More Shots Of Quinto As Spock

More shots from Star Trek’s location shoot last week have shown up on a French website.

Check out at Buzzline for 15 shots. If you missed it, the first shots are JFX Online

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looks great!


Very Cool



He carries the character well. Looks like they’re having fun.



not first, and i don’t care….quinto looks awesome

He’ll be fine. Makes me nostalgic to know Leonard Nimoy will probably be doing one of his last portrayals of Mr. Spock

Lookin’ good, and it’s been good to hear that the two Spocks are getting on well, having a bit of a rapport.

It’s really spooky how convincing he looks in character.

Or should I say… spocky?

No, on second thought, I shouldn’t. :p

The ears do not look right.

I dunno…

He’s laughing in that third picture. The real Spock would never laugh (unless being forced to by Roman Gods), not even off-camera!

I’m boycotting. ;)

that is so eerie. so cool.

well, they’ve already created a travesty to canon – Spock is not supposed to laugh.

the movie is a mess already! OrcSter™, say it ain’t so, baybeeee!



I’m always amused by the people who claim “first” but are really third. Makes me laugh every time.

I sure hope Mr. Orci gets those official shots that he promised he was “working on” in another post out soon.

*Crosses fingers*

16 – Roberto said that the reason they haven’t taken the official photos is that they don’t have everyone on set yet. Once they do, which he says should be by the end of the year, they’ll get them out.

Indeed, am most pleased by the result of the Spockification. Except in some shots it looks like maybe some of his real eyebrows are still visible. But that could be a) the make-up job is not quite done or needs to be tweaked, b) outdoor lighting from a cheap digital camera, or c) his eyebrows grow completely back in 45 minutes.

But otherwise, most definitely cool pics. This is the coolest (um, only?) “hard evidence” we’ve gotten about the new movie!

This looks GREAT!

I hope this allays many aesthetic concerns.

Ok, he can smile, but can he cock one eyebrow? Was that part of the audition, Roberto?

Spock laughing! That’s like Mickey Mouse walking around Disneyland with his plastic head under his arm.

Spock laughed in the Cage.

Oh come on Nimoy laughed and smiled off camera all the time! Get real. If you haven’t seen the plethora of pics of him doing so you can see the behind the scenes home movies on the new remastered trek DVDs! As for the pics I have to say I am really impressed with Quinto’s likeness to the original I hope all the characters turn out even half as good!

Aaron R

P.S. The ears are fine maybe Vulcans Ears sag more on the bottom as they age! Just Kidding guys… But really the ears are fine.

Aaron R.

There’s a picture of Nimoy laughing in Spock make-up while standing next to some production guy in one of ‘The Making of…’paperbacks.Rare candid moment.That’s what this reminds me of.Definitely an illusion breaker.There really aren’t alot of pictures of Nimoy in Spock make-up out of character.

P.S.S. Anyone read soem of the posts on the site linked with the other pics? Man a lot of NON Trek people (Women I think… maybe men) Drooling over Quinto as Spock. This has to be good for opening day! Even if they are men drooling over him… IDIC people IDIC.

^ Aaron, I’m reserving my drool for Zoe and whoever plays Rand.

^ Aaron–Yeah, I saw some of those posts too. Made me wonder if it’s a gay site. Quinto is pretty cute, but not smokin’ hot. I’d give the “smokin’ hot” adjective to Chris Pine though…..but of course that all depends on individual tastes.

Don’t mean to get off topic Anthony, but what is up with this and only this site lately? My computer locks up, CPU goes 100%. Can’t hardly post anymore
: (

He’s so CUTE

Tip: Quinto is human and smiles.

Spock is a fictional character who only smiles sometimes.

End of tip.

Finally get to see these without that annoying watermark!

Quinto looks damn good. Can’t wait for Nimoy’s pictures to start popping up!


Please, for the love of God, tell me that any of you complaining about the shape of the EARS are really just kidding. You ARE kidding, right? Can you honestly explain to me why you’re willing to accept another actor in the role of Spock, with features that are ALL slightly different from Leonard Nimoy (whether it’s eyes, nose, mouth, cheekbones, height, whatever), but because the EARS don’t look EXACTLY THE SAME like the ones used in the Original Series, you’re willing to cry foul???

As Spock would undoubtedly say: “Illogical… now cut that s#%t out.”

I was especially impressed with the photo near the bottom of the list where it’s a far shot of Quinto looking down as he walks toward the camera with a coat draped over his shoulders……man, that looks like a young Nimoy reincarnated! Spooky!!

Oooh, and I just noticed the Great Big Sea mention on the Canadian Turtle page. Rock on! Spock AND GBS in one post …

33 – Amen.

I think this might just work. Now, so long as they don’t crap all over it by serving us ENTERPRISE in the the TIME of KIRK.

It should look like a modern version of the Original…with a few suprises.

34–I am in strong agreement with your statement.

And 32, Nimoy should look totally cool as an old Spock. He’ll have that laser stare times ten from TUC….

what are they gonna say next? that the eyebrows aren’t thick enough? it’s good to see Spock again

No worries here, ZQ will be fine. Hope no cheesy helmet hair wigs show up on any of the _`ans in the new film. Use something besides Yak hair if some characters do have to wig up. My .02 worth for the past month.

I know it’s kinda hard to judge from these shots, but it doesn’t look like they gave his skin a greenish tint…..

If anyone wants a pic or two of Nemoy on set of TOS and out of character, look up his entry on IMDb

Also re #29

Anthony, I also have been having problems with this site not working well.

1] Same high CPU [100%]

2] When I click on a poll, the following pops up: “Your last request is still being processed. Please wait a while …”

3] On my end, “connection strength: excellent”, “Network: connected”, my other windows [in firefox] are working…

4] I often can not cut and paste on just this site and often after clicking on a link or an ad or poll…

Could this be high volume? …or strange flash in the ads? Could this be a Gorilla Nation issue?

I guess many of the double posts on this site as of late may be due to this.

Thanks again for the best Trek site on the net!

That looks great! Very Spock-like

With my right hand to God, I swear I have a sweater just like that stored in the attic somewhere.

Well, dig it up and wear it to the premiere on December 25, 2008! Yowza!!

You know, I just thought of something:

Star Trek has always been described as being, at its core, a trinity of Kirk, Spock, and McCoy.

We’ve examined Spock’s history in some detail, and we’ll be seeing Kirk’s parents in this film.

But what about McCoy? I’ve always felt that it really hasn’t been a true trinity. Instead of it being Kirk, Spock, and McCoy, it’s always felt like Kirk and Spock … and McCoy. Like he was less important than the other two.

I hope that we explore the past of not only Kirk and Spock, but McCoy as well, on a similar level as Kirk and Spock. Let’s meet a young David McCoy and his wife. Let’s see young Leonard McCoy at Ole Miss. Seriously, for someone held so high in the Trek Universe, his character has not received the attention it should be getting.

28 — The link originally posted as a source is my personal blog. The people commenting are just a bunch of Zachary Quinto, Heroes and some Star Trek fans/fangirls ;)

he looks like spock from star trek v!!! same color patterns!!!

will sybock be in this?

#48 Sybok sucks, so I hope not…

They should force him to have a nose job. His nose is what kills it. It’s all giant and bulbous compared to Nimoy’s. Other than that, he’s passable, I suppose… but god, the nose… it’s just the wrong shape and size…