NY Tabloid Distorting Shatner – Again

The New York tabloids want to get in on the fun that the Brit tabloids have been having with the new Star Trek movie. However, instead of fabricated casting news, they seem to want to focus on William Shatner and his (made up) anger at director J.J. Abrams (remember it was the NY Post that started the ‘Shatner is furious‘ story). Now the New York Daily News is taking Shatner’s appearance at the Las Vegas Star Trek convention (see TrekMovie.com Con report) and totally distorting it to fit with the Shatner/Abrams feud story.

The Daily News recounts Shatner’s story about being run off the road by a fan who is a stunt driver and they twist it around to it being Shatner’s ‘road rage’ with him screaming "I am Captain Kirk" (yes Shatner did say that in his story, but not in the way it appears in the tabloid version which takes it out of context). In addition The Daily News recounts Shatner’s jokes about not being in the film, but twists it to where Shatner ‘denounced’ J.J. Abrams and appeared ‘manic.’ It is clear that these people have never seen Shatner at any event before, because there was nothing unusual about Shatner’s performance in Vegas. The tabloid also claims Shatner was ‘addled and red faced’ when taking pictures. Bill walked right by me to his photo session and he was his usual smiling self. I talked to several people who took pictures with him and they were nothing but happy with the results. In the TrekMovie.com Con report I did note that some may take some of what Shatner was saying seriously if they weren’t there and didn’t see it in context.

It is great that this film has ‘buzz,’ but it appears that the tabloids (both here and in the UK) are using that to create celebrity stories which are simply BS. It may be that the NY tabloids will now twist anything Shatner says into this ‘angry at Abrams’ myth they have created. Unfortunately for many people in the general mainstream (who don’t follow Trek/sci-fi news closely) the only news they hear about the film is the sensationalistic stuff coming from the tabloids. So the average person might think that the new movie has every celeb in Hollywood in the movie (except for William Shatner who is trying to break down the gates of Paramount).

UPDATE: And it gets even worse.

As discussed before, these tabloid stories often have a ‘ripple effect’ where they get picked up by other news sites, news papers and websites…often being further distorted. For example HolyMoly:Shatner Makes Drunken Appearance

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It seems It’s really only a story to these tabloids if Shatner is involved.

I for one don’t take anything they say in regards to this film seriously.

What in God’s name has happened to the notion of journalistic integrity? How do these people look themselves in the mirror every morning?

Edward R. Murrow is spinning in his grave.

Anthony, you keep right on calling those liars out. It may not make much of a difference to the rest of the world, but it does matter a great deal to us.

are you sure tekmovie.com isn’t a disguise fan site run by Paramount?

Didn’t Bill already say, “Get a Life?”
I’m sure all this is just to get the Buzz and build up for his part in Star Trek XI, so you all , “enjoy it for what is is”

Still No Remastered in Atlantic Canada !!

#2: “What in God’s name has happened to the notion of journalistic integrity? How do these people look themselves in the mirror every morning?”

Such notions never have had anything to do with the NY tabloids – this kind of writing on their part isn’t the result of a decline in standards, it’s a matter of standards that the NY Daily News, for one, has never ever entertained.

#3: Talk about out of context! Where did that come from?

Hey Anthony how about starting our own sci fi gossip rag??? The Trekquirer!!!! We can spew rumor and inuendo with the best of them!!!

I pay no attention to that story. Bottom line is both Shatner AND Abrams are very clear that they are not feuding.

Shatner has gone out of his way to bring that up.

Of course, this can all be cleared up if Abrams and Paramount would sign the man.

It would stop if he is going to be in the movie. I also used to depend on the tabloids for info. This site is amazing after dealing with that. Do they even know JJ is trying to work it all out. We will know a lot more by november. Bill already said he is disappointed but not angry. i guess that was too boring for them. If Shatner ends up in it maybe they will be saying Patrick Stewart is furious. I do believe Paramount will open the gate for Shatner one more time. For better or worse we will see 12-25-08.

#8 News Flash from the Dettroit Daily…

Anthony Pascale, of TREKMOVIE.COM signs six figure contract with Paramount to produce StarTrek XII. May also star as a redshirt.

The NY Post routinely prints garbage and nonsense, because it’s not a true newspaper, but merely Rupert’s rag. The Daily News is not as bad, but often falls into that category. Basically they stick whatever they feel like writing into print so as to fill up their pages.

I must be somewhat naive, how often does the word integrity apply to some of those rags? How sad that people who buy these papers with the belief that the information within is actually true. Next thing you know there will be reports that Elvis will be coming out of hiding to play Captain Pike.

491 dtST


Trekkies were HORRIFIED to see original Captain Kirk star William Shatner, 45, gun down the producer of the next “Star Trek” movie JJ Abrams in a drunken, drug-fuelled, viscious and strangely groovy attack live on stage at some convention or other somewhere in AMERICA. Shatner, 39, was well known to be GUTTED after being turned down by Abrams for a part in the next Trek movie. Abrams had earlier said “He is too old and I dont like his nose and he is dumb and I hate him. Nya Nya Ny-Nya-Nyahh”. Shatner was reportedly INCONSOLABLE and was heard plotting his EVIL VENGEANCE in a nearby bar where he told bystanders “Gonna kill that sucka!”, “He’s taken the best years of my life”, “It’s my way or the highway” and “There’s something on the wing!”

The news of this GHASTLY MURDER comes days after original Spock star Leonard Nimoy expressed his OUTRAGE that he was also not going to be in the new Movie becuase he is LEFT-HANDED. His role of SPOCK will instead be played by the heartthrob TOM CRUISE. Nimoy is being held by LAPD for questioning while a manhunt for Shatner, 49, continues. Experts believe he is hiding out in HOLLYWOOD where STARS live, or may also be somewhere ELSE.

Are YOU a Trekkie? Do you freakishly prefer some stupid TV show over the GLORY that is the FOOTBALL PREMIERSHIP with DAVID (Sainted are his golden balls) BECKHAM?
Then turn to Page 5 where you can enter our prize draw to win a chance to be blasted into space with Richard Branson on his new space plane!

(c) The Sun 2007

In other news:
etc. etc.

Liek, whoa. Anthony is *pissed*.

Deservedly, but still… you’re writing style gets so cute when it’s angry, Tony. ;)

This is all great news !!

Not bad news at all,,

The newspapers are so frustrated with no hint about what Mr Shatner is going to do,, they now have to resort to making up their own “News” in order to force someone to say something.

I say,,


Ride the wave of everyones gossip,, and keep the buggers guessing,,


( and maybe sue the ones that go to far )

#16: Tony… but all your signals… oh, I’m so distraught!

*rushes to room, slams door*

Incidentally, and on a completely and totally unrelated note, I and a friend of mine (Eric), were considered the Latin class champions of homosexual innuendo. And I went to an all-male high school, so competition was stiff.

Oceanhopper–Brilliant post!
James–Frightening post!

(nobody wants to hear about that kind of competition being “stiff”)

((not that there’s anything wrong with that))

#17 SirMartman
Don’t call them newspapers…. they aren’t even close.

James (#18),

Heh. Heh heh. You said “stiff.” Heh heh heh.

If you’re looking for “stiff”, then why not cast “woody” harrelson?

I already knew that the New York Post is a sensationalist, tabloid rag.

I will add the New York Daily News to that list, and, regard it with a similar lack of respect and credence.

Dennis (#5),

I know I was giving too much credit to hack tabloid writers, editors, etc. Mentioning Murrow in the same breath with them is practically sacrilege. I ask a thousand pardons.

I guess my point was more to what lead the people who concoct such drivel down that road. When I was in college I took English Writing and Journalism classes, but to my recollection there weren’t any “Tabloid Sensationalism 101” classes in the university catalog.

They couldn’t have actually wanted to be part of such dreck from the beginning, could they? How do make that career choice? It simply boggles my mind, and I know I could never live with myself if I were in their place.

I don’t think you were too hard on them at all

I think there should be a £1 donation to the treasury every time the words ‘brit tabloids’ are used on this site. Its not as though rumour mills are unique to britain, but it does seem as though britain is being singled out in the main articles in a kind of charged way which isn’t pleasant to read.

Do you work for a “Brit tabloid”? Why does this offend you so?

BTW please point the “Yank tabloid” out that reports such things as the fresh-out-of-rehab singer that’s going to be Kirk in the new movie or any of the other rumors that are being reported by your native tabloids. Even your fellow countrymen have informed us that the majority of these “newspapers” are drivel not to be given a second look. If it makes you feel better, ALL U.S tabloids are the finest pieces of crap “journalism” to commit ink to paper known to man. They suck. You all don’t have the market cornered on shite reporting, ya’ know

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, please to be looking at the headline of this article.

“NY tabloid distorting Shatner–again”

Fair and balanced reporting, I say.

“It’s worse than that, he’s drunk Jim.”
Heh, that linked article was such BS I can’t believe it hasn’t been taken down yet. Do these people have any sense of propriety? Shatner is a living breathing human being here…and how dare they compare him with Lohan??
And since when is a red face a sign of drunkenness??
Wow, this is infuriating, lol. Poor Shat. >_

Hey, THX-1138, sounds like someone needs a hug…..c’mere, ya big lug!!!

#27, #28 I was agreeing with the substance of what you were saying from a different perspective – that Britain doesn’t have the monopoly on rumours. Again, I did read the subject line, actually even though it was an NY thing Brit tabloids were nevertheless mentioned in the content, and no I neither work for nor read nor buy them.

If you read my #26 post again it should be clearer, regards your questions. You might not agree but thats ok. I don’t really post here so not sure if this is a debating environment (in which case perhaps I should have just messaged the author) or whether you were looking for clarification.