The Collective: Star Trek Standees + New Bobbleheads + Playmates Wave 2 + New Watch

The Collective has a collection of news about Star Trek products you might have not heard about and updates on some favorites, including Star Trek movie crew life-sized standees, Playmates second wave of Star Trek movie figures, first look at the Star Trek Armitron watch, and new Funko Star Trek bobble-heads. Check it all out below



Star Trek Life Sized Cardboard Standees
Following in the long tradition of Star Trek cardboard standees (with almost 100 different life sized decorations available during the years), you can now buy standees for the crew of the new Star Trek movie. Many people utilize standees for Halloween or party decorations, or to display in their Star Trek collections. There are five new standees available from Cardboard Peaple (Kirk, Spock, McCoy,
, and Sulu) and they are sized about 68" to 72" depending on the character. They cost $29.99 each and are available through (sold by Marsino’s Costumes and Novelities).

Playmates Wave 2 on official site & pre-orders.
Last month TrekMovie revealed the second wave of Playmates Star Trek movie toys and now the Playmates Toys Star Trek website has added nice pictures and details (including lists of accessories for each figure).

You could now preorder the Playmates Toys 3.75" Wave 2 action figures from Entertainment Earth. While the line includes 10 action figures, retail stores such as Toys R Us and Targets will only be selling 7 of these figures, with online retailers such as EE getting three additional exclusive figures. TrekMovie recommends that fans wishes to complete their bridge playset and get all the figures order from EE. The 10 figures available from EE (for $68.99) are:

  • Sarek
  • General Ayel
  • Spock in Cadet Leader Uniform
  • Keenser
  • Kirk in Space Outfit
  • Drakoulias
  • Kirk in Off-Duty Uniform
  • McCoy in Enterprise Uniform (Exclusive)
  • Chekov in Enterprise Uniform (Exclusive)
  • Sulu in Space Outfit (Exclusive)

The interactive Star Trek utility belt is also available for preorder at $30.29, available this August.

Four more Funko Star Trek Bobbleheads
Funko is adding to their 8 previously released Star Trek bobbleheads (including the two Comic-con exclusives). They have announced four new bobbleheads: a talking McCoy, Scotty and Khan (from Star Trek II) and a non-talking Kruge. These are expected to be available the fourth quarter of 2009.  They are available now for pre-order at UK online retailer Forbidden Planet (US retailers will have these soon).

Armitron Star Trek watch revealed
Last summer TrekMovie reported that Armitron Watch Company has a license for Star Trek watches. And now Armitron has finally released the first image of their limited edition men’s Star Trek watch. Armitron’s website includes a store locator which could be utilized to find which retailers that will be selling the watch near you.


Next from the Collective
Later this week we will review the latest releases from Diamond Select and take a look at what is next from DST & Art Asylum.

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wow I wanta Star Trek watch !

they look sweet


Definitely digging the watch! Why is the Keenser figure the same height as everyone else…?

i want the watch

It’s ridiculous that Playmates made Enterprise McCoy and Chekov online exclusive figures. Since the paint apps aren’t the greatest on this line, I’d like to be able to pick out the best paintjobs at a brick and mortar store. Why not make Sarek and Cadet Leader Spock the exclusives instead of two figures that would be big sellers. The only reason Cadet Chekov and McCoy aren’t selling well is because they aren’t in their iconic bridge uniforms!

I’ll be looking for Cadet Chekov, Cadet McCoy, Spock, and Sulu on clearance so I can make my own bridge Chekov and McCoy figures with paintjobs that I picked out. I’ll also get to complete my bridge far sooner than October, when wave 2 comes out.

Why do some crew have their pants all the way down to their feet while others cut them short at the boots. I guess it’s supposed to be a personal preference but that’s a bit odd. Prefer them rolled up at the boot, TOS style.

I think it is a complete disservice to fans and customers to make online exclusives to complete the bridge set. I am with four on doing head swaps. I have already been buying Scottys for four bucks at Wal-Mart to make redshirts with GI Joe heads, so I’m going to have no problem doing that.

I had already written Playmates about how poor the quality was on wave 1- looks like they get to hear from this particular consumer again. Obviously, the idea of pleasing the customer is a lost art. You’d think they’d be more interested in taking care of us since I have seen these things warming pegs all over the Western US.

6, GI Joe heads for redshirt customs is a great idea! Can you link to some pics of your customs? I trust Cupcake was one of the redshirts you made? :)

Kruge doesn’t get a nameplate?

I like the watch, but I have not worn a analog watch since 1972, and does that mean I need to get a black book to hold the names addresses and phone numbers that the analog watch can not do. Plus I’ll need to do math by hand again plus it does not seem to be a 24 zone world time clock. But it will not need the lithium battery changed every 2 years. And it will no longer auto sync to the atomic time clock in Boulder thats 42 miles to the north of me. But I could call the 1-800 number each day and manually set the time if wrong.

How about a silicon chip inset into my head and use my bio-electric nervous system enery to run the chip at 0.62v (the average humans nervous system voltage, changes up or down by work or sleep). Then I’d be closer to Spock who always had the current time or time lapse.

Sorry I can not deal with the bobble heads, to me a bobble head imply’s lack of IQ, I know that’s stereotypical but I’m still part human.

I ask a question that’s been asked before but yet to get an answer. What has happened to the ST09 Enterprise and Narada Hot Wheels? Entertainment Earth keeps pushing the dates back and it’s beginning to irritate me!

thats sucks now i wont be able to get McCoy in Enterprise Uniform from toys R Us. are they goin to do a wave 3?

7- actually, yes; used the Lego Gung Ho head, though I still need to slap on a little paint to make him balding instead of bald. You do have to use post ’99 Joes though- the Playmates figs are a little undersized and ’80s Joe heads are much too large. I also have purchased an extra Lex Luthor and Luthor soldiers from the Mattel “Infinite Heroes” line, along with an extra Spock. Haven’t decided if I will make a bald blueshirt, or slap some antennae on the Luthor thug and make an Andorian (like the one who replaced Spock in “Yesteryear”). However, since I now have to make a McCoy… I’ll get some pics up in the next couple of hours.

Ooh, that McCoy cut out! He’s hot!

10- Good point, I want them, a lot.

Jim Beam me up- go here and check out a pic. I just got through a move, so it’s not the quality I usually do for pics. If the link doesn’t work drop me an email at and I will send them straight. Enjoy!

14 (Weerd1) – Cool customs! I think the one on the left is my favorite. Well done.

8. CJC – “Kruge doesn’t get a nameplate?”

It’s funny that it doesn’t talk either. I guess it was because Christopher Lloyd’s Klingon pronunciation was so bad. LoL!

I want model kits!!!!!!!

I’ve never been able to figure out the appeal of bobble-heads. It just escapes me.

I never realized how “ILL FITTING” these uniforms are. Did they even have a tailor for this movie? Kirk and Sulu cutouts look no better than a standard holloween costume. Pines uniform looks like a kid wearing his daddys shirt


Man, if you just glance at those standees, it looks like Kirk is wearing a skirt.

I understand the shading, but wouldn’t it have been best if they just put white there?

I want all of the collectibles. I sure wish those will reach the Philippines

16# no it’s because Christopher Lloyd is still alive and they would have to pay for use of his voice

This sucks. I ONLY was going to get the Space Sulu, and now I guess I can’t. I don’t want the whole set.

Well, I am going to get the utility belt for my son.

Keenser sure did grow up fast…

I pre-ordered the 3.75 inch figures from Entertainment Earth yesterday. I already have the first wave of 3.75 and 6 inch figures. My husband collects monster/horror figures and wants the Drakoulis and the “lobster monster” figures for his collection.

Love the watch. And the Spock standup with the utility belt is cool. Somethihng I saw the other day that I haven’t seen mentioned was an original series Rubiks cube. Would be something of a mess all scrambled, but out of the box it looks pretty cool.

14. Weerd1, those customs look amazing! I’m going to stock up on some Scottys and make some myself. Is there a forum where more Trek customs and figures are discussed? The only one I’ve found is but it doesn’t seem to get much use.

Also, forget the Zoe stand up, give me the real thing. ;-)

What? I’m just surprised I’m the only one to have said it.

i want every single one………..

Looking at those cardboard cut-outs, it’s blatantly obvious how ill-fitting those unifoms are! My goodness, I didn’t even realize…those look horrible. Like fans with low-grade costumes at a convention. Didn’t they have a seamstress or something like that on set?

Well CRAP! I went out and bought the Phaser for $14.99 and the Communicator for $14.99. That’s over $30.00 with tax and I didn’t even get a holster for my Phaser.

Now I find out that I can get the Phaser (with holster), communicator and utility belt for the same price! CRAP! HAHA

Oh well, my son needed a Phaser since I bought the first one under the guise that it was for him when my wife asked about it. He’s only seen it once. :-)

I wonder if that belt fits a size 34 waist… :-)

I went to New Force and ordered my set. They are less expensive than EE and quicker to ship. I get all my ST stuff from them and have never had a bad looking figure sent to me in all the years I have shopped there!

I must chime in as well. New Force Comics has been supplying me w/ my Trek stuff since Playmates days(When TNG hit the airwaves), when other sites came and went.
Their prices are always lower, and they don’t gouge on shipping. Rick gives the personal touch and will go out of this wasy to satisfy his customers. And he KNOWS how to pack a collectable so it doesn’t arrive smashed….which many MIB/MOC buyers are grateful for.
There is NONE better to deal with when it comes to buying Star Trek merchandise from! He is the bar every one else much elevate to! Why they NEVER get a plug on this site is annoying!

I have been told why they incld a digital copy, but I still don’t get it! Why jack my price point up w/ this? If the DVD or BD you buy IS THE FILM…why do I NEED another copy JUST for my pc??????????????
Don’t I have in my hand the film ON a DISC? Please explain this like I’m a 5th grader so I can understand. You mean all these years I’ve been buying dvd’s, I shouldn’t have put them in my pc drive or portable dvd player???????? WTF?

34. Michael – “I have been told why they incld a digital copy, but I still don’t get it!…”

Primarily, it’s for downloading to iPhones, Touch, etc. so you can take it with you to watch. You can also use the digital copy as a backup in case the DVD gets fraked, etc.

Aw, dang! I only wanted the McCoy and Chekov action figures that have them in their normal uniforms, but now I can’t get them. DD: This sucks.

spooky looking bobbleheads!

This watch is awesome! It’s limited edition and I just found it on… they are taking pre orders so get it before its gone!!!

I thought there were eleven new 3.75 inch figures? Did Cadet Kirk just wander off on his own since the preview or something?

I actually just ordered the watch too! AWESOME!! It is numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity. I guess it is exclusive to