Star Trek Trailer Hits The Net [UPDATED]

The trailer for the new Star Trek movie is in theaters and will be online at the official site in HD on Monday morning. However that is just not good enough for some folks who just can’t seem to wait. As noted in the review of the trailer, it is meant to seen on the big screen for the first time, or at least on the small screen in HD on Monday. UPDATE: Official trailer online.


Here is the official link:

The official site is directing viewers to the Apple Trailers site, who have the first exclusive on the trailer.


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Someone get JJ a red shirt

this is the one i posted on my forum! man, i can’t wait to go back to work, so i can see the trailer on the big screen!

Well had it been announced when it would be available on the big screen for anyone but American’s, then I might have been content to wait. As it is, I’ll just watch it online.

PDI, Pretty dam impressive.

it still strikes me as a bit silly to build a ship of that size on the earth instead of in orbit.

Thanks to all for all your perseverance to bring this to the group that can’t get out this weekend to see the trailer!

I’m very excited now! And somewhat relieved that the Enterprise looks more Enterprise-y than it did in that photo we got last week.

very impressed by the badassery going on in this. it looks like our baby is going to be accepted by a much larger audience. its gonna be a good thing. also, i know the music is from the composer’s other film, but those last 3 notes when the “star trek” font comes up…very similar to the opening title on the TOS, no?


I like it!!

Uhmmm – hey, already noticed a glitch:
Young Kirk is SO OBVIOUSLY tied to the ledge by the waist! – that’s BADLY done…


i mean, build the components on earth and then fly them up individually – sure! .. but i don’t understand the rationale for having the assembly stage on the surface.

JVC GY-HD100U ProHD 3ccd High Definition Camcorder

It looks awesome on the big screen.

This really does look so good; the sfx even in this slightly grainy version look top class

#5 the super structrue can be built on the ground to facilitate gravitational stress, but the interiors and minor systems would be easier to install in space. It’s probably taken up by transporter or tractor beam, one of the two.

@ #9

Erm, no. Not second. Ninth!

What is it with the obsession with shouting out what you think is your post number? All the time I see “First!” etc, and it’s annoying… especially when they’re not the first and they just made a fool of themselves.

@ 5,

That’s cause they’ll beam bits and pieces out in space… that took them 17 years extra!! ;p

Kidding, yeah I know what you mean.

Aside from a kid who looks nothing like Kirk, with a dumb line “I’m JAMES Tiberius KIRK” was a bit too lame. And what was that, death wish scene?

Though the Spock’s birth was pretty damn amazing… all in all, having seen these and a few other shots a week ago, I’m still impressed… But still a bit hesitant that the story might not be as solid as the scenes them selves… I’ve heard snippets of the score and put those together with the scenes you’ve seen… and TADA!!!! Most Trek fans will get emotional. You can bet your boots on that!

I watched the trailer 10 times. I really really hope they did not dumb down the movie with pointless action scenes.

The other version you see commonly (like on was from a curved screen. That was taken by a FujiFilm FinePix S2000 HD

If anyone is interested, I have taken 72 screencaps from that version and they’re up at > Official Images > Second Trailer

Um, isn’t Trek known for action scenes?

As you can see, the Enterprise isn’t finished on earth.
It could still get the finishing touches in orbit.

I believe it’s being partially assembled in Iowa, out of secrecy.
For the same reasons we hide missile silos in the Midwest.

Hopefully the Earth doesn’t crash into the sun before this film comes out

or stand still?

@16 .. “#5 the super structrue can be built on the ground to facilitate gravitational stress, but the interiors and minor systems would be easier to install in space. It’s probably taken up by transporter or tractor beam, one of the two”

right, but by doing all the assembly in space, you can skip wasting your time with a superstructure.

the ship just looks awkward sitting on the earth like that. the genius of the original enterprise design that it was clearly a vehicle born of and for outer space. this construction conceit it fundamentally at odds with the design philosophy of the vehicle itself.

Ok, I’m sold. Even though I’ve bashed the new Enterprise and the guy who designed it, I’m willing to give it a shot.

21. Enterprise


The Enterprise looks GREAT in this film surrounded by that shaking blue stream (I assume that’s the new Warp Speed?)

Lots of colors in that fire fight and the uni’s look good. From an aesthetic POV, it’s going to look GREAT on the big screen. The difference in this film and the Star Wars prequels is that no matter how MUCH you ‘wondered’ what would happen, you still KNEW what would happen. The fact that OLD Spock is in this film means we don’t for sure know ANYTHING about this film’s direction and that alone gives you hope that…you……..never……….know! :)

When Pine says Buckle up and gives that expression with the pat – THAT is Kirk.

I for one am PUMPED!

Excited to see this in better quality on Monday — but i’m left with one question from this … is young Kirk wearing the Self Drying Jacket from Back to the Future or what?

Was that Star Trek?

For many years, I have watched and enjoyed the original star trek series and even became obsessed with it. I took a break for several years and recently decided to watch a few episodes. I still enjoy them. To be honest, however, I would be embarrassed to show any of my friends the series. People must realize that once TOS lovers are gone, very few would enjoy the series and TOS would die as a parody. After seeing this trailer and reading about this new movie, I firmly believe that this is an answer to my prayers. If done successfully, it will be quite a long time before Star Trek is forgotten. Too many people seem to look at TOS as some sort of bible engraved in stone. To be honest, it is just a cheap TV show with crappy effects and cheesy music. Sorry, that’s reality not just to me, but to a majority of this generation.

Grr…now I’ve spoiled it for myself and the HD version won’t be as cool…oh well. I like Scotty’s line…”It’s exciting!” And I wonder who’s kissing who. And I for one don’t care how where or when they built the Enterprise, just as long as they built it.

P.S. Did I forget to mention that this looks awesome?!!!

I loved the bones they threw the original fans: the original red alert klaxon, the notes from the original theme music, the original logo. Everything else — we’ll have to wait and see. Could be great, could be a long music video in space. You can’t tell from a trailer.

31 that ‘s funny, i showed some of my non-trek friends the old show, and they were impressed by the interesting concepts and stories.

I’m very pro this movie, by the way.

striatic from flickr?


I’m not saying constructing the entire ship in space is not a bad idea or that it isn’t done. I’m saying its easier to create a superstructure that can withstand gravitational stress on a planet because there are those stresses rather than in space where those stresses are weak. Better make it so it can handle 1 G on the surface rather than 1 G in space. In space, the ship can handle as many G’s as it likes but if it can;t handle 1 G on the surface, the ship is toast, especially from enemy fire. It has to be a strong superstructure How could you explain how the Enterprise-D saucer could withstand gravitational stresses when it crash landed on Veridian 3 in Generations? It has to be able to withstand those forces even with inertial dampening and gravitational systems offline. As for the design being awkward, I would conlcude that the shipyards in the surfaces of the planets have a tractor field to keep the more awkward bits in place. Think of the technology and you can come up with an explanation. That’s just how I can reconcile it. You don’t even have to agree with me. I’m just stating my interpretation via my observations.

25: Build a lot of starships, do you?

The footage of Spock at 1:31 is flipped. I hope they fix that. ;*)

greets voyager, from deck-one? This is two articles in a row where they have messed up the credits. On the about fan-modding they got me but not the others I worked with, and on this one they got the others I worked with but not me. lol

@31 “To be honest, it is just a cheap TV show with crappy effects and cheesy music. Sorry, that’s reality not just to me, but to a majority of this generation.”

i think most people understand that.

it’s just that this new film seems to be throwing out some of the good ideas that show did have, along with the many problems.

it is an issue of the baby to bathwater ratio.

Aragorn, your argument makes no sense from an engineering point of view, sorry.

Brad, it’s a psychological thing, but they deliberately flipped it so as to not break the left to right flow of the trailer.

NEWS? Nikki at says “On Wednesday afternoon, the studio is unveiling this same 25 minutes of the movie at a private screening on the lot for selected opinion-makers,” referring to the clips shown in Europe last week.

this is really positive,cast looks like they can hold their own,original choices with production design and yet in keeping with what has gone before,love the epic feel of it too

RE: credits
look it all confuses me so i removed them

RE: 44
not news. I will be there and reported that already

Look if they can figure out artificial gravity on the ship, figure out warp drive and figure out transporter technology then getting a ship that size off the planet should be cake. It needs to be in the earth’s gravity well to tune the artificial gravity on the ship to match that of calibrating. I am sure it is finished in space.

i’m glad that the klingons have bumpy foreheads :D
but the enterprise looks even worse from the front :( because of the curved pylons.
and why is the spock attack scene mirror-inverted? ;)

Needs more Kenny Loggins and Tom Cruise. Meeesa think this Ship’s Exciting! Looking forward to this Star Wars sequel. : )

Ps: 41 – if the show was so crappy, why was the first space shuttle named Enterprise?

Are you really sure you want to have this on your site?

Considering Paramount invited you to the lot to see it, and they chose you (among others) to release first-look stills.

I know you have an obligation to the fans, but you also don’t want to rub the studio up the wrong way.

Or should I just go f*** myself?