Happy Birthday Zachary Quinto

Today is Zachary Quinto’s birthday. The new Spock is now 32 years old (just a year younger than Leonard Nimoy when he shot "The Cage"). So we just want to send out a big TrekMovie.com ‘happy birthday’ to Zach. See below for a birthday tribute video and to also catch up on the latest news from Mr. Quinto.  



Zach has a big fan base and there are actually a few birthday tribute videos uploaded to YouTube today, here is the best one from BillyMartinfan.


Last Thursday Zach was invited to to a fundraiser in Beverly Hills which had President Obama as the guest of honor. Quinto campaigned for the President and seems pretty excited to get a chance to shake hands with the man who also gets often compared to Mr. Spock. More at ZacharyQuinto.com.

New Spock meets the President

Zach 360
As reported on Sunday, Zach attended the MTV Movie Awards. While there Zach got himself onto the MTV 360 photo stage. Go to MTV.com to play the animation showing a freeze frame of Quinto from every angle.

B’day in Mexico – Heroes production starting soon
If you are wondering where Zachary is, he is spending the day in Mexico with other members of the Star Trek team. They are doing press in advance of the Mexican premiere which is on this Friday. Zach will be back next week to start shooting for the next season of Heroes.

More on Zachary at ZacharyQuinto.com

If you missed it, in April Zach sent us a special greeting for fans here at TrekMovie.com, announcing his new website. Check it out. 



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Never thought I’d see the day when “Spock” was younger than me…

I appreciate the fact that this actor takes the role of Spock so seriously. And that he respects Leonard so much.

Happy Birthday, Zach!

He is still older than me!

Happy Birthday Zachary Quinto!!!
Thank you so much for your fine work you’ve
Entertained us with!!!

Happy BD ZQ!!

Happy birthday! And thanks for taking the nuances of the Spock role so seriously. Your extensive efforts, obviously have NOT gone unnoticed. Cheers!!!


#3—Don’t rub it in!


Happy Birthday!

#8—-Easy on the sauce, fella. Who is Jason N?

Happy Birthday ZQ. Since Vulcans live to be around 200, you only lived 16% of you lifetime. May the other 84% be as prosperous as the first 32 years.

I completely lost interest during the second season of Heroes, but Zachary had me in the Vulcan Science Academy selection scene in ST09.

I’ve got belts older than you, Quinto!

Happy Birthday!

#13—-You need some new belts!


Happy birthday, you old space dog!


Many happy returns Zach!


I don’t know, but I like him!

Happy Birthday Zach

Tanti auguri, Signore Quinto! Felice compleanno e tutti cosi bene.

(And if I slaugtered that, I’m sorry. I tried to say, “Happiness always, Mr. Quinto. Happy birthday and every good thing.” Wow. That doesn’t make sense in English, either….

Happy Birthday, Zach…from one fellow actor to another at IMDB. Ya’ know, only at FIRST glance, the [above] photo showing your facial expression while meeting Pres. Obama almost made me think that thecharacter of Sylar was about to raise that pointer finger…..LOL! But I think we all know actor Zachary Quinto better than that. THANK YOU, Zach, for your work in S.T. and in Heroes, and the rest: you continue to keep us guessing what you’ll do next. Please keep it up. (That last bit is for your Agent to read, LOL!).

Worse than that, when Sylar shakes hands with the President, he can shape shift and take his place. IT’S TOO LATE!!!

Let’s raise a glass of milk and drink a toast to an excellent actor: May he continue to entertain and surprise us in many different roles!
Happy Birthday Zach!

I’ve got a scar on my knee older than you, kid. Happy birthday, beautiful.

Happy Birthday to the only guy who can make “Live Long and Prosper” the ultimate flip of the bird!

Cheers ZQ. Prosper long and live it up.

Happy Birthday Mr Quinto from us all in Great Britain. You are such a fantastic and important person in the brave new world of STAR TREK. Im so pleased you are a part of it and its all the more richer with you on board.

Live long and prosper

Greg UK

Happy Birthday!

in exactly one week is my birthday, too
(not that anybody would care)

Happy 32nd, Mr. Quinto! :3 Keep acting, and keep up the awesome work. AND BE BACK IN HEROES, OR I HUNT DOWN THE WRITERS.


More guh here. I think I’m going to comment that in every post relating to Mr. Quinto. Honestly I started watching Heroes just cause he was in it (gave up midway through season 2 though, heh).

I saw that the girl who did that first video (BillyMartinfan) is 16 years old, from Sweden. It is MUCH more directed towards Spock than towards Sylar. Mostly, just about Zach Quinto. This is a good sign. It mean a whole new generation of Star Trek fans. We owe Mr. Quinto a lot!! He is such a talented young man.

Have a wonderful birthday, Zachary. Hope you can find a bit of the invisibility you seek.

I should have gone to see the movie again today in honor of his birthday. Shoot! I’ll make it a belated birthday present and go tomorrow.

Join me, fans, wherever you are. Let’s celebrate Zach’s birthday and bump Star Trek up a bit. Tell Viacom and Paramount how much we appreciate his work!

Happy Birthday! <3

Happy Birthday, Mr. Quinto!! May you live long and prosper.

Your performance as Spock in the movie was outstanding, btw. Keep up the good work!

I knew I was logical! I share his birthday…and my brother shares Nimoy’s birthday………. eerie space music please…….. :)

1,701st-A! Happy Birthday Mr. Quinto. You nailed the character of Spock and you are the best thing about Heroes. Live long and as Spock Prime said: “good luck”.

Happy Birthday Zach!
All the best!

Happy Birthday Zach , may you live long and prosper dude! All of our best!

Being 14, Zach/Spock/Sylar is soooooooooooooooooo hot!
So, the fact he is 32, grrr…. I can’t date him… GRRRRR!!!!

Happy Birthday anyway,

Happy Birthday, Zack! You’ve caught up with my son who turned 32 in February.

Keep up the great work (in TREK and on “Heroes”)!

Happy Birthday, Sy– err, Zachary!

@27: Happy pre-birthday, Odradek! Live long, etc.

Zach is SUCH a bad-assss
Thank you for playing Spock so BEAUTIFULLY!

Oh yeahhhh! Happy Lively Birthday with Long-burning candles of Prosperity.

Can’t wait for the next movie…

Many Happy Returns of the Day Zach.

Live Long and Prosper.

All the best, Dale.

Happy belated Birthday to Zachary Quinto!

Thanks for playing Spock so well.

Live long and prosper.

Happy B’day, ZQ- you really Rocked the Spock!

I know you hated buzzing your ‘five-mile eyebrows’ for the character, but it was worth it! You are a worthy successor to Nimoy’s Vulcan awesomeness.

Now I’m going to have to get the “Heroes” DVDs and see what all the fuss over Sylar is all about…


I liked zack’s Spock- he’s hot- unlike most of the talentless pretty boys in hollywood- thank god they cast so well- hope he plays Spock as long as Nimoy.

June 2nd is also Jewel Staite’s and Morena Baccarin’s birthdays (Kaylee and Inara on Firefly/Serenity). Happy Bday to all!

I can’t believe you didn’t cover the mexico premiere at all like the premieres at other countries

great great actor and the only reason i’m still watching Heroes, erm and Hayden.

I’m off to Cyronics to wait for Mr Quinto to catch up on me :-)

Happy Birthday (belated)

He was a great Spock.

Also, his character is the only one worth following anymore on Heroes since that show pooped the bed.