Happy Birthday, George Takei

Today is the birthday for Star Trek’s original Hikaru Sulu. George Takei is now 73 years young and still going strong. We here at TrekMovie wish George a happy birthday, and so we have some fun vids and catch up with the latest from "Oh, my Takei".


Oh My it’s a birthday

George Takei played the faithful navigator Hikaru Sulu for three seasons of the original Star Trek (and in six feature films). He also played Sulu in a number of video games and voiced a number of Star Trek audiobooks. George finally got into the captain’s chair for Star Trek VI (and again for the Voyager episode "Flashback"), and also for the "Captain Sulu Adventures" audiobook series. He always wanted to parlay that into a Sulu TV series, but that never happened. However, this fan mashup "The Wrath of Sulu" (by YouTuber zOtasAki) combines that wish with Takei’s famous feud with Shatner. Enjoy:

So in honor of George’s Birthday, let’s all do the Sulu Dance!

Leonard Nimoy has joined in with the well wishes, tweeting this morning:

George. Happy Birthday. LLAP 


Keep up with George

And George remains busy to this day. He continues to be a regular guest on the Howard Stern Show on Sirius Radio. He can bee seen in a new Sharp TV commercial and has been cast in an upcoming Tom Hanks movie. In February George voiced Galactus for the kid’s cartoon Super Hero Squad Show, here is a clip. 

George and his husband Brad are also the subjects of the short film documentary George and Brad in Bed, filmmaker Jessica Sanders homage to John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s "bed in". More info and a trailer can be seen at jessicasandersfilm.com/georgeandbrad. The film will be shown on May 1st at the LA Asian Film Festival

From "George and Brad in Bed"

George will be appearing at the Creation Las Vegas Star Trek convention in August. More info at creationent.com/cal/stlv.

To keep up with George, visit his official site at georgetakei.com.

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That was getting repetitive… Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire! Put me out of my misery!

yay! Happy BIrthday George! Have a great day!

#1–look at it as an homage to the annoyingly repetitive use of stock footage throughout Trek history (ironically they used the same explosion from Star Trek VI of the Bird of Prey shown in the above vid for the Bird of Prey explosion in Generations too…)

it’s shatner’s least favourite day of the year :P lol just kidding

Happy Birthday Mr. Sulu

Happy Birthday!

George also voices Ricardio the Heart Guy in an episode of the Cartoon Network show “Adventure Time”, airing next Monday. Here’s a preview


Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Takei! All the Best!

Sulu Rules!

Awesome! George happy birthday! Now go get laid!

Otanjoubi omedetou gozaimasu!

Happy Birthday Takei san.

What a coincidence! I just today posted an article from 1987 about the first fan film that George guest-starred in, and had no inkling it was his birthday. Now I’ll have to go back and add that fact, too.


Okay, happy b-day George, but I did not need to see a picture of you or any of the TOS cast in bed in their PJs.

Just sayin…

I don’t know you, George, but I hope you have a happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Captain!

Have a good one George from us all in Great Britain


ha. FIRE

holy crap that “Sulu dance” thing was the nerdiest thing I have ever seen in my life. I am ashamed, and I didn’t even make that up.

Happy Birthday!

And that picture in bed is adorable by the way.

Happy Birthday Mr Takei!


The interior explosions inside the Bird-of-Prey with the Klingons being sent flying was also used in the “Deep Space Nine” episode “What You Leave Behind”.

And happy 73rd to George Takei!

Happy B-day Mr. Takei.

Sulu Dance was hilarious! Complete with lens flares!

Happy BDay George!!!!

Happy Birthday Capt. Sulu—It was awesome to meet him at the lv con breakfast in 06 n he remembered us later the same day during pix taking with him n nichelle n walter–


Oh my! It ain’t “Takai”.
Make his day, say “Takei”!

Happy Birthday and warp speed Mr Sulu.

A wonderful and blessed Bday to you Sulu! With many more to come!

Happy Birthday, George! Live Queer and Prosper from one homo to another!

Happy BirthTakei!

Happy Birthday, George!

Happy Birthday Takei, by the way I share the same birthday as him. May we both live long and prosper.

oh my!! Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday, George! May your days be full of long life and prosperity!

Happy Birthday George!

What #12 said.

#23, I get ya…. His pop-in (or pop-out, as the case may be) appearances on “Family Guy” are hilarious.”

Oh my! We have to tell Bill. ;-)
Happy belated Bday Mr. Takei. :-)

P.S. Maybe the next movie will be Star Trek: The Claymation. ;-)

Happy Birthday Sulu… Ahead warp factor 1.

PS… The video was freeking awsome made me laugh.

Happy birthday and all, but am I the only one who was under the impression Sulu was not the navigator but the helmsman?

Happy Birthday, Mr. Takei

Happy Birthday, Mr. Takei! May you have a wonderful day today, and many more happy birthdays ahead!

I find that BED PICTURE OFFENSIVE!!!!! What garish t-shirt is Mr. Takei wearing! That´s REALLY offensive to good taste!!!!! By the way, happy birthday, George Takei. Many Happy Returns from your fans in Brazil!!