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Trek4Kids: How The New Star Trek Movie Is Appealing To Sixth Graders

The topic of this ‘Trek4Kids’ entry is how Paramount is marketing their new Star Trek movie to kids, something pretty important if they want to create a ‘next generation’ of fans. I am already a fan and was already excited about the movie, so I invited some of my sixth grade friends over to view some of the trailers and merchandise and also did a little survey at school, all to find out if other kids are getting excited too.

Trek4Kids: My Star Trek Las Vegas Convention Experience

In August my dad took me to the Star Trek convention in Las Vegas for my birthday once again this year, so I thought I would write a review of my second big convention. Overall, the convention was entertaining. This year was special to me because it is the last time I would ever see Star Trek: The Experience at the same time as the convention.

Does Star Trek Appeal To Kids Today?

The second of our series of guest blogs from the youth correspondent. The topic for my October blog is how kids my age (age 10) like Star Trek. Some of my friends know about Star Trek from their parents. For example, one friend has only seen one episode of The Original Series. He said that his dad had shown it to him to see what television was like in the old days. I think that it didn’t hold his attention because we are so used to CGI effects. It is sad that my friends have not seen the newer series or movies like Enterprise or Deep Space Nine. They are more interested in shows like Heroes and video games like Halo. However, another friend of mine said he had seen an episode of Star Trek and wanted to see more. He can’t see more because he doesn’t know what channel it is on and when.

Guest Blog: Meeting Leonard Nimoy

Leonard Nimoy was so impressed by a young fan at the Vegas convention, he invited him to the premiere of the new film. Now young James shares thoughts on why he is such a big Trek fan and what it was like to meet Mr. Spock… My name is James – I am ten years old and I have been a Star Trek fan all of life. My first Trek experience was when I was just two. My dad was watching The Original Series on the Sci Fi Channel, and I knew I liked it even though I didn’t understand it all. The first time that I can really remember was when I was four and Enterprise came out. I liked it so much that I wanted to see more. Star Trek appeals to me because it is a positive view of the future. I have always thought that Star Trek has made life easier, because some of the technology today is based on Star Trek, like a cell phone. Star Trek symbolizes human growth in the 22nd through 24th centuries.