Happy 4th of July

Today is the 4th of July, a holiday in the United States of America celebrating the independence and birth of the nation. TrekMovie wants to wish you all a happy and fun 4th, and we share a few fun Star Trek videos that are appropriate for the day below.


Kirk gets patriotic in "The Omega Glory"

Kirk reads from the preamble of the US Constitution, reminding the Yangs, the Kohms, and all of us that these words are for all of us. And Shatner delivers it, as only he can.

Star Trek 4th party

Of course, 4th of July is the time to get together for parties, barbeques and fireworks shows. The folks at CBS have envisioned a 4th of July party on board the USS Enterprise.

And to make your Fourth party complete, you should do take a moment to entertain your friends, family and neighbors with your own version of Kirk’s "Omega Glory" speech. In this classic episode of his "Kirk Korner" our friend Daren Dochterman shows you how it is done:



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“E plab nista” to all.

Trekmovie hates canada? WTF?

psted a number of tweets (which are seen on the front page) about Canada Day on July 1, 2011, including sending this link to our Canada Day article from last year. https://trekmovie.com/2010/07/01/happy-canada-day-a-look-at-canadas-contribution-to-star-trek/

happy 4th to all and to all an american trek night

Ah, what would the 4th be without a big heapin’ helpin’ of ham?

Happy 4th of July, everyone, have a safe and fun time!!!

Happy 4th of July, everyone!

And a big thank you to SyFy for bringing back the Twilight Zone marathon this year! Just watched Shatner in “Nick of Time.” Great episode. Saw “Terror at 20,000 Feet” last night. That’s the one where Shatner keeps seeing a surly teddy bear/gremlin creature on “the wing of the plane!” Quick, somebody tell the TSA!


happy fourth july, from denmark :-)

happy fourth july, from Brazil :-)

I LOVE this episode! Omega Glory. LOVE IT! Love it!. Always have, always will. Don’t care about the naysayers who say it isn’t practical. (Like most of the episodes are)

Shows some back story of other Star Fleet Star Ships. Shows some back story relationship to Kirk and how the other officers relate to and respect him. And….and…. Captain Ron Tracy (THE greatest villain in old Trek history, IMO) Cloud William, some great Kirk Fu. A scantily clad chick in animal skins, with no under garments. It’s all there. Love all around for it.

I-ee Plegli-ian, for come, tu come, tu pep, like for stand…..

So Happy 4th to Morgan Woodward (Captain Ron Tracy) just down the road from me in Arlington Texas.

Happy 4th to Daren Dochterman and a great spot on Kirk speech from that episode.

Happy 4th to Anthony and thanks for my favorite, most visited every day, website.

And Happy 4th to everyone else out in Trekmovie land.

What a great day. I’m putting some jalapenos and green onions on the grill right now.

@5 and I’m with you Vultan, digging the TZ marathon.

While I’m at it…appropriate that “The Way to Eden” is mentioned here too. I know….I’m the only one who loves it. Me and Ben Stiller.

Oh my god. That CBS mashup was TERRIBLE.

Happy 4th of July every one!!! God bless our troops!! God bless the U.S.A!!! :) :)

Happy independence day America. Hope your enjoying your indepence from Great Britain!!
Happy Holidays!!


More proof trekmovie doesn’t care about Canadians. Where was the happy birthday for Canada on the first?

@ 13

I know… But regardless…. We canadians wish Americans a happy independence day, even though they don’t care about our Canada Day (july 1).

#12 they’ll be back! lol

Have a good day guys. ;-)


Take back the Stamp Act, Buzz, and we might just consider it. ;D

“No taxation without… endless discussion… and namecalling.”
—the US Congress

Happy Birthday to the U.S from the terran Empire.

It’s rather ironic that many detractors of “The Omega Glory” interpret Kirk’s declaration that the words of the Constitution have to apply to “all of the people or they mean nothing” as “American Superiority” when it’s a more basic concept that the ideas that were “alledgedly enshrined” in the Constitution: Equality, Justice, Self-Determination are the blessings available for all beings, not just those fortunate enough to be in the right place or have the right connections.

Sadly, even in the country that attempted “The Great Experiment” is quickly losing sight of the goal. We are fast becoming a nation that those words are “only for the Chiefs”.

Still, Happy 4th of July, and may the dream glow on even if the torch burns out.

Happy 4th of July to everyone, regardless of nationality. The spirit of independence knows no borders.

I am blessed that I am able to spend my R&R from my deployment to Iraq at home with my family. I’m packing now to head back but will be able to watch the fireworks this evening.

BTW – I’ve certainly enjoyed the broadband Internet connection I have at home to catch up on a lot of Web stuff. For deployed soldiers the Internet connection is unbelievable slow (ie dialup speed) at incredible high rates. Which is why I don’t post that much unless I get really riled by juvenile “Fat Shat” comments by folks like MJ and Harry Balz. Even that seems to be a waste of bandwidth.

But happy Independence Day to all. God bless a America!


Thank you for your service, Lostrod!
Stay safe over there, and God Bless.

Oops, I meant #20.
Dang typos!

omg the forth of July video…I almost lost it when Dr Sevrin turned up the volume…nice touch!

Independence Day is more fun in space! Kirk you have a phone call!

“The Omega Glory”

One of Trek’s FINEST hours.

Anything else I could say is covered by #8. Andy Patterson.

“E plab nista” to all, indeed!

Happy 4th of July!

And keep in mind the freedom that you have and never let anyone take it from you! (at home or from a far)

From this American geek sitting at home, in front of the computer, THANK YOU LOSTROD, AND ALL OUR OUR SERVICE MEN AND WOMEN EVERYWHERE FOR YOUR SERVICE TO OUR COUNTRY.

Happy Independence Day, fellow Americans and American Trekkies celebrating the 235th birthday of ‘our country, ’tis of thee!’ May this free land and brave home ‘live long and prosper!’ May freedom ring forever!

Having a Canadian as the American captain on an American show and to have that actor make that speach says alot about the freedom that we have…a great model for the rest of the world…

No doubt my great-great-great- … -grandfather, a Loyalist and his father, a Patriot, who both died fighting each other at Saratoga would approve Captain Kirk’s speech. While the Loyalists felt obliged to make an “extended tour” of British America by way of Canada, they returned to their native Massachusetts by the early middle 19th Century. After all, it takes a long time for a man’s heart to change, even when it’s obvious to all ’round him.

Freedom. It’s to die for. Huah and Sempre Fi to the fighting men here.

Sincerely and humbly,
C.S. Lewis
Son of the American Revolution

Happy 4th everyone!

14. jas_montreal – Shhh The doctor said it´s better not to contradict the americans, hehehe

“E plebnista, norcom forcom perfectunum.”

Nothing else needs to be said.

#12 I think California is going to make The Duke & Dutchess of Cambridge feel quite welcome. We Yanks appreciate the sentiment.

@9. Andy Patterson – July 4, 2011

No, I love that one too. Much underrated in my opinion. And sooo much fun :)

Yes. A new language, hippie culture. Chekov back story. Spock jamming, Charles Napier. Too much fun.

I’ve said Orci and those guys need to borrow from this plot. Could make them futuristic greenpeacers. The stage is set.

At any rate, I love it.

“Down the centuries you have slurred the meaning of the words . .We The People….”

Could be he’s (kirk) referring to a bunch of self serving politicos in the early 21st century.

One of my favorite Kirk speeches. It applies just as much today, as it did yesterday and will tomorrow. One of the things I love about ST.

Keep the faith.

13: Star Trek’s an American creation, not Canadian. So, is Trekmovie going to go wishing a happy independence day to every country? Plus, as Anthony pointed out, this site has recognized Canada’s contributions to Star Trek before. Guess some people will always find a reason to complain, though.

Watching “Omega Glory” right now. Kirk and Cloud William are at it.

Love it.

“Captain Ronald Tracy, as per Star Fleet: Regulation 7, paragraph 4……”

Love it!

Ironic that probably the most famous recitation of the preamble to the American constitution was read by a Canadian!

I wish well to all men & women fighting for the cause of freedom, be they American, British, or any other allies.

Best wishes,

The Omega Glory is and always shall be my absolute guiltiest pleasure in Star Trek. LOVE this ep! IMO highly underrated.

You have:

Parallel society
crazed starfleet captain (Tracey, not James T.)
devastating alien virus!
Yet another famous Constitution-class wessel

When I was a kid, I saw this episode MANY times before I ever saw Amok Time, so I thought they lifted the soundtrack from Omega Glory to score Amok Time!!!! Lol!!!!


Right with you Mr. West.

Bruce Banner #34

Thanks – are they both coming to California then? They seem to have been very popular in Canada. I think they are the future of our monarchy here in the United Kingdom.