QMx Unveils 2009 Star Trek Movie Enterprise Replica – Yours For $5k

After two years Quantum Mechanix has finally revealed the final design for their Artisan Replica of the USS Enterprise from JJ Abrams 2009 Star Trek movie. They will start taking pre-orders at the end of this month and so if you have $5000, one of these limited edition replicas can be yours. See below for pictures and details.


QMx "Star Trek" 2009 USS Enterprise Artisan Replica

The QMx replica of the 2009 Star Trek movie USS Enterprise is about 3 feet long and over a foot tall (mounted). QMx stresses that it has spent the last couple of years painstakingly going over the ILM digital master files to create a screen-accurate version of the ship which was originally CGI model. It has over 200 lighting effects and is hand-painted. QMx says "no detail was spared, from the hand-painted graphics to the tiny shuttlecraft docked in the shuttle bay."

New Artisan Replica "Star Trek" 2009 USS Enterprise from QMx

According to QMx each Artisan Enterprise is built with using the same techniques as a filming miniatures. The replica has many details that were only barely glimpsed on screen and is constructed out of resin, laser-cut acrylic and styrene, and features an internal network of brass tubing and steel rods that help ensure rigidity and longevity.

Great detail was paid to the lighting system, featuring:

  • Static interior and exterior lighting.
  • Anti-collision and formation lighting (flash and strobe).
  • Fluid plasma effect inside the impulse engines.
  • Bussard collectors – Custom circuits and motion effects reproduce the look of the forward end of each warp nacelle.
  • Illuminated deflector dish – The dish itself is a specially-built lighting element – not just lit up by a bulb – with light lines radiating out from the center of the dish, just like in the movie.
  • Interior lighting for the shuttle bay.
  • Four-function remote control – The QMx Artisan Enterprise comes with a custom remote for interior, warp and impulse, formation and auxiliary lighting.

Attention to detail on SS Enterprise paintjob and lighting

The U.S.S. Enterprise Artisan Replica sits on a stand that’s principally a large, rectangular mirror, which shows off the underside detail of the ship. Plaques on either side of the ship include the ship’s name and edition number.

Mirrored base and plaque

The replica also offers a number of options for customization including battle damage and placement of the shuttle bay doors. You can also have a custom engraved base.

Detail on shuttle bay

The QMx Star Trek (2009) U.S.S. Enterprise Artisan Replicas will be limited to a run of 250 ships total. Each hand-built starship will set you back $4,995. QMX will begin taking orders on October 31st. You can sign up today for the waiting list at Qmxonline.com.

"Star Trek" 2009 USS Enterprise – preorders begin Oct. 31

More from QMX

And if you have another $5,000 handy, you can pick up the QMx Artisan Replica of the USS Enterprise Refit, as seen in the 1979 Star Trek: The Motion Picture

Artisan Replica USS Enterprise Refit from QMx

QMx also offers additional Star Trek 2009 movie items, including 2009 Star Trek phaser replica (see TrekMovie review), badge replicas and posters. They will also soon be offering animated maquette statues from the Star Trek movie (see TrekMovie preview). QMx also offer replicas, posters, shirts and more for Batlestar Galactica, Warehouse 13, Doctor Who, Firefly, and other franchises. Find out more at QMXOnline.com.

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Can someone loan me $5000?

I sent several requests for a cost/quote for the refit (the only one I’d buy), finally I get it here. No response from QMx! Unfortunately, it’s about double what I expected the cost to be, not going to get that one past the wife…
I’d be curious as to how fast 250 orders come in…

I’m sorry,
but showing the “TMP” U.S.S. Enterprise only shows just how awful the 2009 U.S.S. Enterprise looks in comparison.

At no time in the 2009 Movie did Ryan Church’s Enterprise EVER, look as beautiful and magestic as Andrew Proberts ” Motion Picture” one does.
I would not give Fifity bucs for it, let alone 5 grand.

Just a very ugly ,rushed and not thought through looking design .

^^ No it’s fine.

In fact, very awkward view of the TMP Enterprise.

Discussion over :)

Poor Abrams Enterprise. I hope nobody got hurt in that wreck.

New Enterprise FTW. I know there are a lot of haters out there but the redesign is so much better in my opinion. I love the sleek lines of it.


Saw it at ComicCon, as well as the TMP model. They are beautiful…but it’s beauty my wallet can only admire from afar.

@3 Myself, I think something was lost when the industry went from models to full cgi to create these ships.

Come to me, my pretties… if I had $10k, I’d buy both. I love the sleek curving lines of the reboot Enterprise, looks like a sexy sports car. And the TMP refit is a majestic design.

8 was that NY comic con??

The $5,000 price tag is redunculous. Not that it isn’t worth it, I guess. But you would sell a lot more of them at 1/5 the price. Or perhaps if they were scaled down a bit.

Who am I kidding. I couldn’t afford one at $1,000. Star making something around $500 and I would be in the market to at least save my ducats. Ya’ know, put it on my birthday or Christmas wish list. As it is, my wish list would get laughed off the table.

I need $12,000 dollars to get those two ships and find a MR TOS Enterprise. You think those Occupy Wall Street folks might be able to figure something out? Divert some of the corporate greed into “THX-1138 ships collection slush fund”.


Agreed. But they are getting closer and closer to matching physical models. Lighting and textures look great. It’s the motion—the animation—that needs work. I mean, if a giant ship like the Enterprise swings through the frame like a fighter jet—well, it ain’t gonna compute.

If I win the lottery I’d order TMP version, I have always liked the look of that ship. I have the ships from Art Asylum, they are affordable, and for the price are pretty good. The only trouble with the ones from Art Asylum, is waiting for the next ships to come out.

They can keep this 2009 version, I’ll take TMP any day if I have to spend 5 grand for some thing.

That 2009 thing is one expensive piece of crap.

I love the TMP refit and the Nu1701. To me, it’s apples and oranges; each have strengths and weaknesses.

But forgive me if my love for Nu1701 (or TMP refit, for that matter) stops at the $5,000 threshold. I’ll stick with the cheap, plastic toy version I bought a couple of years ago.

It only set me back about $20… ;-P

I absolutely HATE the 2009 design, but have to admit as far as replicas go, they did quite a lovely job.

Now, the ACTUAL Enterprise (refit) is the true beauty. Sleek lines, nice curves, logically designed (no need for darned ‘racing fins’), subdued yet intricate paint job. Just gorgeous.

Also, I’ll be whoring myself out to get that $5,000. Hit me up, lol!

RE: 2009 ENT…Nice!

Really, $5,000….seriously? That’s a bit insane. Way too crazy for essentially a nicely lit model and painted model.

A sucker is born every minute..thank god I’m not one of them.

No thanks. I’ll save up my hundred or so bucks and get me my 3 foot long ORIGINAL SERIES 1701 model kit next year.

Less said about the 2009 Enterprise…..

Now I wonder if the refit Enterprise they are offering, which is 1:350 scale built off the Polar Lights kit? I plan to do a build myself and aim for that level of quality.

And same with the Polar Lights 1:350 scale TOS Enterprise when that is out next year!

Wow. Beautiful…and outrageously over priced. Lots of detractors of this ship…which I happen to love…so I don’t expect that run to sell out any time soon.

I wonder if they are going to do all of the Enterprise’s if they did that imagine someone wanting all of them if they are all $5,000 a piece?

Someday when i finally catch that greased up leprechaun that taunts me from beneath the rainbow diversity billboard on interstate 70, I WILL BUY THIS.

Design and construction WIN Pricing FAIL

Good job at pricing it so high nobody will buy it.

#4 & #6 i’m with you on this! the original is the original, it’s classic, i’ll always enjoy it, but i really do love the new design. i like how sleek and streamlined it is, while retaining elements from the original series ship. alot of people seem to hate it just to hate it (sentiments that some still seem to have for the 09 movie). its still a ship i like more than many of the other era enterprises.

I think they should do smaller versions of the Enterprise’s for maybe $100 a piece.

Can someone explain why there is so much hate directed towards the new Enterprise? I mean, it is more like the original version from the 60s TV show than the TMP refit version. The 2009 version’s nacelles are cylindrical rather than flat, the deflector dish is a separate, satellite dish-like piece, and the ratio of the nacelles, secondary hull and saucer section are almost exactly the same as the 60s version. Oh yeah, the 60s original also had fins.

So, why the hate? Other than the extra curves in the three supports, there are not many differences. The nacelles of the 2009 version are closer together, but I don’t see that as a big deal.

Yeah, I like it. If only I had an extra 5 grand around. I wonder if anyone from the production staff will get one. Hey Bob Orci, buy one and tell us how awesome it is.

Might I ask what middle class person/poverty level person, probably about 90 percent of the population, is going to have the 5G’s it’s gonna cost to buy this thing? I’m pretty sure they’ll have a magnificently hard time selling this. Lower the price to something everyone can actually AFFORD and maybe then you’ll sell something.

It would be worth more it it came with lense Flares.

ONLY 5000 FOR A MINIATURE?! I’ll take 20.

I took a quick look at the pics. When I got to the last one I thought for a second ‘Oh, that’s an attractive shot’ before realizing it was the TMP Enterprise (which is itself not even the best look for the TMP ship).

the JJ-prise is out of proportion in comparison to itself and the look of the previous incarnations.
The shape of the nacelles is not the issue as much as they are HUGE and misshapen (in the same way the 2ndary hull is too small and squished) in comparison to the saucer.
The nacelles and engineering hull are from a different ship than the saucer, seemingly, so that the whole thing does not come together as a whole as other versions of the ship do. The Excelsior has similar problem with the way the nacelles are attached, so it’s not just JJ v Roddenberry for me.
In the TMP version the saucer is a little big, but in a way that adds interest other than seeming completely the wrong size.

very nice !

Well don’t get me wrong. The 2009 version isn’t bad. It’s not as bad as I thought (though that brewery leaves something to be desired). Is it better than the TMP refit version? No.

Keep in mind that you’re talking about a completely different team. Rick Sternbach, Andrew Probert, John Eaves, and company aren’t coming back. They’re going to do things somewhat differently.

I think the annoying thing to me is the people who that those who question the design should be burned at the stake (hyperbolic idiom, btw).

5000 i bet not many people will be buying this item

Amazing how much better TMP looks, despite being a design that’s 30 years older. That’s the one that I’d buy.

Any chance JJ fixes it for the next one? Might do better in the toy stores and at Hallmark…

I would have created professional DSLR promo images of each replica with proper depth of field for QMx in a trade for one of each, maybe.

Exactly #33……

TMP Ent will always be a classic beauty- the soul of Star Trek.

Whereas JJ’s Nacelleprise- while being interesting will fade quickly after the movies end.

And no, I’m not a JJ hater. The Enterprise-E felt the same way. Interesting but not enduring.

For some reason ST makes for better TV rather than full blown flicks.

hrmmm….I only have to sell 715 copies of my book to buy this….lol

Lovely model but you’d think for 5K asking price they’d spend a few dollars and get a promo video shot in focus instead of on somebody’s camera phone…

#39 I agree….TMP Ent will always be my favorite

What about the original 1701 exterior with the computers the Abrams Enterprise had or the LCARS system?

I saw this a DragonCon this year. The pictures don’t do it justice, it looks beautiful!

5000 for an upside down toilet bowl attached to two hair dryers?

I can led anyone the 5k with compoud interest of 15% per year with colateral and a contract payable in 3 years.

I’ll be here.

Whether one likes the design of the new Enterprise or not, it is hard not to recognize the hard work these people put to create these models. It is unfortunate that they are so expensive because I would love to get both these ships! The attention to detail is remarkable!

Like many others, I do love the TMP version of the Enterprise. I don’t think any other Enterprise looks as beautiful.

Those are curling irons, I think…


Well, according to some people, that discription fits because those fans sure like to crap all over it!

Personally, I don’t think the J.JPrise is a bad design. In fact, it looks better as a physical model rather than the cgi version seen in the movie!

Tl;dr version of #32:

If the TOS Enterprise went through a few bouts of bulimia and put on bell bottoms, then OK, sure, the JJprise looks just like it.

#39: You expressed something that had been at the back of my mind. I think the Enterprise E is a hot little ship, but the design of it (as much as I like it) just fails to stick in my mind like the refit and Ent-D do. Those are iconic.