Quinto Returning To ‘American Horror Story’ + deLancie To Guest On ‘Secret Circle’

A couple of Star Trek luminaries are set to return to TV screens (in addition to Leonard Nimoy heading to The Big Bang Theory). First up, Star Trek's new Spock Zachary Quinto will be returning for the second season of American Horror Story. Plus John deLancie (aka Q) is set for a guest spot on the CW show about witches, The Secret Circle.


Quinto returning to American Horror Story + deLancie headed to Secret Circle

Zachary Quinto did a four-eposide arc on the spooky FX drama American Horror Story in its first season, which aired last fall. On the show Quinto played Chad Warwick, co-owner of the spooky house. For the second season Quinto returns as a series regular, however Deadline is reporting that he will be playing an entirely new character. The role is said to be "one of two male leads and the nemesis to [Jessica] Lange’s character. Production on the show starts in the summer (after the Star Trek sequel wraps), with a premiere on FX in October.

If you missed Quinto on the first season of American Horror Story, here is a clip.

Quinto on "American Horror Story"

And in other Trek celebrity news, John deLancie (Q on TNG, DS9 and Voyager) is returning to genre TV. The actor is slated to do a guest spot on the The Secret Circle, the latest show about teen witches on The CW. According to TV Guide, deLancie will play " Royce Armstrong, the powerful, yet recluse grandfather of Jake (Chris Zylka). Royce comes out of hiding to reveal disturbing conspiracy theories about the events of 16 years ago and how the present-day circle is involved."

deLancie will appear on the 19th episode of The Secret Circle, which will air on Thursday April 19th on The CW at 9 PM.

John deLancie will play grandfather to Chris Zylka’s Jake
on CW’s "The Secret Circle"


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Grandfather??? WOW!

I wonder if the ‘Q’ can exist in all the universes different variations? If so, I would love to see there return. An amazing species with enormous potential.

Quinto was great in American Horror Story’s first season and it’s cool that he’s been promoted to play a regular in this new second season incarnation. Seeing him go toe to toe with Jessica Lange’s character in one scene last season was terrific and hopefully they will spar more often this coming season as they are both terrific actors.

I also watched a few episodes of The Secret Circle earlier this season, but I stopped because I didn’t care enough about the characters. I may watch deLancie’s episode just to see how he fits in to the whole story.

“An entirely New Character?”

Quinto was great last season. I wonder if the series’ producers have re-evaluated their decision NOT to continue the second season with the characters established in the first.

John deLancie is always enjoyed. So, are The Secret Circle producers going to tie into the Trekverse, and have the witches turn out to be babyQs? That could be an interesting premise of sorts in a nonTrek way: kids who think they’re witches who turn out to be something worse, or more deadly…

@4 Them’s Deadline’s words, not Anthony’s?