September 2008

Review – Star Trek Alternate Realities Collective DVD Set

The latest of the themed ‘Collective’ DVD sets coming from CBS Paramount arrives in stores today (Tuesday September 16th) and is focused on ‘Alternate Realties,’ and is chock full with 20 episodes spanning all five series along with some new special features, all for a street price of less than 30 bucks. See below for our review.

Sci-Fi Sunday: Batman, Iron Man, Ghostbusters, Transformers, Fringe, Smallville, Heroes, Dollhouse + more

Another week and another Batman sequel casting rumor. We have that plus news on Iron Man 2 in 3D, that Arnold Terminator cameo, Bill Murry in Ghostbusters III and more including new images and vids from Transformers, Avatar and more. Plus there is tons of TV news, images and video previews, including Dollhouse, Terminator, Fringe, Heroes, Doctor Who, Battlestar and more.

Shatner Launching New VLog + Appearing On SNL Tonight?

In 2007 William Shatner launched ShatnerVision at, a vlog (or video log) where he would regularly update fans with what is going on and also give a glimpse into the life that is Shatner, at least until April of this year when ShatnerVision stopped broadcasting. But the wait is over and Shatner is back with a new web vlog called ‘The Shatner Project’ that will launch at YouTube early next week.

Science Friday: New Rings, New Life, New Micro-subs + more

Well, the hubbub from the Large Hadron Collider’s first beam is over and it appears that we survived, for now. But, the Earth could be incinerated at any moment, so hurry up and enjoy this week’s edition of Science Friday  with new rings of Saturn, new life forms on Earth, Mini submarines, and a gamma-ray burst mystery solved. All this plus our gadget of the week!

Fringe Update: Premiere Ratings In + Fringe Actor Talks Visit To Trek Set

The new genre show Fringe, created by the Star Trek team of JJ Abrams, Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman, debuted last night to respectable ratings, winning its timeslot amongst the target  demographic (details below). In other Fringe news, one of the lead actors talks about his visit to the Star Trek set and his desire to be Captain Kirk.

Large Hadron Collider Initialized – Earth Not Incinerated

Whether you’ve been keeping up with Science Friday, been to  The Google today, or stopped into your local online physics forum lately, you may have heard about the Large Hadron Collider — the “world’s largest atom smasher” which some said would create black holes that would gobble up the Earth. Well, first beam was today, and it appears that we are all still here.

CelebWatch: Stardate 09.08.08

Yes, I’m aware that I missed by deadline by four days. That’s what happens when real life interferes with… well, life. Anyway, this week the Watch has great news on who’s headlining Vegas Con ’09, J.J. Abrams talking more Fringe, Walter Koenig going nuts, Takei readying his wedding, Dragon*Con photos, and new projects for many Trek alumni.

It was 42 years ago today…

On September 8th, 1966, the world was transported for the first time to the 23rd century and the final frontier. On TV screens across America, "The Man Trap" introduced Star Trek and ushered in a franchise that endures to this day. Some fans recall the day, but for many more, they were too young or not even yet born to experience that moment in TV history.

Sci-Fi Saturday: Spidey, Supes, Bat, Ghostbusters, Fringe, BSG, Heroes, Stargate + more

The genre movie news this week is (again) almost all about comic book movies, with updates on the next steps in the Spider-man, Superman, Batman and Ghostrider movies (and some movement on the Ghostbusters III front). There are also new videos and images, including some new Transformers behind the scenes. Plus lots of TV news, vids and pics from Heroes, Fringe, BSG, Terminator and more.