Details On ‘Star Trek Conquest’ For Wii (and PS2)

Last week reported a game called ‘Star Trek Conquest’ showed up on the Gamefly rental service. At the time Bethesda was playing mum, but today they have released details for the Wii (and PS2) game.’Conquest’ is described as a ‘blend of strategy and intense action.’ The game is being developed by 4J Studios (who also made last years PS2 game Star Trek Encounters). Players can take control of Federation, Klingon, Romulan, Cardassian, Dominion, and Breen forces and lead them in a campaign to control the Galaxy, one planet at a time in a turn-based strategy game. conjectured that the game would be a ‘Dominion War’ game but it seems to be less DS9 specific and more generic to the Next Gen era. Conquest will be the first Trek game for the Nintendo Wii and Bethesda promises it will ‘fully utilizes the Wii Remote.’

Real time combat
Like all strategy games Conquest will have resource management, technology research, fleet management and building support structures…all in a turn based structure. But when you get into combat the game will switch to a tactical view allowing real time combat command of ships…all of which utilizes the Wii Remote and the Wii Nunchuck.

Only game for 07…what about 08?
Conquest will be the only new Trek game released by Bethesda in 2007. Bethesda released three games on five platforms in late 2006. Bethesda retains the license for all Star Trek series and the first ten feature films, but CBS have yet to assign a license for the 2008 Star Trek feature. NOTE: that the MMORPG ‘Star Trek Online’ is from a different company (Perpetual) and is planned for 2008.

The game will be released on both the Nintendo Wii ($29.99) and theSony PlayStation 2 ($19.99) sometime this holiday season. Bethesda have released three images from the PS2 version of the game (one example below) and set up a page with basic info on the official Star Trek Games site.


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Hopefully this game has been developed more for the Wii than for PS2. The 3 screenshots for the game on Bethesda’s site are all PS2 renderings.
Also at the main banner there is a graphic of the Ent-E, but in one of the screenshots it shows the Ent-D alongside Voyager. Might be able to use both versions of the Ent.

yay! Another turned based strategy Trek game. Its not like we have 5 or 6 of them already SNOOOOOORE! I’m going to go play Star Craft. Call me when my totally awesome TOS FPS is on the shelves. I want to stun a Gorn.


By turn-based, I guess you mean I can’t phaser my 13 year old son? Now, what good is a game like that?

#1 They may not have the Enterprise-E because Bethesda only has licenses for the TV shows. The Enterprise-E didn’t show up until the movies in “Insurrection.”


The Ent-E was first shown in ‘First Contact’.

They did have the Enterprise E in Encounters.

Is it so hard for a decent Star Trek game to be made. i.e. One that does not involve swarms of starships blowing each other up, in a dodgy psuedo 3D format?

How about exploring strange new worlds and seeking out new life and new civilizations?

Sheeeesh! and Yawn!

I think that the Next Generation PC game was one of the best of its kind, “A final unity” It was called, if I recall correctly.

However, I firmly believe that “Secret of Vulcan fury” was the best Star Trek game never released.
If ever a game needed to be finished…. any games developers want to volunteer?

Hey, perhaps with the new film coming out there may be renewed interest in the TOS genre and we may yet get a really good Star Trek game set in the TOS era that encompasses all its elements.

I can hope, can’t I?

SOVF was difinately the best Trek game never released. I’m still surprised that someone hasn’t taken the initiative to finish that game.

D.C. Fontana did the writing for SOVF, I would love to get my hands on that script, what a comic that would make.

As for the new games. Ho hum, the same thing regurgitated and re-released over and over. I had high hope for several releases, but again, more hype than content.

Will anyone ever put out a decent Trek game? I mean seriously, it seems that like writers of *Enterprise* the gaming industry just doesn’t know how to handle this franchise.

How long til this turns into a pro-and-con-Shatner-thon? :-)

The major pro about this, as far as I’m concerned, is the inclusion of the Dominion and Breen. The Dominion War was all but ignored by most of the “Star Trek” games in the last decade (except for the mediocre “Dominion War” put out by Simon & Schuster).

For that alone, I figure it may be worth that curiously cheap price of $19.99.

You’re right, ety3, $20 ain’t bad, even if this game isn’t revolutionary. As long as it’s pretty decent and not a complete hack job, it’s worth a Jackson.

Totally agree with you, a TOS first-person shooter would be awesome and I’m hoping the elevated interest in TOS now that Star Trek is coming out next year will create damand for one.

Yep, a TOS FPS would be great. With the success of Elite Forces you would think they would get a clue! But no, it’s back to the strategy games. I’m like #2, I want to stun a gorn!

Well, I note there is a picture of the Enterprise-E displayed prominently right at the top of the game’s website, so I would hope the E makes an appearance, lest Bethesda be accused of false advertising!

So about Shatner not being in the… Just kidding! Anywho you guys are being awful critical of these games. You know I think its good that they are making games personally its more trek entertainment out there. A lot of people complained about Star Trek Encounters (PS2) and I said what do you want? It has a plethora of ships from every era to unlock and fight with… It was never billed as a deep thinker game but a shoot em up type game and guess what! My kids at school in my Mythology club once they got past the fact that it was Star Trek and not Star Wars couldn’t get enough of that game on our monthly game days…. That is who these games are for after all the next generation… I found the game shallow, lacking in story line, and all together the story mode was rather bland but you know what!!! Who cares its a video game not a movie and it was still a fun distraction for a little while. Now Star Trek Legacy on my 360 thats a different story… wonderful game with all the different captains voices. Those of you who have Legacy on PC sorry I heard it suffers because it was designed for 360 and ported to PC my apologies.

Aaron R.

P.S. I personally loved the RTS concept of new worlds and the feel of DS9’s the Fallen… Great games! More like those would be fine… But turn based is good I loved and was addited to Birth of The Federation… Took some smarts to play that one though…

P.S.S. I hate FPS games! Mindless dibble and no thought or long term strategy involved…. Just blow somebody away and beat the game argh… But then Risk is my all time favorite game so you can see where my tendencies lay…


I remember playing GoldenEye and Perfect Dark for my Nintendo 64 and I don’t consider those to be mindless shooting games.

Is Metroid Prime considered a FPS? If so, then that isn’t mindless either.

I think Trek Online might be the closest to haveing a Trek game be more like the shows then any other Trek game ever made to this day.

It kinda has to be as if it was just a combat MMO, it’d get boring after awhile, i’d like the game to have the exploration side as well.

Something along the lines where to solve a delema you have to do A, then B, then C, not just fire phasers and torps all the time.

– W –
* I hope that Trek Online will have that kinda stuff anyway *

with all the comentary about the trek games, so far, being lame, I am wondering what might work. What could be interesting. A Star Trek mystery type game, where the point is not to blow up ships, but to solve a “mystery” or whatever which would involve finding clues and interigation. It might work like a Xindi arch type thing. It wouldn’t neccesarily be about saving earth though. Each clue found would lead to a new part of the story. What do you guys think?

Sounds like you are talking about an adventure game! I miss those.

That would involve relying heavily on the characters, though, and given how unpopular the franchise is right now, maybe Bethesda wants to hold off trying that type of game until we can all see how popular Trek XI is.

I’d love to play a Star Trek adventure game, though.

Personally, I would like to see a real Role-Playing Game like Oblivion that is not perfectly linear but more open-world.

Instead of “Quests” you have “Missions” that take you to different planets in the spirit of exploration not “Conquest”. More in the spirit of games like ST:TNGs “A Final Unity”. That was indeed a great game.

Have a compelling mystery that is underlying the action and include some recognizable characters and themes. I find the strategy games become too repetitive. I’d rather see a game where you are interacting with interesting and creative aliens on multiple worlds.

Should be interesting.

#23 you are talking about Star Trek Online….

I am excited too!

Aaron R.

All I can say is, Iu hope that this is better than that Awful Star Trek Encounters game. I mean, you literally needed three arms and a foot to do everything needed on the controller. I agree though, that I wish that they would start making these part action/adventure, part space battle game, Something like any of the Star Wars games released in the last few years. Hell, I’d even take a Lego Trek featuring all the movies. Why does it seem though, that trek gets all the crappy companies to put out merchandise? If I were them, I’d hit up Lucas Arts for some games, and go back to Playmates or hit up Hasbro for Action Figures. They have a huge franchise that they don’t know how to market.

Great, another game centered around blowing stuff up, shooting, and war. How very ‘Star Trek.’

If there is anyone here who has never played ST: 25th anniversary or ST: Judgement Rites, get on Ebay or Amazon and order a copy immediately. Even though they’re nearly 15 years old, you play for 10 minutes and you’re hooked.

These are the types games that need to be emulated and updated, as they best articulate the spirit of the show. I think they’re the best Star Trek games to date (I haven’t played Bridge Commander; I hear it’s also very good), and the adventure/puzzle style of gameplay needs to return to Trek gaming.

any chance this will be out for 360?

Yeah, I’ve got your details on the game right here:

Bethesda and they’re “dedication to the gamers” is atrocious and they all need to be fired. Frankly I lost faith in them after the Legacy crap they pulled over christmas. I think their punishment shoulkd be to have to play that monstrosity 24 hours straight with none of the jokes they call “patches”.

It’s like CBS all got together and said, “Okay, how can we ruin Star Trek gaming forever?”

And the idiot who invented reality shows said, “I know! Give it to Bethesda games, they obviously detest the franchise! Just look at Star Trek Encounters! And on top of that they can tell the fans that they have all these groundbreaking new features in the game, and then not deliver anything of value whatsoever!”

Bethesda needs to be hit on the nose with a rolled up copy of a good Star Trek Script and told, “No! Don’t make crappy games just cause it’s a franchise!”

Jerks. The lot of ’em.


yeah I was not pleased with Legacy I lost interest in the game right away. For a company that made games like mirrowind you’d think they be more creative — script wise — for the trek world. Mirrowind also did not keep my interest.

21. TJ Trek – August 3, 2007
with all the comentary about the trek games, so far, being lame, I am wondering what might work. What could be interesting. A Star Trek mystery type game, where the point is not to blow up ships, but to solve a “mystery” or whatever which would involve finding clues and interigation. It might work like a Xindi arch type thing. It wouldn’t neccesarily be about saving earth though. Each clue found would lead to a new part of the story. What do you guys think?

You take that concept, put it in the TOSverse, add ship battles and some FPS and you’ve got a winner. Think Judgement Rights and 25th Aniversary, only with updated visuals and SOVF plotline….. OOOOOO That would be the Shiz-Nit.! :)

OK Bethesda is a great company and as I said earlier and Legacy is a wonderful game on the XBOX 360 that is the system after all that it was designed for not the PC. Its my understanding that Paramount is the one who actually pushed for the game to be ported to PC instead of just releasing it on 360 and hence it suffered. Hey you guys know that all Paramount sees is dollar signs for the game sales rather than quality. Second thing about Bethesda is they make great games look at the Elder Scrolls Games Oblivion and Morrowind won game of the year… Oblivion is possibly the best video game I have ever played…

Aaron R.

BRING BACK 25TH ANNIVERSARY AND JUDGEMENT RITES!!! That´s one was a real ST game! This action games sucks.

Sounds like Birth of the Federation, which was a sweet game.


TNG-based “A Final Unity” is one of the only Trek games that I recall fondly…. and I think it’s because it’s the only game that ever balanced ship functionality with away team capability. It also had the entire voice cast of TNG. It was fun because you actually felt like you were in an episode… I still play it on occasion, just to remember a fun Trek game.

DS9’s “The Fallen” was also pretty good, as it also came close to bringing you into an episode. Birth of the Federation was fun as hell when it first came out.

Elite Force and Elite Force 2 were OKAY… pretty good for FPS, but yeah… why can’t we have FPS *and* more exploration, ship-based stuff too?
I guess I’m too hard to please.

Legacy looks nice, but that’s about it. From a gaming perspective, it was a disaster. So boring, so contrived, so touted… and for what? Totally disappointing.

Actually, now that the TNG cast is a bit older, a new TNG-based game using their voices and their younger appearances makes a LOT of sense. Maybe something spanning all seven years? Not like the cast is doing anything else these days…

Anyway, I’ll check out Conquest, because it’s MAD cheap… but that doesn’t really encourage me to have high expectations either. Maybe with the new movie… there will be some amazing new TOS game. I know JJ Abrams mentioned that the video games for Trek have been not-so-great. Hopefully, he’ll wave a magic wand over the gaming realm as well.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll keep saying it…

BRING ON a “LEGO” Star Trek game… :)

If you have Elite Force 1, and want a TOS FPS, go to and look for “The Argas Effect” total conversion.


Now I would wait in line for THAT!!!!!! Damn good idea!

i seemed to like the RPG type…you know blast some rogue ships trading runs to earn money and buy new ships and stuff…and like beem down troops to the surface for a real-time yet strategic phaser fight as long as IT’S NOT TURN BASED.
but ide have to disagree whith some of you thares enough phaser fight games….thares WAY too many of them in the world now evan in star trek era’s but its time for something interesting…and no im not trying to say star trek online, and i would enjoy some lego star trek, that would be hours of enjoyment.

but something i always would have dreemed of is that first one i discibed the RPG type and you yourself be able to beem to stations sort of like…pirates of the carribean