The Following Images Are NOT From The Star Trek Movie

Today a couple of images have cropped on the Interweb which some believe to be from the new Star Trek movie. First up is from a New York Toy Fair report at Gearlog. It shows pictures from various booths including the one above right from the Master Replicas booth with the following caption “A phazer model from the upcoming J.J. Abrams-directed Star Trek remake.” Soon after that report TrekWeb ran an article titled “First Look at Phaser from New Star Trek Movie.”

The problem (beyond spelling phaser wrong) is that picture really is Master Replicas Star Trek V/VI ‘Assault Phaser.’ reported on that (with a picture) last month. And just to be clear the ‘communicator’ shown at Gearlog is Master Replica’s new TNG tricorder (which we also reported on last month). Corgi/Master Replicas does have the license for the new movie, but they didn’t show any prototypes at Toy Fair.

This is NOT JJ Abrams on the set of Star Trek
Another ‘tip’ that has been sent to more than once is the following image.

It most recently appeared at the Brazilian site Omelete, in an article about the new Abrams show Fringe. Although Omelete doesn’t state it, some believe it to be from the new movie. The picture is actually a few years old and is of Abrams on the set of his series Alias which ran from 2001-2006. An example can be seen in a New York times article about the show from 2004.

So the lesson of the day is…don’t believe everything you read and see on the Internet…unless of course it is at

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Trek Movie is quickly becoming the snopes of the Star Trek universe!

(and I’m becoming the bane to all the goof balls who troll the site just to type in “first” like a bunch of preschoolers)


I love the way this site always SHOOTS DOWN other sites’ rumors! (pun intended)

Tony, I think they do it because they hope Abrams will hire them as sex puppets for use on the set.

That phasers top arch is .0005 micronaughts off the original design sketch which I have studied with a micro magnifying glass. Sorry but its not

Set our reaction on STUNned that these photos are fake!

Clearly that’s the heavy assult phaser used in ST:V and VI, and not a new prop. I’m really surprised that it was posted at all.

The internet lies??



It looks like #2 proved your point!

We are clamouring obsessively for every detail we can get, then posting endlessly on the dubiously sourced things we find.

Talk about a storm in a teacup.

Glass of water for CmdrR.

#7 you are indeed correct, but you failed to notice the detailing on front rim & grip are not correct, therefore not canon. I emplore you to watch the movies on freeze frame as I have to see the significant discrepancies

Plus there’s a micro-inscription of “May the Force Be With You” on the underside of the left-side lip of the rear housing cowl. As I recall it was in recessed Trebuchet italics.

People who identified the phaser didn’t know the difference from a communicator and a tricorder.

The parts on that assault phaser that are supposed to be bright aluminum are waaay too dull.
Phasers= my thing.

arrrr… I taped 15 lazer pointers together and made me own phaser…

I’m sure non-Trek folks wouldn’t know terra cotta from spaghetti ricotta but a site calling itself “TrekWeb” makin’ an error… then, well, we do drink thar milkshake…


PLEEEEEASE stop with the Canon comments all the time. The only thing that freakin matters is Kirk Spock and McCoy. But then again you may count the pimples on their face and cry FOUL. Or that Pine’s height doesn’t match Shatner’s. We all love Star Trek for it’s Social Sci Fi not it’s attention to detail. SORRY CANNONITES!!!!



#17: I think that Trekofficial’s comment was tongue-in-cheek.

The phaser is obvious, but looks like JJ is inside the new E warp nacelle. He should have stuck with TOS warp nacelles…

It’s just been building Mazzer. I probably chose the wrong time to blow. You know, I’m as big of a Trekkie as there is and I can honestly say that none of the Star Trek movies has ever come across as a really good mainstream movie. I enjoyed Khan and First Contact but that’s because I AM a Trekkie. Maybe TOS as it was wasn’t ever going to come across on the Big Screen well and if a REBOOT that ISN’t canon can do it then I say AMEN! (((I Know I’m off topic and will stop now)))

I think this qualifies as “minutiae” in every sense. Hey British Naval Dude, I agree. BTW, I just found out what a “salty pirate” is… Any relation?

hey, if it is on Wikipedia, it’s canon, right? ;-) is awesome.

cbs should just hand over their to you guys!

The Straw Man got quite a workout in this one! Go, SM, go! It’s so fun to pelt you!

22. arrrr… I did say “drink yar milkshake” which I suppose will eventually be used in a similarly ill manner as “salty pirate”…
But, as me commanding officer reminds us all: dunna ask, dunna tell

Wonder what other obvious false alarms can be posted on the interweb? Maybe we should have a good ole competition amongst ourselves?
I could come up with a better lookin’ Trek XI phaser than this spectre of the gun…


#19 I noticed that serious posts regarding canon issues have all but stopped ever since they started getting teased non stop by everyone including die hard Trekkies. About time. Seems like canon posts are just fun now; see how far we can push the anal-retentive purists out there until they strike back.

BTW, I do intend to boycott the movie unless they cut off (physically or digitally) Simon Pegg’s right finger. After all, Jimmy Doohan was injured in real life, so it became canon. Ooh, wait…they could put that into the battle scenes!

TrekWeb sucks. The people who post on there are always putting down everything…TV shows…movies…even Star Trek itself! That’s why I like coming here…everyone’s so warm and fuzzy all the time! :)

I saw the Trek Web headline in their RSS feed hoping it was true and I couldn’t believe that didn’t sport a similar headline. Boy was my face red!

I look at these false reports and ‘exagerations’ from a positive perspective. Star Trek is something that is hot for some of us lurking in the Internet. Almost like the paparazzi trying to get a scoop or a great picture of any celebrity that no one else has been able to.

The more you see this ‘stuff’ the more it confirms the demand for it and the perception this movie is big. Not that I’m looking for it, but I don’t recall too many other movies where getting the scoop or pictures of production shots was ‘hot’.

You have to know JJ and his gang are probably enjoying the publicity to some extent.

#28 James Doohan’s missing finger was never shown in any episode. He always hid it when filming. So this was Mr. Doohan’s missing finger, not Montgomery Scott’s missing finger.

^ You can see Jimmy’s finger clearly in Tribbles, in the reck room scene when he’s got a handful.

And for anyone (admittedly few) who don’t know, Doohan dropped many a jaw at conventions explaining that he ‘lost’ the finger to a German bullet while hitting the beach on D-Day. He will be a tough act to follow, indeed.

what do you expect from schlockmeisters Master Replicas/Corgi

They lost the Star Wars business, and now they’re out to bungle Star Trek.

Check out their stock price: about 2 !!!

Live prosper and long.

I’ve seen that Abrams pic before- it’s from the Alias set.

I swear, if you just look at his wardrobe you can figure out what he’s working on. I swear I’ve seen that tan sweater on every shot of him from the Alias set, every year it was on. Same thing for Trek- in the Trek photos he’s always wearing a dark blue lifevest type jacket [no sleeves].

No, I’m not a stalker, just anal-lytical.

Hahahaha! Thanks for keeping the fake stories from being considered as real, I love it!

I would hate to see what things would look like if the “canon people” really did shut up.
I’m not always up on certain minute things being or not being canon, but I do think that it should be preserved as much as possible in the most obvious of things.
So “canonites” keep on canonizing!

re: 29. Cobalt Ben – February 19, 2008
“TrekWeb sucks. The people who post on there are always putting down everything…TV shows…movies…even Star Trek itself! That’s why I like coming here…everyone’s so warm and fuzzy all the time! :)”

If anyone is tkeeping stats, I personally do not classify myself as “warm and fuzzy.” (Even though I do not put-down TrekWeb) ;)

Actually, I don’t even look at TrekWeb, for that matter.

33. CmdrR. Whenever a scene required the use of Scotts right hand, a stund double was used, ie the transporter. So when you say, you can see Jimmy’s finger clearly in tribbles. I don’t understand? The whole point, is that you never see his right hand with the middle finger missing. If you know of any scene, when you can cleary see a MISSING middle finger on his right hand, let me know, because they took pains to make sure this never happened. A lot of the time, he just put his right hand behind his back, or hid it otherwise.

Good article!

Well done, Admiral Snopes!

Peace. Live long and prosper
The Vulcanista }:-|

#32 It was also obvious in STV when he opens the food Uhura brought him on the bridge. There! I run rings around your logic! I finally started something!

I want to say I have nothing but respect for Mr. Doohan. He was a very fine actor and his absence is still felt.

I am merely pointing out – and the responses to my prior post back me up on this – it is a work of fiction which frequently contradicted itself over its 40+ year run. This is coming from a life long Trekkie: let’s just take it as it is, a movie. A movie I will see in theaters no less than 5 times as it will be the most kickinest-ass (more so than even Cool Runnings) movie ever made.

PS: I am laying the sarcasm on pretty thick with the whole Cool Runnings thing. But 5 times, oh yeah.


Check out Star Trek V when Scotty is opening his food packet. His hand is clearly visible.


Awww, shut up.

#21: Totally agree with you, Spiked. :-)

In Tribbles, he apparently forgot to cover his missing finger. Yes, he had a hand double for some scenes. But, in that shot, you can see his finger. That is, what’s left of it.

That phaser may not be from the movie, but it’s still pretty sweet…

…might have to get one… heh!

Anyone got a link for pre-order? ;-)

LL&P :-)

#45 – Pity it wasn’t real, I could have used one on a few people at work today :-\

Any Trek fan and can’t tell that is the Phaser II from Star Trek V is should be ashamed. The only thing I wish is that now that they have us waiting until May of 2009 they should give us a peek at some of the things they are working on. Maybe a shot of the Captain’s chair of something.


Get on back over to the TrekWeb forums!

I’ve been thinking it over– with all the talk about time travel, alternate histories, etc… could it be that this movie “changing” Trek canon has caused the release date to change???????/

ok.. seriously. I have been wondering where the publicity stills for this movie are. We had out of context cast and set pix for the other films early on in the production process. I for one am a Treknology hound, and I’m looking forward to however this film ends up looking. As far as I’m concerned, the ladies and gentlemen building the sets, costumes, and props are just this side of magicians.

For example, there are so many people wanting exact replicas of the 1960s sets, etc. I think that is an amazing homage to the craftsmen who made all that stuff, from Matt Jeffries and Wah Chang, down to the lowliest of Bill Theiss’s seamstresses.

Also: That movie phaser. It’s a very cool looking phaser, everyone agrees. I’m itching to see what the retro weapons are going to look like. Will they still use typewriter keys on them? Will they ratchet like Craftsman tools?

It’s going to be a glorious movie for props and costumes. Glorious!

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