More Spy Pics: See John Cho Do The Sulu Chop

Those pesky paparazzi at JFX Online went down to the Star Trek location shoot (after a local news team blabbed to the world where to go) and nabbed some shots of the set piece, faux ice sheet and lots of shots of John Cho (the new Sulu) in some kind of space suit practicing for an action scene. See below [spoilers].

Cho does the Sulu dance:

click to see larger images at JFX of Cho and his sword

Clearly when John Cho told Star Trek Magazine that he thought Sulu was going to be ‘a badass’ in the film and that he had to do fight training, he was referring to sequences like the one shooting this week.

Klingon? not likely
JFX has a second set of photos with a closer look at the set piece revealed by Fox 11 news and another character they think might be a Klingon, but is almost certain is not.

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Cool to see hiim with the sideburns :)

Cool! But we appear to have a lot more time to have a lot more of these kinds of things.

I like how the spacesuit is reminiscent of the one seen in “The Tholian Web” As for the Klingon…possibly but I’m with Anthony on this one: no.

#3—I thought the same thing about the suit!

Very cool.

Some seriously intense spy picks there eh

Sulu is a badass!

And I have no idea how they could have possibly thought that that guy was a Klingon.

When my daughter sees the movie, she’ll wonder why Sulu has a sword, but doesn’t have his shirt off (for a 6 year old girl, the “Naked Time” sequence is one of her favorites!)

sword fighting! Awesome!
Sulu’s suit! Awesome!


So let me get this straight, Sulu is fighting someone with a sword… while wearing a spacesuit?


I was hoping Abrams would bring back the swashbuckling 60s action of TOS. It was such a KEY ingredient in what made the original series so fun, and was sorely lacking in the spinoffs.

We’ve never seen the black character before, therefore this scene cannot fit into canon. If we didn’t see a character on TOS, that character never existed.

I’m sorry, but I HAD to say it in jest before some canon-slave said it.

EV suite looks a bit too Enterprise in design, but Cho does have the look of Sulu. We’ll have to rely more on these snatched glimpses now we have to wait 6 months more…!

I don’t think that is a Klingon. Unless the Klingons look like something between the 60’s Klingons and the Worf Klingons in the new Star Trek movie .

So much for the NX01-set (or Vulcan, which I guessed).

Why shouldn’t that be a Klingon? Does have any insider inf… wait. Let me rephrase that. Did your sources tell you that? :-)

He looks more like the tall guy in Star Trek: What Little Girls Are Made Of?

arrr… spacesuit? I expected somethin’ more original like characters being wrapped in a fibrous pericardium for thar space walking…

talk about regression… bringing a sword to a phaser fight…

Even I know better ta put me pistol ahead o’ me daggers…
but good ta see some “Hornblowing” and swahbuckling gunna make a comeback…

(Freudian analysis, anyone thar? arrrr…)

Samurai swordfighting in a space suit? absolutely friggin genius!!! and there is no way that is a klingon, not even an ENT klingon with that virus nonsense

Cho does look bad-ass.

It reminds me of that scene from The Cage between Pike and that big Troll-like citadel guard on Rigel VII. Pike lost crew there, and was quite upset about it.

Could Sulu have served with Pike, and could this be Rigel VII? ;-)

Definitely *not* a crashed starship. Alien outpost, I think.

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

Thank god that’s not a Klingon. Sorry, but he just looks like a human in a funny outfit. Let’s see some alien-looking aliens this time around! No more forehead clay standing in for alien features.

That being said, could it be a Kaylar warrior?

Doh, #18 beat me to the punch.

Oh my! >;>}


those suit components would never be used in such an environment and the surface skin of the material is far too thin to be viable in a hostile/space environment definitely not 22nd century technology there. Also the starfleet logo on his suit is .22 microns too small on the lower arching cusp


If it is, then it takes us right into the psyche and heart of Pike just before events in The Cage, which would be great.

I wonder if we’ll see Fleet Captain Pike savings cadets on a class J Starship.

448 days to go…

I wish people would stop making fun of people who believe in adhering to canon. The joke may have been funny at first, but it’s REALLY old at this point. And unoriginal. Not to mention it poorly represents the goals and beliefs of purists like me; we don’t obsess over tiny details, it’s the HUGE changes that JJ and Orci are making that we’re not so happy with.

The suit looks cool, but not very TOS-y. As for the sword…I think they’re missing the point that fencing was a HOBBY of Sulu’s. Not a major combat technique that he would bring with him on the battlefield. Not to mention that Japanese swordfighting (which is what it looks like he’s doing there) is totally different from the discipline of fencing.

The “Klingon”, at least his uniform, looks a lot closer to a TOS Romulan uniform complete with the blue sash.

Nice. Perhaps the guy is a satnd in for nero or [perhaps he is a Romulan Henchman or dare I say it an Orion who lost his greeness? How do we know that there are not Orions that are not green?

That guys suit looks just like Shinzon’s

With some people not wanting a time travel movie what about this? The last time we saw Spock he was on the Romulan home planet maybe Spock gets caught and the Romulans inject a truthserum. We see Spock’s thoughts in flashbacks with Spock so drugged up he see himself inside the flashbacks so he gets to talk to his younger self. Spock fights not to give anything away to the Romulans so he starts making things up to confuse them. You know those Romulan they want to know everything even how much you paid for that car.

Ok. took the brown set piece…did my best to remove the watermark, surrounding area and (with a healthy bit of artistic license and extrapolation) came up with this.

I’m saying…it’s the base of something circular, or which we are only seeing the front half – the rest to be added digitally. Maybe a landing gear of some sort – definitely has some “strut” aspect to it, and the vertical post coming out of the middle seems to indicate that it connects to something above. Also, given the size comparison to the pictures of people on it, I’m saying it’s something fairly BIG.

Of course, it’s all BS! but something to think about while we fritter away the months.


#25: Good call on the sash. Just re-watched the TOSR Menagerie 2 with the Kaylar, and they seem to carry around axes on a regular basis, and the scene is littered with maces, swords and shields all over the place.

Can’t wait to see.

18# I like it. “The Cage” great thinking

Got to admit, these sets are pretty impressive. This pic really has a sense of scaled to it. Very impressive …

#24—Speculation, of course, but I would guess that if Sulu is fighting with a sword, then he has been put into a situation where the sword is his only weapon available. THAT is “TOS-y” (good adjective). And didn’t I read somewhere that Cho was taking “fencing” lessons in preperation for his role? It is clearly not a fencing sword, but it looks like he is executing some very standard “parrying” techniques from the still shots. Besides, I doubt the spacesuit would afford him the maneuverablity necessary to use the classic “hand-to-hip” fencing form.

As for the look of the suit, I only recall the spacesuit from TOS “The Tholian Web”. That episode was obviously from the 3rd season of TOS. Since we do not know the timeframe of this action sequence, or if it takes place in the original timeline for that matter, it is hardly definitive as to whether it is “canon”.

Secondly, it is not beyond the realm of possibility to have changed standard issue spacesuits within the five-year mission. I once had my Marine Corps issued camouflage utility jacket checked in and was reissued a Gortex version within the same overseas deployment. We also exchanged our M60 Medium machine guns for the newer M240G’s within that same deployment (never having test-fired it before, we were given the flight deck of the USS Guam and the open Atlantic to do it).

If “canon” is the major issue for you, then what is the difference in creatively explaining it within “canon” here—and every other time we have had to do so since 1966?

Sorry AJ, I meant that as a response to #25, not #24.

This film is going to ROCK! =D

I like Sulu’s suit and his being all bad-ass with a sword is awesome. And that alien looks more like a Jaffa to me than a Klingon… Oh but wait… wrong show…. Sorry! :D

Good job

Freakin SAMURAI SWORD?!?!?

That ALONE will make me want to see this movie.

I don’t think this is a space fight. The scenes we saw before from the local news team showed icy conditions. So the EV suit is probably to survive the cold.

>>As for the look of the suit, I only recall the spacesuit from TOS “The Tholian Web”. That episode was obviously from the 3rd season of TOS.

Don’t forget the thermal suits worn in The Naked Time. Different design all together, but since we’ve never been given a tour of the Star Fleet Quartermaster’s catalog, who’s to say what the environment might be like wherever Sulu is.

C’mon, Paramount! give us some teaser pix like you did for TMP!

seriously i’ve heard the word “canon” so many times on these posts that everytime i see it, i’ll just skip to the next comment. enough arguing already…its a NEW MOVIE

That’s not a Klingon, it’s just a black guy.

Thats no klingon, thats my wife …….

#42–Great point. And I forgot all about those…

Absolutely loving it so far. To me it seems this film will be wonderfully familiar and extravagantly fresh and “big” enough to appeal to fans and newbies alike. I can’t wait.

Did someone say the film has been pushed back?


Yes bring on the spy goodies!!! We have over a year to wait so why not !!
Spoil me I say spoil me !!!!

Lets not forget people… This is a Paramount sanctioned Trek on Film… IT CREATES CANON. Just because we never saw it, doesnt mean it doesnt exist. The US Military has dozens of different uniform types etc… we only saw a very small portion of the fleet in TOS and mostly just the same crewpeople. Things can happen “off screen”. (hee hee)