Star Trek Sequel: JJ Abrams (Jokes): We Are Going Gorn! + Lindelof Says Scripting Starts in April

We have a couple of Star Trek sequel updates. While attending the National Board of Review Awards in New York earlier this week, producer JJ Abrams talked a bit about the next Trek, but then started joking about the Gorn. And in a separete interview co-writer Damon Lindelof said that work on the script will begin in April.


Summer 2012: Go Gorn (OK not really)

On the Star Trek sequel Abrams said:

We have some ideas about that, but it is in very early stages, so it is not something we can point to that villain from episode fill in the blank, and say "it’s that guy"

Then MTV’s Reporter Josh Horowitz suggested "it is a Gorn, isn’t it?", to which Abrams (joked)

I have to admit it, the movie is all about Gorns. We just thought it would be fun to Go Gorn!

JJ later suggested:

I can’t believe you didn’t go for ‘Children of the Gorn’.

Glad to see JJ is having some fun with the whole process.

Click the image to play the video at MTV.

UPDATE: Lindelof says Scripting starts in April
And in a group interview (via SciFiWire), Damon Lindelof gave a status update on the script:

We’re going to start probably in April once the writing on Lost is done. Trek will come out in 2012 some point, so we’ve still got a little bit of time, but we’ve been talking about it. We just haven’t been writing.

Of course Paramount has announced that the Star Trek sequel will arrive June 29, 2012. Working backwards from that date, production could start as late as the summer of 2011, so pre-production could start as late as January of next year. So that gives the team plenty of time to finish the script.


Of course when talking about the Gorn, JJ was referring to the famous man-sized lizard from the classic original Star Trek episode "Arena" (the same episode that the Mythbusters recently put to the test).

"I love karaoke night at the Metron City Sushi Bar, now for my rendition of ‘Gorn to be Wild’"

If the Abrams team decide to actually "Go Gorn" they do have a possible head start. Barney Burman and his prosthetic team at Proteus FX created a number of creatures for the Rura Penthe Klingon prison planet, but it all ended up on the cutting room floor. However this behind the scenes video (available on the Star Trek Blu-ray) gives you a glimpse of the re-imagined Gorn.

Gorn designed for "Star Trek" but ended up cut from the film


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Gorn? Might work.

That would be oooooonnne ugly Gorn. xD

But would be interesting to see a Gorn cameo, LOL!

i think the gorn would be awsome
Its on ToS and under used in the franchise. Just don’t have him hissing like in the original.

I also think something about andorians would be nice too.

This idea will be here today, but gorn tomorrow.

I would be sooo happy if Andorians had even a small role in the next movie. They’re so adorable with their little antennae that move.
But they can still kick your butt. Ahaaaaa.

“Gorn With The Wind”

#6. Devon “Gorn With The Wind”

A Gorn with wind would have made a much more formidable opponent to Kirk by confusing and overpowering his olfactory senses.

Horta today, Gorn tomorrow.

The TOS version of the Gorn is my fav. All others need not apply.

I’d watch Star Trek: Children of the Gorn! Funny that he thought of that! I want Khan personally so I hope it comes! I also hope Nimoy is back even if Shattner isn’t. We need to know what happens to him in the alternate timeline. More timetravel for the sequel but for ST3 mabye not. Mabye have a turning point for the crew in ST3?!?!

I thought that photo was supposed to be of a re-imagined Salt Vampire, not a Gorn…


I think the ‘reimagined’ Gorn is at 0:03.

Great, now all we need is a sex romp between young Kirk and a female Gorn. As she jumps him she hisses, “I shall be merciful and quick!”

Just don’t feed them pickled cabbage. No one wants “Gorn With The Wind.”

6 – drat! You beat me.

Gorn? No Gorn is no good. Mugatu is the way to go! He’s even got a website –

Glad they’ve got more money in the budget now. This time, when Kirk is fighting the Gorn on some planet, at least we won’t see a zipper up the Gorn’s back!

Arena is an awesome episode! I hope they go in that direction instead of a Wrath Of Kahn reboot as rumored.

What???? No Tholians?

How about a renegade band of Irish Gorns who go around assimilating different species?

The last thing you hear them hiss as they grab you?

“Sure and be Gorn!”

(runs and hides)

LOL, “Arena” contained probably the most funniest/korniest fight scene ever in Star Trek’s history !

I know he’s joking but Gorns could be cool. I mean we really know little about them, so he can make up stuff and the continuity junkies wouldn’t go all crazy over it. Since Kirk’s captain of the “E” years before he’s supposed to be, why not intro the gorn.. Just leave the Metrons out of it and make it interesting.
Oh by the way I know the Gorns were featured in the mirror universe Enterprise episode, but that doesn’t count because he was just a monster, they didn’t get into culture, etc.
I’d be curious how they’d do it, especially the ships and if they would CGI or do an “Avatar” with full motion capture for the characters. Either way, if the story is a good one, then why the hell not!!

A pack of Gorns travel as a circus high-wire act from planet to planet, putting on a show while secretly killing the residents at night…

What’s the name of their circus act?


There are so many underrated races that need cameos, at least.

Rigelians. Aenar/Andorians. Tholians (the one in ENT, mirror universe, looked really exotic — thus, cool). Horta (yes, yes, I love that little Horta.. “Pain, PAAAIIINN!”). Everything. All those species that we’ve never met but are surely out there. I say we take advantage of the good CGI and makeup we’ve got. If DS9 could put some good-lookin’ aliens out there, I’m sure Abrams’ team could do three times as well.

Kidding or not, I think doing a story involving the Gorn would be pretty cool.

Ahh, the Gorn-y puns and jokes have begun….

Seriously though, having the Gorn in the next movie would be awesome. As would the Tholians and Andorians. They’re just to cool to ignore.

Another title: “Gorn Baby Gorn”.

Or “Gorn In 60 Seconds”.

The next movie will have the Gorn killing everyone on a planet and the Enterprise must come to stop them before they kill again.

Title of the movie?


Gorn to be wild?

no no no

Gorn, ok.

Bamboo cannon, not ok.

Oh, and G for Gorndetta.

Dont joke with me JJ! I really do want the Gorn! : /

Gorn would be great, as long as they don’t look like that horrible make up job that got cut form the film!

Too humanoid in the face!

Take another look at the original; compound eyes & a lizard jaw are cool!!!

A lot of us would love to see the Gorn, if it’s done with the same exciting fun flavour of “Arena”!

The next movie has the Gorn running a brothel offering sexual favors to anyone in the quadrant and the Enterprise must intervene before disease spreads to half the galaxy!

The title of the movie?


I betcha the new sequel will feature an environmental message with a cameo appearance from Al Gorn.

The original gorn from TOS was the best, by the way, I had always assumed that the gorn’s eyes were insect like, so it never needed to blink.

…. Ohhh… he said “villain” again. For crying out loud, did they learn nothing? :/

I think that you guys have covered all of the puns, so I’ll just say that expanding upon the Gorn would be a great idea for the next movie. They don’t even have to be the villian…

Maybe the Gorn and Federation must band together to fight something in space that threatens them.

Okay… I like the Gorn idea… a lot. Yeah… Gorn works. GO GORN!

This might be appropriate: “Gorn On The Fourth Of July”

Also, “Horatio Gornblower”

The next movie has the Gorn travelling back in time to change history in order to conquer the human race.

Title of the movie?


These puns keep getting Gorn-ier and Gorn-ier! LOL!

Id rather Gorn anyday over Khan to be honest. It is something fresh, something thats hardly been touched on in the realm of Trek. I dont like the new look of the Gorn, though. Its too far of a departure from the TOS (and Enterprise) Gorn.

Oh, and the music for the sequel will be done by James GORNER! HA!

Star Trek: The Gourne Identity
Star Trek: The Gourne Supremacy
Star Trek: The Gourne Ultimatum

There, 3 sequels in the can right there. You’re welcome, JJ and crew.

Harry Ballz — even your screen name is a pun — Thank you — I am ROTFLLLL

I liked the Gorn design from TOS. I liked its face better. AND the hiss…

by gosh and by Gorn.

Why does that screenshot of “Arena” look like an American Idol audition?

Simon Cowell started the war with his withering put down of the Gorn’s performance.