QMx Unveils 2009 Star Trek Movie Enterprise Replica – Yours For $5k

After two years Quantum Mechanix has finally revealed the final design for their Artisan Replica of the USS Enterprise from JJ Abrams 2009 Star Trek movie. They will start taking pre-orders at the end of this month and so if you have $5000, one of these limited edition replicas can be yours. See below for pictures and details.


QMx "Star Trek" 2009 USS Enterprise Artisan Replica

The QMx replica of the 2009 Star Trek movie USS Enterprise is about 3 feet long and over a foot tall (mounted). QMx stresses that it has spent the last couple of years painstakingly going over the ILM digital master files to create a screen-accurate version of the ship which was originally CGI model. It has over 200 lighting effects and is hand-painted. QMx says "no detail was spared, from the hand-painted graphics to the tiny shuttlecraft docked in the shuttle bay."

New Artisan Replica "Star Trek" 2009 USS Enterprise from QMx

According to QMx each Artisan Enterprise is built with using the same techniques as a filming miniatures. The replica has many details that were only barely glimpsed on screen and is constructed out of resin, laser-cut acrylic and styrene, and features an internal network of brass tubing and steel rods that help ensure rigidity and longevity.

Great detail was paid to the lighting system, featuring:

  • Static interior and exterior lighting.
  • Anti-collision and formation lighting (flash and strobe).
  • Fluid plasma effect inside the impulse engines.
  • Bussard collectors – Custom circuits and motion effects reproduce the look of the forward end of each warp nacelle.
  • Illuminated deflector dish – The dish itself is a specially-built lighting element – not just lit up by a bulb – with light lines radiating out from the center of the dish, just like in the movie.
  • Interior lighting for the shuttle bay.
  • Four-function remote control – The QMx Artisan Enterprise comes with a custom remote for interior, warp and impulse, formation and auxiliary lighting.

Attention to detail on SS Enterprise paintjob and lighting

The U.S.S. Enterprise Artisan Replica sits on a stand that’s principally a large, rectangular mirror, which shows off the underside detail of the ship. Plaques on either side of the ship include the ship’s name and edition number.

Mirrored base and plaque

The replica also offers a number of options for customization including battle damage and placement of the shuttle bay doors. You can also have a custom engraved base.

Detail on shuttle bay

The QMx Star Trek (2009) U.S.S. Enterprise Artisan Replicas will be limited to a run of 250 ships total. Each hand-built starship will set you back $4,995. QMX will begin taking orders on October 31st. You can sign up today for the waiting list at Qmxonline.com.

"Star Trek" 2009 USS Enterprise – preorders begin Oct. 31

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And if you have another $5,000 handy, you can pick up the QMx Artisan Replica of the USS Enterprise Refit, as seen in the 1979 Star Trek: The Motion Picture

Artisan Replica USS Enterprise Refit from QMx

QMx also offers additional Star Trek 2009 movie items, including 2009 Star Trek phaser replica (see TrekMovie review), badge replicas and posters. They will also soon be offering animated maquette statues from the Star Trek movie (see TrekMovie preview). QMx also offer replicas, posters, shirts and more for Batlestar Galactica, Warehouse 13, Doctor Who, Firefly, and other franchises. Find out more at QMXOnline.com.

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