Quinto Still Hoping To Be New Spock

Last December we reported that Zachary Quinto had expressed interest in being the new Spock for Star Trek XI. Now in a new interview with Starburst magazine he again states his interest. The actor who plays the villain Sylar on the hit show Heroes stated after being inundated with e-mails about playing Spock he started to ‘open himeslf’ to the idea, stating: "the exploration and immersion to be done with such a character would be amazing." Specifically on this role of the quintessential Vulcan, Quinto stated…

I tend to be the type of person who acts from a very visceral place and reacts emotionally to situations, and to ‘become’ a character that is completely the opposite of that is one of the reasons why I’m an actor. I would love the opportunity to understand what it is to only operate from a place of logic and look at things so specifically from that perspective

Quinto has received high praise for his work on Heroes and could probably pull off the role. He could also get a little help from his Heroes co-star Greg Grunberg who can put in a good word for him with his best friend JJ Abrams.


VOTE: Who would you pick for the new Spock (see this week’s poll)


Starburst excerpts via Trekweb, Quinto/Spock image by Steve M.

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Yes Mr. Brain eater should definately be Spock. Adrian Brody would be wrong for the role.

Do not disagree with me, Marta will get angry!!!!

This guy is perfect for the role. Now when I watch Heros… all I think of is that this guy could nail the intensity and restraint of Spock. Not to mention he look sthe part dead on.

Fascinating. He would be a most logical choice.

this guy’s got NOTHING on Eric Balfour. Eric Balfour WILL be Spock. When they announce it, remember, I called it 6 months ago. Look, Quinto, is a good actor, and if Abrams needs to cast someone as a Romulan, I think he’d be a good fit, but Balfour IS Spock. It’s not just a look thing either, Balfour has that pent up, internalized aura about him AND he can act. I’ve posted this photoshop manip a hundred times here, but once more, check it out….


Crazy, i had never seen heroes till last week and instantly loved it. I watched the whole season via PVR as I recorded the eps before and never watched any yet. people said it was good so I thought i may want to watch one day and I was right. When i first saw Quinto and I saw his hair and then his eyes and then his built and even his sarcastic laugh in a few ep, I thought holy you know what, and then seeing this post made my day. I would love to see him play the role and think it was be staggering, I say Zachary Quinto lets do it buddy!!!

I have not seen Heros, but will when the DVD comes out. But based on his comment that his acting tends to be viseral and reacts with emotion and that he would play a character that’s opposite of that. I’m not sure he “gets” Spock.

It appears that anyone considered for the role of Kirk, is handsome.

Must a big crooked nose be synonymous with everyone put forward for the Spock role?

Eric looks cool but Zachary Quinto looks more like Leonard Nimoy to me build and facial even down to his little chuckle.

the deal with Eric Balfour, is – he has some innate Spockian quality to him. Does he look EXACTLY like Leonard Nimoy? No. He shouldn’t have to. The Search For Spock should not be an episode of MTV’s “look-a-like”, he should be an actor, in the appropriate age range, who can pull off the role, and yes, he should be the physical representation of Spock not Nimoy.
I know Quinto is a good actor and has a loyal following of Trek fans who have him as their #1 choice. I have to say, I don’t get the “He looks like Nimoy” thing – I don’t see it.
And Interested, no, not every actor being considered has to have a hooked nose…
Eric Balfour has an intensity, but it’s a quiet one, in his eyes – that and the fact that he looks like he could be Spock, only younger is the reason he gets my vote.

Won’t it be tough for Quinto to do Trek and Heroes at the same time? I’m not up on how much HEROES involves him, but unless the movie really centers on Kirk, it seems it will be tough to schedule Quinto due to his HEROES commitment.

I agree, Quinto would be good.
Just to throw it out there, I think Adrian Pasdar could pull it off, too. Maybe he’s a little too old for “early Spock.” Dunno. I somehow don’t think we’ve yet heard the name of the guy who’ll get the gig, just like I don’t think we’ve heard the name of the next president. It’s early, folks.

I think he should look like Nimoy as he and Spock are one in the same. Tos is still fresh in peoples minds and all over the place so to have someone that looks more like him would be benificial and beleavible as part of the story, the internet versions of Trek had TOS characters but they didnt look like their counter parts. To me that took away from it. I know TOS is forty years old but even people who hate it know who and what the characters look like.
You know people complain if the new remastered effects that are way off from the original i submit that if the new actors look too different it will take away as well.

I can’t see Balfour in this role… I mean really… even the ‘shopped pic PD18 has on his link has a “come hither, pretty boy” look to it. He’s not right.
Quinto, IMO, is in the top 5 short list if he’s available.

IF Nimoy and Shatner are in the movie, then they do have to cast actors that resemble them. If not, I still think that J.J. wolud try to find actors that would look like them because of his respect for The Original Series.

He gets my vote, though I some how doubt it will mater who we want.

I think the entire movie should be a reboot with puppets and cgi characters like the new ninja turtles!!! Hell we can feed every voice clip ever from TOS into the computer and get the synthesizer rolling so we don’t even need any real acting talent!!!! And get this… ready for the best part? The main villian can be a clone of picard!!! But instead of Patrick Stewart we use a sock puppet with his likeness!!!! Genious@me.com yeah… sock puppet villian. I can see it now, this movie is so gonna make bank!

Aaron R.

P.S. Note the sarcasm in my post and please don’t think I am being serious. While I am excited to no end about everything that is happening with the new trek movie I could care less who has an find desire to play the roles. Until actual casting is announced what is the point????

I think he looks good and would fit the part.

Quinto…hope he wins the lottery!! :)

I like Eric Balfour, but the roles I’ve seen him in leave me thinking that his acting range would be too laid back to play our favorite Vulcan.

Quinto, on the other hand, strikes me as an excellent candidate.

My god, Balfour looks like Scott Baio in that photo-manip. :lol:

I agree with 13 and 14 for sure, respect for the original series, thats has been the problem in the past, the movie makers have not cared about fine detail and respect for the franchise. the result is not the trek we know and love.
now if the story follows suite to then it will be an awesome time for all of us who love Trek!

Quinto is the man!
Have to agree with #13, Xai about the “pretty Boy” pic.
My actual first thought was that it was a photo of the only known Gay Vulcan.
Don’t particularly care for Eric Balfour’s acting. Also agreeing with
#19 Scott
My only hesitation with Quinto, is that he is perfect for Spock “as we know him” in TOS. Not necessarily a Younger version that we have never seen.
No matter who is eventually announced,
I’m going to trust JJ to get it right.


Are you on crack?

I think Eric could be a good Romulan Commander instead

Gay Vulcan Crack!

I think I have been saying to some of my friends that Quinto should play the part. I just cant see anyone else playing it I don’t think its going to happen if Heroes creates a scheduling problem for him though. Its super rare that someone on a TV show works on a film and some success doing both at the same time.
If the casting news is to be believed the final choices should be in the coming months. And productions should begin at the end of the summer. It’s going to be nearly impossible to be 100 percent where the production and the fans will be happy with.

#16 I really think it has crossed some Paramounts execs mind at some point lol. I wouldnt put it past Paramount to say it was a cool idea.

20- Star Trek XI: Joanie Loves Spochi

I am not impressed with any of these potential Spocks….


I have faith in Abrams.

Tobias Menzies should be Spock. He was excellent as Brutus in HBO’s ROME, and was recently in Casino Royale as Villiers– M’s IT lackey.

Nah… Quizno’s there is too much like the kid that played Spock in STIII. Before you hold that up as a virtue, remember that it is in fact not a virtue. That kid was really bad.

Ditto the Tobias Menzies choice. He has great acting chops and looks right. Which doesn’t mean he has to look like Nimoy or have a “big crooked” nose or anything or the sort. But he does have to look somewhat otherwordly, and perhaps a little “satanic” which is what got Nimoy cast in the first place. Nothing against Balfour, but he has too much surfer-dude about him, both in looks and range, to make a convincing Spock in my estimation. Quinto looks right too, but I don’t watch Heroes so can’t comment on his acting.

I called Quinto months ago.

That balfour guy is too good looking.

Spock is a nerd. Cool, but a nerd nonetheless…

It matters not to me who plays the fake Spock.

I havent seen heroes. but this time around I really hope they give us known people who can ACT. They owe it to the fans this time.

I appreciate everyone’s opinion, that’s why we’re here – because we have a passion for the material. I hear a lot of your concerns, however I have to say that while the image I used to create that manip, does make Balfour look kinda like a pretty boy, he really isn’t. He’s actually kinda nerdy, but in a cool way (if that makes sense). Try IMDBing him and tell me he doesn’t have a Vulcan look…
Anyways, no I’m not on crack – different strokes for diferent folks, I guess….

I know the actor, and I can’t see why on earth you’d want him to play a vulcan, let alone Spock.

Eric Balfour? Puhleeeeeeeeez… he’s too GQ and cheezy. Spock should have an personae of dignity, not conceit. If a reboot goes in the direction of casting such as he, then we’ll get a Beverly Hills 90210 in space.

No thank you.

Andrew, would it be possible to add a “Somebody Else” or “None of the Above” option to the poll?

I don’t really think any of those actors would be well suited to the role. I can see why people think Zachary Quinto looks the part, but he wouldn’t be my first choice.

Anthony, Andrew..

#35 Stanky

We know.


Quinto or else Marta stars eating Trekmovie talkbackers brains Sylar style!!!

Don’t know about that Balfour guy but he looks too Metrosexual -Abercrombie to be Spock. I guess the women and girly boys would be happy

Honestly, I don’t care who is cast, whether they are a big star or a complete unknown. What matters is that Spock is played by a good actor… someone who can show us that Spock has feelings, but he keeps them down because he prizes logic and reason above emotion. (For that reason, I think an unknown would be better… they’ll play Spock, not themselves as Spock.) Nimoy did a fantastic job with that (See Journey to Babel, The Naked Time, Amok Time, The Enterprise Incident, etc). Anybody cast to play Spock has to understand that its not as simple as showing no emotion. Spock is not a robot. He’s probably the most challanging of the TOS charicters to play.

They jsut need to cast someone who is willilng to cut his hair into the classic bowl-cut. They got it right back in the 60’s. From TNG on, they went with bad wigs that were laughable. Most Vulcans wound up looking like satanic Beatles!

Enough with all the pretty boys as Spock already! I thought Quinto would make a fair Spock until I saw Tobias Menzies as Brutus in ‘Rome’.

As for the other main characters, how about Jamie Bamber, Ryan Reynolds or Ryan Phillippe as Kirk, Paul Walker or Casper Van Dien as Pike, Angus Macfadyen as Scotty?

Bones will be an interesting decision. Don’t know of too many younger actors who have the presence to pull it off. Jude Law? Ron Livingston, Carmine Giovinazzo?

Just thought I’d throw some fresh fodder into the rumor mill :)

Ryan Reynolds??? Casper Van Pretty????
2 Officers, a Girl, & a Starship???

We have to remember that Spock was quite “emotional” in the early 1st season eps. :-) including “The Cage”. That leads me to think he should be the same way , especially in a “prequel”. MOA :-)

#46 “Ron Livingston as Bones”
That’s an interesting choice. He has the physical look and charisma to pull it off! I can see him now, delivering the line, “Damnit, Jim! I’m a doctor, not a bricklayer!”

re: 42. Xai – May 30, 2007
” #35 Stanky
We know.

Thanks for remembering, Mr. X…
I just do that for the newcomers :)

…and actually, this was the first reference I have made to the “fake Spock”
You may be confusing it with “fake Kirk”…

…in any event, they can cast Alice Ghostley as Nurse Chapel or John Cleese as Mr. Kyle (Cowle?) and it still wouldn’t matter to me…