PineWatch: Chris Pine Picks Next Movie + Named ‘Most Beautiful Man’ + New Photos + more

Star Trek’s new captain may not (yet) be the king of all media like Bill Shatner, but he is certainly getting enough buzz this week to get him his own ‘Celeb’ column. We have news of Chris Pine’s first big post-Star Trek role in a new action movie with Denzel Washington, plus new photos, and more in our very first ‘PineWatch’


Pine is ‘Unstoppable’
Now that Chris Pine’s star has risen, he may be more selective about the roles he chooses. According to THR  Pine has been "besieged by offers since buzz on Star Trek began circulating." And according THR and Variety Pine has turned down other offers to co-star with Denzel Washington in the Fox action film "Unstoppable" to be directed by Tony Scott (Crimson Tide, Man on Fire). THR has this description of the film:

The story centers on an experienced train engineer (Washington) about to be laid off as part of company cutbacks and the newbie conductor hired to replace him. Pine would play the newbie. They find themselves in a race against time to stop an unmanned, half-mile-long freight train carrying enough combustible liquids and poisonous gas to wipe out a nearby city.

New photos + Chris named ‘most beautiful man’ of June
Chris recently went before the lens of celeb photographer Cliff Welts (who did EW cover) and Oh La La has a full gallery. All this hunkitude is getting Chris noticed, in fact has named him the most beautiful man of June.

The new captain relaxes


Pine & Shatner: Pop Up Video
The fine folks at ShatnerVision have posted an extended version of the video of the meeting of the Kirks, now with ‘pop up video’ tidbits. Check it out.

GossipWatch: Chris and Adrina – its over
After lighting up the gossip press with stories of their celebrity couplehood, US Weekly is now reporting that Chris has ‘dumped’ The Hills reality show star Adurina Patridge, and apparently it isn’t a moment too soon for the NY Post which had the pair on their list of "16 Couples Who Should Break Up". Now that it is over, what will they talk about?

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A slick Tony Scott movie?

Cool beans. Look forward to it.

anyone know what the kirks said to each other?

Chris is gonna do just fine. I hope he has a little better taste on the next gf, but… he’s young. :)

“PineWatch?” Please, let’s have some things saved just for Shatner. I really don’t care what this randomly chosen Abercrombie and Fitch model looking punk does. The kid was chosen purely for his “Modern Guy’s Guy” looks and NOT for his talent (he doesn’t have any that I could see).

Oh…and let the flaming intolerance for differing opinions commence! :)

Let’s hope with all these offers of work, he doesn’t decide that he “doesn’t want to be type cast”, and no longer signs up for Trek..

it’s great to have other opinions, now to the popular media opinion: pine is hot and what’s wrong with that. it’s good for star trek, it is star trek. poison laden train epic – good choice, as you say he is young he has a long career ahead of him, i feel he is a solid and entertaining actor. woot. st10

I disliked the “douchebag yuppie Kirk” interpretation of the character and found him charmless and irritating (fun seeing him being repeatedly beat up, though).

That said, I think Chris Pine did able work in performing the role he was given and I cannot fault his acting skills. I assume (and I hope, sincerely, that it’s a fair assumption) that this particular interpretation of Alternate/Young Kirk was at the request of the director (I further hope that the official reason that he’s a douchebag is that this Kirk grew up fatherless, without the plainly heroic George Kirk around to instill true Kirkness into him).

I think what I mean to say is that I’d like a George Kirk movie next time, plz and thx. But I also hope Chris Pine, you know, lives long, and prospers and stuff. Looks like he’s got the prospering part down pat.

Pine being offered a role in a Tony Scott movie is great news! The other gossipy stuff doesn’t interest me, but if it involves a Star Trek star then it has a place on

I’m glad he’s not dating that chick from The Hills anymore. Have better standards for yourself, Chris. You’re better than that.

I am happy to see Chris dump that paparazzi whore.

It is great to see him to get more and more offers especially one from Tony Scott. Tony movies are always exciting!

11: If this was a relationship issue, then that’d be one thing. My only concern is that maybe that now he’s being called “Most beautiful/attractive….(whatever)”, that his head might have grown a couple of sizes.

I just don’t like to see fame change people. I’m hoping that doesn’t happen to him or his ego.

Ok what I learnt from that….

I had Bob and Damien mixed up I thought Bob was Damien and vice versa..DER……

2 hours in the agoniser booth for me!


People who don’t want to read about Chris Pine can just not read about him. Don’t do that thing with your eyes where you follow the words to the end of the sentence. Just don’t presume to censor the content for the rest of us.

Personally I’ve little interest in the goings on of Chris Pine or William Shatner outside of their Star Trek stuff (although I did like Boston Legal), but it doesn’t bother me in the least that other people are interested in it.

There shouldn’t be a Watch on a guy who has contributed but two hours to the franchise. The combined Watches for all the new kids together will do, imo.

Gotta get the Shat involved next time out. Even if it’s a 30 second bit in the credits of the film.

Wow, that meeting of the Kirks was AWKWARD! Yikes. I’ve still got the douchechills.

BTW, I think Pine was great as Kirk. We forget, I think, how good-looking Bill actually was in ’66. He also played Kirk very arrogantly, but with a good deal of control. This film is about how Kirk finds his balance, or better, learns to use his hubris or recklessness to his advantage, namely leading that crew. So it is appropriate, I feel, to see him at his worst, as it were — no goal, no drive, just aimless.

Having said that, I don’t feel the movie was as solid on this as it could have been. It felt rushed. Spock’s arc was very well paced. But, Kirk was a little more difficult to ‘get’. I had to watch it twice to get that. There was an air of inevitability about Kirk’s arc that, for me, slightly dehumanized him. Bob Orci has commented that the cave scene with Spock Prime is the moment where Kirk is turned around, but I still don’t feel that Kirk made a true human choice in that moment. Kirk’s humanity and selflessness for his ship and crew are essential and I wanted to see that develop more clearly, but perhaps that’s a story for a later movie. But again, this is nit-picking. What was done does work, it all makes sense, just a little too quickly for my taste.

8. S. John Ross – June 5, 2009

” I disliked the “douchebag yuppie Kirk” interpretation of the character and found him charmless and irritating (fun seeing him being repeatedly beat up, though).”

Funny. With you brother.

hmm “old” I’d rather “hit it” with Chris!

Loved Pine’s Kirk (of course I wouldn’t love Kirk at all except for Shatner.)

The moment Pine really first brought Kirk’s mature warmth out, to my viewing, was when McCoy was assigned to the Enterprise while he was grounded. It was obvious he was gutted, but he rose above it and something very real and caring was in his face and manner when he wished his friend good luck – showing bravery instead of bravado.

Glad to have a Pinewatch!

8 & 19:

Interesting. The Shat saw young Kirk as a young douche in “Collision Course”. And Diane Carey also wrote about a young snot Jimmy in “Best Destiny”, which the writers used as background for Kirk.

“I’d like a George Kirk movie next time”


21. “The moment Pine really first brought Kirk’s mature warmth out, to my viewing, was when McCoy was assigned to the Enterprise while he was grounded. It was obvious he was gutted, but he rose above it and something very real and caring was in his face and manner when he wished his friend good luck – showing bravery instead of bravado.”

I’m with you, Jan! IMHO, I think that this scene was Pine’s finest moment. Don’t get me wrong, the rest was very good. This scene, though, was BRILLIANT!

I thought Pine’s acting range was fantastic. He went from being a jerk/punk to an up and coming starfleet cadet, to a starship captain. There is no way the Captain Kirk that you see enter the bridge at the end of the movie is the same guy as the one at the bar hitting on Uhura. When he stepped on that bridge, said his stuff and sat in that chair, he felt like he was THE Captain James T. Kirk I grew up idolizing. To me, that is a credit to Pine and his acting skills. Just my two cents!

18. You are on point regarding the young Shatner. It’s easy to forget these days — though he still looks purdy good for a 78-year-old.

24. I agree completely. I thought Pine did a terrific job portraying Kirk’s transformation — from snot-nosed-punk arrogance at the beginning to the mature, charismatic leader in the gold shirt at the end.

He managed to tap into everything Shatner tapped into (the intelligence, the cockiness, the id) without immitating the Shatman’s mannerisms at *all.* Quite a feat, if you ask me.

25. Typo alert – sorry. I do know how to spell “imitating.” I just don’t know how to control my renegade right index finger.


There were several scenes in the movie where I put Shatner’s Kirk in my mind doing what Pine was doing, and I have to tell you I was impressed. Pine does manage to pull of some Shatneresque portrayal. All that was missing was that band of light across Kirk’s eyes – which, BTW, WAS used on Greenwood’s Pike.

Nice touch, people.
Thanks for a very cool movie.

When I was a kid, William Shatner was Star Trek to me. There was Kirk, then everyone else. I’m also one of these nuts that sentimentally can’t let go of the idea of having Shatner in these movies. So if I, of all people, can accept and even embrace Chris Pine as Captain Kirk, he must have done something right.

#4—-“I really don’t care what this randomly chosen Abercrombie and Fitch model looking punk does.”

Then it is very simple—-avoid articles under the category of “PineWatch”.

“The kid was chosen purely for his “Modern Guy’s Guy” looks and NOT for his talent (he doesn’t have any that I could see).”

I thought he was fantastic. All of his scenes in the film were well-played. I don’t think they could have made a better casting choice for the young Jim Kirk. Out of curiosity, which scenes could have been better acted in your opinion—and how so?

#4 …dude, get a life.

oh and for the record, he wasnt “dating” audrina…it’s called “banging.” BIG difference haha

best of luck with him and his career. i always liked chris, he just needed the right movie to showcase what he has to offer which it seemed star trek helped with. …much like channing tatum, im sure theres a good actor inside all of his good looks, he just has to stop doing crap movies and find something that shows off what he does have to give.

Hopefully Pine will have a diverse and rewarding career ahead of him. I think he acquitted himself admirably as James T. Kirk. He honored the essence of the character and didn’t try to impersonate Mr. Shatner. When he settled into the chair at the end, he was well on his way to being the Kirk we know so well. I look forward to the next adventure!

I agree with #28 and #29.

I’m one of the biggest Shatner fans there is, obviously. But I, too, thought Pine was pretty great. They all were, really.

Incidentally, I’ve been watching a lot of TOS on the gorgeous Blu Rays lately. It’s like seeing it for the first time; I find myself holding my breath as certain scenes play out! And I am proud to say I have introduced some of my younger friends (all in their 20’s) to it and they all LOVE it! One girl was watching a scene with Shatner and asked, “I thought William Shatner was in this?” When we pointed out that it WAS Shatner she was watching, she was surprised, being only familiar with the modern day Bill. She watched a bit more and said, “He was cute!”

I think Zachary is more classically handsome than Chris. For sure Chris is a cutie.

That whole clip of Shatner and JJ talking at length…….the Shat was probably doing his best impassioned plea, Kirk-style:

“You…..MUST…….have me……in…..the sequel!!!!”

Interesting that the Denzel Washington film he may accept the role in is, if I don’t have my wires crossed on the story, loosely based on a true story — loosely, as Hollywood often changes the facts to protect both the innocent AND the guilty — about a CSX Transportation locomotive No. 8888 which “ran away” (or, rolled out of, to be precise) of a northern Ohio railyard in the early 2000s with a long cut of freight cars (including, if memory serves, a few hazmat loads). Yes, in addition to being a ‘Trek fan, both sides of my family were railroaders, and I myself am a frequent posting member of the “” website (posting the two Ringling Bros’ Circus Trains’ moves each weekend on that website), with an extensive background in railroading of my own. Kudos to Chris: I hope you get the role…I’d like to see him in it. There was no issue in the real-life story pertaining to an engineer about to be replaced by a newbee, but then, like I said above, this is Hollywood….

#34 … Actually, Harry, I was more amazed by JJ’s “concerned and deeply interested listener” look. The guy should be a therapist. Or play one on tv.

If you don’t like Pine, then don’t read Pine Watch! I thought he was great, and have seen the movie 11 times so far. It’s not like I think the movie’s flawless, but it is Trek and it is bringing Trek back. If you only like TOS, that’s fine, but then why are you on a site dedicated to ‘Other Trek’?

@#33–I agree, Zach is hotter.


Yeah, Abrams is awesome, isn‘t he: “Wow, really, no, unbelievable, no shit, ah, oh, I’ll be damned, for God’s sake, ah what a seesaw, no, never ever – what, you mean you played that guy for forty years and that complete moron of a director…aha, aha, aha, ah, aha, I see…Oh my God this is the most incredible story I’ve ever heard, don’t let it bring you down, let me hug you one more time and thanks so much for telling me, Bill……
: D

#37 … Damn! 11 times??? YOU are a true Trekkie! :-) I’ve seen it 5 times since April 6, but only 4 of those viewings were planned. The first was that total surprise screening in Austin with Leonard Nimoy!

Seems like a lot of people have had too much coffee or something today. Chill people.

5. The TOS Purist aka The Purolator

Yeah, people should let people say what they want to say unchallenged and without comment regardless if they agree with it or if it’s true or not. That’s the American way.

#41—Lol. Maybe that’s “Mirror America”.

4. The TOS Purist aka The Purolator… “The kid was chosen purely for his “Modern Guy’s Guy” looks and NOT for his talent (he doesn’t have any that I could see).”

Well, Mr. Pine certainly wouldn’t be the first Trek actor/actress to be cast only because of appearance (how else to explain Jolene Blalock…) but I wouldn’t call him talentless. He’s more or less in the same league as Ben Affleck or Josh Hartnett. Not great actors, but decent enough.

Yeah, Pine is pretty but Quinto is beautiful. Not that wouldn’t still tap the Shat but pretty doesn’t age well. Nimoy is lit from within. Zach has a lot to look forward too.

Chris Pine shore has a purty smile.

It’s awesome to hear about Star Trek being a launching pad for someone’s career instead of a way for them to be typecast.

Also, is it me, or does it kinda look like The Shat is giving Chris the brush off. To me he just looked and acted like he really didn’t want to talk to him.

Check out the lens flare at 2:27 in the Shatner video.

CAPTAIN DECKER (Jr): Kirk, you are really a beautiful man.

KIRK: Whatthedevil do you mean by that?!

CAPTAIN DECKER (Jr.): Whoa… nothing… it’s just that you are… uhhh… nice looking in appearance… sir.

McCOY: Young minds, fresh ideas. I mean look, Jim, Starfleet has my uniform consisting of these goddamm asseless chaps. My patients are the ones who should have their blasted bottoms bared- not me! Oh, that reminds me- here’s a hypo-spray for you.

KIRK: Ouch! Stop pricking me, Bones!

CAPTAIN DECKER (Jr.): Look- a bald chic! My, she looks like a beautiful man.



“The kid was chosen purely for his “Modern Guy’s Guy” looks and NOT for his talent (he doesn’t have any that I could see).”

You’re saying Shatner does have talent?

b3ta have been at it again

Some good ones