Kevin Weisman Wants To Be The New Scotty

Fans of JJ Abrams’ ‘Alias’ will recognise Kevin Weisman who played the resident geek; in a way he was the ‘Scotty’ of the hip spy show. In a new Moviehole interview with the actor the subject of Abrams new Trek movie came up and Weisman made it clear he was interested in a role…

J.J [Abrams] is doing Star Trek now.
Yeah. I don’t know if I look like a young ‘any of those guys’ so I’m screwed. I can’t be a young Mr.Spock…

Greg Grunberg’s already got his hand up for that, hasn’t he?
I’m sure he has [Laughs]. If there’s a job that J.J’s doing, Greg’salways  knockin’ on the door. Yeah look, I would love to work with J.Jagain – on anything – he’s a great guy, great director…. I’m sure we will, when something comes along.

There’s gotta be a Young Scotty in there…
Yeah, I gotta work on my accent. I’ve gotta start renting the old ones, researching them thoroughly, and then I’ll be calling J.J constantly and leaving messages. I’ll stop, when he gives me a role.

Abrams does like to use actors he has worked with before (both Grunberg and Felicity’s Keri Russell got roles in MI:3) so Weisman may have a chance. Grunberg has stated that he and Abrams have talked about a role and that Abrams is already getting pestered with calls for others who want in on Trek’s return to the big screen. Looks like Weisman has to just get in line. 

Read the rest of the interview at Moviehole 


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want a real idea for XI:

go ahead with the prequel. Focus on capturing the characters fully in the story, in actor’s who can present the essence (both visually and portrayal) of the characters we know and love (and if that means new faces so be it) and have a story that is a Star Trek story and not something to emulate whatever other franchise is popular at the time. As for plot:

-Have Kirk and Spock at the academy during their final year. Have the subplotting of the film revolve around their upcoming graduation and them moving on with their future. Don’t have it stretch the 4 yrs, and dont have them know each other until the final year.

-Have both Kirk and Spock conflict with one another upon first meeting. Kirk’s complete “rush in there” mentality would cause great contention between Spock’s “logic is everything” state of mind at this point in their lives. By the end of the film u can show how both allow for these absolutes in ideas to be subtlely broken by the other. It is not a complete understanding between the two as is shown between them later on, but it sets the ground work for character growth already shown between the two in the TOS and films.

-Have Kirk actually at a point by the end of the academy where he is in conflict about pursuing the career to reach the captain’s chair he has always desired or to remain with a young Carol Marcus. From an interesting story point, Kirk should actually come to the decision to stay with Carol but she is the one who says no to the idea; after having a conversation with Gary Mitchell. Have it too where Carol finds out she is pregnant but never tells Kirk. (even have Spock meet her in the film as well, since in Star Trek II when both are face to face their is an exchange of awareness between the two that shows they know of each other.)

-Have Kirk deal with the Kobayoshi Maru scenario during the film. Even though many fans already expect it, but this scene would really be important to establishing his character. If done right, it can help to show Kirk’s realization of “thinking outside of the book” and not neccessarily being stuck to the notion having to stay to the set rules to help get the desired result. (i.e. Professor’s at the academy say the test is the test, yet he knows that he can physically go and alter it. It is not impossible, it is all a matter of whether he chooses to. *This plays well with the whole idea of choice presented in Star Trek from its society to Spock dying in STII)

-Have the later part of the film deal with a new area: probably something along the lines of a final exercise that Kirk, Spock and other graduates must accomplish before graduation. Perhaps a ship-to-ship simulated battle between two Federation vessels that have been altered for simulation combat. Kirk, Spock, Mitchell and a crew of cadets will be pitted against an experienced crew with a far superior ship. The whole exercise would revolve around the idea that it will take strong leadership from the command crew of Kirk-Spock, along with their own ingenuity and creativity in real world scenarios to overcome the odds of what awaits them. Here the establishment of the roots to the Kirk-Spock bridge partnership can be shown. (Then take into account if u have an event occur where the superior vessel faces a now real danger and Kirk is forced to sacrafice his vessel to save both crews. Just imagine a scenario that to where Kirk and Spock are the last to leave their ship so it maintains its course, and they are forced to run up 14 decks as terminals explode around them before they can be beamed off safely.) This way, with a real danger by the end a clearer sense of why Kirk and Spock are so close can really be firmly cemented; because neither fit the mold of who they should be (i.e. a human or a vulcan) and both think “outside the box” when it matter.

-Then just have the film end with both Kirk and Spock leaving for their first assignments, really unsure if they will meet again.

beyond that, simply have character moments we have come to know for each- have Kirk climbing a rock facing, have both Kirk and Spock playing chess, Have Spock meditating in his room, things of that sort.

what do u think?

yeah, posted again since i was not sure if anyone would look at that article. Thanks for reading it though. what did u think?

I think this is the site for you: We can discuss it in the Future of Trek forum.

As for Weisman: Heck, yeah! Marshall was the bomb.

Oh dear God I hope that crap about “Carol Marcus” is allowed to remain dead and buried. Ha ha, James “Tomcat” Kirk knocked up a gf and has an effeminate son who dies of AIDS. Ha ha very funny for 1986 or whatever year it was. Never mind that birth control would be fool-proof by the 23rd century.

The Kirk character was supposed to be a decent man, not the “anti-hero” or the “false hero” or the “imperfect hero” that self-doubting Baby Boomers so loved as they contemplated their navels while getting stoned avoiding military service in Vietnam. (That unnecessary subplot was nothing other than psychological projection of the script writers and the editorial team.)

Besides, the love of Kirk’s life was “RUTH”.

The love of Kirk’s life was Edith Keeler. Or was it Marlena? Oh, this could take a while to wort through…

Wait, of course! Kirk tells Rand about his love when he says he already has a lady in his life and her name is Enterprise. Aye, Cap’n.

Maybe Kirk was a lapsed Mormon! ;)

Kirk had issues.

Didn’t they kinda allude to the fact that He was a self-absorbed narcissist in undiscovered country?

And had commitment-phobia

He did seem to have commitment phobia, but that is why u should show a how that could have formed from his relationship early on with Carol Marcus. If he found himself too involved and willing to give up his goals only to be rejected, then all he is left with are those goals of being a captain so thus that is where his attention was left at.

Maybe they could do a feminist star trek where they beam him onto Dr. Phil and He would have to listen to EACH AND EVERY woman He cut out on.Meanwhile,Uhura could take the captains chair and get the Romulans and Klingons to cry and hug.