The Collective: Mego Gorn + Hallmark Ornaments + New Pre-orders

The Collective brings news on all sorts of Trek stuff we can expect later this year. We have the first look at the newly designed Mego Gorn, new pre-orders available for new DS9 and TOS figures and also a closer look at the 2008 Star Trek Hallmark ornaments.

First look at DST Retro MEGO Gorn
This week DST and EMCE Toys released the first look at the redesigned MEGO retro Gorn. DST promised a surprise with the Gorn, and they were not exaggerating. This is the first MEGO reproduction that tries to improve on the original 70s version. While previous action figures from this DST line are detailed reproductions, the original Gorn was seriously problematic, from its brown color to the use of a Klingon costume. The redesigned Gorn, available this autumn, tries to look like what the toy could have been with a blend of detailing and playability. The Gorn (paired with the a new Sulu retro MEGO figure) should be available for preorder soon. 


New Diamond figures available for pre-order
The previously announced second series of Deep Space Nine figures are now available for pre-order from Entertainment Earth.

Star Trek Deep Space Nine Series 2 Action Figure Set Star Trek Deep Space Nine Season 7 Kira Action Figure
(pre-order for October)
(available in stock)

Also the first Star Trek ‘ultra scale’ figure (Kirk of course) with 25 points of articulation is now available for pre-order.

Star Trek Ultimate Captain Kirk 1:4 Scale Figure
(pre-order, available October)


Closer look at 2008 Hallmark ornaments
This February, broke the news about this year’s Hallmark Star Trek ornaments, the Reliant, a Trouble With Tribbles scene, and a Communicator.
This week the 2008 Dreambook (Hallmark’s catalog of all new ornaments) is available in all the Hallmark stores and was also sent to members of the Keepsake Ornament Club (the Dreambook is also available online, exclusively for KOC members but will become available to everyone within the week). With your Dreambook, you can fill out a "wishlist" and give it to your local Hallmark for them to set aside whatever ornaments you want (you pay for them when available).

The Reliant and Trouble With Tribbles ornaments are available during the July 12-13, 2008 ornament premiere at stores. (click to enlarge)

The Communicator ornament is available this October.
(click to enlarge)

Master Replica studio-scale Enterprise available for pre-order again
The limited edition 32" long, finely detailed model of the TOS Enterprise sold out quickly when it was released, but Entertainment Earth has some more coming into stock in July. At $1,199 it is pricey, but is expertly crafted and comes with lights and a stand.  

Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise Replica Limited Edition
(pre-order, available July)


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Ooh, I want one of those Gorns!

looks mighty fine… might have to drop by hallmark in a few months

1,999.00 Man I really want that ship but it’s just too much money for me.

Kirk neck-deep in tribbles – who would not want that hanging on their tree. Yeah HallmarK!

Gorn looks great, but I don’t collect the Mego stuff. Love the MR Enterprise. If I had the money, I would definitely get one. I saw one in Seattle and it was B-E-A-Utiful. Harry, with all your riches, and my B-Day coming up, I’m just sayin’.

Cool story: The Mrs and I were thrift store shopping a couple weeks ago. Hey, with all the kids we have and summer coming, it’s the best way to outfit them for the season. Anyway, at one point we are just wandering around, and as I am wont to do, I find myself over by the crappy, destroyed thrift store toys. There, to my astonishment, sits one of the new Diamond Select/Art Asylum communicators. Brand new and still sealed in the box.
For $6.00 US! Scooped that baby right up, I did. And now I have five communicators in my collection: MR version, 2 ST:TE versions, a Playmates version, and now a DST/AA version. Bring on the tricorder!

Reliant is the superior ornament. I want it for my Christmas constellation.

I like the Gorn. I’d like to get it for my daughter, so she could give her gecko a companion.

For $1,999.99 (that’s Vulcan for 2 Grand) it had better be capable of orbit, if not warp :)

The tribble thing looks cool. The gorn looks cool.

That 1:4 scale starfleet command officer guy is okay. Is he suppose to be anyone we know, though?


Yes we should know him. That’s captain Bob Dole.

I want all of them. NOW.

How hard is it to make a Kirk figure that actually resembles Kirk??

Wasn’t The MR Enterprise released like, last year..?!?!?
What’s the difference…?

Must. Have. Enterprise.

Kira? In a *Starfleet* uniform? Where’s the canon police when you need ’em?

Uh, any word if that Hallmark communicator will have working lights and sound? I wouldn’t mind one of those in my stocking!

According to the ultimate source of knowledge, Wikipedia ;

“Kira’s experience in the Bajoran Resistance earned her a Starfleet field commission as Commander in order to assist the Cardassian Resistance against the Dominion.”

For that kinda money…silver-capped nacelles?

They’re not silver-capped … they’re turned off. When on, it’s beautiful.

The Reliant shall be joining the Galileo and the Enterprise-D on my Christmas tree this year.

I used to own an original MEGO Gorn back in the 70s (oh why oh why didn’t I keep those MEGO figures??), and I must say, this is an improvement.

I gotta agree with ety3. When that Enterprise is turned on, it’s like an exact, miniature duplicate of the real E they used for filmimg. And while it is expensive, I think some folks here are seeing more 9’s in the price than there are. It’s $1,199 or almost $1,200. Not $1,999 or almost $2,000. But I agree that it’s too expensive. It would be better priced at $500. They would still probably make money.

I wonder how they built the spinning lights (“bussard collectors”) for the TOS Enterprise in the filming models (and those insanely-priced replicas). I also wonder if I could make a couple myself…

That Enterprise is indeed a beauty, but at that price—I’ll pass. Even $500 is steep for what is essentially a dust gatherer. I bought the Enterprise cutaway kit for $30 (which can be built whole) and an accurizing kit for $60. Hopefully, if all goes well, I’ll have a pretty good likeness of the big E. The one thing I won’t have is buyer’s remorse.

…That Gorn figure is very nice, bit I’ll wait for the deluxe “blinking” version to come out ;^D

#8, That’s hilarious. I was going to guess the father from Malcolm in the Middle, but Bob Dole was a much better pick :)

From my understanding, Purolator, the collectors were made with Christmas lights and a 1/2 circular fan apparatus that was connected to a motor inside the nacelle. There was a link on the IDIC page that had extreme close-ups of the filming model in the Smithsonian that showed the screw that held the fan connected to the brushed acrylic domes that covered the lights and fan itself. It also showed some great close-ups of the ship that you never get to see. The screws that held the model together, the grill detail on the warp pylons, the impulse engines etc. It’s too bad that the restoration is such a botched job, but the top of the saucer is intact from the sixties.

Gotta get me that Gorn and the Hallmark communicator ornament. Might even get the tribble ornament.

I believe I’ll stay away from the Martin Millner/Patrick Swayze looking Kirk doll.

That new Gorn looks pretty cool. The detailing is excellent, which reminds me I’d also like to have the Mugato; the old MEGO one wearing its proper uniform.

Where are all the Babylon 5 toys?


Oh, and…



Try Ebay. Or New Force Comics. Or Entertainment Earth. I remember seeing some B5 toys somewhere recently, I just can’t remember the manufacturer or the distributor’s web site.

I have a nice ENTERPRISE (Matt J’s 1701, that is) that I bought off of eBay many years back; it was built by a professional model builder out of California. Can’t remember his name but it’s a beauty. I think it’s the Polar Lights model.

(image is about 900K)

That’s all the 1701 I need (though I’d sure like a ST:TMP version)…

Is the plural of Gorn “Gorn” or “Gorns?”

I say Gorn — cf The Gorn Crisis comics, more of a species than one particularl Gorn.

All I know is I can’t wait for the hi-octane thriller – The Gorn Identity!!

I look forward to the new hallmark ornaments every year!!! this years look amazing – as always!!

…You know, I’ve *never* bought one of those ornaments. I’ve never even -considered- buying one. But that Tribble one has just made itself an exception! And if Hallmark had any balls about them, they’d release a second version – this one has Santa Claus in the middle of the pile, with the Tribbles being in Xmas colors!

23 — Patrick Swayze, LOL, best call yet! I can’t think of anyone closer — all I can come up with is it has Jack Lord’s hair. For a moment I thought maybe it’s John Belushi’s Kirk, but he’s too thin or buff even for Kirk or Shatner in his ’66 prime. Too bad for DST on that one … for turning out like that they may as well have just scaled up the Mego Kirk head!

I want the enterprise replica….might have to sell a kidney!


I know what you mean. Why must the cool things always come at such a great cost. (literally)

It’s a slippery slope. I tell myself that if I were to suspend my sense of reason in order to cough up the bucks for the MR Enterprise, I would be happy enough with that, to never buy another Trek collectible again…

Hey, Ralph! (I always wanted to say that. I know, I know, get a life.)

That’s a nice build. Polar Lights used to make a terrific TMP 1701 that was about 3 ft long. You should see if the fellow who made your TOS E has one he could sell you. You should have his contact info on your Ebay account.

As for me, I never liked how my Enterprises turned out so I went the route of the DST/AA jobbers. All the rest of my stuff looks great (IMHO), but the Enterprise requires a level of perfection that I just couldn’t achieve. Especially the TMP version. My TNG 1701D is a thing of beauty, though. And I did a great battle damaged Exeter.

Excalibur, I meant to type. Battle damaged Excalibur. I must have Exeter on the brain. They need to get that last installment finished.

Beautiful Hallmark ornaments as always, can’t wait !

To ster j:

Kira wore Starfleet uniform on a mission with Damar in the last few episodes of DS9.