. You can almost “hear” John Harrison in Joachim.

The “vengeance” Harrison seeks is for Starfleet’s decision to destroy the Botany Bay – his “family”.

They destroyed it because “old” Spock let them know it was out there and what they would do if allowed to survive. Harrison somehow escaped or was an attempt at some sort of reconditioning. He faked agreement to get to a strategic position within Starfleet to exact revenge.

306. Oscar - April 21, 2013

I really don’t think Benedict will be Khan. If you check IMDB Nick Tarabay is listed in the movie – without a character discription. Who knows if the theory’s of Benedict’s – John Harrison releasing Khan are correct…maybe Nick Tarabay will be revealed as Khan

307. Zardoz - April 22, 2013

The synopsis that is available states that “Harrison” was a member of Starfleet – one of their top agents.

Kahn lived and was put into a sleeper ship some 200 years before the current time frame – and some 50 years before the Federation was even founded.

Kahn was never part of Starfleet.

My money is still on either Gary Mitchell or Garth of Izar.

308. Kroykah bitches!! - April 24, 2013

Harrison is part of the same experiment as Khan but it is unlikely, no matter how awesome his voice is, they would cast him as Khan. I think at the end of this film you will see Khan and this will be a lead in to the 3rd film. In the 2nd and 3rd trailers there is a glimpse of 2 people walking away from what look like cryochambers and one of them is very muscular and appears to have a ponytail.

309. More proof hes Khan - April 24, 2013

In the new trailer, he says “you are a pawn, Kirk”…. so hes refering to JTK in the same manner that was used by the original Khan (watch the scene where the Reliant attacks the enterprise for the first time). Just more fuel for the fire.

310. conan_phd - April 30, 2013

In the deleted scenes of the first movie, they had the klingons hold on to Nero for some period before Nero escaped.
They probably used that concept on the second movie. Khan was picked up by the klingons, brainwashed and then re-introduced into Starfleet as a double agent at some later date.
At the end of the movie Khan probably breaks his conditioning and saves the enterprise. Ie he is the one with the worm in his ear in this movie.
My 2 cents.

311. conan_phd - April 30, 2013

the klingons probably changed his appearance so he wouldn’t be recognized.

312. Gman - May 1, 2013

I was going with Lore/Data.

313. Maij - May 2, 2013

In the original ‘Space Seed’ episode there were ’72’ life suport canisters still functioning, representing Khan’s crew, Why hasn’t anyone on the many sites I’ve visited bothered to bring up that the ’72 reasons’ in the latest clip is eluding to that? It KAHNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!

314. robert - May 2, 2013

Khan helps bring kirk back from the dead and they become pals

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