TrekMovie Review of new Star Trek Trailer

Today TrekMovie was invited down to Paramount Pictures to get the exclusive first (USA) look at the new trailer for the Star Trek movie. The ‘play by plays’ for this trailer have already been reported here (from the official UK press screening) and spy reports, and they are mostly accurate, so I will not go over that ground again. Instead, below you will find a personal and subjective view of this trailer and what I think it means to the franchise [Spoilers below].


When the invitation came to visit to the lot to see the trailer I expected I would be visiting the marketing or Bad Robot offices and watching it on a laptop or maybe even a TV (which would have been fine with me). Upon arrival I was instead ushered down to the giant Paramount theater, which actually was a bit embarrassing to have this whole place to myself and some folks from Paramount publicity along. Although I demurred that they didn’t have to go to the trouble, I am now glad they did. I sat down and cleared my mind of every spoiler I knew and tried to get that ‘open mind’ Trek’s new Supreme Court has been asking for — the lights dimmed, and then this thing hit me like a ton of bricks. From the now famous scene of Kid Kirk in his Vette to the final moment of Nero saying "The Wait is Over" the trailer is truly a ‘non-stop thrill ride’ and I am not afraid to say it was quite the emotional event for this life-long fan to see Trek like I have never seen it before. After watching the trailer for the first time I realized "this is big" — it is clear from the trailer that Paramount has never spent this kind of money on the final frontier before (even with TMP). This trailer is meant to be seen on the big screen, and even though it will be online in HD next Monday, it will not do it justice.

Big Kelvin battle tops off trailer

As I said, this trailer screams ‘big epic sci-fi action movie’ and in that sense it is like no Star Trek trailer before, and that sends the message this is like no Trek film before. From the opening moment showing you a young James T. Kirk tearing down that Iowa road, to seeing beautiful vistas of Planet Vulcan, to witnessing the Enterprise raised on scaffolds, to the required space battle scenes, to the bits of snappy dialog and interplay — you get a sense of reality you have never seen before in Trek. Director JJ Abrams has been talking about ‘making it real’ and avoiding falling into Galaxy Quest-like parody and it shows. This trailer reveals a world that is both recognizable as our own and as the world of Trek.

Bana’s Nero is real as a heart attack

In addition to this epic size and penchant for action and reality, as a Trek fan you cannot help but notice the differences. Why is Kirk driving a stick (when he shouldn’t know how). Why is Enterprise not exactly as it was? (inside and out). Why are Spock and Kirk at each other’s throats? Why is Uhura taking off her top? Why do these Romulans have tattoos? Who is Kirk jumping into bed with? (okay maybe that part isn’t different). These were certainly things that came to mind on my second or third run through, and for now I have no answers. It is quite possible there are no satisfying answers (however, I have been assured that there are canon answers for all). In looking at the reaction of many fans to recent reports and images, it is clear some view things through this prism of ‘what is different?’ and for some of them the Trailer will cause even more consternations. For me, that is the wrong way to look at it. While many things looked and felt strange, in those fleeting moments you see the characters, you immediately recognize them for who they are, especially Simon Pegg’s Scotty and Karl Urban’s Bones. This may look different in both detail and scale, but it still felt like Star Trek.

The crew feel right

Possible exceptions to this ‘feeling right’ are probably Kirk and Spock, but then again that might be the point. The message of this trailer is that this film is an origin story for Star Trek and the focus is on Kirk and Spock. If this trailer is like any before, it would be the trailer for Batman Begins. Like Bruce Wayne, both Kirk and Spock are shown at various life stages and, again like Bruce, each gets their own running voice-over narration from and elder providing guidance (Bruce Greenwood’s Pike for Kirk and Ben Cross’ Sarek for Spock). The viewer sees that the film is a journey for both of these characters who must struggle with their personal demons to become the men we know and love in the five year mission and beyond. And so we see both acting uncharacteristically in the trailer. The question remains how these arcs end, and do they become more recognizable as they finish their journeys. Apparently we will need to go see the film to answer that question. 

These guys need a time out

So does this trailer settle all issues and ensure a fantastic Star Trek film? No, of course not. I can still foresee many possible roadblocks for either the mainstream audience or the installed base. But this trailer is still fun and thrilling and only makes me want to see and learn more (and I imagine the same will be true for those action movie Bond fans who see it this weekend). Bottom line is that this trailer will send the message loud and clear to fan and newbie alike — there is a new Star Trek in town, and it means business.

Some random notes for the detail oriented

  • Kirk is seen briefly in gold shirt
  • New transporter beam effect is very cool, with a more swirling organic feel
  • At one point Spock is seen at what appears to be Vasquez Rocks (presumably Vulcan)
  • No more leaning and falling out of chairs–at one point Kirk yells "buckle up"
  • Music (which is big and bombastic) is not from the score which was only recently finished. (May be from the soundtrack to Children of Dune by Brian Tyler, but not confirmed)

The first theatrical trailer for JJ Abrams "Star Trek" premieres this Friday (Nov. 14) in front of “Quantum of Solace."


NOTE: If and when JJ Abrams brings his traveling road show back to LA to show off the four Star Trek scenes to us locals, TrekMovie will be there and write up impressions of that as well.


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More today? We’ve seen a good chunk already.

PLEASE don’t make this like the Enterprise forum!


That’s ALL I ask of you!

First? Wow, I cant wait!

Buckle up? Lol, too weird!

gaaaaah cannot wait

Heresy. Starfleet NEVER wears seatbelts.

sounds cool

I usually post on but all over the net I have come across people who are so upset at the look of the new Enterprise they refuse to see the movie! Stupid isnt it? I just have a little something to say for you nay sayers. In JJ’s defense faithful might not mean to the cannon but to the fans and the true spirit of Star Trek which we all know is what really matters. I don’t have to tell you that Gene Roddenberry is smiling right now. It’s not about the ship it’s about the greater message that HAS to be conveyed or its no longer Star Trek. You know I am talking about empathy, kindness, accepting people for who they are, respect of all life, etc, the true good in our hearts and empathy is what Star Trek was always about, striving to change for the better. Need I remind you of some quotes of Gene: “I would be happy for Star Trek to come along decades later with a new group of minds. I’d love someone to say, ‘Besides this one, Gene Roddenberry’s was nothing!'” – Gene Roddenberry, Starburst magazine “…I think it would be wonderful years from now to see Star Trek come back with an equally talented new cast playing Spock and Kirk and Bones and Scotty and all the rest, as they say tomorrow’s things to tomorrow’s generations…” – Gene Roddenberry We all know Gene Roddenberry was a beautiful human-being with the hopes and dreams he had for humanity and his relentless kindness and tolerance towards all people and all cultures which he dreamt all humans would one day share. We all know that Gene’s dream is what we want to become reality, is the reason why we watch Star Trek, it is what MUST be kept alive, not the style of the ship. All secondary issues like the cool technology, awesome ships, and three breasted feline women are simply “sauce for the goose” it would not be Star Trek without it but is not essential to the message and the meaning of Star Trek. And trust me, I am anal when it comes to Trek cannon as I see it as a future I want to exist, all us Trek fans do, we all want it written in stone. I can quote lines from TV episodes at the drop of a hat. Ask me when the Romulan war took place or when the Enterprise C was commissioned and I can give you dates. I really did want to see the old 60’s ship in all its HD glory with today’s technology. Especially with the descriptions they give about the movie and how flying by the Enterprise you can see the panels of the outer hull. I strongly urge you to reconsider. I am only 25 but have been a Trek fan since I was four years old as TNG had just began its first season and I watched equal amounts of TOS reruns, not to mention the movies. As a youth and teen I had the privilege of Voyager, DS9, Enterprise, and some more movies. I don’t know how long you have been a fan for but we both feel the same in our hearts when we watch Star Trek. I remember seeing the first spy photos of people on set in black uniforms with military type hats thinking..that does not look very Starfleet, it looks military, but I let it slide, time travel, parallel universe, as you said, and easy explanation. Then we all saw the bridge and I was thinking, WOW they really changed it, but it looks good, it has a 70’s feel and I love 1970’s Sci-fi. Even though I was not born yet, I would have loved if today I could watch a Star Trek TV series made in the 70’s. Phase II should have been happened. We saw the new uniforms and they look great. And today, today we have a glimpse of the ship and at first I didn’t like it, mainly those bulky nacelles but I am human we all are, and we can adapt. The nacelles have grown on me, as I said I am a 70’s sci-fi junkie and this fits into that. Ill admit I have my shortcomings as well. Being a huge Trek geek, I was using the cannon to look for a way for this story, this ship to fit in. Could this be one of the refits, time travel = alternate universe, and in the end I realized I was trying to make this fit into the cannon so I could have peace, lol, and forgot that I wanted to see this movie no matter what it looks like or what has changed…why? Because it is Star Trek,… Read more »

Kirk has a beer and cheats on Uhura.

Feh, I’m still down from seeing the pic of the “Enterprise”. My heart just isn’t in this anymore. Sorry…

Awesome can’t wait til Friday, simply awesome!

I can’t wait to see it on saturday on the BIG screen!!!!!!!! As this will be the first Trek film that I’ve really followed from conception, I am thrilled and think this is certainly a great place to start.

Is it okay to hate you from my jealousy?

Is it friday yet?

One more day for me!

I have a friend that is the manager of the local movie theater, so I’m hoping he might be able to sneak me in to watch the trailer a few days earlier!

I absolutely can’t wait until Friday….

Can’t wait for: Kirk, James T Kirk 007 preview… By the way, do we get to see a glimpse of Shatner?

I agree people shouldn’t be looking at this as “what is different?” and be grateful for new Trek stories and bringing in new fans to our family. For the many predictions of Trek being dead after Nemesis, a big budget film like this is a blessing. It’s not the 60’s anymore and making this movie look like that would be silly. I’m looking forward to seeing the trailer on the big screen this weekend!

…..can’t wait…..I am cautiously optimistic

Kirk IS in gold? Nice!

Thanks Anthony!

Lucky dog – I have to wait until Friday morning. :-)


DIdn’t Tyler Perry play a Captain of the Kelvin or something?

Why is Enterprise not exactly as it was? (inside and out)
Some time travel crap

Why are Spock and Kirk at each other’s throats?
Cause Kirk has a big ego

Why is Uhura taking off her top?
In order to get people to see the movie they have to chalk it full of Sex

Why do these Romulans have tattoos?
To try and make them look cool

Who is Kirk jumping into bed with?
Once again instead of writing a good quality story that everyone can see they want to have it full of Sex. So, how does Playmates expect to sell their toys to kids if parents wont let them watch it?

As for Paramount spending the most $ Put TMP’s Cost in 2008 $

TMP in 1979 with Phase II cost 45 million-
TMP Cost in 2007 dollars- $126,964,024.28
And TMP made around 80 million here it is in 2007 dollars:
Not counting that in ’79 many of the theaters like the discount theaters, foreign theaters (many of which showed the movie illegally) were not counted. Also, this is not counting the almost 30 years of Beta, Laserdisc, VHS, DVD releases. TMP was the #1 seller for Paramount for many years in regards to VHS, I have an article somewhere that was published prior to Wrath of Khan that was sent to distributors which said this fact.

#8 took everything word-for-word from Obama’s acceptance speech!!

“buckle up” ahaha that’s great! ^_^

“This may look different in both detail and scale, but it still *felt* like Star Trek. ”

More reassuring words had not yet been printed… *sigh of relief*

#23 – “In order to get people to see the movie they have to chalk it full of Sex”

Yes, the entire movie is an Orgy. That’s all they wrote according to you.

Do the consoles have air bags if they get it?

wooooooo!!!!! why isn’t it friday!?!?!?

Let’s give this thing a shot, see it in motion (literally), and see where it goes.

Let’s just set a course, second star to the right, and head towards it, warp 9, straight on till morning.

“This may look different in both detail and scale, but it still *felt* like Star Trek.” is fairly reassuring.


well, i can certainly say this is a hell of a roller coaster for me. Sounds really very good indeed, but will the “die-hards” get it? i’m assuming no would be the answer to that.

Oh well, let forth ride this thunderous franchise roar back into the hearts and minds of the millions world wide – all be it a little less weighed down by the fanatics.

I like Anthony’s take on this. I get the feeling that we are all way too stuck on wearing our former bashing Berman sunglasses. There’s a new kid in town and we’d better check it out before we rip it.

From the cast list, Tyler Perry is the Head Commandant of Starfleet Academy. Should be interesting.

“Sounds really very good indeed, but will the “die-hards” get it?”

We’ll see. There’s still 5 months left. Most of us have been around, watching this, for the last 2 years. Yes, it’s getting to the point where it’s tedious, but….. it’s all in the end product that matters. We’ll see what happens.

I have faith in the heart. :)

number 8, spoken like a true gentleman of the final frontier, well said!

Ah, cool. I knew Perry was something.

27. Devon – November 11, 2008

#23 – “In order to get people to see the movie they have to chalk it full of Sex”

Yes, the entire movie is an Orgy. That’s all they wrote according to you”.

Well, did we see a Trek movie with Sex scenes before?
Trek III- Pon Farr- but didnt show anything
Trek VI- Marta kisses Kirk -didnt show anything
Trek VIII- Borg Queen and Data- Didnt show anything
Trek IX- Troi and Riker in bath- but it was not graphic and raunchy
Trek X- The rape scene- which was horrible and unnecessary

But the first VI were great and they did not need sex at every corner, Uhura pulling off her top, Kirk’s bed hopping, etc. To have good entertainment or comedy it does not need to be dirty, talented writers can get around this especially when you are dealing with the Trek mythos. The sex crap is just a cheap way to get ratings (Enterprise) or to attract younger viewers (XI)

Uhura takes off her top! What more could you want !

Seriously though, I’m not overly thrilled with the new Enterprise, but I’m still going to remain optimistic and I’m definitely going to see the trailer.

#8 – Right on the money. I couldn’t agree more.


I’ll actually be glad if the nutjob fanatics that’re complaining about this movie don’t see it. Maybe they’ll find something else to angrily obsess over. The franchise could due without the stifling criticism that’s keeping it down…

I wanna hear Uhura sing the Charlie X song.

It’s too painfull to wait 6 more months. The agony!

#8: “I usually post on ”

Say no more…

Can’t wait!

We are never going to see the ‘Star Trek’ we grew up watching. This is why there are wonderful inventions like DVDs. We now have the options of watching TOS as it was, the remasters, all the films (soon to be in Blu-Ray apparently) and the subsequent series that followed.

This is taking the old Star Trek and simply updating it. Yes, it will be different. That’s the point. How many more times can Paramount re-release the old films and TV seasons. If the movie sucks, so be it, although this seems like a knockout. If it’s bad, I’ve got TOS on DVD and the films. I’ll simply throw them on and feel better about it. This is the ONLY Trek we’re going to get now. It’s a new take on TOS yes, but it looks intriguing. So they changed the Enterprise. I know it’s tough to take, we’ve all grown up used to a specific look, but compare pictures of the 60s models to the new one. It’s a update. We have to let go of our fear and anger over this and simply say, it’s better than no Trek at all.

Personally, I can’t wait and this tops my ‘must-see’ list of 2009. A new Star Trek movie with a big budget that Paramount CARES about? SIGN ME UP! No one from Paramount is going to raid your home on the night of May 7th just prior to the movie’s release and steal all of your DVDs and other Star Trek gizmos, they’ll be there.

I remember in late 2004 how skeptical Batman fans were about Batman Begins and what they were doing. A friend of mine was shunning the whole idea. I told him to be optimistic. I recall him calling me the night after Batman’s release simply stunned at how good it was. This certainly appears like it could be the same case. Whether you like it or not, we’ve got a new Trek film on our hands!

Agreed. I think that sometimes we lose sight of what things really and truly mean. I think we forget the very basis for WHY it was created, its very essence. I want to go into science because of Trek.

“To seek out new strange new worlds; to see out new life and new civilizations, and to boldly go where no one has gone before” is part of my personal motto. The very first Star Trek episode I ever saw was “Trouble With Troubles” when I was 3. Ever since then, I have loved it. I remember watching all of Voyager, all of TNG, all of DS9, and a bit of Enterprise.

I’m only 18, but Trek has been a HUGE part of my life. I have constantly been rebuked for my love of it, simply because it’s “nerdy” and “unpopular.” If I did not believe in my heart of hearts that there was something deeper to believe in, I would not give a cent’s worth for it. But there really is.

JJ will hopefully bring back that Roddenberry-esque…. mysticism that we all desperately need. We need that sense of hope again.

No, it doesn’t look the same. But Trek hasn’t “looked” this way in years. Voyager, DS9, and even TNG did not have that feel.

The 1701 has changed shapes many-a-time, but…..

We will NEVER forget the name “Enterprise.”

#24 Really? I am Canadian didn’t really watch the speech, only caught the tail end I think, but even the end made me misty eyed and proud even though I am Canadian, I am DAMN happy Obama won!!! And if what I said resembles his speech I guess that is because what is good is true….and that great minds think alike lol ;)

God, I can’t wait!

The Human Adventure Is Just Beginning…

Uhura is taking off her top and someone is complaining?

I dig the new enterprise. The TOS ship needed some updating.

But who cares as long as it’s a good movie… hopefully a great one. I miss Star Trek. And as long as the spirit of trek is there, then so am I.