WATCH: Wil Wheaton In NASA Star Trek Parody “Bots of Both Worlds”

A month ago NASA released a Hubble documentary video featuring Brent Spiner. Today, they have upped their Trek-ness with an educational Trek spoof about the Spitzer telescope, this time featuring Wil Wheaton (playing two roles). It is also available in 3D. Watch it below


Starship Spitzer: Bots of Both Worlds

In this video about recent discoveries for the Spitzer Space Telescope, Wil Wheaton voices the role of Irwin the robot and plays a parody of himself. The video borrows elements from Star Trek, especially the classic TNG episode "Best of Both Worlds".

More info and 3D version

Wheaton blogged about the video today, saying:

I’m super proud of this video, and I’m honored to be part of something like this, because it makes science accessible to younger people, while making it entertaining for them and for adults. You’ll notice that I didn’t say "makes science cool," because I believe that science already is cool.

More info on the episode on Wil Wheaton’s Blog.

If you have some 3D glasses, check out the 3-D version at YouTube.


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That was funny – and I even learned something. Wow….

Keep it coming, that is really neat!

Resistance was not futile… It was bot-tastic!

A good name for the ship would have been BOTany Bay

Clear, Ensign Ro-BOT should appear as well.

Wil no move. Must be a temporal hiccup.

Fun stuff.

robots = super funny. Next time, recast the girl for someone who doesn’t consider “rolling her eyes” an acting technique

Yay! That’s Tinkerbella from the guild!


That girl’s last name is Okuda. Is there a Trek connection there?????

Amy Okuda! :D It’s like ‘The Guild’, in SPAAAAACE! Very cool, and educational. I now know what an Irwin-unit is!

Is Amy Okuda related to the same Okuda I’m thinking about?

amy okuda is not related to mike & denise okuda

dude has society ever polluted my mind…when I hear “best of both worlds” I don’t think Star Trek, I think……hannah montanna….:( help! get me a psychologist!

cool video, but seriously, that girl is pretty, but she rolls her eyes a bit much….

nice little vid! entertaining AND educational!

…why does it feel wrong to find the NASA chick strangely hot?

nice use of the nocturne game soundtrack ;)

Noticed the soundtrack, too :) But it’s a free soundtrack, used by many series. Buffy, for example…

Shut Up Wesley..

Hahaha, that was great!

“Where did all the stars go” – “Don’t worry, I’m still here”!!!


That was very good!

Yes, she’s hot. I think the eye rolling was just part of the role she was playing, but it was slightly excessive.

Either way, I liked it.

Okay, Wheaton is great in this – and I’m all for making science more accessible and fun – but I bet for every person who learns something from that video, there’s another young’un who believes we have spaceships that can fly to Saturn, that artificial gravity and tractor beams exist, and aliens are around every corner.

The evil robot is played by Ed Wasser, B5’s Morden.

That video was great. Wil Wheaton is the best!