SDCC Previews: Hallmark’s 2012 Star Trek Ornaments + DST Reveals First TNG Retro Mego Figures

Tonight is preview night for San Diego Comic Con and two licensees are revealing some cool new Star Trek items. Hallmark is unveiling three 2012 Star Trek ornaments: The Enterprise D, a two Spocks scene from the 2009 Star Trek movie, and a classic Dr. McCoy. And Diamond Select Toys are unveiling their first Star Trek: The Next Generation retro-cloth figures. Details and pictures below.


Hallmark 2012 Star Trek ornaments revealed

In what is becoming an annual tradition, Hallmark is offering glimpses into the future to Comic-Con International attendees in the form of sneak peeks of Keepsake Ornaments set for release in 2012. This year they are revealing three Star Trek ornaments (at Booth #2343):

  • Dr. Leonard McCoy, the third in the Star Trek Legends series, as depicted in the original “Star Trek” television series
  • U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D, commemorating the 25th anniversary of “Star Trek: The Next Generation”
  • A scene featuring the Spocks of two realities as depicted in the 2009 feature film Star Trek in an ornament featuring dialogue from the film

Hallmark 2012 ornament: Dr. McCoy

Hallmark 2012 ornament: Spocks scene from Star Trek 2009

Hallmark 2012 ornament: USS Enterprise D

Diamond Select Toys rebooting Retro Mego to TNG

Also debuting at San Diego Comic Con preview night is the latest retro Mego figure set from Diamond Select Toys (at Booth #2607), and this time they are "rebooting" the series with their first ever Star Trek: The Next Generation cloth figures. DST has revealed the first two TNG retro figures: Captain Jean-Luc Picard and a Borg drone. Both figures will fit in with Diamond Select’s previously released 8" TOS retro Mego figures. No release date or pricing details yet. 

TNG goes to the cloth generation


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definitely gonna get those retro’s

First! Awesome!

Dude,I want them all so bad!! But the one from the 2009 movie,IS SO MINE!!!! :)

Spock squared! I must get that one!

Is the Ent D the same one that was issued in 1993?

Looks like it. I don’t need another one.

Like the scene from STXI, but there already is an E-D and a TOS Bones. I really like the special metal ships on a display that Hallmark’s done (NX-01 and 1701). I’d love to see all of the Enterprises brought out that way.

The 1701-D looks like a new sculpt.
The detailing and proportions are a bit closer to accurate. :)

I’ll grab me one!

While I like that they are doing something from the 2009 film, I so wish they would have done the Kelvin.

Still these look better than this years offering.

And boy does that make one feel old, 25th Anniversary of NG.

Man, gotta get those TNG cloth figures! I recently bought the Salt Vampire one.

The Borg will be on my Christmas list..
only 2 ornaments (plus the display pc?)?

Am I the only one that thinks some of these ornaments look chintzy? The McCoy is O.K., but it looks like they mailed it in on the two Spocks. Spock Prime’s face in profile looks odd and he’s leaning forward like he’s got osteoporosis. The big insignia sticker also strikes me as a bit lazy. Then again, I’ve never been too impressed with Hallmark’s sculpts when it comes to depicting the crew. Overall, they seem to struggle less with the ships.

I have to agree with Brett, I mean, how hard is it to just make sure the two Spocks have matching pointed ears?…clearly Hallmark excels when it comes to vehicles, but characters are a different matter altogether.

With all due respect… those ornaments really suck… that “legends” line is total BS, and the sculpts aren’t very good. Prime Spock looks like a woman in the double ornament… And another generic Enterprise D for the ship? boo

But as for the Megos… kinda neat! Although what a bizarre thing? Is there really a market for this stuff?


I’m liking the Borg, the two Spocks, and McCoy. If I can find one, would love the Mirror Spock/McCoy from last year too.

I’ve been crying for more Dr. McCoy in the next movie. I’m glad Hallmark has put out an ornament. Maybe on the next one, they use some recordings of him from the movies or TV.

“Why is any object we don’t understand always called “a thing”?” ST:TMP

“That green-blooded son of a bitch! It’s his revenge for all the arguments he lost. ‘ ST III: TSFS

“Well, what do you know? I finally got the last word.” Journey to Babel. ST: TOS

Having collected every ship ornament starting w. Shuttlecraft Gallileo I remain in the camp of Great Ships /Lame Character Sculptures. Why bother since none have ever done justice to the actor and seems “likeness” for Hallmark means merely “close enough”. Really enjoy my ships collection each holiday season. Have and love the NASA series too.
Godspeed Atlantis, soft landing.

I like the two spocks with the large sf emblem–reminds me of the opening title -it should play the main michael g trek theme too-wish it did–face it-likenesses are always difficult to get done right-just consider it artistic differences–i need a tmp enterprise to go with last years awesome klingon bird of prey–cannot afford the tmp artworx refit hahah

Is it just me, or does the Picard toy look like Shinzon?

Love the two Spocks!!! Nicely depicted as well!

I’m still awating the NCC 1701 “C”……
Can someone put this message up the line to the ones who have to power to make this happen!

Is Mego Picard happy to see us, or is his phaser just set to schwing!

I saw a Romulan Bird of Prey (TOS, not the movie version) in Hallmark for this year…I thought it looked cheezy. Didn’t see any of the ones shown above.

UPDATE: I just realized the above are for Christmas 2012. DUH! :)

I miss the old “magic” ornaments that you plug into your lights. There is no point to have an ornament that lights up for only 10 seconds after you push a button.

I for one wish they would messing around with the Mego stuff, personally I never liked it when I was a kid and currently don’t like now. They need to get back to the action figures, tech and ships. At this point Diamonds has lost my business.

Anthony, is there any truth to a runour I just heard that DST have sought input from yourself, and other trek-fan luminaries, on where to take their line in the future?

*stifles urge to make pre-emptive suggestions*

Yes there is truth in that rumor, since they depend on mine and anyone’s everyone money to stay in business and if they keep making uninteresting products and they go under. Simple economics. I don’t think I’m totally alone on this, lot of collectors have gotten fed up with the way they are handling the Star Trek line. Now if they don’t have it or can’t deal with then fine, let another company have it.

I won’t be getting the D. Too similar looking to the original version. Sad, sad ornaments.

Playmates Did those Next Generation Dolls. I am not buying them again.
Hallmark did the Enterprise D,I am not buying it again.

The only upside I can see to the new E-D is that it has no cord and likely is powered by button batteries. The last Bones figure depicts him in the transporter and wearing a tricorder. This new one looks lame. How about coming out with a 3 or 4 characters from each movie each year? Next year could have Kirk, Bones, and Spock from TMP. The following year they would be from TWOK, etc. Include a villain and or a ship and you’re set for the next dozen years and that’s without any new movies or shows. Just redoing the characters from TOS is really sad.

@31, Playmates didn’t do those TNG dolls at all, These are in the same style as the retro MEGO TOS line.

They are completely different in terms of sculpt, detailing and just completely different in size and scale.

Best Hallmark onament = DS9 station.

Yeah, I have to agree, those offerings are lame. There are many other ships they could have done or since it is an 25th thing, they could have done it in metal like the TOS enterprise anniversary one. Nice to know that Star Trek is still on DST mind, but I’m still waiting on the Enterprise B, Excelsior and BOP and Disruptor that they have been working on for the past 2 years. Where is news of that? =(

okay i need ALL the ships named enterprise for my christmas tree. every trek ornament is put on our 12ft tree every christmas. its a big tradition that me and my mom have the luxury of sharing…and just like that, i’m reminded of why trek has such a huge place in my heart and my life.
oh and that scene from trek09 is totally mine! 2 spocks are better than one.

Their face sculpts are really lacking. I haven’t seen one that I would be able to figure out without looking at other clues – ears, costume, prop, etc. PEZ did a better job. =/

I agree about the “magic” ornaments. Thes new ones with the batteries that you have to press the tiny button to get it to light up are kind of lame.

Greetings. Does anyone know what the other Science Fiction and Fantasy ornaments are for 2012? I am particularly interested in the Star Wars, Harry Potter and Pixar ornaments. thanks a million for fueling my anticipation for next year! I’m definitely psyched about the big D, can’t ever have enough of them. I just wish they would make one with the phrases from the DST version. As for the cloth figures, no thanks. If they ever make more ships, I’ll definitely buy. If they make good props that I like, such as the disruptor or TNG/DS9/Voy/Ent props, I’ll buy them as well.

I think it would be a fab idea to sell some figurines of the ships in the Star Trek series in auctions to raise funds for children with life threatening illnesses. Since the inseption of Star Trek, the whole franchise has been involved in doing charitable functions and helping those in great need, nut just in the US, but also in other nations. It is a social responsibility to see to it that no child is left without appropriate nutrition, health care and a stable, loving family environment. All the fans of Star Trek, for the past 40 years have made an immense and unforgettable contribution. You are all heroes who have made that difference. Everyone can make a difference, no matter how small or great their contribution…Every grain of sand counts. May you be blessed always for the sacrifices you have made to bring a smile to the faces of people in desperate illness and need. Never give up.

I like the idea of doing more MEGO retro figures, but for TNG they look kind of weird. It worked better for TOS, but they are still kind of nifty. The borg drone looks too cuddly.

Is anyone ever gonna make a Kelvin ornament or die cast or toy or anything? Same old stuff over and over again. There’s many more ships than D……..hello…….anyone……..

Does Picard have an implant on his cock in that picture?

The McCoy one is not bad. I’ll pass on the others though. The movie one of the two Spocks is pretty ‘basic’ and as another comment said ‘lazy’. Still waiting for a Scotty ornament, a TOS Sulu with Sword, and Chekov. Wrath of Khan era Khan would be nice as well. Of course..a NOMAD ornament would fucking RULE! A Gary Mitchell ornament? Hells yeah! A Talosian? Why not? Bele and Lokai? Sweet! Commander Kruge from ST III. Kor, or Kang, or Koloth for TOS Klingons as well….

I should be in charge of this.

OK, how many times re they going to rehash the ENTERPRISE?

Hopefully not many more need,