TrekDeals: Star Trek Online 44% Off at Amazon – TOS Blu-Ray For $40 at Best Buy

For those bargain hunters there are a couple of good Star Trek deals out there right now. First up is the Deal of the Day at Amazon to get Star Trek Online for almost half off. There are also some great Star Trek Blu-ray deals, including Best Buy discounts on the TOS Blu-ray seasons, now going for only $40 each.


Star Trek Online Deal of the Day at Amazon has the standard version of Star Trek online for 44% off at $27.99. They also have the Collectors Edition discounted 40% to $47.99. These deals end at midnight so act fast. Note: Game price includes one month subscription to Star Trek Online.


Blu-ray Deals: TOS Seasons for $39.99 – Star Trek 2009 for $16.99

Best Buy is currently running a sale on some Blu-rays, which includes the original Star Trek seasons. All are discounted down to $39.99, from lists prices up to $129.99. Deals are available in stores and online (although online is back-ordered for some seasons).

Star Trek: The Original Series - Season 1 [7 Discs / Blu-ray] -

Star Trek: The Original Series – Season 1 [7 Discs / Blu-ray] –

Star Trek: The Original Series – Season 2 [7 Discs] – Widescreen

Star Trek: The Original Series – Season 3 [6 Discs / Blu-ray] – Widescreen

And Amazon has the 2009 Star Trek movie Blu-ray discounted 58%, down to $16.99, including free shipping.

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I told all of you that rushed out to buy this game that the price was going to drop. This game is going to be great when the fix the bugs which I know they will. I have read that there are problems with the ground combat. Is that still true?

the price hasn’t dropped, Amazon just has it as ‘deal of the day’ the retail remains the same and amazon price goes back up at midnight

jeese. are tng and ds9 outfits, a small art book, badges, and a tin worth 20 bucks more?!

Amazon has season 3 of TOS-R for $39.99; had season 2 a week back.

Awww, the TOS deal must only be for you Americans, I just checked out the Best Buy Canadian site and they’re still 90 bucks a season

well, i guess it is, because i just bought the deluxe edition.

I still think it is ridiculous that you have to buy a game that has a monthly subscription fee.

It’s not bugs that are the problem with this game, it’s the lack of content and the questionable MMO aspect of it.

STO had a huge unexpected amount of players at launch, after they found out what STO was like, they were quickly gone and thus the price drops.

Game has vast potential though, but it will take alot of time…

Well I still think the price for TOS is great news!

TOS on bluray is a beautiful thing to behold at any price. This is a steal. Highly recommended.

Until they have full ship interiors like they promised, they won’t see my money

7. Why?

i’d say the uniforms are worth it if you would like to wear them, i have a rear admiral which gives me 2 different slots to switch my clothing so for one slot i have a ds9 uniform and for the other i have the 2409 uniform, and i just switch them as i please.

The price drop on STO in box wasn’t my problem, it was that 2 extra free months that Atari threw in last week when the launch players were still playing their first thirty days. Felt like a slap in the face.

I’m not complaining about the lack of content. I’m still stuck at lt. commander so I’m never gonna get to endgame as this rate. But I agree, I can’t wait to see more sandbox features added to the game as well as ship interiors.

I REFUSE to buy any more versions of TOS on video other than holographic immersion.

It’s like heroin. “Hey man, you like that junk? I got some even better junk for you. No, no, man. It really ‘aint the same junk. Just look at it. It looks kinda different. I promise not to have different junk in a year.”

As for STO, Same rule applies: Until it’s an immersive hologram, I just ‘aint that interested. And I doubt anyone will miss me.

(Of course, I go out and buy every little ship they make, so who am I to talk?)

NX01 If you use an ATI graphics card you will have problems with crashing on interior combat maps. My solution is to send my away team up ahead and start fighting then I hide around the corner until the fight stops. It makes for boring play, but fortunately interior combat maps are uncommon. Most of the game is great.

Hey everyone I just wanted you all to know that Star Trek online is on sale at best buy this week for $40.00 in addition to the Amazon deal. I am still going to wait a little while however.

Eli why are you stuck at Commander in the game?
Also how do the star ship upgrades work in the game?
Can you start the game out with a good ship or do you have to level up?

@16 Did you make sure to update your video drivers? That will probably fix your problem.

I have an ATI 4890 and I’ve only crashed once and it was in space.

What’s good about STO:
Space Combat

What’s bad about STO:
Everything else.

Trying to figure out how the economy works really sucks.

Ground Combat should be more First Person Shooter(FPS) than Third person. They sould at least let you switch between the two. With FPS, At least I could move around easier and kill the enemies.

Trying to earn the “Badges” so you can move to a different ship or upgrade your current one sucks.

Memory Alpha.

Where the hell is the big manual like the ones you can find at Gamestop or other places that tell you how to play the f#$%ing game.

Wow I sent that tip in last week about the blu-rays at best buy, they have been on sale since last sunday. The best bet is to probably get it from one of the stores I know the store near me has quite a few copies of each season.

@ 7

The reason to buy STO and pay a monthly subscription.

Because I get to play Star Trek every night.

Really the best reason, but here are some more:

I get to fly in my unique ship and destroy Klingon’s with my Plasma turrets & rapid fire cannon’s.

I get to complete new missions and explore strange new worlds in the Star Trek universe.

And it’s fun.

Otherwise I would just have to settle for old games and watching DVD’s.

I had bought TOS season 3 on Amazon a couple of weeks ago for $52, and fortunately hadn’t opened it. Since they have no “if our price goes lower within 2 weeks we’ll refund you the difference” kind of thing like Brick-and-Mortar stores do, I returned the $52 one and bought it for $40 again.



Sadly the Canadian Amazon doesn’t have any sales on Trek. We always get screwed over by US retails.

19 – I had problems with ground combat until I stopped using the mouse and used the keyboard primarily. Same with space combat. I really only use the mouse to change the camera. This helped me a lot.

Ground combat is still under par, but the space scenes/combat is worth the money. I’m leisurely working my way around the galaxy at being LT Commander, and having played since launch. One of these days I’ll get to the endgame, but not worried about it now.

@ 23

It is the Canadian resellers that screw the Canadian buyers. Amazon Canada is a joke. They are forced to buy local for English / French versions. Just buy from Amazon US and save the headache.

13! How do you toggle outfits on the fly?


#17 Every 10 levels you gain access to a new tier of ships, you get to choose from cruiser, science, or escort and you get 3 designs for each that you can mix and match parts and paintjobs for. You get one free ship at each level and you can purchase the others for affordable amounts of energy credits that you accumulate doing missions.

Each ship you get is good for the level of missions you will be completing in it, and as long as you level up the weapons etc. to put in the ship you can actually use the same ship for 20+ levels if you want.

#18 I have, and I got a reponse saying it’s a known ATI issue that is being worked on.

#19 for your economy complaint, the non-tradable badges is their attempt to keep goldsellers limited. The effort failed for other reasons though but is much better than a month ago. The Gamestop manual is a printed version of the online manual that is linked to from the game login screen + nice artwork.

#27 visit a starbase & go to the outfitter NPC in the clothing shop, each starbase has one of these.

*** I just made Rear Admiral an hour ago :)

Once again I’m so glad I got to play the beta so I had enough of a warning to just run away from STO.

Thank you trekmovie!

I bought the open beta from D2D that had the TOS uniforms, they look nice but after playing the game for 5 weeks, i closed my account.
You have heard me talk before about the repetitiveness of the game so I wont bore you again.
I hope that STO gets better, I really do, but in the meantime, I’m back to World of Warcraft and this time grinding Horde! instead of Alliance, thank god for the ability to mail heirloom items between factions!

#29, I was in the beta, game is MUCH MUCH more playable now that most of the bugs have been fixed – except for that exasperating ATI issue. The repetitiveness of the game goes away once you reach Captain, but that’s 4/5 into the game. They are now adding a new storyline mission every week though.

thanks for the heads up! I got the amazon e-mail, and I have to say it was tempting. But I just dropped 80 clams on season 2&3 of TOS on blu-ray so I might not get it.

But then again season 3 of TOS on bl-ray had a code for the MOV admiral’s uniform for STO…

I got myself the Lifetime membership and have never looked back. Perhaps its my inexperience with MMORPGs that is blinding me, but the game is awesome in my opinion, and can only get better with expansions and updates.

I’m not a gamer. Never have been. I just don’t have the coordination or patience, but I AM a lover of most things Trek, so I bought the game and have enjoyed trudging my way along.

Being inexperienced in gaming, I have no clue if STO is lacking or not, I only know it thrills me to simply watch my Constitution-Class refit fly through space and walk around my bridge. I’ve outfitted my crew in Wrath Of Khan uniforms and it’s just the coolest thing. It’s a bonus to be able to destroy Birds Of Prey and complete ground missions.

As a non gamer, getting through each level could take me forever, which makes the game a decent investment to me. So far, hardest part has been simply learning the moves/keystokes and such. I’m 42, have never owned a game console and am wondering who will eventually end up as the core demographic for this game; Trekkies or gamers?

I’m just stuck at my current level in STO because I don’t spend every waking hour playing the game. That, and every mission I play, I feel the need to go after every little antimatter sample that I really should find some use for.

But after last night, I made lt level 10 and will hopefully level up today or tomorrow, so I’m happy.

But, seriously. Cryptic has to put Nebula class cruisers into this game, or I’ll never be content.

Hey, please add to the current poll:

“Cannot play as it is not available for my system (Mac, Linux)”

I ordered Season One at but there is an “approximate” 1-2 week delay….FYI.

Thanks!! Finally a good deal on Trek dvds!!

I walked into a BestBuy in Castleton Indiana [Indianapolis] and bought all 3 BluRay TOS seasons for $34.99 each.
WalMarts locally are selling Season 1 of Enterprise and Voyager for $19.99… They had a spot & $19.99 tag for DS9 season 1 for $19.99 but no disks….. WalMart has also cut the price on all of the CSI series [$19.95] and all seasons of Sliders, selling Sliders in a 2 seasons in 1 box format.
It’s insane, I say, INSANE!

even though the reviews have been less then stellar i would buy it if it were on mac. i considered buying a PC for it but that is just nuts.
so i’ll wait and maybe they will improve it, and the price will go down

Thanks to TrekMovie for the heads up on the Best Buy deal on TOS Blu-Ray Seasons 1-3!

Finally, I own affordable decent copies of my favorite Trek series instead of video copies I have made over the years! Now, if we could just get the Sci-Fi (SyFy) Channel Special Edition it would be a perfect TOS universe!

Saw Season 2 at BB for $39.99 and almost crapped.
SO glad I waited.
Feel somewhat vindicated for falling for the HD-DVD thing early on.

Just picked seasons 1 2 and 3…thanks so much for the update..I didn’t think bestbuy ever put anything on sale!!!…Glad I waited as well..
Ihave not seen very many of the enhanced episodes since the Chattanooga affiliate would only show it rarely and usually not until 2 or 3 am…
Finally got to see Doomsday Machine and Ultimate Computer with the next fx…………….AWESOME!!!