Nichelle Nichols (& Star Trek) Part Of NASA’s Musical Celebration Of Human Spaceflight Next Week

Next Wednesday NASA is holding a special musical event at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC celebrating 50 years of American spaceflight. On hand will be Star Trek’s original Uhura, Nichelle Nichols, who will be accompanying an orchestra playing the original Star Trek theme. Details below. 


Nichols and Star Trek at "Human Spaceflight: The Kennedy Legacy"

On Wednesday May 25th The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is holding a special musical celebration honoring 50 years of American spaceflight. The program includes a Special Tribute to Human Spaceflight plus music performed by the "Space Philharmonic" conducted by Emil de Cou. The one hour musical event will include the original Star Trek theme by Alexander Courage, accompanied by vocals from Nichelle Nichols, Star Trek’s original Uhura.

NASA administrator Charles F. Bolden will be the host for the event which will also include a number of choruses, including the US Army Field Band and local high schools.

The event is free, but reserved tickets are required. Tickets will be distributed, two (2) per person in line, beginning at 5 p.m. in the Hall of Nations on the day of the performance. Visit for more information.

"Star Trek" theme wakes up Discovery in March – will be performed live at NASA celebration of 50 Years of American Spaceflight on May 25th in Washington DC

NASA Still Showing Star Trek The Love

Throughout the decades there have been many connections between Star Trek and NASA, such as the naming of the first space shuttle as "Enterprise." But even in just the last year there have been a number of Trek connections including Brent Spiner narrating a NASA feature on Hubble, Wil Wheaton voicing a Spitzer telescope video (see below), William Shatner (and "Star Trek" theme) providing the final wakeup call for Shuttle Discovery and narrating a NASA Shuttle Tribute video, LeVar Burton’s invitation to the final launch of Shuttle Endeavour, and a Star Trek themed poster for the final Endeavour mission.  In fact, there is yet another Trek connection to Endeavour’s current mission that we will report when it returns back to Earth. So it seems that Star Trek and the space program will continue to boldly go together.

Wheaton voiced NASA video just one of many Trek connections from just last year – proving NASA is teaming with Trekkies


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