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TrekMovie Readers Star Trek Halloween Costumes

2009 has been a big year for Star Trek, including the return of Star Trek costumes from Rubies. Over the weekened a number of TrekMovie readers have shown their Star Trek pride and sent in pictures of their Trek costumes. Check them all out below.


TrekMovie readers scare up Halloween 2009

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TrekMovie’s Kayla Iacovino as Zombie Redshirt!

Christopher S

Amanda T.

Ben B’s boys



Dustin F

Gabby S

Gracian P

Ian P

Jake Z

Janet G

Jason R

Josh C

Joshua V

Carly, w/ sister & boyrfriend

Michael R (Starfleet)

Michael R (Klingon)

Michelle M


Sean D

Friend of Sean D’s

Tykie T

Ulrich H

Youlin K

Garen and fiancé Judith

Jade X

New Horizon

Donn and wife Renee


Thanks  for everyone sending in their photos

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WOO! Happy Halloween!

Awesome! Thanks for posting my pic! :-) Hope everyone had a great Halloween!


I’m pretty sure I gave you the redshirt zombie idea, haha. :)

Oh, and thanks for posting our pix. :-)

Hello Michelle M!



haha! Zombie Redshirt! <3 That is amazingly brilliant.
Thanks for posting my pic!

Klingon masks are awesome! Well done Ulrich…

Great Costumes everyone!

One side note I got to say though, where were all you Trek hotties when I was in high school lol!

Great Costumes guys! I was a mini-skirt wearing Star Trek girl myself! My roommate wanted to go as a doomed redshirt, but we didn’t have time, so we LOVVEEE the redshirt zombie costume!

Everyone who wore a Trek-themed Halloween constume totally rocks.

That is all.

To all the guys, you are geeks.

To all the girls, you are hot.

@ Joshua V
oh my god, you are so cute in youre uniform ^^

Haha these pics are great!

did anyone make there own

Wow look at all the nerds. BTW I’m a nerd too. Live long and prosper! :D

Can I have Michelle M.’s phone number?

I vote Michelle for hottest Trekkie of the year.

I was a Cardassian for the first half of the day. But my makeup was smudged off before I could take any pictures ;_;

very awsome first one was zombie red shirt? lol

i thought zombie red shirt was dead michael jackson at first haha

No orion slave girls? WTF?

The last picture is by far the best, a nice mix of two fandoms in harmony.
Made me giggle.

Gotta give props to Josh C for the dedication. Nicely drawn tattoos

Re 9. Kyle Cawley (Klingon masks are awesome! Well done Ulrich…)
Thank you! Got the DVD on Friday, watched the Rura Penthe scene and made this cardboard mask in 6 h.

Note that the tips of my Romulan ears have been cut off by… a mechanical gagh slicer.

I have to agree with Beda of Borg… Joshua is too cute to be human ;)

My people!

The pic of ‘Michelle M’…

Wow. That pic is great.

The First Son of Krypton

*GASP* I’m so pleased nobody stole my ‘Zom-Bones’ idea


Kayla, you’re probably the hottest dead chick I’ve ever seen. Guess I’d better watch my brains.

Nice job, Trekkies n Trekkers!

I think Nehalia Is cute. So I’ll forgive her for having pink instead of an actual TOS color.

Heh, how come none of the pretty girls I know like Star Trek? :)


Very well done!

Awesome costumes, guys! Josh C’s is probably my favorite, very authentic and I love the attitude. :D Great year for trek costumes.

(Sadly I didn’t get a picture of mine sent in in time. :( But there’s a link up there, if anyone wants to see… crooked wig and all. Haha.)

zanzibar (wikiwackywoo on Twitter)

Way cool. Looking good, everyone! If you’d-a showed up at-a my house you woulda gotten a bag full of Snickers!

#24 Thanks Samantha! That’s me!

How nice it is to see a younger generation embracing Star Trek!

Thanks JJ Abrams!

Hello Joshua V!

I was shocked myself how many Trek costumes @ the club there was this year. Usually 1-2…but I saw 6-7 this year. It was a mix of TOS/TNG and Trek 09′.

wonder what is blurred out on Christopher S’s picture. Second pic from top. See the wall on the right side of the pic? Something we shouldnt see, i guess! lol teenage mutant ninka turtles??? cant tell!

Got my wife to dress up in a TOS outfit for her school Halloween day on Friday, wish she’d get the pics in for that.

Everyone looked great, hope everyone had a good time this weekend!

Han Solo ,and Star Trek together heresey! Just kidding.

Oh and my beard was green because it was drenched in Romulan blood…

And here’s mine!
Didn’t know you guys were putting these up!
(Me and wife– Donn & Renee)

I dig the one with the old-school red skirt. Funny how the 60’s version is shorter and better-looking than the new movie version.

Christopher S makes a good Vulcan.

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