Cruise Trek Rumor Denied

It looks like Tom Cruise won’t be beaming up. As we reported yesterday there is a new rumor about Tom Cruise and JJ Abrams being in talks for a cameo role in Trek XI. TrekMovie was skeptical so we looked into it and so far cannot find any corroboration. Paramount insiders say they know nothing about it, and Arnold Robinson, a publicist for Mr. Cruise, tells "that story is not true." As yesterday’s article stated, WENN (who first reported the rumor) don’t exactly have the best track record on these things. However WENN’s Editorial Director Kev Lewin tells TrekMovie that they stand by the story, but also stated "we are not on that story anymore, that is yesterday’s news."

TrekMovie will still monitor this and all other Star Trek XI stories. As we reported recently, JJ Abrams is currently auditioning actors. We are told that a casting announcement may come this year, with the first announcement likely to be for the new Kirk and Spock. As usual you will always hear it hear first.

UPDATE: Rumor still morphing, but original source denies ever running story 

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*deep breath* What, you mean that a big name star was connected with a project solely based on the notion that he worked with the director before and possibly for the reasons of bringing attention to the production to garnish interest and keep the word of mouth flowing so as to get slow but needed excitement growing for a future picture because a studio feels that gossip is needed more than actual creative decision making and execution, no that can not be it at all. *breath* Thank You and good night!

I’m not a massive Tom Cruise Fan by any means; I have enjoyed some of his movies. I liked the film Minority Report and War of the Worlds, but I just don’t really see him in Star Trek, not even a cameo, for me it just would NOT feel right.

I think all the cast should be unknowns. They should try and find actors who have a good likeness to the characters they will be portraying instead of going for big names just to pull in the audiences.

So I hope Cruise doesn’t appear, not even for a 5 minute cameo as some other captain. His face is too well known and I think it might not fit to well into a movie that’s trying to recreate the TOS era.

I totally agree holo j, i have said the same thing in previous posts. I think that when taking into account casting Kirk and Spock, the only beneficial way of doing it both creatively and financially is to go with unknowns.

I do feel though, that even though tom cruise would be completey wrong for a cameo role, perhaps other stars could work. When ever i watch Star Trek II’s opening scene on the simulator and Kirk is giving Savik his speech about a captain having to be prepared for a no win scenario and “how we deal with death is just as important as how we deal with life”, it makes me see a scene where a cadet Kirk receives the same speech from his overseeing starfleet admiral. Now, imagine that scene in the new film but the role of the admiral played by the likes of Tom Hanks or a Gary Oldman (Jim Gordon from Batman Begins for those who dont know). I think that type of “known” casting can work where a big name is placed in a supporting role to an unknown in the role of Kirk or Spock. It has worked before many of times. Just look at the first Superman, X-men, Batman Begins, and so on where an unknown or relatively unknown actor has been cast with the supporting roles provided by known actors. It can just as easily work for Star Trek.

I’m no Scientologist, or apologist, but I happen to like Tom Cruise and I think he’s a pretty under appreciated actor. that said, there’s no way I could see him turning up in Trek. Wishful thinking really. If he does, great, we’ve had people like Christian Slater in the past after all.

Wow. WENN’s got a big attitude– “that’s yesterday’s news”??? How about “that’s yesterday’s totally false made-up stupid news?” Anthony, WENN has been known to mess up stories in the past. I think they’re a lazy outfit.

BUT if they were to use Cruise, (I don’t know if anyone has thought of this yet…) how about he does a cameo as Capt. Christopher Pike? He kind of reminds me of Jeffrey Hunter.

Tom Cruise better get his feet firmly planted on Earth first before going anywhere else! He seems (appears) so way out there that any character that he might portray wouldn’t be believeable at all and at best would be
a laughing stock or perhaps a (highlighted) sore point in a movie.
Now….if he were able to get his head out of the clouds and see himself for who he truly is and as the public see him then he may have a chance.
Does anyone here see that happening soon? Not me – like homebre this guy needs to ferment some before the viewing public will be willing to take a drink of acting skills again and that may be a very long time indeed!

Does anybody STILL think Eddie Murphy would have been good for STIV? He would have done for Trek what Richard Pryor did for Superman. Whatever rapidly-diminishing box office appeal Cruise might bring to STXI, he would more than take away from the credibility of the movie.

And why does anyone believe what they read in the mainstream media in the first place? I went to jouirnalism school and I can attest to the fact kids are trained to distort the news to reflect liberal bias,

Wow–I should never post this early in the morning. Bailiff–Valium!

Thank God this is not true!

I am glad to hear this is a false rumor. I am a HUGE star trek fan, and I believe havine Tom Cruise in a Star Trek film would ruin it, even if it was only a cameo. So Please , please no Tom Cruise in Star Trek

My mind is like a fog, not that it matters. I just don’t have much to say these days. That’s how it is. I haven’t been up to anything recently.

I haven’t gotten anything done. Shrug. I’ve pretty much been doing nothing worth mentioning. So it goes.

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