September 2008

Science Friday: Hadron a go, Invisibility a no? + Martian sky, Microsurgeons + more

Physicists are getting fidgety over next week’s launch of the Large Hadron Collider. In addition, new pseudo Trek Tech is in the works with an anti-invisibility cloak, and some micromachines are ready surgery. Plus, see the Phoenix Mars Lander’s latest theatrical masterpiece, find out why all of your silver wear is mysteriously sliding towards Florida, and more.

Great Links: Middleman’s Mirror, Gates’ Meld, Klingon’s Car, Trek’s One-Liner + more

It’s quiet out on the interweb this week…too quiet. But The Great Links still finds Star Trek wherever it looks and so we got evil Middlemen with goatees, Star Trek at the Emmys, Bill Gates melding with Trek, a webcomic visiting Star Trek The Experience, James Doohan getting some respect, a Klingon car, a Spock scarecrow, and more. 

Trek4Kids: My Star Trek Las Vegas Convention Experience

In August my dad took me to the Star Trek convention in Las Vegas for my birthday once again this year, so I thought I would write a review of my second big convention. Overall, the convention was entertaining. This year was special to me because it is the last time I would ever see Star Trek: The Experience at the same time as the convention.

Saying Goodbye To Star Trek The Experience – Decommissioning Report + Video + Pics

As captain of a local Star Trek club here in Las Vegas, we have been privileged to have the opportunity hold our regular meetings at Star Trek The Experience for years, where we have made lots of friends and grown to love The Experience and her crew. Now after the millions of visitors, and mission upon mission completed, the time has come to say goodbye.